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Grande Alps France

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Europa Tour Masco

3 and 4 Star Hotels

Napoleon's Island, Mountains and Forests 2000 Miles (approx)

We start the touring season off in style with a tour to this wonderful volcanic island in the Mediterranean. A land of mountains, forests and beaches, and the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, we have an opportunity to appreciate the best of Corsica as we spend six days on the island, exploring the stunning scenery and twisty roads!

Mountain roads, French N and D roads, some single track roads

After crossing the channel (choice of routes), we start the tour with a ride down through France, taking in some impressive scenery. Our route includes part of the famous Route Napoleon as well as a ride through the stunning Grand Canyon du Verdon. The Corsican experience starts with an overnight crossing from Toulon (ensuite cabin included) to Bastia. We disembark the following morning refreshed, before heading south on some phenomenal biking roads, drinking in the fabulous scenery and soaking up the Corsican atmosphere. We have two bases on the island, one in the south and one in the north to allow us to thoroughly explore! You really are spoiled for choice as everywhere you go there are stunning twisty mountain roads, sweeping bends and amazing scenery. The climate is typical Mediterranean which adds to the appeal, and gives you a chance to take advantage of our organised rides out, explore on your own and of course you may relax on the beach or by the hotel's pool if you fancy a day off the bike. Our return to France via the overnight ferry to Toulon is just the start of a very scenic route back home. We head for a lovely hotel set in the Haute-Loire region, and our route northwards takes in the very impressive Gorges de L'Ardeche. This is another opportunity to overload on some of the finest scenery Europe has to offer.






If you've never experienced Corsica before you really must join us on this amazing tour. It's a Mecca for Motorcyclists

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House of Napoleon's Birth



In��u� � ' � a Wh


3 star hotels

Taste of France Tour 1 Mountains, Volcanoes & Medieval Villages 1500 Miles (approx)

Our first 'Taste of France' tour of the season, this motorcycle tour is ideal for all levels of touring experience, wether it be a first trip on the continent or a seasoned rider. We head to the fascinating Dordogne region of France steeped in history and culture and surrounded by beautiful countryside

Mainly French N & D Roads

Arriving in the French port of Calais, it is time get excited for what lies ahead in the forthcoming week. Firstly we must make our way to central France for our first stop which will give everyone some time to get to know each other better and enjoy the rest of your evening, either in the local vibrant town or in the comfort of your hotel. More fun to follow today as we take a combined route through the Limousin region on a combination of roads mainly using french N & D roads as your eyes are treated to the lush countryside, before we reach our main base set in the historic and beautiful Dordogne region. A very tastefully converted barn which is family run, will provide you with a pleasureable stay in the French countryside and also has an outdoor swimming pool to boot. The restaurant can only be described as excellent and serves a very tasty menu.

Also on the agenda will be the opportunity to take a ride into the Cantal Mountains situated in the Auverge region to Puy Mary & Puy de Dome and take the highest road in France outside of the Alps and Pyrenees, but often considered to be one of the prettiest panoramic views in Europe. Finally our journey home will soon be round the next winding bend and over the summit of the next peak so we must say Au-revoir and make our way homeward bound with one more stopover before reaching Calais to catch the ferry home. A real eye opening motorcycle tour giving showing you a different aspect of France and its history, take a pause to capture your favoruite moments and share them with your family and friends back home.

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Wha� ’�


7 �I�h t� E� S �i�� a�c��m oda�i�� Re�i�n �� B�e� kfas� Ea�� M ����n� Re���� ��r�� t� �K E�r�p� T��� P a�� E�r�p� T��� G �i�� ��S Da t� (G�� ���)

Ideal for First Time Tourer

Fortunatley we are now in an area which will allow us to explore and visit places of interest such as the medieval towns of Rocamadour and Figeac. An excursion to the underground river and cave system in Gouffre de Padriac should also not be missed, and a day out to Oradour Sur Glane, commonly known as the (Martyr Town), the village which was destroyed by the German SS at the cost of 642 souls in June 1944.

Wha� '� N� In��u� e�


d��� In��r� Tr��� n�� � In�� r�n�� F��� L�n�� e� / D ���k� Sna�k / � �� � � � d�� T��� R oa� F �e�


As the tour unfolds you will see some of the real highlights of the roads open to motorcyclists in the UK. The Pass of the Cattle is a must and we also stay in the scenic fishing port of Ullapool. No Scottish Grand tour would be complete without a visit to John O' Groats and the obligatory photo opportunity!

In all, a wonderful trip to savour the delights of the Uk's best roads, scenery and hospitality, and of course it goes without saying,,,, you got to try the Haggis!!.

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En��i�� 8 �I�ht� da�i�� A�c��mo ��n� ea�� m�� B�e�kfas� ��� Pa�� E�r�p� T � ��� G�i� E�r�p� T

Wha� '� N� In��u� e�


d��� In��r� Tr��� n�� � In�� r�n�� F��� L�n�� e� / D ���k� Sna�k / � �� � �� d� Lo�� �ros�� � n� �h �r�e�

Local A & B roads, Optional single track

Our tour then will head southwards passing Inverness before heading through the main skiing areas of the Monadhliath mountains.

We conclude our Grand Tour with a lovely run down through the Scottish Borders before our final nights' stay in a three star hotel on the edge of the English Lake District.

��u�e� n I ’� � a h W

1000 Miles (approx)

Europa specialises in taking you to stunning motorcycling destinations and none come much better than Scotland! Here we take in the best that Scotland has to offer over eight days' riding.

We pass Balmoral (a quick wave to the Queen optional!), before another scenery overload in the beautiful Troassachs.

Min 3 Star

Scotland Grand Tour

We start our tour in the often forgotten South West of Scotland and then head north towards our first destination set in the heart of the Argyll region. Our route through Scotland is roughly clockwise and we head north up the west coast taking in the most stunning scenery you will find anywhere in the British Isles. We head over Rannoch Moor and visit Glencoe before spending a couple of days based in a lovely hotel on the shores of Loch Lochy. From here there is a choice of rides out we can do, or of course you may laze around the hotel and make use of the facilities available!

Ideal for First Time Tourer


3 Star Hotels

French Pyrenees & Pics De Europa National Park 2000 Miles (approx)

Simply stunning is the only way we can describe this motorcycle tour. Arriving in Calais, France, and returning via the Spanish port of Santander means we have the wonderful opportunity of savouring all the bits in between from the Gorges Du Tarn, the Millau Bridge, medieval Carcassone, the Haute-Pyrenees and the Asturias, all rolled into one fantastic motorcycle tour

Dependent on your riding experience and ability this could be a good way to introduce yourself to mountain roads before you take on one of the bigger Alps or Alpine tours.

Mountain roads, French N and D roads, Spanish AS roads

Making our way across France with a stopover on the way, we shall arrive at Mende the gateway to the Gorges Du Tarn in the Corniche Des Cevenne. A haven of great motorcycle roads and the impressive Gorge itself will keep you happily occupied as we explore this amazing landscape that mother nature has provided. Our next stop will be the medieval walled city of Carcassone, a busy and vibrant town with lots of history and fantastic medieval buildings. However the fun starts way before as our route through the twisting Gorge will lead us to the mightily impressive Viaduc de Millau which spans the width of the Gorge itself. Having dined like kings and queens of a bygone era, we move back to the present and board the bikes to take on the Haute Pyrenees where we shall stay for a couple of nights to enjoy this beautiful region of France. The route over the Pyrenees will include the Col Du Tourmalet and the Col Du Aspin before we cross the Spanish border. We pay a visit to the beautiful Odessa National Park as we make our way to the Asturia mountain range in the Cantabria region of Spain. Our final base will be in the heart of the Picos Du Europa National Park and the next few days will take in some great biking roads. The Potes & Panes route, Lake Riano, twisting mountain roads, impressive canyons and the quaint and bustling town of Potes. By now you will have experienced riding some of the very best roads and overdosed on some of the great scenery that France and Northern Spain have to offer. Unfortunately we have to leave it all behind us now and return back to the UK. A final scenic ride to the port of Santander will provide you with more biking pleasure, before we catch the luxurious cruise ferry, Pont Aven across the Bay Of Biscay back home.

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Wha� ’� In��u�e�

� Wha�'� N In��u�e�


Pe�r�� T��� F�e� Vi�����'� ��r�n�� Tr���� In In��r�n�� �e�kd���

Experienced Rider

9 Ni�ht� A�c��moda�i�� Re�i�n�� B�e�kfas� Ea�� M����n� Re���� Cros��n� t� �K C���� ��bo�r� �e���� s����n� F��� ��S Dat� Av��l���� U� Re���� Tr���� Ti��e� S���i�e� � E�r�p� T��� G�i�� D���� G�i�e� Ri�e�ut� U�� � ��� ���� fa���i��e�


Grande Alpes High Mountain Passes, Alpine Lakes, the Med and the Grand Canyon du Verdon

Having already had the pleasure of riding some fine French roads incuding the Route Des Cretes the trip really stars to gather momentum as we travel south to Anncey in the Rhone - Alps region of France which truly is a stunning location. The route includes amazing biking roads with everything from sweeping bends to haripins. The scenery is as you would expect from a tour that takes in the beautiful French Alps and French gorges. After the joys of the mountains, we then head for a couple of nights in Menton on the Mediterranean Coast, where we can relax or explore as you wish.

Our tour concludes with a further overnight stay near the French town of Dijon (mustard anyone?!) and then our final nights' stay in the Pas de Calais region, where again we will be able to enjoy a drink and eat our final dinner together and recount some glorious memories of the previous ten days. This tour features just about every kind of road France has to offer and is truly a delight for any motorcycling enthusiast.

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Varied, including mountain passes


2000 Miles (approx)

The Route des Grandes Alpes is a tour that you have to do at some time in your motorcycling career! A superb journey over twelve stunning days, it will leave you intoxicated with the scenery and roads!

Arriving in calais we shall head to the city of Troyes for a one night stopover and then over to the very scenic Vosges region of France. Surrounded by the low level peaks of the Vosge, pristine lakes and a bustling ambience all provide an atmospheric experience for your stopover.

Our next stage of the tour takes us via the southern end of the another biking 'must do' the Route Napoleon to the Grand Canyon du Verdon, a half mile deep, fifteen mile long gorge and one of the most stunning in Europe. We enjoy a stay in a village nearby which gives us chance to explore the area further, including a ride around the rim of the gorge which will dazzle you with it's sheer beauty. Reluctantly we leave the gorge behind as we head up the Route Napoleon towards yet another very pretty, little known gorge as we head north once again using some more fabulous French 'N' and 'D' roads.

3 and 4 Star Hotels

We ride the highest and most stunning scenery the Alps have to offer, including riding the highest road in the Alps, the Col de L'Iseran (9090ft). We also take in the Col de la Bonette (8907ft), Col de Galibier (8668ft) and the Col D'Iozard (7746ft) to name a few others.



�'� N � In ��u


��u�e� Wha�'� In


3 and 4 Star Hotels

Austria & Swiss Alps - Alpine Roads, Snow Capped Mountains

Our Journey will take us across the French mainland using mainly faster roads, with a 2 night stopover before reaching our first base for the trip set in the heart of the Austrian Tirol. Your biker friendly hotel, set in the heart of the Kaunertal valley is not only surrounded by amazing views of the Tirolian mountain range but also provides us with a wonderful base where we shall un-pack, kick back and get excited about the planned rideouts including the infamous Stelvio Pass, weiseeferner glacier, swiss national park, silvretta pass and Lake Resia,,,

Our route will take us across some our favourite passes incuding the Furka Pass and Fluella Pass rising in altitude to approx 2400 metres. The views will take your breath away with every twist and turn and climb we make,,, Glaciers, Snow capped mountains and awesome roads will all be on the menu. Upon Your arrvial into Grindelwald you will appreciate why we have chosen this location for our stay in Switzerland. Here your time is your own to relax and enjoy this wonderful village before making our way back to Calais.

Wha� ’�


Pe�r�� T��� F�e� Vi�����'� ��r�n�� Tr���� In �� � In��r�n B�e�kd��

House of Napoleon's Birth

Our last stopover will be again in France set in a woodland setting giving the final opportunity to dine together and recall your favourite holiday moments before our final day to catch a mid afternoon ferry to Dover.

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£1050 Intermediate

9 Ni�h t� A�c� Re�i�n �moda �� B�e� �i�� kfas� E a�� M� F��� �� ���n� S Dat� Av��l�� U� Re� �� ��� Tr ���� Ti S���i�e ��e� � � E� r�p� T� D���� G �� G�i �� �i�e� Ri�e�u U�� � � t� �� ���� fa���i�� e�

� Wha�'� N In��u�e�

Varied including mountain passe's

Leaving the Tirol in our mirrors, we move on to our next destination to the mountain village of Grindelwald, gateway to the Jungfrau mountain range,, home to the one and only Mount Eiger,, however before we get there,, well todays journey will guarantee to have you beeming from ear to ear,,

2000 Miles (approx)

Primarily suited to intermediate and experienced riders, this tour will give you the thrill and excitment of mountain passes, stuning panoramic landscapes and take us to two of the most beautiful countries in europe which are not only home to majestic and breathtaking vista's but also to roads and passes almost purpose built for motorbikes


Another short fery crossing will see us arrive in Norway around midday, and here is where all the fun starts. Norway is a most spectalar country with mountains plunging into the sea from several hundred metres, endless rivers, powerful waterfalls, Unesco world heritage Fjords and best of all some of the best roads that you will ever grace with your motorcycle.

Rideouts are on the agenda which will treat you to splendid mountain roads, powerfull waterfalls, traditional Norwegian Stave chruches and of course we shall be making plenty of stops to sample the local bread and pastry dishes. The city of Bergen will be our next destination before we eventually start our homeward leg down to Kristiansand with two stopovers on the way down, we will soon be back in Denmark to catch the boat home. All in all this is one amazing trip, a motorcycle tour which will leave you with fond and lasting memories of culture, scenery, amazing roads, food and hospitality. * Please note, prices are based on a shared cabin on overnight ferry crossings. Subject to availability single cabins can be reserved and will incur a supplement of £273.10 per person in addition to the quoted tour price. If you would prefer not to share a cabin please make this known at the time of booking*

Wh a In� �'� N �u� � e�

F T� ��� Fj� � r �F � T �� B� r��� ros� e� � e�k L� � In n� n� �e d�� ��r ��e� �n �/ � D� In�� �� �� k� r�n� � /S na �k

Varied including mountain passe's

The first leg of our journey will see us depart from the port of Harwich where we will take an overnight crossing to Denmark giving ample opportuntiy to get aquainted with your fellow riders before arriving in Denmark the following lunchtime. We will then take a lesuirely route with an approx 170 mile ride to northern Denmark arriving at your hotel in plenty of time to experience a little Danish Hospitalty before we set foot on Norwegian soil.

Riding south, the best is still yet to come as we take on the Atlantic road, and the Trollstigen before reaching the simply stunning Geraingerfjord where we shall spend a few days to relax and enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

�� �c�moda�i Qu��i�� A t� h i� N 13 F�r�� 2 O�bo�r� �n� a�� M��� E s� fa k � �e B Re�i�n�� r�� t� �K Re���� �� ��m��� �r�� T� D Re���� F ��w�� �r�� T� N g� Re���� F � Cros��n O����i�h r� � o B � � � G�i�e C���n� O r�p� T�� M�� 2 E� ��i��e� a ���� F � U�� � ��� a�� P � T�� C����e��

2000 Miles (approx)

This Motorcycle tour is one that every biker must complete at some point in there life. Guaranteed to take your breath away Norway is a hidden gem of Motorcycle heaven with jaw dropping scenery, Fjords and mountain roads which you will want to ride again and again again

n��u�e� I '� � a h W

3 and 4 Star Hotels

The Fjords & Mountains

Heading north east you will have an early taste of whats in store as we make our way to the Strondafjorden in the town of Fagernes, for a one night stopover before we reach Kristiansund on the West Atlantic coast, gateway to the Fjords and the Trollheim Moutain range.

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£1800 Experienced Rider


Taste of FRance 2

Our second Taster Tour takes us to the beautiful French region of the Haute-Savoie. After an overnight stay in a lovely three star hotel to the east of the city of Troyes, we head south on some lovely French N and D roads to our destination the medieval town of Annecy. The town is situated by the lake of the same name and is our base for four nights, allowing us to unpack the bikes and explore all the fantastic roads, culture and scenery the surrounding area has to offer.

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Wha�'� In��u �e� 6 Ni�ht�' En��i�� A�c��moda�i�� Re�i�n�� B�e�kf as� Ea�� M����n� Re���� Cros��n� D����-C�l�i� E�r�p� T��� Pa �� E�r�p� T��� G� i�� S���i�e� ��S dat� (G��� ��)

Varied, including mountain passes, some single track

As ever, we will have rides out each day and these will include some fabulous Alpine routes, each with a character of their own, and never failing to impress the motorcyclist! There is the chance to visit Chamonix under the watchful gaze of Mont Blanc (White Mountain), Europe's highest peak at almost 15,800ft above sea level. As you would expect the scenery in the area is absolutely stunning so if you have yet to visit the Alps, you are in for a treat - do not forget your camera! The rides out will feature some of the less demanding passes in the French Alps so the tour is ideal for intermediate riders and pillions. For the more experienced, your tour guide will be more than happy to offer advice on routes should you wish to do your own thing and explore some of the more demanding passes in the area.

After our time in Annecy we reluctantly head north to our overnight stay on our way back to the Port of Calais. We make use of the same lovely hotel we did on the journey down. However, we reach it via a different route, giving you a chance to experience different roads and places on our return leg of the tour. Our final night together gives us a chance to enjoy a meal and talk over the highlights of the trip, with stunning roads and scenery, we are sure it's a destination you will want to revisit.

F��� T��� F�e� � ��e� Fj�r� �ros��n n�� Tr���� In��r� r�n�� �� B�e�kd��� In / �k� Sna�k� L�n��e� / D��

1000 Miles (approx) (excluding rides out)

Experience the delightful town of Annecy, explore the medieval quarter and take the opportunity to ride some of the stunning Alpine roads that are right on our doorstep on this, our second Europa Taste of France tour for 2013

The biker in you is of course, not forgotten. We will also take in several more of the passes the Alps have to offer including the Cormet de Roselend, Col du Marais, Col de la Columbiere to name a few! There is also the chance to have a day or two off the bikes so you can explore Annecy on foot and perhaps enjoy some retail therapy!

Wha�'� N� In��u�e�

3 and 4 Star Hotels

There will also be the opportunity to take a cable car ride for those that wish up the stunning Aiguille du Midi. The route begins in Chamonix and whisks you up to the top station - some 12,600ft above sea level. The views of the Alps from the top are spectacular to say the least!



3 and 4 Star Hotels

Surrounded by local cafe's and a a short distance from the old two which dates back to Roman rule, you are free to explore during the next 5 days and really soak up the local ambience and of course the nearby wine festival itself.

Trier Wine Festival

As we will need to make some progress and cover some miles, our route will be the most direct taking Belguim in our stride before entering Germany a short distance from the Luxembourg border. A longish day, however we will arrive in plenty of time to freshen up and have a drink or two before we sit for dinner at our reserved table. Your 4 Star Hotel for the next five nights is located opposite the famous Porta Nigra Gate and also benefits from underground parking and a restaurant serving traditional food from the Rhineland-Palatinate region.

The wine festival itself will be taking place during our stay, in the nearby village of Olewig which is approx 3 miles from our base. Local wine, speciality foods and live music will all be on offer. The air filled with sounds of traditional live bands, food and wine will ensure your attention is attracted. As the festival draws to an end it will be time for us to make our journey back to Calais, all being well with no hangovers, and then a one night stopover in France before catching a mid day crossing to the UK the following day. All told a culture filled five days in one of Germanys oldest towns suited to any level of experience and particularly good for pillions.

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Wha�'� In��u� e�

Wha�'� N� In��u�e�

6 Ni�ht� �n��i� � a�c��moda�i�� Tr���� In��r�n�� Re�i�n�� B�e�k fas� n�� B�e�kd��� In��r� ea�� m����n� F��� Re���� �ros��n � t� �K � T��� Roa� Ch�r�e E�r�p� T��� P a�� / D���k� / �na�k� E�r�p� T��� G �i�� S���i�e� L�n��e� ��S Dat� (G�� ���)

Varied including some motorway

Taking an early morning crossing we shall arrive on French soil with pretty much the whole day ahead of us giving us the privelage of arriving in the home of the Reisling, Trier, later in the day.

1200 Miles (approx)

Fancy a motorcycle tour packed with culture, live music, traditional food specialities and unesco world heritage sites all on your doorstep? Then this tour is definatley for you. Unlike most motorcycle tours, this is all about the location and soaking up the experience and culture of this vibrant town located on the German Moselle River

For those of you who wish to saddle up the bikes, we will be running guided rideouts with a choice of Heidelberg, Rudesheim am Rhein, the nearby Eltz castle and the pretty town of Cochem.


Ideal for First Time Tourer


Vosges & the Black Forest

A picturesque village set in the heart of the Vosges region will provide you with a pleasant stay and offers plenty of local bars and restaurants for your evening entertainment. With a fantastic ride-out day scheduled which will take you on some off the well known motorcycle routes in the region which will undoubtedly leave you wanting more and more and more....

Although relatively short for a European motorcycle tour, it is without doubt packed with motorcycling pleasure and stunning natural scenery. With tour highlights such as the Route Des Cretes, Col De Bonhomme, Saint Marie aux mines, Col De La Schlucht, Lake Titisee, Lake Konstanz, the B500, Frieburg and Baden Baden, we are confident you will find this trip exciting and exhilarating and will almost certainly have you thinking about trying something a little more challenging.

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Wha�'� N� In��u�e�

Tr���� In��r�n�� n�� B�e�kd��� In��r� F��� � T��� Roa� Ch�r�e � / �na�k� L�n��e� / D���k

Mostly local, some motorway

After an early morning crossing from Calais our route will be the most direct across France giving us the privilege of reaching our first base for the tour on day one, providing the opportunity to unpack your smalls and go and explore the local area.

A final stopover in France before making our way to Calais for a mid afternoon crossing to Dover which is where our time together finishes.

6 Ni�ht� �n��i� � a�c��moda�i�� Re�i�n�� B�e�k fas� ea�� m����n� Re���� �ros��n � t� �K E�r�p� T��� P a�� E�r�p� T��� G �i�� S���i�e� ��S Dat� (G�� ���)

1200 Miles (approx)

An ideal motorcycle tour for your first adventure in Europe. You will on this trip, get to ride some of the very best motorcycle roads in Western Europe, good quality hotels, sensible mileage and some excellent rides-out all make for a fun filled week exploring these two wonderful parts of France and Germany

Riding north to the spa town of Baden Baden, here we introduce your machines to the graceful and sweeping bends of the famous B500 and on to our final stay in Germany. A very nice family run hotel overlooking German vineyards and the neighbouring Alsace region which serves very good local cuisine.

Wha�'� In��u� e�

3 and 4 Star Hotels

Leaving the Vosges behind us, our scenic route into the Black Forest will see us cross the mighty Rhine before reaching our second base in Titisee Neustadt, a popular destination located at the southern end of the forest. Again guided riding days are on the menu providing you once again with great motorcycling routes for your enjoyment, and are particularly suited for pillion passengers.

Ideal for First Time Tourer


Our base for the next three nights is Mende, a lovely town situated on the banks of the River Lot. We stay in the heart of the town allowing time to explore at your leisure. We will have rides out each day and will be taking the opportunity to ride some fantastic roads, including the Gorges du Lot, Gorges de la Jonte and Gorges du Trevezel to name three! We also have a ride out to the famous Millau Bridge, an unmistakable engineering feat designed by British architect Norman Foster. Our return to base will include the Gorges du Tarn to complete a stunning and memorable day's riding.

After a memorable stay in Bourg, we sadly must leave the Alps behind as we make our way north. Our route takes us past Lake Annecy and into the Jura mountains where more scenery overload is encountered! Our route takes in some more N roads before we join the motorway which brings us to Dijon and our penultimate night's stay. After another day of excellent N roads and some motorway, we reach our final night's stay in a lovely hotel near the town of Bethune. From here it is a short fifty mile hop to the Port of Calais and our ferry home for what has been a remarkable tour of stunning mountain vistas and beautiful river gorges. Truly a tour to savour for many months to follow.

Wha�'� In��u�e� 13 Ni�ht� Qu��i�� A�c�moda�i�� 2 O�bo�r� F�r�� Re�i�n�� B�e�kfas� Ea�� M����n� Re���� ��r�� t� �K Re���� F�r�� T� D��m��� Re���� F�r�� T� N��w�� C���n� O� Bo�r� O����i�h� Cros��ng� M�� 2 E�r�p� T��� G�i�e� U�� � ��� ���� Fa���i��e� C����e�� T��� Pa��

Call 01744 778424 To make a booking by telephone Or click to Visit



Varied including mountain passe's

Our tour commences with a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais. We head south through Northern France making use of the motorway to enable us to achieve our first night's stop on the outskirts of Auxerre. We arrive in plenty of time to relax after our first day of the tour. Refreshed after a good night's sleep, we continue our journey south following N and D roads before using some of the A75 - a motorway in name but not by nature, and still a great road for bikes!


1400 Miles (approx)

This tour takes us to some of the most desirable roads a motorcyclist could wish for. Join us as we experience mountains, deep valley gorges with tumbling rivers, twisty tarmac and breath taking scenery as we visit the pick of the mountain and gorge regions in France.

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3 star hotels

Gorges and Mountains

and over more mountain passes as we head into the Haute-Savoie and the stunning French Alps. We base ourselves for the next three nights in a three star hotel with pool in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, within strolling distance of the town centre. From here, we ride out over several of the famous Alpine passes including the Col du l'Iseran, Col du Petit St. Bernard and Col de la Madeleine. Your guides will be leading rides out each day and, for those that wish there is the opportunity to do the 'Mont Blanc tour'. This is a circuit around Europe's highest mountain, passing through three countries (France, Switzerland and Italy). This is a long day, but for those that ride it the views and scenery are breath taking. Or you may elect to sit by the pool and relax! For those that do fancy a day off the bikes there is plenty to occupy you in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Take a ride up to Les Arcs 1600 on the funicular railway or spend some time pottering around the shops in the bustling town centre.

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Our tour is far from over as we head east, through the Cevennes and into the Vercours, passing through more beautiful gorges

Experienced Rider


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