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sourdough library

ABOVE AND RIGHT: Inside the Puratos Sourdough Library Facility

“Fermentation may KDYHEĂŚQDJUHDWHU GLVFRYHU\ĂŤDQĂ UHĂ“ David Rains Wallace

:V\YKV\NOTLHUZKPŃœLYLU[[OPUNZ[V KPŃœLYLU[WLVWSLHUKYLTHPUZHSTVZ[HZ mysterious today as it did when it was Ă„YZ[KPZJV]LYLK>OPSZ[^LOH]LSLHYU[ how to manage it a little better, and even manipulate its characteristics and performance, there is still so much we don’t know, or really understand about what sets one sourdough apart from HUV[OLY;OPZJHUVŃœLYZPNUPĂ„JHU[

challenges when reading books about or following recipes on sourdough, there are just so many variables in the equation, and what works for one sourdough doesn’t automatically work the same for another. That however, is beginning to change. The Puratos World Heritage Sourdough 3PIYHY`^HZPUP[PH[LKPU^HZĂ„UHSS`

Ă„UPZOLKHUKVWLULKPU^P[O ZV\YKV\NOZ[OLĂ„YZ[[^VVM^OPJOJHTL from French Baker, Eric Kayser, from his bakeries in Paris. Many more have been added since; from around the globe: Italy, Hungary, Greece, USA, China, the Netherlands, and Portugal, to name but a few. They continue to search and add to the collection to keep the library growing so that the true biodiversity can be discovered.

The Puratos Sourdough Philosophy: There are 3 main reasons for the existence of the sourdough library: 1. Preserve the biodiversity of sourdough - All over the world there are plenty of bakers making sourdough. Our aim is to collect and preserve the sourdoughs that are coming MYVTHZWLJPĂ„JYLNPVUTHKLMYVTHZWLJPĂ„JĂ…V\YVYYLJPWLHUKOH]PUNHZWLJPĂ„JZ[VY` etc. The sourdoughs are stored, analysed and documented for the future. 2. Backup - A sourdough is the soul of the bakery. We can always provide a sample back to the donors in case their sourdough will be lost due to a failure in the bakery. 3. Communication - Not only for us, the library is of great value to communicate about. It shows our knowledge on sourdough, V\YWHZZPVUPUIYLHKIHRPUN0[PZ[OLZ`TIVSVMV\YSLHKLYZOPWPUUH[\YHSMLYTLU[H[PVU(JLY[PĂ„JH[LHUKHZ`TIVSPJRL` (to enter the library) is given to the donor in order to communicate towards its customers about the preservation of the ZV\YKV\NON\HYHU[LLPUN[OH[[OLĂ…H]V\Y[OL`SPRLZVT\JO^PSSUL]LYILSVZ[ “We want to understand what makes each one so special, so when they arrive they are analysed in our laboratory to see ^OH[SHJ[PJHJPKIHJ[LYPHHUKUH[\YHS`LHZ[ZTHRL[OLTKPŃœLYLU[;OPZPUMVYTH[PVUPZ[OLUZ[VYLKMVY[OLM\[\YLP[ÂťZWHY[VMV\Y contribution to the world’s collective knowledge of sourdough breads.â€?

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Australasian Baker Magazine Issue 33  
Australasian Baker Magazine Issue 33