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week two. meaningless.

Meaningless In these pages are contained my investigations about the circle as a simple shape. A black circle An idea of movement New formats and media Sensations Poster & Interviews

A black circle This series is the first step of my research about the shape. The prupose of my first investigation was to create a connection between me and the circle, taking my time; thus instead of working with the aid of the computer, I started drawing the circles on a sketchbook with pencil, pens and crayons. Obviously the first experiment has been the black plain circle.

On the left: the first black circle, on computer and on the sketchbook with marker pen. On the right: 1. The second experiment, negative shape of the first black circle, marker pen on paper and computer. 2. Green circles overlapping, crayons on paper and computer. 3. Colored circles overlapping, crayons on paper and computer.

week two. meaningless.

I moved on the computer only after I thought my initial analysis was concluded. The prupose of working on the same shapes with two different supports was to analyze my approach either with a slow and a fast method.




During my research I tried to divide my experiments on the colored circle and then on the plain circle without color. The intent of these experiments were to analyze the different feelings that the shape gave, without having a precise method in mind.

In these pages: 1. Colored circles, all scaled down the half from the previous one starting from the yellow, marking pen on paper and computer. 2. Different sizes of circles, from the center page to the edges, pencil on paper and computer. 3. Different sizes of circles, filling up all the given space, pencil on paper and computer. 6. 4. Same pattern but with more space, pencil on paper and computer. 5. Pattern of circles, all mathematically calculated in order to contain four smaller circles containing other four smaller circles, fulfilling the given space, pencil on paper and computer.


6. Regression; starting from the circle in the middle, a pattern of bigger circles respect the previous ones, until the circles cannot fit inside of the paper anymore, pencil on paper.

week two. meaningless.





An idea of movement After the first seminar I decided to follow a precise idea, instead of proceding randomly with the shape. The aim was try to create movement through a simple shape and simple formats and supports. I also decided to keep a diary of my experiments; the following investigations contained in these two pages are therefore an analysis of my discoveries supplied with the list of my thoughts. The list is shown below on this page. 1b.





1 First attempt: creating vibrations . 1a It’s more a vibrance, a rythm. 1b Is it possibile that patterns can’t create movement? 2 The movement is given by white empty space and by the distance from the borders. 3 The movement is given by the space, distance from the borders and gap beewteen the circles. 4 If the gap is the same, there’s not movement! 5 Is this movement? 6 Pattern... 7 This is not movement, it’s too randomized. Therefore the exact distance is not the only problem on not allowing movements... (#4) 8 Space and distance. 9 Is the movemet possible by merging different

lines of circles? 10 Is the movement given by the lines of circles, the different directions and the space between them? 10a All together. 10b Separated. 11 Chaos = movement? 12 Am i creating movement without using chaotic explosion of circles? I’m creating frames. 13 With a line it’s possible to express movement. 14 Without space is just chaos. 15 Is the movement just a matter of space? 16 I think i’m limited by the two dimensions. 17 The three dimensions help to create a movement on the center of the page. 18 An experiment with a path made on a spiral.

week three. meaningless.

— — — —

The experiments #2, 3, 4 are contained in the box number 2. The experiments #6, 7, 8 are contained in the box number 3. The experiments #9, 10 are contained in the box number 4; the circles are drawed in acetate paper and attached in the paper with tape, so it’s possible to move the different layers in order to overlap the circles. The experiments #12, 13, 14, 15, 16 are contained in the box number 5.







New formats and media* The investigations conducted during the week couldn’t demonstrate a clear idea of movement; all the experiments directed on the same format, in fact, failed to demonstrate movement or void. The causes for this failure were probably to be found on a lackness of variations on size and/or on the costant repetition of the media.

I therefore decided to experiment new methods of analysis, using gravity, air and broader space, however keeping the idea of a simple shape with clear colors. These experiments were conducted using paper to create the shapes, then I filmed the entire process with a camera and I investigated the results on the computer.

week three and a half. meaningless.

The two pictures above are both the last frames of the experiment. The first in the left is the result of throwing circles from the second floor, while the second is the result of the same experiment conducted from the fourth floor.

*This experiment is observable on the dvd.

week three and a half. meaningless.

In this page is represented the result of the experiments with the circles described on a two dimensional area. On the other page it’s instead illustrated the pattern generated by the experiment and therefore analyzed on the computer.

*This experiment is observable on the dvd.

Sensations* 1 A2 white poster 3 black circles, 3 white circles, 3 acetate circles 45 picture, 1 minute of video.

During my experiments with the gravity I also decided to pursuit two other experiments with different formats and with a camera. The first one it’s an investigation about the shape conducted with a “timelapse” method. I took several pictures of an A2 poster with circles overlapping each others in a given time. The result is a 1 minute video that shows how the overlap of three different series of circles creates an infinite number of events. Starting from the combination of white—black—acetate circles, the costant repetition of this combination creates a pattern (i.e. the three black circle in a diagonal row), that disappear as long as this repetition continues. The video shows also how this combination transforms the shapes, that (without caring at the three dimensions) change in a mixture of different colors, in a fusion of archs and ellipses.

week three and a half. meaningless.

*This experiment is observable on the dvd.

Posters & Interviews* This experiment wanted to be a sort of connection between the meaningless and the meaning part of the project. I created five poster with the same size (A2) and same shapes, but each poster had something different respect the others; color of the shape, quality and color of the paper, different combination of color between the shape and the background. I then asked at three subjects to observe and evaluate the posters, saying wich one was their favourite and why. The three subjects were three women, but member of different generations and different culture (the older one is an english journalist, the middle one is an italian university student and the third one is a 13 years old english student), so it was very interesting to analyze their answers. — The eldest one answered that she preferred the black poster with with circles because it remainded her the theatre lights, only source of light in a black space; she also added that that poster gave her the idea of drama, and she could even recognize the big clown buttons in a black costume. — The university student answered that she preferred the white background poster with black circle because she preferred the shapes in a free space. — Lastly, the younger subject asserted that she preferred the white background with black circles because “the spots stands out more with the white background respect the other posters”. During the video I also stated that I wanted to continue my investigation about the answers on this series, and that I could upload the video on Youtube in order to get feedback from the customers; though, this methodology has been questioned because of the lackness of control of the subjects (i.e. age, culture, nationality). Possibily I will conduct my investigation using the same methodology adopted for this interview. Another interesting observation regarding the series of poster came out during the week 4 seminar, when has been observed that out of five poster, the black poster with black background was the only one who needed, in order to get noticed, another sense other the sight, the sense of touch. 1. Black poster with black circles. 2. Black poster with white circles. 3. White poster with black circles. 4. Sugar paper poster with black circles. 5. Graph paper poster with black circles.

week three and a half. meaningless.






*This experiment is observable on the dvd.

week two. meaningless.

Meaning In these pages are contained my investigations about the shape as a tool to explain and illustrate our reality. Mind map of the circle Eternity and symbols Astronomy & astrology The sun The earth The moon The cycles

Mind map of the circle geometry and math time and spirituality religion and beliefs men’surroundings planets and space infinitely small philosophy in between


the circle as shape

women’s period days of the week waste recycling


roundabout cycles of man

the matter architecture


3, 8,1 21

.. 1,1,





fibonacci sequence

the golden ratio


irrational numbers

euclidean geometry

g an eom d m et at r y h cycloid

week four. meaning.


astronomy astrology

half crescent

solar system

new full


maya calendar



eternity planets the snake that bites its tail

wedding ring

god clock

perpetual motion infinity time/space

Eternity and symbols Eternity has always been related with circles. The reason why all the cultures and all the religions used circle is because of its form, it has no angles, and therefore represent the perfection. From Europe to Egypt and Asia, the idea of God (or gods), or the simple idea of order in nature has been pictured with cirles. Even the maya used circles in their symbolism, even though it was more connected to the cycles of life, and therefore they used circles to create their own calendar.

1. Taoist symbol for the universal harmony and the unity between complimentary opposites: yin is the dark, passive, negative female principle; yang is the light, active, positive principle. 2. Shinto symbol: similar to the tao symbol, the trinity is here composed by the cosmic energy originated by the balance of the two opposites. 3. The Ouroboros: originating from the Egypt, it represents the perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity, the cycle of life, death and rebirth. 4. The sun or god: for many ancient religions the sun was worshipped as a personified, lifegiving deity in Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other major civilizations of history. 5. Infinity: In ancient India and Tibet, it represented perfection, dualism, and unity between male and female. 6. Christian trinity: it represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as three different entities of the same God. 7. Celtic symbol of balance: the four external symbols represent the four elements, while the inner circle represent the fifth one, the balance. 8. Swastika, a symbol present in most asian religions: the cross inscribed in a circle mediates between the square and the circle, emphasizing the joining of heaven and earth and the perfected human being. 9. A greek pattern on the edge of a circle; that pattern represents the concept of eternity. 10. Dharmacakra: a Hindu symbol that symbolizes (in the 24 spokes version) the twelve laws of dependent origination and the twelve laws of dependent termination. 11. The weel: It symbolizes unity, movement, the sun, reincarnation, and earth’s cycles of renewal. 12. Pentagram: for pagan religions, it represents the four basic elements plus a pantheistic spiritual being such as Gaia or Mother Earth.

week four. meaning.













Astronomy Astrology has been considered a real science for most of the men’s history. It’s only after the acceptation of the heliocentric theory that astrology has been relegated to a lower step respect astronomy. As a result, all the planets of the solar system have got their astrological symbol. However, it’s interesting that even asteroids and pseudo-planets once considered very important for the analysis of the stars are still in the list of the astronomic symbols even if those are no longer accepted as planets of the solar system.





Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta are all asteroids form the Asteroid belt comprised between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is the massive of these asteroids and even after the scientific discovery (1801) had been believed as the eight planet of the solar system. Chiron is a comet that transits between Uranus and Saturn; because of the distance and its orbit, it was believed to be a carrier of good news.













week four. meaningless.

Astrology Astrology today is considered a pseudo-science and often even a pathological science. This term was invented by the nobel-prize winning Irving Langmuir, that said that a pathological science is an area of research that simply will not “go away” - long after it was given up on as “false” by the majority of scientists in the field.













Astronomy and astrology were so important during ancient times that even the day of the week were named after them. This effect is more visible on the latin-based languages, even though it’s possible to observe this effect on monday (moon day), or saturday (saturn day) and, of course sunday.

Size of the planets and their ratio compared with the sun 1377648 km 1 sun 4880 km 1:277 mercury 12104 km 1:113 venus 12756 km 1:108 earth 6788 km 1:208 mars juvpiter 142740 km 1:9,6 120034 km 1:11 saturn 51152 km 1:27 uranus 49620 km 1:28 neptune pluto moon

2296 km 1:625 3476 km 1:416

Venus: the closest to the sun and the smallest planet of the solar system. Mercury: for size is considered the twin brother of the earth. Earth: the only inhabited planet of the solar system!

The sun

and the other planets in comparation

asteroid belt, here you can find ceres, pallas, vesta

Mars: is from this planet that all the aliens come.

Moon: the only natural satellite of the earth.

week five. meaningless.

Uranus: it’s really, really far away from home. Neptune: 4 years ago he discovered was the last planet.

Jupiter: the biggest planet of the system (a missed star).

Saturn: the most gorgeus planet; it’s got 24 moons!

Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but a pseudo-planet.

Between mars and jupiter there’s a belt of asteroids that divides the earth-like planets and the gas planets. After neptune starts the “orb belt”, which is composed by a series of small pseudo planets like pluto. The discovery of these pseudo planets inside the solar system is the reason why pluto had been recently demoted.

Year of discovery and size of the ten major asteroids of the asteroid belt ceres palla vesta hygiea interamnia europa davida sylvia cibele eunomia

952 km 544 km 529 km 431 km 326 km 301 km 289 km 286 km 273 km 268 km

The earth,

1801 1802 1807 1849 1910 1858 1903 1866 1861 1851

the moon and the first 10 asteroids

week five. meaning.

Ceres Pallas Vesta Hygiea Interamnia

What’s happened to the other asteroids? Juno is the 11th asteroid for dimensions. Chiron is a comet that orbitates between Saturn and Uranus.

the moon

Eunomia Cibele Sylvia Davida Europa

1000 km

The moon Few examples on how we’re always been influences by our natural satellite.

Tides Tides are influenced by the strengh of moon’s magnetic field on our planet. These are vital for the marine life and for the earth’s weather, because the different streams that affect the climate are generated in the oceans.

Days According the Ptolemaic cosmology there were seven planets revolving around the earth, and the moon was the first one. The days of the week were named after these seven planets and even today we can spot this old tradition by the days of Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

Genesis In the verses 1.16 it’s written that “God made two great lights; the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. ”

Romance Literature and romance are always been affected by the moon’s charme; one of the oldest examples come from Ludovico Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso” (1532). When Orlando goes mad with despair rampages through Europe and Africa destroying everything in his path. Astolfo flies up to the moon riding a hippogriff where everything lost on earth is to be found, including Orlando’s wits. He brings them back in a bottle and makes Orlando sniff them, thus restoring him to sanity.

week five. meaning.

The cycles Heres few examples of simple cycles that affect our every day life without even noticing...

Women’s period

The menstrual cycle, under the control of the endocrine system, is necessary for reproduction. It is commonly divided into three phases: the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase.


Years, Seasons, months...

It might seem pleonastic, but during our lifetime we’re surrounded by cycles without even noticing that! In fact, an year is a cycle of 4 seasons, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, and so on; and all of this get started from the cycle of rotation and revolution of earth around itself and around the sun.

Men’s Cycle

The common steps used to divide the animal beings from the other life form is called the men’s cycle (or animal cycle): -a man born - it grows - it reproduces (a new cycle starts) - it dies

Waste recycling

The growing industrialization of the countries and the raise of the population of the world is making vital the practice of recycling. There are some ISO standards relating to recycling for environmental management control of recycling practice. Recyclable materials include: wood, glass, paper and cardboard, fabrics, tires, aluminium, steel, plastic materials. Materials to be recycled are either brought to a collection center or picked up from the curbside, then sorted, cleaned, and reprocessed into new materials bound for manufacturing.


One of first roundabout of the world was built in Bath in 1768; fir its value is one of the world heritage monuments of the world. The "modern roundabout" was developed in the UK in the mid twentieth century, in which road traffic must travel in one direction around a central island and priority is given to the circulating flow.

This booklet has been finished the 21th of february; from the 9th of january to the 21th of february there are 5o days. Since then: I slept more or less 400 hours, equivalent of 8 hours of sleep per day I smoked 3 packs of tobacco, equivalent to 3 sigarettes per day, or 120gr of overall tobacco. I drunk more or less 12,32lt of beer, equivalent of 0,25lt per day, or 22 pint of beer. I had to study for 240 hours in 50 days. This is equivalent to 4,8 hours of study per day.

The Circle  

a project about the simplest and possibily the most complicated shape: the circle.

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