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n째12, 26th of November, 2009

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Dear friends, fans and passing smiles, time is time, time is passing by, every year it's getting shorter... so, time to...

...jump into Awa-news number 12!

Artists sometimes say very smart sentences, with or without knowing.

It's rock'n'roll philosophy time!

An audience is like a dame. If it ain't sincere, it's over. (Frank Sinatra)

What are the hottest news in Awaken's Universe?

Awa-news library

From now on, all issues of Awa-news are stored on It's Oh! Music site! Complete your collection now! Links:

Our interview:

MUZ: I'm a big fan of Awaken!

If you like to put labels and stickers on the music you listen to, I wish you good luck when it comes to define the style of Muz. Like some early King Crimson or late Talk Talk records, Muz doesn't seem to follow any rule and takes you where you least expected. It can make his albums sometimes difficult to understand, but when everything seems to have been said in music, they're suddenly refreshingly challenging. The newest one is Hidden Tracks, and is, believe it or not, easier to access for newbies. -Nice to meet you, Muz. Please use three words to introduce yourself. -Muz: Virtual musician contemplative. -What brought you to become an active musician? -Muz: Probably some old vinyl or tape, plus my curiosity to all possible way to express myself (but music is not the older thing I wanted to do for that). -Your music is rather complex and rich. Where are your limits, if you have any? -Muz: My limits are just the borders of my imagination... and of course my interest and/or my capacity to use some instruments and my voice (that I don't like to much). -Among your work, what is the piece that you think represents you the most, and why? -Muz: I don't know. Most of my songs were made to be a part of an album (I like to think that an album is not just a compilation of mixed pieces). But I can say that one of my favorite songs is "Slumber Party" because it's a good glimpse of my "style". -Any song you’re ashamed of, and why? -Muz: I think all my worst songs are already erased, some pieces are not good but there are like a cogwheel of the machine... -If you had a magic wand, in what band would you play right now? -Muz: Any. I want to be free to work my own thing even I think it will be nice to work with others people. -What would you say to Awa-news readers who might not know you, to convince them to listen to your albums? -Muz: Go listen to my music morons! :) No, seriously, I can just say that I try to made a "contemplative music" even it's sometimes more odd than contemplative. It's essentially an instrumental music (but I sing too since few time) and I try always to vary any of it's component, without to forget that it is made for listening and not just playing. -Have you tried to record some covers and if yes, which ones? -Muz: No never. Maybe I should do that...

-Last but not least, would you openly admit that you are an Awaken fan? -Muz: Yes for sure, I'm a big fan of Awaken! Links:

What's hot on the web side? Awa-net surfed for you and found this:

M!OSAIC: "Find Out Your Missing Pieces In Our Show!"

The indie music scene is no longer only a counterpower from angry musicians against the establishment, it kinda became an establishment in itself. The scene grew up thanks to the arrogance and contempt from profit-only-based record companies. Indies labels became what majors are not anymore: companies that search for the balance between art and profit. The indie scene not only has labels, but also distributors, shops (the wonderful CD Baby) and online radios. M!osaic is not "just one more indie online radio", it is a unique site focussing on the Vietnamese music scene with news, articles, reviews, interviews, a user-friendly interface and, last but not least, that avoids the annoying gossip that spoils medias nowadays. M!osaic started in 2007 through channels like Yahoo!360 (famous among Vietnamese people) and is now running on its own. Their slogan is appealing and promising: "Find Out Your Missing Pieces In Our Show!". So, how about a visit to M!osaic to discover more about Vietnamese music and, why not, find out your missing piece? URL:

What happened on November some years ago?

Let's jump into Awa-news' time machine...

22/11/1988: Pink Floyd release Delicate Sound of Thunder, their first live album since 1969 Ummagumma.

25/11/1974: Nick Drake lets the needle do the damage.

27/11/1959: Simple Minds' guitar player Charlie Burchill comes to Earth. The picture doesn't show Mr Burchill, but the unexpected power of his wild guitar soli on the audience.

You like Awaken? You *will* like this album:

GENESIS, Wind & Wuthering (1977)

Music and autumn are good friends. What other season can depict nostalgia like autumn? What other music than the melancholic tunes of Genesis can represent the falling leaves, the smell of the wood under a storm, and the noise of a fire in a house in mid-November? Wind & Wuthering is one of those zero-default albums, where high-technology of the second half of the 70's is perfectly matching a high level of musical skills and inspiration. It shows a bunch of beautiful complex ideas from Tony Banks ("One For The Vine", "All In A Mouse's Night"), a splendid and moving piece from Hackett and Collins ("Blood On The Rooftops"), a gentle folk song from Rutherford ("Your Own Special Way") and great group efforts that shows an alchemy that could hardly get better. That might be why Hackett left after the tour, leaving the three remaining members become a strong nucleus that would write many more great pieces in the future. Banks is at his peak (but he would stay there two more decades, at least until the wonderful Calling All Stations), Collins gets more and more involved into the songwriting -and his voice tends to have moments of pure emotion, Hackett is so inspired that he finds Genesis too restrictive for him, and Rutherford is kind of waking up, before writing his real masterpieces on the next two albums ("Say It's Alright Joe", "Snowbound", "Man Of Our Times" and "Alone Tonight"). If you're looking for beautiful and skilful songwriting, nostalgic British atmosphere, classy synthesizers, creative drumming yet accessible to newbies' ears, Wind & Wuthering is for you. If you're more into a kind of gentle violence, you might prefer The Lamb, Duke or Calling All Stations. If the 70's are not your taste, jump on Genesis (1983), the best Synclavier-based album ever! I you'd rather remember the early days with springtime organ, Nursery Cryme is what you need. You want simple songs? From Genesis To Revelation must be in your turntable! Now if you don't like anything from Genesis, I wonder why you're still reading this article. Links:

Is there a place for experimental music in 2009? Kevin Shakey tells us everything. What else you want to know? You sure can wait one more week... Take care and see you!

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[downloadable pdf version here]

AWA NEWS Vol.12  

GillesSnowcat edit Music Free Paper (it's Oh! MUSIC)

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