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Presence of Angels MARCH 2009

Monthly guidance & insight into living a life that is more holistic, more aware & more angelic. Featuring news, alerts, articles and channelling from all organisations in the In the Presence of Angels network.

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CONTENTS Editors introduction by Russell Goffe What’s happening at Living Soul Centre Sedgley? A Higher Perspective on the Tarot by Angela Goffe Reaping what you sow by Marcia Ore A Personal Account of Breast Cancer by Jayne Hooper New Angels: Introducing the ‘Angel of Presence’

EDITORS INTRO by Russell Goffe Welcome to the In the Presence of Angels March newsletter. This month we bring you quite a short newsletter, although that’s not to say we’ve compromised on quality. We still bring you fantastic, inspirational articles including this month an introduction to a new Angel in our lives, the Angel of Presence, as well as an inspirational personal account of breast cancer. This newsletter is short as we are in the process of altering the way that we communicate with you, our subscribers. We will soon be moving all article and feature content into a printed publication, which is well into its development. In place of this newsletter, which is a very large item to receive via email, you will receive alerts, news bulletins and reminder in the form of HTML emails with links to our website and content readable directly within your email. If you would like to contribute to our forthcoming magazine please get in touch with me and we can talk about your ideas and let you know about the kind of content that we like to receive. A call for volunteers If you are interested in working as a volunteer on our forthcoming magazine and website projects we would love to hear from you. We are particularly looking for volunteers that live near a centre and can act as a media contact for that centre, helping therapists and other members of the centre to write articles, as well as undertaking interviews and creating news articles from the happenings at the centre. Get in touch if you feel this is something you’d like to get involved in! If you already volunteer at a centre you may find this enjoyable to add to your role! Have a great month!

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Tarot Cards by Angela Goffe

THE HIGH PRIESTESS The second card of the major arcana Numerology: 2 The High Priestess radiates peace and tranquility allow yourself to be drawn in to this card to go within and explore the inner world abundant with esoteric knowledge and wisdom. Connect to the cross over the heart ‘divinity’ the god source within enter a world outside of time as the three phases of the moon on her head dictates The blue of her cloak enfolds and activates the throat chakra bringing balance to the spoken and the unspoken word. The pillars either side of her outwardly portray a temple a place for quiet contemplation and meditation Emulate the High Priestess, sit in quiet contemplation ‘be still’ go within the physical temple to the inner chambers and connect to your own divinity truly experience ‘the stillness’. Here lies your unique gifts and talents, seek guidance from the inner world on how to use these gifts to gain a greater understanding of who you are, use them to reach you highest potential in this lifetime. The duality of the number 2 is brought into balance and polarity re-established.

Reaping what you sow!


here has never been a time in recent human history and evolution where the biblical notion of “reaping what you sow” or the Law of Attraction has been more evident. Since 2007 when the economic downturn was forecast and widely reported by the media, the situation for the world economies and its people has spiralled seemingly out of control. Everyday, and that’s everyday without fail, the media reminds you of how bad things are and how much worse they are going to get, but is that really the case? Predictions of companies going bankrupt, house repossessions and job losses have now come to bear fruit, but why have you allowed this to happen? Because you have all been by focussing your energies on self-serving negativity. Realistically, there will be some that will benefit from the current situation; those who have built flexibility into their personal and professional lives; those who have understood that in every area of their lives there will be peaks and troughs and have factored that into their strategy for survival will continue to lead rewarding and productive lives. Whilst some were wringing their hands, feeling sorry for themselves, what have you been giving to those who have always struggled, for example those in third world countries, or those struggling in closer to home, the unemployable, the homeless and those others who struggle with various issues which blight their lives and mean they need support to survive. From every trauma, crisis or drama which occurs on the local or national stage there are lessons to be learnt if only you open your ears to hear, your eyes to see and your hearts to feel. So where are you on your personal journey? Do you know or care that your life impacts on so many other people lives? If you don’t believe that’s true then look at the car and banking industry as prime examples at this moment in time. What do you need to learn from this moment in time? What does mankind need to learn from this moment in time? Remember just that, this is a moment in time. From adversity and difficult times hope can rise from the ashes like a phoenix. The election of Barack Obama has bought hope to an entire nation who has also been blighted by economic catastrophe, and galvanised a section of the American people who had given up on the idea that “change would come”. How remarkable is the human spirit? Start to celebrate your essence and value your skills, abilities and accomplishments. You may think the legend of King Arthur, Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table is just a legend, but there are lessons to be learned, even from such myths. History may be just that to some of you, but there are valuable lessons that can be learnt if only you looked for them. This message was channelled from the Ascended Master Merlin via Marcia Ore on the 30th January 2009. Marcia Ore is a Reiki Master-Teacher-Therapist and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Personal & Business Coaching.

A personal accou surgery. At 11 minutes past 11 on 11th November 2007, I was standing in the shower preparing to return home after another successful trip to Dubai with my lovely friend Alison Ward. We had talked the previous day about the number 11 being a manifesting number and at precisely the time I was having a shower I should manifest what I wanted. Usually it was easy; 6 lottery numbers please, but after feeling the lump for the thousandth time in my breast which hadn’t gone away in the past few months, I wanted good health again both mind and body. I had met Alison after another bout of depression. Medication and brief counselling didn’t seem to stop these black moods and feelings of utter despair. I would try anything and looked into Reiki. Alison became my teacher and close friend. She taught me about crystals and angels. I knew we all had a guardian Angel, but I’d never asked them for help. I was making up for that now!

Angels will help you instantly if you need a parking space etc, but in my experience they take you on a journey for deeper issues “What is that noise?” I asked him for the second time. “I don’t know, but it’ll be ok, the car was only serviced yesterday.” “Perhaps we should get a taxi, just to be on the safe side.” “Stop worrying” he said. That’s alright for him to say! I asked the Angels for extra protection. “Please get us there!” They did. As I got out of the car, I noticed the culprit; a flat tyre. We’d driven nearly 20 miles with a flat tyre. I shot a glance at Colin, “I’ll phone the AA when I’ve got you settled” he said. I gripped his hand tightly. It was a fresh morning at 6.45am on Tuesday March 4th 2008. We walked towards the hospital. The ward nurse showed me to my bed... number 13! Great! Just my luck. It was my first time in hospital and my first operation. I was about to have my left breast removed and the morning had not started well. The second nurse asked me the same question as the first. “Yes, I was sure it was my left breast to be removed. No, I hadn’t seen anyone since my preop. Don’t you have notes?” I enquired. “We’ve lost yours” came the reply. It was turning into a farce but fortunately I have a sense of humour. Colin’s anxious face was making me nervous. I told him to go. I’d be fine and he had to get the car sorted before returning again on the afternoon. His departure signalled the start of a convoy of students wishing to `examine’ me and ask me questions. My consultant came to see me to check everything was in order and to explain that she was very concerned about my blood. I was severely anaemic and would I mind an Endoscopist looking at my stomach whilst I was under general anesthetic. Not at all, they could do what they liked as long as I was `out’. At 11am the porter came for me and off I went for

“Mastectomy! Can’t you just cut the lump out? “ “ You have a grade 2 cancer [medium growing] and 2 other suspicious areas. If you were my sister I’d advise you to do the same.” The consultant was trying her best. I knew it was cancer, I’d had cysts on many occasions in previous years. In fact I’d had three removed six months before I’d felt this one. So I was prepared, but hang on, to take away one of my lovely boobs, which were in their prime and attracting constant male attention. That was a bit much to take in. I did think of Louise Hay and wondered whether to `heal’ myself and defy the doctors, but the look on th faces of Colin and my Mom dared me to say anything. “When?” “Next week” “What!” “Is is that urgent Doctor?” My mother could contain herself no longer. What she was trying to say was, is the cancer that bad that if you don’t operate she’ll die. I know my mother. My Angel was swinging her legs on the couch. “Shall we have a chat Jayne?” she said. “Please” I muttered. She was my breast care nurse. We spent the next half an hour discussing the pros and cons of immediate reconstruction, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and so on. I booked to have surgery on March 4th. As I came round from surgery I asked for a lager. I just heard giggles so I guess the answer was no. I then started to feel as though I’d been drinking for 3 days. Not good at all, but I guess as I’d threatened the anaesthetist with a law suit if he didn’t knock me out properly, he was now getting his own back!

unt of Breast Cancer

by Jayne Hooper

I couldn’t sleep and so I just prayed and talked to my angels. I asked them for the strength to get me through this and help my family and friends as they too were suffering. I had asked on several previous occasions when I was depressed to die. Now, faced with death, I realised that I wasn’t ready. I wanted to live. My family do need me and I need them which is not how I thought during a depression. I then had the strangest of feelings. I suddenly felt enveloped in a warm breath, as complete and utter peace entered throughout my body. After being fitted with a `softie’ prosthesis and exercise instructions, I was on my way home. My house was filled with flowers and cards. I never knew how many people could care. I was totally overwhelmed and the kindness shown towards me reduced me to tears. I returned to the hospital for the results of the operation. As the cancer had spread to 2 lymph nodes I would need chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but the most amazing thing was that the tumour was a grade 1 (a slow growing cancer) not grade 2 as the biopsy showed. The oncologist had said that grade 1 tumours don’t usually spread to lymph nodes. My personal belief is that the cancer was spreading but the prayers and healing I’d received and the help I’d asked for from the Angels reduced the severity of the tumour and stopped it spreading any further “Have you been sick Mrs Hooper?” .”I have felt a bit queasy” “Well, I’m not surprised. Your medication is here for collection.” Apparently after chemo I should have picked up a package of tablets, steroids, anti-sickness pills etc, but I hadn’t. The hospital rang to inform me of this but by the time I collected them it was too late to take half of them anyway, and so I decided that if I could manage one dose of chemo without tablets then I’d manage the rest. And did. I found king prawn sagwalla, and ice lollies helped! “Go for it” “Are you sure?” “Just do it” Colin shaved my head. You are told that your hair will fall out, what I wasn’t told is that it itches like crazy when it falls onto your clothes and your head feels like its does when you have flu. Tender and sensitive. So, I’m as bald as a badger. It was hard coming to terms with losing my red hair, usually a beacon of style, but I’d bought a couple of wigs which were perfect to my style and colour so, get on with it.

Then in the shower I noticed ALL of my body hair washing away. “Colin, its all fell out” I shouted. “ Stop trying to turn me on “, he replied. What would I have done without this man? Well, all of my family. Occasionally there were tears but much more laughing and joking. The Angels certainly had given them all strength to get me through this in a manner I was enjoying. I didn’t like the wigs. They itched. So I started to buy a variety of scarves and of course I needed matching outfits. Any excuse. I’m known as a shopoholic. My visits to the hospital became my days out. I’d dress up, put some make up on and go for lunch after chemo. My choice would depend on how I was feeling. I did feel nauseous. My mouth tasted horrible and just as you get better, its time for another dose. Think of the positives. I lost some weight, I didn’t need to buy razors or deodorant and I could change my hairstyle if I chose to. Actually Colin found more use for the wigs as he wore one to a transvestite party my niece had for her 18th! I went to a `makeover’ day and learnt to properly apply my make up, along with taking home some fabulous products, and as the swelling went down from my operation I was fitted with `Betty’, my nickname for my false boob. I have been tempted on many occasions to whip her out and shock but common sense prevails. On a night out with my girlfriends some drunken lads started singing “get your tits out for the lads” I was so tempted. The look on their faces would have been priceless. I don’t know how I stopped myself. Radiotherapy finished last November. My hair started to grow back quite quickly and is now a shocking shade of red. I have one boob, but so what! The cancer has gone. My diet has improved and for the first time in 20 years I have the energy to work full time. I haven’t felt depressed for months and appreciate every little miracle of nature and treasure my family and friends as they have shown me that I am loved and I too, am a treasured friend. Thank you Angels. You did manifest my request. I am a happy healthy Jayne once more, and I know as one journey ended another has just begun.

Educate yourself

A New Angel T

his month has seen the birth of a new Angel image, the beautiful Angel of Presence. In this feature we have a channeling from In the Presence of Angels founder Jacqueline Phillips reminding us what an Angel is. There is also a personal account from Russell Goffe, the design channel for the Angel of Presence, of his experience of channeling this image and some words the came to him the following day about the nature of presence.

What is an Angel?


here is much that has been said about Angels. What or who are they? They are this, or that, the truth is they are light, we are light. As you read this now, I am with you the Archangel Gabrielle, and as you feel me beside you I bring you love and light.

What is love & light? Love and light is what I am. I am not wings, I am not a halo, and yet I am. You see I take the form that you need me to take, a preconceived image, and yet as your awareness grows so does my image. Look into the image of the Angel. Is it a shape? Does it have wings? Is it an Angel? To some it will be, to others it will not. How can you draw love and light? You cannot. For love and light is without image; it simply is. So as you look at the image feel love, feel light and then you have the understanding. The pre-

conceived image or the graphic image is simply there as a symbol, a tool to anchor into you love and light.

Unconditional love We are unconditional love. Unconditional love is that which you are but have forgotten. We are without judgement. We are like your pets; we love you regardless and accept you completely. This is why many Angels have incarnated as animals, your pets. Do they not heal you when you stroke them? Do they not draw close to you when you are ill, tired or weary? Do you observe fish and become still? Do you sit beside a lake and watch the elegance of the swan and become calm, centred and peaceful? So we say again what is an Angel? The person who smiles at you when you need cheering up, the kind word or thought when it’s needed most. We are all these things.

What is light? Light is that which you are, but have forgotten. Light is that which you feel when you are, or have unconditional love. Light is the sun that shines upon your face and removes the ‘darkness’ of your troubles.

Light is your truth, your destiny, the place from which you came, the place to which you will return! Yet when we are weary we ask when, when, will this time of light and love come, and we say it is now. It is you. Remember, remember, remember and

should you struggle to remember then call upon an Angel. A thought of help and we are there, and we will always be there, until the day you remember, that you too are an Angel. Blessings of love & light The above was channelled by the Archangel Gabrielle through Jacqueline Mary Phillips – Principle and Founder of In the Presence of Angels.

Channeling an Angel


acqueline has told me many times, “We will create more Angel images Russell, me and you”. I always responded passively, wondering how I might do this and if my graphic design skills were up to the task. The images are so beautiful and when I look at them I don’t know where I’d start in trying to create one. My only thought was that I’d know at the time. The day came when we were putting together ideas for the Global Living Soul Network logo, and it was decided that there needed to be a new Angel, the Angel of presence, which would form the basis of the logo. The next day I sat down to create. Jacqueline informed me that each Angel image was formed from the original Angel that you see as the logo for In the Presence of Angels. I took this image and began to manipulate the details; the colours, the light effects, adding shapes and using brushes. I was just flowing with the software and seeing what happened. I was actually treating it as a practice run, which probably worked out well, as it took the pressure off.

At several points during the creation process I had to sit back in my chair, as waves of energy passed over me. Sometimes emotional, but with a feeling of happiness. In fact, more than happiness, a feeling of oneness, stillness, coupled with shortness of breath with a hint of dry-mouth. This is a fantastic feeling and a great place to be (if you’ve got a glass of water handy, that is). With some channelled pointers from Jacqueline along the way the Angel manifested itself onto the screen and into our lives. I can’t wait for the next one! Here are some words that came to me during sunrise the next morning, inspired by the Angel of Presence, the energy of the previous day and a Power of Presence card by Eckhart Tolle.



very generation, group or individual has key defining moments that seem to inspire and supercharge it. These come and go and are very powerful at the time. We may then forget these, thinking of them as passed, cemented in their moment. A push from behind seems all that remains to remind us of the message. But these moments remain. How can such a power disappear? It is like saying that once a child stops teething he no longer has teeth. The initial, powerful, sometimes painful realisation has passed, but the energy goes nowhere. The birthing process is just the beginning. The energy then matures within us. We may grow accustomed to it, or distanced from it, but it is always there. These moments live on in every moment. For there is only one moment. This one! In every moment of the present we can touch any moment of the past in all its power.

The power of every defining moment of all time is available to us all of the time So everything is within reach and anything is possible, because these moments are within us, gifts from the evolution of our species. All these great moments encoded within us, waiting to be called upon. Presents of the past, through presence in the present. Russell Goff


Affirmation I AM an angelic presence, a Divine gift to the world

Crystals Rose quartz, clear quartz

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