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recipe super moist delicious apple cake

SUPER MOIST DELICIOUS APPLE CAKE Ingredients: Apple Filling 6 sweet apples (I suggest Granny Smith or Pink Lady) 20g butter 60ml water

METHOD 1. Peel, quarter, core and slice apples. 2. Place in a large saucepan with sugar water.

4. Add melted butter and mix gently.

3. Bring to boil.

5. Pour half the cake batter into a cake or lamington tin.

4. Reduce heat, stirring gently so as to not break the apples.

6. Top with apples, then pour remaining batter on top.

5. Continue to cook until tender but still hold their shape.

7. Bake 170°C until golden and springs back when touched.

6. Strain, add butter. 7. Allow to cool. Ingredients: Cake

8. Pour a super thin layer of lemon icing over the top while still hot. 9. When cool cut into slices, Enjoy!

4 eggs (separated) 177g sugar

Ingredients: Lemon Icing (optional)

30g sour cream

250g icing sugar

10g lemon zest (optional)

2.5g lemon zest

Pinch salt

5g butter or margarine (melted)


22g lemon juice

30g rum or whisky or sherry

5g water

250 grams unsalted butter

METHOD 1. >OPZRLNN^OP[LZ\U[PSÅ\ќ`HKKZ\NHY[VMVYTHTLYPUN\L mixture. 2. Add salt to the yolks. Beat with a fork and then add to the whites. 3. (KK[OLÅV\YZV\YJYLHTHUKHSJVOVS4P_NLU[S`0MHKKPUN zest, do it now.

METHOD 1. Mix together to form a smooth runny paste, in a microwave safe bowl. 2. Heat for about 10 seconds. Spread over warm cake *Special Notes: If you are short on time - tinned pie apples can be used with similar results. Just add cinnamon and a touch of sugar. page 67

Australasian Baker Magazine Issue 33  
Australasian Baker Magazine Issue 33