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n째11, 19th of November, 2009

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Dear friends, fans and passing smiles, what's the common ground between John Lennon, dirty toilets, Awanyth, Art Garfunkel and Awaken? Read this Awa-news n째11 if you want to know! Hmpf! Time to read!

Artists sometimes say very smart sentences, with or without knowing.

It's rock'n'roll philosophy time, the quote of the week!

If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that. I believe in

what I do, and I'll say it. (John Lennon)

What are the hottest news in Awaken's Universe?

Dear Awaken,...

Why should you write letter to Awaken? To win the rare websingle that included "Seaside Casino Romance", "Sunset On Your Secrets" and "Summer Clouds Hotel". It was available in 2002, do you remember? Maybe you don't. Surely you want to hear that rare record. Yes? Really? Read below: Write a review of "My Last Evening In Ôita" and win 3 rare songs of Awaken! How to do? 1. Listen to the single here: 2. Write your feelings (follow the link under the single or send email at awamail(at) or write here) 3. I send you a secret link to download the 3 songs! And your opinion will be published on Awa-net. OK? Start the race now! プレゼントが欲しかったら、珍しい歌を聴きたかったら、『My Last Evening In 大分 大分』についてレビューを書いて下さい。 どうしょう? 1. リンクをクリックして、『My Last Evening In 大分』と『Chase Around 大分駅』を聞いて。 2. 意見を書いて、メールsnowcat_the_neko(at)hellokitty.comで送って下さい。 このBLOGで書いても良いよ。 3. 僕は秘密のリンクを送ります。珍しいAWAKENの歌のダウンロードが出来ます!そして意見はAwa-netの中読まれる。 分かりましたか? レビューを待ってます! 宜しくお願いします。 雪猫ジル Nếu bạn viết ý kiến về bài hát "My Last Evening In Ôita" thì có thể nhận 3 bài hát hiếm có của Awaken! Làm thế nào ? 1. Nghe "My Last Evening In Ôita" ở đây: 2. Viết ý kiến rồi cho tôi gửi bằng email (awamail(at) hoặc trên Blog này. 3. Tôi sẽ cho bạn gửi một link bí mật để download 3 bài hát hiếm có! Hiểu chưa? Viết nhé! :D

Our interview:

AMANYTH: What the fuck?

As a Sousbock or TrustNo1 fan, the name of Amanyth isn't totally unknown from you. Expert in electro beats, strong sound and modern beats, the man behind the album Let's Dream To Each Other kindly accepted to reply Awa-news' questions. Let's talk to each other: -Nice to meet you, Mr Amanyth. Please use three words to introduce yourself. -Amanyth: Hi! 3 words: Heterochromia, friendship, music. -What brought you to become an active musician? -Amanyth: I don’t know, I think it’s natural. I think i have to make music or go in therapy, I prefer music it’s more serious. -Although you make a heavy use of keyboards, your music doesn’t sound like keyboards music at all. What do you think about the fact that synthesizers became extremely powerful but their role doesn’t seem to have really evolved since the end of the 80’s? -Amanyth: I think it’s especially computer in music that became extremely powerful, not only synthesizers. We can do anything we want, change or destroy sounds, use samples… Synthesizers are just instruments we use, but if you listen to a band like Radiohead, you can’t really say that there’s not evolution since the 80’s, no? -Among your work, what is the piece that you think represents you the most, and why? -Amanyth: « A town called kill », when you listen this, you really see me. I wasn’t really happy in my life at this moment, and make this music was really a therapy to me. -Any song you’re ashamed of, and why? -Amanyth: My remix of « Games without frontiers », a Peter Gabriel song. You just have to listen to Peter’s version, and mine, and…laugh. -If you had a magic wand, in what band would you play right now? -Amanyth: Ghinzu, if we talk about active bands, maybe. In my dreams, I often play for the Pink Floyd! Tony Banks is really too good…I can’t even dream to play with Genesis! -What would you say to Awa-news readers who might not know you, to convince them to listen to your albums? -Amanyth: I’m not sure that words can convince anyone. Just listen to « A town called kill », this take 4 minutes, and if you like you can listen others, if not…go to hell! -Have you asked 100 people what does it mean to be a man in love? -Amanyth: Yes, of course! I’m a civil servant, and have nothing else to do. -Last but not least, would you openly admit that you are an Awaken fan? -Amanyth: What the fuck? Links:

Inspiration can hide in the most surprising places:

Were high-school toilets *that* dirty?

You all remember your high school days, don’t you ? Some of you are still in high school, some not yet, and some left loooong ago. But for most of us, high school remains one of the most important event in our life. Wherever you are: Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Russia… Remember the touch of the paper when the pen was scratching it to copy what the teacher wrote, or just to write a love letter ? Remember the smell of the classroom, the wooden chairs and overused tables ? Remember the voice of the teacher trying to keep the class quiet, but hardly beating the noise of 25 students trying their best to beat Deep Purple as “the loudest band in the world” ? Remember the sweet taste of the ice cream you bought between classes, or the glass of beer you secretly ‘imported’ to drink –but in vain- during the math class ? Remember the terrific “perfume” of the toilets –probably even worse than the ones of Shinjuku Station in Japan. High school days last only a few years. What are 6 years in a 90 years lifetime ? 1/15th! But somehow these days were the most intense and, despite a bunch of depressing times, the most missed in many ex-students’ life.

That’s why, maybe unconsciously, I was led to release the album “Party In Lyceum’s Toilets” a few years ago. In the parallel universe of Awaken, the toilets of my high school were a mysterious place, a kind of corridor between real and unreal, a place to escape reality of scolding teachers and boring lessons. The smell was horrible, I admit. Terrible. Repulsing. But still, it was a haven and once the door was locked, one could feel safe from a world that they imagine scarier than it actually was. “Party In Lyceum’s Toilets” is for those who never forgot that part of adolescence, those who still feel slightly wild despite a

quieter everyday life. “Party In Lyceum’s Toilets” is more than just music, “Party In Lyceum’s Toilets” is the haven that your high school toilets were. Thanks to CD Baby, “Party In Lyceum’s Toilets” is now easily available online ( The object being rare, don’t miss the opportunity of getting your own copy now! Ah, before giving you the 9 best reasons to connect to CD Baby to get your double CD, let me explain you that “lyceum” is an old word that used to mean “high school” in some countries. Don’t be confused, since it also can show a cultural hall in some parts of the world. Enough said, let’s jump to… 9 good reasons to get Party In Lyceum’s Toilets 1. PiLT is a true collector. Only 500 copies have been printed in 2001, and most of them have been sold already. The few copies remaining are now quite rare and will not be reprinted. 2. PiLT is a big part of Awaken’s History. Since most of you fans have joined the club since “Chú Mèo Ngủ Quên”, “Cà Phê & Pizza” or “Beppu Nights”, you might not necessary know our past stuff. This is really a must-have in every Awaken fan’s Cd-theque. 3. PiLT has been released on Valentine Day! Though it was due to an unexpected accident from the print company, this is a sign that the mantra “Every day is Valentine Day” was active before its creation. 4. PiLT is a real and tangible object. Not only it features more than 2 hours of Awaken’s music, but also it offers what mp3 can’t give you : a tangible piece of collector, with its 12-pages booklet and double CD jewel box wrapped into a delicate film of cellophane. 5. PiLT is an official commercial release. Not a bootleg, nor a home-made CD-r, PiLT is one of the rare true commercial releases of Awaken, that makes it even more collectible nowadays. 6. The piece of PiLT you’ll buy is an original 2001 print. As it has never been reprinted since then, the piece you will get is a true original one from 2001. 7. PiLT is full of Awaken’s classics! Which past songs could be the equal of today’s favorite “Beppu Nights” or “Áo Dài Màu Hồng”, if not PiLT’s angry “I’ll Disagree”, danceable “Cold As My Heart”, darkest “Neons Of Lyceum’s Toilets” or sensual “Down The Drain” ? 8. Awaken was a real band to record PiLT. If the recent Awaken stuff only features a few musicians, PiLT is the witness of an era when Awaken was evolving as a band. 4 members and 12 guest musicians have been working on the recording and release of this album. 9. Awaken, as a cat, has 9 lives. PiLT is a part of them. A music experience more than just a CD. Remember, we all only have 9 lives. Why not spend one of them listening to PiLT ? Thank you for your faithfulness into Awaken’s Magnetic Soul ~ Love Music

What happened on November some years ago?

Let's jump into Awa-news' time machine...

05/11/1941: The golden voice of Art Garfunkel comes to Earth.

19/11/1983: Badfinger's bassist Tommy Evans decides to leave this world. Rumour has it that money was a big part of his depressive state. No wonder...

14/11/1988: Milli Vanilli releases "All Or Nothing", an album on which they only appear on the cover pictures. Wonder if the overdubs have been recorded by Peter Gabriel or Simple Minds...

You like Awaken? You *will* like this album:




Vanilla Fudge is the band that heavily influenced Deep Purple back in 1968. Carmine Appice, Mark Stein, Tim Bogert and Vince Martell were famous for their creative covers of standards of pop and soul, full of Hammond organ, heavy bass, frantic drumming and... some guitar. In 1984, like their "disciple" Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge came back with a fresh, modern and inspired album, Mystery. This ain't a parody of their early days: gone is the Hammond, Mark Stein focusses on synthesizers only, Carmine Appice is not afraid of trying some electronic percussions and Tim Bogert slaps here and there, when he's not hidden by some keyboards. Martell is present on two tracks where he can hardly be heard. Jeff Beck plays guitar (under a nickname, you'll find easily), along with Ron Mancuso. Featuring mostly original songs and only a few covers, Mystery is a great record, totally underrated. "Golden Age Dreams" is a melodic gem (later covered by Awaken) and... why don't you just listen to Mystery??? Mark's voice shine. Great playing, great songs, great covers. What else can we ask? Great great album... Links:

More or less, all or nothing? Who knows... Take care and see you on issue 12!

email: awamail(at) Awaken main sites: It's Oh! Music



[downloadable pdf version here]

AWA NEWS Vol.11  

GillesSnowcat edit Music Free Paper (it's Oh! MUSIC)

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