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Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

The new global standard for Sustainable Tourism

Global Sustainable Tourism Council The GSTC is the only accredited entity for sustainable tourist certifications at the global level. The GSTC is currently active in all regions of the WTO, including Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, Europe and the countries in the Middle East.

GSTC: Global Scope The GSTC is an accrediting organization linked to the United Nations and it is represented by different members worldwide - including leading travel companies, hotels, members from tourist destination countries and tour operators. It acts as an international organization for the accreditation, promotion of knowledge, understanding and implementation of sustainable tourism practices.

Global Criteria of Sustainable Tourism At the heart of this work are the Global Criteria of Sustainable Tourism, the minimum requirements that any tourist company must fulfill in order to protect and sustain the world’s natural and cultural resources. Sustainable tourism represents a potential tool for the conservation of the environment and the alleviation of poverty.

37 criteria, 4 pillars.

1. Sustainable Management

2. Socioeconomic

3. Cultural

4. Environmental

GSTC y Biosphere Certification The Biosphere set of standards, developed by the Responsible Tourism Institute, meets the Global Criteria of Sustainable Tourism and, therefore, the BIOSPHERE HOTEL standard has been a pioneer standard in obtaining the GTSC’s recognition.

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