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Ask the Angels Stepping into Ascension Reiki by Rebecca-Anne Withey Speaking my Truth by Natalie Smith Be True to Your Self by Anjela Sriharan Angel image for the month And much more...

EDITORS INTRODUCTION by Russell Goffe Welcome to the final In the Presence of Angels newsletter of 2008. As usual we have some great articles for you to read this month that we hope might inspire you during these turbulent times and throughout the festive season. Those in tune with the subtle (and often not so subtle) shifts in energy that we experience all of the time will no doubt be aware that recent months have been somewhat turbulent. The strange thing is that after a while we get used to it. We are adaptable creatures and accept that our ‘norm’ is not so placid any more, but involves a bit of up and a bit of down. We get used to looking for solutions rather than being in a state of suffering or worry. We get used to picking ourselves up. After a while the knocks don’t hurt as much. We toughen up. Now whilst this might not be our preferred unfolding of events and might not be too enjoyable, we now begin to see some value in it. We notice our strength rather than our weakness. We notice how we pulled together. We notice how we seem to be more resilient. In the face of darkness we are more confident. Now this is not such a bad place to be in. With all the worries we face coupled with scary stories about recessions and the property market and how

safe society is we now connect with ourselves in the middle of it in a new way. We notice that our attitude is changed, because we have grown stronger. We will not go down with this ship so easily. At least not at the beginning, when the only thing that might take us down is worry and fear. We are past that now. We have been prepared. Have our angels led us into darker places than they would normally like to, because they were confident we’d come out stronger? Sounds like something they might do! Who are we to know best from down here? With Christmas just a heartbeat away we know that it will pull us together, as it does on an annual basis, and we will experience a comfortable and warm bonding with our families. Perhaps in our new, less fearful mindset we may not be so afraid to tell our loved ones that we love them. Perhaps we will not be so scared to reach out to those in need; those without loved ones. May we no longer be scared to help. Have a great month and a great Christmas from all of us at In the Presence of Angels. THere’s no picture of me this month to put you off your dinner. Take the opportunity to look at someone you love in a new light. With new eyes!


Angels Welcome to the third ‘Ask the Angels’ column. This is your column where you can ask any questions you may have that can help you lead a happier and more content and angelic life. So ask away! If you’re wondering how the answers are given it’s very simple; I connect to your angels and ask. I then wait for the answers and give them exactly as they’re given to me; no judgement, no interpretation just pure and simple divine answers. We can all do this it just takes practice. An effective way to develop this gift is by spending 5 minutes a day in silence, ask your angels for protection before you start then concentrate on your breath. Breathe in and feel your breath enter your body, become the rhythm of your breath and become very still. Practices this often then when you feel ready ask to connect with your angels. You may ask for their name or you could just ask “what do you want me to know today?” Try it and see for yourself. If you have any questions just email them to me and I’ll tune in on your behalf. If you wish to form a closer connection with your angels why not come to an ‘Angel Awareness Day’. They are held regularly throughout the year in your area. See for more information. Good luck and enjoy the peace your Angels bring to you.

Dear Angels I am feeling really down at the moment and bored with everything to the point where I want to give up everything. Will this feeling pass anytime soon and is there anything I can do to lift my spirits? I talk to my angels nearly everyday and ask for protection for my friends and family, can you tell me my angels name? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you J Elaine xx Greetings Elaine We have been waiting for you to express an interest in us; your team of angels and helpers. We send you our love and our commitment to you and ask you to re-connect to us. Use the technique outlined at the start of the column to draw us closer to you.

Love Alison Ward

Ask your heart and soul by placing your left hand onto your heart what is it that brings you joy and laughter You may have to go right back in time but with patience you will find it. Practice creative projects, dance, song, laughter, painting etc find your joy and let it grow. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!! It’s great that you prayer for others; also remember you too are important. We love you Elaine from the spokesperson today Orellio, one of your angels who walks with you.”

Dear Angels

Dear Angels

May I ask on behalf of my brother Varatha? I know he is a powerful light worker and has great visions, yet I feel he is becoming stuck with his centre and his purpose, I feel somehow he is being held back as does he and I wonder how can he be unstuck from this? I know somehow this is related to his recent challenges in manifesting abundance for him relating to money.

How can I start to feel the joy and happiness I truly desire? What things can I do practically?

Here are this month’s questions, remember to pass the newsletter on to your friends and encourage them to send in questions too.

Thank you Dear Anjela, what a wonderful compassionate person you are asking on behalf of your brother. Varatha is indeed a powerful light worker. He has become a little lost as his centre is taking much of his energy. He really needs to practice what he tells his clients and students and take good care of himself. His soul is weary and in need of rest. He will be given much more clarity if he takes good care and attends to his own needs. I feel his purpose in life has changed and he needs to delegate to his very capable team. Some of the courses he offers need to be updated and bought up to the higher energy we’re living today so maybe re-writing the course or adding to them would heighten the energy of his centre and also himself. As far as focusing on abundance goes that sounds great…. as long as he is ready to fully receive the abundance he craves. A wonderful mantra is “I receive abundance in all of its forms now and for always as it is the Divine will.” I’m sending love, rest and clarity to your brother.

Vickie xx Come back Vickie. We are all going through a transition of leaving the old behind and bringing in the new. Part of you is unwilling to let go of anything in your life which is no longer serving its high purpose. Ask yourself are you holding on to past hurts, experiences or friendships that have now expired? Time to bring in the new but first you must complete any outstanding projects so the way may be cleared for the new. Sit down and give this some thought; if you like lists write a list of things to let go of or complete. The universe loves us de cluttering as it pave the way for new experiences joys and truths to come into our life. Enjoy your journey. LOVE Alisonx

Living Soul Centre Updates

... welcoming Alison Ward and the Solihull Centre... We welcome to our Living Soul Centre network the Solihull Centre owned by Alison Ward. We are truly blessed to have such an angel join In the Presence of Angels. Alison launched her centre on 1st December 2008. You may recognise Alison as the author of our Ask the Angels column. She also joins us at Head Office level as the Facilitator and Host of the Global ‘Living Soul’ Network. In this role she has recently returned from Dubai having taught the Ascension Reiki and will enlighten you with her insights and stories at the right time. She will be returning to Dubai again in February to teach the ‘Living Soul’ should you wish to join her. Log on to our website for dates and venues for all GLSN events. .................................................................................................... ...special offers at your local centre... From 2009 all Living Soul Centres will only be selling our range of Living Soul products. Therefore, there are bargains to be had on surplus stock with all items now HALF PRICE. Pop into our centres to pick up a last minute Christmas bargain! To find your local centre log on to and click the ‘Find a Centre’ link in the menu. .................................................................................................... ... christmas specials at the Sedgley Centre... Look out for the full page ad at the end of this newsletter for the special Christmas offers at Sedgley Living Soul Centre. The centre has put together gift voucher packages - Gold, Silver and Bronze - as goft packages!





A summary of my learning experience By Rebecca-Anne Withey

I began my attunements with Alison Ward (Living Soul Centre Solihull) on Sunday 26th October. Although I had prior knowledge of traditional Usui Reiki, I found the Ascension Reiki a great challenge. My challenge was not in processing the information but in completely absorbing it and living my truth. Alison and I communicated extremely well throughout and I was encouraged to channel, answer my own questions and connect directly with the energy of various ascended masters. After my first attunement I found it increasingly difficult to remain grounded so every effort was made to ensure I worked on grounding myself on a regular basis using visualisation, crystals and sheer intention. I was given real life examples of how the spiritual laws are applied and used, with both positive and negative results. I now feel able to look for the truth in all situations and understand the messages they bring to me. The main obstacle I faced throughout this training was my ego. Resistant to change, my ego wished for me to stay as I was and not go further on my spiritual path. My ego placed doubts in my mind as to whether this was the right thing for me to do and scolded my achievements. Alison explained how to take control of my ego by first of all understanding why it has formed these beliefs in the first place. I have reclaimed the power of my thoughts by working with positive affirmations, using psycho-analysis to rework learned behaviour and I have nurtured my lonely inner child. Through this training I have discovered many positives and I feel blessed to say I know what my strengths are. By knowing my strengths I can give joy to my soul. My passion for performance art; dance, drama, music, poetry and sign – can be used to channel messages and emotions. My interest in holistic healing; nutrition, fitness and mindful thoughts – can be used to support the purification of myself and others. Another blessing Alison gave me was the fact that she was not around in the days following my final attunement. Because of this, I was forced to take responsibility for myself, and give myself all I needed without outside help. This was a first for me. It was what happened after my attunements that opened my eyes to the master energy the most. It has been two weeks since my final attunement and each day has brought a new challenge and a new insight. Each day I have been encouraged to go within for my answers and strengthen my personal relationship with the ascended masters. I would like to end this summary with a brief channelled message:

“The road ahead may be long and your body tired, but know there is a new day dawning. Have the courage to follow it. I honour you.” - Jesus

What is a Master? By Rebecca-Anne Withey

A master is someone who is not afraid to see their light and their darkness and honours both with love and patience. A master is someone who chooses to live and has the courage to find their truth. A master is someone who looks up when they fall and chooses to walk on regardless. A master is someone who knows their weaknesses and loves themselves just the same. A master is someone who looks for the meaning in every day life. Someone who chooses takes responsibility for their life. Someone who loves life’s ups and downs Doesn’t cling on to happiness Or wallow in sadness. A master lives their life with flow and ease With gratitude With acceptance But most of all With love.

A reminder of the

Living Soul Concept

Initially the Living Soul was a channelled therapy which included a number of healing techniques which when used could release the soul from bondage in order to live to its highest potential in this lifetime, to create the highest reality and live in joy, love and peace. As the energy of this therapy grew so did In the Presence of Angels to bring forth her Living Soul centres, catering for all aspects of a person’s life: - Holistic Therapeutic Health & Beauty Sector - Holistic Education Sector - Holistic Children and Family Services Sector - Holistic Business Sector The aim being to work in a truly holistic way with initial free client consultations analysing the energy field and so directing a client to the right service and sector. In the beginning a self-empowerment journey, all the time the Living Soul therapy providing a foundation for each centre. Our concept is one that will enable your soul to live to its highest potential and everything you find at your local ‘Living Soul’ centre from products to buy to therapies/education and serviced sectors will enable this to happen. It’s all under one roof. Where the banks say no we say “yes you can do it”; where the relationship seems impossible we say, “think again”; where the doctors say it can’t be healed we show you results. We have your answers. Whatever the question we can help you to live to your highest potential and so become the Living Soul.

By Natalie Smith

Speaking my truth I began writing this as a diary entry after reading the book ‘Indigo Adults’ and to show myself how far I had come since learning Reiki. But after a recent conversation with a childhood friend I decided that maybe others could take something from my own spiritual journey. From the moment that I began to learn Reiki, some two and a half years ago, I had always been given the same advice; ‘speak your truth’. I could not comprehend what my angels and guides were trying to get me to do and subsequently I became quite agitated. I didn’t know what my truth was, let alone speak it! I spent a year carrying out Reiki on myself and others and still I had no answers. However I did start to feel like I was different to others and I began to feel quite isolated. I felt that I had so much that I needed to bring out of myself, that I had talents and so much drive that at times I couldn’t contain it. I felt that all of the old stuff was holding me back and that I was not going fast enough. After attending the Living Soul Therapy course I have come to realise that there was a fear within myself to stand out from others and the ‘norms’ that society places on us. I thought that the moment that I did stand out other people would think that I was crazy, big-headed and unapproachable. It seems that we all hold a blue print of fear in our genes that says ‘don’t stand out, don’t be too visible, don’t be better’ because this is dangerous. We also hold with us the imprints that society has placed on us, ‘don’t

be egotistical, be humble.’ As if it’s a sin in God’s eyes to say ‘I am great!’ Surely this is what he would want? As a primary school teacher, I see children each day who are so happy to be in their truth and speaking their truth so easily. I see so frequently parents and colleagues who try to condition them out of it. As part of my own truth I am lucky to have the opportunity to try and re-teach these parents and teachers to respect the new souls of today. These children are our teachers, we should listen to their essence and truth, to respect them and not limit them and to try and not to impose our old and outdated systems of beliefs onto them. So many teachers are frightened of the 30 or more children who sit in front of them, telling the teachers their truth. These children who are saying ‘look at what you are doing!’ Teachers are now finding it hard to find their own way. There were approximately 600,000 children this year alone who were prescribed some kind of based Ritalin drug in the UK in order to help maintain the difficult behaviour named as ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. Many of these children are bright, energetic and most importantly are in touch with themselves and have a deeper sense of their own truth which they are happy to share with others. This overwhelming behaviour is now making our current educational system buckle. Now instead of trying to get these children to fit into the school, our schools will need to transform to fit the souls of these new children. In no way am I saying that as a teacher I have not had to deal

with difficult children and I am the first to admit that in the past I have tried to squash children’s soul essence. This was because I was too scared to speak my truth and to be brave and put my idea’s out into the educational world. On my journey to finding my freedom, vision and truth I found that I could sense the emotions of others on a deeper level. At times this brought me many challenges because many people are not aware of the energetic dimensions within themselves. I found that if I asked people if they were ok, their response would be ‘yes fine’, but I could sense that something had shifted in them. It was hard for me to communicate because I could only relate to the truth of what was there in their energies, whereas societies level of communication is based on the masks that hide the truth. This led me to distrust myself and feel insecure. Now I am aware of my truth and I am speaking it openly with my family, friends and colleagues. I have learnt to shed that cloak that held me back. As the lord Buddha said so beautifully ‘A lie is sweet in the beginning but bitter in the end, truth is bitter in the beginning but sweet in the end’ I wish you all well in speaking your own truths. Find the courage to go for the things that you want and believe in and find the strength in your heart to live listening to your soul rather that society’s voice. For those interested in reading Indigo Adults see: Indigo Adults, Jaffe K and Davidson R, iUniverse, 2005.

FINAL THOUGHTS Looking out the large windows of my New Zealand home I was stunned by the beauty and serenity that surrounded me. Enveloped by the diverse nature of this mystic land I said a quiet Thank you to Spirit for this experience. I had been in a meditative state with Dr Usui and other Ascended Masters, and I asked is there anything else I needed to know right now? The following was channelled which I would love to share with you:

Be One with Your Self

Love Your Self Honour Your Self Be True to Your Self Be Kind to Your Self Be One with Your Self Be One with Your Self Honour Your Truth Honour Your Love Honour Your Light Honour Your Words Be One with Your Self Anjela Sriharan

Christmas offer from Living Soul Centre Sedgley ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Call: 01902 882 187

Angel Image for November Those of you that have been to our centres or on our website will be familiar with our angel images. These channelled images are designed for specific healing and when used in meditation they are very powerful. This month we bring to you the Angel of the Chakras. State your wishes and then allow the healing energy to come from the image and pass through you as you and the angel become one.

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NEXT MONTH Thank you for taking the time to sue of our newsletter. We hope you ceived some great contributions putting some of this content out

read this November isenjoyed it! We have reso look forward to in the coming months.

if you want to see your words in print in this newsletter then please get in touch. Have a great month from all of us at In the Presence of Angels!

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