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ISSUE ONE LETTER FROM THE EDITORS We did it! We have brought you, Taranaki, a new pop culture magazine. Congratulations for picking up and reading our first issue. What you have in your hot little hands is our dream baby, and who are we you ask? Your editors (that’s right EDITORS because all good things come in threes). We are local girls Annalee Muggeridge, Greer Garner and Laura Crombie. All three of us are strong online contributors, we breathe it every day and saw a gap in the market for advertising that isn’t traditional here in our hometown. The idea behind MOOD is to create a magazine that is inspiring, entertaining and unique. We will share with you stories that you have never heard, stories about people you want to meet and businesses you NEED to check out. Here’s to many more issues to come. And please tell us what you would like to see more of... we are all about the people and helping make this town (as Donald Trump would say) GREAT errrm... again!

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Thirsty? How about a Clean Collective Mojito... These premium Vodka RTD cocktails are made in New Zealand and sold in various liquor stores nationwide including New Plymouth. For more details head to: www.cleancollective.co | @cleancollectiveofficial


King and Queen Hotel Suites is New Plymouth’s leading luxury boutique hotel. Located in the heart of New Plymouth, the hotel is surrounded by the finest restaurants, bars, art galleries, theatres and museums. It’s easy to see why Taranaki locals choose to ‘play tourist’ in their own backyard. The 28 room hotel boasts a range of suites, each owning a different feature which will ensure a suite for all preferences. The hotel is furnished in both Moroccan and European furnishings whilst still portraying a modern industrial decor. Whether you are coming for a show at the TSB Showplace, seeing an exhibition at the Len Lye Gallery or simply escaping the kids, all you need to worry about is which car park to leave your car in.

www.kingandqueen.co.nz | 0800 574 683 | Corner of King & Queen Streets | @king_queen_hotel

Unique SLEEPS...


Fox Cottage - Award Winning Bach

Fox Cottage is a place where you can unwind, listen to the nearby stream, read a book in the sun, or stroll to the local township and beaches. An award-winning bach, honoured with Bronze in the 2016 Bach of the Year Award for Best Hospitality from Bookabach. It is a very special, quirky and quaint, classic kiwi bach that’s surrounded by native bush and birdlife. Built for the local Post Master in 1910 this gorgeous cottage features natural timbers, New Zealand art, quality furnishings and linen that create a relaxed and warm decor. “One of the best bookabach’s I’ve stayed in. Book it you won’t regret it. Close to the beach, shops, lake, quiet street, well furnished, great garden. The little extras make it just that bit special. Great Weber and comfortable beds. Will be back.” Stephen 46foxcottage@gmail.com | @foxcottagebach


Whanga Butcher Shop

Whanga Bridge House

Set in the heart of the famous Republic of Whangamomona lie these classic kiwi cottages. Continental breakfast included with teas and coffees. Large decks, great for entertaining. www.whangamomonaaccommodation.co.nz | whangabridgehouse@farmside.co.nz @WhangaButcherShop | @ whangabridgehouse602 10

COUNTRY RETREAT GLAMPING Nowadays more and more people are seeking a respite from the near 24/7 craziness of the modern world – they want to step back from it all to have a taste of the good life.

Glamping however, is something else entirely – it’s camping in style without having to forgo any of life’s comforts. It’s a journey back to simpler times, a place to talk, laugh, relax and reflect with a hot shower, indulgent private outdoor bath, sit around the outdoor fire and much, much more. Treat yourselves to an experience like you’ve never had before. Country Retreat Glamping does all the work, all you need to do is turn up. From having your breakfast cooked and delivered at a time that’s convenient for you to not having to worry about dishes, they are collected and done for you. Chill out with some good old-fashioned games – like cards, marbles, quiots, knucklebones, jenga, potonque, board games or simply read a book and do a puzzle. They are far enough out of town to relax and take in the country surroundings on the deck but close enough to pop into town to enjoy the many attractions and lovely eating establishments New Plymouth has to offer. Go eeling in the creek – feed the farm animals – hang out in the rumpus room – play pool, darts and table-tennis. Country Glamping can make any special occasion an experience to remember. Family getaways – Hens night – Work get-togethers – Honeymoons – Birthdays – Anniversaries – Date nights – Mother/daughter: Father/son time-outs Country Retreat is the first unique and specialised Glamping tent in Taranaki.

Carrington Road, New Plymouth

www.countryretreatglamping.co.nz | @countryretreatglamping


BALI DIARIES New Zealand’s up and coming it girl - Ash Owens talks about her latest Bali adventures #unedited



Where do I even begin with Seminyak... it really is the hustle and bustle of Bali, and in my opinion, completely overrated. It’s definitely the most popular spot, but I personally feel like that’s only because people don’t do their research and think that this is the place to go in Bali. It’s NOT. In fact, I don’t recommend staying in Seminyak whatsoever! Sure, it’s got the shops and restaurants, but to be honest, Canggu does as well, and if you spend the majority of your time there (20 mins up the coast from Seminyak) you won’t be missing out on anything at all. Oh, and while we’re discussing places that are overrated, let’s put Potato Head at the top of that list too. Uluwatu and Canggu have WAY cooler beach/day clubs than Potato Head, but we’ll get into those later. Anyway, we were warned while planning this trip not to bother with Seminyak, however, we did feel like we needed to figure this out for ourselves, so we booked our first two nights there, and thank GOD it was only two. The reason we didn’t like Seminyak was mainly because of how overcrowded, loud, busy and STRESSFUL the place is. The narrow main roads are crazy with taxis and scooters flying in every direction and even narrower footpaths. Liam and I had to walk around in single file the entire time we were here! Not our idea of a relaxing, romantic trip away. Yes it’s Bali, it’s a developing country but Seminyak stinks, it’s dirty and all of the buildings are basically crumbling away while being held up by bamboo scaffolding. Thankfully we spent our time in a 90 minute Spring Spa couples massage and in some fab cafes! We’re glad that we realised Seminyak wasn’t for us first hand, however we certainly won’t be returning during our next Bali trip.


Nusa Lembongan is around a 45 minute Ferry from Sanur on mainland Bali, we really wanted to go out to an island at some point on our trip for a bit of quiet and to go snorkelling! We’d heard that the Gili Islands were overrated for how far away they are and that the Nusa Islands are just as good, just a lot closer to mainland Bali (which is fab cause that ferry ride made me SICK). If you don’t have time for the Gili Islands then definitely do Nusa Lembongan! It’s such a beautiful spot to stay if you’re after some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Bali and I would highly, highly, HIGHLY, recommend you make some time for it in your Bali travel schedule.


If I am going to be completely honest, which of course I always am, our favourite part of Ubud was our accommodation. Personally, I feel like Ubud is a ‘just has to be done once’ location in Bali as we felt the town was very similar to Seminyak in terms of busyness. It’s cool to see the rice paddy fields and the monkeys once, but we expected it to be a lot more tranquil and relaxing (which it is when you’re inside your resort). Other than the resort we really didn’t enjoy our time there! I especially did not enjoy getting attacked and bitten by a monkey!!! YUP. I DID.


Ohh, the dreamy paradise that is Uluwatu. We absolutely adored staying here, and came to the conclusion that our next Bali trip would be 5 nights in Canggu, 3 nights in Lembongan and 5 nights in Uluwatu! It’s definitely the surfing go-to of mainland Bali with the most stunning, tropical surf beaches. The cliff top views all around the region are amazing and the accommodation, food & day/beach clubs are by far the most impressive out of everywhere else in Bali. We adored staying here and already cannot wait to go back! For tips on where to eat, shop and stay check out Ash’s blog via her website.

@Ash Owens_ www.ashowens.com


ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE EARTH Would you walk in the footsteps of one of New Zealand’s greatest icons, Sir Edmund Hillary? As with many New Zealanders, the awe of Everest and base camp has long been ingrained in the minds of Taryn Martin and his mother Dianne. The pair decided to act on that reverence. It was to be a pivotal decision that led to an incredible journey and eventually to Experience Earth, a global travel company that lets you not only see the natural wonder in the world but actually take part in it too.


In 2016, Taryn, a 27-year-old New Plymouth local, set out for Nepal with his mother Dianne and 12 friends. The goal had been to start the year off in remarkable fashion, watching the first sunrise of 2017 break over Mt Everest. The group started their trek on Christmas day, making their way along the well-trodden route to Everest, enthusiastically tackling the physical challenge and absorbing the Nepali way of life. But before they made it to EBC, Dianne suffered from Acute Mountain Sickness, commonly known as altitude sickness. As the rest of the group trekked on, Taryn stayed with his mother and the duo were helicoptered out of the Himalayas straight to Kathmandu and the sanctuary of the city’s lower altitude. Instead of the view they’d planned for, New Year’s Eve was spent looking at hospital walls and eating takeaway curries. And although most would see that as a setback, for the mother and son duo the experience inspired a love for Nepal - forged through a strong bond with the kind Nepalese people that went above and beyond for them, and an appreciation for the raw, untamed freedom of the Himalayas. Both knew what they wanted to do: return to Nepal and work to empower the local trekking operators they now called friends. Not to mention, finally tick EBC off their bucket list. Taryn says, the thought of ‘How do I get to Everest Base Camp?’ can be quite overwhelming for many people and communication barriers online can cause doubts. “But no matter where you are in the world, no matter how off the beaten track the depths of the Himalayas may seem, you can explore these parts of the globe first-hand, you just need the know-how,” the NPBHS old boy says.


And, Experience Earth is that link between worlds. Having actually been there and trekked with knowledgeable locals, Dianne and Taryn knew they could provide that connection and with guidance from the likes of Venture Taranaki, they brought their idea to life. Experience Earth pairs the best of trusted Nepalese trekking knowledge with a safe and easy-to-use booking and preparation platform. It’s a combination that unlocks rewarding and unforgettable travel experiences for international adventurers, Taryn says. Although only less than one-year-old, Experience Earth has grown to provide six different all-inclusive treks throughout the Himalayan mountains, each ranging from 13 to 19 days. They plan to add additional treks within Nepal and branch out to Tibet before the year ends. In April of this year, Taryn headed back to Nepal to have another crack at base camp. He was joined by two fellow trekkers, Lindsay Schrader and Michael Hurworth, who were eager to follow in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and “knock the bastard off”. Although not quite the summit, trekking for 8 days, to an elevation of 5,364m (17,600ft) - over twice the height of Mt Taranaki - is no easy task. Lindsay Schrader says he originally thought the EBC trek would be too challenging. “Having only seen photos of the Himalayas and Everest I thought I was going to be pushed to new boundaries and would need to learn some technical skills before going,” he says. But Taryn says with experienced, alert guides that prioritise trekkers health and a well-planned, safe trekking schedule, it’s within the grasp of most Kiwi’s.

So what can you expect? Arriving into Kathmandu, trekkers are met by the constant movement, ongoing sounds and exotic smells of Nepal’s largest city. Balancing out this chaos is a strong presence of Hinduism which focuses on calmness, and respecting Earth and all its people. Taryn says that Kathmandu feels like an entire world away when you land in Lukla for the first time and find yourself face-to-face with the Himalayas. Amongst the mountains, life slows down to a standstill as your only daily chores are eating, drinking, walking and breathing - providing your body ample time to acclimatise along the way. En-route to Base Camp, your guide will explain the names and elevation of the surrounding peaks, unfolding the history of the valley as you walk between each village. On the journey you’ll encounter welcoming locals, smiling kids eager to practice their English, and breathtaking views - you’ll even have to share the path with a yak or two. Taryn says arriving at Everest Base Camp and seeing the peak is a surreal experience. “You know you have achieved a significant milestone, temperatures are down below -10 degrees and you have reached an altitude of 5,364m. “The many yellow tents are filled with those carrying out summit expeditions. Prayer flags are rested on the rock mounds and Mt Everest stares down over you.” Not to be outdone, and to achieve her goal, Dianne and the local Experience Earth guides are leading a group to Everest Base Camp in October 2018. You are welcome to join her and tick Everest Base Camp off your bucket list.

“Nepal is such a beautiful country filled with amazing people. The trek to Everest Base Camp itself was a great mix of awesome people, good times, and amazing views. It was so rewarding and was a great way to get a taste of Himalayan trekking.” - Experience Earth trekker Michael Hurworth

You like wine, you like food - pairing them together should be effortless. But here’s the thing, it can be a minefield of endless wine lists, experimenting with flavour profiles, not to mention the jargon and even a touch of science. If you just want to jump straight to the delicious part, here are the winter pairings from Rachel at Meat & Liquor. In other words: eat that, drink this. www.meatandliquor.co.nz | 34 Egmont Street | info@meatandliquor.co.nz | 06 759 1227 | @meatandliquor

MARKET FISH Circuit By Black Estate, Chardonnay, Waipara Don’t shy away from a glass of Chardonnay. In the past, this variety has been pigeonholed for its big buttery oak flavour. Now, Chardonnays are fabulously diverse and you’re missing out if you don’t give them a try. If you’re starting out choose an unoaked Chardonnay. With this pairing, the grapefruit and lemon zest notes in the wine gently elevate the natural oil and acid from the fish.

RIBEYE ON THE BONE Paritua Stone Paddock, Merlot, Hawkes Bay A full-bodied red is a perfect match for a big juicy steak, actually, it’s a classic pairing. The fat in the steak stands up to the tannins and subtle oak in this Merlot, making the wine taste smoother. The bold flavours of the meat match that of the wine, highlighting the plum aromas, five-spice and vanilla. It’s pairing perfection.

LAMB SHOULDER Elephant Hill, Syrah, Hawkes Bay This wine is beautiful but it can seem very light and dry when tasted in isolation. But it truly comes into its own after a mouthful of this lamb dish. The flavour profiles instantly change. You’ll pick up the sweetness and the blackberry flavours, balanced out by the pepper and spices. This syrah successfully seasons the meat and lightens the earthy richness of the lamb. Some wines are simply meant to be enjoyed with a meal, and this is one of them.

EYE FILLET Turkey Flat Butchers Block, GSM, Barossa Eye fillet is a lean cut of meat with delicate flavours that needs a red that will not overpower it. The Turkey Flats GSM is a blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvédre (Mataro). The Shiraz adds the generous mouthfeel, Grenache the spice and cherry-like sweetness, and Mourvédre the backbone, savoury edge and fragrance.

BUTTERMILK MARYLAND CHICKEN Greywacke, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough Why are they the perfect match? This wine when tasted on its own is a softer Sav with delicate floral perfumes, passionfruit, a hint of lemon and a dry crisp finish. But when paired with the Maryland chicken, you can expect the matching to enhance the flavour profile, pulling out peach and nectarine flavours in the wine, while the char-grilled corn puree brings out a creamy fuller texture in the wine.

SHORT RIBS North End Brewing Co, Amber Ale Beer matched with food you ask? Of course. The toffee caramel malt flavours from the amber ale blend seamlessly with the rich sweet braising sauce which intensifies the flavours from the beer and meat alike. The bright hop aromas offer a crisp finish which cuts through the richness of the meat with subtlety and cleanses the palate ready for the next mouthful.

Opening August @itchnp

white hart courtyard New Plymouth


It was the sweet life they always craved.



Treat yourself to a sweet bite to eat, a twist on a classic lemon dessert. Lemon delicious pudding, lemon curd gelato, crushed meringue - a truly winning combo #whenlifegivesyoulemons

A sophisticated take on the classic American fireside treat. S’Mores chocolate, custard cake and coconut mascarpone. #doyouwantsmore

@meatandliquor | www.meatandliquor.co.nz

@monicas_eatery | www.monicaseatery.co.nz



One of many delicious cocktails on the Snug Lounge menu. Plantation Punch: Rum, pineapple and orange #itsfiveoclocksomewhere

Chef Jeremy Webling likes the idea of creating desserts that are iconic treats. The Snickers is for chocolate peanut lovers - a warmed peanut butter brownie on a chocolate ganache with chocolate mousse, peanut salt topped with chocolate shards #forkyeah

@fork_n_knife_ | 06 757 8336 (Bookings essential)

@snuglounge | www.snuglounge.co.nz



Here are two facts that don’t make sense: food is being wasted in New Plymouth and there are local people going hungry. It’s a problem that pushed New Plymouth resident Rebekah Bell into action.

Now, every Thursday evening volunteers open the doors to On The House, welcoming the community in to choose from the surplus food that’s been donated by local businesses. “There are two arms to On The House: the reduction of food waste and throwing it forward to anyone who needs it.” Rebekah says there’s a number of reasons people might arrive at On The House - it could be because they can’t stand food waste, it could be because they’re having a hard time making ends meet, or maybe it’s because they’re living on the streets and don’t know when their next meal might be. Not only that, but there are also all the volunteers and food suppliers involved. “It’s a real community. We’re just a whole bunch of diverse people from different cultures, backgrounds and ages. “It’s so awesome to see the friendships that are developing we’ve got to know each other as people.” Since January, On The House has rescued 5,376 items of food, Kgs of fruit and vegetables, and served 878 people. It’s mind-blowing the amount of food that’s wasted in New Plymouth, she says. “My greatest wish is for it to become second-nature to gift your surplus food forward. Whether it’s from your own gardens or from your food establishment.


“This is about being more conscious around how we consume and more conscious of others and how we can help each other.” She says there are now 20 cafes, restaurants and caterers onboard. “We are really blessed with amazing eateries in this region, they create really good food and they create from scratch every day, therefore that leftover food is thrown out. “For them, it’s a completion of a circle - their hard-won and loving crafted food then goes to someone in need.” Bell says everyone that comes in on the night gets to choose their items, just like a store.


“It’s all this really good food and sometimes they are just speechless because they can’t get their head around the fact that someone is going to give it to them.”

Every morning our muffins, cakes, and biscuits are

“You have no idea how much meaning it has - and this is something that was just going to be thrown away.”

baristas are committed to making coffee greatness

She says for the volunteers it’s an energising experience in a rewarding and fun atmosphere.

where possible uses fair trade, locally sourced,

“One of our regulars said it’s like doing yoga - it doesn’t feel like a chore.

chefs have all-consuming ingredients, providing you

“It’s just such a good feeling, and it sounds cheesy but it is and it’s that feeling that keeps you coming back.” On The House opens every Thursday from 4:30 pm, with plans to open on a second evening and currently located at 109 Devon Street West. Email: info@onthehouse.org.nz if you want to know more about the initiative or you’re interested in volunteering with On The House.

made fresh for you by our trained bakers and taste tested by our front of house staff. Our dedicated where only the very best coffee is served. Our kitchen, sustainable and free-range products. Our qualified with a home away from home experience. www.elixircafe.co.nz | @elixircafenp



Gover Street Bistro is a French inspired eatery and lounge bringing you a unique dining experience. Drop in for a meal or enjoy catching up with friends over a casual platter and a drink in lounge

Little Glutton is casual Asian fusion dining that’s always ready to party. It’s street food-inspired, light on the pocket and full of pizzaz. Dine in, come for a drink or get takeaways delivered.

Bring the family, team, workmates, or yourself - Joe’s New Plymouth caters to all with our laidback, friendly atmosphere. Come and enjoy some classic tunes, tasty fresh food and coffee that tastes as good as it looks - delicious!

@goverstbistro www.goverstbistro.co.nz Open 7 Days Midday - Late 31 Gover Street, New Plymouth

@little.glutton Open 7 Days: 11:30am - Late 162 Devon Street, New Plymouth

Now Delivering! 5:30 - 9PM Order online at: www.littleglutton.co.nz

162 Devon Street, New Plymouth Mon to Fri: 7:00am ‘til late Weekends & Public Holidays: 8:00am ‘til late

5 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Andrea Bozzi My name is Andrea Bozzi and I have been working in the social media space for the last three years for different companies. Recently I decided to start my own venture in helping small and medium businesses find more customers and increase their sales by leveraging social media marketing. I am also a passionate videographer and photographer that loves to shoot content that helps businesses showcase their activities, such as commercial videos or product photography. Feel free to join my free Facebook group ‘Facebook Marketing Support for Small Business’ where I host live weekly trainings and answer different questions regarding this topic.


Post valuable content


Share during high traffic period

3. 4. 5.

Remember: People are on social media to be entertained... not to be sold to! Post interesting articles, guides, reports, blog posts etc... that relate to your industry. E.g. if you sell clothing post an article that discusses the new styles and trends for the upcoming season. If you are a restaurant, share a quick and easy recipe that your audience will love. Don’t try to only push your products/services all the time.

Make sure you post your content when most people are online. Usually in the night time between 7.00pm and 9.00pm is a good time to post as you will receive more engagement.

Don’t be camera shy, go live!

Use the live stream function on Facebook and Instagram to showcase the ‘behind the scenes’ of your business. It’s the most sociable and genuine way to communicate key messages as it’s happening, uncut and real.

Organise contests and giveaways

These are the best strategies to create engagement with your followers and create brand awareness in a short period of time. Make sure you offer A LOT of value in giveaways and make them irresistible to participate in. E.g. if you are a restaurant offer a voucher for one month’s free lunch, if you sell clothing offer a $500 voucher for your garments. Post crazy irresistible offers and watch your page engagement go through the roof!

Create a content calendar and schedule your posts

Finding new content to post everyday on Facebook can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Pick one day and spend 2-3 hours researching good content that your audience will be interested in and then schedule different posts to be published throughout the week.

@likuidmedia | likuidmedia@gmail.com 25



In this article, I will show you how Entrepreneurial Management can help an organisation turn the above “missing” capability to “thriving” ability for continuous growth at scale.

By helping businesses grow over the last decade, I have come to realise that today’s organisations - both established and emerging - are missing capabilities that are needed to thrive in the century ahead; the ability to experiment rapidly with new products and new business models, the ability to empower their most creative people, the ability to engage again and again in an innovation process, the ability to manage innovation at scale with accountability, so they can unlock new sources of growth and productivity.

UNCERTAINTY HAS REPLACED STABILITY I think most business leaders recognise that the everyday challenges of executing their core business leave little time and energy for harnessing and testing new ideas. Businesses are today operating in an environment quite different to their predecessors. There is incredible anxiety about the unpredictability of the world businesses live in. The most concerns I hear are: • The rise of global competitors • Automation is starting to destroy the competitive advantage most businesses have set up around their product and services • The increasing speed of technological change and consumer preference • The rise of startups in every industry that are growing into emerging enterprises This means that traditional management tools struggle with uncertainty. The most famous 20th century management tool is forecasting. Designed by Alfred Sloan during his time at GM

in 1920s. His structured approach has become the basis for all twentieth-century general management. It has become a system of accountability designed for the 20th century. It is still used in situations where it doesn’t work. Sometimes, failure to hit the forecast means a team has executed poorly. But sometimes it means that the forecast itself was a fantasy. Over the years, a new methodology has emerged to deal with situations that involve extreme uncertainty.

A NEW MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK FOR UNCERTAINTY When you study the definition of a startup: a human institution designed to create something new under extreme uncertainty, you realise that a startup is not just having an idea. It’s not about building a product. It is building a new organisation from scratch. One that strives to have new ideas, build new products and continue to innovate on a continuous basis as they scale. This is, in fact, a management challenge. Over the decade, we have seen startups such as Facebook, Airbnb and Dropbox grow into established organisations that are today world leaders. Along with their rise, a new management framework has risen that is best suited for those conditions of extreme uncertainty that are startup-like. This new management framework is called Entrepreneurial Management. Not everything your business does is best managed by Entrepreneurial Management. However, if you are an emerging or established business and are increasingly managing uncertain situations, then here is how to install an Entrepreneurial Management that turns uncertain situations into new growth opportunities at scale. 27

PHASE ONE SETUP AN ENTREPRENEURIAL FUNCTION Create a new business unit or function that is called “The Entrepreneurial Function”. It’s responsibility is to oversee highpotential growth initiatives that could one day become new divisions in your organisation. Set up this unit as a cross-functional team that can undertake a pilot project involving a portfolio of projects with high uncertainty. Create a growth board-type system that allows executives to make swift, clear decisions about the projects presented to them. Teach this team how to design startup-type experiments to help them plot a course through uncertain terrain. Use startup-type metrics to measure the result of these experiments. Build a network of leaders who can help solve problems as they arise. When projects under this team start to perform and succeed, translate this new way of working into company-specific language and tools. The energy required to drive this unit is for one that I call hypergrowth energy. Change usually takes place when there is a crisis. Success can be its own form of crisis. When a business create a product/service that fits a market, it is forced to grow extremely rapidly.






At this stage, you have proved a new management framework can handle innovation type projects and create new products/services based on evidence, experimentation and vision. You have also translated it to your company specific culture. Now it’s time to scale this framework and deploy it to a wider group of people in your organisation.

Every company that has scaled successfully after the thrilling ride of turning an idea into reality and finding a place for it in the market, have a second story.

Review and identify challenges faced by pilot projects in Phase One. Develop and roll out a widespread system for working in the new way. Identify and make proper use of executive-level champions to reinforce the new methods. Bring internal divisions into this transformation process. Create an internal coaching program and train internal units involved. Establish mechanisms such as Growth Boards and Metered Funding for resource allocation. The above steps will help you build political capital necessary to tackle the challenges you will face in Phase Three.

It is a period called as the second founding. It is a new growth stage where a company goes from just another organisation into one that is the leader in their industry and is here to stay. We have seen this happen to Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb and to be more relevant to New Zealand - to Spark and ANZ. This is the moment where a business adopts “the new way of work” and makes new tools and training available to all kinds of teams. Not only limited to high uncertainty projects. They establish innovation accounting, a permanent growth board and strict accountability for senior leaders to allocate resources to this change, change policy and motivate teams to be entrepreneurial. Learn more, go to: www.adnanbelushi.com

The above three-phased transformation will eventually build an organisations capability to thrive for continuous transformation and continue to make a long-term impact in this century ahead. Don’t forget to monitor the impact of ‘the new way” of working, continue to evolve the framework, change policy and adopt new ways of motivating people to be entrepreneurial. 29





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Be EVER curious • Explore the new, explore what these things mean • In business, you should ALWAYS be asking “Does this help MY customers?” or “Does this help MY business?” or “Does this enable someone ELSE to disrupt me?”

GET S**T DONE Get stuff done • • • •

Don’t over think it Try, try and try again Done is better than perfect If you aren’t getting on and doing stuff, your competitors will be


Don’t fear the future • Will robots take our jobs - maybe, maybe not… first they will augment our jobs, this future will CREATE new jobs • Future jobs will be more creative, focused more on problem-solving, emotive and will be less about the doing & the repetitive nature of work

FIND ‘A’ PLAYERS If you are the smartest person in the room (or on the team) you are in the wrong room! Doing things alone won’t get you far… very few people succeed on their own! You need to find a team - Steve Jobs had a team, Jack Ma had a core team who worked with him, Jeff Bezos credits those around him for the KEY points in Amazon’s growth… ’A’ players will go the extra mile.

FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PROBLEM • If there is one thing that will set you up for success, in business, in life… it’s this! You started a business to solve a problem, embrace it. • Passion counts…it’s often said that if you do something you love, you’ll never work another day in your life. Most successful business people are passionate about their business, they love it. Do you love yours?

These tips were provided by MYOB - a sponsor of Venture Taranaki’s business competition ‘Idea Summit Taranaki’.

CASE STUDY - BOHO BRIDAL Boho Bridal Design is the brainchild of free-spirited sisters Abbey and Lisa, who saw an opportunity to create extraordinary wedding dresses that marry the tradition of the big day with something altogether more bohemian. When looking for support options, the pair came across Venture Taranaki’s business services on social media and discovered that friends had found success using these services. A call to VT resulted in completing the start-up clinic and being assigned a mentor to help them focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business, including business planning and operational procedures. “Working with Venture Taranaki has given us an outside perspective that has really helped ground us and bring us back to what’s important. It’s really easy to get caught up in the little things, and VT have been a wonderful support that has really enabled us to move the business forward towards our long-term vision,” Abbey says.

Translating your ideas into a successful business takes time, resources and energy At Venture Taranaki, we understand it can be daunting to start up a new business so we are there for newly established businesses, and all those considering taking the plunge by offering support, advice and assistance through Business Startup Clinics. Business Startup Clinics offer a confidential, free, one-onone consultation with our experienced Startup Business Advisor. The clinic gives you the chance to ask any business questions on everything ranging from business planning to sales and marketing. Business Startup Clinics are scheduled regularly in New Plymouth, Hawera and Stratford, and elsewhere in Taranaki on demand.

If you have an idea for a business and need help getting started, get in touch with our Business Startup Clinic Co-ordinator to book an appointment call 06 759 5163 or email startup@venture.org.nz












How many hats are you wearing? In business, you often just need to get sh*t done. The downside can be that you end up wearing far too many hats and find yourself pulled in every direction. It’s ok. We know the feeling. We’ve been there too. Our focus at Strategy Collective is to not only lighten your load but empower your business with highly-skilled personnel. Our team of experts become your team. Your business strategy, people and culture, brand and marketing, and accounting needs are covered. Let us help you get back to doing what you love. We’re ready when you are! 06 759 7044




The Business of Sexy Strategy Collective

There are obvious reasons why Dan Carter, Maria Sharapova and Kendall Jenner secured lucrative product endorsements and why we dress up at job interviews: there’s value in looking good. But is this emphasis on aesthetics essential for running a business? THE GOOD We’ve all witnessed the success of beautiful brands like Nike and Apple. Their branding is intimately entwined with their product offering, so much so that people go out of their way to have the swoosh or partly-eaten-apple brand marks on display. These brands are style statements in themselves and if this leads to people paying more for that brand, then that is great for business. But there are also many examples of poorly designed brands that have succeeded. THE UGLY Consider Craigslist.org. It was launched in 1996 by a programmer and still looks every ounce designed by a 90s computer geek. Yet, in 2017, the company was valued by Forbes at USD$3 billion. Pretty good for one of the ugliest sites online. Closer to home, Kiwi kitchens have been stocked with many poorly presented discount grocery ranges, from No Frills in the 80s and 90s and Budget and Homebrand more recently. Pak’n’Save itself is another great example of less-thanstunning design that more than matches it with her prettier counterparts. These plain brands have kept us fed, given people jobs and provided profit to their owners. Win. So, if businesses can succeed when their aesthetics are a little (how should we say it?) low-fi, what function does branding actually play?

THE BRAND “The best way to describe a brand is as a communication tool,” explains Craig Jones, head of Brand and Marketing at New Plymouth’s Strategy Collective, the team behind many of Taranaki’s most-loved brands like Social Kitchen, Ozone Coffee, Juno Gin and more. “Your brand communicates to your customer the problem you company is solving. “That’s why Pak’n’Save works so well. The plain fonts, stark black on yellow, and stickman adverts all communicate to the New Zealand grocery shopper that they’re the home for New Zealand’s lowest food prices. They’re the ones solving the problem of limited household budgets.” Craig stresses that it’s the consistency between your brand messaging and your product offering that is most important when it comes to that branding being successful. If Pak’n’Save suddenly turned up with a logo and advertising material more suited to a high-end European car company or fancy clothing designer, their customer base would start assuming that prices had gone up along with the brand upgrade. The bare bones branding of the Pak’n’Saves and Homebrands and even Craigslists of our world serves to confirm the lowpriced positioning of those brands in the minds of customers. So, it’s not all about good looks or being sexy, but rather about your brand being true to who you are.


BE TRUE TO YOURSELF Craig raises another interesting case of branding: the one-person-band. Take your neighbourhood plumber or home-office lawyer. The extent of their designed brand might be decidedly limited; however, Craig points out that, in these cases, the sole trader actually embodies their brand themselves.

BE TRUE TO YOUR AUDIENCE So, a good brand aligns with the essence of who you are as a business and serves to communicate that essence throughout your team, but, in order to make sales, it must also communicate a value proposition to the world around you. In this, it’s vital that you’re speaking the same language as your target audience, says Craig.

Every conversation they have with a client, every email, every phone call and handshake and every piece of work carries their brand—it all communicates their value proposition. “This works great when it’s just you and your marketing is word-of-mouth,” says Craig, “but when it comes to entering new territories or adding staff members, suddenly you don’t have the same control over the messaging your company is putting out to the market.

“If nothing else, marketing is all about listening to your target market, understanding their needs and values, and providing a product and message that speaks their language,” expands Hayden Shearman, Strategy Collective marketing specialist. “The very Kiwi marketing of Pak’n’Save and The Warehouse are classic examples of companies understanding the language of their audience and not being afraid to speak it.”

“Our branding process at Strategy Collective isn’t just about defining a logo, we want to understand a business from the inside out in order to consider the whole brand experience. “Take a restaurant, for example, they’re not just a good dish and a logo. They’ll need to consider the audio experience, lighting, service, language used, interior and even the cutlery. The whole thing needs to work together. It’s why we (at Strategy Collective) work closely across our three departments of finance and accounting, people and culture, and brand.”

Who would have thought a Japanese car company would have an advertising campaign built on the most-Kiwi of all curse words “bugger”? But Toyota did it with their 1999 Hilux commercial and spoke perfectly to their rural New Zealand target audience (we won’t mention the 120 official complaints!). So, a successful brand needn’t be sexy, but it must be true to your company and build meaningful connections with your customers. It’s why Dan Carter is great for selling undies and Barry Crump great for selling utes.

Understanding who you are is the first step in the branding process and this enables you to permeate this message not only to your potential customers but also to your employees and suppliers. “Branding affects the people you hire, your business systems, and the culture in your company,” explains Craig. “Apple’s programmers need to carry the same brand values of sleek design and second-to-none user experience that their marketing team promotes. In this way, branding is an internal exercise as much it is an external one.”

Photos from Meat & Liquor that celebrates the connection between their uber-talented chefs and their passion for hand-selected, premium cuts of locally sourced, sustainable meat. Their brand is disruptive and edgy and this influences everything from their photography to décor and menu and drinks list to their logo and name.


Local Business Protecting Local Businesses www.insuretaranaki.co.nz | 0274 888 222

When most of you think of an Accountant, your first impression is a balding middle age guy, that loves to engage in over-dramatic larping and has no sense of humour. Well, although I find larping entertaining, I am the exception to the above. Meet me, Lisa. I work with you, not for you. I do not believe in labels so you will never hear me call myself an “Accountant� (Mostly because of the above stereotype description). My passion for business is my greatest strength and I am an optimist. Your success is my success and I believe the minute you start caring about what other people think is the minute you stop caring about yourself. I love Taranaki and the people that make up our piece of paradise. Our thriving business hub is exciting and we should be proud. While economic factors may change day-to-day we are all capable of business and financial accomplishment. Call me today if you want an advisor that understands you (Unless you are a Larper) Business startups | Tax Returns | Accounting Systems | Business Development | Bookkeeping Service (Virtual Colab) www.financecolab.tailorsites.com | @FinanceColab


5 5 MUST-HAVES FOR YOUR WEBSITE Google Specialist - Rakesh Patel When I was approached about writing this article I thought “Oh my, I could easily write pages and pages on websites, marketing strategy, online search presence, the do’s and don’ts of using specific tools”, but no doubt you may fall asleep after the first page! So, I decided to look at the top 5 things that small businesses often ask.


Ensure you have high-quality images


Content is King

3. 4. 5.

There is some logic to this; our brains process visual stimuli differently and faster than processing text. We tend to gravitate to imagery before reading text, high-quality imagery helps in building the trust of your brand.

A search engine is a machine if you don’t tell it what you do, how will it know where to categorise and rank you? A content strategy plan (including keyword research) is a must-have as its main objective is to meet your user’ expectations and fulfil your business plan.

Google Analytics

You want to be able to view the performance of your website and how people are interacting with your website. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google and is an essential tool to help you measure how people are interacting with your website.

Google My Business (GMB)

This is another free tool from Google and is a way of allowing you to manage your online presence across Google, such as Google Search and Google Maps. This year Google has been enhancing the features available on GMB including allowing you to post news, product launches etc along with your business information for free!

Mobile Friendly

As more and more of us do research on our phones and tablets it is essential that your website is mobile friendly. Google now ranks mobile sites before desktop versions. There are 2 types to think about: a responsive design vs an adaptive design.

Rakesh is Vanguard 86’s Google Guru and you can check out more of his wisdom on www.itsamood.co.nz 36


Podcasts you should be listening to... The Tony Robbins Podcast Education

“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” Tony Robbins the #1 Life and Business Strategist, has helped over 50 million people from 100 countries create real and lasting changes in their lives.

Ace the Gram - with Viv & Tash Business

Leverage Instagram for your personal brand or business with Instagram experts.

The Guilty Feminist Comedy

Join comedian Debora Frances-White and her guests for this comedy podcast, recorded in front of a live audience. Each week they discuss topics “All 21st century feminists agree on” while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and, fears that underlie their lofty principles.

Reply All Technology

A podcast about the Internet that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.

The Teacher’s Pet News & Politics

Lyn and Chris Dawson appear to have the perfect marriage. He’s a star footballer and popular high school teacher. She’s a devoted wife and mother. They share a beautiful home above Sydney’s northern beaches. But when Lyn goes missing...

Sick Leave Alternative Health

Honest and gritty chats with Hospo leaders/owners/operators in New Zealand about their mental health journeys.

99% Invisible Design

Design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we’ve stopped noticing. 99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. 37


Introducing Taranaki’s newest casual conversation series based on a range of topics relating to creativity, business & life! With special guests & wine (of course) this event sells out every time! @ladieswinedesignnp


Ladies, Wine & Design started in New York City by creative entrepreneur Jessica Walsh as an

initiative to foster female creativity. Only a small percent of creative directors are women, and LW&D wants to help change this through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks, and creative meetups. In less than two years of launching, LW&D meetups are now taking place in over 180 cities all over the world.

Now with a New Plymouth presence, the conversation series to date has sold out within hours. From topics such as ‘The Money Maker’, ‘Not just a pretty face’, ‘Life, Work & Balance’ and ‘The Side Hustle’. Selecting topics and speakers that will be honest, raw and relatable to everyday life. Head over to their Instagram page to find out when the next event will be taking place. “It’s great to meet with other like-minded women and talk about the things that can sometimes make us so bewildered. LW&D is about encouraging woman who want to learn, grow, be inspired and not feel alone all with a wine in hand.” - New Plymouth founders Laura Crombie & Greer Garner 39

Monica Brewster Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is a place for artists, families, film-lovers, a space to inspire those who create. It’s put New Plymouth on the international cultural map, thanks to the foresight of a woman born in rural Taranaki 1886. She was Monica Brewster, a pacifist, a woman ahead of her time — who had the inspiration to create the future. Who was Monica Brewster? It’s easy to forget how restricted life was for the majority of women only a generation ago; it was a truly patriarchal society and ‘ladies’ were expected to know their place. Monica was a little bit different. From a privileged family and then married to Dr Rex Carrington Govett, she travelled widely across Europe, developing a broad vision and a lifelong love of art. In the last years of her life she was determined to give back to her hometown – she envisaged an outward facing, open-minded place for encounters with new art and ideas. In the early 60’s she donated $50,000 ($2 million in today’s money) to establish an international standing art gallery, plus more in her will to buy artworks for the gallery’s collection. Monica’s vision: ‘Provocateurs’ So how did a small gallery at the edge of the world in a place not known for art become such a hotbed of creativity? Credit goes to Monica. Using the money gifted to the city for a gallery, the disused Regent cinema on Queen Street was converted and forward-thinking deeds and policies drawn up. The Govett-Brewster opened in summer 1970, astonishing locals and challenging the public with a new set of attitudes about what art is. The heart and soul of the new gallery would be the focus on modern art, the new and the different. This was a radical decision by Monica, which has set GovettBrewster apart from other galleries. Paying attention to new art forms, sculpture and fostering the development of work of New Zealand and Pacific Rim artists has continually attracted conversations, controversy and divided opinions. It’s what has made Taranaki a focus for innovative and sometimes challenging art.

A gallery for everyone As Monica had envisaged, our gallery is a place for all people. More than 6,000 school children each year experience the gallery’s programmes, and more get creative in hands-on sessions for babes, pre-schoolers, school holidays and family art on Sundays. The boutique 60-seat cinema screens arthouse and cult classics, while the shop, café and gallery spaces make for unique hosting. The art gallery is a cultural hub for the district, and with the recent expansion to show more work and ideas from Len Lye, the surrounding West End Precinct has developed as a sophisticated heritage site preserved for future generations. The Len Lye Centre addition attracts thousands of visitors to New Plymouth, drawn to the stunning architecture and regularly changing contemporary art on display. Just as Monica wanted, it’s a place to challenge perceptions and viewpoints and a safe place to empathise with others. Monica’s legacy Monica died in summer 1973 and is buried at Te Henui Cemetery. She has no headstone. The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is her legacy and her memorial. Her legacy is New Zealand’s artistic beacon to the world, all the way from New Plymouth, Taranaki. Her wish was to inspire people of all ages to get involved, find their own way of expressing themselves, think outside of the square and see our world from a new perspective. For more information about Monica and what’s on at the gallery, head to govettbrewster.com.

S i m p l y. B e a u t i f u l . H a i r.

06 757 5468 . 36 King Street, New Plymouth . @elwinevans

The New Hair Project is a not for profit service offering wig solutions to people experiencing unexpected hair loss through cancer treatments, alopecia, illness or accident. The consultation space is intimate, quiet and beautiful. It’s a relaxed comfortable environment and is completely private. Government grants for both temporary and permanent hair loss are available through the Ministry of Health and The New Hair Project team can help with the details and paperwork involved. “We offer a service that helps people feel and look better through an often difficult time. They leave us stronger, less vulnerable and more like themselves” Consultations are by appointment only

The New Hair Project | 47 Queen Street, New Plymouth | 027 201 4139 | thenewhairproject@gmail.com




2. 3.

4. 5.





1. The Drawstring Bag from Luna Label 2. The Star Sleepers from Metal Collective 3. Oil Cleanse from Tailor Skincare 4. Clinique Hydrating Jelly from Life Pharmacy, Centre City 5. Vibrating Facial Cleanser from Skin Sonic 6. Fuji Film Instax Mini 9 from Harvey Norman 7 . Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner from OGX Beauty 8. Deadly Ponies Bracelet from Et Vous

Magic happens on the threshold of the 'Forbidden'. Would you dare? @lolahairnewplymouth


BROOKE BARRETT We met with Brooke Barrett from her recently released, self-titled brand. Her space is one part studio, one part home, with hints of a heavy workload. Brooke explains to us that each collection is made locally, in her New Plymouth Studio - but the dedication to local production doesn’t sacrifice on style, design, and her dedication to quality.


Tell us about your brand Brooke Barrett? Brooke

Barrett is a New Zealand based luxury brand for women who believe that style, comfort and, quality are a way of life. I design items that I want to wear myself, but can’t find so you can wear them too. I like to be comfortable, feel good, AND look good! I don’t think we should have to make sacrifices to feel all three of these things. Brooke Barrett is built on a ‘no mass production means less waste’ model. Each design is a limited edition, and made-to-order by -hand (by me) in my New Zealand studio; meaning quality control is personally overseen from start to finish. Awareness around the garment industry is on the rise which I am really excited about - understanding the background of where an item is coming from has allowed for more transparency within the industry and understanding #whomademyclothes is a really cool movement to be a part of. You can shop, laybuy or rent Brooke Barrett online (brookebarrett.co.nz). I also offer bespoke services by appointment - my most common request is bridesmaids dresses but I can really make anything!

Did you ever consider designing in-house for another brand? What inspired you to branch out independently and pioneer your own? I lived in

California for a couple years where I managed a New Zealand fabric store. There were some big names I sourced fabrics for while I was there (and got to sit front row at their runway shows in Hollywood which was pretty cool) but seeing how hard everyone worked in the industry for someone else’s brand, made me think - ‘why can’t I do that for myself?’ I’ve always been so driven to create, so I left my job and moved back to New Zealand to go out on my own. I launched my brand at the end of last year (2017) then headed back to California for a month where some of my garments were picked up by a boutique retailer in Los Angeles. That I guess was a highlight for me - it gave me the feeling that there are bigger things to come.

How important is local production to your business, and what is the challenge you face with this focus? Local production is everything to my brand. While I was in Los Angeles, I saw so much admirable effort go into countless start-up brands who sourced at large, but what came with that which upset me the most, was all of this ready-to-wear wastage that would eventually end up being trashed for failing to sell. There has been a huge awakening around consumerism and where our clothes are coming from, which has produced a demand for more brands to become ethically sustainable. This is something I knew I wanted to be a part of from the get-go, so I do everything from pattern making and fabric sourcing to sampling and production. Choosing to produce in a small country like New Zealand definitely has its challenges and I know this will only grow harder as my brand evolves, but it’s something I’m passionate about. My labels have been stamped with ‘Made in New Zealand’ to ensure it stays this way!


Can you describe the feelings you want a wearer to experience in your work? What do you wish your pieces to evoke? Growing up I was always fun and a little bit wacky, but at the same time - I really struggled with finding who I was and knowing myself. I started making my own outfits from about 13, and began noticing that others would comment on what I was wearing, where I bought it from - and more often than not it was something I’d made! Being confident in what I was wearing gave me confidence in myself, and to this day I still feel my most confident self in something I’ve made. Brooke Barrett was created to provide that same confidence to the wearer, whoever they may be. For the wearer to feel proud of who they are, or the person they are growing to be - and look amazing doing so! Every day I talk to customers and clients and see the fulfilment they gain from something that makes them feel good. My greatest passion is seeing happiness in others, so the most rewarding partof what I do is knowing I can help others to feel this way. Each Brooke Barrett garment is labelled with a soft pink leather label. It’s intended to work as a blank canvas within your clothing, allowing each piece to be your own. Our name is there as the creator, but blank for you to transform and own as the lover and wearer. (‘Our’ being for now, myself and my brand)

What role do you think social media plays in the fashion world today? Quite a large one actually. The

availability of ’shop now’ is everywhere we look! But I think it’s also important to be aware of where you’re shopping from, to know that others aren’t being exploited for your own personal happiness and success to looking good.

Instagram accounts everyone needs to follow?

@brookebarrettforyou because this is where you can shop our latest looks or contact us @fash_rev (fashion revolution) the inventors of the ever-growing awareness that is #whomademyclothes @shop_secondsinsvintage Sourced from the Californian Desert. 47

Shop the collection www.brookebarrett.co.nz Makeup Makeup By Annalee Photographer Bianca Brons



ET VOUS “Rundholz is designed for the invidual who does not need to conform. With Rundholz you have the best opportunity to create a truely unique outfit, which is both edgy and wearable.� Designed and made in Germany. www.etvous.co.nz | @etvousboutique




4. 5. 5.

6. 1. Valentino Uomo Acqua from Farmers 2. West Coast Fishing Tee from Rasberydays 3. RayBan Sunglasses from Sunglasses Hut 4. Overnight bag from Barkers 5. Triumph Disaster men’s shave and skin care from Plantation Design Shop 6. Beard oil from Jetcharm Barbers




Leila Wears- Strobe Cream by MAC, Touche E`clat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturiser, Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline, Sexy Mama Anti Shine Powder by The Balm, Berry Pop Blush by Clinique, Mineralize Skinfinish Powder ‘Soft & Gentle’ by MAC, Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics, Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Bobbi Brown, Ultra Volume Mascara by Revlon, Nude Pop Lipstick by Clinqiue.

Leila Wears - Strobe Cream by MAC, Beyond Perfecting Foundation by Clinique, Doublewear Concealer by Estee Lauder, ‘Veil’ Loose Powder by Hourglass, Sunkissed Bronzer by Clinique, Berry Pop Blush by Clinique, Mineralize Skin-finish Powder ‘Soft & Gentle’ by MAC, Brow Wiz Pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette by MAC, Pretty Easy Liquid Liner by Clinique, Ardell Individual Lashes, Ultra Volume Mascara by Revlon, Black Eye Pencil by Australis, Velvet Teddy Lipstick by MAC, Oh My Gloss #800 by Rimmel.


r u o y t n i a p Lets e c a f d n a s paw www.karlamorris.co.nz | @karla_morris

#WAX IT #PEEL IT #POLISH IT #RELAX IT #REPEAT IT Fun & Professional come & see Sandy, Monique, Briar & Raquel x x x St Aubyn Street | www.aspirebeautytherapy.co.nz | @AspireSkinBeauty


MOVE BETTER FEEL BETTER BE BETTER Tips & tricks to get you through winter


DON’T SKIP THE WARM-UP - warm up to increase the blood flow to muscles, improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury KEEP MOVING - 30 minutes a day is still the recommended dose of exercise in winter

BREATHE IN THROUGH THE NOSE - the nose is AMAZING! It filters and warms the air making it easier to breathe and help with fighting infection DRINK UP - hydration before, during and after exercise is just as important in winter DRESS FOR SUCCESS - layer up, keep the body warm as exercising in the cold puts stress on your body - New Plymouth Physiotherapy

Treat theMove cause of pain. Not Better. Feel Better. just the symptoms! Be Better.

Treat The Tips & Tricks kout All the Action Club Nea Cause Of Pain, To at GetaYou • Acute injuries and chronic pain

• Breathing assessment and retraining • Woman’s health

Not Just The Symptoms!

Through • Acupuncture Winter!

• • • • • • •

DON’T SKIP THE WARM UP: warm up to increase the blood flow to muscles, improve mobility and reduce • of Noinjury! referral required the risk

Acute injuries and chronic pain Breathing assessment and retraining Womens health Acupuncture Work place and biomechanics assessments No referral required ACC accredited

FIND US IN FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: New Plymouth, Rampage Gym (Central & North), Oakura & Opunake.

• Workplace & biomechanic assessments

KEEP • MOVING: 30 minutes a day is still the ACC accredited recommended dose of exercise in winter! BREATH IN THROUGH THE NOSE: the nose is AMAZING! It filters and warms the air making it easier to breath and help with fighting infection! DRINK UP: hydration before, during and after exercise is just as important in winter! DRESS FOR SUCCESS: layer up, keep the body warm as exercising in the cold puts stress on your body!

FIND US IN FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: Plymouth | Rampage Gym (Central & North) | Oakura | Opunake 144New Powderham Street, New Plymouth

06 757 8800 Street, New npphysio.co.nz 144 Powderham Plymouth | 06 757 8800 |



I changed my life, for me and my family. I needed to clear my head, be more present with my son and get healthy. So one night in April, on my couch, a lot of tears were shed (ugly cry style) as I let go of some pretty heavy crap and forgave myself. It wasn’t easy, and I didn’t do it without help. A friend of mine from my past, Alex, a personal trainer and wellness guru was chatting with me on messenger and asked me what now seems like simple questions. If I was to really do this and shed the weight, what would success look like to me, both mentally and physically? It’s a big question and one I urge you to think about – whether or not weight is your issue. I answered quickly “the me I wanted to be” and the baby I wanted to have, was all very very clear in my mind. It was clear that I blamed myself for where I was at with my body and our infertility issues. “Justine, you need to let it go. Stop holding yourself to ransom” he said, and commit to understanding yourself better and why you make the choices you make.

I have had a lot of questions come my way since I started My Balance Project. Some from people I know, but many through Instagram & Facebook that I don’t. When you lose 30kgs in less than a year, people want to know the secret. They want the prescription, the remedy or a quick fix that will help them achieve the same results. It’s totally fair enough, I get it. I remember asking those same questions once upon a time. I was overweight, unmotivated and felt like a spectator in my life. It’s not a nice feeling, by the way. I was SO BUSY in my life (superwoman complex anyone?) that I totally and utterly stopped looking after myself, it really is as simple as that. It might sound cliché, but girl, I let myself go. Hashtag, relatable. I would have loved for someone to give me the answer. Alas, I had to find it for myself. Cue some rock bottom months that resulted in a light-bulb moment. A moment where all at once it was clear.


This set the foundation for everything for me. I began to question everything. I became focused. I became mindful. I changed my relationship with food and myself. I stopped treating my body like a garbage disposal and started being kind to myself. That part was not always easy, it takes practice but I knew almost immediately that something very powerful was happening to me. I created my blog, My Balance Project, to document and share my story. I was not prepared for the reaction and support I received, and the sheer number of women reaching out to me for help. Women who were stuck in a rut like I had been, women who were overweight, underweight and everything in between. We are not alone, YOU are not alone. So many of us face the same challenges even though on the surface we may not look the same. Many of us are running around doing too much, saying yes to everything and trying to have it all. Somewhere in there, we stop making sure that we are healthy and balanced. You see balance is not something you find amongst being overwhelmed, it’s not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – you have to CREATE it. This for me has been the biggest epiphany of all.

FUEL YOUR MOOD I don’t have all the answers, clearly, but here’s what I know for sure. You need to be kinder to yourself. Give yourself a break, get into the habit of saying nice things about yourself instead of always defaulting to the negative. Kindness is key. Eat food that serves you and fuels your body. I LOVE FOOD and I am not missing out. I eat delicious food and I don’t miss the way I ate before. Get over the idea that you are going to be missing out or living a lesser life by eating different foods, food does not define you. You will fall in love with my smoothie recipes! Love your body! That is all. The pursuit of perfection will only lead to disappointment. Be present with yourself and your loved ones, you deserve it and so do they. This may mean you need to make different choices and take on less, but it’s okay to say no. Over the past year, it’s safe to say that my life has changed dramatically. People focus on the physical and it’s true, I look totally different to how I did a year ago, but what has happened mentally is bigger. I no longer carry guilt about food or shame for my body. I love myself. Most importantly, I no longer spectate, I participate. I run with my 7-year-old son, he’s my reason. Find yours.

So where to from here? • •

• •

Make a list of three things or habits to change in the next 2 weeks. Keep those three things in the front of your mind, be mindful of the choices you make. If not having cake is on your list and you make an intentional decision to have cake, that’s okay, but I want you to think about how having that cake made you feel. Did it actually make you feel better? And then you have to let go of that decision and not beat yourself up. This part is very important! Write down what you want to achieve and what success would look like. I don’t mean some big lofty goal that doesn’t seem achievable, don’t scare yourself before you’ve started. Use the internet for inspiration, look for recipes, find people like me that might inspire you and give you motivation and ideas. For recipes, use hashtags like #wholefoods and #cleaneatingrecipe. There is an ocean of inspiration and ideas out there, use it. Be prepared, go to the supermarket and get some good food for your pantry. BE KIND TO YOURSELF.



Give your body what it needs with this sweet & delicious smoothie filled with green good stuff. A great intro to Green Smoothies. 1 cup almond or coconut milk 1 x banana 1 x pear 5 x green grapes 1 x golden kiwifruit

1 cup kale & spinach blend 1 tsp chia seeds 1 tsp LSA mix 1 cup ice


This bowl is delicious & filling plus it is the perfect chocolate fix! 1/4 cup almond milk 2 x frozen bananas 2 TBS cacao powder ½ avocado (when in season)

2 dates, soaked in boiling water to soften 1 TBS chia seeds 1 tsp maca powder

Blend until smooth & thick. May need to stir and reblend if a little chunky. Bowls are all about the toppings. Add a combo of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds & coconut. I love mine with peanut butter & bliss balls chopped on top as well. 59

BE THE REAL F**KING THING Caution: there will be expletives to follow. By Zara Thame Owner of The Wellness Project and Yoga Teacher

I have just finished watching Tony Robbins – I Am Not Your Guru. If you haven’t watched it yet- best add it to your Netflix ‘must watch’ list. It points out that expletives are the only way to stop your stream of consciousness and bring you into reality. From someone that doesn’t speak with profanities, this makes complete and utter sense to me- they shock me to attention. To say I am not a sceptic of anything related to ‘self-help’ and ‘mass motivation’ would be a complete lie. So why did this bullsh** resonate with me? Tony Robbins is real, he is not proclaiming to be anything but that which he truly is. And all he asks of his participants is the same. It seems simple but the reality of our current world is we are so caught up with everything that is unreal we have forgotten how to feel, how to honestly and wholeheartedly be in our lives and deal with what is real. Society has dictated the trends which we all subscribe to. Our validation and sense of self-worth has become defined by our associations through social media and our popularity by the number of likes we get on Instagram (I have to admit I don’t even know who rad_life08 is but they sure like me a lot, so my life must be going OK). Our friendships are easy to ‘maintain’ with quick snap chats but when was the last time we actually hosted a dinner party? We are slowly losing touch with what is real, what is here now all around us. Without real human connections, we feel our worth diminish. Our lives slowly losing meaning because we are in a virtual reality instead of a tangible reality. We are disconnected from ourselves and connected to who we think we need to be. Tony Robbins asks the audience “Who here is really fu**ed up?” So many hands lift and wave around. And he rebuts “right, so it’s not you guys, you just want attention”. So he dives deeper “who is suicidal” a few people stand. What unfolds next is quite remarkable. A young woman retells a story of childhood abuse that for most of us is unfathomable. Robbins has a gift, somehow relating every story, every

person’s aching situation to the wider audience. “We are all fu**ed up.” The weirdest thing is we all want the same stuff, love and happiness, and we are all swimming around in a sea of pain thinking we are the only ones broken. So we cover it up, we pretend we are fine, we smooth over what is real to create a guise. That guise is picture perfect and Instagram ready on the outside yet crying out for fulfilment on the inside. Why? Because we thought we were the only one. We thought our pain was insurmountable, our depression so deep that no-one could help, our heart so broken it was no longer worthy of love. Tony renounces “Bullshit”. We have to show up and be real, stop pretending all is OK and open the doors of honesty. We aren’t perfect and for as many times as you see perfect on the outside there is a struggle on the inside. No-one is living a life free of pain, this being human business is bloody hard. We are all a bit broken and some of us a lot broken. Shake me up on any given day and there will be a whole lot of rattling. But we have to be raw and real and stop pretending. Be who you are, not who you think you need to be. The biggest mistake of any lifetime is to live a life that was never yours to live. A life that goes against the grain of your fibres. We were born into this time and place for a precise reason and you are here to tell this story. Without the good, the bad, the ugly your story wouldn’t be yours, it would be someone else’s. When we find the strength to be real we re-affirm the ‘human-ness’ in humanity. We have all done bad stuff; we have all had bad stuff done to us. So be fu**ing real about it. Stop pretending to be ‘that person’ and start being your person. Your person has a story to be created, a tale no-one has ever heard before and an authentic voice through which it can be told. Don’t trade that for a life that has been lived by someone else. Real is the new generic, so brave the f**k up and be yourself. The self that is unabridged, unashamed and unable to be quietened.



You blooms is a brand new online concept florist recently launched by floral designer and New Plymouth local Nadine MacRae. You blooms is designed for those who want great value and super-clean designs, without compromise. You blooms delivers, and then some.


You blooms keeps things simple. They create and reveal one new blooms bouquet each day in their signature wrap. Also offering the Bloom design box - a new floral design concept and video tutorial each week, for a hands-on floral experience. They’ve created a floral revolution designer blooms delivered for less.


There’s no store - just stylish fresh blooms delivered fast. You blooms creates new floral designs each day from the You blooms studio in New Plymouth and delivers six days a week across Taranaki, and to Whanganui and Palmerston North cities.



You blooms creates unique design concepts every week and delivers fresh for you to arrange each Friday. Boxes include premium loose flowers and foliage, with a weekly video tutorial showing you how You blooms styled it, with the added freedom to get a little handsy.

DAILY BLOOMS BOUQUET You blooms creates a clean and modern designer arrangement each day in their signature kinfolk style. Created with a nod to interior design, and presented to impress friends and family as a stylish gift, or just treat yourself - you deserve it.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER Order now for same day delivery or pre-order anytime.


Mood readers get $10 off your first blooms order with code MOOD10. Offer expires 30/11/2018. See website for terms and conditions.

LOCAL creatives TO WATCH...


Welcome to The Hailz Life! Today I managed to get my s**t together to look like I have my s**t together for a photo. There is no manual for this thing called parenthood so I invite you to come and follow me on my journey as I create a life that works for my family and lifestyle - Learning all things to do with motherhood, returning to work with a job that I absolutely love and train to compete in the 'Fit Mum' category for the 2018 New Zealand Fitness Model Search! Every step of my journey will take careful planning - my mind looks kind of like a complicated maths equation but I'm learning to make it work! My main motivation is to inspire other mum's to continue to do you. I don't want women to give up after having a baby thinking that you can't continue to do the things that you love - It just takes time, preparation and patience. Lots of patience. All too often we feel guilty for putting ourselves first but in reality by giving ourselves a bit of TLC our whole family benefits. Dedicated to a lifestyle that allows me to maintain a healthy balance including my family, friends, fitness and career, I am capturing my journey through Vlogs to show the world that you can do anything you want - you just have to want to do it! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by searching The Hailz Life Hayley x


‘Luca is worried that he won’t be ready for school when he turns 5, however he soon realises how capable he really is!’ ‘I am Capable’ is a story focusing on the transition to school, it is thoughtfully written with detailed, yet soft illustrations and speech that children will identify with. It is a wonderful tool/resource for young children in the lead up to their transition journey, as well as a great reminder for parents and family members of what is truly important during this time... and guess what, it’s not making sure our young ones know their letters, numbers and colours! Three pages of Author/Educator notes discussing just how important the early years are, the way the brain works and tips and advice for the transition to school process are included and can be found at the back of the book. The way children view themselves as learners and individuals is crucial to their learning and development.

www. picklesandpeaches.co.nz


BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME The specialists in creating ‘Affordable Luxury’. Where we pay attention to the smallest detail, in the most cost-efficient manner. Contact us for your individualised design, to suit your budget, lifestyle and taste.

P | 0508 562 284 E | office@locationhomes.co.nz W | locationhomes.co.nz Head Office | 2 Corbett Road, Bell Block, New Plymouth Postal | PO Box 8202, New Plymouth 4342

AFFORDABLE LUXURY HOMES Started by husband and wife duo, Campbell and Hannah Mattson, Location Homes was a way to bring people together to create something so much more than a structure to live in.

“Good architecture doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it’s about the influence of design,” Campbell Mattson says. “It’s about how it looks from the outside but also, how it feels on the inside.” For the couple Location Homes started as a Taranaki franchise in 2008, they then went on to buy the main company and existing franchises in 2011. Over the last seven years Campbell along with this team have grown the business to be leaders in affordable luxury homes. Now you’ll see Location Homes everywhere from Taranaki to the Far North. With the expertise of a full-service team made up of project managers, sales and marketing, quantity surveyors, designers and drafters, as well as on site crews of 25 to 30, they deliver efficient homes that are stylish, tasteful and elegant. He says thanks to their inhouse designers, and the ability to work with architects here and around the country, they can create affordable designs that go beyond standard plans. It’s building homes that withstand the test of time and grow in value in the residential market over time, he says. “You want the quality of materials to last and the feel of the design to still be strong in 10 years’ time.” Campbell says the Taranaki company is seeing a growing trend for simple, clean, minimalist interiors matched by classic and timeless architecture. “People are looking for well-designed and proportioned gables. The size of the gable, pitch, cladding and aluminium joinery need to be balanced. It can be a subtle difference, but it makes a difference.” “We are also concerned about the health of a home, the ventilation, heating, insulation as well as passive house design principles, how the home heats and cools with natural wind flows and sunlight.” Passive houses focus on designs that minimize heat loss creating sustainable, healthy and energy-efficient buildings. Business Development Manager Jody Calvert says they are building a growing number of houses outside New Plymouth as people move north towards Bell Block, but also down the southern coastline to Oakura and Okato. “Our designers are here, we know Taranaki. We know where the wind comes from, and we know the region receives a fair amount of the country’s rainfall. These things are crucial when designing outdoor spaces and orienting houses.” She says living in and being part of the Taranaki community is an important part of the Location Homes culture.


Over the last six years, the company has put a spotlight on local athletes, sponsoring triathlete Clark Ellice and more recently Paige Hareb who is looking to get to the Olympics in 2020. “Paige is an amazing athlete, and she shares our brand values - she’s honest, approachable has integrity and strong family values.” - Contact Location Homes for a consultation




Residing in her little bungalow in New Plymouth. Michelle Matangi shares her styling tips

What is your favourite room/area in the house and why? Definitely our living room, we renovated it from two small bedrooms into a living room. It’s so sunny and warm and filled with all my favourite things, I just love the vibe I feel when I’m in there, it’s where I spend my downtime and I feel like the room gives me a big hug everytime I enter it! Top 3 places you like to shop for your home? I’m an avid thrift shopper, I have found some seriously amazing finds, also I absolutely love The Virtue and Bianca Lorenne. What do you think is the best money you have ever spent on the house? Definitely the living room, when we renovated it felt like such a huge job but without a doubt, it was the best bang for our buck, it completely transformed the space and added a huge amount of value to the house and to the way we live in our home. Next to that I’d say grasscloth wallpaper in our dining room, it added so much warmth and texture to what was an otherwise pretty flat boring space, it’s so transformative. 68

What does a typical day in the life of Michelle look like? Because I work from home I like to get out for a walk on our foreshore with my pups, or I do BodyBalance and Meditation, I always try to take the time for self-care in the mornings and I always make my bed, I formed that habit a couple of years ago, a small task that makes me feel like I have my life together. Being self-employed for the last 10 years I have discovered that I’m not much of a “routine” kind of person, but I do find that I’m much more productive in the afternoons/evenings. I generally spend my morning doing emails, social media and any book work that needs doing and then after lunch I get stuck into sewing and once I start I’m on a roll. I love to cook nourishing meals most nights, but some nights it’s just takeaways and Netflix!

Where do you find inspiration to style your home? I always find inspiration from old movies, I also love the way boutique hotels are decorated, that’s the sort of vibe I’m most drawn to! But it’s costly to invest in good pieces which is why I’m doing it slowly! If it’s got some glamour, black and white and a touch of mid-century then I’m all about it!

How would you describe the style of your home? I would say my style has definitely evolved over the years. I’m naturally drawn to quite a mix, I’m quite traditional but with a little edge, mid century, glam and I do love colour but always pared back just a little and no more than three colours to keep it cohesive. If you think you like a bold colour, go for the more muted version of it because once it’s on the wall it packs a punch!

What inspires you to regularly change up your interior? I get bored easily so I have a tendency to change up the paint colours in my house as I get re-inspired. If I’m feeling stuck in an interior decorating rut I love looking back at old books and the way that traditional homes have been decorated for centuries, it’s super inspiring. Trends come and go so I try not to get caught up in the game of that, I prefer the longevity of traditional pieces, they add such richness to an interior. What is your favourite piece of furniture/or art? Easily my mustard club chairs! I recused them from the Hospice for $5 each, they were covered in awful red leather and I spend a weekend reupholstering them with mustard velvet, while it was a lot of work I love that I have chairs that no one else does, it’s a rewarding feeling. My favourite pieces of artwork are called “The Waiting” from the Virtue that hangs above the mustard chairs, it reminds me to stop and be present in life.

@michellematangi @thepinkroomnz 69


“ Creating homes for your family from ours

Home of new build prefab homes and concrete foundations.


In September 2016 husband and wife Adam and Cerise Smith and their good friend Brad Still took the next step in furthering their careers and formed Urban Prefab. Urban Prefab specialises in RibRaft concrete foundations, prefabricated homes, general concrete work and new builds. Brad and Adam share a passion and drive for quality, precision, and craftsmanship, as well as placing a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction. Both the lads completed their building apprenticeships within the Taranaki region and have since gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, each having done over 10 years with their tool belts on. Adam, Brad, and Cerise believe the key to a successful business is the team you have around you. ‘Team Urban’ is a force to be reckoned with. Qualified and lead builder Cam has a true eye for detail and has also been working as a builder for more than a decade. Apprentice builders Mark and Seth are passionate, determined, and excited to be a part of this busy and challenging industry. In 2017 Urban Prefab found the need to expand, and it made perfect sense to team up with some like-minded family friends, Scott and Danielle Rathgen to form Urban Earthworks. Scotty jumped straight at the opportunity to spend his days operating some fancy new machinery. Growing up with diggers and bulldozers, he had hoped to one day own his own earthmoving fleet and put his qualification and passion as a diesel mechanic to good use. Together, Urban Prefab and Urban Earthworks create a one-stop shop for all foundation work, therefore keeping things simple, efficient and costeffective for the client. “It’s a privilege being able to turn peoples dreams into a reality and this is certainly not taken lightly.” @urbanprefab | 0212460410 . @urbanearthworksnz | 022 167 7988

ABOUT RIBRAFT FLOORS For those who are not familiar with this type of foundation, they have quickly become New Zealand’s most popular flooring system for residential and light commercial buildings. These floors sit on the ground rather than in it, therefore having great seismic strength. They are designed for your individual building site/house, they have great insulation values and a quicker turn around time! Not to mention they are costeffective, energy efficient and your site remains tidy - with minimal excavation needed. You are invited to jump on board their journey and follow the progress. The Urban lads are highly experienced in laying these foundations.

BUILDING YOUR FIRST HOUSE TRY A URBAN PREFAB! Just like traditional homes you have different options for the layout, the finishings, the paint, the style of windows and the kitchen you’d like. The main difference is that instead of being conducted on site, it’s built in a factory and then delivered to your site. The prefab movement is growing as we see more and more factory-built homes popping up year on year. There is good reason too... NO DELAYS - Built in a factory means we can build all year round with no delays. QUALITY CONTROL - Because prefab homes are built indoors the materials used are not affected by weather conditions. Improved lighting and dry conditions also ensure that workers have complete control of the quality of their work. NO UNEXPECTED COSTS - because we build indoors damage to your materials are at an all-time low which means less unexpected bills which are not a good thing if you’re building on a budget If you would like more information about starting your prefab home journey contact the team at Urban Prefab today.

Urban Prefab







Home & Living

1. Giselle Tassel Throw from Kmart 2. Antique Bronze Pendant from Lighting Direct 3. Vionnet Deco Bar Cart from Plantation Design Store 4. Moso Bamboo Diffuser from Et Vous 5. Mugshot Cushion from The Virtue 6. Boyd Armchair Vic Velvet from Freedom Furniture



Needing a night out with the lads?



Pizza and craft beer with the boys at Ms White. Best Craft Bar winner 2017 as voted by Soba. Featuring over 40 different NZ and international craft beers - handpicked by us. Serving up 100% true to tradition, hand-rolled Italian pizza with authentic ingredients.

@ms_white_new_plymouth_ | www.mswhite.co.nz


Burger, beer and watching the game on the big screen. Frederics is a New Plymouth institution popular for after work drinks or catch up with friends and family. Good honest food for relaxed, casual dining.

@frederics34 | www.frederics.co.nz

Pool tables, darts and jukebox for some chilled competition. Eightball specialises in staff functions and team building. They cater for large groups of up to 80 people and have 6 pool tables, 4 dart boards, lounge area, big screen and jukebox. This is not your normal pool hall with a unique, fresh environment and chilled atmosphere.

Open Thursday-Sat 7p-2am | info@eightball.co.nz @EightBallPoolDarts | 027 6246999


Cut, dress, groom, style, shave. Before an afternoon or evening out, drop by and get an express service with the lads. Book on your mobile by downloading the QJunkie app via the app store.

@jetcharm_barbershop | 06 75 88840

Dark Romance Styling | Elizabeth Jean Wedding Planner & Stylist Hair | LOLA Hair Makeup | Annalee Muggeridge Photographer | Ryan Polei Clothing | Brooke Barrett & Et Vous Flowers | Petal Pusher Location | State Hotel Videographer | Andrea Bozzi Model | Samantha Mogford Nails | Karla Morris



WEDDING PACKAGE Because there is nothing better then having the place all to yourselves. Situated in the heart of New Plymouth city is the boutique State Hotel. For the first time the State Hotel is available to be exclusively reserved in its entirety, for you and your wedding guests. It is a boutique hotel, expertly designed and small enough to offer a level of privacy to make your day even more special. What is included in your stay: • A discounted package of up to 25% when all 15 rooms are booked for two nights • The guest lounge all to yourselves (perfect for photos) • Free wifi and guest laundry • Free car parks (limited numbers) • SKY 50+ channels on flat screen LCD TV’s in every room • Complimentary pass to Snap Fitness for all guests • Some of New Plymouth’s top restaurants and eateries on your doorstep Email: stay@thestatehotel.co.nz www.thestatehotel.co.nz @statehotel Ideally, bookings must be made at least 6 months in advance to help ensure exclusivity, subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.




“Rose was an absolute dream to work with and made our ceremony unique to us as a couple.�

Rose has endless energy and enthusiasm for people. She adopts a non-traditional approach to weddings, specialising in delivering entertaining ceremonies that weave the love story, the wonderful characteristics and the anecdotes of her couples throughout. She performs ceremonies with personality, wit and promises an unforgettable experience to couples and their families! Her knowledge of Deaf and Maori Cultures makes her versatile to a wide range of couples. Her passion for societies and cultures also sees her completing elopement journeys with overseas couples. She loves sharing in their cultures and languages, as well as the honour of marrying them as part of their Aotearoa/ New Zealand adventure.

www.rhcelebrant.co.nz @rhcelebrant

Photo: Julia Moore-Pilbrow Photography

Petal Pusher is a specialist wedding and event florist and botanical stylist. Having worked on about 70 weddings in Taranaki and the wider New Zealand region you can rest assured that Pip and her team can provide a full floral service right from consultation to floral styling and execution on the day. A recent move into a new shop front based in Oakura has seen Petal Pusher expand into custom floral orders delivered daily and a selected range of curated giftware and carefully chosen indoor plants from the best growers available. From candles, ceramics, leather goods, planters, wooden brush ware and lush houseplants Petal Pusher makes an ideal stop for gifts and occasions. With a real green thumb and passion for indoor plants, Pip can suggest and source the right plant for your home or office space through her botanical styling service. Get in touch today to discuss all of your floral and botanical requirements.

info@petalpusher.co.nz | www.petalpusher.co.nz | 0800 142 580

HOW TO PLAN YOUR ENGAGEMENT PARTY Megan Hutchinson @shesaidyes

Planning an engagement party may be the first big celebration you’ve ever organised so I can understand if you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, but your engagement party can really be as simple and easy as you like. After organising your engagement party, you’ll probably also find that planning your wedding is easier too. Why Plan an Engagement Party?

You’ll be excited to plan the future, but planning your engagement party is a great way to celebrate and savour the present. Once you start planning your wedding, you won’t want to stop, so bask in this moment and make the most of it. Your engagement party is a practice run where you’re the hosts, the decision-makers, the centre of attention, and hopefully the life of the party. Throwing an engagement party is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your exciting news with your friends and family, give families an opportunity to meet each other, and a fabulous way to practice party planning for the main event.

When to have it?

Traditionally the engagement party is held 1-3 months following the proposal. If it’s going to be a long engagement, it may be held later, but ideally you want to host the party while you’re still newly celebrating the engagement, rather than being closer to the wedding.

Who should you invite?

Perhaps the trickiest question is whether all of the engagement party invitees are also those who will be invited to the 86

wedding. If it’s a small and intimate gathering, it wouldn’t make much sense that you’d invite those you weren’t going to have at the wedding. If you’d prefer a larger, informal and open get together with everyone you know, it’s not necessary to restrict the guest list to your wedding ‘definites’ yet. As it is usually only 1-3 months into the engagement, it may be far too early for many couples to finalise their guest list. Keep in mind that some guests may assume an invitation to this will mean one for the other, so you could use this as an opportunity to say that you’re having a smaller guest list for the wedding, for example “As we’re having a smaller wedding, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate with everyone we love”

Where to host the party?

There are countless suitable venues – as many as for a wedding: a café, bar or restaurants, bowling club or RSA at your or your parents’ homes, or at any venue which hosts weddings. We had ours at a restaurant at which we organised a set menu with 3-5 options for each of starter and main, followed by a cake that we provided. Your style will influence your choice, as well as the number of guests, but don’t be afraid to be creative.

Who pays for what?

Unless you’re planning to provide all the catering and alcohol, keep in mind your guests’ budgets, if you don’t want your friends missing out due to budget. If you’ve chosen a bar, perhaps provide champagne for toasting and platters. We provided unlimited champagne and a cake for dessert, and our guests paid for their meals.

How to invite your guests?

It’s not necessary to have expensive invitations made – you can treat it like you would another party by sending emails, Facebook messages or texts. Be clear about the details and give around a month’s notice if possible. Otherwise you could print invitations through an online program; through most large stationery stores with photoprinting devices or ask your wedding stationery designer to make something simple in the same style as your wedding invites.

Other Engagement Party tips •

Consider having your engagement shoot done in the afternoon before the party. It spreads the excitement of the day out longer, and you can justify having your hair and make-up done for the event! If you have any idea of your wedding theme, style or colours, use them now: colours in the menus, a signature cocktail, flowers, candles, decor etc. We had a general idea of what we wanted our flower arrangements to be, so we showed our florist the wedding-invite and the menu design who then created something to complement them. As this is the first event leading to the wedding, and good practice, take the opportunity to organise it properly! Make it count, have fun, show your guests a good time, and be sure to let your hair down! Ask for help (from the best man, bridesmaids, parents, etc!) and assign jobs in advance (a small speech, perhaps; a friend to take photos; another to make a cake or do your hair or make up?). Your attendants and close friends will love to get involved. Be a responsible host and ensure there is always adequate food available, especially if you know your guests will drink a lot. If guests aren’t having a full meal at your engagement party, be clear about this on the invitation. Don’t start knocking back Champagne until you’ve had a chance to thank everyone for coming and introduce your guests to each other, especially if you plan to make a little speech. You don’t want your party to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.


A wedding planner book and 12-month diary, the little white book has been helping brides-to-be plan their weddings for almost two years, created by Megan Hutchison of She Said Yes. Perfectly sized to slip into your handbag, it comprises all wedding planning logistics such as budget and guest lists worksheets, vendor pages, checklists and a prompted journal – the perfect wedding planning keepsake.


The ideal sequel to the little white book, I still do is a wedding anniversary journal and marriage keepsake. It’s the perfect ‘paper’ anniversary gift for your first wedding anniversary, but ideal to start after any number of years. I still do comprises 20 pages per year of thoughtful journal prompts and questions, to enable you to reflect on lives and relationship, while setting goals for the future.


Afternoon Unwind

Making time to spend with your tribe should not be hard work, and neither should organising it. Let us take

away all of the hassle and do the work for you - all you have to do is show up. We will create the ultimate afternoon experience for you and your girls in beautiful Bella, our 5m bell tent, and do everything from setup and styling, to organising the catering and putting bubbles on ice. When you arrive, everything will be ready, looking amazing, and ready to go. Let’s set a date!

Hello Audrey x x x

AIMEE KELLY PHOTOGRAPHY Hi, I’m Aimee! Photographer, tea drinker and storyteller. To me, an image isn’t something you simply look at, it’s something you feel. My job as a Wedding and Newborn Photographer is to do just that. To take you back to that moment, to that particular feeling. Follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram. @aimeekellyphotography

PUBLIC CATERING From corporate catering to a casual get together with family & friends The Public Catering Company has got it covered! Our online ordering system makes it easy for you to fuel your office or take the stress out of family functions. Large or small event we can help design a menu to suit. You can either choose from our finger food menu, or we can design a menu to suit. All of our food is handcrafted & made from scratch from our purpose built kitchen & bakery in the Heart of The White Hart. www.publiccatering.co.nz @publiccatering.co.nz

PLANTATION DESIGN STORE Offering locally and internationally sourced homewares and furniture with a focus on timeless elegance. Find an eclectic mix of interior pieces that will inspire you to surround yourself with beautiful things, and turn your living space into a reflection of what you love. www.plantationdesignstore.co.nz @plantationdesignstore

THE CAKE DIARY Enjoy a selection of lovingly crafted cakes to indulge in bought to you by The Cake Diary. Packed with flavour & topped with edible herbs & flowers to make your ‘Afternoon unwind’ extra special. Choose from the main menu or healthier raw cake option and savour all the delightful flavours inspired by the floral garden. www.thecakediary.co.nz @thecakediary

To make a booking contact us at www.helloaudrey.co.nz | @helloaudreycaravan


Your Squad Greer Garner @lively_and_co www.livelyandco.com

Choosing who to have in your bridal party can be a tough task for some brides to be, while others will find it easy. It can often be tricky to choose between the longtime friend you’ve had since kindergarten versus the people you’ve become friends with in more recent years and see on a regular basis. There are a few things to consider before making the choice.

How many Bridesmaids should you have

Being a bridesmaid comes with responsibilities and duties so it is important to also consider the following factors before making your final decision: •

How many Bridesmaids should you have

Deciding on the number of bridesmaids is a good place to start. Every bridesmaid you have comes with more costs on the day, hair, make-up, dress, flowers etc. So that is something to consider especially if you want to keep your budget down. There is a tradition that there needs to be the same number of groomsmen and bridesmaids, but this isn’t always necessary. Yes, it can create balance in photos but if you have a set three best friends and the groom has two best friends, he shouldn’t have to add an extra person just to make up the numbers. It is ultimately all about who you want standing beside you on your wedding day.

Write a Bridesmaid preliminary list

Start with writing a list of all the potential people who you could have as your bridesmaid. Include any family, school friends, newer friends and see if there are any natural groupings. For example, you might choose your sisters and have one friend that feels like an obvious choice. Don’t feel like you have to pick your bridesmaids as soon as you get engaged and start the wedding planning process. It is also common to not even have a maid of honor these days as well. If it isn’t a straightforward decision for you, take your time and sit on it for a while, a lot can happen in a year so you want to make sure your one hundred percent on your choice before popping the bridesmaid proposals. 90

Who will make you happiest on the day? One of the most important factors, who is going to be there for you on the days leading up to the wedding and to calm your nerves on the day. Who do you want to get ready with and keep you company the night before. What are your expectations of your bridesmaids in helping with the wedding planning? If you are planning a big wedding and want a lot of input from your bridesmaid to make decisions, consider how much time they will have for this. It can sound a bit harsh but the person who lives on the other side of the world with three kids might not be as easy to communicate with or have the time to devote to helping you as someone else might. But they might also be great at being there for you on the day, so you need to weigh this up.

Don’t feel obliged because someone had you as their bridesmaid that you need to return the favour.


Can they afford it? Think about what kind of wedding you want to have and how many expenses the bridesmaid will need to pay for. Would you expect them to pay for their own dress? Or shoes? And would the friend be happy to and be able to cover this cost. Looking back at your wedding photos in sixty years time will you be happy with your choice? Whoever you choose has the potential to be in photos on your wall for many years to come. You want to look back at your wedding photos, have great memories and be happy with who you had standing next to you. Who do you trust or have a similar style too? Undoubtedly you should trust any of your friends/family but you want to trust your bridesmaids opinion and if you have a similar taste that’s a bonus as well. She will potentially be there when you pick your wedding dress so you need someone who is going to be honest if the dress looks flattering, whilst also respecting what you want.

Will they organise an awesome hens party for you? Who is going to pull together a memorable hens party while also respecting any boundaries you set for it. Remember that hens parties can often be a fair amount of cost for the bridesmaids, so factor in what you would be expecting and if they can afford it when choosing who will be your bridesmaid as well. Are they happy to speak in public? Speeches are a common part of weddings so make sure there is at least one bridesmaid who you know could stand up and tell some stories. They don’t have to be the best speaker but have enough confidence to stand up in front of the crowd and say a few words. Have they supported your relationship? Ultimately the decision is yours, but the friend who has supported your relationship and knows your fiancé well is often a good choice. They will have some great memories and stories to tell in speeches of you both as a couple, rather than just about your friendship.

The decision on who you have as your bridesmaid is one hundred percent up to you. Don’t feel obliged because someone had you as their bridesmaid that you need to return the favour, or feel pressure from anyone else on who you should pick. Your good friends are going to respect your choice and if they don’t I wouldn’t worry about it. Wedding planning can be stressful so make sure you surround yourself with friends who you know you can go to if you’re having a meltdown, that will help you make wedding favours and give you a fun day out for your hens. Your bridesmaids should feel genuinely supportive and proud to have been asked to be part of your special day.

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