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CATCH YOU ON THE BEACH SIDE Here it is, the fourth issue of MOOD and of course, just like the last, we all agree this is our favourite yet. Releasing MOOD every six months gives us time to scour the region to bring some new, different and untold stories to print. Quality over quantity 100%. This issue we have embodied a #summermood. You will find features on local Taranaki musicians, WOMAD and other annual events, a chat with successful entrepreneur Sara Quilter from Tailor Skincare, and a look at Life After School. Plus inspiring home and business sections to get you pumped for 2020. If this cover photo and inside graphic doesn’t make you want to head down to the beach right now, grabbing an ice cream on the way, then we don’t know what will. Have a safe and happy summer xx

Annalee, Greer & Laura



NATALIE WAUGH Photographer

RYAN POLEI Photographer




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'Society you crazy breed' was shot by photographer Erik Rosenberg. Learn more about Erik on page 100.




'A trip to the dairy" by artist and graphic designer Morgan Paige. Find out more about Morgan on page 100.







Roll up, roll up! The Mechanical Circus is coming to town! See marvellous mechanisms spring to life, test your strongman skills, and fight your way out of the lion's jaw!

It’s not without a

at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands

SUNDAY 15 DECEMBER Christmas at the Bowl SATURDAY 1 1 JANUARY A Summer’s Day Disco with KC and the Sunshine Band Earth Wind and Fire Experience feat. Al Mckay Boney M feat. Maizie Williams The Australian Bee Gees Show

SATURDAY 1 FEBRUARY Six60 with Dave Dobbyn, Mitch James and Paige

FRIDAY 21 FEBRUARY Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals F RIDAY 13 – SUNDAY 15 MARCH WOMAD |

Photo: Aurora Digital

WOMAD WOMAD 2020 is here and it’s ready to shake things up. Explore the world inside yourself and authentically connect with others with the newest festival additions. Words by Brittany Baker

“That’s the whole idea. We want to push the envelope to prick the consciousness,” says WOMAD Event Director Emere Wano. The World of Music, Arts and Dance celebrates its 16th anniversary of bringing three sensational days of embracing culture and identity, self-expression, and authentic kindness to the city.

Emere Wano The line-up for 2020 is packed with everything from reggae to pop, to jazz and Afrobeat, bringing a buffet of international stars ready to unpack and dismantle all you’ve come to understand of musical genres. But WOMAD is more than music. It is an experience with something new on the table each year.

Photo: Frederico Pagola

“Womad is about the ‘wow factor’; that whole sense of discovery,” Wano says.


WOMAD is an assault on all five of your senses. You can experience the unexpected, unveil your whole self, and connect unabashedly.


“People expect to come to the festival to discover and experience something they weren’t expecting.” Festival goers can explore more of the world and all it has to offer with two new



TARANAKI IN TUNE Words by Brittany Baker

Taranaki inspires creativity, maybe there’s music in the air. Whatever the case, there is something to be said about the musical talent bubbling away. Hear from some of our very own artists at varying stages of their journey. Find out what inspires them, how they were exposed to music, and what they are currently working toward. These six profiles of singer/songwriters, band members, duos and trios each have their own story. But one thing is certain: they are all out there chasing their dreams. And who knows? Maybe they will inspire you to do the same. 14


He played the piano for a while until he realised the type of music he listened to didn’t have it and ventured into the bass guitar. “I enjoyed the challenge to do something that was beyond me, which helped me get better.”

He’s performed at hot events such as Rhythm & Vines, toured with legends Christina Aguilera and Camila Cabello, and opened for major artists including SIX60 and Ed Sheeran. But Drax Project bass guitarist Sam Thomson’s climb to the top has only begun. - @sammytisme

Thomson then moved to Wellington to attend the New Zealand School of Music - where he met the other members of and formed, Drax Project.

The New Zealand band attracted international attention following the release of Woke Up Late, which quickly climbed to the top of the charts.

Drax Project has just released their self titled album curated in both New Zealand and the United States - and are working on another.

It earned the four-man band a record deal in the United States, where they have been based since 2019 to work on new music.

Thomson says each member of the band is responsible for lyrics with everyone working their hardest to produce the best work.

“It’s pretty crazy. We’re lucky to live in an age where technology makes it possible to get what you do out to the world.”

“Musically, we all go through different interests, but at the same time we really want to write the best music that we can.”

Thomson was raised in New Plymouth in a household full of musical instruments with piano teacher mum and former musician dad.

Drax Project returns to Taranaki to play at Oakura’s Butlers Reef January 3rd followed by a string of shows across the country, including Havelock North, Nelson and Coromandel.

“They would play heaps of different kinds of music all the time. I think having instruments in a household opens the door to that for kids.”

“We were just a group of friends who enjoyed playing music and decided we wanted to play music together. Making the decision to do it despite the fact we weren’t initially making a living from it was hard, and at times you question if it’s going to work out. But we’ve been very fortunate to have been given the opportunities we have.”

“I hope we can continue to do this for a long time. Eventually, I hope it inspires other people to do music.”


Photos by Nick Paulsen


Matt Benton is the youngest member of his band, bringing a loose and somewhat mischievous and energetic vibe to reggae icons The Black Seeds. - @mattgbenton “The lads would probably say I have an overly positive outlook at all times.” The 34-year-old saxophonist hails from Taranaki - half Greek Cypriot on his mum’s side, half “‘Naki farming stock” on his dad’s. He spent his younger years surfing, skiing, skating, and playing his baritone saxophone. Benton now travels the world with his eight-piece band playing on stages and in festivals across the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Netherland and, of course, Aotearoa. “We played at WOMAD recently and for me, it is always very special to play at the Bowl of Brooklands.” Benton attributes his musical interests to his parent’s eclectic taste, who exposed him to many different genres from a very early age. “Whilst my mum was in labour with me she apparently listened to Alison Moyet’s All Cried Out on repeat all day.” While attending primary school, Benton played piano though he admits he never really loved it. “Sorry mum,” he laughs.

But during a Highlands Intermediate event introducing school kids to different types of instruments, Benton learned what his life calling would be. “I will never forget that exact moment of hearing the saxophone for the first time and the insatiable desire to learn to play one.” Years later while attending The New Zealand School of Music in Wellington, Benton met the members of The Black Seeds, who were looking for some baritone saxophone in an album they were working on. “It was kind of a trial by fire type scenario. I must have done okay as we have been hanging out ever since.” Benton is immensely proud of his and his band’s achievements - “going against the grain of societal norms,” making their passions a successful career. “There is a real camaraderie between us all, and the vibe on tour is epic. It’s kind of like having a bunch of older brothers around who are always looking out for me.” While the band readies for an upcoming performance at Butler’s Reef on the January 4th, Benton says he’s personally working on some musical collaborations, as well as a children’s book. “It has been a work in progress for a while now but we are getting closer, so watch this space.”



For Brian Norton, music is a way to be uplifted and emotionally disconnect at times. And his latest single ‘Thank You’ just might transport you as well. - @finrahzel

“It’s only just clicked [...] that small daily increments are a lot easier to smash out rather than three one-hour sessions randomly during the week.”

Norton, who performs under the name Fin Rah Zel, released single Thank You in November as "an expression of gratitude."

Norton is currently working on more singles, a collaborative album with local talent Taipella Tide (Chris Bühler), and an album with career-lyricist Pamela PhillipsOland, who has written hits from notable stars such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Frank Sinatra.

“It’s about stripping things back and just taking a breath in the moment to appreciate the small things.” The Taranaki singer-songwriter describes his music as a reflection of his inner self in the moment. He dipped his feet in the music scene in 2012 after suffering a severe injury to his ankle. Norton says his good friend and flatmate introduced him to the guitar, which he found as a viable way to see himself through tough times. “I always, always loved how music was able to uplift me from a certain situation. That is my ‘why’ when I create music these days. If people feel that way when they listen to my music, then that is success to me.” Throughout the years, Norton has learned the importance of creating new habits to ensure he can continue to grow as a musician. 18

And his biggest success as a musician is the “awesome people” he’s met along the way - across Aotearoa, Australia, and the United States.

“I met Pamela while in midtown Manhattan. I was living in the projects at the time, just below Harlem. She asked me to sing to her in the Hilton Hotel lobby. I was sh***ing myself, not literally but pretty close. She ended up digging my songs so we’ve been in touch ever since.” When he’s not creating music in his relaxed Inglewood home or in search of inspiration during a sunset at Back Beach, Norton spends his time chasing the waves with his “two awesome dogs” and girlfriend, while mentoring apprentices to become certified electricians and coaching others to develop the mindset and confidence to create a debt-free cash flow asset. “Also I sometimes draw faces on my tea bags, dip them into tea and do voice-overs. I get a few laughs on Instagram with those.”

PEPPI & LUKE As independent musicians, they’ve each toured the world and topped the charts. Now Luke van Hoof and Peppi Polviander have found a nice groove in New Plymouth, creating music together. - @peppisworld & @luke_adrian_official It might sound like a fairytale - meeting your significant other while performing on stages across the globe and then settling in paradise, have a child and collaborate your talents. But the pair had to travel a tough road to get to where they are today. “It wasn't until we had a really hard couple of years, with having our first child while both of Luke's parents passed away from cancer, that we started really playing together and using music as an outlet to heal and have fun,” Polviander explains. With effortlessly matched styles, Polviander’s “unconventional voice” and van Hoof’s songwriting skills, the Taranaki pair are poised to release their first album together and planning to book shows for 2020. The couple met in London while van Hoof was signed with a major label and Polviander performing with bands. “That is where I met Peppi and the future of my life and career would begin,” van Hoof says.

The couple have since settled in New Plymouth and had son Lumi, now 15 months old. They each appreciate the calmness of this city where they can find the space to get creative with their music and work towards the upcoming album.

“I invited her to come see our first show in London, which she did and afterwards Peppi became completely intoxicated by me,” the couple laugh.

“I think you can write music anywhere in the world, but how you feel and where you live directly impacts your productivity and your general approach to life,” Polviander says.

“We started dating and only months later I asked her to marry me.”

“It has been quite good for me personally.”

Van Hoof, who goes by Luke Adrian, is most notably known for his time with alternative rock band Rival State and new wave duo Kids of 88, while Finland-born Polviander gained popularity abroad. Each of them have experienced reaching number one on the music charts.

Polviander says they are loving the time they have to collaborate musically while deepening their connection with one another. “When we play we are not just a husband and wife. It is quite liberating to be able to be your creative self around your partner without any judgement.”



She’s been selected twice to attend Los Angeles’ renowned A Cappella Academy, won first place in the 2018 Lion Foundation Songwriting Competition, performed on the Hollywood Bowl in the US, and has just released an EP racking up thousands of streams. It’s clear Laura Griffiths’ also known as ‘laura.’ who's musical journey is only going up. - @laurajanemusic About Time is a collection of six songs revealing the inner emotional workings of 18-year-old Griffiths. Since its release in late-September, the EP has gained more than 10,000 plays on Spotify. “It has been a goal for a long time and I’m so glad it’s finally out for people to enjoy. I aim for a raw and fun organic sound and always try to be fresh, honest and vulnerable, using lyrics with the intention of taking my listeners on a journey of emotional nostalgia and foot-tapping fondness.” England-born Griffiths grew up in a household full of music. She was exposed early on to the sounds of George Michael, Sting, and Stevie Wonder until later discovering her own taste for artists such as Joni Mitchell and John Mayer. 20

She became enveloped in music throughout her teenage years, taking out the top spot in Smokefreerockquest’s solo-duo category two years in a row. But for Griffiths, creating music isn’t about winning competitions. It’s about being in tune with her truest self. “Because music is an authentic, individualised, innovative form of therapy, I thrive on the cathartic release provided when creating original music. Writing songs is my way of keeping track of thoughts and feelings.” Her talent for songwriting may be attributed to mum Helen, an avid supporter of the artform and face behind Pop Up Poetry Taranaki. Griffiths explains that songwriting takes more than stringing together words, but finding inspiration, passion and fascination with the world around you and then learning how to share and express this. “Creating music is bearing your whole, uncensored self and darkest secrets in song. I have never met anybody more in touch with their emotions than a songwriter.” While Griffiths finds the relaxing comfort of her own home as the best place to find inspiration for her musical creations, she says the close-knit community of the region aids in her self-motivation and confidence. “Taranaki in particular is a wonderful creative incubator for young talent because of the supportive nature of everyone involved in the arts.” While there are no more releases in the near future from Griffiths, you can expect to hear more from the singer/ songwriter through her involvement with a new musical trio called ‘Perfect Strangers’.

PERFECT STRANGERS Laura Griffiths met singers Nigel Ludlow and Nganeko Eriwata 20 minutes before their first performance. Now, Perfect Strangers ready to take the stage as an all-female musical trio. It was at the Singer Songwriters New Plymouth event in April when the trio took the stage to sing Stevie Nicks’ Landslide. But the group’s natural connection and harmony inspired the musicians to stick together. Two months after meeting, Ludlow travelled to the UK to perform in the country’s largest music events, Glastonbury Festival. Three months later, laura. released her EP. And this month, Eriwata announces her upcoming release of two new Te Reo Māori songs. It’s no secret each of them stay busy. But despite their individual achievements, Griffiths says they make time to call and video chat in order to collaborate.

“Singing with Perfect Strangers is a very special and magical experience. Because of the limited time we get to spend together, what we do get, we always treasure.” If it weren’t for the support of friends and family, Eriwata says Perfect Strangers may as well be “just one random trio”. “But thankfully we are more than that today, we are sisters.” Three women from different backgrounds coming together to express this in music means, for Ludlow, there are no boundaries. “We have found friendship in the most unlikely place. It’s also beautiful to see women in music coming together to encourage each other.” Ludlow says they would love to tour the country some day. But until then, locals can get a taste of the trio’s musical flavour at their upcoming Festival of Lights show. “It will be a special reunion for us since our last show. When we’re all in one place, there will always be music.” Check out Perfect Strangers at TSB Festival of Lights this summer.


Entertainment – Hotaka Whakangahau

TSB Festival of Lights is stoked to be bringing hot Kiwi and international acts to Pukekura Park this summer, for free! Here are just a few of the not-to-be-missed artists.

Tunes of I Wellington Friday 27 December, 8.30pm – 10pm These Wellington dub rockers are fast developing into one of the nation’s most exciting roots acts, and are renowned for their original, tight and refreshing live performances. Their sound is the epitome of a hot summer’s day, relaxing with your mates.

Fleetmac Wood Los Angeles

Racing Auckland

Saturday 28 December, 8.30pm – 10.30pm Jetting in from Los Angeles, this rad DJ collective will give you all the goods of Fleetwood Mac. Far from a tribute act, DJs Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing will be playing exclusive remixes and edits of all your fav tracks. They’ve rocked the stage from Berlin to Burning man, so come ready to boogie.

Tuesday 31 December, 10.45pm – 11.55pm Dance your way into 2020 with the groovy, “weird tropical dance” sounds of Racing. Formed from The Checks, Racing will have you on your feet with their rad sounds and stage presence. They know how to work a crowd, having toured with Oasis, REM, The Killers and Muse.

Bailey Wiley Ha-wera

Rei Auckland

Friday 3 January, 9.05pm – 10pm This girl has serious soul and attitude. Born in Ha-wera, Bailey’s musical prowess has taken her around the world performing alongside the likes of SZA, Syd (founding member of The Internet) and Ladi6. She has a sound that pulls together ‘60s/’70s soul and funk, syncopated ‘90s grooves, and early 2000s RnB. In short: you don’t want to miss her smooth voice and dope tracks.

Saturday 11 January, 8.45pm – 10pm Rei is a seriously cool, multi-award-winning, bilingual artist. In April, he released his first-ever fully Ma-ori language EP Rangatira, which has earned a buzz online and in the media. With multiple Waiata Ma-ori Music Awards, and nominations for Best Ma-ori Artist and Best Soul/RnB Artist in the 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, he’s a name to watch.

Rosier Montreal Saturday 18 January, 8.30pm – 10pm Parlez-vous français? Hailing from Montreal, Rosier is a quintet who perform in French. Come along to hear their indie, jazzy, folk music that’s been performed around Canada, USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Africa. Their sound is the perfect laid-back contemporary vibe for a Saturday evening at Pukekura Park.

Full entertainment schedule is at and at @tsbfestivaloflights on Facebook and Instagram

Celebrating 50 years

Street Party | Sat 29 Feb | 3–9 pm Join us on Queen Street to celebrate the Gallery’s 50th year with art, music and refreshments for all ages.

Kicking off 50 more

Ethan, Shawn and Liam Mataku with Tom Kreisler’s Old/New 1983. Govett-Brewster Collection

RUTH BUCHANAN: THE SCENE IN WHICH I FIND MYSELF / OR, WHERE DOES MY BODY BELONG 7 DEC 2019 – 22 MAR 2020 An exhibition featuring close to 300 works from the Govett-Brewster Collection is the most artworks shown at one time at the Gallery since it opened in 1970. The summer exhibition is the first event to mark the 50th year of New Zealand’s contemporary art museum in New Plymouth. It’s also a critical interrogation of the Govett-Brewster Collection, showing artworks from 190 artists.

Fiona Clark Sharon at Mojos Nightclub Auckland, 1975 1975. Courtesy the artist. Govett-Brewster Collection

The exhibition titled 'The scene in which I find myself / Or, where does my body belong' is developed by New Plymouth-born artist Ruth Buchanan (b.1980), of Te Atiawa, Taranaki and Pākehā descent, living in Berlin. Last year Buchanan won New Zealand’s most prestigious contemporary art award, the biennial Walters Prize, for a mixed media installation. During Buchanan’s 2016 Govett-Brewster artist residency she undertook in-depth research into the Gallery’s collection with a focus on policy. Four years later on and she seeks to further uncover the mechanisms of collecting, challenging the role and success of the art museum.

Gretchen Albrecht’s Magenta/Yellow 1982. GovettBrewster Collection

Jim Allen’s New Zealand Environment No. 5 1969. Govett-Brewster Collection

Len Lye A Flip and Two Twisters (Trilogy) 1977, 2016. Govett-Brewster Collection

Established by New Plymouth woman Monica Brewster (nee Govett), the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery was founded on a visionary exhibition and collection policy in 1970. Today Buchanan is asking why the Gallery has collected what it has in the last 50 years, and what should it collect and hold for the next 50 years. The exhibition (Sat 7 Dec – 22 Mar 2020) presents artworks by many of New Zealand’s leading artists from the last five decades, including Jim Allen, Flora Scales, Ralph Hotere, Tom Kreisler, Colin McCahon, Gretchen Albrecht, Christine Hellyar, Fiona Clark, Stanley Palmer, Darcy Lange, Len Lye, Maree Horner, Mary Louise Browne, Peter Robinson, Michael Stevenson, Giovanni Intra, Saskia Leek, Brendon Wilkinson, Francis Upritchard, Ngahina Hohaia and Lisa Reihana. Spanning the entire museum, each of the galleries is dedicated to 10 years. For each of the five decades of collecting, Buchanan has developed categories including Female, Body Work, Māori, 20th century, Deceased, Pairs, Hands, and In or Around the Pacific. Through the galleries, the complex imbalances in the Govett-Brewster Collection come into close contact with one another: race, gender, and culture through to the shifts in medium preferences and content. Into 2020 celebrate the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery’s 50th anniversary with a party on Queen St, on Leap Year’s Saturday 29 February, 3-9pm. Join in with art, music and refreshments for all ages.


Taranaki is full of spectacular things to see and do – you’ve just got to know where to find them. It’s no secret that Taranaki is brimming with hidden gems across arts and culture, adventure, food and produce, as Lonely Planet stated when they judged us one of the world’s top regional destinations in 2017. Whether it’s unknown swimming spots, the best fish and chips in town, or the very best coffee - we’ve all got our own collection of local secrets that make living here so great. We caught up with the team at Venture Taranaki to give us some of their favourite summertime activities for inspiration. Here’s what they said:


You know summer is on its way in Taranaki when Paris Plage reappears down at East End Beach. It’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends for coffee or beers, or even one of their famous wood-fired pizzas. It’s also kidfriendly, with some toys to entertain the little ones, or those young at heart, and a favourite of my dog’s, Pippa. - Jane Moffitt, Business Advisor


This night-time wonderland in the beautiful botanic setting of Pukekura Park has a fantastic mix of day and night-time activities for children and families. I can’t wait to take my twins along this year to experience the magic. – Justine Gilliland, CEO


Hike to one of Taranaki’s most iconic photo destinations, the Pouakai Tarns (alpine mirror lakes) and catch the amazing reflection of Mount Taranaki’s picture-perfect peak. This is a must-do for those visiting our region and it’s hard to believe it’s sitting right on our doorstep. If you haven’t already done this 4-6-hour round trip, it needs to be at the top of your list this summer! - Zara Ryan, Senior Business Advisor 26


I recently discovered this award-winning, privately-owned museum and encourage anyone and everyone to head along and experience it themselves. The museum boasts 1000s of scale replica models that depict Taranaki’s history between 1820-40. The keystone of the museum is without a doubt the Whalers and Traders experience, where you board a boat in what can only be described as Taranaki’s very own Pirates of the Caribbean ride. - Brylee Flutey, Marketing and Communications


For me, nothing beats a bike ride on the foreshore down to the Seaside Markets—held on the first and third Sunday of every month during summer. Amazing food trucks with flavours and delicacies from around the world, entertainment, local crafts, clothing, jewellery, homeware and so much more! – Megan Lepper, Digital Communication Advisor

Photo: Rob Tucker

This feature is bought to you by Venture Taranaki

Photo: @thestylejungle

Back Beach Lagoon by Eugenia Llentilin

YOUR LOCAL SECRETS In the summer of ‘18, Venture Taranaki asked you to share your favourite Taranaki summer spots and best kept secrets with them as part of their ‘My Local Secrets’ campaign. Here are a few of our favourite snaps sent in by you, that show just what summer is all about in Taranaki. For more info on these summer ideas and inspiration, check out

Iona Dairy by Caroline Gunn

Wilkies Pools by Laura Warren


Venture Taranaki have created a suite of Taranaki-themed GIFs for you to give your summer snaps some personality on Instagram and Facebook Stories! The suite of Stickers launched at the start of December, and with a uniquely Taranaki flavour, they’ll be the perfect addition to your summer like no other.

This summer, your mission is to find and share our local secrets: the big and the small, the fun and the frivolous, the unique and the unbelievable. Impress your visitors, friends or family with everything that our wonderful region has to offer, and convert them into advocates, ambassadors and all going to plan, future Taranaki residents! Use the Taranaki Stickers this summer in your social media posts (sharing your fave spots) and be sure to tag the official Taranaki Like No Other Facebook or Instagram pages. Follow the Taranaki accounts for some more summer inspiration, things to do, and chances to win great prizes.


@taranaki_nz 29

Shoestring Traveller TOP 3 PLANNING & BUDGETING TIPS

Abbey Christensen is a 23 year-old Taranakian trying to tick as many countries off her bucket list as possible – all on a shoestring travel budget!

Saving and budgeting doesn’t have to be a chore. It should be looked at as an investment into pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and seeing what the world has to offer. So set your budget, grow your savings, work your ass off and book those flights! It’s time to live your best (budget travel) life. It’s no secret that putting away savings can be as hard as hell. Sacrificing nights out, weekend getaways and even eating out on the daily can take some serious self-control, but guys trust me. If I got this, then you got this. Being something of a budget travel connoisseur, and currently on the adventure of a lifetime for three months through Europe, I think I can safely say that some of my saving and planning tactics have paid off. So if you’re sitting at home wondering why on earth it seems that everyone is living their best life in Greece while you can barely afford a $10 bottle of wine down at the super, then strap yourself in because I’m here to save the day with my top three saving and planning tips! 30

1. PRIORITISE When I first started budget travelling and learning how to save on little income, the first question I asked myself was: “What are you willing to sacrifice?” For me, that was nights out spending money I didn’t have on alcohol I didn’t necessarily need. It was saying “no” to the sixth coffee in two days, and to that take-out when I knew there was food waiting for me at home. I finally understood what my mum meant after all these years. Prioritising your time, money and goals is so important in planning travel. It took a while to understand that by saying “no” to the little things and, on occasion, to the bigger events, I would soon be able to say “yes” to anything while travelling! Prioritising doesn’t mean you need to cancel your social life in all its entirety. It may just mean giving yourself one gig to look forward to a month and staying in, or choosing free activities, whenever possible. It may also mean picking up extra hours just to hit your savings targets. I know that six-day weeks and 12hour days aren’t fun, but you’ve got this. Just know that the payoff is worth it. I’m on the other side of this prioritising period, when I did have to say “no” to more than a few beers down at the local Spoons and now I’m saying “yes” to late-night ocean dips and sunset ciders!

2. SET AN ATTAINABLE & REALISTIC BUDGET SCHEME I’m going to start by saying this: if I, a girl who lived in London and built her way back up from zero savings, can save enough money to travel for three months, then so can you. It all comes down to planning out your pay, making sure you’re hitting those hours, being patient, and sticking to a budget “schedule”. From the moment I knew I was going to be long-term travelling, I budgeted out a realistic savings and budget allowance. This allowance was calculated by planning out an estimate route of travel - how many days and which countries - and comparing prices for average accommodation and transport cost expectations for the trip. From this, I was then able to plan out a “budget schedule” to structure my savings. For instance, my “budget schedule” for a fortnight would consist of four main elements: rent, travel savings, groceries, and treats - very important, choose your treats wisely! After averaging my discretionary income, I was able to plan accordingly as to how much I could realistically save. I started off small further out, e.g. £150 per fortnight, and found myself becoming comfortable enough to double the amount closer to the departure date. Put a lock on this savings account if you need to prevent any withdrawal. Another savings hack I found really helpful was to set up a separate “pot” in my account that any residual money from my spending account could go into. Your spend is rounded up to the nearest dollar and any cents left over go straight in! That extra money, which you never notice is being saved, could pay for an extra night’s accommodation or maybe that *cough* “missed flight” home. Budgeting in the short term not your thing? Try this long-term savings hack: The 52 week challenge. It helps put away money for the aspiring traveller, e.g. week 1 = £1 saved, week 40 = £40 saved. This adds up to about £2,700 for the year and makes little to no difference to your weekly pay package. This money could fund your return flights and accommodation.


3. PRE-BOOK YOUR MAJOR TRAVEL NEEDS Some people might not believe it, but I’ve heard rumours some travellers still don’t book their flights, accommodation or any other necessities until the day of travel. This is what my nightmares look like. You wouldn’t catch budget travellers dead doing this! Pre-booking travel today is effortless with the amount of content and information available online. A major booking/planning tip is to make travel alerts your best friend. Turn on your notifications for all the best flight and accommodation deals so you can get in quick where needed. Utilise apps such as Skyscanner, Omio, Hostelworld and to evaluate and compare your best transport and accommodation options. Majority of the time slow travel is cheaper than flying, so implement trains, buses and carpooling where you can. Or, if you really do have a love air-fare (see what I did there) with flying, Skyscanner offers cheap flights on Tuesdays - the cheapest day of the week to fly. Also, remember to turn on your incognito mode and download a VPN so that travel wholesalers cannot see your search activity. Price influx occurs frequently on these sites and that’s where it can really sting your wallet. For my trip, I typically booked two to three months out for accommodation and any flights. I try to slow travel, e.g. catching trains, buses, carpooling, as it saves me around £60-£70. I also don’t book “in-between details,” such as transfers and city-tocity transport, until a few days prior as these prices rarely fluctuate. Booking in advance as a budget traveller has given me a greater insight into how much I could lose from my spending money.

Read more tips from Abbey's Travelling on a Shoestring Budget blogs by downloading the Travltalk app. Now available for download via the app store. Follow Abbey on Instagram @abbbeyc 32




Two brand new studio apartments that can be booked individually or together as a group booking.

Located a two-minute walk from the gates of the world renowned Bowl of Brooklands. Perfect for when attending summer concerts, Festival Of Lights, WOMAD or just to roam around Brooklands and Pukekura Park. The Heart Of Brooklands accommodation is suitable for short stays while visiting New Plymouth for a relaxed getaway or for attending the many events that the city hosts. New Plymouth City is a short five-minute drive away or a tranquil 20-minute walk through the park to the heart of the CBD. The Heart Of Brooklands provide two private and discreet studios securely positioned to maximise your privacy. The studios have a modern kitchenette, a comfortable queen bed for a great night’s sleep and a modern well equipped ensuite. Whether it is for work or pleasure The Heart Of Brooklands is New Plymouth’s private accommodation hosting at its very best.

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Taranaki TARANAKI ON A PLATE on a plate Words By Venture Taranaki

Taranaki's successes have historically stemmed from fertile soil, temperate climate and lush green pastures that produced natural, high-quality products. The current crop of food producers are increasingly looking to the global market and finding inspiration and opportunity. Taranaki's food story is evolving, moving up the value chain, looking to new markets, collaborating, distributing, connecting with customers, and introducing clever and creative new food experiences.

Taranaki's food sector contributes more than $1.2 billion annually to the regions GDP, sustains over 9,444 jobs, and comprises more than half of Taranaki's manufacturing base. These figures only tell part of the story though there's a much deeper connection between food and Taranaki's regional identity, history and culture. At the heart of both the region and the sector is Mount Taranaki. The mythical central trademark has given the region its identity as well as its temperate climate, plentiful rain, and fertile volcanic soils - all contributors to the favourable growing conditions that have facilitated our foundation food industries. Major food production firms, as well as iconic brands have established their strategic production facilities in Taranaki, and an increasing number of small, agile, innovative companies have chosen the region from which to carve their mark in this sector, adding coffee, honey, craft alcohol, fresh produce and baked goods to the regional menu.



Roebuck Farm is not only producing quality food for local restaurants and retail, they are also modelling sustainability in our food systems by supplying locally and being transparent about their production. Hundreds of people visit the farm every year to learn their innovative practices focussing on small-scale appropriate technology and soil health, having far wider implications for our relationship with food. | @roebuckfarm


WHEN THE MĀNUKA FLOWS What began as a single beehive purchase off TradeMe has grown to the buzzing business of Egmont Honey. James Annabell jumped into the honey industry while in Hong Kong before moving back to New Zealand. Soon after he and father Toby launched their honey business, making an international name for themselves.

Egmont Honey offers a variety of honey each containing many benefits. From table honey such as clover or multifloral, to the potent Mānuka specifically aimed at boosting health and wellbeing.

Now with 4,000 hives and a 40-person staff, Egmont Honey exports its top quality products to 20 countries around the world.

Their Mānuka honey is UMF (unique Mānuka factor) certified, which means buyers can be confident in knowing the product is authentic Mānuka honey.

During the summer when the Mānuka flows, Egmont Honey places its hives on some of the most remote hill country in Taranaki, requiring helicopters to move the hives in and out of the flowering Mānuka stands.

UMF certification is given only to those who meet strict standards for honey purity and quality. All of Egmont Honey’s Mānuka is tested by a government-approved independent laboratory for UMF levels, James explains.

At the end of the season, the pure, pristine Mānuka honey is harvested and the hives are placed on dairy farming land around Mt Taranaki to be tended to, and closely monitored by, the beekeeping team.

James says Egmont Honey has close relationships with beekeepers all around New Zealand in order to source other honey varieties, such as clover and wildflower, which are also packed in the business’ Bell Block factory. | 66 Devon St West, New Plymouth | @Egmonthoney | @egmont_honey

“Across all products, Egmont Honey has an unwavering focus on quality, meaning we stand behind every batch of honey that leaves the factory doors.” While the business prides itself on quality product, they also care to pass on the goodness with a percentage of sales going to increasing bee population efforts. “It’s the least we can do.” The Taranaki business is also well-known for their tasty Lemon ‘n Honey blend and raw honey, which is a perfect substitute for more refined forms of sugar for cooking and baking. As well as selling honey at factory prices, James says the Egmont Honey store at 66 Devon St West stocks a wide range of other health and wellness products with a focus on sustainability. To find out more, visit the website at or call into 66 Devon St West to meet the friendly staff.

It is the perfect place to pick up gifts for even the hardest to buy for.


The Juno Mistletoe

GIN in the summertime. There are few pairings better. And here in Taranaki, we’re blessed to have one of New Zealand’s premium artisan gin distillers, in Juno Gin, right on our doorstep —converting pure mountain water and local botanicals into deliciousness in the still. Here are some of Juno Gin’s favourite cocktails to see you through another stunning (hopefully!) Taranaki summer.



By Courtney Ertel.

By Jess Old. Presented by Itch Wine Bar.

A fruity Taranaki cocktail perfect for both the poolside and the work party.

Typically made with whiskey, this is a fresh take on the Old Fashioned with a little sweetness on the side.



60ml Juno Extra Fine Gin

60ml Juno Gin Extra Fine

30ml pomegranate juice

1 brown sugar cube

30ml lime juice

2-3 dashes of orange bitters

60ml soda Water

Orange and caramelised orange toffee for garnish

1 tsp of honey 3x fresh strawberries 2x fresh mint sprigs



Soak sugar cube in bitters (on top of napkin) until absorbed.

Add ice to a tall glass, pour Juno gin, lime juice, pomegranate juice and soda water in glass.

Then muddle sugar and gin in a mixing glass.

Stir for twenty seconds until well incorporated.

Strain into glass. Top with orange peel twist and candied orange toffee.

Top mixing glass with ice. Stir.

Pluck 6 to 8 mint leaves and stir through cocktail. Cut 2 strawberries into quarters and stir through cocktail. Melt your honey and drizzle over the top of the glass. Garnish with mint sprig and strawberry. 40

Taste and see where the magic happens! This summer, Juno Gin’s distillery is open for tours and tastings. Visit for dates and tickets.

Aotearoa’s goddess of gin.

Taste the divine. Pure Taranaki mountain water. Botanicals—fresh, local, hand-selected. Freeing mother nature to become spirit through artistry in the copper still.

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What are you in the MOOD for? Choose a table in the White Hart Courtyard, browse all the menus and enjoy the range of options 47 Queen Street, New Plymouth



A curated selection of 50-plus wines from New Zealand and around the world, available to try by the glass at Itch Wine Bar.


Wine can be purchased by the bottle to enjoy at Itch Wine Bar or in our tropical shared courtyard. You can also shop our online wine, choose to pick up from us or we can have it delivered to your door. Our online store has a selection handpicked by us, ensuring you get to try some of the most exciting wines from New Zealand and around the world. Prices start from $16.95


If you have a special occasion, Itch Wine Bar can order you in a case (or more) of wine especially for it. The knowledgable team can help source the perfect wine your event.

Ground Floor of the White Hart Building, 2/47 Queen Street, New Plymouth

MOROCCAN SPICED CAULIFLOWER SALAD Recipe by Justine Shera @mybalanceproject 1 head of cauliflower 2 tsp olive oil 1 + ½ tsp ground coriander 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp paprika Ÿ tsp ground cinnamon Zest of 1 lemon 5 tbsp dried fruits (I used dried cranberries + apricots) 4 tbsp nuts (I used chopped almonds + pine nuts) Pomegranate seeds, coriander and mint to serve Cut cauliflower roughly into florets and place into blender. Pulse until the cauliflower takes on a couscous like appearance. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and add the couscous, allow to cook for 5 to 7 minutes stirring frequently. Transfer the couscous to a large bowl and set aside to cool. Once cooled, add the spices, lemon zest, dried fruits and nuts. Add finely chopped herbs. Stir well and season. Top with pomegranate seeds, fresh mint and drizzle of tahini & lemon dressing. Tahini & Lemon Dressing 2 tbsp hulled tahini 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp water 1 tsp maple syrup (add more if desired)


QUICK & EASY RAW SALAD Recipe by Justine Shera @mybalanceproject 1 cup chopped broccoli 1 cup chopped cauliflower 1 grated carrot 1/2 cup finely chopped curly kale 1/2 cup cranberries 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds 1/4 chopped almonds 1/4 cup pine nuts 2 cups baby spinach Combine all ingredients except spinach in a bowl. Lay a bed of spinach on a plate or bowl and add raw salad. Drizzle with tahini & lemon dressing.


Tahini & Lemon Dressing 2 tbsp hulled tahini 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp water 1 tsp maple syrup (add more if desired)

#ANTSNACKS THE LUNCH BAR ABC Catering brings you a fresh modern café for quick and easy lunch options. Coffee | Bagels | Sliders | Salads | Catering Grab ‘n’ go with our range of bio takeaway packaging or dine in to enjoy our contemporary and flexible options. Utilise the express window for takeaway coffees and pre-made salads, poke or Buddha bowls. Build your own salad bowl and add your choice of protein. The choice is yours. We cater for a variety of dietary requirements, including vegan and gluten free. Corporate and family catering available, pick-up or delivered to your home, office or venue.

41 Devon Street East New Plymouth | | @antsnacksthelunchbar


An app to connect those touched by cancer launches in Taranaki and nationally.

Everybody knows someone who’s been affected by cancer. Former Survivor NZ contestant Josh Hickford has teamed up with Cancer Society Taranaki and Beach to create an app for anyone touched by cancer. Josh Hickford, a local Taranaki boy, didn’t pay much attention to the Cancer Society down the road from his house, that is until he needed it. The 30-year-old Survivor contestant and cancer survivor has taken on a few challenges in the last two years. Being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the beginning

of 2017, Hickford’s life changed in a flash and treatment started not long after. Following chemotherapy and radiation, Josh sought to raise awareness and money for the Taranaki Centre to bring his vision to life, through Survivor NZ and completing the Taupo 70.3 half ironman. “Ripple is created from a desire to connect and empower people on their cancer journey.” It will offer a mobile 24/7 support service for patients, survivors, caregivers, family, whānau, friends, specialists and anyone impacted by cancer. Beach have come on board as Ripple’s community partner and are proud to help Ripple to continue to develop and

maintain their wellbeing app that will support communities, not only in Taranaki but New Zealand-wide. Josh’s passion and drive to make positive change for others and the Cancer Society’s commitment to support the programme fitted perfectly with Beach’s commitment to continue building meaningful relationships in the community in which they operate. Community Relations Manager Vicki Meijer said: “We listen to communities and aim to understand what the challenges are for our people so that we can dedicate our support to where it can really make a difference.”

BOGAFiT TIMETABLE BOGAFiT is a fitness regime developed by combining the best aspects of key proven core movements from yoga and boot camp type workouts. Great for balance, coordination & overall fitness... not to mention a bunch of fun! Jump into one of our timetabled classes or get your friends/colleagues/sports team together and enquire about your own private session!

Streamline Swim Academy, Rimu Street Business Park, New Plymouth | | 027 200 4790 Facebook: Boga fit | Instagram: bogafit_newplymouth


Situated at 83b Parklands Ave, it’s also discreet, tucked away down a driveway dotted with luxury houses and its part of Mihi and her husband’s home, albeit with a separate entrance to her ground-level luxury clinic. Mihi herself is the key to the business. She’s been a traditional Māori practitioner for more than a quarter of a century. “I learned the old ways, not in a classroom as such, but in the bush on the marae attending hui (meeting). Wherever the calling was, Mihi would be learning. All my teachers are dead now, so now I am a teacher. If I don’t share what I know, it will be lost and our way of doing things will be gone as its all based on traditional Māori. And it’s all based on Taranaki tikanga, which makes it even more special.

Mihi’s Place has just won the annual MWDI Māori business awards, which recognise and rewards outstanding performance and achievements in business by wāhine Māori. This year there were over ninety entries across seven regional categories and six business categories. The winning businesses show that Māori business women are changing lives for their whānau, not just themselves. And Mihi's Place won the 2019 Aotea Regional award - and what a humbling experience that has been for Mihi and her business.

Mihi not only is a traditional Māori practitioner but also a qualified contemporary practitioner, with a number of degrees in therapeutic methods. So you will literally be in good hands. “I incorporate both techniques into my business and provide both services. I provide different treatments to suit your needs and combine them as needed.’’ Mihi may be in business, but she is adamant that she is not motivated by the mighty dollar. “It’s more about helping people to get that quality of life. That’s more important to me. “That’s just one reason why she offers a wide range of options and treatments.

Mihi’s Place has the best of both worlds. Nestled in upmarket Bell Block, within earshot of the Tasman Sea, it is one of Taranaki’s best-kept secrets. It’s Mihi’s Place, and it’s many things. It’s a traditional Māori and contemporary healing service, offering a range of treatments catering to your needs. | APP Mihi’s Place | Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am – 12 noon Appointments after hours by arrangement


Alisha Barnes

Mum, business owner and local home style guru Alisha Barnes shows us through her New Plymouth home. WHAT DOES A TYPICAL DAY IN THE LIFE OF ALISHA LOOK LIKE? Up at 5.30am to get to the gym by 6.00am. After that is a quick dash to the supermarket for school lunch food, then home to wake the kids, get breakfast, make lunches, get ready and have everyone out of the house and where they need to be before I head to work. After work is another stop at the supermarket to get food for dinner (not a planner), then home to cook. This is usually followed by a sports practice drop off/pick-up for one of my kids and then back home to clean up. If I’m lucky and the house is quiet by 10.00pm, I’ll sit down and watch something on Netflix before lights out at 11.00pm. 52

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE STYLE OF YOUR HOME? I have a very eclectic taste and just fill my home with things I like. This house was driven by a tight budget, so I made choices accordingly. I wanted the outside to look like a treehouse so used cedar cladding with lots of knots in it, which will silver off over time. The inside is very simple but I have grasscloth wallpapers and fabrics in a cupboard that will be used eventually when I want a change and as the budget allows. WHAT WAS IMPORTANT TO YOU WHEN BUILDING YOUR NEW HOME? The most important thing was that I built a five-bedroom home with two living areas so my kids all got their own room and had their own lounge. The fact that my bedroom, as well as the kitchen, the main living and dining is on a separate level is an extra bonus. The house isn’t big but it never feels too small. WHAT IS THE BEST MONEY WELL SPENT ON YOUR HOME? Large doors and windows. I spent money on having as much glass across the front of my house as I could afford, as well as glass louvres for good airflow and good-sized windows in the bedrooms. I love the light and warmth we get to enjoy. Also effective heating. I hate being cold!

TOP 3 PLACES TO SHOP FOR YOUR HOME? There is usually always something in my own shop (Plantation Design Store) that I would like to own. I also love Trade Aid quilts. They are the perfect weighted spare blanket to have in the cupboard. And thirdly, artists' exhibitions.

WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT: FUNCTIONALITY OR AESTHETICISM? Definitely functionality. Aesthetics can be sorted over time, but functionality needs to be considered before everything else. Of course good design means you can have both, but a space that works well makes all the difference to how much I enjoy my home. For me, this can mean anything from a practical floor plan, to a kitchen where everything in it is where you would naturally expect it to be – especially the cutlery drawer! WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PIECE OF ART? I have to narrow that down to two. One is “The Birds” by my brother (and local artist) Jordan Barnes. It’s special because it features my son and one of our old houses, and was a gift to me from my family. The other is “Hillside Bluesmoke” by Tanya Blong. IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOUR HOME, WHAT WOULD IT BE? An extra half-a-metre in my two youngest kids bedrooms would be great, but other than that, nothing. I love my house.

@plantationdesignstore 53

Jenny and Amanda offer free in-home consultation and pricing on the spot. Jenny Rowe offers a wide range of fabrics and blinds venetians, rollers, blockouts, sun filters and shutters. Harrisons also have an exclusive fabric range to choose from. 027 314 7710 Amanda Donaldson offers more than 500 carpet samples, plus a range of hard flooring options - vinyl, vinyl planking and laminate. 027 224 9899

Locally owned and operated, women in business. Contact us today to make a free in-home appointment 0800 103 004 |










1. ‘Orbit’ Plant Trellis - Mini $42.90 from The Plant Epicurist | 2. Basil Glass Pendant Clear or Rust $229.00 from Mr Ralph | 3. Feather Rabbit Daily Diary $59.00 from Arthaus | 4. Umbrella Palm Print $399.00 from Freedom | 5. IDA Tray #2 $265.00 from Bianca Lorenne | 6. Celia Linen Cushion Cover $39.00 from Citta | 7. 8oz Re-useable Cup $40.00 from WestCoast Stoneware | 8. Suitcase Medium Black $389.00 from Saben


This dynamite duo are fast climbing up the ladder of success, and rightfully so. elite kitchens directors Sean and Fay Rice are running a notable custom joinery business and are no longer the industry’s best kept secret. What began as a garage start-up in a Merrilands home nearly two decades ago has since grown to a thirty person staffed, award-winning business housed in New Zealand’s newest purpose-built joinery centre. elite kitchens produce bespoke products to fit any home. From stunning kitchens to beautiful bathrooms to recognisable commercial work around the city, the business is about being at the forefront of change in one of the world’s oldest industries. elite kitchens’ fresh approach has recently been recognised, taking out the Innovation Excellence Award at Taranaki Chamber of Commerce TSB Business Excellence Awards in November. Directors Sean and Fay Rice tribute much of the business’ success to the company’s staff culture and talent.

As a company, elite kitchens keeps busy producing up to 15 custom-designed and manufactured kitchens per week by embracing technology, empowering staff and staying true to clients’ needs.

We're proud to be Taranaki-owned and operated. Taranaki gave us our start, our growth and many of our opportunities. Our future is here.

“Seeking out those who align to our same passions and company core values has been a huge attribution to our growth.”


Their purpose-built joinery centre opened in 2018 as part of this pursuit for design and manufacturing perfection. They’ve also invested in the world’s latest CNC router cutter - a computer-controlled cutting machine - and the AirForce System (zero glue line) edging technology culminating in the business’ benchmark for superior work. Other notable innovative technologies elite kitchens has adopted include factory automation and robot solutions, live design, and lean manufacturing principals. The director duo not only strive for greatness in the products they produce, but fully embrace their brand motto: “Dream it. Live it.”

In the past five years, elite kitchens has become a supplier in the top five-per-cent of joinery design and manufacturers in New Zealand through clever expansion and smart investment. “Our core focus was always to do things better, smarter and grow our business to take on opportunities that were there waiting,” Fay says.

“Our passion has always been to deliver not just an elite product but an elite customer experience. Everything we create is unique, no two designs are the same, as no two customers are the same.” As the Waiwhakaiho business continues to build its industry excellence, Fay says they will continue its growth right here in the region.

“Along the journey we’ve learnt a lot about the current limitations in a rapidly evolving industry - we found ourselves up against them all.” Sean adds: “Technology has been the enabler and we’ve embraced it across our business. Much of our evolution was due to research overseas and where we were found wanting, we set out to create our own solution.”

Photos: The Virtue | 06 759 8221 23 Oropuriri Road, Waiwhakaiho New Plymouth





Discover your new lifestyle with Location Homes CALL TODAY | 0508 562 284 | LOCATIONHOMES.CO.NZ


Rod Roebuck and Ben Hawke bought the business in 2016 after knowing each other and working together for over 15 years. They have a small and highly productive team, nine staff and four sales consultants which have helped them deliver over 500 homes in the Taranaki region since 2006. Their business is based around their staff, sub-trade and clients. Staff welfare and workplace happiness is the highest priority to Ben and Rod because without this, they wouldn’t have a business. They couldn’t do what they do without staff that have each other’s backs when the heat goes on, which is most of the time.

We have been NZ’s number one builder and had more New Zealanders build with us than any other builder for the last 17 years.

The bulk of their sub-trades have been with them since day one back in 2006, growing their businesses alongside G.J. They have more than over 600 people that are employed by their local suppliers and sub-trade that rely on them to build homes for the people of Taranaki, with some of those trades only working for them. G.J. Gardner Homes are the only residential builders to offer a fixed price guarantee, guaranteed build time and pay liquidated damages if they don’t hand over on time. The business has been voted the most trusted brand for four years by the Reader's Digest's independent consumer poll.

3 Egmont Road, New Plymouth | 0800 42 45 46 | Show home at 14 Waitaha Place, Bell Block, open 7 days from 1.00pm to 4.00pm


MAGIC HAPPENS BUSINESS CENTRES ARE THE NEW AGE WORK SPACE Short Term Lease Options | Professional Environment | Innovative Culture Networking Oportunities | Low Overheads


52/54 Molesworth Street |



Legal Specialist

Lending Services

Specialist employment law firm FairPlay Legal was founded in 2017 by NP-based lawyer Megan Gundesen. Megan untangles workplace tensions and conflict to create clear, constructive solutions that ensure her clients can smile again and get on with the job. | 06 757 5500

FANZ (Funds Administration New Zealand Limited) manages over $1.2 billion for more than 18,000 New Zealanders through providing private wealth services. Contact us today if your term deposits are no longer meeting your financial needs. 027 275 298




Printing & Point of Sale Specialists

Immigration & Visa Services

Offer Taranaki IT and Point of Sale business for Canon New Zealand and a selection of printing services. | @mimicnewplymouth

We provide advice as to the best way forward to achieve your immigration goals. We help you choose the right visa for your circumstances whether you are wanting to visit, study, work or become a resident in New Zealand.


Compliance Advisory Matt and Josh are the Co-Founders of Wai Comply which is a Taranaki-based company operating New Zealand-wide. Wai Comply offers technical expertise to water suppliers and water regulators to ensure safe, clean drinking water is provided to New Zealanders. | @waicomply



Electrical Training Company

Home Loans & Insurance

The electrical training company is NZ's leading provider of electrical apprenticeships and training. We provide employment by placing apprentices with electrical companies and contractors through our group apprenticeship scheme. | @TheElectricalTrainingCompany

New Zealand Home Loans is a dedicated home loan provider, committed to helping you and your family become debt free, faster. | @nzhlcompany



Forest Management and Consulting

Engineering Service

From the initial establishment, silviculture and carbon credits through to harvest and log marketing in local and international markets. We provide professional forest services to the Taranaki community.

We help engineers and construction firms design and deliver stronger, longer-lasting and more cost-effective fibre reinforced concrete slabs, pavements and structures. | @inforce.FRC


34 Egmont Street, CBD |



With the world’s leading marketing platforms at your disposal V86 can create digital marketing activities that attract new people to your business, convert them into prospects and enable your sales team to close in a human-centric way. | @vanguard86

Safe Consulting Services are here to help you determine what your legal obligations are and how you can keep your staff, contractors and visitors to your workplace safe. | @mfsltd



Your IT system should support the goals you’re striving for. We’ll get to know you and your business, partnering with you to give targeted advice, prevent tech-related growing pains, offer technical support and help you stay competitive. | @OneHQ

We take care of your insurance programme the same way you’d take care of a new-born baby, with care, compassion, patience, and understanding. And, we’re right there with you for the long haul, from placement and renewal right through to claims service and support. | @insuretaranaki

Digital Marketing Agency

IT Support


Health & Safety


SIGMA FINANCE Finance Lending

Sigma Finance will create a tailored financial solution for you whether you want vehicle finance, motorbike finance, marine finance, farm machinery, debt consolidation, or personal loan, we can help. | @sigmafinanceservicesLT



Architect and director Paul Russell has been operating in New Plymouth for 9 years and works on a wide range of residential dwellings. 027 358 8904 |

As financial personal trainers enableMe wants to get you financially fit and strong - FAST. Helping you determine what you're capable of, get you in control of your money, debt-free sooner and building wealth quicker. |


Financial Advisors



Blue Marble design outdoor environments for perambulation, spiritual succour, pleasure and recreation. |

From single-room home theatre systems to full house automation systems. Talk to us today for your smart home technology needs. | @nakiautomation

Landscape Architecture Studio

Home Automation


Local Business Protecting Local Businesses

'Expert, Tailored Insurance Solutions' | 0274 888 222 | 027 488 8222





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We are thrilled to be in our new workplace on 25 Dawson Street, closer to the heart of the city and more connected to the community. To keep pace with the changing needs of people, businesses and sectors that the firm service, we are focused on ALL THE THINGS that support an exceptional delivery and experience of specialist legal services. Change is certainly not a maramara keke (piece of cake) but the future is filled with endless opportunities. Our team are primed for an exciting 2020. We welcome you to connect, collaborate and consider Govett Quilliam for all your legal needs. | | @GovettQuilliam

OUR FAMILY WORKING FOR YOUR FAMILY | 0800 McDonald Trusted in Taranaki | 0800 McDonald | Trusted in Taranaki sincesince 1912 1912

#PERSPECTIVE Personal training sessions - $100 “too expensive” Dinner date for two - $100 “reasonable” Councillor - $130 “ridiculous” A night out drinking with friends - $130 “cheap” Online course - $1,200 “expensive” New iPhone - $1,200 “worth it” Vitamins, supplements and protein - $149 “too much” New pair of shoes - $149 “bargain” Gym membership - $25 a week “can't afford it” Going out for brunch on a Sunday morning - $25 “worth it” 60min of exercise - free “don't have the time” 60 min of Instagram - free “time flies”


It’s the question every senior gets asked as full-fledged adulthood approaches. Today there are more options than ever – tertiary education, apprenticeships, jobs or gap years, and then there are unlimited subjects to study, careers to pursue and cities to visit. It’s an ever-evolving world beyond the classroom and while some have dreams of YouTube stardom, the majority are completing applications and résumés between exams. The role of a career advisor is more important than ever. Their job is to bridge the gap between education and employment. It’s something Wayne Benton and the Transitions department at Hawera High School excels at, with most year 13 students participating in Gateways, Secondary Tertiary Assisted Resources (STAR), or some form of practical learning. These pathway programmes give students a day or more a week in the workplace to trial a trade or profession while earning Unit Standards.

“The world is changing so rapidly we can’t train students for it. We’re all life-long learners.” The expectation to go on to University isn’t as common as it used to be. Around 75% of Hawera High School students are forgoing university, and over half of Sacred Heart students are opting to enter the workforce or take a gap year over continued study. While good numbers of Sacred Heart leavers complete a range of degrees and diplomas, some favouring more traditional careers like nursing and early childhood education, things are changing. A handful of students from the all-girls school recently took part in a fencing course, and one has her eye on an electrical apprenticeship. “There’s a lot of money and risk involved in going to university. It has to be right for the student. Families feel happy that students have other options and we’re better at acknowledging that it isn’t for everyone. The school supports all pathways,” Warwick says.

“Young people are less confident going into the workplace. These are brilliantly talented students with lots of potential. It’s about getting the two to merge and showing them it’s not a scary place,” Wayne says.

For Hawera High School, a career in trades and services is much more common, particularly for male school leavers. The 2018 census revealed almost 90 per cent of workers in the home-building industry are men. However, more young women are picking up the tools and businesses are embracing diversity in the workforce.

Not only do students get a chance to figure out if it’s a career they want to pursue, it’s a chance to experience a full day’s work and develop soft skills like communication, social intelligence and work ethic.

Wayne and his team work hard to build and maintain relationships with South Taranaki businesses, many of which go on to employ students full-time. It’s an ideal outcome for students, businesses and the local economy.

“The mentality that all learning must be done in a classroom is changing,” Warwick Foy, Leader of Learning Pathways at Sacred Heart Girls’ College says.

“Five or six years ago there was a push for kids to go to uni. There was influence from parents and teachers, and academia was seen as the ultimate for school and education,” Wayne says.


40% of students who go to university don’t complete a degree and end up with debt. There are people who have done a degree and never used it. We’re much more accepting of students going into a trade and earning really good money with no debt.

For the academics set on further study, the Transitions program includes courses in agriculture, horticulture and tourism. They’re industries students may not have considered but that are significant to the Taranaki economy and continually in need of workers. One student resolute on medical school, has decided to pursue agribusiness after taking level 3 papers in 2019.

In 2017 Wayne wrote Real World Ready, a book of strategies and guidelines for school leavers. It’s been a hit with students and teachers around the country, covering career pathways, job applications, interview prep, money management and even healthy living. Next year, for the first time, it will be a part of the syllabus at Hawera High School. Sacred Heart will also introduce a new tool next year, a digital platform that will allow students to monitor their progress over their schooling life. The student-driven Careers Central will record interests and achievements and deliver personalised career planning. Warwick Foy returned to teaching earlier this year after five years as General Manager of Taranaki Futures. He’s also the President of the Careers and Transition Education Association of New Zealand. “I missed teaching. The thing I like doing the most and the thing I’m best at is helping young people get jobs.”



School CONSTABLE WITH THE NEW ZEALAND POLICE What did your 5-year-old self want to be? As a young fella I worked as a stable hand for a horse trainer, I wanted to be a driver which is the harness racing version of a Jockey.

SALESPERSON AT WESTERN FIRST NATIONAL REAL ESTATE What did your 5-year-old self want to be? A hairdresser. Did you work or study straight after school? In my teen years, I wanted to be a chef, I had worked during school holidays at my aunt's cafe and my grandad was a chef too, so hospitality was in the family. I went to Taranaki's WITT and also obtained a scholarship towards my chef qualifications. I studied, plus worked after hours in a range of cafes and restaurants... and in the offal room at the meatworks. Did you pursue this as a career or do something different after time? I stayed in hospitality for 10 years including buying the Empire cafe here in New Plymouth at 24 years old. After selling Empire three and a half years later at 27, I was talked into Real Estate by my current boss. What's your career goals for the next 5+ years? To still love going to work every day and doing what I do. A work-life balance of some sort would be nice... a crazy ask with the demand in the industry I chose to be in I know!


INTERNATIONAL PILOT What did your 5-year-old self want to be? A professional gymnast. Did you work or study straight after school? I went straight into full-time study at the New Plymouth Aero Club for two years where I completed my Commercial Pilot licence and Flight Instructors Rating.

Did you work or study straight after school? I worked for a summer at Seasons Surfboards before I took off traveling through Australia and Indonesia for the next couple of years.

Did you pursue this as a career or do something different after time? I pursued flying as a career - I gained experience and built my flying hours up through flight instructing, charter operations, flying freight and air ambulance flights prior to getting a job within the airlines. I am currently a Second Officer for Air New Zealand on the Boeing 777 and have been flying international flights for four years now.

Did you pursue this as a career or do something different after time? I worked for Bj Smith for the next 18 years of my life and loved every day of it. Eventually I realised that I had to do something for myself so I joined forces with Mark Louis and we created the nightclub 55. Over time a new generation of partygoers emerged and I began to understand the impact social media was having. Our social culture was changing; I knew it was time to search for new challenges. Joining the New Zealand Police delivered - no two days are the same. Yes we do deal with tragedy at times but there is also a lot of good stuff going on. We really do have the best work stories.

What’s your career goals for the next 5+ years? My goal in the next five years is to progress to a first officer position on the Boeing 787.

What's your career goals for the next 5+ years? Continue being part of a hardworking team who get out and about with the people of our mighty province.


HEAD COACH/GYM MANAGER BOX OFFICE BOXING INC What did your 5-year-old self want to be? When I was little I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher because I thought it would be fun to just play all day in the sandpit. Did you work or study straight after school? After school I did level 2 National certification in Computing in a community program. Other than that I just worked at VideoEzy. Did you pursue this as a career or do something different after time? I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I was not well educated as I struggled in school, so floated until I found my calling. What’s your career goals for the next 5+ years? I set myself a 10-year goal plan eight years ago and have achieved everything except one thing - to make the Olympics. I have done Oceania champs, World champs, and Commonwealth Games. As for the next five years, I want to secure the future of our club and boxing in the region by training my eventual successor. I would also love to get another world-ranked boxer to go with the two we have already produced.

What did your 5-year-old self want to be? Definitely an artist, but I do recall briefly wanting to be Mr Whippy (I’m not a huge fan of ice cream so it’s probably a good thing I let that go), and also a journalist. Did you work or study straight after school? I left School at 16 as it was evident what I wanted to do. It was a little premature just to kick around painting at home, so I enrolled at WITT and pretty much did that there. I graduated three years later with a Bachelor of Visual Arts.


Did you pursue this as a career or do something different after time? My paintings are predominantly what holds my career together, but I became equally passionate about songwriting throughout my teen years. I’ve been lucky enough to release a couple of albums and find a little success in that.

What did your 5-year-old self want to be? When I was younger my mum put me into ballet lessons after I was obsessed with the Barbie movie “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.” My love for dance began at the age of four and from then on all I wanted to be when I grew up was a ballerina.

What's your career goals for the next 5+ years? To refine my work and define my identity as an artist. Because of my curious nature, I’ve allowed myself throughout my career to explore everything and anything in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t, to separate the wheat from the chaff. My ultimate goal is to create works that haven’t been seen before, to secure awards, residencies, top galleries, museums, national and international... As well as staying fit and healthy of course.

Are you about to work or study straight after school? I have just finished my last year of school at Sacred Heart Girls' College. Next year I am going to continue my studies at university in Auckland at AUT completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences (physiotherapy). What's your career goals for the next 5+ years? After completing four years of physiotherapy at AUT I hope to get a job in a hospital focussing on rehabilitation and stroke recovery.


Aotearoa is home to over 650,000 young people, each with their own unique and magical story. Stories which are shaped by the memories they’ve created, the places they’ve been, the connections in their lives, the opportunities that they have been exposed to and importantly, their innate superpowers. Taking a short trip back in time we see how innovation, creativity, fierce (and sometimes questionable) leadership has shifted the way humans live and make a living. Each industrial revolution has been characterised by significant developments in technology, during periods of distinctive global challenges; war, epidemics, financial crises and political instabilities. These trends give proof that hardship does not dampen the drive for humans to connect, problem solve and continue to hold on to hope for a better future.

Currently, we are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, where traditional business practices are being flipped upside down, back to front, taken apart and recreated; in an attempt to respond to an uncertain future entrenched in environmental, political and economic volatility. Exponential advancements in technology have changed the way we communicate, learn, entertain, buy, sell, travel, work and think. Young people, in addition to navigating their own personal growth and changes,

are having to respond to this rapidly changing world, fit with complex issues that Earth has never seen before. A key part of this journey is deciding how to make a living, how to fill their time in a way that instils a sense of purpose and that they are contributing to their world. The Prince’s Trust New Zealand launched in October 2018, with a mission to activate young New Zealanders as designers, creators and workers for a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future. Guided by taiohitanga (youth-centred), one of our core values, we have travelled the country talking with young people about their lives, communities and aspirations. Young people we speak to see economic participation – meaningful work that sustains them in their life – as a fundamental component of their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of their families and communities. They have told us about the changes that they would like to see in their worlds, including housing, their physical and digital safety, and having work that enables them to stay connected to family, community and place. Working with a future-focussed lens, full of hope and ambition we see the urgency in taking action right now to walk alongside young people and hold them on their journey in this turbulent world. Our Enterprise programme helps young people aged 18-30 to launch their own business by building their practical skills through training, mentoring and financial support. Enterprise begins with a course that empowers young entrepreneurs to check the viability of their business idea. Once they’ve clarified their business plan, they are matched with a mentor who offers one-to-one support for up to two years to develop and grow their company.

Earlier this year, The Prince’s Trust New Zealand were generously hosted in the heart of Taranaki’s thriving entrepreneurial and economic landscape, which covers a range of industries from farming to social services. Alongside business and performance specialists, Velocite, we ran a threepart participatory workshop with local business owners, organisations, council representatives, educators and young entrepreneurs to explore the current economic landscape. We heard the challenges and successes young business owners have experienced on their entrepreneurial journey and were met with enthusiasm and curiosity about the training, mentoring and resourcing components of our Enterprise programme. The collective kōrero and information sharing on the day was vital in the programme planning of Enterprise, ensuring it is specific and relevant for young people in Aotearoa. Taking a holistic view, Enterprise has additional focus on personal and environmental sustainability as well as celebrating individual strengths. The future of work is not doom and gloom, it is full of opportunity, flexibility, new learnings with a spotlight on human connection. Young people will inherit a future which is the result of decisions made today, and can be positively influenced by encouraging them to think critically, creatively and ambitiously about challenges in their world. Our Enterprise programme inspires youth to explore self-employment and entrepreneurship as a practical and feasible way to make a living in a world in which rules and norms are consistently being disregarded and redefined.

Brought to you by The Prince’s Trust New Zealand Bella Piper-Jarrett Community Engagement Manager

Local and international research from the World Economic Forum, Foundation for Young Australians and The Education Commission has surfaced within the last 5 years, giving insight into what skills are needed for the future of work, driven by the 4th industrial revolution. With a reduction in low-skilled jobs, which will be replaced by automated process; human specific skills including critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, decision making and relationship will be more necessary and valuable than ever before. The entrepreneurial and self-employment journey develops these skills in a way which pushes individuals to authentically connect with themselves and others. |

@princes_trust_nz |

@princestrustnz 77

HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL INFLUENCER Have you ever thought of becoming an influencer or simply want to get the inside scoop? Nikitahhx has been on social media for many years building her career as a social media influencer. She's learned some things along the way and shares it with you in her very first e-book. Find out some insider secrets from Nikitahhx and grab your copy today. | @nikitahhx



If you’re thinking of kick-starting a business in Taranaki - Venture Taranaki can help you! We offer a range of startup services including a free, confidential 1-on-1 Business Startup Clinic, where you’ll get to test your idea with a specialist startup business advisor. Then there is also the option of partnering with an experienced mentor for six-months of accelerated mentoring through VT’s Startup Business Mentoring Programme, perfect for anyone with a new business idea or looking for help in starting a new business. Venture Taranaki are also behind Idea Summit, Taranaki's yearly startup competition where you could win $10,000 cash to help launch your business idea. For more on how VT can help get your business idea off the ground, check out: | @venturetaranaki

LOCAL start-ups TO WATCH... Little Liberty is a plant-based creamery turning the finest natural ingredients into a delicious range of premium plant-based frozen desserts. With a focus on creating bespoke platters, cakes and grazing tables, Daughter’s Table hopes to bring people together with beautiful food using nourishing wholefoods and local ingredients.

Link is a new Carpooling App that was created by Cory & Marie, a young couple, both chiropractors. Their vision is to help take cars off the road, connect people and plant trees by making carpooling fun & easy. 10% of the profit goes towards Sustainable Coastline to plant native trees along waterways. (More info & download at:

A focus on female empowerment because every female should feel confident and comfortable with their daily routine from battling it out at the gym to lounging around on rest day. Taranaki owned and operated, you can be assured Hera Fitness is good quality, squat proof and affordable. MOODMAG20 for 20% off your first order.

Lovingly handcrafted in Inglewood from a base of cashew, coconut and cacao. All Little Liberty products are dairy, gluten, soy and egg-free by design with absolutely no compromise on taste, texture or quality.

Blip is founded on a simple idea that offers e-scooters as an alternative mobility solution that compliments public and private transport. We have created a Period Starter Pack made by girls for girls, who want a world where sanitary items are as common as periods.

“We are focused on creating vibrant communities that have cleaner air, less congestion and safer streets in New Zealand.”


“ “

TALKING PODCASTS By Laura Leadbetter & Hannah Hunt from Roar Collective

To the uninitiated, a podcast is audio that you can easily listen to by downloading to your device of choice. Think of any topic or person that springs to mind, and there is a podcast to match - the options are endless. Podcasts are so easy and accessible that once you start listening it's only a matter of time before you are a complete convert. SO WHY PODCASTS

The significant rise and success of this audio medium is only becoming more and more powerful. In its purest form, podcast audio enables connection and accessibility to all. A podcast brings people and content together - hosts with their followers, businesses with their customers, and listeners with people and topics that meet a myriad of wants. A podcast allows connection to take place anywhere at any time; strolling along the foreshore, commuting to work, or doing household chores. Podcasts provide people and businesses with a platform to share stories, lessons

learnt, insights and expertise with an engaged audience. As the listener, we have direct access to endless content at the click of a button. It doesn't matter where we are in the world anymore; a podcast allows us first hand access to stories and information from across the globe, whether it be for entertainment or for gaining knowledge.


Long story short, podcasts are here to stay! The audio streaming giants have seen the opportunities too, pumping increased amounts of money into this space (take the recent acquisition of Gimlet Media by Spotify for $230 million for example). We are seeing streamlined global distribution, increased analytics and improved technologies from which we all benefit. It is really exciting to be at the forefront of an industry that is exploding! Although the New Zealand industry is in its infancy, Kiwis are starting to grab hold of the reigns and we are seeing more and more NZ podcasts (both individual and business-led) taking the world by storm. At Roar Collective we are excited to be investing in this space. We are part of a new wave of podcast platforms that are pushing the boundaries in terms of audio quality and can tell you that mued recordings will soon be a thing of the past. For the first time, NZ businesses are including podcast spend in their marketing budgets. We are witnessing a world eager to hear Kiwis share their stories, and in true Kiwi fashion we are taking on this opportunity. Podcasts are disrupting the media industry. It is no longer up to the media to dictate our content consumption. Through the power of podcasting we have control over what we choose to listen to - whether this be for relaxation, excitement, inspiration or education.











1. Remi Hair Barrette $10.00 from Miss Scottie + Me | 2. Foxleigh Watch $149.00 from Blackbird Society | 3. Rusty Gisele Straw Hat $49.99 from Backdoor 4. Organic Deodorant Ultra Stick $29.99 from Ever Kind | 5. Age Eyewear Hostage Magenta $269.00 from Et vous | 6. Wooden Basket Bag $39.00 from Glassons | 7. Isabella Anselmi Smudge Dress Sandal $209.90 from Overland | 8. Scotch & Soda Fitted Tee in Rib $180.00 from Et vous


Photographer Reuben Theobald | Make-Up Annalee Kemsley & Karla Morris | Hair Blackbird Society | Clothing Brooke Barrett For You, Et vous & Lady Lola | Hair Accessories Miss Scottie + Me | Models Peppi Polviander & Alesha Bowman

Summer Muse

Alesha is wearing the Lucia dress from LadyLola, jacket is a Scotch & Soda Stripe Duster from Et vous and sunglasses from Karen Walker

Alesha is wearing a MOOD Tee, matching the Two Piece Skirt Suit from Brooke Barrett For You & headband from Miss Scottie + Me Peppi is wearing the Full Mesh Dress from Brooke Barrett For You layered with Jimmy D Lux Lisbon Plaid Silk dress from Et vous

Peppi is wearing the Trelise Cooper Layer Cake Dress from Et vous & sunglasses from Karen Walker

A new name, a new location but still the same amazing team and experience.

79 Devon Street East | 06 759 0011 Shop online at or find us on Facebook & Instagram

Owner Kim Jordan had been operating two successful businesses on either side of Devon Street. Having owned Blackbird for six years, and Key Lime Pie for two years, she thought it was time to join forces. The outcome - Blackbird Society. Kim says: “It was the best decision we have made to date!� The first store that housed Blackbird held so many special memories. However, it was time to expand and

get more brands onboard. To do this, Kim needed a bigger space to showcase all of the women’s and kids’ clothing, which included an extensive range of jewellery and accessories. Blackbird Society offer all aspects of hairdressing, makeup and gel nails. With a team of six senior stylists, two apprentices, a makeup artist, and a nail technician, they have you covered for any event - you can even pick yourself an outfit for any occasion!

Photos: Katie O'Neil

The business has been in their new beautiful space a whole year now and what a year it has been, Kim says. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of the Taranaki community that has supported us in this journey and we welcome all new clients and customers to come in and enjoy the Blackbird Society experience.”




Taranaki Wave Ring Collection Starting at $80 | @ringcraftmoana

Our range of hair accessories can be worn with any outfit to complete your look this Summer. | @missscottieandme

Design Studio & Shop Oakura

Hair Accessories

Uneek accessories have been operating for 8 years and have recently relocated from Urenui to 226 St Aubyn Street on the corner of St Aubyn Street & Morley Street. Specialising in 'U-neek treasures' they also stock Deeanne Hobbs, Jellicoe clothing range and the lovely linen from Imagine and many others. Come and visit our new location, along with our range of gorgeous shoes, bags and jewellery. Open 7 days 10am-4pm | 021 766 344 | 226 St Aubyn Street, New Plymouth | Follow us on Facebook @uneekaccessories

Photo: Aimee Kelly Photography | @ladylolanewplymouth Creating women's silk dresses for every curve









1. Outdoors Cooler Box Teal $349.90 from Bed Bath and Beyond | 2. Coop Corduroy LS Shirt $99.99 from Backdoor | 3. Ray Ban $245.00 from Sunglass Hut | 4. The Big Little Beach Book $29.99 from North Beach | 5. Just Another Fisherman Marlin Shorts $85.00 from Vintage Industries Ltd | 6. Giancarlo Moretti Don Slip On $219.90 from Overland | 7. Williams Warn Brew Keg10 Complete Pack $2,400.00 from Harvey Norman | 8. Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator 72-Hour $76.00 from Life Pharmacy


SUMMER NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD No more endless shaving, tedious plucking, or painful waxing! Venus Velocity is a medical aesthetic device that provides fast and comfortable laser hair removal for the face and body. Treatments are safe for all skin tones, even darker complexions and tanned skin. | 56-60 Devon Street West, New Plymouth | 06 757 2714 | @thelaserlabnewzealand 91


The Oakura native had quit her job in Wellington and moved to the Golden State to work with a friend on a fertiliser start-up. The focus on organic production and exposure to natural processes inspired Sara to reassess her own habits and the cosmetics she used. “It made me think about what’s going into products that we use on a daily basis. I wanted to avoid some of the common chemicals found in skincare. I decided to rid my life of these ingredients, threw my skin care range out and played around in my kitchen,” Sara says. On her return to New Zealand, Sara set up a cake mixer in her father’s workshop and founded the Tailor Skincare range. Tailor uses natural ingredients and a scientific approach to target common skin concerns and optimise skin health. It’s designed for younger women who are starting to invest in their skin and overall wellbeing. Consumers are growing more conscious of the formulation and efficacy of products, as well as the environmental impact they’re having. Sustainability is crucial to Sara. Tailor products like the Glowstick, come in biodegradable packaging, and ingredients are sourced from trusted local and international suppliers. Tailor has been a force in New Zealand skincare for seven years now and although the cake mixer has gone, the focus has remained true. “We’re founded on three core principles: natural ingredients, cruelty free production and environmentally conscious business decisions.”

We’re founded on three core principles: natural ingredients, cruelty free production and environmentally conscious business decisions.

Sara Quilter was in California learning about horticulture and soil science when she threw out her cosmetics and decided to make her own.

Tailor has scooped up consecutive beauty awards, it’s first in 2017 opened the door to national retail chain Farmers. Products, including bestsellers Oil Cleanse and Renew, can be found in Farmers department stores across the country, as well as select pharmacies and organic health stores. However, the online marketplace is where Tailor thrives. A partnership with Air New Zealand has opened new revenue streams via the Airpoints store, and their own website generates more sales from a database of over 100,000 subscribers and followers. It’s in part due to the social media campaigns that engage with customers, the ongoing education through blogs, and the openness and honesty people get with the Tailor brand and products. It’s all made in New Zealand, manufactured in Christchurch and distributed from Wellington. Products undergo dermatological testing in Germany as well as stability, challenge and spot testing to ensure safety and effectiveness. The next step is the global market. New Zealand fares well on the world stage, due to an exclusivity of natural, nutrient-rich ingredients and our clean, green image. “New Zealand is small on the global scale. Our products are highly desirable in a lot of markets, so export is on the horizon,” Sara says. “We’re playing with new branding for our products. A new logo is being tested right now and we’ll have a full packaging overhaul next year, it’s really exciting. We’ve also just launched a compostable refills trial. They sold out on the first day, so chances are these refills are here to stay!” 93

OIL, WATER & CLAY SUMMER SKIN HYDRATION When hydrated, our bodies function better - the same logic applies to the skin. Hydrated skin is the ideal skin state because it’s better equipped to eliminate toxins. Hot weather and sweat cause dehydration by flushing water out of the skin. Luckily your skin increases its own line of defence over summer. During the warmer months your skin’s oil production increases, and provides a protective barrier helping to reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, or dehydration. However heavy sunscreens and makeup can often mix with this additional oil production and sweat, causing blocked pores. Combine these two factors with warm temperatures and you have the recipe for propionibacterium acne - often resulting in blemishes. As a consequence we tend to reach for a foaming cleanser to break down this excess oil and to give our skin that squeaky clean cleanse. The squeaky clean feel is a sign that your skin is stripped of its protective oily layer (the one keeping your skin hydrated). I recommend using a layered skincare approach to clear hydrated skin this summer. 94



CLEANSE WITH OIL - If you apply a clean nutritious oil to dry skin it’ll help to melt your makeup and cut the greasy sunscreens. It works because clean oil absorbs dirty oil. Tailor Oil Cleanse is the ideal candidate - pair this with Tailor Towel for effortless makeup removal.


CLEAR WITH CLAY - Bentonite clay is highly absorbent and electrically charged helping to clear the pores. Incorporate a bentonite clay mask like Tailor Polish into your skincare routine after cleansing and use daily as a spot treatment.


REACH FOR A HYDRATING GEL - Water based gels can add lost hydration back into the skin. Tailor Hydrate contains vitamin B5 and coconut glycerin - two effective naturallyderived skin hydrating agents. Apply a pump of Hydrate to the skin daily after cleansing to boost your skin’s water levels. The result? Plumper, more glowy skin this summer. 95

S i m p l y. B e a u t i f u l . H a i r. 06 757 5468 . 36 King Street, New Plymouth . @elwinevans

The Caci clinic in New Plymouth is one of more than 50 Clinic’s in New Zealand focussed on delivering real results for their customers within their trusted and beautiful clinics. New Plymouth-born Paula and her team of expert Registered Nurses and Beauty Therapists are on hand to help you learn which treatments are best for you and personalising a plan to suit your lifestyle and budget. The team is a tight knit family and when their customers sign up, they feel like part of it too. Ensuring each customer loves coming into the clinic and are informed and comfortable is all just part of the Caci experience.

Plus, you’ll save money! Being on a treatment plan means that you will pay less than if you were to pay for individual treatments. Caci also offers a payment option; so like a gym membership, you can pay off your plan weekly, fortnightly or monthly. And your skincare plan doesn’t end at the clinic. Caci New Plymouth are stockists of Murad and Skinsmiths skincare ranges. This means the team can help you in create the perfect at-home skincare regime to compliment your treatment plan. Then you'll be taking care of your skin 24/7!

When you sign up to any treatment plan at Caci you will also enjoy 20% off Beauty Therapy Services & Bonus Beauty Treats (facials!) Customers at Caci who sign up to a plan can choose to mix together:

Cosmetic Injectables | Skin Health Treatments | Body Shaping | Laser Hair Removal To book your free consultation contact the team at Caci New Plymouth: 06 757 9071 |


Cute AF designs for the beauty obsessed! With a range of tee’s, tote bags and beauty towels. Karla Morris The Label has the perfect gift for your GF, sis, BFF or just because!


Break Hearts Not Nails Bag

I need Makeup Not Boys Tee



My Life's A Mess But My Nails Ain't Tee


German-born wedding and lifestyle photographer Erik has been travelling the world for the past four years, capturing local people and culture in between work stints. Now living in Wellington, NZ, he is looking to work on fresh and cool projects to help brands dream up their own unique brand identity @franky.erik |


Illustration | Design | Fashion Raised in Taranaki, Morgan is an artist and graphic designer now based in Auckland. Her creative work is diverse, from product design to illustration and textiles. She is influenced by fashion, popular culture, nostalgia and quintessential Kiwi icons. @morganpaige_art |


From growing up in New Plymouth to living in London for many years. Briana has captured moments and memories from all around the world from a different perspective. With a strong passion for utilising contrast and colour within an image whilst also viewing it from a unique point of view. She has a Diploma in Professional Photography and a portfolio made up of moments captured from all over the globe. @bwvisuals_ |


2020 MOOD

We are now taking pre-bookings for the MOOD 2020 issues. As experienced marketers, the MOOD Team can work with you to create something that fits with your 2020 marketing plan and strategies. Did you know? We have payment plan options so you can pay it off over the year as well. Win Win! |


Clothing Brooke Barrett @brookebarrettforyou | Film stills Mark Lahood @marklahoodfilms | Makeup Amber Smithers @amber_makeup | Models @jennabellve, @leticia_nixon, @nantarivanna

BROOKE BARRETT @brookebarrettforyou

How does your clothing make you feel? Contemporary collections from Brooke Barrett offer high-end essentials & occasion-wear with a focus on effortless simplicity and flattering silhouettes. Made-to-order here in our New Zealand studio, Brooke Barrett has been designed especially for you. Any style can be made to suit your own measurements, or be completely customised - to assist in empowering every individual. The integrity behind every garment is deeply sewn from our own personal history, morals & values, and each time we create one of your pieces, we are reminded of these.





Beautiful blooms tailored fresh every day. Visit our studio at 53 Egmont Street, or browse our online edit.

Celebrate the colour, scent and beauty of summer at the Tūpare Summer Fair on 4 Jan 2020. See the full summer programme now on our website.

Wedding / Events / Gifts

@niccigoodin |


Tūpare Gardens


Cakery & Deli

Corporate & Bespoke Gift Packages

Wholesome bespoke made to order cakes. Most cakes are gluten free, some unusual flavours and are decorated with fresh ingredients and beautiful blooms.

Carefully curated and beautifully presented, Delivered offers premium gifting solutions nationwide. Cocktail packages, Gin & Wine, Food and Pamper packages.


@tartanrosecakes | |


Bespoke or off-the-rack; designing and creating your dream dress has us working one-on-one together, customising and incorporating your unique personality and style. From initial sketch right through to pattern making, fitting and sewing. All handmade, with love in our intimate New Plymouth studio. | @liahroebuck_bridal


Wedding Planner & Prop Hire Victoria Jayne weddings is passionate about creating beautiful and unique weddings. With many years of experience in the wedding industry, Victoria offers a full wedding planning service and an eclectic range of prop hire and accessories that will leave you and your guests remembering anything but ordinary. | @victoriajayne_weddings















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NEXT ISSUE OUT MID 2020 We love hearing about stories and receiving submissions to potentially feature in our publication. If you think you fit one of the below criteria get in touch: • Features of people doing epic sh*t or stories with something cool to say • Exclusive fashion shoots and collabs • Travel features either local or international • Business tips and advice to help small businesses grow and succeed ADVERTISE Showcase your business in a new age platform by downloading our Media Kit via our website for advertising details. CONTACT US AT Follow us on social media @itsamood_mag Check out our range of blogs and read MOOD mag online: We look forward to hearing from you!