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The I.T. Ranger Leveraging technology to empower ministers

Dear Friends, About a year and a half ago, we started an IT consulting firm called The I.T. Ranger to provide technology support to small businesses in and around our south Texas community. Earlier this year, Steve began to sense the Lord calling us to expand. As we prayed and sought counsel from our pastor and other wise and godly folks for insight and guidance, the vision that began to unfold was not to expand a business. Instead it was a call to transform that business into a ministry with the purpose of providing technology to ministers in order to speed the delivery of the Gospel to all nations. You may ask, why technology when people are starving? Why computers when so many are lost? We asked the Lord the same questions. The answer was simple. Technology allows the very ministries who are feeding the starving and reaching the lost to connect better, move faster, reach farther. Our call, and our ministry, is to realize the Great Commission by advancing the mission of: 

Missionaries in closed countries, who need a secure way to communicate with their supporters and request supplies

Pastors being trained at indigenous Bible schools, who need computers to aid their research, communication and preparation for carrying the Gospel to unreached people groups and/or planting churches in their native countries

Ministries directly caring for the sick or the poor, who need to make prospective volunteers and donors aware of their cause through a website

Residents at a home for exploited and orphaned girls, for whom computer classes are an essential part of life skills education, reducing their risk of returning to destitution

Bible translators, who need to run software in order to speed translation of the Word of God into native languages, so that previously unreached people groups will be able to read and understand the Gospel for the first time

…and so many more

The needs are real and we know that time is short to reach a lost world with the news of Jesus! With your help, we can exponentially increase the territory and yield of these ministries, and others like them. As you consider end of year gifts, we are asking for you to give generously to aid these ministries. Our first project is already underway in India, our second is “in the prayer furnace” and there are lots of ways to get involved! Please read on for more information and thank you in advance for your support. In His service,

Steve & Andrea Hart

Partner with us to accelerate the Gospel to all nations!! We are asking you to meet one or more of the following needs: 1. Prayer • Visit and click on Ministry Support under the Missions menu to view our list of prayer needs. Use the form below or on our website to join the prayer team. 2. Equipment • To make an equipment donation, contact us at (800) 994-9961 or visit our website at and click on Ministry Support under the Missions menu. 3. Funds • To provide financial support, go to and click on the Invest button or use the form below.

 Detach and return with your gift Should you choose to mail us your commitment rather than visiting our website, please use the following form:  I would like to commit to join the I.T. Ranger Prayer Team - please add me to the email list. Name ______________________________________ Email ______________________________________ Phone ( ______ ) _____________________________  I would like to commit to give the following: One-time gift of $____________ Monthly gift of $ ____________  I have enclosed a check for this amount.  Please charge my credit card #__________________________ Exp. ____/____ Name on card ____________________________________  Please call me to obtain payment information. Phone ( ______ ) ___________________ `

Our Current Project: India Bible College

India Gospel Outreach (IGO) was founded in 1984 to train Indian evangelists with the goal of planting churches in all 3,000 people groups and 27,000+ zip codes of India. IGO has established one main Bible school and 12 other Bible schools to train and equip pastors and leaders who are dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people of India. As of 2009, they have already trained 10,000 evangelists and church planters to take the Word throughout India! India Bible College in Kerala, India, the main training center for IGO, will soon move into a new, larger facility and is in need of a computer lab for their students. The building is built and the room is ready, but they have no equipment. Our goal is to provide them with a base of twenty computers, a laser printer, the support to set up a network, and training on the use and basic maintenance of the equipment and network. Our budget for this project (and others) can be greatly decreased by donations of equipment. Before officially getting the word out, we have already received 4 computers - these computers represent a significant savings to us almost $1,200! Recycling and refurbishing equipment allows us to cut costs and to put great tools into the hands of ministries instead of into a landfill. The more equipment we receive, the more funds we will be able to put toward our next project. If you are local to South Central Texas, we urge you to donate your used equipment! As of this writing, in order to complete this project, we need a total of up to $9550 to cover: 

16 additional complete computers (if no more are donated)

supplementary equipment such as power adaptors, cables and a printer

shipping of equipment to India

costs of travel to India Bible College for equipment and network setup and training

We are thrilled to be able to support IGO in its ministry and we are asking you to give today to help us to complete this project for them! For more information about IGO visit

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