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JIS Z3313 YFW -C50DR, -A50DR AWS A5.20 E71T-1C, 1M DIN 8559 SGR1-C Y 42 32, -M2 Y42 32 EN857 T 42 2 P C (M) 1

LFC-711 Characteristics and Applications:

LFC-711 is an all-position flux cored wire designed to be used with CO 2 or Ar/ CO2 gas mixture. LFC-711 can be used on all-position welds with both single and multiple pass welds on mild and low alloy steels. Typical applications include shipbuilding, storage vessels, structural fabrication, machinery and piping etc.

Notes on Usage: 1.Use DC(+) polarity. 2. In order to get enough penetration in the downhand weld position, maintain a little bit higher welding speed by stringer manipulation for the first pass.

Typical chemical composition of weld metal (wt%):(CO2) C 0.037

Mn 1.30

Si 0.42

P 0.020

S 0.010

Typical mechanical properties of weld metal:(CO2) YP N/mm2 485

TS N/mm2 555

EL % 29

IV -29℃ J 80

Sizes and recommended current range ( DC<+>) Diameter (mm) Parameters Voltage(Volt) Current(Amp) Stick out(mm) Flow rate(l/min)



25-40 130-300 15-25

25-40 200-400 20-30



Linkweld flux core wire (carbon steel)  
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