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issue 11 Summer 2013

Under the Sea


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Ron Ben-Israel!


our chat with the amazing pastry chef and host of food network’s show, sweet genius

Let Them Eat Cake!


a night at the movies

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Style & Beauty

get the mermaidesque look

54 Stationery & Favors designer invitations under the sea favors

64 Forgotten Details the heat of the summer - an important reminder

67 Venue Spotlight at the aquarium - have your wedding under the sea

81 Behind the Scenes

behind the lens -details that make the shoot

91 Wedding Inspiration under the sea - designs to inspire you

112 Planning

under the sea -ideas for an modern look

116 Destination & Honeymoon cruise to love

119 Real Weddings & Engagements lynsie & james - wed

editor’s note ISSUE 11 Under the Sea

Dear Readers, Well our favorite time of year is upon us. Wedding season is coming into full swing and the air is turning warmer as summer is quickly approaching. For this issue, we thought it would be a great idea to focus on an “Under the Sea” wedding style/theme. This is a great style/theme for a summer wedding and a neat twist on the classic beach style/theme. We really had fun with this style/theme, because nature is full of so much beauty, and the life that makes their home under the sea is definitely no exception. We also had a chance to work with a great wedding designer, Aribella Events, to really bring this style/theme to life. Also in this issue, we made our annual trip to Let Them Eat Cake event to see some really incredible pastry chefs create some amazing cakes. This event is always a good time and for a good cause. We also had the chance to sit down with Ron Ben-Israel and get his take on wedding cakes, desserts, and so much more. So take the plunge with us, and go under the sea to see some of the great things we have in store for you!

xoxo, Jason and Heather

Editor-in-Chief Jason Kimble

Executive Editor/Creative Director Heather Kimble

Photography Contributors Jim Cottingham Carrie Gromis

Designer Contributor Tonia Adleta

Style Contributor

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Beauty Contributor

Would you like to be a beauty contributor? Email us!

Professional Contributors Michelle Tortuya Kris Membrino Nick Doak

Honeymoon Contributor Carlie Finch


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wedding day countdown

12 Months

4-3 Months

-Decide on your wedding budget and who’s contributing. -Appraise and insure your engagement ring. -Decide your wedding style and colors. -Choose your wedding date and time. -Interview and hire a wedding planner. -Start envisioning your wedding dress.

-Choose and order groomsmen attire. -Choose and order grooms attire. -Research and choose a rehearsal dinner site. -Choose and reserve all tables, chairs, and any other wedding rentals. -Make all your honeymoon reservations-airfare, hotel for your wedding night. -Put together hotel and city information for out- of-town guests.

9 Months -Choose your bridal party, ring bearer, flower girl, ceremony reader, etc. -Interview and hire a caterer. Begin planning your reception menu. -Finalize guest list. -Decide on your wedding officiant. -Look into any family customs or cultural traditions. -Research centerpieces, flowers, décor, etc. -Start your gift registry.

2-3 Months

-Purchase your accessories-jewelry, tiara, garter etc. -Purchase wedding bands. -Decide on your favors. -Purchase all your under the dress essentials and take them to your dress fittings. -Decide on special ceremony songs & readings. -Book wedding day transportation.

6-8 Months

6 Weeks

-Choose and order bridesmaids’ dresses. -Choose and order your wedding dress and veil. -Research and book vendors, eg. florist, baker, DJ, photographer etc. -Set aside blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. -Order and send out save-the-dates. -Research and buy wedding insurance. -Order your wedding invitations and wedding announcements.

-Send out wedding invitations -Order ceremony programs and decide on your wedding vows. -Submit your newspaper wedding announcement. -Research local marriage license requirements. -Schedule hair and makeup trial appointments. -Purchase entire bridal party, parent gifts etc. -Purchase and send out rehearsal dinner invitations.

3-4 Weeks -Purchase ceremony accessories. -Confirm honeymoon reservations. -Pick up marriage license and your wedding dress. -Meet with your officiant & musicians and/or DJ to go over details. -Create a wedding day schedule. -Have your bridal potraits and/or boudoir photog- raphy session. -Schedule wedding day hair and makeup appointments.

1-2 Weeks -Call guests who have not RSVP’d and make seating arrangements. -Confirm all details with your reception site. -Give guest count & confirm all details with your caterer and baker -Determine your receiving line. -Confirm all details with vendors etc. -Pack for your wedding night and honeymoon. -Put final payments and tips for vendors in marked envelopes.

Day Before -Designate someone to mail out your wedding announcements on the wedding day. -Pull together your wedding dress, all accessories, and emergency kit. -Designate someone to drop off items to ceremony and reception sites -Get manicure and pedicure. -Enjoy your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! -Set your alarm!

Wedding Day -Tell your parents how much you love them and thank them. -Set aside time after your ceremony to have a private moment together. -Enjoy your Wedding Day!

Q&A Q- I want to have favors at my wedding, but I don’t like the idea of them ending up in the trash. Are there favor options that aren’t bad for the environment?

Mermaidesque Style!

“Keep it simple and effortless with pops of blues, aquas, and a touch of shimmer. Let your hair down and dry naturally. Use a salt water spray to give your hair those beachy waves. A sheer pink lip and a braid or two will finish off this look.”

-Heather Kimble

A- Absolutely! Here is just a short list of eco-friendly favor options: Plantable Artisan Edibles Made with Bamboo Made with Natural/Organic Cotton Donate to a charity in guests honor Mini Flower/Herb pots Homemade/Artisan Soy Candles Terrarium Reusable Shopping bags Organic Teas/coffees

Q- My budget is so small. We can’t afford to rent plates, but I don’t want to use disposables and have them end up in a landfill somewhere. Help! A- Mismatched vintage china is a great option. You can borrow sets from your grandmother, other family members, and friends or you can purchase various sets from local thrift stores and yard sales.

If you would like to have your questions answered, please send them to

Executive Editor/Creative Director


Hi-Low Belted Ruffle Dress No Boundries


Jasmine - Sheer Neutral Pink Athens Korres


Mermaids Dream Deborah Lippmann


Beach Weekend Shimmering Fragrance Oil Victoria’s Secret


Aquadisiac and Freshwater Eyeshadow MAC

the hotlist 2 1




date night

Go Under the Sea

Snorkeling O

ne of the best ways to get a real feeling for an under the sea wedding is to actually experience being under the sea. Going snorkeling with your soon to be spouse is a great activity that allows you to get closer to the majestic beauty that lies in our expansive oceans. Here are some reasons that snorkeling can be a great date for you. 1. It’s relaxing. There’s just something about being under the ocean, surrounded by the calm quiet that can only be found under the water, and taking in all that the ocean has to offer. Just watching the fish swim by can make you feel at peace. 2. It’s educational. There really is no better way to see ocean life, than to get right in the thick of it. 3. It’s alive. Every time you go snorkeling, it’s a new experience. Because you are observing nature, it’s always changing and always different. Snorkeling is an experience that is really like nothing else in the world. It shows you just what you can see when you sit back a moment and truly take in the world around you. So get out those flippers and mask and have a great time!

style & beauty

Mermaid Gown Fashion designer, Priscilla Costa, shares a few of her ideas and thoughts on why a mermaid style gown is a fantastic choice. • The shape! “They remind us of the beautiful mermaids that live under the sea!” • Brides from petite to plus size look beautiful in the mermaid style gown and they love their gown. However, be aware of the type of fabric used and the construction of the gown. Talk to a specialist! “Loving what you are wearing is the most important, because you will feel special and comfortable with the piece and that makes you look elegant and pretty.” • Mermaid style gowns are very versatile. It doesn’t matter how formal or informal your wedding is. Fabric, construction, and embellishment can easily make the gown dressy or more casual. “The mermaid style fits destination, casual, and intimate weddings, as well as, black tie, formal, and traditional weddings.” Priscilla also adds, “It works for everybody without exceptions. It’s feminine, sexy, fun, and modern. You will look and feel like a muse. Just work around the right details to add to the dress and enhance your beauty even more.”

These two beautiful gowns are from Priscilla Costa’s collection.

Mermaid Beauty -Tips on achieving the Mermaidesque makeup lookBy Noreen Diani

1. Be sure to use shine free makeup products for photography purposes. 2. Use a neutral light skin tone eyeshadow on the entire eyelid. 3. In the crease of your eyes use an aqua blue eyeshadow. 4. Use an angled eyeliner brush and apply the aqua blue shadow under your eyes. 5. Apply false lashes and black mascara. 6. Lightly apply bronzer to your cheeks and cheekbones. 7. Use a light pink gloss on your lips.

Mermaid Waves -Tips on achieving the Mermaidesque hair style-

By Noreen Diani Nothing is more enviable than long, lustrous, wavy locks like on page 21. Those mermaid waves work for every occasion. But just exactly how can you transform your locks into mermaid hair?

1. Wash and condition hair as usual. 2. Dry your hair using a medium size round brush. Make sure your hair is completely dry! 3. Once you hair is dry use a 1 ¼ inch barrel curing iron and curl hair in ½ inch sections. 4. Once all your hair is curled run your fingers through it. 5. Pull some hair in the front and make two braids, one on each side, making the thickness about ½ inch. Braid all the way down to the end and secure with a small plastic rubber-band.

6. Then bring both braids to the back of your head. Tie a knot and secure with bobby pins. 7. Spray hairspray to finish the look.

-This hair style works great with medium shoulder length to long length hair with some slight long layers. -

For brides who want their hair up, and secure, you can follow directions above. Then simply twist curls and pin with bobby pins to secure the curls in a bun.


For brides with a bob cut you can use a 1 inch barrel curling iron and curl hair in ½ inch sections. Follow instructions above on the braids and use hairspray to finish.


Keep the weather in mind. If it’s too hot, too muggy, too windy, or too rainy outside you are always safe with your hair up. You can always test both styles and see which one will work best for you on your wedding day. Change things up and have both styles on your wedding day. Wear your hair down for ceremony and then just put your hair up for reception. Then just change up the light lipgloss for a brighter or darker version.




If you would like it’s about details to attend or cover your event email Heather at

Ron Ben-Israel

{Celebrity Guest Judge at the 2013 Let Them Eat Cake}


his year at the Let Them Eat Cake competition the celebrity judge was none other than Ron Ben-Israel. Ron Ben-Israel is an Israeli born pastry chef who is known for his beautiful wedding and special occasion cakes and is also the host of The Food Network’s hit show Sweet Genius. We had a chance to meet with him and find out his take on baking, cakes, and the wedding industry, as well as some great tips for brides and grooms. Born in 1957, Ron Ben-Israel started his life as a professional dancer at the age of 21. He actually didn’t get into the pastry world until after his 15 year career. “I needed a job,” said Ben-Israel when asked how he got into cakes. He had retired from dancing and explained he had two skills, art and cooking. He had gone to art school and had learned everything he knows about cooking and baking from his mother. After some thought he felt being a pastry chef was the best way for him to combine these talents and to start a new career. “I started out making cakes for friends and one of them said you should sell them.” Now his cakes are featured in magazines and at events all over the world. When sitting down with Ron Ben-Israel, we wanted to get ideas and tips from him for brides and grooms when selecting a baker and a cake. He told us that there are many tips he could share with our readers, but the most important things you can do is first, get recommendations. You want to find a baker and a design that you like. Second, taste the cakes. No matter how beautiful a cake is, making sure it tastes great is the utmost importance. Finally, be realistic about budget and expectations. Make sure your budget is workable for the number of people and the type of cake you want. You also need to make sure what you expect and what can be delivered are equal. He also pointed out that when you find a beautiful cake in a magazine, you can’t expect a baker who has never done a cake like that to produce exactly what is in the picture without some practice. Just like with everything else, you get what you pay for. Ron Ben-Israel also pointed out the importance of having the right cake for your event. As he put it, “I would rather have a more simple, beautiful cake that is delicious and is big enough to feed everyone than to have a complex small cake with sheet cakes in back.” He referred to this practice that is being used more and more lately as cheating. As for cupcakes and sweets tables, his opinion was very clear. Nothing beats the visual impact of a beautiful and delicious cake. Cupcakes are fine for a party, but on your wedding day, get a cake! Giving back is also very important to Ron Ben-Israel. Not only did he help out with City of Hope for this year’s Let Them Eat Cake, he is an active member in the New York based City Harvest Food Council. He also gives back to the industry by teaching new up and coming pastry chefs at the International Culinary Center in New York City.

Let Them Eat Cake {A Night at the Movies}


he time has come once again for us to attend City of Hope’s 8th annual Let Them Eat Cake! Each year confectionary professionals take on the challenge to capture a theme and make it into a beautiful and delicious wedding cake. This event attracts brides-to-be and their families, as well as cake lovers, and wedding professionals. As always, all proceeds go to the City of Hope Philadelphia Chapter and help them with their work. This year’s theme was “A Night at the Movies” and the entrants were excellent. There were over 20 cakes to see and taste. Each of them took a different variation of the theme. Whether it was embodying classic movies like the Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, or Friday the 13th or showing off the ambience of actually being at the movies; there was something here for everyone. This year’s cakes really took things to the next level with some of them incorporating motion, sound, lighting, and even video effects. There was also a great variety of cake flavors to indulge your taste buds. Between the sights, the sounds, and the tastes; it was easy to get lost in the night at the movies. This year’s celebrity guest judge was Ron Ben Israel, famous pastry chef and host of The Food Network’s hit show Sweet Genius. We had an opportunity to spend some time interviewing him and learning a little bit more about his take on the cake industry. As you can see from our interview found on page 26, he has a lot of great insight and tips for our brides and grooms!

stationery & favors

Beautiful designer stationery from Gourmet Invitations {See full table designs on page 91}

Orange Crush {page 54}

The stationery brings the party to the table with teal sequined place cards and menu cards.

Coral Reef {page 55}

The place card and menu card mirror the line of the shell-shaped plate exactly and are printed on a subtle metallic stock, complementing the hues of the succulent coral reef.

White Sands {page 56}

The menu cards mimic the weave of the linens and nod to the shapes already present in the tablescape.

Under the Sea Favor Ideas from

Beach Fan with Underwater Seascape

Mini Clear Glass Bottle with Cork

Kissing Fish Mini Candles

Coral Bottle Stopper

“Perfect Catch” Stylized Bottle Opener

Starfish Glass Candle Holder/Dish

forgotten details

the Heat of the Summer S

ummer is a very popular season for weddings. Most summer brides are so excited for their upcoming wedding and the beautiful weather they forget how hot it can actually get in the summer months. If you’re planning your wedding indoors, it’s likely that you won’t need to worry much about high temperatures outdoors. However, if you plan on having your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, or entire wedding outside you need to really think about timing. Make sure not to time your wedding outside at midday. The sun is strongest at midday and neither you nor your guests will be comfortable outside during that time. Have the start time of your wedding around the late afternoon or early evening. Enjoying cocktails and dinner during the sunset, simply romantic!

venue spotlight

At the Aquarium Have your wedding under the sea. Be sure to visit and research your own local aquarium.


inding the right venue for your wedding day is very important. When you are having a wedding that has a specific style/theme, it is a major part in keeping the ambience and the continuity of the style/theme flowing throughout the event space. When working with an “under the sea� style/theme, the venue makes up a big part of the day. How can one convey being under the sea without being under the sea? How about an aquarium venue?

Having your wedding at your local aquarium is a great way to experience the undersea world and the beauty of nature. It really can capture the feeling of the deep blue sea. Imagine saying your vows in front of your friends, relatives, and thousands of beautiful tropical fish or sharks. Depending on where you are live at, most areas have an aquarium. Many of them are equipped to host weddings. Some even offer their own in house catering service. They offer many services and amenities like the more traditional wedding venues. The difference is that the aquarium offers these with a more unique twist. Another thing that makes an aquarium wedding a great idea, is the fact that, it is an exotic location. There are so many different aspects of the aquarium that can make it unique from other venues. Whether you are talking about having your ceremony in front of a giant fish tank or having pictures taken by a shark tank, there are so many interesting and exciting parts to this type of venue. It is also a great place for pictures, as there are many photo spots throughout the venue that are unlike anywhere else. If you are looking for a fun and exciting wedding with a real unique twist, don’t be scared to check out your local aquarium. You never know what might find.

behind the scenes

all in the details Hair/Makeup: A Bridal Beauty Models: Claire Mahoney Dress: Priscilla Costa Floral/Design: Aribella Events Coral Reef: Gateway Garden Linens: Gala Linens Stationery: Gourmet Invitations

wedding inspiration

Under the Sea

{Designs to Inspire You} By Tonia Adleta


orking with a specific style/theme for your wedding or event can provide a great backdrop or foundation for your guests’ experience. Whether it’s a little touch of whimsy or just providing consistency across a variety of design elements, the key to working with a style/theme is creativity – balanced with a little restraint. When we started with the style/theme of “Under the Sea” we brainstormed several ideas, everything from what we could imagine a mermaid’s wedding table to be like to the idea of a wedding in a submarine. (I’ll admit, even the “Under the Sea” high school dance from Back to the Future went thru my mind!) Focusing on three separate looks within the style/theme allowed us to fine-tune the design process.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres The over-the-arm bouquet (on the cover) featured a selection of tropical flowers and handcreated glamilias, tied with cream satin ribbon over natural stems. Included flowers: mokara orange dendrobium orchids, fire opal psitttacorum, pincushion orange pattersonia, anthurium in salmon, candlelight garden roses, and glamilias (hand-fashioned from gladiolas.) Anthurium flowers, in white and salmon, provided the base for the small round, natural stem bouquet. Anchored into a shell, the boutonniere included succulents and dendrobium orchids.

Coral Reef The inspiration for “Coral Reef ” came from Holly Burnett, one of Aribella Events’ lead designers. Her work often incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly elements and the coral reef, made with a range of succulents, bromeliads and mini-orchids, provides the best of sand and sea; all of which can be repurposed and enjoyed again after the wedding. The rich taffeta linen repeated the idea of an ocean’s wave in pale blue and deep teal stitching over a dark taupe base, offset by the teal shell-shaped plate. The place card and menu card mirror the line of the shell-shaped plate exactly and are printed on a subtle metallic stock, again complementing the hues of the succulent coral reef.

Orange Crush It’s impossible to think of life under the sea without imagining bright and vibrant colors; a deep energetic blue, first from our beach glass vase, with a range of oranges, from our individualsize fish vases to the unusual shells and selection of tropical flowers were combined. The linens include both a lame and organza sheer in teal to provide depth and texture and the stationery brings the party to the table with teal sequined place cards and menu cards. The flowers included unusual varieties like pincushion orange pattersonia and psitttacorum in fire opal, along everyday favorites like dendrobium orchids in mokara orange and garden roses in “candlelight.�

White Sands “White Sands� started simply with the idea of a neutral color palette, playing on the iridescent shades of white to taupe found on any beachcombing walk. When working with a neutral palette texture takes center stage; contrasting the rough shells with smooth pearls, even the weave of the linens play a larger role. The menu cards mimic the weave of the linens and nod to the shapes already present in the tablescape. Introducing the anthurium flowers with their smooth petals, in both white and salmon, provided just enough contrast in the shading to incorporate the natural range of colors found in the shells.


Under The Sea

An Updated, Modern Look for your Wedding Day By Michelle Tortuya

Designing an under the sea styled/themed wedding doesn’t always have to be about seashells and blue hues. Your Under the Sea Soiree can be super creative and modern for a more original and stunning look. Here are a few ideas to incorporate for a totally doable design scheme.

-ColorsSandy brown and turquoise blue are definitely pretty, but are often combined for an ocean-front wedding venue’s overall look. If you want to wow guests and add some pop to your color combos, use jewel tones, glittery fabrics, and darker shades of the past favorites.

-AccentsStarfish and seashells – token pieces that used to define the ocean style wedding. The sea is such a great base for finding some wonderful ideas that are far removed from tradition. There are also a ton of internet sites that offer affordable, fun, and beautiful accent pieces that you can use to enhance your event space. Colored rocks and crystals, glass bottles and vases, textured fabric for table runners, candle holders that offer a glow similar to sunlight in the water, and flowers not usually seen in centerpieces all make for a super creative theme.

-LightingThe easiest way to transform and jazz up a room is to add specialty lighting. Long gone are the days you only have the choice of three colors for a wall – today, you can add lighting in the form of patterns, monograms, and pictures. For a layered effect, try draping fabric on one or more walls, and then adding the lighting on top. You can also custom create a pattern to glow on your dance floor – maybe that of water or waves.

destination & honeymoon

Cruise to LOVE! E

veryone’s wedding experience is different. No matter what, you will have a different feeling than the next person. There is one thing, however, that we can all agree o, it goes by like a whirlwind, and when it’s over your head is spinning. For this reason alone, it is important to pick a fun and relaxing honeymoon experience. While there are many great honeymoon destinations, one that is a popular choice is taking a cruise. Cruises are a really fun time and offer as much or as little as you want to do. You can spend the day relaxing on the deck or take part in a variety of activities and excursions. Cruises have something for everyone, whether you want to keep busy or just kick back. Another great thing about a cruise is that most are all inclusive. Once you get on the boat, you don’t have to worry about food or drinks. Everything is already figured out for you. This way you can take your mind off of everything, just have fun and relax with your new spouse. What better way to spend time together than on a secluded beach or sailing into the sunset? Not only is taking a cruise for your honeymoon a great idea, it is one of the easier honeymoons to plan. You already have a lot on your mind getting ready for your wedding day. Taking a cruise just makes life that much easier. Book the cruise and you are all set. Taking a cruise is a great way to spend your honeymoon. It’s a low stress, fun, and romantic way to take the time to just enjoy being married. So sit back and let the boat do the rest. You will be enjoying all new horizons soon.

real weddings & engagements

Lynsie & James May 17th, 2012 made u look photography

Watch their wedding video here!

d.i.y spotlight

Message in a Bottle Invitation

A Real Bride Bottles with corks Invitations Printer Clear embossing powder Heat gun Raffia Mango scented oil Sand and seashells Labels (sticky and nonstick) Bone folder

Directions 1. Design desired invitation and cut paper into 5x15 pieces 2. Print the invitation. As each invitation prints spread clear embossing powder all over the invitation. 3. Take a heat gun and use to set the embossing powder on each invitation. 4. Use the bone folder to fold each invitation. Fold in two parts so that contents of the invitation will not be seen until opened. 5. Roll each invitation so that it fits in the bottle. 6. Cut a long piece of raffia and tie to each scroll/invitation. The raffia must be long enough to extend outside the bottle and attach to a label. 7. Take the mango scented and add a few drops to each bottle. 8. Add the sand and seashells to each bottle. 9. Place the invitations in each bottle. 10. Dip the corks in the mango oil. 11. Seal each bottle with a cork. 12. Attached your desired sticky label. 13. Tie the nonstick labels to the raffia.

Our Review This diy is perfect for the “under the sea� style/theme. Make sure you set aside an evening to devote to putting your message in a bottle invitations together. If you don’t want to design your own invitations simply find a design you love and that will be relatively easy to roll and fit inside the bottles. Instead of mango scented oil try coconut, sea breeze, or another scent you like.

professional spotlight

Wedding Designer/Planner

Aribella Events Sy Photography

Owner: Tonia Adleta E-Mail: Website: Phone: (484) 843-1265

We had the opportunity to meet Tonia, of Aribella Events, at the Society of Wedding Planner’s, “Whose Table is It Anyway” event. Her table design at the event was beautiful, and after chatting with her, we knew we wanted to learn more about her and her business. Aribella Events is a wedding planning and design company that offers a variety of services to help brides and grooms put together an amazing wedding day. We also had the chance to work with her on this issue and really enjoyed it.

Q. Tell us about yourself. Personality, likes, dislikes: Starbucks addict. Detail-oriented and determined dreamer. Collector of passport stamps and the accompanying memories. Mom. Daughter. Friend. Mentor. Lover of vintage fashion and jewelry. Creative. Visionary.

Q. How long have you been a wedding designer/planner? Just over fifteen years now. I planned my first client’s wedding while I was a Junior in college and had three weddings under my belt before walking across the stage for my degree. I’ve worked in the special events industry in some capacity nearly ever since.

Q. What made you choose this profession? I knew I wanted to be a wedding planner before anyone really knew what that was; I grew up in a very hospitable home, learning the fine art of entertaining at an early age. There’s just something magical about bringing people together and creating moments to celebrate.

Q. Why did you start your own business? My entrepreneurial streak makes it a challenge for me to be in a cubicle or even set schedule day in and day out. I thrive on creativity and being able to balance the big vision of an event with the myriad details required to bring the vision to life.

Q. What do you love most about being a wedding designer/planner? The relationships I get to create and invest in, with my clients and my preferred partners and being a part of an industry that celebrates love, creativity, and beauty.

Pictures by Todd

Q. What services do you offer brides and grooms? Everything we do is custom; we provide as much or as little as our clients need. From wedding and event planning to full design and decor, we’re able to meet our clients wherever they are in the planning process. (Venue and vendor research and selection, design concept and execution, bridal party and event floral, stationery, favors and gifts, honeymoon travel, bar/bat mitzvahs and sweet 16s, anniversary parties, non-profit galas, etc.)

Q. What style best describes your work? We’re always looking for a fresh perspective, something just a bit different than what’s been done before. Timeless, elegant, and unexpected.

Q. What are some of your favorite wedding memories? Elizabeth’s tears, first during her vows and then when she saw her reception for the first time, the look on Stephanie’s face when she realized her husband and I coordinated a surpise renewal of their vows, Jeff ’s note of gratitude after the wedding, Marie’s father’s tears as he walked her down the aisle… each wedding has a favorite moment.

Q. What advice do you have for brides and grooms? Be sure to schedule time together during the planning process that has nothing to do with the wedding and guard it religiously; invest in your relationship. Pay special attention in selecting your wedding planner, photographer and filmmaker; every other vendor can be selected on the final product but you need to actually *like* us. Not only will we be with you all day on your wedding, the more comfortable you are with the photographer and videographer, the more naturally they will capture your memories. And as for your planner and designer, there’s nothing better than having someone “get” you and your vision, become a friend thru the planning process, and then execute your plans so you can focus on enjoying the moment with your family and friends.

Cindy Guessford

Sy Photography

Sy Photography

Sy Photography

Sy Photography

Enlightened Styles - AR No need to rush around on your Wedding Day. On location Hairstylist and Makeup Artist comes to your home or hotel. We come to you to help make your Wedding Day Hair and Make up as relaxing as possible. You can sit back look and feel beautiful and enjoy your special Wedding Day.

Jim Cottingham Photography - NJ, PA Jim Cottingham Photography is one of Philadelphia and surrounding areas premiere photographers. Providing excellent quality and exceptional service from New York to DC. Fashion. Lifestyle. Commercial. Portrait. Event. Weddings Print. And so much more.

* Phone: 609-320-2146 *

* Phone: 540-560-2957 *

Bridal Brooch Bouquets - LA The memories of your wedding will last a lifetime, so can your bouquet! Let us create your something old, new, borrowed & blue brooch bouquet!

* Phone: 225-266-6575 *

JTD Productions - MA JTD Professional DJ Services has over 20 years experience creating just the right atmosphere for everything from elegant country weddings to all night dance fests. We have the experience, the insurance, the backup systems, everything. We free your mind, so you can have maximum fun on your big day or night.

* Phone: 845-853-8912 *

NY Artistry - NY

As a professional makeup artist with a lifetime of style and artistic vision, Dede, brings cutting-edge techniques and creative application in turning our undressed faces into beautiful ones. Whether you are looking for a subtle, natural look or a more dramatic one, she uses HD friendly products to create a perfect photo finish.

* Phone: 212-542-0414 *

Maria Ramagli Beauty - NY, NJ, PA Providing full spectrum makeup artistry application and techniques for print, video, television, film, and freelance for bridal and all special event needs. Servicing NY, NJ and PA. Proficient in producing creative and technically perfect visual representations

* Phone: 856-425-6632 *

Love the Way You Wed - NJ, PA Love The Way You Wed offers Day of the Wedding coordination services. I am here to carry out those last minute details or hiccups that may arrise on your wedding day. With this, the bride and groom can feel like a guest at their own wedding.

* Phone: 856-404-4848 *

Andrew Reiner Photography - NJ, PA Andrew Reiner Photography specializes in creative photojournalism style wedding photography. He takes pride in capturing all the unique colors, details, and emotions of your special day. Available in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and for Destination weddings. Now booking for 2012-2013. Free e-session with booking.

* Phone: 609-332-6171 *

Kim Alicea Makeup Artistry - NJ, PA, DE I was born with a brush in my hand! Painting faces is my passion. I have been a Makeup Artist for 25 years. It’s my passion. It’s in my heart, my mind and my soul. I am the daughter of an artist/painter and the grandaughter of the same. Working regionally in NJ, PA and DE

* Phone: 856-979-2781 *

Dlux - NJ, NY, PA Dlux is a professional hair and makeup company located in New York and New Jersey and serving New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We provide services for all occasions and cater to, both, private and production events, specializing in editorials and couture with.

* Phone: 609-387-4367 *

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Carrie Lorraine Photography - PA Capture moments that last a lifetime, customize your wedding photography package with Carrie Lorraine! Offering photo booths, stylized and journalistic photography, videography, multiple photographer coverage, and engagement sittings for your traditional or non-traditional wedding.

* Phone: 717-368-9672 *

Priscilla Costa Brazil - PA Great quality is put into each piece, only the richest natural fabrics are used, and personal attention is paid to the smallest details. Her pieces range from made-to-order wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and evening wear to accessories such as veils and necklaces, all fine garments with exquisite finishes.

* Phone: 215-938-1009 *

The Master’s Baker - PA We are a family bakery that has been creating custom wedding and party cakes for every occasion over 40 years now. We stand out by baking from our scratch recipe, using a real butter cream icing while throwing in some ideas of our detailed fondant work. We LOVE what we do!

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* Phone: 610-436-9888 *

Calligraphy & Illustration - VT The elegance of your event begins when your invitations arrive at your guests’ homes with hand calligraphed addresses by Ann Kremers. Ann can provide all your social calligraphy needs including seating charts, menus and invitation design as well as illustrated marriage certificates and vows.

* Phone: 802-442-7108 *

Memorable Celebrations - Worldwide We are an online wedding accessory resource offering an amazing range of accessories and decorations. Included are many exclusive designs created specifically with today’s Brides in mind. Combined with perennial favorites, our collection is unmatched in selection, quality and value.

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Xhilaration Marine Blue 2-Piece Swimsuit

Charlotte Russe Fireball, Skull, and Beaded Bracelet Set

Colors Under the Sea!

7 things to love: Eco-Friendly edition

Wet n’ Wild Nouveau Pink Silk Lipstick



fin S


ge S


Wate rp


Eye L


Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect SPF 40


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