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M ar k i n B OX D i r e c t

P a r t

M a r k i n g


S y s t e m s

Champagne Gold

New wide-area series for MarkinBOX


Basic configuration B

Wine Red

SSoftware Features

Picture shows MB1010 unit with Tool Stand, MB1 controller and Windows Laptop (optional)

Main screen . . . . . . .


Main screen layout allows full view of actions for Text to be marked 2D Matrix & QR codes Auto Date, Time function, Serial No. Arc & Mirror Text, Chimney & Tower Printing Single Digit code for Day, Month, Year marking Inbuilt Logo & Font software

Configuration diagram 

Dark Gold

*1 The Windows PC is optional

A Available in 3 Variations

Standard stand-attached type

Stand type : Standard Model Handy type : Portable Option In-line type : Can be integrated with other machines 


Portable handy type

U Utilities

Detachable cable connector (standard feature)

Marking positioning tool (optional)

w w w . fl e x x t e c h . n e t


Wide range of marking fonts

MarkinBOX 1010

The standard software allows you to engrave alphabet, numbers, hiragana, katakana* 2 and logos* 3

*2 Alphabet, numbers, hiragana and katakana are in our original TOCHO font *3 Logos are created on the editing screen

Arabic and Roman numerals, upper and lowercase alphabetic characters, hiragana, katakana and various symbols

Power supply

AC100V~AC240V 50/60Hz

External head dimension

98(W) x 68(D) x 179(H)

External controller dimension

220(W) x 310(D) x 482(H)



4.9 kg (including 2 m cable)





Marking area

100 mm (x-axis) x 100 mm (y-axis)

Dot drive mechanism

Solenoid drive

Communication port

USB / RS232C


TOCHO font (alphabet, numbers, hiragana, katakana, various symbols) Other registered fonts <OPTION> Sexy font, Elegant font

We also provide other stylish fonts catering to our customer styles (optional)


Traced on the editing screen after reading JPEG or BMP data

2D bar code Character height Sexy font

Elegant font

The larger marking area will allow handling of a wider range of needs

Large nameplate

Character width

Data Matrix / QR code 1 mm - 100 mm (0.1 mm increments) Character height x 10% - 200%

Character pitch

From 1 mm (0.1mm increments)

Marking speed

10 characters of 3 mm height: Minimum 7 sec.

D . I/O

Input: 12 points / Output: 8 points

Other options

Handy marking tool Marking positioning plate File selection switch box Special font

Cover colors

Champagne Gold Dark Gold

Business card holder

Marking head external diagram

Cylinder works

Hardened steel (HRC 60 or equivalent)

Various processed materials

For product history management

Special feature of the 1010 series

Marking text in arc of a large radius

Marking two-dimensional bar codes (QR, Data Matrix)

Controller external diagram

Sales/Distributions Enquiries:

Gunmetal Wine Red

Silver Black

Mb1010 brochure  
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