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n째17, 21st of January, 2010

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Dear friends, fans and passing smiles, full moon inspires some artists. Full snow inspires bad cats. Therefore, a bunch of news await you on this 17th issue of Awanews. By the way, everyone talks about it:music business has changed quite a lot these last years. One can say it's going back to the time of classical composers such as Mozart, who were paid by patronage rather than on the sales of their records, for the good reason that there were no records then. :D

Now, the tangible records (vinyls, CDs) tend to vanish and artists need to find sponsors again to make a living with their work. You too can become a sponsor of the Awaken Galaxy, and becoming a part of the magnetic mission of Awaken / Snowcat / Nekokawa. Just click on the donate button and make your choice :

How exciting it can be to feel that the next release will have something to do with your donation! :) Well, more news are waiting for you on the Awa-news 17, so...

... go!

What are the hottest news in Awaken's Universe?

More than watching the wheels

On a snowy Wednesday of January, Snowcat was kindly invited to sing and play live at the radio show Comme Sur Des Roulettes.

After an interesting discussion with the journalists and the airplay of "How Many 'L' Were In Your Name?" + the It's Oh! Music version of "Wasabi Kiss", it was time for a piano-voice minimalist live set to experiment visions and feelings music can bring in an unusual place.

The songs were sometimes supported by the team who used several objects to pretend a drummachine. Amazing! An improvisation based on team member Annette's poetry started the show. Thereafter, the setlist was: -They Burn The Mountain -Diamond Ring Department / Riding The Yellow Line Gives Vibrations -Excerpts from: ~ A´o Dzài Màu Hô`ng ~ My Last Evening In Ôita ~ Don’t Worry Em Mèo ~ Nha.c Cho Em Mèo ~ The Blue Hanger -Beppu Nights Comme Sur Des Roulettes used to air on Radio Si, but now they spread their shows on internet and sonn back on air. We'll tell you the frequency once we know it.


It is out! The double compilation album Evidence(s) is the result of a long process that started 2 years ago. The idea was to gather indies musicians whose common ground was to be members of the forum of Genesis-fr, the official French site dedicated to English band Genesis. Despite a common passion for Genesis, it was not planned to do yet another tribute album, but most likely an original compilation with contributors' own pieces. And don't expect clones of Banks, Collins, Rutherford, Wilson, Phillips and c° either: Evidence(s) has surprisingly little to do with the style of the band of Invisible Touch, Calling All Stations or Nursery Cryme.

As you can guess, your beloved Awaken recorded a song for the album: a brand new take of Blurping The Blurp, for those who remember the acid ice cream era. Awaken's brother artists like Sousbock, Nicolas Leroy, TrustNo1 and Zoé de York are also part of the project. CD1 1. Amanyth A Town Called Kill (07.14) 2. Matis Journey Through the Mind (07.06) 3. Salmacis The End (04.17) 4. Big Gremlin Catwalks (14.34) 5. Owl Geezer Tree Mantra Sardonique (06.53) 6. Squonk 66 Back To Life (10.00) 7. Qurtis Oriane Express (04.36) 8. NicOzark Tightrope Walk (13.08) CD2 1. Sousbock Le vide et l'imparfait (07.48) 2. Le Nobre Le sourire de Chaplin (03.11) 3. Phil VSD Piano Sound (03.42) 4. Lord Sinclair Ode à la mer (10.17) 5. TrustNo1 Atlas (17.38) 6. Zoé De York Face The Change (05.53) 7. Awaken Blurping The Blurp (09.43) The two CD's are available online here:


Lucky you: you can hear excerpts of Awaken's single "How Many 'L' Were In Your Name?" on our Myspace and on It's Oh! Music site.

After Awaken's single How Many 'L' Were In Your Name?, rumour has it that Gilles Snowcat is preparing his new single, another excerpt from the album This Mouth (nha.c cho em Mèo) to be on sale around February or March of this year.

Our virtual discography page has been updated with an easier navigation and more reviews. Begin your magnetic trip here and now!

Artists sometimes say very smart sentences, with or without knowing.

It's rock'n'roll philosophy time!

The more I can learn about music, the more I learn about other things. (Pat Metheny)

What happened in January some years ago?

Let's jump into Awa-news' time machine...

14/01/1938: Producer Allen Toussaint comes on Earth to start his journey.

23/01/1978: Terry Kath, from Chicago fame, goes to his final destination, with a little help with a toy in shape of a real gun.

25/01/1988: The Cross releases the album Shove It. All songs are written by Queen's Roger Taylor.

You like Awaken? You *will* like this album:

PHILIP GLASS, Music With Changing Parts (1973)

Remasters are in many cases a good way to make some more money (which is not a bad thing in itself), but on an artistic point of view, the new mix is in many cases unnecessary and sometimes even worse than the vinyl version (cf Deep Purple's 3rd album). The only interest in remasters is in the bonus tracks -when there are some. Vinyl albums are still unbeatable for those who are old enough to have grown up under their protection. There's one exception though: Phil Glass' long hypnotic pieces that were rudely interrupted by a fade-out at the end of each side of the record. Do you remember the double vinyle of Music With Changing Parts? Not only were there three cuts in the opus, but also the sides were not following each other in the right order! Now, thanks to the CD era, we can enjoy Glass' unusual music and get our full hypnosis session without moving from our bed/seat/etc... Music With Changing Parts This open score performance could last up to 2 hours, following the group's inspiration. was

written in 1970 and played several times by the Philip Glass Ensemble in the first half of the 70s. A version was recorded in 71 and released two years later. is known as being a bit more psychedelic than Glass' usual work at the time, but there are all the characteristics of his music during the 62 minutes of that masterpiece. Is it a good album to discover the Philip Glass Ensemble? Although it is not the most accessible, you'll surely be caught by the hypnotic human loops: everything is played from A to Z.No sequencer, no tape. Humans with fingers. Links:

Next issue of your beloved Awa-news will tell you more about Gilles Snowcat's solo single. If you please. :) Take care and see you!

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[downloadable pdf version here]

AWA NEWS Vol.17  
AWA NEWS Vol.17  

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