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our huge IT hardware product range, but there’s so much more to BT Business Direct than great products at competitive prices.

20+ years of IT industry experience backed by BT quality 90% of customers would recommend us to a business associate*

Just some of our world class vendor partners…

*Based on satisfaction survey results from 1156 customers Jan-May 2012. Nothing in this publication forms part of any contract. Product details and specifications may change without notice and are subject to availability. Specific exclusions, terms & conditions may apply to some products or services. The exact details and costs for any product or solution will be agreed in writing with you prior to commencement, or will be clearly outlined on our website when buying online. Some products and services may not be available outside of the UK. Any order you place will be subject to our conditions of sale which are available on request, or can be downloaded from Calls may be monitored for training purposes and to ensure service levels. Calls cost 8p per minute from a UK BT landline. Charges from other networks and mobiles may vary. Errors and omissions excepted. BT Business Direct Ltd, National Logistics Centre, Wingates Industrial Estate, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3XU. Contact us at

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We can help with all aspects of your IT strategy

Focused on working with business and organisational customers only, our aim is to become your trusted IT partner at…

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Straight-forward advice from knowledgeable staff Online, on your mobile, or with the support of your friendly account manager, BT Business Direct can support your IT decision making process in a variety of helpful ways…

For every-day purchases, our fully transactional website offers everything you need for a quick and efficient ordering experience

eProcurement ‘punch-out’ solutions are also available for volume accounts

Away from the office? Our website has been fully optimised for mobile devices so it’s really easy to buy, or keep track of your orders whilst on the move When you need guidance to choose the right solution for your business, our straight talking IT account managers are here to help We can also offer expert advice from our in-house product and vertical sector specialists, plus professional IT consultancy services are also available

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Over 20,000 hardware products from world class vendors

With a huge stock holding and first rate logistics, we can quickly fulfil almost all of your IT hardware requirements Direct relationships with the world’s leading vendors keeps both our expertise and product range bang up to date with all the latest technologies From one off purchases to bonded stock services, we offer it all Pay by credit/debit card, procurement card, PayPal or via your credit account*. Alternatively, choose to roll all your IT investments into a single, tax-efficient monthly payment with IT leasing Save money on consumables, reduce business down-time and minimise expensive print inventory with one of our simple Print Management solutions

Complete range of headsets and accessories available in our Unified Communications department *Subject to a successful credit account application.

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Hardware configuration Imagine opening the box to find your new PC had been fully tested, asset tagged, upgraded to meet your exacting requirements and came pre-installed with your company’s image.

Work carried out in our newly refurbished, fully ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) compliant configuration centre

Configuration services available for single purchases or large volumes of laptops, desktop PCs and servers

Our service is cost effective, quick and carried out with the assured quality you’d expect from BT

Frees up your IT resources to focus on supporting your business’ growth

Watch a short video about our configuration services at

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Asset tagging The easy & hassle-free way for finance and IT teams to monitor IT assets Saves valuable IT resources by tagging assets with your own labels prior to delivery Gets the job done before products are deployed at potentially geographically dispersed locations Asset & serial number details are recorded by our engineers as they are applied Easily accessible to update your asset register

In today’s rapidly changing IT dependant business world, keeping track of IT assets is a key challenge for finance and IT support teams alike. Physical asset tagging can be a costly process in terms of time and resource, especially when new IT kit arrives in volume, or is about to be deployed across your IT estate at geographically dispersed locations. Asset tagging prior to taking delivery of new kit is the obvious answer and BT Business Direct’s configuration centre can manage the whole process for you. Our engineers will tag equipment with your own labels, then record asset and serial numbers as the labels are applied. You can easily access all the data collected to update your asset register, whilst relaxing in the knowledge that incoming kit has already been tagged and can be delivered straight to desk.

Pre-delivery inspection Stamps out dead-on-arrivals and eliminates the hassle of dealing with returns Keeps your roll-outs on track and avoids wasting valuable project time

Stamps out dead on arrivals and avoids wasting roll-out project time BT Business Direct offers a full pre-delivery inspection service via our state-of-the-art configuration centre. Our highly trained

Ensures new hardware is in full working order to avoid end-user calls into your help desk Ensures all accessories, manuals and discs are present If any quality issues are detected during the check, we’ll organise a replacement unit then PDI check that too

engineers will un-box, physically check, power on and test your hardware prior to delivery, ensuring that all equipment leaves our care in first class working condition, carefully re-packaged with all in-box accessories, manuals & discs

Even with today’s high quality manufacturing processes, ‘deadon-arrival’ kit can still cause headaches that IT departments can do without. A pre-delivery inspection can make dealing with DOAs a thing of the past, eliminating the hassle of handling returns, keeping your roll outs on track and avoiding wasted project time.

present. If any quality issues are detected during our check, we’ll organise a replacement then PDI check that too – all without the need for customer involvement.

businessdirect/callmeback for more details



Hardware build Saves you valuable IT support time – we can install components and upgrades before despatch Our spacious ESD compliant configuration centre has all the space needed, even for very large rack-builds Gives you a spec which exactly meets your needs

hardware build requirements prior to delivery.

Get the exact spec to meet your needs – we’ll install components & upgrades before we despatch your goods With our configuration centre, your new hardware will arrive

It’s often cheaper to upgrade an entry level model, rather than pay for features that users won’t need Includes PDI check so everything works straight out of the box

Assembling or upgrading hardware in-house can present real problems for businesses, not least because of its time-consuming nature. Considerations include whether you’ve got enough free IT resource to handle the project; whether you’ve enough work-space to carry out the build and what you’ll do with all the waste packaging. Where multiple units or complex solutions are concerned these challenges can be magnified, so it’s easy to see the benefits of letting BT Business Direct take care of your

ready-to-go with your bespoke modifications already complete. From installation of PC or laptop components and upgrades, all the way through to complex server and storage assembly, our experienced engineers can take care of all your hardware build requirements prior to despatch. Our laboratory-style, fully ESD compliant centre ensures your equipment is only ever handled professionally, with more than enough build space to handle high volumes and complex rack-based builds alike.

PAT testing Employers have a duty of care to ensure electrical equipment is safe for employees to use Completing a PAT test (Portable Appliance Test) before despatch gets the job done and boxed off Pre-despatch PAT testing provides the certification you need from day one of a product’s life Using our config centre saves you valuable IT support time

employees to use. Our configuration centre can complete a PAT test on new hardware prior to despatch, which gives you the certification you need for peace of mind from day one of a product’s life. Having your kit PAT tested before you take delivery is the hassle free way to complete the task, especially if in-bound deliveries of new hardware are then sent on to users at geographically dispersed locations making it more difficult and time consuming for your own IT staff to organise a test.

Completing a PAT test (Portable Appliance Test) is the ideal way

Ask your BT Business Direct account manager today for a quote

to show that your hardware has been checked and is safe for your

and see for yourself how competitive this option can be.

Talk to your Account Manager, call 0870 429 3300 or visit

Software image creation Adopting a corporate software image allows standardisation of OS & apps across an organisation

in itself. Our configuration centre’s experienced software image management specialists can take away all these complexities, working directly with you to develop your own bespoke

This makes supporting and training users easier and gets new PCs up and running quickly

corporate image.

Developing a corporate software image can be a complex business – but our image consultants make the process easy

a robust, “end user proof” image that meets the demands of

They’ll work with you to develop a robust “end user proof” image that perfectly meets your needs The finished product is a “gold build” of your image for future deployment

Through a consultancy workshop, we’ll work with you to develop both your IT estate and the related security requirements. We can lend as much, or as little assistance as you need, ranging from advice and guidance, to full end-to-end image development. The end product is a “gold build” of your image, which you can either take away to deploy to your estate, or leave with the BT Business Direct configuration centre for deployment to future hardware purchases prior to taking delivery. Our

Developing your corporate software image can be a complex

software image consultancy is sold on a daily basis at very

business and with the rapid and ongoing development of

competitive rates, making it a cost effective alternative to

platforms, keeping up with requirements can be a full time job

tackling image creation in-house.

Software and image deployment We can install your corporate software image, effect an OS change or install software apps before despatch Provides the exact software set-up you need Saves valuable IT support time by delivering PCs that are ready for immediate deployment to desk so users can get to work straight away Includes a PDI check to eradicate the hassle of dealing with returns Rapid deployment is a speciality – we can deploy software to large volumes of PCs simultaneously

image has been deployed, before onward despatch of each unit to its end-user delivery address. The BT Business Direct configuration centre is designed with rapid mass deployment in mind with 500 individually managed network ports, linked to our custom bespoke image deployment system. Our deployment system can simultaneously apply large volumes of customer images in a fraction of the time it’d take to process them one by one, so new equipment can get to desks in the shortest possible time.

Deploying a corporate software image to new equipment can be a laborious task for any internal IT team, especially when dealing with large volumes. There’s also the logistical nightmare of taking receipt of large volumes, then storing them until the

If your estate is spread over a number of sites, no problem. Preimaged machines can be delivered direct to desk, with minimal or no setup involvement required by your desk-side engineers, freeing them up to concentrate on your key business objectives.

businessdirect/callmeback for more details



Hardware installation Need extra installation resource to handle large roll outs or a specialist installer for heavy kit? Need someone to complete “at-desk” installs at remote locations? We can do it all.

Boost your overall installation capacity for large roll-outs, or let us handle your entire deployment project

Rather your own staff didn’t waste time travelling? Let us handle installations at remote locations

We can handle installations in hardto-reach places like ceiling mounting projectors, or installing a CCTV network

Heavy and cumbersome AV installations are a speciality

For technically complex jobs like server installation, you can trust our fully qualified expert engineers

Talk to your Account Manager, call 0870 429 3300 or visit 11

At-desk installation (deployment) Or we can handle your entire deployment project

Gets projects completed on-time by drafting in installation resource exactly when you need it (including weekends and overnights) Our engineers can work as part of your own team to implement your deployment plan, or we can handle the entire deployment project If you need to deploy at remote sites, sending one of our engineers instead of one of yours saves you time and money (think of all those overnight hotel bills, subsistence allowances and travel expenses!)

Alternatively, let us handle your whole deployment project. We’ll build a plan which takes care of everything and brings your project in on time. We’ll carefully stage manage delivery of both skilled engineering resource and your IT hardware to one, or many locations depending on the needs of your project. We can even pre-configure hardware to meet your exacting needs – just ask us about our hardware configuration services.

Gets the job done quickly and efficiently so your own IT team can focus on more valuable tasks

BT Business Direct’s deployment services offer business and organisational customers an extra level of flexibility to handle at-desk installations, be it in standard office hours, at weekends, or even overnight. From single PC installations, to the installation and set-up of other network devices, to multi-device roll outs, BT Business Direct can help.

We can provide installation engineers to work as part of your team When a project comes to a head, like an office move or an expansion, use BT Business Direct to boost your engineering capacity by the exact number of heads you need to complete your project on time. Our engineers will work alongside your own team to execute your deployment plan to perfection.

Find remote site installs a bind? Send us instead If you need to complete an installation at a desk in a remote office, consider sending a BT Business Direct engineer instead of tying up your own resources. This approach makes a lot of economical sense, especially if an overnight stay, subsistence allowance and a long drive mean the costs of servicing an out-lying location soon rack up.

businessdirect/callmeback for more details


AV & IP CCTV installation Installing CCTV systems and AV kit like big plasma displays, whiteboards & projectors can often be dangerous Organisations often don’t have the equipment or trained resources to install in high-up places (sometimes outside), or lift very heavy kit BT Business Direct can take care of all these specialist installs so you get the professional installation you need without the hassle Our service includes expert planning, installation and set up. For CCTV installations this includes navigation of complex privacy regulations governing where you can and can’t site a camera

The installation of specialist AV (Audio Visual) hardware can sometimes call for a specialist installer. That’s because AV installs can often involve the handling of very heavy and cumbersome kit, sometimes in hardto-reach or dangerous places like lecture theatre ceilings or high in an atrium reception area.

Our service includes expert planning to ensure your cameras are all sited in locations that are compliant with privacy regulations, as well as installation and setup.

From installation of a single projector or interactive whiteboard, to a full media suite Whether it’s a single projector, an interactive whiteboard, a full media suite, or a complete IP-based CCTV network, our professional installation and setup service is designed to make things as straightforward as possible. Perfect for any location or organisation, be it an education, retail, office or manufacturing environment, our experts can take care of the installation of:

Interactive whiteboards Projectors Video and audio conferencing LCD and plasma screens Public address (PA) systems IP-based CCTV solutions

Similarly, IP-based CCTV solutions often mean installing in high-up places both indoors and out, so choosing a quality partner to manage the installation process for you makes sense.

Talk to your Account Manager, call 0870 429 3300 or visit 13

Server and complex installations Installing and setting up a new server can be a time consuming and complex task Using our fully accredited engineers means a smooth & speedy installation that’s right first time We’ll configure the server to exactly meet your needs (often offsite at our state-of-the-art config centre) This keeps onsite disruption to a minimum and helps get systems up & running in the shortest time We can also manage configuration and installation of other complex solutions such as storage or large routers, as well as designing and implementing server consolidation and virtualisation solutions For mission critical hardware like a server, it’s essential to get the installation and set up right. We can provide specialist, fully accredited engineers to manage such complex installation jobs for you.

to exactly meet your needs. This approach keeps onsite disruption to a minimum and helps get your systems up and running in the shortest possible time. Once we’ve installed your server on site, mounted into your rack where appropriate, we can take care of your Operating System set up and of course, complete a full test. Our accredited engineers can also manage configuration and installation of other complex solutions such as storage or large routers, as well as designing and implementing server consolidation and virtualisation solutions (See pages 30-31 of this brochure). Ask your BT Business Direct account manager for more information today.

We’ll configure your server to exactly meet your needs, then install and fully test it We often complete much of the set-up work offsite at our state-of-the-art configuration centre ( see pages 6 9 of this brochure) where we’ll configure your new server

businessdirect/callmeback for more details


Break/fix maintenance and insurance When something goes wrong, it’s critical to get it fixed first time… and fast! Our quality assured break/fix cover includes options for guaranteed fix SLAs, government-standard security and more.

For mission critical kit, choose a service which guarantees a fix within an agreed SLA, or we’ll arrange a replacement

For less critical hardware, choose either a guaranteed next day on-site response; a 5 day collect & return service; or perhaps an extended warranty

Upgrade to our ISO27001 service - for data security to government standards

Don’t forget about accidental damage & theft cover to guard against knocks, drops, spills & theft

Got bespoke requirements? Mix and match service levels across your whole IT estate with a custom maintenance quotation

Talk to your Account Manager, call 0870 429 3300 or visit 15

Guaranteed fix SLA cover for mission critical hardware

On-site next day response cover for client devices

Options up to 24 / 7 / 365, with a UK-based response centre

Choose an on-site next working day response, or a 5 working day collect and return service

Choose next day, 8 hour, or 4 hour † fix When downtime is not an option, only cover which guarantees a fix within your chosen response time, or the provision of a replacement will do. BT Business Direct’s Guaranteed Fix SLA cover has options up to a true 24 / 7 / 365 service, making it ideal for mission critical hardware such as servers.

Where repair doesn’t make economical sense, we’ll replace with a like-for-like equivalent Superb value for desktop PCs, laptops & tablets For less critical kit, a break/fix service offering either a guaranteed on-site response, or a 5 day collect & return SLA may fit the bill.

With more than 200 of our own engineers dispersed across the UK, we

Again, call out fees, labour, transportation charges and the cost of

can reach almost all UK mainland destinations within 8 hours. †We can

replacement parts are all included in the price*.

even offer a 4 hour response in some UK locations. If we can’t fix the problem there and then, we’ll organise a replacement unit to bridge the gap whilst your own hardware is repaired back at our state-of-the-art facility. Call out fees, labour, transportation charges and the cost of replacement parts are all included in the price*. Simple! Our Guaranteed fix SLA service is delivered in line with the stringent ISO 901:2000 quality standard. For most organisations, this more than gives the assurances needed for all round quality and security, but if super stringent government grade data security is required, we also offer a

If you go for our on-site response service, an engineer will arrive on-site the next business day and where possible, will fix the problem there and then (calls must be logged before 3pm the previous business day). Where a fix isn’t possible because a non-carried part is required, then a mutually agreeable return visit will be arranged at the earliest possible time. For collect & return, we’ll endeavour to pick up, repair and return your fixed kit back to site within 5 working days.

service that’s compliant with ISO27001.

Vendor extended warranties & bespoke quotes Check out our website for a wide range of straight-forward extended warranties provided by the manufacturer who made your hardware. If your ideal maintenance agreement would leverage different SLAs and different break/fix services for different individual pieces of

Accidental damage & theft cover Our ‘all-risk’ insurance takes care of problems caused by knocks, drops, spills, fire, flood and even theft Worldwide cover

hardware, that’s no problem. We can put together a bespoke break/ fix solution that provides a variety of services and response levels

Break/fix maintenance packages cover mechanical or electrical

across your IT estate.

break-downs only and don’t typically cover damage caused by accidents as standard. But of course this doesn’t mean that accidents won’t happen. For a more rounded spectrum of cover, consider adding our ‘all-risk’ insurance too.

*Consumable items and some other exclusions apply. The exact details and cost for any break/fix, maintenance or insurance solution will be agreed in writing with you prior to commencement or clearly outlined on our website when buying online.

businessdirect/callmeback for more details


Software delivered via box, license or the cloud When it comes to choosing software, BT Business Direct offers a complete range of options. As you’d expect, all the major software vendors are represented in our portfolio. For single purchases, check out our website for a huge range of boxed OS and software apps including Microsoft, Adobe and many more

For organisations with as few as 5 users, consider software licensing to leverage a host of business benefits

Our fully qualified software licensing specialists are on hand to offer expert advice, free of charge

Consider a cloud-based software solution for minimal upfront investment and no long term commitment

Talk to your Account Manager, call 0870 429 3300 or visit 17

Software licensing

Cloud-based software

Manage and control software usage across your whole organisation from one central point

Delivered via the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 offers a subscription based approach to software provision

Eradicates the problems caused by illegal copying and installation of rogue software

It’s an alternative way to leverage all the familiar Microsoft products (including Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Lync), but delivered via the internet instead of via your own servers

Depending on vendor, licensing can sometimes be cheaper than buying boxed software

Securely access files, email, calendars, instant messaging, conferencing and more from virtually anywhere, on nearly any device

Generally, the more licences, the deeper the discounts

Flexible pay-as-you-go monthly pricing model

Add new users to existing agreements really quickly as your business expands

Because apps are all hosted by Microsoft, there’s no upfront investment in server hardware and no associated server running costs

Take the “Software Assurance” option to automatically obtain new version upgrades throughout the duration of your license agreement

Updates and patches all happen automatically 99.9% uptime and enterprise-class security & reliability

If you thought Software Licensing was suitable only for large organisations,

BT Business Direct can help you to implement an Office 365 solution to

think again. In fact, any organisation with as few as 5 PC users could enjoy

securely access files, email, calendars, instant messaging, conferencing and

access to the operating system and application software they need through

all your favourite Microsoft office apps from virtually anywhere on nearly

a licensing agreement.

any device. And with more and more business being conducted remotely,

Licensing offers benefits for organisations with as few as 5 users

this could give your business serious competitive edge. Ideal for small businesses or those with limited internal IT functions, Microsoft Office 365 has the tools to help you run more efficiently and sell to a wider audience. It helps level the playing field by providing big business functionality, whilst personalised email domain names, shared storage

Software licensing significantly reduces the headache of administrating

space and web conferencing add credibility and help you better compete

and controlling software usage, so you stay legal, all managed from one

in the marketplace.

central point.

For larger organisations with established processes, moving to an Office

Our team of fully trained software licensing specialists are on hand to offer

365 workspace doesn’t necessarily mean disruption. For those already

advice on the most appropriate licensing solution for your business. This service

using programs like Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint, moving to

is completely free of charge and of course, you’re under no obligation to switch

Office 365 should merely transition your users to a similar, but cloud-based

to a licensing solution should you ask for their advice.

experience. BT Business Direct can help you achieve this with the minimum disruption possible to day-to-day operations. As well as subscription based pricing benefits, larger organisations can benefit from enterprise-class security and reliability thanks to numerous layers of data centre security and stringent privacy policies to help keep your data safe. First-rate disaster recovery capabilities and fully redundant, geographically dispersed data centres give protection against all kinds of unforeseen disasters, ensuring your data is always available.

businessdirect/callmeback for more details


Structured cabling and wireless network installation

Getting the basics absolutely right is critical for your whole IT infrastructure. With our structured cabling and wireless installation services, we’ll make sure you optimise your connectivity without getting in a tangle. Complete design and installation service for new structured cabling implementations

Moves and changes to existing structured cabling installations also undertaken – ideal to support business expansion or reorganisation

Only the highest quality cables from the world’s leading manufacturers used

Want to go wireless? We’ll design and install a wireless network which gives maximum coverage and security

Talk to your Account Manager, call 0870 429 3300 or visit 19

Structured cabling

Wireless network installation

We can provide a quality structured cabling service for voice and data communications that gives a robust and reliable network infrastructure

Enjoy freedom from restrictive wires and keep portable devices connected to the network & its resources as you move around the office

If you’re moving to new buildings, expanding or reorganising, talk to us about your cabling needs

Wireless networks don’t need the same cabling infrastructure as fixed networks, which saves time and money when setting up new office spaces

We can handle new installations, or moves and changes to existing structured cabling BT Business Direct’s structured cabling solutions provide a reliable and robust infrastructure to support all your organisation’s communications requirements. We’ll manage your structured cabling project from conception, all the way through to completion via three personalised stages: Assessment: A full site survey will assess your present infrastructure and give us the opportunity to listen to your business’ strategies, challenges and future roadmap. Design: Together we’ll design a future-proofed solution that supports all your voice and data communications needs. The design will meet the highest quality standards and allow you to embrace new technologies when your business needs require. Installation: Installations are carried out by fully trained professionals who understand both the characteristics of the cable itself and the environment into which it’s installed to ensure the best overall solution. We work with all the major cabling manufacturers and offer their 25 year manufacturer guarantee. Solutions include: Cat5, Cat6, Cat6ea and Cat7 Full fibre optic range Cabinets CCTV cabling

Our professional design and installation service ensures your wireless network is properly configured to prevent unauthorised connection from adjoining offices or passers by. We’ll set up for maximum coverage and speed by: • Minimising wireless ‘dead spots’ • Giving proper consideration to the thickness and composition of walls, ceiling and floors • Carefully balancing the number of connecting devices & the effect on data flow Give your users freedom from wires and an improved ability to collaborate with colleagues wherever in the office they may roam. Using the same approach to assessment, design and installation as our structured cabling solutions, BT Business Direct can design, install and set up wireless LANs for all sizes of organisation, addressing any concerns you may have about wireless security at every step of the way. The installation itself will be carried out by fully accredited engineers, taking care to avoid disruption to your daily business wherever possible.

businessdirect/callmeback for more details


Network data solutions Connect between buildings, to the internet and to your customers with our range of business strength network data solutions. Our ICT specialists will help you choose the right network data solution for your needs

We’ll manage the end-to-end process to ensure a hassle-free smooth implementation

From business broadband through to our flagship BTnet leased line product, we’ve a solution to suit

If you want to connect sites without using the internet, choose our SHDS products, or BT Ethernet Connect UK

Need an IP VPN solution with global reach? BT IP Connect fits the bill

Talk to your Account Manager, call 0870 429 3960 or visit 21

BTnet dedicated uncontended internet access BTnet is BT’s flagship internet access product offering:

If your organisation needs fast data upload and download speeds free from the frustration of ‘bottlenecks’ during peak hours,

A fully uncontended leased line connection from 2Mb to 10Gb that you’ll never share with other internet users

you’ll appreciate the benefits of this solution.

Only pay for the bandwidth you need with flexible costs

means you’ll never share it with other internet users. It’s like your

Stay protected from network crashes with a variety of resilience options Now available with IPv6 as well as IPv4 addressing

With BTnet, your leased line connection is fully uncontended, which very own fast lane of the motorway that other drivers can’t use.

Your connection is never shared with other internet users BTnet sets new standards in speed, quality, ease of access and

Any organisation for whom connection to the internet is business

reliability for UK business internet users. The service is delivered by

critical needs a robust and reliable internet access solution. And

BT from start to finish with internet bandwidths ranging from 2Mbps

you don’t get any more reliable than BTnet.

to 10 Gbps.

100% availability guaranteed or your money back* In fact, it’s so reliable that we guarantee 100% availability 24 hours a day, every day, or your money back*. It’s no wonder BTnet is BT’s flagship leased line internet access product.

So, if you’re running mission critical applications over the internet like content streaming, e-commerce or VoIP (Voice over IP), choose BTnet for total peace of mind. *You will receive a reduction to your monthly service charge provided you report the outage and make a claim. Where the outage period (according to BT records) is 10 hours or less, BT will apply a reduction equivalent to 1 day’s rental charge per hour of downtime. Part hours will be rounded up to nearest hour. The max reduction applied per quarter will be capped at ten 10 hours of outage. See our website for full details and other conditions which apply.

Smoothwall web security Dynamic Content Analysis: Accurately categorise and block all undesirable content Top Rated VIPRE™ Anti-Malware: Protection against fast evolving web-borne threats Website Signature Scanning: Prevent the use of anonymous proxies Traffic Tracking: Monitor web activity in real-time Cost Effective: Enterprise class filtering without compromise Advanced Reporting: Understand and interpret web usage

businessdirect/ictcallme for more details

Protect your BTnet connection and maximise your potential with filtering and firewall options from Smoothwall. Smoothwall is an integrated, secure and easily manageable environment that puts you in full control of your web security.


SHDS (Site-to-site connection within 25km) SHDS Connect: Connects 2 sites A point to point direct fibre connection between two sites that are within 25Km of each other Makes two separate LANs appear to be one single LAN Creates a really secure private network that doesn’t use the internet to carry data, voice & video between sites Ideal for ‘campus’ style organisations, or those with offices in the same town or region SHDS Aggregate: Connects more than 2 sites Provided all your sites are within 25Km of a central point (usually a BT exchange), this service connects them all It works just like SHDS Connect, except the ‘lead site’ must connect to the central point with a 1Gb connection, whilst the others must use a 10 or 100Mbps connection

Short Haul Data Services are typically used to make the local area networks (LANs) of two separate sites within close proximity, appear to be one single LAN. The sites are directly linked using a fibre connection – we call this service SHDS Connect.

Fixed price ideal for budgeting and cost control SHDS Connect comes in a variety of speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps and is non protocol dependant, so it’s ideal for creating a really secure private network that can carry data, voice and video between sites. Its fixed price also makes SHDS Connect ideal for budgeting and controlling costs. For organisations with more than two sites in the same region, our SHDS Aggregate service offers the ideal solution.

BT Ethernet Connect UK (Site-to-site connection nationally) A point to point ethernet service which connects two or more sites together that are based anywhere in the UK BT Ethernet Connect UK is ideal for creating a really secure private network that can carry data, voice and video between sites Suited to organisations that need high bandwidth between a number of sites, such as data centres and large offices Supports a variety of speeds including 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1,000Mbps (1Gbps)

Like our Short Haul Data Services, BT Ethernet Connect UK allows direct connection of sites to create a really secure private network capable of carrying voice, data & video at speeds of 10Mbps, 100Mbps or 1,000Mbps (1Gbps).

Directly connect sites based anywhere in the UK But unlike SHDS, geographical proximity isn’t a limiting factor with this service. In fact, sites can be located anywhere in the UK whilst two, three, four or even more sites can be connected.

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BT IP Connect (IP VPN connectivity with global reach) IP Connect is an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) with global reach Connectivity to overseas sites in 197 countries through BT’s IP Connect Global platform

This service is ideal for organisations looking to connect multiple sites together, regardless of whether they’re based locally, nationally or in other countries.

Connect sites locally, nationally or overseas

Allows the sharing of applications, data, voice and video between sites on a private network

IP Connect UK is an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network

Offers the highest levels of performance, reliability, service and value for money

multiple sites enabling communication between them using

IP Connect offers flexible service speeds so you can match bandwidth and costs to your business needs

queries, voice calls or video.

Supports multiple VPNs so people can access only the systems for which they’re authorised

can choose an unmanaged ‘wires only’ service, or a complete end

(IP VPN) with global reach. It creates a private network between business applications such as email, file transfer, database

Security and reliability are the very essence of this solution. You to end “managed” service. The choice is yours.

BT Business Broadband and BT Infinity for Business BT Business Broadband Award winning broadband ideal for small businesses Work on the move with unlimited WiFi at BT hotspots BT Prompt Care aims to fix broadband faults by the end of the next working day Choose the unlimited usage option and forget about additional charges Add a static IP address to remotely connect to your PC from anywhere in the world BT Infinity for Business Fibre optic broadband for business that’s 8 times faster than average UK broadband Choose from 100GB or unlimited usage allowances, with unlimited WiFi at BT hotspots included

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BT Business Broadband is ideal for small businesses wanting a straightforward, no hassle connection to the internet. This superb value for money solution was voted ‘Best Internet Provider‘ at the 2011 V3 Technology awards, triumphing over Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Colt, Cable & Wireless and BE Broadband. What’s more, you’ll also get unlimited WiFi minutes to use when out and about at any one of around 4 million BT WiFi hotspots around the UK and Ireland. Want fast fibre broadband? Then look at BT Infinity, rolling out now across the UK. Eight times faster than the UK average, Infinity for business is our fastest ever broadband. Call the BT Business Direct team today to check whether BT Infinity is available in your area.


Telephone systems, calls and lines With BT Business, it’s not just a phone line or telephone system you’ll get. You and your business will benefit from a whole host of optional add-ons and features as standard. Competitive, flexible phone systems for start-ups and larger established businesses alike

Wide range of features to improve productivity and reduce business costs

Advanced call handling to give your customers an all-round better experience of contacting you

Always a great deal on telephone lines and calling packages

Expert, no obligation advice to help you make the right choices for your organisation

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Business telephone systems BT Quantum for up to 48 users

BT IP Office for up to 300 users

Remote Worker (Teleworker): Staff can work from home or anywhere with a broadband connection. Just plug in an IP phone for access as if they were in the office

Improves customer service: With a single phone number and voice mailbox, customers call one number to reach an employee’s mobile, desk or even home phone. Staff save time with all their messages in one place

Mobile Twinning: Staff can have just one contact number which rings on both their office & mobile phone Voicemail & Unified Messaging: Integrated voicemail comes as standard so multiple users can access, listen to and leave messages. Voicemails delivered direct to inbox Unified Communications: All communications can be controlled and accessed through your computer desktop Multi-Level Auto Attendant: Manage incoming calls with ease or route callers to recorded announcements to give out general information (like opening hours for example)

If you want big business features without a big price tag, then consider BT Quantum. It’s perfect for small businesses with anywhere between 2 and 48 users.

Flexible and scalable to your business needs: IP Office is a single, stackable, scalable system that grows with your business. It provides telephony, messaging, conferencing, customer management and unified communications Get costs under control: With most applications included as standard, there’s no need for additional investment in hardware. You can also reduce travel costs with inclusive conferencing for up to 64 participants Work smarter: Employees can work together as a productive, effective team - even when not in the office, whilst improved call centre reporting helps you to optimise campaigns and productivity

BT IP Office combines the reliability and simplicity of a traditional phone system with the advantages and functionality of IP telephony.

Business calls and lines Standard business line*


500 inclusive UK minutes & capped calling rates

Ideal for businesses with two or more lines

Choice of 8 calling features

500 inclusive UK minutes & capped calling rates Up to 18 calling features included

Perfect for simple phone line needs, as well as for connecting credit card and fax machines. Calling plans

Offers the flexibility of a small telephone system, without the need for new telephone equipment.

Our specialist advisors can help you select the most cost effective calling plan for the needs of your business. Our advice is completely free of charge and of course, you’re under no obligation to buy should you ask for help.

*Minimum contract term 12 months. See website for details of conditions and exclusions which apply.

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Got a call centre environment? We offer a wide range of Unified Communications headsets, devices & accessories


Voice and data solutions for mobile In today’s “always-on” world, your users need a mobile solution in which they can trust. Be it an iPad, tablet PC, laptop or smartphone, BT Business Direct can offer a dependable, reliable solution and a really great deal.

Data connectivity on the move for tablet PCs and iPad

Mobile data connectivity solutions for laptops

Voice, or voice & data solutions for mobile phones and smartphones

The latest mobile handsets including HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung

Free, no obligation advice to help you choose the right mobile connectivity solution for your business

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Mobile data solutions Great value options for iPad, tablet PCs and laptops Trust your mobile connectivity needs to BT’s dependable, award winning mobile network Access WiFi at any one of over 4 million hotspots across the UK and Ireland. That’s the UK’s largest WiFi network Robust, reliable service designed specifically for business users Our dependable, award winning BT Mobile network offers easy access to the internet, wherever you may roam.

Mobile voice & data solutions Wide range of handsets from all the leading business mobile manufacturers Solutions ideal for small businesses, through to large organisations with many mobile phone users Choose a fixed bundle contract: Really competitive deals with a fixed monthly cost and defined usage allowances - ideal for budgeting Or a bespoke contract: We’ll bill for exactly what you’ve used at an agreed competitive rate Ideal for businesses with seasonally changing or unpredictable usage

BT Mobile offers the most comprehensive coverage in the country (HSDPA, 3G and GPRS), which puts worries about whether you’ll get a connection when you’re out and about, right to the back of your mind.

Choosing the best value voice & data contract for your organisation’s mobile phone and smartphone users can sometimes be daunting, what with so many options and tariffs to choose from.

Our contracts come with a set monthly data allowance (the actual amount varies depending on the contract you choose*), which gives lots of flexibility for emailing and browsing whilst on the move. But you can make your allowance go so much further by using WiFi wherever possible.

Here at BT Business Direct, we try to make it easier for you. The experts in our voice & data team will cut through the confusion and guide you through all the options available, so you get a solution which perfectly meets your needs.

Access 4 million WiFi hotspots across UK and Ireland

Our guidance is completely free of charge and of course, you’re under no obligation to proceed should you ask for advice.

And choosing a BT solution gives you more opportunities to access the internet via WiFi than ever. That’s because our contracts include access* to the UK’s largest WiFi network, so we recommend you use it whenever you can.

*Allowances for monthly data usage and access to the BT wi-fi network vary depending on the contract you choose. Data usage in excess of the allowance is chargeable, with rates varying according to the contract you choose. Your data allowance excludes international roaming so we recommend you turn data roaming off if you go abroad. Many apps rely on internet access to deliver content which can rapidly use up your mobile data allowance particularly if you’re using media streaming applications like BBC iPlayer or Sky Go when not connected via a wi-fi hotspot. As such we recommend the use of wi-fi where possible, either using your own private network in the office or at home, or using the BT wi-fi public network when out and about by leveraging your BT wi-fi access.

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IT hardware disposal services BT Business Direct can offer a totally managed solution that covers collection, security, re-marketing and ethical environmental disposal of end-of-life IT hardware

Guaranteed 100% safe and secure erasure of data

WEEE compliant, fully audited process

Hardware prepared for re-use wherever possible to minimise environmental impact In some instances, you could receive a residual value payment for end-of-life laptops

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Secure and compliant IT disposal All organisations need to consider how they’ll dispose of IT hardware at the end of it’s life. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations mean kit can’t simply be put in a bin or skip – we all have a duty of care to ensure it’s properly disposed of. But dealing with IT waste can be problematic, especially if large volumes of redundant units are created in one go following a technology refresh.

Our disposal services for laptops could provide you with an income Our bespoke disposal solutions take care of all your disposal needs and help you effectively report against your organisational commitments to reduce waste. Bespoke solutions could include: • A fully managed service for end of life IT assets • Site surveys & kit assessments to identify redundant kit

BT Business Direct’s end-of-life services are designed to solve these problems for you.

• IT asset decommissioning and recovery • Secure data erasure and data destruction

Could you get an income for your end-of-life laptops?

• Re-sale • Recycling and waste management • Management reporting and audit trail of assets

In partnership with industry experts Tier 1, our laptop trade-in scheme could provide you with an income for your end-of-life laptop PCs… that’s a nice little bonus to help you offset the cost of buying replacements. Whether you’ve got just one endof-life laptop, or a large batch of units, our laptop trade-in scheme is definitely worth a look.

• Detailed reports on weight of metals recycled or sent to landfill • Delivering against WEEE governance

See what your laptop could be worth today at

The service firstly guarantees safe and secure erasure of data, then the whole unit, or it’s component parts are prepared for re-use thus recycling as much of your IT waste equipment as possible. It’s safe, sustainable and could actually pay you!

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Consolidation, virtualisation and hosted cloud solutions Meeting your organisation’s growing needs doesn’t have to mean ploughing more cash and management resources into another new server Maximise return on the server room investments you’ve already made

Get more from your existing servers, or do more with fewer boxes

DAS, NAS or SAN? We’ll help you choose the right data storage solution for your needs Fewer servers means lower management, maintenance and replacement costs No room to house servers? No server management expertise? Consider cloud computing

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Server consolidation, virtualisation & storage As your organisation grows or new projects come to a head, the

Server Consolidation

need for additional server resources is often on the cards. But

Got under-utilised servers taking up space and demanding management which drains IT resources?

before you sign up to the introduction of another new server, consider the alternatives. BT Business Direct can offer cost

Consolidation allows you to take a number of under-utilised servers carrying out similar roles, and condense them into fewer physical units

effective solutions that help you to achieve the same end-game in terms of provision and capability, but with fewer servers.

Server Virtualisation

Our server experts can recommend and implement consolidation

Our experts can convert one physical server into multiple smaller virtual machines

and virtualisation strategies that allow you to better utilise the servers you’ve already got (thus maximising return on your

Each is capable of running its own operating system and each virtual server can be independently rebooted

existing investments), or do more with fewer new servers. And of course fewer servers to look after means lower management,

VMWare, Hyper-V and Citrix

maintenance and replacement costs, as well as a reduction in

Data Storage Solutions

server room temperature and power consumption.

Direct Attached Storage / Network Attached Storage Storage Area Network Solutions / Backup & Recovery Solutions

We’ll also help you implement a storage solution that’s right for both today’s and tomorrow’s data needs.

Cloud computing / hosted solutions Consider cloud computing if: Data growth is impacting your back-up and storage requirements & you need a cost effective, flexible solution Space to accommodate severs is limited, or you don’t have the expertise to effectively manage them Your IT provision needs to respond quickly to changing processes and the changing needs of users Users need to access data, applications and resources from wherever they’re working in the world You’d like to swap periodic heavy investment on IT with regular, predictable on-going operational expenditure

operate, control and secure their IT. A cloud computing solution, sometimes known as a ‘hosted solution’, allows organisations to access the software and data they need to run their businesses over a network - typically the Internet. Think of cloud as the provision of computing as a service, where shared resources, applications and information are provided to users in a metered fashion as and when they’re needed. It’s this scalability and flexibility that makes cloud computing an attractive proposition for many organisations, allowing the flexing of storage and resources to meet the exact needs of a business at any point in time. Not too much and not too little which minimises wasted IT investment and maximises IT budgets. Co-Location

Hosted CRM

you don’t have the skills and resources to manage them effectively

Multi tenanted or dedicated environment

Hosted Office 365 & MS Lync

in-house, then consider cloud computing. Cloud is not just a single

24/7 connectivity

Hosted MS SharePoint

thing – it’s a wide ranging technology and business trend that offers

Security & firewalls

an alternative way for organisations to manage, pay for, design,

Hosted Exchange

Hosted mobile & device platform

If space to accommodate data severs at your premises is limited, or

businessdirect/callmeback for more details

IT hardware Hardware conďŹ guration Hardware installation Break/ďŹ x maintenance & insurance Software solutions Structured cabling & wireless network installation Network data solutions Telephone systems, calls & lines Voice & data solutions for mobile IT hardware disposal services Server consolidation, virtualisation & hosted solutions

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