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The Wire IT Sligo’s ambition to achieve a Technological University Commenting on the official initiation of Reform of Irish Higher Education by the Higher Education Authority this week, President of IT Sligo, Professor Terri Scott, said that it is the ambition of IT Sligo to be part of a Technological University in the Border Midlands and Western Region. “The Higher Education Authority is now starting to implement the National Strategy for Higher Education which was published at the start of last year,” Professor Scott explained. “A new model of higher education is planned for Ireland, which will include a more coherent, complementary system of higher education. This will require greater collaboration and clustering amongst institutions to bring about greater efficiencies.” Part of the model proposed is the establishment of a small number of Technological Universities. President Scott and Senior Management at IT Sligo have had detailed discussions with other Institutes of Technologies in the BMW region (AIT, GMIT, LyIT, and DkIT) going back some months now, and it is the ambition of the five Institutes to achieve Technological University status for the region.

CFAI Finals coming to IT Sligo IT Sligo will host the College Football Association of Ireland Finals 2012 on March 7th and 8th. The CFAI Finals destination will remain in the west for a second year with IT Sligo succeeding GMIT Castlebar as the host for the annual finale to the Colleges soccer season. The event will see 2 semi-finals and 4 finals contested by 10 colleges from across the island who have won their way through to the latter stages of the college‟s cup competitions. The UMBRO Colleges Cup which has been running since 1973 saw 26 third level colleges from across the island of Ireland compete in the largest third level knockout competition. The UMBRO Colleges plate is a competition for teams who are defeated in the first round of the Colleges Cup. The Robert Eustace Cup, now in it‟s sixth year, is limited to teams which compete in Division two of the Colleges and Universities Football League, and will be contested by 16 teams this year. The cup is played in honour of Bob Eustace the associations former Chairman and current President. The third cup is The B-Teams Cup, which is a competition for the second teams of colleges who compete in the UMBRO Colleges Cup. Also in it‟s sixth year, this year‟s competition will be contested by a further 16 teams.

New Logo for ITSSU As this is the first year ITSSU has ever had an Irish Language Officer, we felt that we should take steps to implement the Official Languages Act 2003 in the Union. The aim of the Act is to increase and improve in an organised manner, over a period of time, the quantity and quality of services provided for the public through Irish by public bodies. The legislation intends to create a space for the language in public affairs in Ireland. As a representative body in one of the leading third level institutions in Ireland, we at ITSSU have updated our logo to include the Gaeilge translation. The new logo will be gradually phased in over the coming months.

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By James Dillon

President‟s News

Raise and Give Week So there it is, Raise & Give Week 2012 has come and gone. On behalf of the IT Sligo Students‟ Union, I would like to thank all of you who helped out or assisted in any way. Our warmest gratitude to those who assisted with our “Charity Bucket Collections” for The Carers Association and Pieta House; those who helped with the organisation of events; those who attended events; those who worked as part of our “Litter Clean up Team”; those who worked as part of our “Campus Watch Team”; those who donated so generously to our charities; and to all those who helped out in other ways. While it is important to appreciate, and recognise the support and generosity of so many of you, it would be remiss of me not to address some of the less positive aspects of the week. Despite our preparations in advance, controls during, and campaigns throughout the period, particularly the “SSSHH (Silent Sligo Students Happy Homes) Campaign”, and “Drink Responsibly Campaign”, we encountered quite a number of instances where these among other standards of behaviour were not valued. While we in the Students‟ Union have, and will continually endeavour to ensure that your educational and welfare rights are guarded and respected, we will not condone or excuse antisocial behaviour, or any other forms of mis-conduct. We are in a privileged position here in IT Sligo to be able to hold an event such as this, and we must understand that the ethos of the week is about generosity, fun, and enjoyment, in a respectful and responsible manner, but for a minority of Raise & Give Week attendees this message unfortunately was lost. We were delighted with the fundraising efforts throughout the week, and the final monies generated from Raise & Give Week 2012 will be formally presented to our charity beneficiaries in the comings weeks.

Semester 2 continues Four weeks plus into Semester 2, and with Winter Exam results on the horizon, it‟s time to get down to business. This is the semester that traditionally goes by so fast. With Easter earlier this year; running from 30th March to 16th April, you will really have to make the most of your class term time. We will be here as always if you should need us, as too will be your class rep if there is an issue specific to your class group. Watch out for our “Go to Class Campaign” which we will be running shortly through our education officer, and more importantly heed it! Best of luck with your exam results! James.

Talk to James T: 0867737456 E: W:



By Anita Hurst

Education News

Thank You!

I would first like to take this opportunity to thank all those that got involved and helped throughout Raise and Give week, it was a great success and we raised much needed funding and awareness for the Carers Association�. Congratulations on all those that passed exams and for those that didn't, the Students Union is here to advise and support you. For those left to get results back best of luck.

Travel Insurance The best advice I can give you all now is to be careful those of you who are leaving Ireland for the Summer on J1s, make sure that you book insurance or make sure to ask what your J1 covers. Some unfortunate students will have repeats in August and may find themselves forking out most of the money they earned to come home and re-sit those exams if they do not ask the simple question and find out what they are entitled to.

Go to Class Campaign I cannot stress enough, the importance of turning up and going to class, especially after Raise and Give week and the exam results. It is not that easy to pass exams without having spent the necessary time in labs and classes. Poor class attendance can be the difference between a pass and a fail in exams. Please keep an eye out for our Go to Class Campaign in March

Fundraising Any unique fundraising ideas you want brought forward or worked on in the next few months please do not hesitate to let me know, I would love to help you with your events on campus.

Don't Stress

Talk to Anita T: 0867946672 E: W:

If the first semester exams didn't go as well as you hoped, don't stress. Learn from the results and leave them behind because you have different subjects now and you need to start fresh, go to class, do your class assignments and remember these are different subjects, different semester, different exams.



By Kevin O‟Grady

Welfare News

Blood Donation Clinic a Huge Success The Irish Blood Transfusion Service were on campus on the 14th and 15th of February for a blood donation clinic that was hosted by ITSSU. The clinic was very successful with up to 150 people the first day and up to 100 the second day which was brilliant so well done and a massive thanks to all who donated. This service was available to both staff and students and we hope to have it back as an ongoing service in the future. ITSSU would like to express their thanks to the three girls from Health Promotion, Cara Selina & Hazel who helped in the running of the service.

Raise & Give Week Campaigns I hope last week went well for all of you and you had a good time and enjoyed the week. Some of the campaigns going on last week included SSSHH (Silent Sligo Students Happy Homes), Drink Responsibly, & Litter Clean Up. Campus Watch was also run again this year and was very successful. Campus Watch is run alongside Sligo Gardai and IT Security and the feedback from all involved and local residents was very positive. Thanks to all who got involved and helped out.

Cardiac First Responder Courses On the 22nd and 23rd of February ITSSU are running a Cardiac First Responder course for students of the college. This course trains students in CPR and how to use the AED Defibrillator. When I got elected last year it was one of my aims to run a course like this to train students to act as a first responder and maybe be able to save someone‟s life. This is a brilliant initiative as up to 6,000 people die each year from cardiac arrest which is 18 people per day. This course could be the difference in someone living or dying.

Drink Responsibly Campaign As part of our Drink Responsibly Campaign a stand was setup on Thursday of Raise and Give Week. The stand was manned by volunteers and offered students advice about and alternatives to alcohol. As part of the campaign the volunteers included some very tasty virgin cocktails for students to sample. For a virgin cocktail menu please call down to my office anytime.

Cervical Cancer Discounted Vaccination Programme We have managed to get a significant reduction in the cost of cervical cancer vaccines. The cost is €299 per student which is the lowest priced programme in the country. This price includes the cost of the 3 vaccines and the medical administration of each vaccine. They is also offer a monthly payment scheme over 10 months or €30.90 per month. For those with Aviva Health insurance, there will be a further reduction in the cost to €249. The only caveat on the price is that there needs to be at least 25 people interested in getting the vaccinations. All 3 vaccinations would be done on site in the college by a GP with an experienced nursing team who together administer the vaccinations. If you are interested in availing of this service please contact Kevin O‟Grady ( or Anita Hurst ( in confidence.

Talk to Kevin T: 0867737457 E: W:



By Ross Lappin

Clubs and Societies News

Talk to Adam T: 071-91-41887 E: clubsandsocieties W:

Physical Activity and Health Week February 20th-24th 2012 Physical Activity and Health Week 2012 is taking place on IT Sligo campus on Monday February 20th to Friday February 24th. The week is being organised by Ross Lappin, Sport Development Officer in conjunction with the 4 th year Public Health and Health Promotion students. “The main idea of this week to show staff and students alike what kind of sporting facilities we have on campus and also that physical activity can be fun and it‟s also a great de-stressor. We have a great variety of events happening during the week, from lunchtime talks to a demonstration of new sports in the college, like Tag GAA and Olympic handball.” says Ross Lappin, Sport Development officer. “We‟re also running Defibrillator Training and Cardiac First Response courses for staff and students which is a great course for people to get involved in because you never know when it might be useful”, stated Ross.



Public Health and Health Promotion students will be displaying their Health Promotion project on the main concourse from 12.00pm until 3.00pm with various topics on display from smoking, heart disease, healthy eating, etc. There will be a Soccer tournament open to all students and staff, on the campus soccer pitch from 6.00pm - 8.00pm, cost €14 per team with a cash prize for the winners.

A lunchtime talk will be given by the Carers Association in A0005 about their work and the upcoming fundraising “Dare 2 Care” event, and 10km run that will be held in conjunction with the Knocknarea Arena. from 1.00pm - 2.00pm. On Tuesday evening, the Knocknarea centre staff will be hosting a free of charge body conditioning class open to all staff members and students at 6.00pm.



IT Sligo has teamed up with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, (ABI), to back the „Concussion Awareness Campaign‟ which aims to educate those involved in sport on the signs and symptoms of concussion. ABI Specialists, a Clinical Psychologist and a Sports Doctor will be there to provide information, advice and to raise awareness on the dangers of ignoring concussion. A lunchtime talk will be held in A0005 from 1.00pm - 2.00pm. Also on Wednesday, there will be a Tag GAA tournament hosted at the Knocknarea Arena on the Astro pitch in conjunction with the IT Sligo Tag GAA team. Tag GAA is the exciting and dynamic team sport that can be played by both men and women of all ages and skill levels. Gaelic Tag is a new sport that will combine the excitement of Gaelic Football with the social element of Tag Rugby. Whether you are the fittest person in your gym, or someone who hasn‟t played sports since you were in school, Gaelic Tag could be the game for you! Call down from 5.00pm - 7.00pm.

There will be an Olympic Handball showcase match taking place in the Knocknarea Arena from 1pm - 2pm, hosted by Olympic Handball Ireland and Robert Hamm will be there on the day to answer any questions. Also in the evening there will be a “try it yourself” Olympic Handball session in the Knocknarea Arena open to staff and students from 8.00pm - 10.00pm. Olympic handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outfield players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball to throw it into the goal of the other team.



By Konrad Mulrennan

Entertainment News

Talk to Konrad T: 071-91-41887 E: W: entertainment

Hermitage Green Play Raise and Give Week With the rain doing very little to dampen spirits in The Brewery on Wednesday 8 th February the scene was set for what was for many, the highlight of Raise and Give Week… Hermitage Green! The band from Limerick, formed in the summer of 2010 and have made massive strides in a short space of time. From their beginnings in spontaneous jam sessions, they quickly developed a distinctive sound which is unique to them. They are becoming a bit of a YouTube sensation with nearly 100,000 views on their cover of “Florence and The Machine – Cosmic Love” alone. Currently at number one in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam, these guys look to be heading in the right direction to bigger and better pastures. After an acoustic performance earlier in the day, before their appearance in The Brewery, of their original “Live On” in the Students‟ Union (which can now be viewed on our YouTube channel, everyone involved in the organising of this event were bubbling over with excitement. By the time the band broke into their version of “Elbow – Grounds For Divorce” The Brewery audience had been waiting for this moment all day and didn‟t they just show it with the place erupting. Playing covers, mash-ups as well as original material the band delivered the performance of the week and left no one in any doubt of their talent. Now we have seen for ourselves what all the fuss has been about. Having a great parley with their audience which kept everyone entertained, as well as songs which had all who attended jumping, moving and grooving, the atmosphere was something more like that which is accustomed to summer festivals in fields around Stradbally or Belvedere House. My personal enjoyment came from listening to their mash-ups where they jumped from outtakes from one track to another with seamless ease, which is something you won‟t find on YouTube but trust me it‟s worth going to the live performance for this alone. They whipped the adoring audience made up of new and already established fans into a frenzy, while jumping from pop to rock to dance and more, even doing a medley of Bob Marley classics at one stage. Also impressive was the arrays of instruments on display that where being played. Everybody on the stage had multiple roles which they all fulfilled with a genuine talent and enthusiasm. We heard everything from guitars, djembe, dobro, bass, bódhran to even a didgeridoo sending pulsating sound waves from the stage to a captivated audience who held onto every note and word like it was gospel. My track of the night was their version of the aforementioned “Cosmic Love”. I‟m not sure why I‟ve picked this one but it stands out as the one which got the biggest reaction most likely due to its success on YouTube. I can barely remember the music just the flurry of bodies jumping around like it was their last chance to have fun and they were going to enjoy it. I cannot wait for their return to Sligo and I believe I am not alone there!

Battle of the Bands/Performing Arts Working Title! Do you think you think you have what it takes to strut your stuff in front of a live audience? Have you got the X – Factor? A battle of the bands/performing arts competition like no other, a competition with serious prizes for those serious about their music, comedy, dancing, really whatever it is you‟re into and you think you‟re good enough to do it in front of the masses. We will be hosting up to 3 auditions where entrants will be voted through by the audience before the final, which will be judged by a panel, to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance. Prizes are to include radio air time, a recording session and a gig if you‟re a musician as well as a cash prize. If you are interested in entering please send all of your details about your act to, but be quick as places are limited.



Chaplaincy News T: 071-91-41887 Fr Hugh: 086-8397342 Rev.Patrick: 083-3658066 E:

I‟m Hugh Mc Gonagle , the

Hi! I‟m Cilla Horan and I‟m

Catholic Chaplain here at

also a Catholic Chaplain

the IT. I‟ve been a priest for

here in the I.T. I‟ve just

25 years and have spent time

started working with the two

as a chaplain to the Army

boys either side of me since

prior to coming to Sligo 8

January and I am getting to

years ago. I hope my past

know some of the faces

experience helps me to keep

around the college. I‟m from

in touch with the present

Ennis and am a Social Stud-

realities that you face. I am

ies graduate of IT Sligo, so

also one of the spiritual di-

it‟s good to be back on fa-

rectors for the Elphin Dio-

miliar ground. I‟m here in

cese pilgrimage to Lourdes

the office and available for

and am actively involved in

students to drop in and have

encouraging the youth of the

a chat, have a cup of tea or

diocese to participate. Please

offer a listening ear. If I‟m

contact me if you are inter-

not in the office you may see

ested in coming along from

me out and about on the


28 August – 2


Sept this

corridor promoting different

year. As chaplain, I am

events so I look forward to

someone who can be there

meeting you all!

for you when others may not have the time. I am here to listen to people‟s experiences, joy and sorrows and offer general support, friendship, prayer and spiritual guidance to all who seek it...oh and I also like to do this over a coffee and a bis-

Hello! I‟m Patrick Bamber and I‟m the Church of Ireland Chaplain. I‟ve been in the I.T. since 2009. I‟m the Rector of Calry Church on the Mall. I‟m married to Pippa, we have four kids and a bunch of hens! I enjoy meeting people and listening to their life stories. I‟m involved in a Thursday lunchtime group in the college that is becoming a little faith community, please call in some time! You can contact me on 071-9146513 or on my mobile at 083-3658066

The Sanctuary The Sanctuary is the Institute Prayer Room and it is open all day for students of all faiths. It is a great place to take some time out, relax and reflect or pray.

What’s Happening This week Lent begins! Ash Wednesday Mass on Feb 22nd will be celebrated in Hume Hall at 1:05pm. Daily Mass for Lent will take place in The Sanctuary at 1:05pm each day.


Opening Hours Chaplaincy Office, upstairs in the Student Centre. Open 10am - 4pm Monday - Friday.


Faith Exploration Group Every Thursday from 1pm - 2pm in J0003 (In the Old BIC) or contact Rev. Patrick on 083-3658066 Fancy taking on the Trócaire Fast Challenge? Trócaire Fast is on March 8th - 9th of March. Sign up and collect your sponsorship card from the Chaplaincy Office.


Career News Talk to Adette/Deborah T: 071-91-55448 E: W:

Export Orientation Programme The IBEC Export Orientation Programme (EOP) was established in 1983 and is Irelandâ€&#x;s longest running and most successful graduate placement programme. The purpose of IBEC EOP is to provide graduates of all disciplines with a valuable introduction to international business in a sector relevant to their qualifications. IBEC EOP encompasses all industry sectors and is open to graduates of all disciplines. Graduates are placed in positions worldwide from 12 to 24 months duration and the majority of placements have a strong export sales and marketing focus. IBEC EOP enables companies to increase their presence in foreign markets with highly motivated graduates in addition to enhancing their domestic profile, while at the same time offering the latter a unique opportunity to develop their skills in a real business environment. Approximately 2000 graduates have successfully completed the IBEC EOP programme since its inception in 1983. Retention rates are in excess of 88%. IBEC EOP graduates have used the experience to launch highly successful careers across all sectors of industry. Many of IBEC EOPâ€&#x;s past graduates now hold key senior positions in a host of international companies and organisations including Tourism Ireland, Bord Bia, Irish Distillers and Kepak, to name but a few. Please contact Grainne Haran, EOP Executive on (01) 605-1556 with any further queries.

College Times

Taking place in the RDS in Dublin on Saturday and Sunday the 3rd and 4th of March. An excellent opportunity for those intending on working in Australia, New Zealand or Canada to meet with employers and recruitment agencies and also to speak with immigration and visa experts on the visa application process. Please pre register at the following website and bring copies of your CV and your educational records with you to this event.

Please call into the careers office for your copy of gradireland. There are a number of excellent opportunities available at the moment for level 8 students from all disciplines to apply for including the chance to work in the middle east in teaching positions next year with S ABIS please see 15

Call into the careers office in the college based in the student centre for your free copy of the March Edition of College Times. In this issue Pramerica and Intel both detail employment opportunities that they have available at the moment, that you may wish to apply for.

Are you graduating this year and looking for your first job or an internship? GenePool specialises in graduate programmes, internships and in placing graduates in their first job. We know the recruitment market and have access to the most dynamic companies in Ireland. GenePool exists to match the brightest graduates with the best opportunities. It's that simple. Visit


By Cathal Ó Fearraigh

Irish Language News

A date for your diary! Seachtain na Gaeilge will take place on 5th – 17th March 2012 Seachtain na Gaeilge is a non-profit organisation, which promotes the use of Irish language and culture both at home and abroad within a two-week festival held in March every year. Conradh na Gaeilge established the organisation in 1902 and this year the festival will take place between the 5th – 17th of March. The festival has built up incredible momentum in recent years, becoming the largest celebration of our native language and culture held in Ireland every year and sweeping other countries up in the whirlwind along the way. With events ranging from simple conversational evenings to street céilís; speed dating to wine tasting it gives everyone a chance to experiment with Irish whether fluent from youth or only dipping their toe in for the first time.

Beidh Seachtain na Gaeilge ar siúl ón 5 -17 Márta 2012! Cuir sa dialann é! Is eagraíocht neamhbhrabúis í Seachtain na Gaeilge, a chuireann úsáid na Gaeilge agus an chultúir Ghaelaigh chun cinn anseo in Éirinn agus thar lear mar chuid d‟fhéile choicíse a ritear i mí an Mhárta gach uile bhliain. Ritear féile na bliana seo ó 5 – 17 Márta. Bhunaigh Conradh Na Gaeilge an eagraíocht sa bhliain 1902. Tá an fhéile tar éis neart fuinnimh a bhailiú le blianta beaga anuas, agus tá anois ar an gcéiliúradh is mó dár dteanga agus dár gcultúr dúchais a ritear in Éirinn gach bliain, ag sciobadh tíortha eile linn ar an mbealach. Agus imeachtaí ar nós oícheanta comhrá simplí; céilithe sráide; scóráil sciobtha; agus blaiseadh fíona mar chuid den fhéile anois, tugann sé deis go gach uile dhuine, idir chainteoirí dúchasacha agus iad siúd a fhaigheann a gcéad bhlaiseadh den teanga, spraoi a bheith acu leis an nGaeilge.

Facebook Competition

Comórtas Facebook

ITSSU would like for all students to make an effort to try a speak a „cúpla focal‟ during Seachtain na Gaeilge. Over the course of Seachtain na Gaeilge ITSSU will be running daily competitions on our Facebook page to see how your Irish is coming along. To help you along the way we will be linking useful Irish language resources to our page so you have no excuse!

Ba mhaith le ITSSU do gach mac léinn iarracht a dhéanamh chun cúpla focal a labhairt I rith Seachtain na Gaeilge. Le linn Sheachtain na Gaeilge beidh ITSSU ag rith comórtais laethúil ar ár leathanach Facebook le fheiceáil conas atá tú a fheabhsú. Chun cabhrú leat beidh muid ag nascadh achainní teanga úsáideach go dtí ár leathanach Facebook. Níl leithscéal ar bith agat.

Seanfhocail - Wise Old Irish Sayings Is fearr Gaeilge briste, ná Bearla clíste. Broken Irish is better, than clever English. Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile. One cockroach recognizes another. Fiche bliain ag teacht, Fiche bliain go maith, Fiche bliain ag meath, is Fiche bliain gan rath. Twenty years coming, Twenty years good, Twenty years declining, and Twenty years useless. Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin. There's no sore ass like your own sore ass

Talk to Cathal T: 071-91-41887 E: W: irishlanguage



Campus News Talk to Don T: 071-91-41887 E: W:

Campus Beat On Ocean Fm If you haven‟t heard, the Students‟ Union are running a new weekly slot about student life at IT Sligo on Ocean FM Ireland's new late night music show "The Wave". Don't forget to tune in every Tuesday at 10.30pm for the show! If you would like to take part on Campus Beat, contact or drop into the Student Centre and speak to Don. We are looking for all kinds of stories so please get involved!

Computer Assistance Classes Computer Assistance Classes are now running twice a week in D2031 and on Tuesdays from 1pm - 2pm and Thursdays from 2pm - 3pm.

Fair Trade Fortnight Fair Trade Fortnight will run throughout Sligo from February 27 to March 11. The star of Dragon’s Den and owner of Insomnia coffee shop outlets, Bobby Kerr, will speak about his business experience with fair trade suppliers at a public lecture in IT Sligo on Thursday March 1st at 1pm in A0006. Head of Department of Business at IT Sligo, Dr Catherine McGuinn, is encouraging members of the public to get involved in Fair Trade Fortnight; “Sligo Fair Trade will be holding a number of events around town during the fortnight and I want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in this very worthy initiative.”

Sligo LGBT Soc protest against Lucinda Creighton with “marriage ceremony” In February of last year Lucinda Creighton caused uproar when she was criticized for her thoughts on marriage equality. She tweeted: I think marriage is primarily about children, main purpose being to propagate & create an environment for children to grow up. Its a good policy for society to support male/female marriage in my opinion. I think civil partnership should ensure gay couples are treated fairly and justly re tax inheritance etc & recognition by the State but marriage is different. When the LGBT Society heard about Creighton‟s trip to the college they staged a number of gay marriages at the Salmon of Knowledge statue on the college grounds. The gay, lesbian and straight couples read vows and said their “I dos”. Shortly after this Lucinda Creighton arrived at the college while the LGBT society moved to the balcony to take photos. Sarah O‟Riordan, secretary for the ITS LGBT society said: This year Irish MEPs signed the “Be Bothered Pledge” which asked that politicians remember to uphold their promises to the LGBT community, to uphold the fight for equal rights in the LGBT community and to promise for the next two and a half years to work 110% to make that difference.

Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg at IT Sligo The IT Sligo student and staff members “Organic Gardening Project” will begin again on Wednesday, February 29th. The project management are looking to recruit new students for the 2012 project. By joining this project, you will learn how to grow your own fruit and vegetables and also get to experience hands-on training with regard to organic gardening principles and techniques, including garden design, crop rotation, seed sowing, bed making, planting out, watering, feeding, harvesting, composting and much more. The garden will run on Wednesdays (February through October - 30 weekly sessions). Onsite weekly organic gardening training from Organic Gardener from 5:00pm to 6:30pm and it‟s FREE for students! Please contact the project on the email addresses provided below if you are interested in participating in the 2012 project. A brief chat will then be arranged with interested participants to discuss the practicalities of the project and, to answer any questions you may have. Contact Details: Ruth Hegarty: Mobile No: 087 9088505 Maria Keeney: 19


The Wire, Volume 1, Issue 3.  

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