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tuesday june 29 th 2010

Programme tuesday june 29th 2010 CompagnieTheater Frascati 1 kleine Zaal

Frascati 3

Brakke Grond Expo Zaal


theater Bellevue

Frascati WG

3 x Film 14.00, 90 min. (page 24)

Met wortel en tak / Schijt Combined presentation 21.30, (page 17)

Modern Dance: Part 2 21.00, 75 min. (page 13)

2 solos 19.00, 110 min. (page 17)

Caligula 17.30, 80 min. (page 22)

Ten onder 20.30, 75 min. (page 22)

Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Palucca Schule Dresden & Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Theaterakademie Hamburg

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Mixed emotions 19.00, 60 min. (page 13)

de nederlandse film & televisie academie amsterdam

ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten





music theatre





Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Programme change Caligula Theaterakademie Hamburg CANCELLED


“People are inventors. We create wars, we are unable to end them, yet we can sit together in a black box and agree that we are going to believe in the same thing. Even if it’s just for a while. In the theatre, an incredible power is realized. That is why ITs Festival Amsterdam is so important.” Talking to director and jury member Marcus

Azzini makes it clear just why he is a member of the ITs Parade Parel Jury. His excitement when talking about theatre and the next generation of artists is contagious. Caught up in his passion I ask him what he is looking for in the performances he is judging. “They need to offer me an experience. We enter the room and bring along our lives; a bad day, a good day, maybe you were dumped or it is too hot outside – there’s always something! A good artist will make you forget all that. Instead he or she will open you up, make an impact, and leave you with something to think about.” Apparently, very much like Azzini himself. (JS)

The international programmers meet at ITs.

ITs Award Show, 30 June, Compagnietheater, 9pm

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ITsDaiLy The daily Festival news ITs Festival Amsterdam


A welcoming opening tune – like from a Looney Tunes cartoon – is an unusual way for these classical dancers to start their combined performance. But this evening presents a natural flow between traditional and contemporary expressions of dance. The very first piece shows a dancer in the dark, balancing on his head like a gymnast. The lights go on, he jumps to his feet, and proceeds with an impressive classical solo. The audience is in awe of the diverse technig ancin l cal skills, pera b formed with confidence, of these ambitious young dancers. (GM)


y b 27oC

The beautiful weather continues, hurrah! In the afternoon some clouds will give a cool vibe to the day. Temperature: 27 degrees.

CANCELLED! Caligula by Theaterakademie Hamburg has been cancelled.


“ head is h on

a e k i l nast”


SNDO COMBINED PRESENTATION PREVIEW “I have being working in dance for the past 28 years,” Dennis Gillanders, artistic director of the School voor Nieuwe Dans Ontwikkeling, says. “I have, of course, changed and developed since then – at one point, I was a choreographer myself. Nowadays, I am both a coach and a teacher. I remember my first performance; some people loved the show and some really didn’t. But it was an emotional moment, because

it was a new and challenging experience. Our school teaches choreography, and the main idea is that we help students create a unique performance, building on their own ideas – that is the approach we have for our combined presentation tomorrow. Our students are from many different countries, and as a result our new approach in dance is spreading all around the world. One of our students has just


june 29th 2010

won a choreography award at a theatre festival in France. The SNDO approach is that we cannot separate the dance from the dancer, and how and why he or she is making the piece. So, we always encourage our dancers to express themselves fully in their work.” (MeF) SNDO Witness, Combined Presentation, 30 June, Frascati 1, 4pm

After four days of experimentation and workshops, a group of international students will show the fruits of their labour. This intriguing street intervention will start at 2:30pm, around Harkema and the Nes. After that the collective will move to the Dam. Be there!

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tuesday june 29 th 2010

Master student Musical Theatre:


Petra Ellenbroek You graduate and suddenly you’re some sort of representative for Musical Theatre education. Slightly surprised – yet motivated – I accepted the challenge to write a column. Music theatre is an art form that is versatile and has no boundaries. My education – which mainly focuses on musical, cabaret, and partly on theatre – considers music theatre to be a profession, rather than an art form. However, to me as a Master student, the quest for profundity has made musical theatre really interesting. This quest is inextricably bound up with art, and through my art I want to challenge people. My schooling provided me with tools that have helped me to work towards my own unique form of theatre. That is why I came up with a production that moves slightly outside the framework of my education, yet reflects my personal quest for understanding. My presentation of the piece Geluidloos, maar toch gehoord is my first step into theatre. Through this, I hope to get a chance to keep developing myself in this wonderful art form.

tuesday june 29 th 2010

VOORDAT DE ZON ONTPLOFT “I was expecting to get more than just songs, but it has been a nice experience anyway. Yet, a bit too goody-goody for my taste. A few songs sounded strangely familiar and the lyrics weren’t all that exciting. The static performance made it hard to really get into it. Een dagje met je mee was the song I liked best, because it was very honest, modest. I did feel that the subject matter of some of the other songs was too heavy for a theatre maker his age. If he had stayed closer to his own environment, the performance would have been more intimate and personal.” – Annelies Eichholtz (JI)


“There are no rules. It’s all about first impressions and about what happens after that,” Betty Post of Kemna Casting says. Today I had the pleasure of peeking inside a scout’s perspective. Kemna Casting is one of the biggest names in talent search in the Netherlands. Surprisingly, their policy – what they look for – is always ‘fluid’. “We always try to monitor theatre schools in search of remarkable and talented students. We keep record of their development over time, and of their drive and willingness to improve. The standards of what we are ‘actually’ searching for, are always changing,” Betty says. “Because of the fact that nowadays many talented performers easily change their media. They move from

theatre to television, to musicals, commercials, cinema – and back again. Here you can watch more than twenty short performances in two or three days, and get a glance at uncountable up-and-coming actors and performers.” In 2006, Kemna Casting introduced

To stage a play without a climax, without any structure or conflict between characters is very difficult. That is why there’s Robert McKee: the creative-writing instructor, famous for playing himself in Spike Jonze’s immensely strange film Adaptation, which was written by screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. In Vom Schlachten… we hear McKee’s voice, constantly reminding the two actors on stage of what their task should be in this performance. Two actors investigate the right way to tell a story. They took two novels and used them as basis for improvisations on how to tell two stories about two similar characters: Bjatur and John. As in Adaptation when Kaufman, the main character of his own script, finally succeeds to adapt the book about orchids to the screen – by realizing that he is the one who should adapt to the needs of storytelling – these two actors surprisingly succeed to tell this immensely complex story. Their conflict between being and actor and being a character creates a very interesting performance. (AK)

the Kemn-A-Ward: a prestigious prize for the most striking, intriguing and exciting actor or actress performing at ITs. “This festival offers a magnificent opportunity to stay in touch with international developments.” (AL)

s I Tn-a-

kemard w

Kees Heus, better known as KC the Funkaholic, is an all-round DJ with 25 years of experience. Twice, KC was voted DJ of the year by Update Magazine and was one of the first DJ’s to play at the legendary and infamous Club RoXY. He is also a programmer at Amsterdam’s temple of music: Paradiso. Here he made a big impact with his Bassline shows: a way to express his love for classic R&B, rare grooves and hip-hop before that combination became fashionable. A great success since late eighties, Bassline still draws a weekly sell out crowd at Paradiso. World music also plays a major role in KC’s mixes. Brazilian and African jams come together with funkrock, house and hip-hop. But the result is always soulful. Tonight is going to be a rare night with some of his best grooves. Get funkalicious! The action starts at 11pm in the Compagnietheater!




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, n r tu “Up, left, left, , up, down, left, turn ”

VERVE 10 (RE)VIEW Raindrops like a haze / In front of your face / The carpet of green grass is too small to lie down and find rest / Touch your cheek to avoid the rain taking away your tears / Takes it over / Takes it away / Begone, begone / Moments where you have no more tears / Where you function like a machine / Up, turn, left, left, down, up, turn, left, down / Isolated from Metropolis / But in a blinking moment the hands on the assembly line become freeing waves / Corals meander out of the boiler suit / Your shadow is always dancing with you / He does not let you out of his view, being an exact echo of your body / Even if you keep silent / Hush, hush / The orchestra is starting, the dream world lies down on the floor / The feet are hardly touching the ground, the smile makes them fly / Forgotten, forgotten / There’s still some air left: breathe… (AP) You can find us also on Twitter, Facebook, Hyves, YouTube and Flickr!

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