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Auto IDs Traceability System

This is the new generation for ID system traceability.

TMP1700 Marking System

Our marking systems can provide 2D datamatrix code direct on your product surface no need any other media apply on. We can keep many character of the data on to small code that limited by products area. And 100% readable‌!

We are providing the high quality of DPM 2D reader. MicroScan the Bar Code system solutions’ leader in the world.

Microscan 2D reader

This products can read and transmission data with high speed to the host system via USB, serial interface and Ethernet network.

Fixed Reader

The reader is suitable for industrial environment. 2D Code image

Handheld Reader

Auto IDs Traceability System

We have provided the whole system solutions of Traceability on the production lines until finished products come out. The whole system that we can provide is… 1) Auto IDs marking 2) IDs’ parts capturing 3) Data Matching at Assy line. 4) Networking Custom software. 5) Tracing data by production process. 6) Reporting and investigating data for traceability any time when request. Etc.

Pre-Assembly Line Fixed Scroll Line

Orbit Scroll Line

SubFrame Line

Crank Shaft Line

Guide Frame Line

Compliant Frame Line

•All components (6 groups) will be individually marked with a 2D Data-matrix code; with 2 lines of human readable code by Dot Peen machines •2D Reader will read the codes & send data to Group PCs.

Group PC 1

Group PC 2

Group PC 3

Group PC 4

Group PC5

Group PC 6

Group Server Assembly Group PC 7

Re-Work Station PC (recommended)

The traceability system can give you many information for each finished product only you enter its’ ID. When you have any requested from your customer ask for investigating the troubled products, you can give them back in few minute. This will caused to the customer satisfaction. Then your customer never thing to move their order to other competitors.

Sample Report for Tracing

We can provide any kind of industrial traceability need, only you call us……………!

Auto ids & traceability solutions  
Auto ids & traceability solutions