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Welcome Dr. Glenn M. Charles of Charles Medical Group, artas hair restoration specialist, is one of the premier surgeons in the profession. Dr. Charles’ long list of accomplishments, expertise,dedication to his patients, ethical philosophy and ability to achieve outstanding results is like no other in the field.

He is personally involved in all surgeries and patients come from all over the world on a regular basis to obtain his services.

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Before and 8 months after 1500 FUE grafts performed by the artas hair transplant before and after

FAQs As with any hair transplant surgery, the implanted hair grafts need time to develop their own blood supply and will naturally grow in long phases. New hair will continue to grow over a year’s time; however, new hair is not initially noticeable until approximately three months following the ARTAS surgery.

Dr. Glenn Charles utilizes the artas hair transplant cost sophisticated digital imaging and robotic arm to gather follicular units. To obtain optimal grafts for harvest, the ARTAS re-calculates continuously the hair angle, hair position and other pertinent parameters, achieving optimal follicular units for transplant.

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Hair transplant Surgeon in Boca Raton  

The artas hair transplant Cost technology Boca Raton, healthy, robust hair grafts are produced.We Also Provide Artas robotic hair transplant...

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