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“It is not about the gender, it is how big your heart to love you want and passion.�

Girl Scouting is a worldwide movement that provides girls and young women, aged 4 to 21 years old, a non-formal educational program based on character development and the ideals of service. The Movement is open to girls and young women of diverse race and religion and cuts across social barriers. Membership is voluntary. The Movement is non-political and non-sectarian. It is independent and non-governmental and helps in nation-building through efforts pertaining to the home, school, church, government units and other agencies.

Meet theto beNew Girls are said weak but they are wrong, we are all equal. Girls can do anything a boy can do.


When I enter grade school, I joined an organization named “Girl Scouts”. I am active on it. At a very young age, the only thing I knew about it was I can make more friends and enjoy every activity. Until I was invited by a co-girl scout to participate in her work. She is a grade 9 student that time and I was just on my 6th grade. I was wondering what kind of work it is. And because of my curiosity to know more about it, I joined. At the end of her work, I found out that it was a project of the Girl Scouts Organization, the Chief Girl Scouts Medal Scheme (CGSMS). It helps every other girls to build their self-confidence and be able to help the world to make a better place. When I stepped on my 7th grade, I became more active of being a girl scout. My teacher encouraged me to participate in every activity that’s why I am able to go on different places. And also when I started to explore more about it. That’s when I started to attend different seminars and off-campus camps. I was elected as the treasurer of the Senior Planning Board of the Batangas City Council. And that develops my leadership skills. On the camping, it helps us to be more independent. They let us cook our foods without the help of an adult. Through participating it I earned a lot of badges. Because of the dedication and activeness that I showed, my troop leader asks me to be one of the candidates for the CGSMS. I don’t know what to feel that time but because I want to prove myself as a girl, i said “yes” to my troopleader. I started in attending the orientation for me to know more about it. And after that, my CGSMS journey began. Bernardo the honor of my work. With the help of my co-girl scouts I teach the mothers IKathryn admit that it’s really hard.received I spent my weekends on doing being the Hilot newMassage”. Pambansang the “Wellness It is not justambassadress me who benefited, also them for their livelihood. The paperwork is also there. I of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines today, have to make a narrative report on every session we’ve done. I only have 3 hours of sleep and sometimes no sleep just to meet February 22. the deadlines of submission. I almost give up but I always think I have started it already and this was my dream. Problems may occur I have faceevent it. And was i also have supportive Withbuther at tothe hermy mom Min family and friends who were there to guide and cheer me up. I Bernardo herbecause nieceI know Lexine, them continue doingand my work in theall endof it will be worth it. donning the iconic green uniform of the GSP. Kathryn also did a storytelling session with the other girl My scouts. responsibilities and advocacy for the Girl Scout’s movement doesn’t stop there. It is just the

beginning of everything.

“It is not about the gender, it is how big your heart to love you want and passion .”