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Windows®. Life without Walls™. Acer recommends Windows 7.


Life in 3D When you crave more excitement, more realism and more suspense from your digital entertainment, there’s only one way to experience the world: in 3D. Get ready to dive into the Acer Aspire 5738D the world’s first notebook with 3D technology and applications built in.

When you’re ready for more, you’re ready for life in 3D.

Acer Aspire 5738D Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6600

Windows® 7 Home Premium allows you to manage and share information easier, enjoying your photos, music, videos, games and DVDs. Available at all leading retailers in UAE or at Acer and the Acer logo are registered trademarks of Acer Incorporated. Copyright 2010 Acer. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks, indicated or otherwise, are the properties of their respective owners. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Specifications subject to change without notice. Pictures are intended simply to illustrate the product.

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40% Faster

Quick Charge Your iPhone Anytime Quick Charge for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

Quick Charge

Suspend PC Power Working Standby to RAM

ON/OFF Charge USB Port

Suspend to DISK













Traditional Design






Charge time (Lower is Better)

Up to

40% Faster

non ON/OFF Charge USB ports. *Due to certain mobile phone limitations, users may need to connect the mobile phone to their PC before the PC enters S4/S5 mode to enable a quick charge from Charging results may vary by model.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. For more information, please call our distributors:


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These speed settings are not guaranteed by GIGABYTE. The specifications and pictures are subject to change without notice. All trademarks and logos are the properties of their respective holders. Any overclocking is at user’s risk, GIGABYTE Technology shall not be responsible for any damage or instability to your processor, motherboard, or any other components.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc.



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61  81 25          2010       3D            "      "              LED     PlasmaLCD PRAVIA       Super LED backlight technology                    


                                   

  3D    3                        3D                                              

  BRAVIA              2010   20103D 2010  30٪        5-10  LCD       2010       BRAVIA   40-60             


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-|–HHfŠH+ƒ7'fGjH¥„,mfN5fgIo,¡'+ ¡Lb“kŠ.šK mfŠ§gI ¦™= fO §,fqN)+ |/(¥k‚7  3D DDH+ j§Ÿ“k, žb“H+ #3fŠ,'´+j§/ÍnH+¡¥N}™kH+-}¢0'+ -+¥KKj§Ÿ“kH+¤{K¨Ÿgk,ž¥“§‚7 I›L'+¡'+b“kŠJ j§JL|k–H)´+ ifŠH'´+L j§*fœŸ§‚~H+ žÍDDE'´+ -bKf‚I hN|q.jILf“I I+¥Ÿ–œkN H N{H+j‚:fN|H+•f‚=L ¤{K %+|‚, ¡¥I¥“§‚7 —H{HL 3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ j§Ÿ“kH+

›L'´+ž¥§H+ I+O 5fgk=+›}ŸœH+¨E3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ ¡¥N}™kH+ -}DD¢D0'+ •ÍDD;)´ ¡¥„„w. ¦kI -btkœH+j§,|ŠH+m+5fDD I)´+jDDHL3¨E 3D 3fDDŠD,'´+ #…‚7L'´+•|‚H+L j§/Í/¨J¥‚7¡¥N}™.-}¢0'´ ¨DDHL'´+|Š‚~H+¥KfI #3fŠ,'´+  I¡¥N}™kH+-}¢0'+•Í;)f,r§™wH+¨J¥‚7ž¥“k‚7 jg‚~Ÿ,¦™>'+ ¡¥N}™kH+-}¢0'+ |Š‚7¡¥–N¡'+ ‹F¥kJ j§/Í/ 5¥‚€H+ j§Ÿ“. ‹I j“E+¥kœH+  BRAVIA Œ¥J j§/Í/j§Ÿ“kH+¡Lb,j™/fœœH+s4fœŸH+ =j*fœHf,10-15 2010¥§H¥N|¢‚8›¥™t, 3D 3fŠ,'´+ 3fŠ,'´+ ¡¥N}™kH+-}¢0'+ v|;¨J¥‚7jG|‚8¨E’b¢k‚~J fO ‚ªN'+ ž¥“Ÿ‚7fœGžfDDŠDH++{DDK ›ÍDD2 •+¥DD‚D 7'´+¨E ¦™=-53fF3 ‚§k‚7©Í,¨J¥‚7-}¢0'+¡¥–k‚7¦kI  Blu-ray ©+5¥™gH+ƒ9+|F'+ š§‚.-}¢0'+ •Í;)f, # 3D Blu-Rays 3fŠ,'´+j§/Í/©+5¥™,ƒ9+|F'+š§‚.  3D j§Ÿ“.‹Ij“E+¥kœH+¨H}ŸœH+v|‚~œH+jœ‡J'+L -}¢0'+ |§E¥.¦™=¨J¥‚7jG|‚8¨EfŸEbK|‚€k“N´ 3 DD‚D D §D kD ‚D 7©ÍDD DgD D H+-}DD D¢D DD0'´jDDgD ‚D ~D ŸD HfDD,fDD D DI'+ 3fŠ,'´+j§/Í/j§Ÿ“kH+‹Ij“E+¥kI BRAVIA ¡¥N}™. mfnNbt.|§E¥k,¨J¥‚7ž¥“k‚~E PlayStation®3 ¨/Í/ M¥ktI |§E¥. ¦™= fO ‚ªN'+ šœŠJ š, h‚~tE ¤{KšŠqH—H4LfO JfqI firmware jk,fnH+rI+|g™H j,|q.¦™=›¥‚€tH+ I+¥Ÿ–œk§H §–™¢k‚~œ™H3fŠ,'´+ žÍDDE'´+L jœ‚~qœH+ ifŠH'´+ ‹I j“E+¥kI -}¢0'´+  I "‹F+¥™H i|F'+" 3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ j§¢§E|. -bKf‚I j§™œŠ, žf§“H+ ›Í2  IL 3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ ifŠH'´+L ¡¥N}™kH+›Í2 jEfG ug‚€k‚7 jk,fnH+ rI+|g™H j™‚€ŸI oNbt. 3 ‚§k‚7©ÍgH+-}¢0'´žbwk‚~I¡¥§™I333¥0L‹IL ¥™gH+ ƒDD9+|DDF'+ m͍‚I ‹I j“E+¥kI -}DD¢D0'´+ —™. j“„ŸI¨E¢ŸI¡¥§™I‘‚€JHfŠH+%ftJ'+ jEfG¨E ¡f–I)f, ¡¥–§‚7L  Blu-ray 3D 3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ ©+5 mfnNbt. |§E¥k, ¨J¥‚7 ž¥“k‚7 …DD‚D 7L'´+ •|‚H+ j§/Í/ -bKf‚I j,|qk, Œfkœk‚7´+  §–™¢k‚~œH+

59 5K^œMK˜¢–0 81 u§t‚€. |k2+L rIfJ|gH+ š§‚k, FL  BD L'+ Select Image ¦™= …‚:+L ‘™I jœ*fF  I £0¥. / -5¥‚€H+ ‘™I ˆtH ‹‚:¥I 3b1L Parity File |k2+L +3bqI File ‘™I jœ*fF ¦H)+ error correctionu§t‚€kH+‘™I‹‚:¥I3btkH -%+|“H+ 5f§2 ¦™= …‚ªH+ bŸ= (.ECC) file |I'´+•|‚~k§‚~ErIfJ|gH+-{EfJ §œN¨ERead bŠ,L—H4›Í2-¥¢F¡fqŸ,—§™=-bNb=”*fF3 b§H¥. 5f§2 ¦™= …‚:+ -%+|“H+ j§™œ= %f¢kJ+ bŸ=L  ECC file u§t‚€kH+ ‘™œH Create %f„2'+ 5¥¢<L Íg“k‚~I ƒ9|“H+ -%+|F jHLftI £§E 3b1L rIfJ|gH+ š§‚k, —§™= £§E -%+|F DVD, CD ¡fG%+¥‚7 ©5}§™H+ƒ9|“H+‹‚:¥I u§t‚€kH+ ‘™I ‹‚:¥I 3b1L  BD ©+5 ¥™, L'+


56 ¦™= …‚:+L ECC file ¥KL ƒ9|“H+ ¨E L}N)+ ”‚~Ÿ, ‘™œH+ x‚~J —Ÿ–œNL Fix v͂9)+ ¨kH+m´ftH+¨ELbNb0©5}§Hƒ9|F¦™=ISO u§t‚€.‘™I¡L3©5}§Hƒ9|Ff¢§E—NbH¡¥–N £.fN¥ktI 3+3|k‚7´ rIfJ|gH+ ž+bwk‚7+ —Ÿ–œN 3¥0L ¡Lb, šF'+ ¡¥–k‚7 vfqŸH+ ƒ9|E ¡'+ ´)+ šœ= rIfJ|gH+ ¦H¥k§‚7 fKbŸ=L u§t‚€kH+ ‘™I ƒ9|“H+ mfN¥ktœH fIfœ. š‚9'´+ ”g; -5¥‚9 hg‚~, f¢.%+|F  = }qŠN ¨kH+ mfJf§gH+ 6Lfq.L jHLftI¨Em+|I-b=ƒ9|“H+u‚~Ib§ŠNLf¢™. jg‚~ŸHf, fI'+  jHfkH+ mfJf§gH+ —™. 3+3|k‚7´ 6Lfq.¨Eb=f‚~.bF-|§nG•|;˜fŸ¢Eƒ8Lbw™H ƒ9|“H+  I +b0 j“§F5 j“g; …‚–, f¢™Gf‚I j“§œ=l‚~§Hƒ8LbwH+¡'+ ƒ:+|kE+¦™=©5}§™H+ —H{H•|„H+ƒªŠ,fJ35L'+ ¡'+ fŸH”g‚7L+b0

j’GfkG*…8*|E&¶*œFf„H …7Kaw›G«aG¢M~wkG*…8*|E&*l„9|Œ"f¤-fM§ktH¨G(*§„8§G*¢˜žM“©˜D

¦™= ©¥kt. bF f¢J'´ —H4L f‚ªN'+ f¢§™= ¡fœ‚ªH f¢§H)+ ¤fgkJ´+ hqN jIfK mf‡1ÍI |‚ª.´jœ§™‚7-5¥‚€,bNbqH+oNbtkH+l§gn. |.¥§gœ–H+ šœŠ, ¦™= oNbtkH+ l§gn. ¨K -|§2'´+ -¥„wH+ ¡f§1'´+ ‡ŠI ¨E j§™œŠH+ ¡¥–.L |.¥§gœ–H+ Œ¥J I‘™œH+š§‚.M¥‚7h™„k.´Lj„§‚~, jEfG•Í>)+ bŠ,oNbtkH+l§gnk,ƒ9fwH+exe h™„kk‚7 j§™œŠH+ ¡'´ —H4L j1¥kœH+ mf™œH+ f§*f“™.|.¥§gœ–H+š§‚.-3f=)+ ”1´lFL¨E mf1¥™H+ IžbF'´+6|„H+m+4m+|.¥§gœ–H+fI'+ f§Ef‚:)+ +3¥¢qI —ŸI h™„k. b“E j§‚~§*|H+ l§gn.h™„k.bFf¢J'+ 4)+ j§F|kH+j§™œŠ,žf§“™H sfktk‚7 fKbŸ=L ƒ7¥§, rIfJ|,  I oNbtkH+ š§‚. -3f=)+L ŒÍF)ÍH ƒ9|F %f‚J)+ ¦H)+ /  IL DOS ƒ7L3 jc§, ¨E |.¥§gœ–H+ ƒ7¥§,rIfJ|g,ƒ9fwH+oNbtkH+‘™Iš§‚.

j1¥™H-5¥„œH+jG|‚H+‹F¥I¦H)+ fKbŠ,£0¥. ›¥‚€tH+›f1¨E—H4LlJ|kJ)´+¦™=j§‚7f‚7'´+ +4)+ fI'+ -b1+LjN5fq.jIÍ= I|.¥§gœG¦™=  I |nG'+  I |.¥§gœ–H+ ‹§œqk, lœF bF lŸG j1¥™H+6+|;bNbt.‹§„k‚~.´LjN5fq.jIÍ= ¦™= 3fœk=´+ —Jf–I)fgE jIbwk‚~œH+ j§‚7f‚7'´+ ¦™= ’|ŠkHf, ž¥“. j™kwI j§qI|, m+L3'+ f¢ŸIL jIbwk‚~œH+ |.¥§gœ–H+ mfJ¥–I 6|; ‹F¥œH+  I f¢™§œt.  –œN ¨kH+ CPU-Z -+3'+ ‹§Ÿ‚€. mfG|‚H lJ|kJ)´+ ‹F+¥I -3f= |E¥. žf‡J ¦™= ’|Šk™H -+3'+ j§‚~§*|H+ mf1¥™H+ ƒ:|=/ ILf§*f“™.—NbHžbwk‚~œH+ƒ7¥§gH+ £™§œt. —Ÿ–œN ©{H+L £ŸI pb1'´+ 5+b‚9)´+ f§*f“™.¨HftH+5+b‚9)´+ I´b,£k§gn.L  I j=¥œqI ƒ7¥§gH+ rIfJ|, ‹I |E¥k. ŒÍ„H´+ Ib,´¨kH+mfœ§™ŠkH+Lm+bŸk‚~œH+


mf©H§„6|G*jEf†+oMatŸ)ÏkkGmf©H§„6|G*jEf†+M|„€-¢˜žMœJ "jHa•kžG*ifŒG&¶*œ©„-H

58 80

mf§I¥‚7|H+ jFf„, ‚7+ ¦™=  œN'´+ ƒ7LfœH+ Update š§‚kH+ rIfJ|, oNbt. 5f§k2+L lJ|kJ)´+ |g= otgHf, 6LbŸNL ž¥“§H Driver f¢k§gn.L š§‚kH+ rIfJ|gH mfnNbt. jN'+  = rIfJ|gH oNbt. 3fqN)+ ¨E u™. H ›f1 ¨E 5f§k2f,š§‚kH+rIfJ|,jH+6)+ —Ÿ–œ§Eš§‚kH+ /  IL j“,f‚~H+ jœ*f“H+ ƒ~J  I Uninstall rIfJ|, l§gn.L |.¥§gœ–H+ š§‚. -3f=)+ rIbœH+ ƒ9|“H+  I %+¥‚7 M|2'+ -|I š§‚kH+ ‹F¥I I£™§œt.bŠ,L'+ |.¥§gœ–H+‹I”E|œH+ ˜|.¥§gœ–H jŠŸ‚€œH+ jG|‚H+ f¢w‚~Ÿ, lœF jIfKL -|§gG 5¥‚9 mf™I ©bH  I jN5}§H ƒ9+|F'+ ¦™= f¢‡tH m+¥Ÿ‚7 šgF ƒ8Lbw,f¢‚ªŠ,lg§‚9'+LCD LDVD ¨=¥J šnIf¢.%+|F¨E'f„2š*f‚75fJf§1'+|¢‡.j„§‚~, Data error (cyclic redundancy 'f„wH+ ƒ€tH j“N|; jE|Šœ, h>5'+ ¨ŸŸ–H (check #—H4‘§–Eƒ9+|F'´+¤{K¨Emf™œH+jI͂7

ž¥“N rIfJ|, ›L'+ j,fnœ, ƒ7¥§gH+ žf‡J |gkŠN 3btN ¥KL ŒÍF)´+ MbH £™§œtk, |.¥§gœ–H+ -3¥0¥œH+ j™kwœH+ š§‚kH+ jœ‡J'+ šœ= j§H&+  = mfI¥™ŠI ©¥ktN £J'+ fœG |.¥§gœ–H+ ¦™= |.¥§gœ–H+‹Ij™‚€kœH+jk™wœH+mfJ¥–œH+ j§‚~§*|H+ mf1¥™H jŠŸ‚€œH+ mfG|‚H+ ž¥“.L m+5+b‚9)+ v|„, L'+ ƒ7¥§gH+ oNbtk, -3f= %f„2'´+ v͂9)´ ƒ7¥§gH+ rI+|,  I pb1'+ j§HftH+ m+5+b‚9)´+ ¨E b0+¥k. ¡'+  –œN ¨kH+ ¨E |E+¥k. ´ -bNb0 fN+}I =bH ¦k1 L'+ £ŸI ¦™= 3¥0¥œH+ rIfJ|gH+  I ¨Hf1+ 5+b‚9)´+ ¨kH+SSDƒ9+|F'+=3-}§IšnIƒ7¥§,-|G+4 f¢H 3|JL ‹‚7+L •f‡J ¦™= f§Hf1 |‚kŸ. m'+b, j§F|kH+j§™œ=b§.L3bŠH++{K¨Ef‚9f2fœ‚~F ¦™= |/(¥. 4)+ š–G |.¥§gœ–H+ šœ=  §‚~t. ¨E -}¢0'´+ =3  = ͂ªE žf‡ŸH+ ŒÍF)+ j=|‚7 |.¥§gœ–Hf, š‚€k. ¨kH+ -bNbqH+ mfJ¥–œH+L

-|§„wH+j™–‚œH+¤{¢HÍK{IÍ1bqkHphp š*f‚7|H ft§t‚€. ‘§‚ªN 5¥G{œH+ rIfJ|gHfE  ’f‚ªN ‘™I š–‚8 ¦™= —H4L -%+|“H+ %f„2'+ -bNb0 ƒ9+|F'+ ¦H)+ f¢w‚~Ÿ. ¨kH+ —.f™I ¦H)+ lNf,f§I700jŠ‚7˜fŸK¡fG¡)+LfK3+3|k‚7´ lNf,f§I 105 ¦™= 4¥tk‚~N ¥¢E ƒ9|“H+ ¨E ƒ9|F ¦™= fI'+ -%+|“H+ %f„2'+ u§t‚€. 3¥–H 700 £I}™§‚~E 4.7GB jŠ‚~, bNb0 DVD ¥™, ƒ9+|F'+ ‹I f‚ªN'+ šœŠN ¥KL lNf,f§I f¢k§gnk, F rIfJ|gH+ ž+bwk‚7´L  BD ©+5 DVD,CD  ©5}§™H+ ƒ9|“H+ š23'+ fKbŠ,L


š‚ªE'+ -5¥‚€,  I žbwk‚~œH+ 5+b‚9)´+ bNbt. ´L'+ —§™= |„‚7¦H)+ £0¥.—H{,žf§“™HLƒ7¥§gH+rIfJ|, msinfo32 jœ§™ŠkH+ ‹g;+L Run |I+L'´+ System žf‡ŸH+mfI¥™ŠI-+3'+ ¦H)+ —™“Ÿ.¨kH+ žf‡J ž+bwk‚7+ ›f1 ¨E —H4L Information žf‡J ž+bwk‚7+ ›f1 ¨E fI'+ ¨, ƒ~G)+ 6LbŸNL j,fkG ‹§„k‚~kE 7 6LbŸNL L'+ fk‚~§E 6LbŸNL otgH+…N|‚8ž+bwk‚7f,f¢.+4j“,f‚~H+jœ§™ŠkH+ ›¥‚9¥H+ –œNL'+ '+b,+jœ*fFš‚7'+ |¢‡N©{H+ -3¥0¥œH+ žf‡ŸH+m+L3'+  œ‚:-+3'´+¤{K¦H)+ '+b,+jœ*fF œ‚:j“t™œH+rI+|gH+¨E mfI¥™ŠI -{EfŸH+  I ¦Ÿœ§H+ j¢qH+ ¨E |¢‡k‚7 F5 šnI žbwk‚~œH+ ƒ7¥§gH+ rIfJ|,  = j,fk–, F |§2'´+ oNbtkH+ xN5f.L 5+b‚9)´+ sfktk‚7 —J'´ f¢, ‰fk1´+L mfI¥™ŠœH+ ¤{K oNbtkH+j§™œŠHjI3f“H+m+¥„wH+¨Ef¢§H)+

jJ}wœH+ -|§g–H+ mf™œH+ ¨E …§‚~, 'f„2 ¨–N —t‚€J'+Lf¢™Gf¢=f§‚ªHjN5}§™H+ƒ9+|F'´+¦™= rIfJ|, 3fœk=f, %+|“H+ m+¥2'´+L -¥2'´+L 3+3|k‚7+¨E—.b=f‚~œHdvdisaster¥K¨JfqI jœNbFjN5}§Hƒ9+|F'+ ¨EjJ}wœH+mf™œH+—™. ƒ9fwH+5+b‚9)´+|k2+L ‹F¥œH+ I£™N}Ÿk,F

Binary for Windows 6LbŸN¥,

57 5K^œMK˜¢–0 81 b§.Lf¢ŠI”E|œH+š§‚kH+rIfJ|,L'+ jŠ,f„H+ ƒ7L(L5 šœ= ”§ŠN fI šG jH+6)+ ¨E j§œ™ŠH+ ¤{K bFL fK|g= |gtH+ oJ ›Í2  I —H4L j=fg„H+ šgF-|I I|nG'+ j§<¥H+¤{Kš§‚.¦H)+ sfkt. jœ§™‚7-5¥‚€,šœŠH+¦H)+ jŠ,f„H+3¥Š.¡'+ f‚ªN'+ mfŠ,f„™H -5¥„œH+ mfG|‚H+ ƒªŠ, |E¥. ƒ7L(L5 ‘§‡Ÿk, žf§“H+ j§§G  = m+3f‚85)+ j“,f‚~H+m+¥„wH+l™‚E›f1¨EfNLbNj=fg„H+ jŠ,f„H+j™–‚Iš1¨E L'+ Œ6¥œH+ ¦H)+ jŠ,f„H+ -3f=)+ ‹§„k‚~. +|§2'+L  œ‚: lJfG +4)+ £ŸI f¢*+|‚, lœF ©{H+ |qkœH+ ¡fœ‚ªH+-|kE

…6§©gG*oMat…6§©gGf+j„8fwG*mfnMatkG*¢H,a)f’G*fH "f¤©G(*§„8§G*¢˜žM“©FK

mf§I¥‚75 jFf„g, ›¥œtI ©|kE3 |.¥§gœG ©bH |§> hg‚~HL GeForce 9300M fNb§J)+  I ¥K fœG j‚7¥–ŠI |¢‡. ¡+¥H'´+ ltg‚9'+ ’L|ŠI |.¥§gœ–H+ ¡'+ fœ™= Negative 5¥‚9 ¨E ›ftH+ #štH+¥KfœEfk‚~§E6LbŸNL¦™=bœkŠN b1'+ jH+6)+ ¥K j™–‚œH+ hg‚7 ¡'+ bG(¥œH+  I —H4 hg‚~.L |.¥§gœ–H+ ¦™= jkgnœH+ rI+|gH+ |I'´+ ¦H)+ VirtualDub rIfJ|, ¨E £0¥. ¡&´+ jFf„, š§‚. rI+|, mf™I ƒªŠ, ’{t, 3b1 / Video jœ*f“H+  œ‚: Copression ¡+¥H'´+5¥¢< ¦H)+ ©3(¥N ©{H+|I'´+mf§I¥‚7|H+ j=¥œqI  I Xvid MPEG-4 Codec |I'´+ rIfJ|, oNbt. j;f‚~g, ¥¢E štH+ fI'+ j‚7¥–ŠI j§‚~§*|H+ -{EfŸH+ ¨E |¢‡. ¨kH+ m+5f§wH+ Audio |I'´+ bNbtk, m¥‚€H+ …g‚ª, F / MPEG Œ¥ŸH+ bNbt.L Compression / Layer 3 3¥–H+ ¦™= ©¥ktN ©{H+ ‘™œH+ uk, F +|§2'+ ¨HftH+ ‚7´+ ž+bwk‚7f, £‡1+L ¨qI|gH+ avi ¦H)+ j“1ÍH+šNbg.L


VGA Drivers mf§I¥‚7|H+ jFf„, š§‚. j1¥H ¦H)+ ›f“kJ´+ ›Í2  I —H{, žf§“H+  –œNL 5f§k2+L System žf‡ŸH+ /  IL –tkH+ |NbI /  IL Hardware -}¢0'´+ j,+¥, m´¥tI 5f§k2+L Device Manager -}¢0'´+ 5}, …‚ªH+L Display Adapter mf§I¥‚7|H+

–, j‚9fwH+ mf“§“tkH+ ¨E ¡L35¥. fI +|§nG -b“ŠI j§™œ= f¢J'fGL ƒ7¥§gH+ oNbt. j§™œ= j§™œ=f¢““t.¨kH+-b*fH+fIL#f“1—H{G{Kš¢E  §,f¢,žf§“H+h0+¥H+ IšKL#ƒ7¥§gH+oNbt. #|2&´+L §tH+

k§‚7L |NÍ, fNb§I 6LbŸNL šnI ¨qI|gH+ —§™=L j/ÍnH+ 3fŠ,'´f, ¥Nb§H+ ƒ:|= f§*f“™. —H{Hjg‚7fŸœH+m+5f‡ŸH+ž+bwk‚7+‹g„Hf,fŸK j™qœH+ I”,f‚~H+3bŠH+¦H)+ -3¥ŠH+‹§„k‚~.L -5f‡ŸH+¤{Kš§‚9f.¦™=ŒÍ;ÍH j„g.|I ™§H+ +{K š§‚. j§Jf–I)+ ¦“g.  –H 3fŠ,'´+ ƒ:|= ¡'´ —H4L £‚~J |.¥§gœ–Hf, ©{H+ AviSynth rIfJ|, ¦™= bœkŠN j/ÍnH+ -|‚8fgI oHfnH+ bŠgH+ =bH j§™wH+ ¨E šœŠN 3¥–H+L¥Nb§H+‘™Iš“J¡'+ ©'+ £™§‚.%fŸ/'+ bŠgH+5f¢<)+u§kN H|2&+|.¥§gœG¦H)+¨qI|gH+ #štH+¥KfœE£§EoHfnH+ ‰ftH+L j“,f‚~H+ mf™œH+ rIbH rIfJ|g, —§™= —t‚€ŸJLf§*f“™.|¢‡§H™§™HoHfnH+bŠgH+¦™=  I £™§œt.  –œN ©{H+ VirtualDub rIfJ|g, h™„k§‚7L ‹F¥œH+ šnI ƒ~–N3¥–H+ mf™I ƒªŠ, 3¥0L rIfJ|gH+ ‹F¥œH+  I -|‚8fgI £™§œt.  –œN ©{H+  Xvid


oGfnG*aŒgG* 2fŒ+&¶*ª.Ï.§Ma©D¨›<§„‚tG*f•0¢˜žMœJ "«2f<§Ma©D“›H¢HfEφI*

56 80

fK(L+3'+ ¡fGL ›}Ÿœ™H jŠ,f; %+|‚, +|2(¥I lœF ´)+ ž+bwk‚7´+  I ›L'´+ Œ¥g‚7'´+ ›Í2 +b§0 ¨JfnH+ Œ¥g‚7'´+ ›Í2 l/b1 jgN|> -|Kf< ¡'+ ©'+ •+5L'´+  = ¨kw. j=fg„H+ r*fkJ m'+b, 4)+  I´b,jŠ,f„H+ I|¢‡.m'+b,%f‚ª§,fF+5L'+ ¡'+ ¨Ehg‚~H+fœEjq§kŸH+ƒ:|=Lm+bŸk‚~œH+j=fg; bG'fk™H|gtH+jg™=|§§.l,|0¨ŸJ'+™ŠH+‹I—H4 H—H4‹IL|gtH+4fJ¨El‚~§Hj™–‚œH+¡'+  I #jq§kJ¦™=š‚€1'+ +|2(¥I f¢kN|k‚8+ ¨kH+ jŠ,f„H+ ¡¥–. fJf§1'+ -|kE ¡6fwœH+ j‚~§g1 l™< f¢J'+ ©'+ jœNbF ‹§gH+}G|I¨Ej™N¥;-|kEl‚ªF/ ILj™N¥; ¨E|gtH+’f0›fœk1fEf¢*+|‚,ž¥“.¡'+ šgF ›+¥1'´+šG¨E35+L-bNbqH+mfŠ,f„H+ ¨E ¡+|E+¥k. ¡f.b§I ¡fk§<L ˜fŸK fI¥œ=L 5fgk2´+-}§I¨K¦HL'´+fgN|“.mfŠ,f„H+jEfG j=fg„,jŠ,f„H+f¢§Ež¥“.¨kH+self test ¨.+{H+ jŠ,f„H+ mfJ¥–I šœ=  I bG'fk™H 5fgk2+ jF5L

©bH –H3fŠ,'´+j§/Í/žÍE'´+ =+|§nGlŠœ‚7 šnI jN3fŠH+ žÍE'´+ -bKf‚I  –œN šK ›(Lf‚~. ¦™=3fœk=´+ –œNšK©'+#3fŠ,'´+j§/Í/žÍE'´+ #3fŠ,'´+¨/Í/¥Nb§H+ƒ:|ŠH-bNb0m+}§¢q. 3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ žÍE'´+ |N¥‚€. j“N|; ‘™kw.  3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ žÍE'´fE jN3fŠH+ žÍE'´+  = +|§IfG L'+ m+|§If–H+  I sL6 ¦™= bœkŠ. |N¥‚€. kN o§t, j‚7bŠH+ j0L3}I -b1+L  =  §k™kwI  §kNL+},  §.|I b¢‚œH+ ƒ~J ͧ™F fœ¢‚ªŠ, ž¥“. mf“§g„.L rI+|, ˜fŸ¢E —H4 ‹IL 3fŠ,'´+j§/Í/žÍE'+ ¦H)+ jN3fŠH+žÍE'´+šN¥tk, £™§œt.  –œN ©{H+ AviSynth rIfJ|, šnI |E¥N ´L ‹F¥œH+  I fœJ)+L j§I¥‚75 ž+bwk‚7+ j¢0+L rIfJ|gH+ +{K ƒ:|= u§k§H š§‚kH+ žf‡J j§™2 ¨E šœŠN j/ÍnH+3fŠ,'´f,¥Nb§H+

hg‚7 j§™œŠH+ ¤{K |¢‡. 4)+ jt§t‚9 -5¥‚€, mfJ¥–I ¨E ¡fG %+¥‚7 jŠ,f„H+ ¨E š™wH+ |.¥§gœ–H+ ImfI¥™ŠœH+›¥‚9L¨EL'+ jŠ,f„H+ vfqŸ, 5fgk2´+ . +4)fE f¢k=fg„H jŠ,f„H+ ¦H)+ pbtNfœI”™“™H¨=+3´Lž+|NfI¦™=jŠ,f„HfE —Ÿ–œ§‚7 bNb0  I jŠ,f„H+ l§gn. -3f=)+ 3|qœE jœ§™‚7-5¥‚€,+3bqIj=fg„H+ I ¨E |E¥k. ¨kH+ -b§œH+ j§JfnH+ j§<¥H+ fI'+ head- ƒ7L(L|H+ ‘§‡Ÿ. -}§I ¨¢E jŠ,f„H+ ƒ€*f‚€2 If¢§H)+ ›¥‚9¥H+—Ÿ–œNLcleaning


š§œt.—§™=j/ÍnH+3fŠ,'´+¦H)+ fI™§EšN¥tkH bit. ‹F¥œH+ ¦™= |E¥kœH+ ¨qI|gH+ 3¥–H+ -|–œH+ rIfJ|, ¦H)+ £™“Ÿ, F / ly/6a1fgp Notepad ‚7+ ¦™= ©¥ktN ©{H+ |„‚~H+ ¦H)+ £0¥. j§‚:+|kE´+ £kœ§F ¡¥–. ©{H+L ¥Nb§H+ ‘™I ¤{K ›bgk‚7+L "Avatar_Trailer_HD.avi" bN|. ©{H+ ¥Nb§H+ ‘™I ¡+¥ŸŠ, ¡+¥ŸŠH+ 3fŠ,'´+¨/Í/¦H)+ £™N¥t. ž+bwk‚7f, ”,f‚~H+ ¨‚€ŸH+ ‘™œH+ ˆt, F ‘™I ‚7+ ƒ~J ž+bwk‚7+L AVS j“1ÍH+ ¥Nb§H+ ‘™I ‚7+ ¡fG +4)fE ¨‚7f‚7'´+ ¥Nb§H+ ¨‚€ŸH+ ‘™œH+ ˆ1 —§™ŠE Avatar.avi ÍnI ‘™I ¡¥–N ¡'+ hqNL Avatar.avs ‚7f, 3¥–H+ ¦™= ©¥ktN ©{H+ ‘™œH+L ¥Nb§H+ b™qœH+L'+ š§HbH+ƒ~J œ‚:¨qI|gH+ ¥Nb§H+ ‘™I š§‚. M¥‚7 ¡&´+ —§™= fI 3¥–H+ -%+|F =bN rIfJ|, ©'+ ž+bwk‚7f,

55 51



łƙģç ņƙğĚƙÚ Įéƅĸîèƅơ ƈĩģġĝïèƅ ĩìĩĜÞ

i+¥0L›+(¥‚756 rH*ÈG*fMf1‹Hmf“§g„kG*›¥0$*|“G*j™c‚6&*

¥§G¥M…‚7L' 2010 ƒ~„‚~=& *…‚7L'´´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL +•|‚H+6LbŸNL 2009




+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97142991000 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143399171 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 šM|+&*§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97142993873 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 šM|+&*§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143697600 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97148812191›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97142993873 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143308099 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 ƒ64fH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143517666 ›f‚€.)´+ 2009 |gœD¥I§§“kH+xN5f.



RAM ,|F*3lMf+f§=160 h™‚€G*ƒ8|“G*jŠ‚6}-|Jf§=1.66 j<|‚~+ž¥-&* škI(* rGfŠœ+˜¥+lI|-¥§gœF ž*|=¥™§F1.5 ¡5¥G*|-4fk‚67 5KaŸMKƒI(* 10.1 ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚7lMf+f§=1 jŠ‚~+ $265

BENQ V2220

j™§‚8&´*jEaG*ƒI(* 21.5 j‚7f‚G*ƒ6f§ELED Œ¥I Hj§™1,$f‚9(* ‹HLCD š)f‚~G*›fk‚~M|–G*j§Ÿ“k+¡¥M}™j§If.¨™§H5 j+fqk‚6´* H5‹+|œG*|kœG*¨DjŠœ‚7250 Œ¥„‚~G*›aŠHš‚~–+1920×1080 $449


10.1 ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚7škI(*  HjqHaHmf§H¥‚64jEf„+}-|Jf§=1.66 j<|‚~+ž¥-&* škI(* rGfŠœ+|§‚8|-¥§gœF  ‚MaM(* |-4fk‚67 5KaŸMKj§–™‚6ÍG*mf–g‚™G<2lMf+f§=250 jŠ‚~+h™‚8ƒ8|EƒI(* $5780


DIGIC 4 rGfŠHj„“I45 ,4a“+¨G%* }§F|-žf‡I‹Hš‚~–+f§H16.1 jEa+j§D*|k0*j§œE4*|§HfF j§IfnG*¨Dmf„“G10 ›aŠœ+jŠM|‚6j§GfkkH4¥‚8†f“kG*j§If–H(f+2K}œG* $485

ASUSȾ EEE PC 1008P Seashell

h™‚8ƒ8|ElMf+f§=2 jŠ‚~+,|F*3}-|Jf§=1.66 j<|‚~+N450 ž¥-&* škI(* rGfŠœ+2K}H|§‚8|-¥§gœF š‚~–+1024×600 jE2KƒI(* 10.1 ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚7j“§EaG*¨D,4K25400 ¡*4K2j<|‚6KlMf+f§=225 jŠ‚~+ $815


32 jŠ‚~+jqHaH,|F*35 ¥œMfHš§‚kG*žf‡I¦™<aœkŠMƒI(* 3.5 ƒ6f§“+ƒ~œ™Gf+šœŠ-j“G}ŸHj‚7f‚+‘-fJ š‚~–+f§H5 jEa+*|§HfFlMf+f§H1000 jŠ‚~+jkE'¥H,|F*3}-|Jf§H600 j<|‚~+rGfŠHlMf+f§H $735

LG RG450

2 jŠ‚~+RAM ,|F*3ƒI(* 14.1 ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚7}-|Jf§=2.2 L¥ŸG*¨)fŸ.škI(* rGfŠœ+©|kD2|-¥§gœF ,|F*{G*mfEf„gGe4fElMf+f§=160 jŠ‚~+h™‚8ƒ8|ElMf+f§= $1150


,|F*3ƒI(* 15.6 ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚7}-|Jf§=1.3 j<|‚~+škI(*  H,*¥ŸG*¨)fŸ.U7300 rGfŠœ+©|kD2|-¥§gœF škI(*  HjqHaHmf§H¥‚6|G*u)*|‚7lMf+f§=250 jŠ‚~+h™‚8ƒ8|ElMf+f§=4 jŠ‚~+DDR3 $762

DELL Inspiron 1545

Œ¥I HlMf+f§=3 jŠ‚~+,|F*3}-|Jf§=2.1 j<|‚~+¥M22 4¥FškI(* rGfŠœ+©|kD2|-¥§gœF l§œ§kG&* 7 5KaŸMKƒI(* 15.6 ƒ6f§“+j‚ªM|<j‚7f‚7škI(*  HGM45 u)*|‚7DDR3 $3433


|§‚64¥F HlMf+f§=3 jŠ‚~+,|F*3škI(*  HCore i7 Extreme rGfŠœ+ifŠG&ÍG¨gk–H|-¥§gœF j“§EaGf+,4K2’´%*10 j<|‚6KlMf+*|§-2jŠ‚~+h™‚8ƒ8|EGeForce GTX 295 mf§H¥‚64jEf„+


|‚~™G©|kDaG*|-¥§gœ–G* 5fkw.‘§G ¨ŸŠM |§g–G* ¡5¥G* ¡&´ L|gF j§œJ&f+ ‹kœkM ©{G* 4K2 £G f‚ªM&* j‚7f‚G* ƒ6f§E šœtG* ¨D |gF&* *a¢/ j‚7f‚7m*3¡¥–-¡&* š‚ªM|‚~G*m*|-¥§gœ–DžfJ mfH¥™ŠœG* jMfœ0  < ͂ªD ,|§‚8 K&* j„‚6¥kH 4K2¨-&fM.‹g‚8(´*jœ‚€+ž*awk‚6f+f¢§™<jI}wœG* ÍM¥:¡¥–M¡&*a+´©{G*jM4f„gG*|œ<

|-¥§gœ–G* 4f§k1* ¦™< |.'¥- ,aMa< hI*¥/ ˜fŸJ š§‚kG* ¨Hf‡I  §+ 4f§k1´* hqM ´N K&* ©|kDaG* . ž*awk‚6´* jŠ§g: h‚~t+ ƒ7¥kŸFfH K&* 5KaŸMK *$a+ 4f§k1´* ¨D j§‚6f‚6&´* mfI¥–œG* 4K2 ¨-&fM ¡K2,a§/jqGfŠHm*4aE|D¥M¡&* hqM©{G*rGfŠœGf+ ¡5¥G* Œ¥‚9¥H ¨-&fM fJaŠ+K jEf„™G |§gF ˜Í¢k‚6*



RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700

802.11b/g j§–™‚6ÍG*j–g‚G*‹H”D*¥kH©|§+˜Í+š§‚-žf‡IƒI(* 4.3×2.4×0.6 Ž™g-2fŠ+&f+¨F3‘-fJ š‚~–+f§H3.2 jEa+*|§HfF¨D*|qG*‹E¥œG*aMat-jHa1lMf+f§H256 jŠ‚~+j§™1*2,|F*32.1 p¥-¥™+ $284


600×600 j<fg„G*jE2lMf+f§H64 jŠ‚~+,|F*3K}-|Jf§H100 j<|‚~+rGfŠH¦™<aœkŠ-žf¢œG*,2aŠkHjŠ+f: j–g‚G*‹Hš§‚8¥-{ŸH|¢‚G*¨Djt‚8’´%* 10 ¦G(* š‚€MfHj<fg:ƒI(´*¨Dj„“I $525


›aŠH}Ÿ§H¥G¨‚~I&* 2800 Œ¥„‚~G*›aŠHš‚~–+600×800 ƒ9|ŠG*jE2›¥œtHƒ9|<5f¢/š§q‚~kG*|§HfF aŠ+ <–tk™G5f¢/…g‚ªG*j“g‚~Hm*2*a<(* 6 <23000:1  MfgkG* $326

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520

jEa+ƒI(* 2.64 ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚7lMf+f§H256 j§™1*2,|F*3}-|Jf§H512 j<|‚~+rGfŠH¦™<aœkŠM¨F3‘-fJ ¨‚6f§Em¥‚8{ŸH‹+4&´*mf/¥œG*‹H”D*¥kH©fD©*K<2š‚~–+f§H2 jEa+*|§HfFš‚~–+320×240 $176 $5000 Motherboard


If you're in the market2000:1 for a flashy motherboard and1280×800 you havej™§‚8& xyxyxyx yyx yx xxy xyxy 4000 Œ¥„‚~G*›aŠH  MfgkG*›aŠHš‚~–+ ´*jEaG*mfH*awk‚6´*2aŠkHƒ9|<5f¢/ .performance and overclocking on the brain, look no further than this board j§/4f1m¥‚8m*|g–H¨–™‚6´š§‚8¥-m*4aEaŠ+ <–tk™G5f¢/}Ÿ§H¥G¨‚~I& *


HTC Touch Pro 2

ƒI(* 3.6 j‚7f‚G*ƒ6f§ElMf+f§H512 jŠ‚~+jkE'¥H,|F*3}-|Jf§H528 j<|‚~+rGfŠH¦™<aœkŠM¨F3‘-fJ ž*|=179¡5¥G*6.1šMf+¥H5KaŸMKš‚~–+800×480j‚7f‚G*jE2 $150


u)*|‚7Core i7KCore i5KCore i3mfqGfŠH‹Hj“D*¥kH¨GfkGf+KLGA1156ƒ~g“œG*¦™<aœkŠ-j§‚~§)'K4j0¥G —§-›fM4jF|‚7 HjqHaHm¥‚8jEf„+DDR3Œ¥I H,|F*{™G{DfŸH4škI(* HH55 $512


jEa+*|§HfFaGPS ¨D*|qG*‹E¥œG*aMatkGžf‡Iƒ~œ™G*j„‚6*¥+f§)}/f¢+–tkG* –œMj§Gf<jEa+j‚7f‚7 lI|kI(´*|g< ‚§k‚6©Í+j‚€Ÿœ+›f‚€-´*j§If–H(* j™kwœG*’K|‡G*¨D|M¥‚€kG*,}¢qHš‚~–+f§H8.1 ȢNjƇž ǍƸŹ


jqHaH,|F*3}-|Jf§H300 j<|‚~+rGfŠH2400×600 jEa+j<fg:˜|tœ+jI¥™HjM4}§GjŠ+f: j§–™‚6´Kj§–™‚6›f‚€-*m*4aEKUSB {ŸHlMf+f§H512 ¦G(* f¢k§E|- –œMlMf+f§H64 jŠ‚~+ $600


š‚~–+f§H5 jEa+*|§HfFƒ~œ™Gf+šœŠ-ƒI(* 3.2 ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚79.4 ¡f§gœ§‚6š§‚kG*žf‡I¦™<aœkŠM‘-fJ j§IfqHj0ÍHjHa1802.11b/g |§MfŠœG*”DKj§–™‚6ÍG*j–g‚G*‹H”D*¥kH

ATI ©2 ž(* ©(* ,a< m24&* *3(* fH&* nForce 500 ƒ~M|g‚~F* |MfD ƒ6K|F jtM|‚7  §+ 4f§k1´f+ —§™ŠD Intel 975XškI(*mf0¥GK&* CrossFire Xpress *3(*K|MfDƒ6K|FmfEf„gGfœ<2ža“-¨kG*P965 K&* ot+fD —G3 ¨D ƒ6|œ- ¡K2 |-¥§gœ–G* ‹M|‚~- m24&* ¨)f“™-‹M|‚~-4f§w+ƒ6¥§+ža“-j0¥G <

rGfŠœG*  H jEf: ¦‚€E&* ¦™< ›¥‚€tG* m24&* *3(* aEK $fw‚~+ £-fg™„kH ¨g™- j§‚~§)4 j0¥™+ —§™ŠD m24&* *3(* *4¥„- |nF&* j§‚~§)|G* mf0¥™G* ltg‚8&*  H |nF&f+ ©&* j§H¥‚6|G* L¥ŸG* 2aŠkH |-¥§gœF $fŸ+ $*|‚+—§™ŠDfMa§I(* ,a<ž*awk‚6f+mf§H¥‚64jEf„+ nVidia šnH fMa§I(* j™)f<  H u)*|‚+ 2K}H j0¥G


+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ƒ64fH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143516035 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 ƒ64fH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +441923691800 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 |MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97148818934 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97142993873 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 ƒ64fH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 šM|+&*§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143919800 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97148835878 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.


j§‚~§)|G*mf0¥™G* 5fkw.‘§G





+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143916000 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+



¨:f§k0*x‚~IrHfI|+lMf+f§=320  M}wkG*jŠ‚6USB 2.0 Œ¥I Hš§‚8¥-j¢/*¥+¨/4f1h™‚8ƒ8|E j§IfnG*¨DlMf+f§H30.6 ,$*|“G*›aŠHj§If.¨™§H17.4 ›¥‚8¥G* H5¨)f“™$160

MSI R5770-PM2D1G

}-|Jf§=4.8 22|kGf+šœŠMATi  HRadeon HD 5770 mf§H¥‚6|G*rGfŠH¦™<aœkŠ-MSI  Hmf§H¥‚64jEf„+ CrossFirej§Ÿ“-‹Hj“D*¥kH DisplayPortŒ¥I H|1%*KHDMIŒ¥I H{ŸHDVIŒ¥I H¡*{ŸH $217

LG Cookie POP GD510BK ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+

j™§‚8&* jE2‹HƒI(* 3 ƒ6f§“+ƒ~œ™Gj™+fEj‚7f‚7¦™<aœkŠMj§Gf<jM2f‚€kE*LKa/K3‘-fJ p¥-¥™+j§Ÿ“kG<2oGfnG*š§qG*mf–g‚G<2š‚~–+f§H3 jEa+j§œE4*|§HfFš‚~–+400×240 ȢNjƇž ǍƸŹ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 šM|+&*§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97142993873 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 |MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+

Core i5KCore i3mfqGfŠH‹Hj“D*¥kH¨GfkGf+KLGA1156Œ¥I Hƒ~g“H¦™<aœkŠ-j§‚6f‚6&* j0¥G eSataKSataKATA{DfŸHDDR3Œ¥I H,|F*{™G{DfŸHškI(* HCorei7K ȢNjƇž ǍƸŹ

$45 ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ƒ64fH§§“kH+xN5f.


¨I¥M}™kG*ogG*šg“k‚~H‹Hš§‚8¥k™GRF Œ¥I H{Ÿœ+2K}H|-¥§gœ–G*¦™<¨I¥M}™kG*ogG*›fg“k‚6´5f¢/ aŠ+ <–tk™G5f¢/USB {ŸH|g<|-¥§gœ–G*‹Hš§‚8¥kG*kM $33

SYMANTEC Norton Internet Security 2010

lI|kI(´*u‚€kHKSmart Firewall ¨F{G*©4fŸG*4*aqG*›Í1 Hj–g‚G*K|-¥§gœ–™GmfM¥k‚~H3 ¦™<jMfœ0 f¢™§œt-šgEmf™œG*jH͂6 HaF&fkG*,}§Hj§œE|G*jM¥¢G*ƒ8¥‚€GKjMT }œG*‹E*¥œG* HjMfœ0 $180

WD My Book 3.0

l+f§=5 mfIf§gG*›2fgkGL¥‚€“G*j<|‚~G*USB 3.0 Œ¥I H{ŸH¦™<aœkŠM¨/4f1h™‚8ƒ8|E ¨)¥‚9|‚7'¥HKjEf„™G{ŸHlMf+*|§-1  M}wkG*jŠ‚6j§IfnG*¨D $435 ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ƒ64fH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+


ƒ9|<,}¢/&* K&* mf‚7f‚7¦™<f¢‚9|<Kj§/4f1 M}w-…)f‚6K H,2aŠkœG*…)f‚6¥G*mf™Hš§‚kG5f¢/ 1080p v¥‚9¥G*¨Gf<¥Ma§™G<2j§‚6f§“G*4¥‚€G*K¦“§‚6¥œG*K¥Ma§G*mf™HjDf–G<2 ‹F¥œH+ 2010 šM|+&*§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+


3M MPro 120

¡5¥G*|kœ§™§H24×60×120 2fŠ+&´*h§qG*¨D£™œ0—Ÿ–œMo§t+*a/|§‚8›¥œtHƒ9|<5f¢/ ƒI(*50¦G(*8 Hƒ9|ŠG*j‚7f‚7|„E4:3ƒ9|ŠG*…œIž*|=154 $202


m*|‚7'¥œ+2K}HlI|kI(´*¦G(* ›¥‚8¥™G›*¥qG*‘-f¢G*mf–g‚7¦™<aœkŠMlI|kI(ÍG›*¥/ž2¥H j„§tœG*j“„ŸœG*¨Dj–g‚G*jŠ§g:¦™<aœkŠ-›f‚€-*j<|‚6šœŠG*jGf0¦™<›a-j§)¥‚9


mf§H¥‚6|G*jEf„+ 5fkw.‘§G ¨–-K j§gk–œG* mf“§g„kG*K jM2fŠG* mfH*awk‚6ÍG  HlMf+f§H128 jŠ‚~+,|F*3jEf„+jGftG*¤{J¨D CrossFireK&*SLIj§Ÿ“-<aGj/ftG*¡K2,|F*{G* ifŠG&* ,*¥J K&* §œ‚€kG* ›fqH ¨D  §‚€‚€wkœ™G fH&* fHa“-|nF&´*mfEf„gG* <otgGf+¢§™ŠD|-¥§gœ–G* lMf+f§H512 fJ4aEjŠ‚~+,|F*{+,2K}œG*—™kF

jEf„+ $*|‚7 4*|E ¦™< |.'¥- ¨kG* fM*}œG* Œ¥ŸkmfH*awk‚6* h‚~0 —G3K ,aMaqG* mf§H¥‚6|G* ƒ~DfŸk-,aMaqG*jEf„gG*¦™<aœkŠ§‚6©{G*|-¥§gœ–G* mf§H¥‚6|G*mfEf„+•¥‚6¦™<,|„§‚~G*¦™<¡fkF|‚7 mfM¥k‚~H §kF|‚G*fk™F|D¥-KATiKAMD fœJK £/¥H ¥J fH f¢ŸœD mf§H¥‚6|G* mfEf„+  H j™kwH



ZYXEL PLA-401 PowerLine Adapter

{ŸH|g<|-¥§gœ–Gf+š‚€kMj§)f+|¢–G*,4*aG*†¥„1|g<,24*¥G*j–g‚G*mfIf§gG›fg“k‚6*5f¢/ j§IfnG*¨Dl+f§H200 šœŠG*j<|‚6j§–™‚~G*mf–g‚™Gƒ€‚€wœG*¨‚6f§“G*lI|nM(* $999

INTEL Core i7 980X

3.33 j<|‚~G*škI(*  HGf¢§IjM4fœŠœG*LGA 1366 Œ¥I Hƒ~g“H¦™<aœkŠML¥ŸG*¨‚6*a‚6rGfŠH  Turbo Boost j<|‚~G*}M}Š-j§Ÿ“kG<2ŽIaM|.|g§Jj§Ÿ“kG<2}-|Jf§= $120


,$*|“G*j<|‚6SATA Œ¥I Hš§‚8¥-j¢/*KlMf+f§=40  M}wkG*jŠ‚6ƒI(* 2.5 ƒ6f§“+lœ‚€Hh™‚8ƒ8|E j§IfnG*¨DlMf+f§H40 j+fk–G*j<|‚6lMf+f§H32 jŠ‚~+jkE'¥H M}w-,|F*3j§IfnG*¨DlMf+f§H170 $39

BELKIN Gigabit Powerline HD

Œ¥I Hš§‚8¥-š+fFK{ŸHj§IfnG*¨Dl+f§=1 j<|‚~+j§)f+|¢–G*,4*aG*†¥„1|g<j–g‚Gf+š§‚8¥-,a0K 4fkH&* 8 ›¥„™Gj§œ‡<&´*jDf‚~œG*RJ45 $176 $163 Motherboard


If you're120 in the market for a flashy motherboard and you have xyxyxyx yx xxy xyxy |kœ§™§H fJ|„EaM|g-j0K|H†*K 700 j§)f+|¢–G*j<f„k‚6´* ATXyyx Œ¥I Hj§)f+|¢–G*jEf„Gf+jM{-,a0K .performance and overclocking on the brain, look no further than this board 80Plus Bronze 4f§ŠH‹Hj“D*¥kH


WACOM Bamboo CTH460

j0f‚~œG*|kœ§™§H85×125 ‹g‚8(´f+ƒ~œ™G*|g<–tk™Gj0fkœG*j0f‚~œG*ƒ~œ™G*j§Ÿ“k+™E‹H|§‚7&f-j0¥G |kH1.5 ›¥„+š§‚8¥-š+fF|kœ§™§H92×147 ™“Gf+ƒ~œ™G*|g<–tk™Gj0fkœG* $68


|-¥§gœ–G*‹Hš§‚8¥k™Gš+fElMf+f§=320 Ž™g- M}w-jŠ‚~+›¥œtH¨04f1h™‚8ƒ8|E5f¢/ mfIf§gG*š“I¨Dj<|‚~G*,2fM}GUSB Œ¥I H M{ŸHK&* {ŸH|g< $383


š‚~–+f§H10 jk+fnG*4¥‚€G*†f“kG*jE2fŠHjk+fnG*4¥‚€G*†f“kG*K¥Ma§G*š§q‚~kGž*awk‚6´*j§)fŸ.*|§HfF lMf+f§=4 jŠ‚~+SD ,|F*3m*|H5 4*a“œ+©|‚€+hM|“-š‚~–+1280×720 ¥Ma§G*š§q‚~-jE2 ȢNjƇž ǍƸŹ

SONY Alpha 550

<a-š‚~–+f§H14 jEa+Exmor CMOS Œ¥I H†f“kG´*5f¢/dSLR ,2|œG*j‚6aŠG*Œ¥I Hj§œE4*|§HfF š‚~–+3056×45924¥‚€G*†f“kG´L¥‚€“G*jEaG* ȆMemory Stick Pro Duo, SD/SDHC,|F*{G*mfEf„+ ȢNjƇž ǍƸŹ

VERBATIM Portable Hard Drive USB 2.0 500GB

mfIf§gG*š“ŸGUSB 2.0 {ŸH|g<|-¥§gœ–Gf+š‚€kMlMf+f§=500 jŠ‚6KƒI(* 2.5 ƒ6f§“+›¥œtHh™‚8ƒ8|E j“§EaG*¨D,4K25400 ƒ8|“G*¡*4K2j<|‚6fN ŠHj§)f+|¢–G*jM{kG*¦™<›¥‚€tG*K

 –œM ´ 3(* žawk‚~œG* |-¥§gœ–G* Œ¥I ¨J J&´* m*|-¥§gœ–G* ‹H j§™1*2 ƒ8*|E&* jw‚6fI š§‚8¥¨GfkGf+K  ͂8&* ,2¥/¥H  –- G *3(* jM|kDaG* žfH&* a§0¥G* 4f§wG* ¨J j§/4fwG* mfw‚6fŸG* ¡(fD x‚~I <a- ´ ¨kG* jM|kDaG* m*|-¥§gœ–G* ¨Hawk‚~H jqHaœG*ƒ8*|E&´*

Œ¥I HjqHaœG*ƒ8*|E&´*mfw‚6fI H¡f<¥I˜fŸJ j§/4fwG*mfw‚6fŸG*¥J›K&´*Œ¥ŸG*DVD K&* CD žfŠG*šEfŸG*{ŸH|g<|-¥§gœ–Gf+f¢™§‚8¥-kM¨kG* ‹H ¨-&f- ¨kG* j§™1*aG* mfw‚6fŸG* ¥J ¨IfnG* Œ¥ŸG*K 4fgk<´* §Š+fJ{1&* hqM†f“I,a<˜fŸJ|-¥§gœ–G* j„“ŸG*mfw‚6fŸG* H §<¥ŸG* M{J §+4f§k1´*aŸ<


+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +971504205540 ›f‚€.)´+ 2009 |gœD¥I§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97143692666 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +886287978833 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010|MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ƒ64fH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97148863330 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 šM|+&*§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 ¥MfH§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 šM|+&*§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ +97148873939 ›f‚€.)´+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010 |M*|gD§§“kH+xN5f.

+++++ §§“kH+ ‹F¥œH+ 2010|MfŸM§§“kH+xN5f.


jqHaœG*ƒ8*|E&´*jw‚6fI 5fkw.‘§G



¦yCCChCCCC|CCCCµ*—CCC¤CCCCG2 œªGaG* *awk„6*jª’ªF leb‘G*¡Hi<¦½»(*iƒ9K{‹¹*lepj ¹*kƒE Œ¨fG*}F{H’-eJžE4Kqj šG¼e·*{‹ƒG*{Fz+e EK ,aHKŸavjƒ¹*ibDaMasj+e EeF© ‘G*ž<aG*}F{HK 5Ka MKl*Éj¿´qj ¹*ž¨¨”-K¢eƒ«G* ‡e”I„1›ƒ8&*¡Hle¨¨”-lepj ¹*t ¬e E eJe f-4ž¨¨”jG*gƒs+lepj ¹*’¨ ƒ-¡Hµa+K §š<&*´,2¦/¦H§š=&µ*lepj ¹*¢¦—jGeJ{‹ƒ6gƒs+ lepj ¹*¡<nsfG*d4e”G*§š<›£T ƒMeH¦JKis‘ƒG* t)eƒIlepj ¹e+„8e1’¨ ƒ-›F´e ƒ9{< gƒ6e ¹*4*{”G*3ev-*´ŸavjƒšGeI¦<¢¦—jG$*|7

ªËƒ€¹*›¨G2¡ƒ«jM lepj ¹*›ƒ«D&* {£ƒ7›F eJ4efj1*žjM©jG*i¨ ”jG* 5Ka MKiš½l*Éj¿´ k¨”G©jG*K†ƒ6K&µ*–|€G* i”… ¹*–*¦ƒ6&* ´Ne0e ,a<»(* ›¨GaG*ž¨ƒ”j+e EK qj ¹*¦Igƒ0ŸeƒE&* žƒE›FiM*a+´žjMn¨0 žj¨ƒ6Kqj Hoa0&* „9{< oa0&* qj ¬OeM{£ƒ7¤G*afjƒ6* –*¦ƒ6&µ*´¤0{:³

v}7 Ÿªª•kG* }¨j-©jG*lepj ¹*»(*iHe<,4¦ƒ+})*¦¶*t ² §š<eHqj H›ƒsM©—GKÒj¨Ge<i¨EK$*2&e+ ¤¨¨”-a <Ÿ¦Âiƒ15{sM¢&*©Žf M,})e¶* »(*¡M4{s¹*4e¨1,})e/gJz-e¨D¤jbD¡ƒ9 Ne‹Hi¨”G*K$*2&µ*´–¦‘j-©jG*lepj ¹* ,}£/&µ*e£+Œjj-©jG*i¨+epM(µ*le‘ƒ8*¦¹*fM*~»* 4efj1ÎGi‹ƒ9e¸* 5e£¶*ueÂLaH{£ˆ-©JK4efj1µ*ip¨jI$*2&·* ¤¨G(*išF¦¹*Ÿe£¹*Ÿe²(*´ ŒH›He‹jG*iG¦£ƒ6LaH»(*у€-fžŒk„6(·*jG§¤„6 dajf¹*Ÿavjƒ¹*›fE¡H5e£¶* 5e£¶**zJ´4emjƒ6µ*LKa/jM2f„‚kE·*LKa¸* ¥{‹ƒ+iI4e”H

j¼b¸+ƒ9+|F'´+mfw‚7fJ50 mf§I¥‚7|H+jFf„,51 j§‚~§*|H+mf1¥™H+52 ©ÊEbH+|.¥§gœ–H+53

»(*4{s¹*4e¨1,})e/t ² $*2&µ*´–¦‘j-©jG*lepj ¹* e‹Hi¨”G*K

»(*i¨E›ƒ«D&*,})e/Ÿa”LKa/„9{‹-©jG*lepj ¹* ÒHavjƒšGifƒ6e HiM2eƒjE*

›°§š<¤-4aEK5e£pšG©/4e¸*›—ƒ€G*Ÿªž„‚kG* if‹ƒG*i¨b¨fG*“K{ˆG* 2010¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

5ch¼ *^/^¤/ ^¤/ ˜¢dH Ž¤‡9


»(*$*2&*›ƒ«D&*,})e/t ² ‡e”I„15{°©jG*lepj ¹* eJ4efj1*a <

lepj ¹*»(*,})e¶*¥zJŸa”{£ƒ€G*qj H,})ep+k¨ˆ0©jG* e£ƒ9*{‹jƒ6*a <

LG R450 j§gk–œH+ mf“§g„k™H …“E h‚7fŸI 4¶K2680 |Œ„€G*E§žG*

jN|kE3 m+|.¥§gœG

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2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

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Haier |CC- ¥CC§C gC œC F ¨CC / ›(* ©|CC C C C kC C C C CD aCC C C C G *  R450 ,2KaCC tC CœC CG * jCC§C I *}CC§C œC G * ©K3  CC§C H aCCwC kC ‚C ~C œC ™C G jCCM 2fCC‚C€CkCE *jCCC™CF K3|CC- ¥CC§CgCœC–CG **{CC J ¡&* fCCœC + K  HjCC§CG fCC< jCC/ 42¦CC™C< ƒCC~C§CG £CCœC§CœC‚C€C- ¡(fC D jCC™C§C™CE i{qMaCCE —CCG 3 CCH CC= |CCG *¦CC™C<  CC–CG KjCC§C+ 3fCCqC G *  §Hawk‚~œG* ƒªŠ+ £§„M ©{G* 2¥‚6&´ * ¡¥™G*

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¡¥M}™kG*K ,|F*{G* m*4fgk1´ 2573, 2082 m´fCC‚C €C - ´*K¦CC“C§C‚C6 ¥CCœCG *KifCC ŠC CG &´ *KžÍCC CD &´ *K ¦CC™C< KhCC™C ‚C €C G *ƒCC8 |CC“C G *KjCC§C / fCCkC I (´ *rCC H *|CC + K jCC§C G fCCŠC G fCC+ lCC‚C ~C §C G žfCC C CE 4&´ *¤{CC J ¡&*  CC H CC = |CC G * ¨CCkCG *L|CC 1 &´ *jCCM |CCkCD aCCG *m*|CC- ¥CC§CgCœC–CG fCC+ jCCI 4fCC“CH 2¥CC‚C€C“CœCG *¡&* CC¢CC- ¨CC/ ›(* ¡&* ´(* fCCJ fCCI |CCgCkC1 * ›fCCtCG *KK3¡¥CCH aCCwCkC‚C~CœCG *CCJ |CC- ¥CC§CgCœC– CG **{CC¢C+ |-¥§gœ–G*¡&*  H=|G*¦™<KfM2fHj„‚6¥kœG* ’fCCF ¤$*2&* £CCI &* ´(* jCCE 4fCCwCG * jCC< |CC‚C~CG * —™k+ ƒ~§G


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SKY EXPEDITOR EXP – X980/6/80SSD/1TB/ 480X2/RV2 5fg0 %+3'f, |.¥§gœG


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|CC kC CM aCC §C CgC C‚C C~C CF (* |CC - ¥CC §C CgC CœC CF ¡fCC C CF ©fCC–C‚C6  CCH ifCCŠC G &ÍC G ƒCC€C‚C€CwCœCG *  CC§C™CH fCCŠC™CG ifCCqC < (* KjCC‚C C J 24fCCnC H ƒCC~C–C§CI K|CCkC–CG (* jCCwC ‚C ~C ŸC G *s|CCwC - CC G K5KaCC ŸC C M Km*|CCgC kC wC H ¨CC D f“™„H ,aCC< fCC“CG *  CC< |-¥§gœ–G* *{CCJ  CCH paCC0 &´ * -------------

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¥§ ¥M L´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL •| 6L NL 20100 ¥§G¥M…‚7L' 201

ƒCC8 *|CCE &´ *jCCE *¥CC‚C6 CC< aCC- KRAID 1 KRAID 0 ƒCC 8 *|CC E &* ¦CC™C < jCC+ fCCkC –C G *|CC- ¥CC§C gC œC –C ™C G jCC M 4}CC §C C™C CG * lCCM fCC+ fCCC§C= 50 K lCCM fCC+ fCCC §C = 25 jCCŠC ‚C ~C + ©*4¥CC ™C C+ ¨CC: fCC§C kC 0 ´*xCC‚C~CŸC™CG *aCC / ,aCC§C C H ,}CC§C œC G *¤{CC J K  CCH £CC‚C~CD fCCŸCH ¦CC™C < ©fCC–C ‚C 6 |CC- ¥CC§CgCœCF •¥CCC - aCC E K 4fCCgC kC 1 *¨CCC D ifCC ŠC CG &ÍC CG ƒCC€C ‚C €C wC œC G *—CC§C - ¥CCM ¥CCM šCC‚C~C–C§C+ 1200×1920 jCCE aCCG * aCCŸC < 2.0  CCC§CJ CC§C ŠC ŸC - ,}CC C§C C H ‹CC C H  11 ƒCC C ~C C CF (* lCC C CF |CC C CM *2 ‹CC C H ¡fCCF jCC‚C 7 fCC‚C C G *šCC H fCC F ¦CC™C < ƒCC9 |CCŠ C + K’*¥CC tC CG * jCC§C I fCCnC G * ¨CC D *4fCC C C : (* 56.4 m*4fCC C C C: (´ * ›aCC ŠC CH aCCG 4KKK ƒCC~CF KfCCJ ¨‚~IÍF ž¥CC- š§‚- aCCŸC< fCCH &* š‚~–§+ 1200×1920 jEaG* aŸ< l–§™I¥F ¡(* mfCC§C H ¥CC‚C 6 |CCG *‹CCM |CC‚C ~C - fCCM *}CCH ‹CC§C œC / šCC §CCŠC C - ‹CCH 100ȶ 142 hCC§C- |CCkCG *¦CC™C< m*4fCC : (´ *›aCCŠCH ¡fCCF ¦™< |-a§g‚~F(* ”D¥kM —G{+K j§IfnG* ¨D *4fCC: (* *4f:(* 74 5 55 m*4f:(* ›aŠœ+ —§-¥M¥M |-¥§gœF ›fCCqCH ¨CCD }CC§CœCkCœCG *$*2&´ *¨CC- &fC M KjCC§C I fCCnC G *¨CCD  H ƒ~–§IK|k–G(* ©f–‚6 |-¥§gœF ¨D mf§H¥‚6|G* nVidia GeForce GT X mfCC§CH ¥CC‚C6 |CCG *¨CCE fCC„C+ SLI sK2}œG* š§‚kG* ‹‚9K ¨D ¡ÍœŠ- 480 ¦CC™C < 2fCC CœC C kC C < ´* ¡fCC C–C C H (´ fCC C+ ¡&* ›¥CC C“C C G *  CC –C œC M jCC E aCC G *aCC ŸC C< ifCC C CŠC C C G &´ *šCC§C C ‚C C kC G |CC - ¥CC §C CgC CœC C–C CG * ¡fCCF fCC¢C ™C §C C ‚C C - ¡&´ šCC‚C ~C –C §C + 1600×2560 1200×1920 jCCE aCCG * aCCŸC < jCC‚C 6 ÍCC‚C ~C G * ¦CC¢C kC ŸC œC + ƒCC€C“CŸCM ©{CC G *aCC§C 0 ¥CCG *$¨CC‚C C G * CC–C G KšCC‚ C~C–C§C+  šCCnCH jCCG fCCŠC D m¥CC‚C 8 jCCE fCC„C + ¥CC J |CC- ¥CC§C gC œCC–C G **{CC J ‘CC kC C§C CM |CC F  CC C H SoundBlaster X-Fi

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›fk§qM2 ¡|k‚~MK jF|‚7 ƒ8*|E&* H›K&´*4*a‚8(´* ™D—CCG3‹CCHK2003 žfCCŠCG*¨CCD 4¥CCkC+*4 {ŸHƒ8|“G*f¢G¨“§“0ƒ~DfŸH©&* |¢‡M ›fk§qM2 ¡|k‚~MK jF|‚7 ¡&* ´(* £EÍ:(* š+ Ma§G*jD¥k–Hƒ~™q-Gš+f“œG*¨DK j™‚~™‚~G*¤{J|M¥„-¦™<m|+f.Klg;*K ƒ8|“Gf+*|1'¥HfŸ§™<s|wkGƒ8*|E&´* H fŸJ £‚9|Šk‚~I ©{CCG* VelociRaptor j™‚~™‚6 §+paCC0&´*ƒ8|“G**{J|gkŠMK fJ4¥„- ¨kG* j§™1*aG* jg™‚€G* ƒ8*|E&´* ¨“-|M ¥CCJK ›fCCkC§CqCM2 ¡|k‚~MK jF|‚7 600 ¦CCG(* fCCJ|CCD¥CCM ¨CCkCG*  M}wkG* jŠ‚~+ žaCCE&´*4*aCC‚C8(´*¡&*  §0¨DlMf+f§= lMf+f§=300Ž™g- M}w-jŠ‚6|D¥M£ŸH fœ+©&* *4´K2329ŽGfgG*¤|Š‚~+K…“D  lMf+f§= 1 šCC–CG 4´K2 0.55 ›2fCCŠC M f§g‚~I|Š‚~G* ‹-|Hƒ8|“G* *{J |gkŠM ¨CCkCG*mfCCqCkCŸCœCGfCC+£CCkC I4fCC“C H‹CCHfCCœC§C ‚CC6´ f¢‚~I ›fk§qM2 ¡|k‚~MK jF|‚7 fJ|D¥©{CCG* Black Edition ƒCC8|CC“CG* šCCnCH ¡*4K2j<|‚~+šœŠM©{G*jF|‚G*¤|D¥1 jŠ‚~+K j“§EaG* ¨D ,4K2 7200 Ž™g-

¡fœ‚9ž*|=87¡5¥G*j§E|k™Gj™+fEmicroSD fN+}IL›¥“ŠI%+3'+jq§kŸH+a0*Kžf<,aœG ‘.f¢™H©3f‚€kF´+|Š‚~H+¦H)+|‡ŸHf,-b§0

<2p¥-¥™+j§Ÿ“kG<2š‚~–+f§H3jEa+j§œE4 mf–g‚7<aGif§=KGPRS/EDGEmf–g‚G Œ¥I H,|F*3jEf„+¦™<aœkŠM3GoGfnG*š§qG*



j§G4 ‘.+¥K

›¥CC ‚C C8K CC C <´K4¥CC C C -¥CC C C H ¡¥CC kC C‚C C6šCC C CMfCC C CH‘CC C C-fCC C CJ …CC‚C 6K&´* •|CC‚CCG* ¦CCG(* Milesstone aCC CMK4aCC CI&* ‘CC -fCC J ›K&* —CC G{CC + ¡¥CC–C §C G jCC“C„CŸCœCG*¦CC CG(* šCC‚C€CM 2.1 4*aCC ‚C C8(´fCC + šœŠ- j“G}ŸH j‚7f‚7  §+ ‘CC-fCC¢CG* ‹œ/ j0¥GK WVGA jcD  CCH jCCEaCC+ ƒ~œ™Gf+ ‹CCM5¥CCkC G*¦CC™C <aCCœC kC ŠC -jCC™C HfCCFuCC§C -fCCC H ¡&* fCCœC ™C < ’|CC C C0&ÍC C C G QWERTY *|kœ§™§H 13.7 5KfCCqC kC - ´ £CCkCFfCCœC‚C6 £§‚~DfŸH ¦™< ¡¥k‚6 šMfH ‘-fJ •¥kM i4f‚~œG* ,2aŠkH jqGfŠœG* j§Ÿ“kG £œ<a+ 2K}H¥JKj§+|ŠG*j™GšHf–G*<aGf+K ž*awk‚6*u§k-Dock Station ,a<f“+ |§‚8 ©|CCkC D2 |-¥§gœF šCCnCH ‘CC-fCC¢CG* …)*|w+¡¥k‚6šMfH‘-fJjF|‚G*2K}jCCHaCC1 ‹CCH ¨CC+|CCŠC G*rCC§C™CwCG*›K2jCCDfCC–CG ¦™<h/¥kMfH¥M60,aœGj§IfqHj0ÍH ‹E¥H Hƒ€§1|-$*|‚7fJaŠ+žawk‚~œG* jHawG*š§‚-¨D4*|œk‚6ÍG´K4¥-¥H |‡kŸ-´K4¥-¥H¡&*¦G(*rkŸœG*|MaH4f‚7&* ƒ7ÍDš‚H|M¥„k+¨CC+K2&* ž¥“-¦k0 f¢-fJ¨D£§™<2fœk<ÍGaMK4aI&* j‚€ŸœG |§D¥- ¨CCD ´K4¥CC-¥CCH LaCCG j™–‚H ´&*K

ȤǽȶȢ 675 |Œ„€G* E§žG*


ƒ~œ™Gf+šœŠ-j“G}ŸHj‚7f‚7mf‚9+¥œH+  Hj™HfFu§-fHj0¥GWVGAjcD HjEa+ ,2aŠkHjqGfŠœG*j§Ÿ“kG<2qwertyŒ¥I


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›fCC0¥CCJfCCœCFfCC¢CC-*¥CCJ¨CCDƒCC7ÍCCCGCC<2 š+&*šnHL|1&´*‘-*¥¢G*mfF|‚7ƒªŠ+ ,|CCF*3¦CC™C< ¡¥CCkC‚C6 šCCMfCCH ‘CC-fCCJ aœkŠM 32 ¦G(* f¢nMat- –œMlMf+f§=8 jŠ‚~+ |kœ§™§H3.5{ŸH¦™<©¥ktMKlMf+f§= j§/4fwG* m¥‚€G* m*|g–œ+ š§‚8¥k™G š‚~–+f§H 5 jEa+ *|§Hf–+ ‘-f¢G* 2K5 ¨)f“™kG*}§F|kG*,}§HKƒ7ÍD$¥‚9‹H ¥J ‘-f¢G* ¦™< {CC1'¥C- ¨kG* †f“ŸG*  CCH uCC§C-fCCCœCG*jCC0¥CCG¦CC™C<jCC+fCCkC–CG*jCC+¥CCŠC ‚C8 ’|CC0&ÍCG |CCŠC“CœCG*šCC–C‚CCG*hg‚~+—CC G3K žawk‚~œG*¦™<hŠ‚€G* HšŠqM©{G*K ¤*¥CC‚C6 ¡K2  §ŠH vfkH ¦™< …‚ªG* ifCC§C= ¦CC CG(* ,4fCC C‚C C 7(´* CC H aCC + ´fCC‚C ªC M&* |CCqC kC H¨CC C CDjCC C§C C +|CC CŠC C G*jCC C C™C CGCC C C<aCC C CG* <aG ƒ€‚€wœG* mf“§g„k™G aCC MK4aCC I%* ,aCCMaCC/ m*K2&*K mfCC§C IfCC–C H(fC + ‘CC-fCC¢C G* ,|H›K&´‘-f¢G*¥Hawk‚~Haq§‚~D*|§1&* ™E&fkG*¦™<K2fkŠM¡&*¦G(*j+¥Š‚€G*ƒªŠ+ ¤fgkI´*¢§™<¡&* fœFaMK4aI%* žf‡I‹H ›f‚€-´*¦™<aœkŠ-¨kG*mfHawG*¡&*¦G(* a§‚84  H |§n–G* —™¢k‚~k‚6 lI|kI(´f+ mf§™œ<K&*oMatkG*mf§™œŠG‘-f¢G*jEf„+ 5f¢qG* j§™1 ¨D k- aE ¨kG*  H*}kG*

4¶K2 329 |Œ„€G* +97148813234f„‚-¶* E§žG*


jM2f‚€kE*LKa/K3‘-fJmf‚9+¥œH+ ƒI(*3ƒ6f§“+ƒ~œ™Gj™+fEj‚7f‚7¦™<aœkŠMj§Gf< *|§HfFš‚~–+400×240Ž™g-j™§‚8&*jE2‹H


%+3'´+ mf‚9+¥œH+ jN3f‚€kF´+ MLbqH+

ZOTAC GEFORCE GTX 480 #5f‡kJ´++{KšG”tk‚~.šK


j§‚7f‚7'+ mfJ¥–I


ȤǽȶȢ 654 |Œ„€G* +97148863300f„‚-¶* E§žG*


fŸJ f¢‚9|Šk‚~I ¨kG* ˜f-K5  H mf§H¥‚6|G* jEf„+ jEf„gG* ¤{J §œ‚€- ¨D ˜f-K5 jF|‚7 lH}kG* aEK šœŠ-3(* fMa§I(* jF|‚7f¢-2a0¨kG*|§MfŠœG*jDf–+ }-|Jf§H 700 22|k+ mf§H¥‚6|G* jqGfŠH ,aCC0K lMf+f§H 1536 jŠ‚~+ ,|CCF*{CC+ ,2K}CC H fCC¢C I&* fCCœCF }-|Jf§H 3696 22|k+ šœŠ- GDDR5 Œ¥I  H  HjCC“C+fCC‚C~CG*,aCC0¥CCG*‹CCH ,aCC0¥CCG*¤{CC J jCCI4fCC“C œC +K ,|F*{+,2K}CCH ,|CC§C1 &´fCCD GTX 470 GPU 5*|CC: šœŠ-K GDDR5 Œ¥I  H lMf+f§H 1280 jŠ‚~+ ¦™<}-|Jf§H3348 K}-|Jf§H607 m*22|kGf+ ¡&*  §-a0¥G*  §+ L|CC1&´* •K|CCCG*  CCHK h§-|kG* š+f“H jqGfŠœ™G …1 480 ¦™< aœkŠ- GTX 480 L|CC1&´* mf§H¥‚6|G* ,aCC0K ¨D jqGfŠH …1 448 jEf„+  CCH |CCnCF&* š§‚8¥- u§k- ¨kG* SLI j§Ÿ“- fCCH&*  CC§C-aCC0¥CCG*ÍCCF ¨CCD ,|CCD¥CCkCH ¨CC¢CD fCCŠCH mfCC§C H¥CC‚C64 fMa§I(*  H ¤{J mf§H¥‚6|G* jqGfŠH ,a0K ƒ~DfŸkATI Radeon HD mf§H¥‚6|G*jqGfŠH,a0K‹H ¨DfgM|“-|¢‚7&* 6 šgEf¢EÍ:(* -¨kG*K5870 GTX 470 mfCC§CH¥CC‚C6|CCG*jCCqCGfCCŠCH ,aCC 0K¡&*  CC§C0 Radeon HD ,aCC 0K‹CCH ƒCC~CDfCCŸCkCkCG lCCœCœC‚C8 aCCE ¡fœ<a-  §-a0¥G* ÍF ¡(fD ›*¥CC0&´* š–+K 5850 jDf‚9(´f+ lD¥‚6K|–MfH  CCH DirectX 11 ,*2&*  §-a0¥G*ÍF¡&* fœFOpen GL 3.2 j§Ÿ“-¦G(* ‘‚9&* |kH¥IfI 40 ‹§Ÿ‚€kG* j§Ÿ“- ¦™< ¡*aœkŠ§œ‚€k+ ¡*}CC§C œC kC -  CC§C -aCC0¥CCG* ÍCCF ¡&* —CC G3 ¦CC CG(* 4¥k‚6}I*|- 4f§™H 3  CCH |CCnCF&* ¦™< aœkŠM ža“kH ,aCC 0K¦CC™C < aCCœCkCŠC- ¨CCkC G*˜fCC C -K5jCCEfCC„C +lCCŠC‚CªC1 fCCŸC -*4fCCgC kC 1´ GTX 480 mfCC§C H¥CC‚C 6|CCG* jCCqC GfCCŠC H K 119 K 167 l™+ r)fkI l““0 aCCEK j§‚6f§“G* m*4fgk1* ¨CCD h§-|kG* ¦™< j§IfnG* ¨CCD 4fCC: (* 100


GTX mfCC§C H¥CC‚C 6|CCG*jCCqCGfCCŠCH ,aCC 0K f¢§™< ”™:&* ¨kG*K fMa§I(*  H 400 jg‚~ŸGf+ j™–‚H (Fermi/GF100 ©}H|G* ‚6´* jEf„gG*j0¥G¨D…§‚~+š™12¥/¥G—G3KjF|‚™G nVidiaKAMDmfEf„+ HšF¨Džawk‚~-¨kG*K š§/&f-¦G(*,|§1&´*jF|‚Gf+‹D2fœH$*¥‚6a0¦™< 6 ,aœG mf§H¥‚6|G* jqGfŠœG ,aMa/ m*a0K •Í:(* …“Da0*K|¢‚7šgEjF|‚G*m2f<.fgM|“-|¢‚7&* •*¥‚6&´*¨D,aMa/mf§H¥‚64jqGfŠH,a0K•Í:(´ jqGfŠH¨-a0K•Í:(* ¦G(* fMa§I(* jF|‚7maœ<aEK lE¥G* ¨CCD GTX 480 K GTX 470 mf§H¥‚6|G* ifŠG&´*m*|-¥§gœFj§IfnG*,a0¥G*’a¢k‚~-K£-*3 ¨D jqGfŠœG* ,*¥CCI š–‚- ¨CCkCG* ¨CCJK $*2&´* j§Gf<


%+3'´+ m f‚9+¥œH+

jN3f‚€kF´+ MLbqH+

GeForce5*|: Hmf§H¥‚6|G*jqGfŠH,a0Kmf‚9+¥œH+ ,|F*3}-|Jf§H700j<|‚~+šœŠ-fMa§I(* HGTX 480 3696j<|‚~+šœŠ-lMf+f§H1536jŠ‚~+GDDR5Œ¥I H h§+fI&´f+aM|g-žf‡Il+384Œ¥I H,|F*3j¢/*K}-|Jf§H l–M|M*2j§Ÿ“kG<2…1480<aMrGfŠHsK2}Hƒ~g“œ+2K}H Œ¥I H §‚~g“HOpenGL3.2,*2&´K114*a‚8(´f+ƒ~F(*  HSLIj§Ÿ“kG<2mini-HDMIŒ¥I Ha§0Kƒ~g“HDVI

ƒ9|ŠG*jE2fŠHmf§H¥‚64mfEf„+,a<š§‚8¥-u§k-¨kG*fMa§I(* ,aœG¡fœ‚9š‚~–+1600×2650fJa§G¥- –œM¨kG*L¥‚€“G* ž*¥<&*5 mf§H¥‚64jqGfŠH,a0KŒ|‚6&*¦™<jEf„gG*¤{JaœkŠ-jq§kŸH+ •*¥‚6&´*¨D¡%´*¦G(*,|D¥kH,2|H

¥§ ¥M L´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL •| 6L NL 20100 ¥§G¥M…‚7L' 201

…g‚9 aCCŸC< —CCG3K  Tom Clancy H.A.W.X

1024×768 m*2*aCC C C C C <(´* ¦CC ™C < ƒCC 9|CC ŠC CG* jCC C E2 ¦™< šCC‚C~C–C+ 1920×1200 K 1680×1050 K World in Conflict 4fCCgCkC1* ¨CCD fCC H &* ¨CCG*¥CCkC G* 69K76 K79 lCCC™C+ rCC)fCCkCI jCCEfCC„CgCG*lCC“C“C0 aCC“CD Heaven v2.0 4fgk1* ¨D fCCH&* j§IfnG* ¨D 4fCC:(* jEf„gG* l““0 a“D DirectX 11 j§Ÿ“kG ƒ€‚€wœG* j§IfnG* ¨CCD 4fCC:(* 50 K 58.9 K 87.5 l™+ r)fkI hCC§C-|CCkCG*¦CC™C< jCC“C+fCC‚C~CG*jCCEaCCG*mfCCM¥CCk C‚C~CH 2fCCœCkC<fCC+ XFX jCCEfCC„C + £CCkC“C“C0 fCCœC + rCC)fCCkC ŸC G*¤{CC J jCCI4fCC“C œC +K ˜fCC-K5 jCCEfCC„C+ ¡&* aqŸ‚~D Radeon HD 5870 ¦™< Heaven v2.0 4fCCgCkC1* ¨CCCD fCC¢CŸCH Œ|CC‚C 6 &* l™+ r)fkI ¦™< XFX jEf„+ l™‚€0 ›fnœG* š§g‚6 ¦™< jCC§C IfCCnC G* ¨CCD 4fCC C : (* 34.6 K 38.5 K 53.1 mf§H¥‚6|G* jqGfŠH ,aCC0K ¡(fC D ¨GfkGf+K ¨CCG*¥CCkCG* —CC™C-  CC H Œ|CC ‚C C6 &* ˜fCC C -K5jCCEfCC„C + ¨CC D jCCHaCCwCkC‚C~CœCG* ¡¥–kG fCC¢C™CJ'¥CM fCCœCH XFX jCCEfCC„C+ ¨CCD jHawk‚~œG* f§Gf0•*¥‚6&´*¨D,|D¥kHmf§H¥‚64jEf„+Œ|‚6&* ¥CCJ jCCEfCC„C gC G*¤{CC CJ ¦CC™C < {CC 1 '¥C C- ¨CCkC G*†fCC“C ŸC G* CC H ÍCC‚CªCD jCC§C )fCC+|CC¢C –C G*jCCEfCC„C ™C G |CC§C gC –C G*fCC¢C FÍCC¢C kC ‚C 6* šCCœCŠCG*$fCCŸC . &* |CC§CgCF šCC–C‚CC+ fCC¢C -4*|CC0 ŒfCC C -4* CC< lCCIfCCF ÍCCnC HK,|CC§C gC F žfCC¢CœC+ žfCC§C “C G*LaCCG fCCœC§C‚C6 ´ $fCCŸC.&* jCCEfCC„CgCG*¤{CCJ f¢k™q‚6¨CCkCG* ,4*|CCtC G*jCC /42 jCC/4253 ›¥CCœCwCG*K&* ©2fCCŠC G*ž*aCCwC kC ‚C 6´*,|CCkC D j/42 91 ¦G(* š‚€kG j/4aG* ¤{J lŠ-4*K jM¥cH jEf„gG*¦CC™C< ›K&´*4fCCgCkC1´fCC+ žfCC§C“CG*LaCCG jCCM¥CCcCH |CC.'¥CM CCG ,4*|CCtC G*jCC/42¨CCD ŒfCCC -4´**{CCJ ¡&* ´(* fMa§I(* ›¥CC“C-K šCCœCŠCG* ¨CCD jEf„gG* 4*|CC“CkC‚C6* ¦™< mf§H¥‚6|G* ,aCC0K ¦™< aœkŠ- ¨kG* mfEf„gG* ¡&fC + 4*|“k‚6* š–+ jG¥„H m*|kG šœŠG* ‹§„k‚~- ¤{CCJ




$ftI&* ‘™kwH¨DmfqGfŠœG*j<|‚6|‚~F¨gtHKj§IK|k–G(´*ifŠG&´*•f‚<šgE HfJ4f‡kI*›f:¨kG*j§–§D*|qG*mfqGfŠœG* Hpa0&´*š§qG*¡&* "fMa§I"lŸ™<&*  H šF j„‚6*¥+ j“„ŸœG* ¨D f¢EÍ:(* - ¨kG* "ENGTX400"j§–§D*|qG*mfqGfŠœG*j™‚~™‚6|gkŠ-K ,atkœG*j§+|ŠG* m*4fH(´*jGK2¨D*N |D¥kHug‚8&* aEGfŠG* mfH¥‚6|G* mfEf„+ |D¥-K j§IK|k–G(´* ifŠG&´* ¨gtœG j+|q- š‚ªD&* |D¥M šHf–Gf+ fN Ÿ‚~tH fN qkŸH ‚ª- j§–§D*|/ mfqGfŠH ›K&* "ƒ6¥‚6&*"K "¨‚6 ©2 ’(*" jEf„G*˜Í¢k‚6*›aŠH¨D,|§gFmfŸ§‚~t-‹H¨-&f-¨kG*K|kH¥IfI40 ‹§Ÿ‚€-jE2¦™<j§ŸgœG* "fMa§I"mfqGfŠHfM*}H‹§œ/ "ƒ6¥‚6&*" H,aMaqG*j§–§D*|qG* ,*¥Ižawk‚~M©{G*ENGTX480 ¨–§D*|qG*rGfŠœG*—G3¨Dfœ+¨)agœG*•Í:(´*j™0|H›Í1 M5*|„+mfqGfŠœG*¤{J|D¥k-Kj“+f‚~G*›f§/&´f+jI4f“Hj§)f+|¢–G* }-|Jfq§H700 f¢k<|‚6Ž™g-j<f‚~+2K}H¥JK”)fD$*2&f+rGfŠœG**{J}§œkMKl+384 j§Ÿ“k+šœŠ-,|F*3K¨H¥‚64Œ|‚~H1401 C+ jœ<aœG*GeForce GTX 480 "ENGTX470"$*2&´*”)fD¨–§D*|qG*rGfŠœG*©¥ktML|1&* j¢/ H}-|Jfq§H3696 f¢k<f‚6j<|‚6KlMf+fq§H1536 j§ŸM}wkG*f¢kŠ‚6GDDR5 Œ¥I H,|F*3K 3348 j<|‚~+GDDR5 ,|F*3K}-|Jfq§H607 f¢k<|‚6Ž™g-,*¥Ÿ+2K}HK "fMa§I" HGeForce GTX 470 5*|:¦™<fN œ)fEfN §H¥‚64fN <|‚~H1215 ¦™< "ƒ6¥‚6&*" H mfDf‚9(*K ,aMa< fM*}H |D¥M ©{G*K ¨Š/|œG* §œ‚€k™G 2fkŠœG* "ƒ6¥‚6&*" i¥™‚6&f+ ¡f-aMaqG* ¡fk§–§D*|qG* ¡fk0¥™G* }§œk-K  l+ 320 j§Ÿ“k+ šœŠ-K }-|Jfq§H }M}Š-¥tI”M|„G*a¢œ-o§0fN §™F,aMaqG*j§Ÿ“kG*¤{¢Gj§“§“0mfIf–H(*  <4f–k+´**{J›Í1 H "ƒ6¥‚6&*"‘‚–-K,|§gF,4¥‚€+$*2&´*}M}Š-¦™<a<f‚~›Í1 HjF|‚G*fJ|D¥-¨kG*KjM|‚€tG* Voltage Tweak "—M¥-r§kG¥D"j§‚8fw+j+¥t‚€HmfqGfŠœG*¤{J¨-&f-Kš§nHf¢G”g‚~MG ,4¥‚€+j<|‚~G*|‚~F ifŠG&´*•f‚<K §D|ktœG*K §)akgœ™G –œMKa¢qG*jœ§E ,2fM5Kj<|‚~G*|‚~FmfJ¥M4fŸ§‚6jDfF‹HšHfŠkG*u§k-o§0 Smart Doctor "4¥kF2m4fœ‚6"”§g„ –œMfœF50ȅ ¦G(* š‚€-jg‚~Ÿ+$*2&´*}M}Š-f¢GÍ1 H –œM¨kG*|§§kG* m*4f§1ž*awk‚6f+,aMaqG*jqGfŠœG* m*a0K HL¥‚€“G*,2fk‚6´*”§“t-j§IK|k–G(´* š‚ªD&* mfŸ§‚~t-K fM*}œ+ Œfkœk‚6´*K |gF&* mf<|‚6 ¦G(* ›¥‚8¥G* j§Df‚9(´* aM|gkG* ›¥™0 ›Í1 L|1&´*j§qH|gG*m*K2&´* §+ HK,4¥„kœG* Supersonic Sled "a§™‚6—§I¥‚6|+¥‚6"j¢/*K‹HvfqŸG*m´aŠHƒ6f§EK©4¥Dƒ€tD$*|/(*  §Hawk‚~œ™G –œM j“M|„+DX11 žf‡I m*4aE 4fgk1* f¢GÍ1  H  –œM ¨kG*K ,|1fG* m*4f§‚~G* mf/*|F §œ‚€-  H ,f0¥k‚~œG*K ,|–kgœG* "Design Garage",*2&* jEfgG* œ‚9 £‚~I|H&´*K §Ÿ‚~G*|H¦™<,|§gF ,2f‚7(* ¦™<j§–§D*|qG* "ƒ6¥‚6&*"mfEf„+¨D,4*|tGf+–tkGf+j‚8fwG*jŠ)*|G*fM*}œG*Kj§GfŠG* ,2¥qG*m5f0aEKj§™<f|‚~FK j§IK|k–G(´* ifŠG&´* a§Š‚8 ¦™< i4fqkG* š‚ªD&* |§D¥-K jgŠ‚€G* žf¢œG* šœT tkG fœ¢œ§œ‚€- - ¨kG* "ENGTX470"K "ENGTX480"mfqGfŠH¦™<”g„ŸM fN M4*|0j§GfŠG*,$f–G*m*3j0¥™G*2*¥HKj“)fDaM|g-›¥™t+,5}ŠHj<|‚~G* ,aMaqG*j§–§D*|qG*fM*}œG*‘§;¥- §Hawk‚~œG*¡f–H(f+ug‚8&* £I&* ¨ŸŠMfHDX11 ifŠG&´*š‚H‹Hj“D*¥kHf¢I&* ,aMaqG*j§–§D*|qG*mfEf„gG*fM*}H5|+&*  HK m*4aE  §kEf„gG* |D¥-K ,2¥‚ŸœG* r)fkŸG* ”§“tkG "fMa§I"  H "ƒ~F(* ƒ~D" jw‚~I pa0&*K ¨™<fkG* jŠ‚7&´* ‹gk- žf‡IK žf‚~/&ÍG ,4¥„kœG* ‹§‚8|kG* j§Ÿ“- šnH ›fqH¨D §kEf„gG* §-f¢Gj“)fG*fM*}œG* H,2fk‚6´* –œMo§0 DirectCompute "m¥§gH¥FlF|M*2"K NVIDIA CUDA "*2¥FfMa§I" Hš–GjM5*¥HjqGfŠH "NVIDIA® 3D Vision"j§Ÿ“-fN ‚ªM&* j§H¥‚6|G*ENGTX480 jEf„+¨D|D¥kMKj§H¥‚6|G*|§=mf“§g„kG*¨D¦k0£™œF&f+žf‡Ÿ™GžfŠG*$*2&´*}M}Š-jHfŠG*jg‚6¥tG* ¤{J<a-¨kG*•¥‚~G*¨Dj§IK|k–G(´*ifŠG&´* HmfcœG*˜fŸJK›}ŸœG*¨Dj§“§“tG*2fŠ+&´*j§.Í.ifŠG&´*mfH¥‚64¥tIaMaqG*£/¥kG* H *N $}/|gkŠ-¨kG* mfqGfŠœG* H,aMaqG*ENGTX400 j™‚~™‚6•Í:(* NÍM¥:j“)fG*mfH¥‚6|G*•f‚<|‡kI*a“GNÍg“k‚~Hf¢EÍ:(* k§‚6¨kG*ifŠG&´* H|§n–G*¦G(* jDf‚9(* j§Ÿ“kG* ,a§0¥G*¨J "ƒ6¥‚6&*"§Hf‚€-|gkŠ-Khk–œG*u„‚6,}¢/&´ jœœ‚€œG*ENGTX200 j‚~™‚~+jI4f“H m*|HpÍ.›aŠœ+|gF&* $*2&* mfM¥k‚~œ+aŠ-¨kG*Kj§–§D*|qG* ,aMaqG*j§Ÿ“kG* HšnH&´*$*2&´*¦™<›¥‚€tG*u§k-¨kG*




ȴƾƵżȶ ȝǾưƪž ȠǍƭů ǠſǞŴ ȜNjƁNjƆŽȚ jF|‚G ¨œ§™E(´* Œ*4{G* r§™wG* ¨I¥‚6 jF|‚7 l‚F ‹§‚6¥-  < ž¥§G* mf§IK|k–G(´* j<fŸ‚8 •Íœ< ¨I¥‚6  H ®WALKMAN ¡fœFK,}¢/&*  Hf¢k<¥œqH ž(*"m͍‚œGf¢EÍ:(* ‹H—G3K "B "K "W "¨k™‚~™‚6  NWZ-B15 K NWZ-B153 Œ¥I H "©|.¨+ Ma“kG ,4¥„œG* f¢-f§Ÿ“k+ }§œk- ¨kG*  NWZ-W252 K ¨)|œG*K ¨Šœ‚~G* £§D|kG*  H jE¥g‚~H |§= mfM¥k‚~H 43 5KfqkM´©{G*£I5¥+ NWZ-W252 5f¢/5fkœMK lMf+f§/2 ¦G(* š‚€- ¨kG* j§ŸM}wkG* jŠ‚~G*K fN H*|= h‚6fŸM ©{G* ©|‚€ŠG* ¤|¢‡HK ¨„™G £k§™+f“G jDf‚9(´f+ aMaqG* 5f¢qG* 2|kM fœF jF|tG* ¨œ)*2 ƒ8fw‚7&´* |H&´*  £™‚~= j§If–H(*K ¤f§œ™G 2f‚ªœG* ‹)*|G* £œ§œ‚€k+ £§‡Ÿ-K ,|:fœG* $*¥/&´* ¨D £H*awk‚6(f+ uœ‚~M ©{G* 5*|:  H ,}¢/&´*  H f¢k“+f‚~FK ¤f§œG* ž*awk‚6f+ $fŸ.&* ¦“§‚6¥œ™GŒfœk‚6ÍGj0*|G*mf/42¦‚€E&* §œ‚€kG**{J|D¥Mo§0 ˜Í‚6&´*š§‚8¥kGj/ftG* ¡Ka+šœŠG*j§Ÿ“k+jnMatG*m͍‚œG*¤{J5fkœ- NWZ-W202

j§/4fwG* j„‚I&´* K&* j§‚9fM|G*  M4fœkG* j‚64fœH ¡*}§œkM¡*{™G*¡Í‚œG*ža“MK¨G*¥kG*¦™<lMf+f§/4K2 ¦G(* š‚€- j§ŸM}w- jEf„+ "B"j™‚~™‚6 H NWZ-B153 K NWZ-B152 ¡fœF¥G*m͍‚Hpa0&* |D¥k-K š§/  H ¦“§‚6¥œG* •f‚< ifq<(* ¦™< 3¥t§‚6K fN <f-4(* |nF&*K ”œ<&* m¥‚8 La‚8K ¦“§‚6¥œG* ‹H |gF&* š–‚+ š<fkG* j§If–H(*  §Hawk‚~œ™G aMa/ ¨IaŠH |¢‡œ+ m¥‚€G* La‚8  §‚~t- j§‚8f1 š§‚- ¦G(* |œ0&´* $¥‚ªG* |§‚M o§0 ,a0*K j‚~œ™+ m¥‚€G* La‚8  §‚~t- j§If–H(f+ "B"j™‚~™‚6 H,}¢/&´*}§œk-fœŸ§+ ifg‚G* mf™Hš§‚-,2f<(*  HvK*|k-¨kG*j§-¥‚€G*ƒ€)f‚€wG* Hj<¥œqH,}¢/&´*¤{J—™kœ-fœF¦“§‚6¥œG*¡ftG&* ‹H=fŸkGf+‹)*4š–‚+5f¢qG*¦™< $*¥‚9&´*ƒ€E*|k-K ž(* ’(´*mf<*3(*  Hš§q‚~kG*Km*¥‚8&´*š§q‚~-¦G(*  MP3 Œ¥I Hj§“§‚6¥œG* j§Ÿ=&* š–G¨‚~§)|G*‹„“œG*ƒ9*|Šk‚6*£™§Š-f¢GÍ1 H –œM¨kG*Kj§“§‚6¥œG*mf™œG* <otg™G ™ZAPPIN j§Ÿ“- "B"K "W"¨k™‚~™‚6 H,}¢/&´* œ‚ªk-K*{J  ™Jog Dial 45ž*awk‚6*fH&* |nF&* j0*4KjG¥¢‚~+j§“§‚6¥œG*¢kgk–H œ‚9f¢§G(* Œfœk‚6(´f+¡¥g=|M¨kG*j§Ÿ=&´* <otgG* §Hawk‚~œG*¦™<š¢‚~M©{G*|H&´* 4*5&´* ž*awk‚6´ j/ftG* ¡K2 £I¥™‚ªM fH 4f§k1*K ¨If=&´* jœ)fE  œ‚9 š“ŸkG* j§If–H(*  §Hawk‚~œ™G |D¥§‚~D rHfI|+K&* 44¥™g‚~F(* 5KaŸMKu‚€kH›Í1 Hj§“§‚6¥œG*mf™œG*šM}Ÿk+uœ‚~M©{G* Content Transfer L¥ktœG*š“IrHfI|+ §k™‚~™‚~G* Hm͍‚œG* œ‚ªk-fœF j§“§‚6¥œG* mf™œG* šM}ŸkGj™‚8K ž*awk‚6f+ —G3K jG¥¢‚6K j<|‚~+ ®¡fœF¥G* 5f¢/ ¦G(*  ®iTunes

"B" j™‚~™‚6  H j§“§‚6¥œG* m͍‚œG* |D¥k-K ƒª§+&´*K ©24¥G*K 2¥‚6&´* —G3 ¨D fœ+ ¡*¥G&´*  H jŠ‚6*K j<¥œqH  œ‚9 "W"j™‚~™‚6 H¡fœF¥G*,}¢/&* |D¥k-K ¨gJ{G*¡¥™Gf+5*|„GjDf‚9(´f+|œ0&´*K©24¥G*K2¥‚6&´*¡¥™Gf+  L|1&´*j§‚~§)|G*mf§IK|k–G(´*|/fkHjDfF¨DKmf§IK|k–G(ÍG¥gHf/|/fkH¨D,atkœG*j§+|ŠG* m*4fH(´*jGK2¨D,aMaqG*f¢k<¥œqœ+ ®¡fœFKm͍‚H|D¥k-


90 L¥‚6 t‚G* ,2f<(* j§™œ<•|k‚~-´ §0¨Dj™‚8*¥kHj<f‚611 ,aœG j§“§‚6¥œG* mf™œ™G Œfœk‚6(´* j§If–H(*  §Hawk‚~œ™G "W"j™‚~™‚6 HaMaqG*¡fœF¥G*u§kMK L¥‚6šHf–Gf+ t‚G* ,2f<(´ j+¥™„œG*,aœG*5Kfqk-´Kj<f‚618 ,aœG š‚8*¥kœG* Œfœk‚6(´* j§If–H(*  §Hawk‚~œ™G "B"j™‚~™‚6 HaMaqG*¡fœF¥G*|D¥MK…“Dj“§E2  HaM}œ+¦“§‚6¥œ™Gš‚8*¥kœG*Œfœk‚6(´* Hj“§E290 ža“-¨kG*‹M|‚~G* t‚G*j§‚8f1 H ,2fk‚6(´* §k™‚~™‚~G*ÍF H,}¢/&´*¤{J¨Hawk‚~œG –œMfœFj“§E270 |œk‚~œG* š“ŸkG* ›Í1 jG¥¢‚~G*K jM|tG*



ȝǽƾƫůȚ ǜž ȢȤƾż ǛƸŴ ǞƳƁƾž ȜǍưƫƵŽȚ ǗůƾƷŽȚ ǀƇƁǍŵ


jF|tkœG*‘-*¥¢G*Œ*¥I&* ‹§œ/‹HKApple iPad 5f¢/‹HšœŠ™Gj“D*¥kHMicro SIM Card ,|‚€H‘-fJjEf„+v|: <m´f‚€-*lŸ™<&* ¨F|k‚H –œ- ž*awk‚6´* ¨)fŸ.§œ‚€k+ ¨-&f- f¢I&* ´(* |Š‚~G* ƒ~Ÿ+ Œfg-K jM2fŠG* ˜|tkœG* ‘-f¢G* mfEf„+ ƒ€)f‚€1 ‹§œ/,aMaqG* jEf„gG* šœt-  ‹HKMobile Broadband internet ˜|tkœG*lI|kI(´*j–g‚+´N f‚€-*h™„k-¨kG*oGfnG*š§qG*iPad ,}¢/&* ‹H f¢H*awk‚6*  H 2aqG*K  §§GftG* "m´f‚€-*" E|G*ƒ~Ÿ+j§If.‘-fJjEf„+¦™<›¥‚€tG*u§k-¨kG*ž&*¥-jHa1›Í1 H,aMaqG*jEf„gG*¦™<›¥‚€tG* §§GftG* §F|k‚œ™G  –œMKjF|tkœG*‘-*¥¢G* …“DmfIf§gGf+j‚8f1,aMa/jEf„+ 4*a‚8(* |g<fN ‚ªM&*K¨GftG* —G3K¨GftG*E|G*ƒ~Ÿ+Kj§If.‘-fJjEf„+¦™<›¥‚€tG* H¢Ÿ–œ-¨kG*ž&*¥-jHa1›Í1 HMicro SIM Card jEf„+4*a‚8(*  §F|k‚œG*‹§œqG –œM š§qG*,}¢/&* ¨DK&* jF|tkœG*‘-*¥¢G*¨Dj§GftG*jEf„gG* ž*awk‚6*KiPad ,}¢/&* |g<˜|tkœG*‘-f¢G*mfEf+ H©&* ¨Dj§GftG*¢-fF*|k‚7*ž*awk‚6*’a¢+ ,a0*K,|œG‹Da-J42100 ž&*¥-jEf„+jœ§EŽ™g-Kj<|‚~G*¨Gf<˜|tkœG*lI|kI´f+j‚8fwG*oGfnG*  –œMfœF…“DfœJ4225 š+f“HData SIM Card …“DmfIf§gGf+j‚8f1,aMa/jEf„+4*a‚8(* ›Í1 Hf‚ªM&* Micro SIM Card jEf„+¦™<›¥‚€tG* –œM ,aMa/,a0*¥+j§GftG*‘-f¢G*jEf„+šMag-h™:|g<f‚ªM&* f¢§™<›¥‚€tG* 100 ¦™<˜|k‚œG*š‚€tM4¥¢‚7j.Í.,aœGakœMƒ9|<¨D—G3KJ42100 f§Gf0jGfgG*KjM2fŠG*˜*|k‚7´*ž¥‚64š+f“HMicro SIM Card jEf„+|D¥k‹HjEf„gG*ž*awk‚6*aŸ<f¢ŸH ,2fk‚6´* –œM 4¥¢‚75 ¦™<j<5¥Hf¢§Šœ/¡¥–-,|§‚€“G*j§‚€ŸG*š)f‚6|G* Hj“§E2100ȶ j§™tœG*mfœGf–œG* Hj“§E2 ,2KatH,|kGƒ9|ŠG**{J|D¥kM ˜|tkœG*‘-f¢G*,}¢/&* š§Š-aŸ<¨IfqHa§‚84š–‚7¦™<fœJ4225 ¡¥F|k‚œG*2|k‚~M fN œJ4275 š+f“HfN ‚ªM&* š‚8*Kžf‡Ih‚~0Micro SIM Card ,aMaqG*jEf„gG*|D¥k-fœF š)f‚6|G*›f‚64(*Kj§GKaG*Kj§™tœG*mfœGf–œG* $*|/(´ £kDf‚9(* k-©{G*J4225 CG*ž*awk‚6* –œM…“DfœJ4250 jEf„gG*jœ§EšŠqMfœH,|‚7fgH…wG*  –œMK8#*121* }H|G*h™:aŸ<¨IfqœG*a§‚8|G*jD|ŠH –œMKjEf„gG*š§Š-xM4f-  H|¢‚7&* j.Í.,aœGž*awk‚6ÍGuGf‚8¥JK ,|§‚€“G*j§‚€ŸG* ˜|tkœG*‘-f¢G*,}¢/&* ‹HjEf„gG* ž*awk‚6*aŸ<¨Df‚9(´*a§‚8|G* H ,2fk‚6´* ›¥‚€tG*¨DfŸ§F|k‚Hj/f0‹Hf§‚7fœ-j‚8fwG*jEf„gG*¤{Jv|„+fI42f+""m´f‚€-*"¨D”M¥‚~kG*ƒ~§)|™G›K&´*h)fŸG*¨‚~Hf‚G*j§™1a§‚~G*›fEK iPad ,}¢/&´ j<|‚~G*¨Gf<lI|kI´*jHa1ža“kGjEf„gG*¤{Jlœœ‚8aEK m´f‚€-´*Gf<¨D,}¢/&´*pa0&*  H,2fk‚6´*KmfHawG*Kmf§Ÿ“kG*š‚ªD&* ¦™< mfHa1jDfF,aMaqG*jEf„gG*|D¥-o§0šg“k‚~œG*¨DmfHawG*—™-m|D¥-*3(* fœ§DL|1&´*m´f‚€-´*mfHa1Km¥‚€G*mfHa1Ma“-j§If–H(* ‹H "žawk‚~œG* 5f¢qG* ¦™< f¢§™< ›¥‚€tG* aœkŠMK "m´f‚€-*"  H ",2KaCCtHÍCG*jEfgG*"|Š‚6£GÍ1 Hl‚ª1˜|tkœG*lI|kI´*jHa1¦™< *N |1'¥H "m´f‚€-*"£k0|:©{G*¨qMK|kG*ƒ9|ŠG*‹HjEf„gG*¤{J”D*¥k-K "m´f‚€-*"lŸ™<&* fœF˜*|k‚7´*xM4f- H4¥¢‚7j.Í.,aœGKjEfgG*¤{¢+ §F|k‚œG*‹§œ/—G3 Ha§k‚~Mo§0|¢‚G*¨DfœJ4299 ¦G(* fœJ42395 jEfgG* ¤{¢+ jM|¢‚G* ,4¥-fG* žf‡Ÿ+  §F|k‚œG* ‹§œqG  fN IfqH oGfnG* š§qG* mfIf§+ ž2¥H Ma“-  < fN ‚ªM&*





¨g™- ¨kG* j§T ™“ŸkG* j§Ÿ“kG*K j“§I&´* mfœ§œ‚€kG* m*3 jGf“ŸG* h§‚6*¥tG*  <  §n0fg™G jœœV ‚€œR G* EasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG* h§‚6*¥tG* j™‚~™‚6  < ]š§+ 2|Ff+^ l‚F j“)fG* j§Ÿ“kGf+ f¢œ‚6* ¡|k“M ¨kG* j§œGfŠG* jF|‚G* lGfEK  jN ™Hf–kHK Nj™“ŸkH Nj§¢§D|- Nj‚€ŸH £‚~I lE¥G* ¨D šnœ-K šnH&´* š–‚Gf+ j§H¥§G* ¢-fg™„kHK ¢-f/f§k0* j§™“ŸkG* j“)fDf¢g§‚6*¥0 j™‚~™‚6¦G(* NjM|.KNj§<¥INjDf‚9(* šnœ- EasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG* h§‚6*¥tG* j™‚~™‚6 ¡(V * jE¥.¥œG*K *¥gJ3 fœŸM&* j§œE|G* J4¥‚8K Jf“§‚6¥HK ¢HÍD&* šœt+  §D¥‚™G Nj§GfnH EasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG* h§‚6*¥tG* aW ŠR- f¢+ šW“ŸkG*K ›f“kI´*K f¢™œ0 jG¥¢‚6 š‚ª+K žfE4&* j0¥G‹H j™HfFu§-fHj0¥™+,2K}Hf¢I& * fœFš‚8*¥kœG*š§‚kG* Hmf<f‚68 ¦G(* f¢kM4f„+|œU <R š‚€Mfœ§DjqHaHR jM|‚€+ƒ8*|E&* mfF|tœ+,2K}H¨¢D T V jqGfŠœG*KHDMITM ]©%* ž(* ©2ƒ-(*^{ŸHK š‚~–+1366x768 j‚8¥+11.6 ƒ6f“HjEaG*j“)fDj‚7f‚G*š‚ª+j™Hf–kœG*j§¢§D|kG*hI*¥qG* <N͂ªD jŸœV ‚ªkHR x‚~IKš+kŸFfœŸM&* j™‚ªœG*–HÍD& * ,aJf‚œG›K&´*4f§wG*EasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG*h§‚6*¥tG*šnœ-rHaœR G*jM|‚€gG*ƒ8*|E&´*˜|tHKjHa“kœG*j§H¥‚6|G* V T  1 ž*|=¥™§F1.6 £I5K5KfqkM´fœ§Dj™qœG*q0EasyNote Butterfly xs ›f“ŸG*i¥‚6ftG*q05KfqkM´KjHf-jG¥¢‚~+]©2¨©2^ƒ8*|E&* ¦™<j§œE|G*2*¥œG* šnH&´*4f§k1´*|V ‚€œR G*i¥‚6ftG**{JšŠqM©{G*|H&´*fŸgJ3fœŸM&* £+šT“ŸkG*K›f“kI´*š¢‚~§GKj§‚€w‚G*jg§“tG*K&* ‘k–G*jg§“0K&* a§G*jg§“0¨D£™œ0š¢‚~§G ¨JK$fŸ<¡K2Kj§+f§‚~I*Kj§E¥.¥HKjG¥¢‚~+lI|kI(´*¦G(* 3fŸ™Gj§GfnœG*j™§‚6¥G*EasyNote Butterflyxs jGf“ŸG*h§‚6*¥tG*šnœ-fœFjM|.jGf“Ij+|q- < §n0fg™G m*2*a<(´*KWindows LiveTM Messenger rHfI|+K¡¥DK|–§HK,4fI(´*j§™1j‚7f‚7KjqHaHR hMK*|§HfFjGf“ŸG*j§)|œG*j‚724a™Gžawk‚~œG*£/fktMfH Xš–+,2K}H V škI(* mfqGfŠœ+jIK|“HfMÍwG*j§‚6*a‚6¡¥M&* ž¥§n§GjM4f„+š‚ª+K 2 2.1 p¥-¥™+K&* oGfnG*š§qG*j§Ÿ“-K802.11b/g/n ©fD©*Kj§Ÿ“-KLaœG*,a§Š+j§–™‚6ÍG* fœ+jM4f„gG* t‚7,2f<(* ¦G(* j/ftG*¡K2mf<f‚68 ¦G(* š‚€-,akœH,aœGš‚8*¥kHš–‚+EasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG*h§‚6*¥tG*šœŠ-j§)*2&´*j“)fDKj§„G¥G*j§XIakH ž¥§G* ›*¥: Nj§+f§‚~I*K NjGf“I Nj+|q- žawk‚~œ™G  œ‚ªM 54fgG* 4fŠ‚G*K j‚7¥“ŸœG* a§G* j0*4 aIf‚~HK j§V HK|U–G* f¢™‚8fHK j+f‚~ŸœG* f¢-fœ§œ‚€k+ f¢™§‚8f- jDf–+ fJ*|M  H EasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG* h§‚6*¥tG* |¢g-  £Ÿ<$fŸk‚6*´fN §œE4fN “§D4i¥‚6ftG**{J¨Daq§‚6©{G*žawk‚~œG*j§‚€w‚7K •K3‹H”D*¥kMfœ+ F*aG*2¥‚6&´*K&* u-fG*|œ0&´* §I¥G §+ H4f§k1´* –œMK f¢G2fg-Kj§œE|G*2*¥œG* M}w-1 ¨D5 mfEf„gG*j)4fEš¢X ‚~-fœ§DžÍD&´*K4¥‚€G*j W qQQ kŸU œQ GjH5ÍG*m*K2&´*jDfFEasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG*h§‚6*¥tG*|D¥j§“§‚6¥œG* mf™œG*K žÍD&´*  H jG¥¢H j§œF  M}wkG j§Df–G* jŠQ ‚~G* T ƒ8|“G* u§kM fœF jHf- jIK|œ+ f¢kF4f‚HK V lMf+f§= 640 ¦G(* j§ŸM}wkG* £kŠQ ‚6Q £™‚€- ©{G* h™‚€G* K šHf–G*4*a‚8(´* Photoshop® Elements 7 ®Adobe KNero® Essentials j§GfkG*rH*|gG*šœ‚-j§qH|+jH}t+h§‚6*¥tG*¤{Jm2 KX 5R fœFfJ|§=K4¥‚€G*K R W qQ k Ÿ H š§¢‚~kG CyberLink® PowerDVDTM ]©2¨©2^ƒ8*|E&* K&* jqHaHR ƒ8*|E&* ¦™<f¢w‚~IK4¥‚€G*j U Q Q W W–tkG*u§k-¨kG*mf‚~œ™G*,2 aX ŠkHƒ~œ™G*j0¥Gj§Df‚9(´*fM*}œG* HK h§‚6*¥tG* Hj™‚~™‚~G*¤{J¡&* fœF*N |M¥t-K*N |MKa-K*N |§‚€-K*N |§g–-4¥‚€Gf+šHfFš–‚+ W j§‚~§)|G*j§gk–œG*h§‚6*¥tG*‹H›f“ŸG*i¥‚6ftG**{JjQŸHQ *}HQ š§¢‚~kG]¨+ƒ6(* ¥M^{DfŸH‹H”D*¥kœG*Packard Bell Xsync šIKa+,2K}H]š§+2|Ff+^ HjGf“ŸG* V ¡&f+fN œ™<K4¥M399  HjM|Ma“kG*fJ4fŠ‚6&* &*ag-K]ž¥§œM|+ž¥J7 5KaŸMK^š§‚kG*žf‡Ÿ+,2 K}H V EasyNote Butterfly xs jGf“ŸG*h§‚6*¥tG*¡(* ]š§+2|Ff+^lGfEK |1%* ¦G(* a™+ H‘™kw-aE 3 j§Ÿ“kG*mf‚8*¥œG*KjM|D*¥kG*



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›¥‚8K <f§F¥IlŸ™<&* jHaw+2K}H‘-fJpa0&* j“„ŸH¦G(* 2Ka0Í+¨If=&* ‘-fJ …‚6K&´* •|‚G* ¨If=&*",4*a‚8(* 5235 f§F¥I 5f¢/•Í:(* aŠ+"2Ka0Í+ ¨If=&*",4*a‚8(* X6 f§F¥I j‚9K|ŠœG*mfHawG*j<¥œqHšœT –§GaMaqG*5f¢qG*¨-&fM|M*|gD¨D "2Ka0Í+ "2Ka0Í+¨If=&*"jHaw+Œfkœk‚6ÍG m*4f§wG* H‹‚6K&* LaH §–™¢k‚~œG*uŸœMK …‚6K&´*•|‚G*f§F¥I¨D¦“§‚6¥œG*‚~E|MaH|MK4C|+¥F—M4aM|D›¥“MKjM4¥nG* o§0fN Š)*4*N 5f¢/ "2Ka0Í+¨If=&*",4*a‚8(* aMaqG*5235 f§F¥I|§kŠM"f§“M|D&*K  HK f¢™§œt-K j§“§‚6¥œG* ‹„“G*K ¨If=&´*  §MÍH ¦G(* ›¥‚8¥Gf+ žawk‚~œG* uœ‚~M "2Ka0Í+¨If=&*"f¢HaT “-¨kG*mfHawG*j<¥œqœGaMaqG*5f¢qG**{JjDf‚9(* ¡&f‚7 jHawG* ¤{¢G |gF&* ›¥‚8K mf§If–H(*K  §–™¢k‚~œ™G |nF&* m*4f§1 Ma“-  œ‚ªM ¡&* ¨D "2Ka0Í+¨If=&*",4*a‚8(* X6 f§F¥I5f¢/•Í:(* {ŸH"NÍ)fE’f‚9&*K"jŠ)*|G* ¤{J ž*awk‚6*  < jq-fŸG*K |‡Ÿ™G jk™œG* mf¢/¥kG* T  H |§n–G* 4¥¢; fŸ‚~œG j“„ŸœG* ‹„“G*K¨If=&´*š§œt-mf§™œ< H54% lM|/R&* ›fnœG*š§g‚6¦™<KjHawG* 5f¢/ |g< 46% j§“gkœG* jg‚~ŸG* lœT - fœŸ§+ ¨‚€w‚G* |-¥§gœ–G* |g< j§“§‚6¥œG* ¦“§‚6¥œG* HfN gM|“-40% lIfFfN ‚ªM&* žfœkJÍG|§nœG* HK ,|‚7fgH P,4¥‚€+f§F¥I j™kwœG* Œ*¥I&´* j§gŠ‚7 L¥k‚~H o§0  HK j§+|< ¦“§‚6¥H f¢™§œt- L|/ ¨kG* j§E|‚G* i¥gG* ¦“§‚6¥H fJaŠ+K j§œGfŠG* i¥gG* ¦“§‚6¥H m5|+ ¦“§‚6¥œ™G aT Š-K"i¥Jh§¢G*Kj§q§™wG*¦“§‚6¥œG*K RNB "5¥™+aI%* ž{M4"¦“§‚6¥HK ¨If=&´* <otgG* H §Hawk‚~œG*  T–œ-jM4¥.j™§‚6K "2Ka0Í+¨If=&*"jHa1 |§gF2a<¦G(* ›¥‚8¥G* H –œkk‚6…§‚~+ž¥¢œ+—G3Kf¢+Œfkœk‚6´*K,aMaqG* f§F¥I5f¢/©|k‚-fHaŸ<šHf–Gf+ fN IfqH—G3šFK¨If=&´* H2KatH|§=K |§=›¥‚8¥G* H*N |¢‚712 ¦™<š‚€t-"2Ka0Í+¨If=&*"jHaw+j‚8f1,4*a‚8(f+ —Ÿ–œM fJaŸ< ¦“§‚6¥œ™G Ovi  H ¨If=&´*K j§“§‚6¥œG* ‹:f“œG*  §M͜G 2KatœG* ¦™<K&* "2Ka0Í+¨If=&*"jHaw+j‚8f1,4*a‚8(f+f§F¥I5f¢/|g<¦“§‚6¥œG*šM}Ÿj§0͂8¨¢kŸ- GK $f‚-fH4aEf¢+‰fk0´*K—+ƒ8fwG*¨‚€w‚G*i¥‚6ftG* ¨If=&´* š–+ Œfkœk‚6´* j™‚8*¥H —Ÿ–œ§‚6K žfŠG* $f¢kI* aŠ+ ›¥1aG* ƒ€§1|j§Df‚9(´*,|F*{G* H<a+K˜*{I% * f¢™M}Ÿ-L|/¨kG*Kf¢™‚ª-¨kG*¦“§‚6¥œG*K T P Í+¨If=&*",4*a‚8(* aMaqG*5235 f§F¥I5f¢/—Gu§k§R ‚6lMf+f§=16 ¦G(* š‚€-¨kG* aMaqG*5f¢qG*}§T œkMKj™‚ªœG*—§If=& *  H3,400 ¦G(* š‚€MfH M}w- "2Ka0 T šHfF š–‚+ P ƒ~œ™Gf+ šœŠ- j‚8¥+ 3.2 f¢‚6f“H ƒ9|< j¢/*¥+

ǚůǞƸż ǜž 2 ȳȤǞƄŴ ȸǍƸŮ ȱǾŮ Black Berry ©|§+˜Í+‘-fJv|: < š-¥§F |„Em´f‚€-*lŸ™<&* ‘-*¥¢G* H¨IfnG*š§qG*¡&* |F{Gf+|MaqG*|„E¨D$͜Š™GStorm 2 ƒ~œG j‚7f‚+ šœŠ- ¨kG* "2ž4¥k‚6" ©|§+ ˜Í+ ,|–kgœG* j§F{G* fM*}HKj§Ÿ“k+©|§+˜Í+‘-*¥J¨D ,2¥/¥œG*ƒ~œ™G*mf‚7f‚7 ‚~tM  FfH&´*K M|1%´*‹H›f‚€-*¦™<$f“gG* H$͜ŠG* –œkMo§t+ ,aMa/ ¨F{G*‘-f¢G**{¢Gš-¥§F<2¨-&fMKjG¥¢‚6š–+¢œ¢-¨kG*$f§‚7&´*K ©|§+ ˜ÍgG* mfHawG ›K&´* 2K}œG* fJ4fgk<f+ f¢kIf–œG  *N 2fŸk‚6* 4¥„kœG* f¢GÍ1 HjF|‚G*lHaE¨kG*K|„E¨DjG*¥qG* m´f‚€-´*jHa1K ©|§+˜ÍgG*jHa1j“+f„Hƒ6fŸ™Gu§k-¨kG*,|–kgœG*mfEfgG* Hj<¥œqH ,}¢/&* |D¥k-Kj§H¥§G*¢-f§0¨D¢-f/f§k0*‹Hf¢+¡¥ŠkœkM¨kG* ,|‚kŸœG* š-¥§F }F*|H ¨D  fN §Gf0 "2 ž4¥k‚6"©|§+˜Í+¨F{G*‘-f¢G*  H5*|„G**{Jf¢Ÿœ‚ªkM¨kG*j§‚~§)|G*fM*}œG* §+ HK|„E$ftI&* ¨D š–‚+iKfqk-¨kG*,aMaqG*SurePress j§Ÿ“-©|§+˜ÍgG*,}¢/&* fœH‘-f¢G*j‚7f‚7u„‚6 HhIf/©&* ¦™<…§‚~gG*…‚ªG*‹H ©Kf‚~kH j§Ÿ“- –œ-fœF|F{Ma¢/ ¡K2kMj‚7f‚G*¦™<…‚ªG*šŠqM a0*Kžf¢+(f+ §ŠH’|0j+fkF HfN ‚ªM&*  §Hawk‚~œG*,aMaqG*SurePress š–‚+j+fk–G*u§kMfœH|1%* ’|0¦™<fN „=f‚9|1%´*žf¢+(´*¡¥–Mfœ§D ,|§gFj‚7f‚7fN ‚ªM&* ‘-f¢G*©¥ktMfœFu§-fH,a< ž*awk‚6*K Œ|‚6&* ,}§H f¢+K š‚~–§+f§H 3,2 *|§HfFK j§Gf< v¥‚9K j/4a+ }§œk- j‚JaHK ƒ7ÍDK fN §-*3 ,4¥‚€G* }§F|- j§‚8f1K f¢+ –tkG*  –œM |§g– M}wkG*¦™<,4aEKlMf+f§H256 jŠ‚6ƒ7ÍD,|F*3K¥Ma§Dš§q‚~-K ¨kHawG©|§+˜Íg™GlI|kI(´*jHa1š-¥§F|D¥-KlMf+f§=2 jŠ‚6 ‹DaG*j™/%* "©|¢‚G*"jHa1K‹DaG*j“g‚~H "ÍJ"jG*¥qG*m´f‚€-´* š-¥§Fža“-fœF$͜Š™Gjœ§“G*K m*4f§wG* HjŠ‚6*Kj<¥œqH|§D¥-‹H mfHa1 H,|§gFj<¥œqH œ‚ªk-¨kG* mfF|‚™G©|§+˜ÍgG*jHa1 |„E¨D©|§+˜ÍgG*jHa1l0|:aEš-¥§FlIfFKmfF|‚™G<aG* $͜Š™GmfHawG*mf§Ef-*K5|„G*pa0&* Ma“-l™‚8*KK2008 žf<



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ȝȤƾƵŴ ǠŴ Ǡů ǐůȘ Ǘůƾƀ


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2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

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2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

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"ƈƅƏĩéƅ.īĜģğÞ" ŀæʼné

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$*45¥G*ƒ~™qHƒ~§)4jGKaG*ƒ~§)4h)fIž¥k–H›%*a‚7*4 +aœtHx§‚G*¥œ‚~G*h0f‚€G¨‚€w‚G*‹E¥œ™G¨+|ŠG*¨IK|k–G(´*¡*¥ŸŠG*•Í:(*¨+2jH¥–tG¨CC HÍ<(´*hCC k–œG* CC ™<&* "£™G*¤f<4 "¨+2Ff0  §I*¥ŸŠG* H©&*|g<j§+|ŠG*j™G*ž*awk‚6f+¡%´*£§G*›¥‚8¥G* –œM¨+2Ff0$*45¥G*ƒ~™qHƒ~§)4jGKaG*ƒ~§)4h)fI¥œ‚~G*h0f‚€+ƒ8fwG*‹E¥œG*¡*¨HÍ<(´*hk–œG*›fEK ‹E¥œG*¦G(*,|‚7fgHfœJÍF©2'¥Mo§0m*4fH*a‚7*4 +aœtHK*m*4fH*a‚7*4 +aœtHx§‚G*

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Īìʼnèƅ īĞîĕè ĶìĶÜ ĶĢã ĬêĸïêŬƅ ŀæƅʼnĠè īģÙĸã ſĩĠßƁ 2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

‹F¥œH¨,|=‚7+š§q‚~.¡'+—H4¨ŸŠNLlJ|kJ)´+‹F+¥I%fœ‚7'+hN|Š.jN+b, =¡Í=)´+2010¥NfI|¢‚8b¢‚8 m+5fI)´+jHL3¨Em´f‚€.´+§‡Ÿ.jc§K‹I¡LfŠkHf,j‚7f*|H+¡L(¥‚8-5+6Ll™q‚7bFLf1fkIug‚9'+lJ|kJ'+ m+5fI)´+jHL3ƒ~§*5‚7f,lJ|kJ´+j–g‚8¦™=j§,|ŠH+j™Hf,¨.+5fI)+¨JL|k–H)+¡+¥Ÿ=›L'+TRA-btkœH+j§,|ŠH+ hk–œH+ ™='+fœG"m+5fI+j§™2"‚7+‹F¥œH+šœtNL£™H+£‡1¡f§¢J›&+bN+6 ,j§™2x§‚H+¥œ‚~H+h1f‚9 bœtIx§‚H+¥œ‚~H+h1f‚€H¨‚€w‚H+‹F¥œ™H¨,|ŠH+¨JL|k–H)´+¡+¥ŸŠH+•Í;)+ž¥§H+¨,3jI¥–tH¨IÍ=)´+ m´f‚€.´+-5+6Ll™q‚7L"£™H+¤f=5 "¨,3Gf1%+56¥H+ƒ~™qIƒ~§*5jHLbH+ƒ~§*5h*fJž¥k–I›&+b‚8+5 , "|‚€Im´f‚€.´+-5+6L"¥K¨,|=‚7f,f¢HfŠF¥I|‚€I¨EmfI¥™ŠœH+f§0¥H¥Ÿ–.L

We thought of a way to make our comprehensive protection even more comprehensive

ESET Smart Security 4 - now protecting 3 computers for the price of 1 Only smart protection can protect more computers without increasing costs. ESET Smart Security now keeps up to 3 computers proactively secured from internet threats without slowing down your system using our revolutionary ThreatSense速 technology.

Visit for a 30-day trial version Integrated components:

ESET NOD32 Antivirus | ESET NOD32 Antispyware | ESET Personal Firewall | ESET Antispam

Dubai: +971 4 3754052



ŊĝģßʼnĠğè ĩģçʼnê ĸñïé

¥MfH…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL 2010 2010¥§G¥M…‚7L'

ukk-¨kG*jM¥§™wG*‘-*¥¢G*mfF|‚7›K&*f§F¥IlCC IfF |D¥kH¥CC JK…‚6K&´*•|CC ‚G*¨CC D¦CC “§‚6¥œ™G*|CC qkH  H›K&´*¡¥CC –§G¡*¥CC ŸŠG*¦CC ™< šCC §œtk™GjCC §+|<jCC §-¥‚8mfCC M¥ktH|CC D¥M©{CC G*£CC < ¥I ©{G*|‚<¨IfnG*|qkœG*Kj§<|‚7j“M|„+Œfœk‚6´*K f§Ifg‚6&*K,atkœG*j–™œœG*aCC Š+GfŠG*¨Df§F¥I£CC tkkL|1&´*§GfE&´* Hj<¥œqHK,4¥DfŸ‚6K  <|qkœG*vfkkD* <¡Í<(´*›Í1f§F¥Il‚FaCC EK j§-¥‚€G*mfCC M¥ktœG*¦G(*ŒfCC œk‚6´*Kš§œt-4fCC Š‚6&* j.Í.,a0*¥G*j§Ÿ=&´* $*|CC ‚7 š§œt-j™F¡¥CC –k‚63(*  $*|‚7 š§œt-fH&* ¨–M|H(*lŸ‚680 j§-*4fH(*J*42 f§-*4fH(*fCC œJ4230žawk‚~œG*‘CC ™–§‚~DšHfFž¥CC gG&* žaCC wk‚~œG*hCC =4›fCC 0¨CC DK jCC §–M|H&*m*4´K28

—G{Df¢™§œt-¡K2|CC qkœG*mfCC M¥ktH¦G(*ŒfCC œk‚6´f+ |¢‚G ¨–M|H&*4´K25.5 fCC œJ4220jCC œ§“+£GvfCC kH ‹E¥œG*ž*awk‚6´L|1&*j“M|:f§F¥I|D¥-fœFšCC HfF  Hžawk‚~œ™G CC –œMjCC Ÿ§ŠHjCC œ§Ešœt-CC )f‚~E¨CC JK )f‚~“G*¤{JjCC F|‚G*|D¥k‚6K¨If=&´*$*|CC ‚7f¢GÍ1 ¦“§‚6¥œ™GjCC ‚€‚€wœG*KjCC ™g“œG*fCC §F¥I‘CC -*¥J‹CC H 800¨G*¥t+,2K}CC H‘CC -*¥¢G*¤{CC J CC HšF¨CC -&fk‚6K Comes with jCC ™œ0 CC œ‚9”CC g‚~Hš–CC ‚+jCC §Ÿ=&* ‹E¥œG*uCC §kMž2fCC “G*žfŠG*¨CC D&*aCC gk‚6¨CC kG* music f¢)*|‚7šgEj§If.30,aœGj§Ÿ=&´*jŸMfŠH,}§H —G3¦™<mfM¥ktœG*|§D¥kGf§F¥I¡KfŠk-KjM¥§‚6%´*Kj§+|G*mfH¥gG&´*¦G(*jDf‚9(*š§‚8&´*i|„G*,*¥¢GjœMaEL|1&*KjnMa0j§+|<mfH¥gG&*¦™<¦“§‚6¥œ™Gf§F¥I|qkH©¥ktM fIf-K4KEMI©%*ž(*©(*KWarner|I4*KKSonyBMG¨/ž(*¨+¨I¥‚6KUniversal›f‚6|§§I¥M HšFšœ‚-Kj§+|ŠG*Kj§œGfŠG*¦“§‚6¥œG*mfF|‚7 HaMaŠG*‹H‹E¥œG* L|1&´*j™“k‚~œG*mfF|‚G*’´%*¦G(*jDf‚9(´f+ "m*¥ŸE"L¥ktœG*‹§œq-¨D,a)*|G*jF|‚G*K š§œtk™Gj§Ÿ=&* §MÍHjCC Š+4&*fJ|§D¥- <lŸ™<&*. HKXpressMusic 5800‘CC -fJ <´K&*l‚FK¦“§‚6¥œG*|qkH¦CC G(*rMK|k™G2Ka0Í+¨If=&*jCC ™œ0fCC §F¥Im&*aCC +aCC EK ¨+|ŠG*GfŠG*¨D Nokia X6aMaqG*¦“§‚6¥œG*‘-fJ•Í:(f+j„g-|œG*2Ka0Í+¨If=&*j™œ0 œ‚9¨IfqHš–‚+ ¡fœ<K M|tgG*K|CC „EKlM¥–G*K,atkœG*jCC §+|ŠG*m*4fH(´*KjCC M2¥Š‚~G*j§+|ŠG*jCC –™œœG*K•*|ŠG*K §„‚~™DK¡24&´*K¡fCC ŸgGK|CC ‚€H HÍF2Ka0ÍCC +¨CC If=&*jCC ™œ0’aCC ¢k‚~-K ›Í1¨If=&* H‹§„k‚~MfHšFš§œt-¦™<‘-f¢G*‹H”D|œG*‘M|ŠkG*E4›Í1 H*42fE2KaCC 0Í+¨If=&*j™œt+j‚8fwG*£-4*a‚8(f+X6f§F¥I‘CC -fJ©|CC k‚M CC HšF¡¥CC –§‚6K aŠ+£F*|k‚7*2aqM¡&*˜|CC k‚œG*¦™<¦“§‚6¥œ™Gf§F¥I|qkH HjCC §Df‚9(*¨If=&*š§œtkGK,f§tG*LaHžaCC wk‚~œ™GjŠ+f-¨If=&´*¤{Jj§–™H¦“gk‚6K‘CC -f¢G*$*|CC ‚7 CC HšCC HfFžfCC < ›K&´*žfŠG*jMf¢I j§+|G*Kj§Ÿ§g™G*KjMaŸ¢G*¦G(*jDf‚9(*j§Hf‚G*KjM|‚€œG*Kj§q§™wG*¨If=&´* œ‚ªk-¨“§‚6¥H‘™H §MÍH4 H §Hawk‚~œG*žfH&*,|D¥kœG*j§“§‚6¥œG*j<¥œqœG*¡¥–k¨If=&´*jŸ‚8|Ej+4ftH¥J¡fqœGf+¨If=&´* Hš)f¢G*–G**{JMa“- Hf§F¥I’aJ¡&*¦G(*f§“M|D&*K…‚6K&´*•|‚G*¨Df§F¥ILaG¦“§‚6¥œG*‚~Eƒ~§)4 ‚64´—Mf/4f‚7&*aEK £g‚~–-4´K2šFš+f“H4´K2,4f‚~1f¢§D,2aŠkœG*…)f‚6¥G*‚~Eƒ~§)4š+|œG*‘‚6¥M4f‚7&*fHh‚~0fJa0KfIf-K4ag–-¨kG*jM|–G*j§–™œG*•¥“0˜f¢kI*K ƒ€‚€wœG*Nokia Ovi Media Player¨CC DK&*š‚H¦™<2fœk<´* Ha+´f¢™§‚kGK¨‚€w‚G*|CC -¥§gœ–G*K‘-f¢G* §+¦“§‚6¥œG*mf™HšCC “IjCC M|0žaCC w‚~kœ™G¡¥CC –§‚6 .Digital Rights Managementj§œE|G*•¥“tG*,4*2(´j‚8f1j§Ÿ“-¦™<aœkŠ-f¢I&´L|1&*m*|-¥§gœF¦G(*mf<¥œqœG*¤{Jš“I –œM´¨If=&´*mf<¥œqH,4*2(´ mfF*|‚7¦G(*jF|‚G*‹D2fH¥JK¨™tHL¥ktH|§D¥-¡K2f¢Gjœ§E´2Ka0Í+¨If=&*j™œ0¡&*f§F¥I¨D¦“§‚6¥œG*‚~ELaGj)}qkG*mfŠ§gH‚~EƒCC ~§)4i¥CC ¢™‚7 CC œM&*aCC F&*K ©2K}H¦G(*¦G(*jDf‚9(´f+*{CC Jj§“§‚6¥œG*mͧq‚~k™Gž¥§Ÿ§-Í+K¦“§‚6¥œ™G©2¥CC ™§HKf–M}HKfIf-K4f¢‚6&*4¦™<j“„ŸœG*¨D¦“§‚6¥œG*‹CC M5¥-KsfkI(*mfF|‚7 CC HjCC <¥œqH‹CC H ¦“§‚6¥œ™G©%*ž(*©(*K›f‚6|§I¥MK|I4*KK¨I¥‚6šnH §§œGfŠG*¦“§‚6¥œG* 2Ka02Í+¨If=&*j™œtGj¢+f‚Hm͜0¨D¦“§‚6¥œG*‹Hf¢ŸH16¨DjF|‚G*‘-*¥J¨-&f-jGK223¨D|D¥k-¦“§‚6¥œ™Gf§F¥I|/fkH¡&*|F{M m*|g–H¦G(*‘-f¢G*š§‚8¥-u§kM3.5m¥‚€™G©4f§ŠH{ŸHKš‚~–§+f§H5.0jEa+*|CC §HfFKƒI(*3.2ƒ6f§“+ƒ~œ™Gf+šœŠ-j‚7f‚7¨¢Dmf‚8*¥H HX6‘CC -fJ¤|CC D¥MfCC HfCC H&* Œ¥g‚6&´*¨D2Ka0Í+¨If=&*j™œt+h„-|œG*X6‘-fJ|D¥k§‚6Kj<f‚635,aœG¦“§‚6¥œG*š§‚- H‘-f¢G* –œ-jM4f„+KlMf+f§=16jŠ‚~+ M}w-,|F*3Kj§/4f1m¥‚8 4´K2600|Š‚~+ƒ64fH|¢‚7 H›K&´*



īìĸĘĝèƅ ŅÚʼnģç ƈŨĩĖÚƅ īçĸà Ňé ƍơĶÝ ũÙ Ŋĝģßʼné īğĠÝ

2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

Í+¦“§‚6¥H|§D¥k+f¢GÍ1 Hj<¥œqœG*ž¥“-Universal Music GroupiK|/—M5¥§H›f‚6|§§I¥Mj<¥œqH‹Hj§q§-*|k‚6*jF*|‚7 <lŸ™<&*a“DšCC -¥§FjCC <¥œqHfCC H&* f¢:f‚If¢§D›K*}-¨kG*j§GKaG*•*¥‚6&´*‹§œ/¨Df¢)͜ŠG2Ka0 ¦“§‚6¥œG*šM}Ÿ-jHa1f¢)͜ŠG|D¥-¡&*©|‚€0š–‚+Kš-¥§Fj<¥œqœG”tMf§“M|D&*›fœ‚7K…‚6K&´*•|‚G*j“„ŸH¨Df¢<¥I H¦GK&´*|gkŠ-¨kG*j§Ef-´*2¥Ÿ+h/¥œ+K $͜<‹§„k‚~MfœFGfŠG*¨D¦“§‚6¥œG*Gf<£Ha“MfHpa0&* <otgG*K¨If=&´*›2fgkGj‚8f1mfŠœkqH$f‚I(* H¢Ÿ–œMfœHlI|kI(´*K›*¥qG*‘-f¢G*”M|: <2Ka0Í+ L|1&´*j§œGfŠG*mfg‚6fŸœG* HfM&*¦G(*jDf‚9(´f+fM|‚€0—M5¥§H›f‚6|§§I¥MjF|‚7f¢œ‡Ÿ-¨kG*j§)fŸG*m͐tG*4¥‚ª0š-¥§F j™kwHj§“§‚6¥HŒ*¥I&*Kj§ŸDh“0 H¡fŸD3500 H|nF&´j§Ÿ=&*120,000 H|nF&f+j§D|kG*j<fŸ‚8 HŒf„“G**{J¨D¨If=&ÍGs¥GfkF|gF&*—M5¥§H›f‚6|§§I¥M—™kœ-K lI|kI(´*KjG*¥qG*¢-*¥J›Í1 HGfŠG*$ftI&*‹§œ/¨Dš-¥§Fj<¥œqH¨D §F|k‚œ™Gj0fkHf¢Š§œ/K j§H¥§G*¢-f§0¨D¦“§‚6¥œ™G¨CC ‚~§)44a‚€œFlI|kI(´*KjG*¥qG*‘-*¥¢G*¦CC ™<fI$͜<2fœk<*aM*}kM"š-¥§Fj<¥œqœG©{CC §ŸkG*ƒ~§)|G*£§D|ŠH|CC ‚8fI4¥CC kFaG*›¥CC “MK "f¢)͜<mf/f§k0*<2¨Dš-¥§Fj<¥œqH|œk‚~-¡&*j§Ef-´*¤{J œ‚ª-K ›Í1 H—G3K‹§œqG*mfCC ŠE¥-•¥k‚6¨kG*KiK|/—M5¥§H›f‚6|§§I¥M‹CC H˜*|k‚7´f+¦“§‚6¥œGf+Œfœk‚6ÍG,}§œkHjCC §™<f-j+|q-|D¥Ÿ‚6"|CC ‚8fI4¥CC kFaG*’fCC ‚9&*K  §™‚ªœG*¢H¥qŸ+$f“kG´*fN ‚ªM&*$͜Š™Gš-¥§Fj<¥œqHu§kk‚6fœFj§)fŸG*mfH¥gG&ÍGj§GK&´*m*4*a‚8(´*¦G(*jDf‚9(´f+£§D|kG*K‹œkqœG*4fg1&*K¥Ma§G*K¦“§‚6¥œG*rH2 "¦“§‚6¥œG*¨gtH‹œkqH‹Hš<fkG*KfN §IK|k–G(* j<¥œqH H,aMaqG*jHawG*¤{J•ÍCC :(*<aI¡&*—M5¥§H›f‚6|§§I¥M¨DfIaŠ‚~M"—M5¥§H›fCC ‚6|§§I¥M¨Dj§œE|G*mͧq‚~kG*‚~Eƒ~§)4i*¥CC I|CC §gF}CC ™MKiK4›¥CC “MK ¦G(*GfŠG*¨D¦“§‚6¥œG*š‚ªD&* Hj<¥œqH|D¥Ÿ‚6fM¥‚6šœŠG*›Í1 œDf§‚6%*Kf§“M|D&*›fœ‚7K…‚6K&´*•|‚G*¨D4¥¢œqG* Hj‚ªM|<,a<fE¦G(*šCC ‚€k‚6¨CC kG*KšCC -¥§F "‹§œqG* |¢‚7&´*4*aH¦™<L|1&*•*¥CC ‚6&*¨Df¢0|„G…„12¥/K‹H¡fCC œ<jŸ„™‚6K|„EKlM¥–G* HšF2010›ÍCC 1,aMaqG*jHawG*f¢§Dv|„k‚6¨CC kG*•*¥CC ‚6&´*šCC )*K&* CC §+ CC HK j™g“œG*



ƈƅƏĩéŬƅ īèơƍ ŋå "ŊĝģßʼnĠèƅ ŋƪğã" ŋêĩäūè ƈŨĩĖÚƅ īéĶÞ

Œfœk‚6´*f¢§F|k‚œGu§kM©{G* ¦“§‚6¥œG*¨T™< ¨If=&´*|qkH•Í:(* <m´f‚€-*lŸ™<&* š§œtkGm´fCC ‚€-*|qkH|D¥kMKjCC M¥§‚6%´*KjCC MaŸ¢G*Kj§gŸ/&´*KjCC §+|ŠG*¨CC If=&´*$*|CC ‚7K&* ¦™<lI|kI(´*¨t‚€kœG—CC G3K‹CC E¥œG*¦™<¦CC “§‚6¥œG* m*|-¥§gœ–G*¦™<lI|kI(´*›Í1 HK&*jCC §IK|k–G(´*˜fMKj+*¥+›Í1 HjCC G*¥qG*‘CC -*¥¢G* m´f‚€-´*jF|‚7‹Hj‚~DfŸœG*¦G(*¨“§‚6¥œG*|qkœG* <¡Í<(´f+m´f‚€-*¦Š‚~-KjM2fŠG* Music onh™„G*aCC Ÿ<¦“§‚6¥œG*|qkH <¡Í<(´f+fCC ¢k“g‚6aElIfF¨CC kG*K2jCC ™Hf–kœG*  §0¨D…CC “Da0*KJ42|CC Š‚~+j§Ÿ=&´*šCC §œt-£CC GÍ1 CC HK2|CC D¥-©{CC G*KDemand |Š‚6¡&*3(*,a0*Kj§Ÿ=&*š§œtkGŽ™gœG*—G3’fŠ‚9&*j‚~œ1¦G(*m´f‚€-*|qkH|)*5sfktM ¨If=&´*m´f‚€-*‹CC E¥H‘Ÿ‚€MfœJ424.95¥CC J¦“§‚6¥œ™Gm´fCC ‚€-*|qkH¦CC ™<jCC §Ÿ=&´* ¨kG*mfH¥gG&´*ƒ9|Šk‚~MfCC œFL|1&*j§+|<¨If=&*Kj§IfŸgGKjM|‚€HKjCC §q§™1¦G(*jCC §+|ŠG* f¢™§œt-4*K}G*¦™<|qkœG*v|k“M¨kG*¨If=&´* Hj<¥œqHKmfŠ§gœG* H4aE|gF&*l““0 š§œt-m´f‚€-*¨Hawk‚~œG CC –œMJ|§=K¨‚6fŠG*©4f‚HK,2*|CCCŠG*©4f‚HK‘‚6¥M¨Hf‚~GjCC §ŸMaG*a§‚7fI&´* Hj<¥œqH|D¥MšCC +¨If=&´*¦CC ™<m´fCC ‚€-*|CC qkH|CC ‚€k“M´K L|1&´*¦“§‚6¥œG*|/fkH‡ŠHf¢‚9|-¨kG*DRM2¥§E¡K2›*¥qG*‹Hf¢kŸH*}HK|-¥§gœ–G*¦™<¨If=(´* ơƍ īğéĩĞïĠèƅ ƈŨĩĖÚŨƅ īçĸà Ňé ĪğĘèƅ Ķġã ŊĝģßʼnĠèƅ īéĶÞ

2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

¨CC DjCC ™Hf–kœG*m´fCC ‚€-´*mfCC Ha12K}CC H¨CC JKK2lCC C“™:&* h‚~0¦“§‚6¥œG*"jCC Ha1,aCC tkœG*j§+|ŠG*m*4fCC H(´*jCC GK2 jgk–H Hj™HfFmfCC §Ÿ=&*š§œt-f¢)͜ŠR Gu§k-¨CC kG*K "hCC ™„G* ¨¢§D|-L¥ktHMa“-¦™<K2ƒ8|04f:(*¨D—G3KfCC If-K4 fCC J$͜<R ¡(*K2lCC Ÿ™<&*KfCC ¢)͜<R •*K3&*KmfCC /f§k0*¨CC g™M  H|nF&*¦CC G(*›¥CC ‚8¥G* H¦CC GK&´*jCC ™0|œG*¨CC D¡¥CC Ÿ–œk§‚6 fCC ¢kw‚~Ÿ+ fIf-K4|CC g<i|CC ŠG* CC §IfŸG*5|CC + &´jCC §Ÿ=&*2000 K&* jCC F|tkœG* CC ¢-*¥J ¦CC G(* fCC ¢™§œtk+ —CC G3K  jCC ™Hf–G* i|CC ŠG* CC §+|„œG*5|CC +&´¡fCP C =&*jCC HawG*CC ‚ª-KCC ¢g§‚6*¥0 ž|FL¥qIKfCC ‚~§G&*KifM2K|CC œ<K¨œ‚~qG* CC §‚~0šCC nH  M{G*$ÍCC œŠR G*¡(*K2lCC t‚9K&*KCC J|§=aCC MaŠG*K CC M|§‚7K ¡¥™‚€t§‚6 "hCC ™„G*h‚~0¦CC “§‚6¥œG*"jHa1¨CC D¡¥CC ™q‚~M 18f¢kœ§EŽCC ™g-fN C CIfqHmfCC §Ÿ=&*šCC §œtk+šCC nœk-jCC MaJ¦CC ™< ¨If=&´* Hj§“§‚6¥œG*f¢kgk–HjŠ‚6¥k+K2ž¥“k‚6KfN C CœJ42 mf§Ÿ=&*K¦“§‚6¥Hš§œt- HfJ'K͜< –œk§G—G3KjCC ™Hf–G* ,aMa/mfF*|‚7”M|: <fJ|§=K jMaŸJ jM2¥§G¥+KjCC §œGf< hCC )fŸG*¨CC IKaM|DaCC M|D›fCC EKL¥CC ktœG*©2K}CC H2*K4‹CC H ¦“§‚6¥œG*|gkŠ-"K2¨DjM4fqkG*›fœ<&ÍGƒ~§)|™G©{CC §ŸkG* fŸkF*|‚7fI|œnk‚6*—CC G{GKž¥§G*ifg‚G*mfHfœkJ*5|+&* CC H |CC ¢‚7&*KCC J&* CC Ma“kGfCC If-K4‹CC H jCC M|‚€tG*jCC §q§-*|k‚6´* j™g“œG*|¢‚7&´*›ÍCC 1j<¥ŸkHm*4f§k1*fŸ)͜<R uCC ŸœGm*¥„wG* HaMaŠG*fCC ¢Šgk§‚6,¥„1¤{J"’f‚9&*K "jCC F|tkœG*¢-*¥J|g<fCC Ÿ)͜ŠR G jCC ™Hf–G*fCC ¢kw‚~Ÿ+ jCC §+|ŠG*mfCC §Ÿ=&´* ¨DK2‹HjM|‚€0j§Ef-*lŠEKaEj“„ŸœG*¨D¨+|ŠG*£§D|kG*mfM¥ktœGa)*|G*2K}œG*fIf-K4lIfFK"fJ|§=Kj§gŸ/&´*Kj§+|ŠG*mf§Ÿ=&´*K¦CC “§‚6¥œG*šCC ‚ªD&*šCC §œtk+*¥CC Škœk‚~§G šœ‚-j™¢‚6•|:j.Í.|g<J*426Ž™g-jM}H4j™Fš+f“Hj™HfFj§Ÿ=&*šM}Ÿ-¢Ÿ–œMo§0fN M|‚€0K2$͜<R ©aM&*›KfŸkH¨Dj™HfFfIf-K4jgk–Hj§Ef-´*lŠ‚9KK2008žfŠG* fH¥JKfN “+f‚6,4¥F{œG*pÍnG*•|„G* H©&*|g<f¢™§œt-£CC Ÿ–œMj§Ÿ=&´*š§œŠG*$*|‚72|qœ+Ki¥‚6ftG*¦™<ƒ8f1rHfI|+K&*˜|tkœG*‘-f¢G*¦CC ™<ƒCC 8f1rCC HfI|+K&*lCC I|kI(´* ›fqœG**{J¨DmfHawG*5|+&*La0(*K2 H "h™„G*h‚~0¦“§‚6¥œG*"jHa1šŠqM jHa1ža“-Kj§Ÿ=&ÍG…“D Pa0*KJ42š+f“H—G3KfIf-K4jgk–H Hj™HfFmf§Ÿ=& * š§œt-$͜ŠG*‹§„k‚~Mo§0h™„G*h‚~0¦“§‚6¥HjHawGf‚8f1f‚9|<K2l“™:& *a“D¡%´*fH&* P f‚~§G&*KifM2K|œ<šnHi|ŠG* §IfŸG*5|+&´—G3K¢+¥‚6f0,}¢/&*KjF|tkœG*¢-*¥J¦™<š§œtk™Gj0fkHj§Ÿ=&*2000 H|nF&*‚ª-j<¥œqH$͜Š™G "h™„G*h‚~0¦“§‚6¥H" fIaŠ‚~M "K2¨DjM4fqkG*¡K'¥‚™G©{§ŸkG*ƒ~§)|G*¨IKaM|DaM|D›fEKfIf-K4‹HK2f¢-a“<¨kG*jF*|‚G*›Í1 H—G3KJ|§=K£™G*ag<a§qœG*ag<KjGf‚8&*K|Jf‚~G*;fFK L¥ktœG*Ma“-¦™<K2¨Dƒ8|tIj§Ÿ=&ÍG*N a0*KfN œJ42LaŠk-´j§‚~DfŸ-4fŠ‚6&f+j™‚ªœG*¢-f§Ÿ=&*š§œt- H¢Ÿ–œM©{G*ƒCC 9|ŠG**{Jj§+|ŠG*¦“§‚6¥œG*2*K|CC GžaCC “I¡&*ž¥CC §G* ¦“§‚6¥œG* Hj™kwHmfcDšœ‚kGjCC ™g“œG*4¥¢‚G*›Í1|nF&*m*4f§1fŸ)͜<R uŸœGfN C C§Gf0šœŠIK¢-f“Iš+f“HjDf‚ªHjœ§E¢G|D¥-f¢<¥I CC H,aCC M|DjCC “M|„+$ÍCC œŠ™G¨CC ¢§D|kG* jœ§“+¨IfqHa§‚84¦™<›¥‚€t™¨IK|k–G´*‹E¥œG*,4fM5”M|: <fN IfqHjHawG*¤{J¨Dš§q‚~kG*$͜Š™G –œMK"j§œGfŠG*KjM2¥§G¥gG*¨If=&´*K |¢‚™G©&*|G*ŒÍ„k‚6*šnH‹E¥œG*|g<K2f¢œ‡Ÿ-¨kG*j§¢§D|kG*j„‚I&´*¨DjF4f‚œG*K|§Jf‚œG*K §+|„œG*4fg1&*|1%*¦™<ŒÍ:´*Kj™‚ªœG*¢-f§Ÿ=&*š§œtkGfN œJ4218 u‚€-¢Gu§kM©{CC G*K¢g§‚6*¥0K&*jF|tkœG*CC ¢-}¢/&*¦™< ¨œGf< MyWorld liveCC ‚6*lt-‹E¥œG*|CC g<vfkHrHfI|+š§œt-$ÍCC œŠ™G –œMjCC CHawG*¨CC DšCC §q‚~kG*aCC Š+K ¢E*K3&*h‚6fŸMfHš§œt-Kj§“§‚6¥œG*jgk–œG*mfM¥ktH



ŊĝģßʼnĠèƅ ĸÜĩïé ľßơijƅ ƛĸĕèƅ ŋå  ¥Nb§H+L¦“§‚7¥œH+ -3bŠkœH+…*f‚7¥H+‹§,L'+|§0'f.mfIb2m'+b, L3šnIm´f‚€.´+mfG|‚8f¢Ib“.mfIbw,j“„ŸœH+¨E5f‚kJ´f, ‘.+¥¢H+mfG|‚,j‚9f2¦“§‚7¥I|0fkIL'+m´f‚€.+Lš.¥§GL ”§“tkH++{K¨E–Hžb“Ÿ‚7L5¥k‚7˜6¥§If§G¥J|qkI¨EfœGj§G{H+ ¦™=›¥‚€t™Hžbwk‚~œ™H£Ib“.fILmfIbwH+¤{K IšG =jtœH j§=|‚8•|„,¦“§‚7¥œH+

2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL



MSI All-in-One PCs

2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

,2aCC ŠkHm*|CC -¥§gœ–G* CC H jCC ™‚~™‚6MSI jCC F|‚7LaCC G KWind Top AE24005|CC „G*šœ‚-¨kG*K‘CC )f;¥G* AE2220 Hi-FiK AE2260KAE2280 f¢Ha“-¨kG*5|CC „G*pa0&*a0&*AE24005*|CC „G*|CC gkŠM jCC §Ÿ“kG£CC œ<2K”CC §I&´*£CC œ§œ‚€k+5fCC kœMKMSIjCC F|‚7 ‘)f;¥+–tkG*u§k-¨kG*Multitouch2aŠkœG*ƒCC ~œ™G* j‚7f‚G* H,|‚7fgHj™kwœG*|-¥§gœ–G* <2¨Df§‚6f‚6&**4K275KaCC ŸMKšCC §‚kG*žfCC ‡IhCC Š™MK 5KaŸMKš§‚-jœ‡I&* Hpa0&´*4*a‚8(´*¨D2a<fœG*ƒ~œ™G*j§Ÿ“-<2‹Hfœ§‚6´ƒ~œ™G*j§Ÿ“2.66j<|‚~+Core2 Quad5*|CC : CC HškI(* CC HL¥ŸG*¨<f+4”)fDrCC GfŠH¦™<¤2fCC œk<´—G3Kf§™ŠG*jCC cG*m*|CC -¥§gœF¦CC G(*|CC -¥§gœ–G**{CC J¨CC œkŸM j/ftG*aŸ<lMf+f§=8¦G(*f¢k§E|- –œMlMf+f§=4jŠ‚~+j§‚~§)4,|F*3¦G(*jDf‚9(*}-|Jf§= *{JšJ'¥MfCC œHATI Mobility RadeonHD57305*|CC : CC Hmf§H¥‚6|G*jCC Ef„+¦G(*2¥Š-mfCC §H¥‚6|G*¨DjCC “)fDmfCC §If–H(*|CC -¥§gœ–G*|CC D¥M—CC G{F §Hf‚€-4f‚I(*¦k0K&*¡¥CC +}G*žfH&*jŸ§ŠH§Hf‚€-ƒ9|<f¢§D2*|M¨kG*jœ§œ‚€kG*ƒCC 9K|ŠG*m´f‚8K&*§œ‚€kG*}F*|H¨CC Dž*aCC wk‚6ÍG|CC -¥§gœ–G* ,|§¢‚G*§œ‚€kG*rH*|+¦™<*2fœk<*,aMa/ ”DKj§–™‚6ÍG*Kj§–™‚~G*mf–g‚Gf+šCC §‚8¥kG*<aM£I&* §0¨DSATA2Œ¥I HlMf+*|§-1jŠ‚~+hCC ™‚8ƒ8|E¦™<|-¥§gœ–G*aCC œkŠM CC M}wkG*¨CC DK 802.11n4f§ŠœG*j§–™‚6ÍG*mf–g‚G*¨DKj§IfnG*¨Dl+f§=1{ŸœG*j§–™‚6ÍG*mf–g‚G*¨Dšœ‚-¨kG*K|§MfŠœG*pa0&* ¨Dj‚7f‚G*ƒCC 6f§EŽCC ™gM 23.6 |CC -¥§gœ–G* *{CC J jCC Ea+ šCC œŠ-K ƒCC I(* šCC ‚~–+ 1920×1080 16:9 ƒªM|ŠG*…œŸGf+K |CC -¥§gœ–G* |CC D¥M fCC œF ¨CC Gf< m¥CC ‚€G CC <aG* m*¥Ÿ“G*j§Ÿ“k+v¥‚9¥G* u§kMfœH 5.1 ƒCC ~œwG* ƒCC ~§‚6&fkG £CC H*awk‚6* šCC ‚ªD&f+jCC §G}ŸHfCC œŸ§‚6 mf‚8*¥œG* jCC F|‚G* ¡(fC CD *|CC §1&* ›KfCC t,4¥CC „œG* ˜ÍCC ‚6&´*2aCC < ƒCC €§™“*{CC J ¨CC D jCC Hawk‚~œG* aCC tG* ¦CC G(* |CC -¥§gœ–G* 2fœk<´f+—CC G3K¦CC I2&´* jCC 0¥GK ƒCC 6KfH ¦CC ™< j§–™‚6´u§-fH


AOpen warmTOUCH j‚€‚€wHjCC ‚7f‚7š–‚7¦CC ™<|-¥§gœF CC <*|CC 1'¥HifCC “ŸG*AOpenjCC F|‚7lCC ‚F j™kwœG*”CC M¥‚~kG*ƒ9*|=&´K&*jCC M4fqkG*mÍCC tœG*šCC 1*2fCC ¢H*awk‚6´mfCC IÍ<(ÍG ‹™‚~™G”M¥‚~kG*jCC )}qkG*|/fkHK&*jM4fqkG*mÍCC tœG*ift‚8&´j‚7f‚G*¤{CC JuCC §k-K fJ2*a<(*h™„kM¨kG*,a“ŠœG*j§œE|G*mfIÍ<(´*jœ‡I&*¦G(*j/ftG*¡K2¢MaGj™kwœG* a¢qG* H|§n–G*f¢™§‚-K ‘™1|-¥§gœ–G**{CC JmfI¥–Ha/*¥k- šCC Hf–kH|-¥§gœFjCC +fnœ+j‚7f‚G*¤{CC J|CC gkŠ,a<fE,2K}Hf¢I&*fœFLCDj§Ÿ“k+ƒI(*19ƒ6f§“+j‚7f‚G*¦G(*jDf‚9(´f+ j‚7f‚G* 3(*žawk‚~œG*mfCC /f§k0´fCC “DK©2¥œŠG*K&*¨CC “D&´*‹‚9¥Gf+jCC ‚7f‚G*lCC §gn-uCC §k HK£g‚6fŸ-¨CC kG*j“M|„Gf+,aCC <f“G*¦™<jCC ‚7f‚G*l§gn-¥CC Jžawk‚~œG*¦CC ™<fCC HšF ž*awk‚6´*š§G2,$*|E¦k0K&*hCC M4a-K&*,|g1©&*jG&f‚~œG*h™„k-´KfCC ¢™§‚-CC . ,|H›K&* HKjG¥¢‚6š–+j‚7f‚G*ž*awk‚6*j“M|:¡f“-(* –œMfœI(*K ¦™<K&*ƒ94&´*•¥DfCC ¢Š‚9K –œM3(*l§gnkG*¨Dj§Gf<jCC IK|œ+j‚7f‚G*¤{CC J‹CC kœkž*awk‚6*¨CC Dj§Gf<jCC IK|H|D¥-¨CC kG*l§gnkG*,aCC <fEšCCC‚ª+—CC G3KhCC k–œG*uCC „‚6 jg‚6fŸœG*j§Š‚9¥Gf+j‚7f‚G* ¨kG*all-in-oneŒ¥CC I CC HjCC §‚6f§“G*m*|CC -¥§gœ–Gf+jCC ‚7f‚G*¤{CC JjCC I4f“H CC –œM´ jœœ‚€Hm*|-¥§gœ–G*—CC ™-¡&´—G3Kj‚7f‚G*‘™1|CC -¥§gœ–G*mfI¥–HfCC ¢§D‹CC œqk¨g™kGf‚€§‚€1jCC œœ‚€H¨CC ¢DwarmTOUCHjCC ‚7f‚7fCC H&*jCC HfŠG*mfCC H*awk‚6ÍG j§g™-¦™<,4aE|nF&*f¢™ŠqMfCC œH¡Í<(´*KjMf<aG*›fqH¨D CC §Hawk‚~œG*mfCC g™„kH ž*awk‚6ÍGh‚6fŸœG* §kœG*fCC ¢œ§œ‚€-‹Hfœ§‚6´›fqœG**{¢+jCC ‚8fwG*mfCC g™„kœG* £kHKf“HKjCC EfI&´*KjCC +͂€G* §+‹CC œqM©{G*hCC ™‚€G*¨CC /4fwG*š–CC §¢G*K¨CC ™œŠG* j§Š‚9¥G*Kj§“D&´*j§Š‚9¥G* §+ƒ9|ŠG*j§Š‚9KšMag-¨DjIK|œG* <͂ªD4fCC g™G j‚7f‚™Gj§G¥Ef‚G*


Ňã ƊƎĩĠê ƈƅĸÚʼnģîĠç All-in-One

2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL



,|‚7fgHf¢+j‚8fwG*mfI¥–œG*jDfFa/*¥-hg‚~+—G3KmÍ+f–G* HšE&*2a<¦™<2fœk<´*jq§kI”§I&´*f¢œ§œ‚€k+‘)f;¥G*,2aŠkHm*|-¥§gœ–G*‹kœk <´a+—G3K,2KatœG*j0fCC ‚~œG*m*3 FfH&´*¨Dž*awkCC ‚6ÍGjG¥¢CC ‚6K&*jIK|H|nF&*f¢™Šq-,|§CC ‚82fŠ+&*m*3,2f<¡¥–-f¢I&*fœFjCC ‚7f‚G*‘™1 jMa§™“™kG*j§gk–œG*m*|-¥§gœ–G* j™kwœG*mf“§g„kG*š§‚-¨D,$f–G*KjM2f‚€kE´*LKaqG*h‚~0‘Ÿ‚€-m*|-¥§gœ–G*¤{J H,a<mfcD|D¥kf¢™Š/fœH|‚8&fD|CC ‚8&*mfCC ‚6f“œ+j™kwœG*|-¥§gœ–G*mfI¥–H‹§ŸCC ‚€-vf-&*¨Ÿ“kG*ža“kG*¡&*´(*jM*agG*¨DqtG*,|§gFm*|-¥§gœ–G*¤{JlIfFaEK žfM&´*¤{J£§™<fJ*|I©{G*qtG*¦G(*š‚€|-¥§gœ–G**{CC J Hj™kwHm*4*aCC ‚8(*v|:jF|CC ‚G*m2f<&*3(*˜fH©%*|CC -¥§gœF|g<mfqkŸœG* CC HjcG*¤{J¨D*|CC §gFf0fqIšCC C+%*jF|CC ‚7lCC ““0aCC EK mfF|‚7¨Dž*awk‚6´*h‚6fŸ-j“)fDmf‚8*¥œ+¨-&fMfHf¢ŸHK¨G}ŸœG*ž*awkCC ‚6´*h‚6fŸ-j§‚6f§EmfCC ‚8*¥œ+¨-&fMfHf¢ŸœDj™kwœG*mfH*awkCC ‚6ÍG jM4fqkG*‹+f„œG*K&*¡Í<(´*K§œ‚€kG* š‚8*¥k™Gƒ~œ™G*j§Ÿ“k+j‚7f‚+m*|-¥§gœ–G*¤{J<2fHf¢ŸHKa0*Kš–§J œ‚9‘)f;¥G*j™Hf–kHm*|-¥§gœFv|:¨D,a<mfF|‚7fCC “ 0´fCC ¢kŠg-CC . j§–§HfŸM2|nF&*,4¥‚€+j™kwœG*|-¥§gœ–G*‘)f;K‹H

Žīģßĩģĝèƅ īģîïĞĠèƅ ƈƅĸÚʼnģîĠĞèƅ Ňã ĩëĹģĠì ƣķèĩé fœHj‚7f‚G*‹Ha0*Kš–§J¨Df¢-fI¥–HšFsfCC HaI´f¢ŸHjEfI&*|nF&*f¢I&*´(*j§‚6f§“G*j§gk–œG*m*|CC -¥§gœ–G*j+fnœ+jcG*¤{J CC Hm*|CC -¥§gœ–G*|CC gkŠj§gk–œG*m*|-¥§gœ–G* <f¢Ha“-¨kG*‘)f;¥G*‘™kw-´ §0¨Dj§‚6f§“G*j§gk–œG*m*|-¥§gœ–G*2fŠ+&* HšE&*m*|-¥§gœ–G*¤{¢Gj§Gfœ/(´*2fŠ+&´*fŠqM j§‚6f§“G* lt-£Š‚9K –œMqtG*|§‚8•KaŸ‚8¦™<,2f<aœkŠ-¨kG*K SFF }H|Gf+f¢§G(*4f‚M¨kG*,|§‚€G*j§gk–œG*m*|-¥§gœ–G*fŸJ|F{I¡&*fŸ-¥M´K ,|§‚€G*2fŠ+&´*j§0fI HAll-in-Onem*|-¥§gœ–™Gf‚~DfŸHm*|-¥§gœ–G* HjcG*¤{JšŠqMfœHj‚7f‚G* ž*awk‚6ÍGjEfI&*|nF&*f¢™ŠqMfœHmͧ‚8¥kG*KmÍ+f–G* HšE&*2a<ž*awk‚6*¥JjGftG*¤{J¨D‘)f;¥G*,2aŠkHm*|-¥§gœ–™G,a§0¥G*,}§œG*¦“g-K ,|1fG*h-f–œG*¨DK&*j§‚~§)|G*›}ŸœG*jGf‚8¨D ¨DjG¥œtœG*m*|CC -¥§gœ–™Gj‚€‚€wHmfCC I¥–H¦™<2fCC œk<´*¦G(*j§‚~§)4,4¥CC ‚€+2¥Š§Dm*|CC -¥§gœ–G* HŒ¥ŸG**{CC ¢G,|§‚€G*2fCC Š+&´*¨CC D|CC ‚~G*fCC H&* f¢-*|§‡I H$*2&*šE&*,2f<¡¥–-mfI¥–œG*¤{J –GKL|1&´*j§‚6f‚6&´*mfI¥–œGf+$f¢kI*K,|F*{Gf+*4K|HKrGfŠœGf+*$a+m*|-¥§gœ–G*¤{J§œ‚€f¢§™<$*2&´*¨Dj§™‚ªD&*|§1&´**{JuŸœMfœH¨‚6f§“G*¨gk–œG*|-¥§gœ–™Gj‚€‚€wœG* fœ+©&*m*|-¥§gœ–G*¤{JmfI¥–œG,2KatœG*j§E|kG*m*4f§1¨JKŒ¥ŸG**{J Hm*|-¥§gœF$fŸkE*aŸ<4fgk<´* §Š+fJ{1&* Ha+´L|1&*j„“I˜fŸJ mfI¥–HjF›f„-¡&* –œMKj‚6͂6KjG¥¢‚6|nF&*¨‚6f§“G*¨gk–œG*|-¥§gœ–G*mfI¥–Hj§E|-¡&* §0¨DjG¥œtœG*m*|-¥§gœ–G*j§E|-m*4aE©5*¥M fgM|“-|-¥§gœ–G*|‚8fŸ<K

ŽīèʼnĠòĠèƅ ƈƅĸÚʼnģîĠĞèƅ Ňã ĩëĹģĠì ƣķèƅ ĩé

2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

 HfgM|“-j™.fœkHj§™1*2mfCC I¥–H¦™<2fœk<´*fJ5|+&*fI|‚7&*fœF,a<hI*¥/¨CC DjG¥œtœG*m*|-¥§gœ–G*‹H‘)f;¥G*,2aCC ŠkœG*m*|CC -¥§gœ–G*£CC +f‚kfgM|“-Í.fœkH §<¥ŸG*͖G¨Gfœ/(´*$*2&´*šŠqMfœH$*2&´*K§œ‚€kG*j§0fI f¢‚9|<kM¨kG*,4¥‚€G*šŠq-,a<fE¦™<j‚7f‚G*2¥/¥Gj§gk–œG*mfH*awk‚6´*¨Dš¢‚6&*‘)f;¥G*,2aŠkœG*m*|-¥§gœ–GfDž*awk‚6´*j§0fI HfH&* ›¥œtœG*|-¥§gœ–G*ž*awk‚6*aŸ<›ftG*¥JfœF|-¥§gœ–G*j‚7f‚7žfH&*$fŸtI´* Hžawk‚~œG*uM|MfœH|‡ŸG*L¥k‚~H¨D  –œM §0¨Dj™M¥:m*|CC kG£H*awk‚6*LaGfEfJ4(*›¥œtœG*|CC -¥§gœ–G*hg‚~M3(*j™M¥:m*|CC kG|-¥§gœ–G*ž*awk‚6*aŸ<’ÍCC k1´**{CC J|CC .&*|CC ¢‡MK ›¥:&*m*|kG‘)f;¥G*2aŠkH|-¥§gœ–G*ž*awk‚6* |-¥§gœ–G*š“IjG¥¢‚~+ –œM´ §0¨D¡f–H©&*¨D|-¥§gœ–G*ž*awk‚6*u§k-¨kG*›*¥qG*ž*aCC wk‚6´*j§If–H(*›¥œtœG*|-¥§gœ–G*|CC D¥MšCC +f“œG*¨CC DK j§‚6f§“G*j§gk–œG*m*|-¥§gœ–G* Hš“ŸG*KšœtG*¨Dš¢‚6&*š‡M£I&*‹H|1%´¡f–H H‘)f;¥G*2aŠkH mfI¥–H|M¥„-h™„k-´f¢I&´—G3KjG¥œtœG*m*|-¥§gœ–G* H*|Š‚6šE&*f¢I&*¨JKjG¥œtœG*m*|-¥§gœ–G* <m*|-¥§gœ–G*¤{Jf¢+‘™k1L|1&*j„“I ¨Gfœ/(´*|Š‚~G*KšE&*m*|CC -¥§gœ–G*¤{J|M¥„-¨DjHawk‚~œG*mfCC I¥–œG*j™F¡(fD—G{GKjG¥œtœG*m*|CC -¥§gœ–G*f¢g™„k-¨kG*jCC /4aG*ƒCC ~Ÿ+,|CC §‚8 šE&*|-¥§gœ–™G



ƇƍĶĚïé ƈƅĸÚʼnģîĠĞèƅ łŎĩâʼnèƅ All-in-One PCs L'+‘*f<¥H+-3bŠkIm+|.¥§gœ–H+j§œ‚~.”™„. ‹œkq.¨kH+L¨H}ŸœH+ž+bwk‚7ÍHj‚€‚€wœH+m+|.¥§gœ–H+¦™=-3f= jg™=L'+b1+L•LbŸ‚9 œ‚:j‚8f‚H+Lj§‚7f‚7'´+|.¥§gœ–H+mfJ¥–If¢§E #fO “1f¢§H)+j0ft,lJ'+šKL#m+|.¥§gœ–H+¤{K I-b*fH+fI –H-b1+L

2010 ¥§G¥M…‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNL

21 yŸ|G*4cd1&* ĹçĸĠèĩÙ ƐʼnĜÚ ŋîâʼnÙƁ īĚéĩÜ ƈĩĝģîĘÚ īĝÙĩôé ŋå Ɲơijƅ 2010 Ɲƅʼnñèƅ

jŠ+4&´*j§qH|gG*‹M4f‚œG*j§™1jŠHf/lŸ™<&* ˜|tkœG*‘-f¢G*mf“§g„-j“+f‚~H"¨D,})fG* ¨D ˜4f‚7 aEK fM¥Ÿ‚6 f¢œ‡Ÿ- ¨kG* "2010 ¨D fqHfI|+ ,|‚< ƒ~œ1 žfŠG* *{J mf‚~DfŸH  HiÍ:f¢HaE˜|tkœG*‘-f¢G*mf“§g„-›fqH ¦GK&´*pÍnG*h-*|œGf+4fDKj§™tHmfŠHf/‹‚~jŠHf/Kj§™1jŠHf/K¨g;¥+&*jŠHf/h§-|kG*¦™< ›K&´*}F|œGf+})fG*ŒK|‚œG*žaEo§0aM*5 ž*awk‚6* <r-fŸG*|„wG*L¥k‚~Hif‚~tGf“§g„ƒ6f§E”M|: <,2f§“G*$fŸ.&* ˜|tkœG*‘-f¢G* ‹E*¥œG*aMat-j§Ÿ“-ž*awk‚6f+,4f§‚~G*j<|‚6 $*¥‚6‘-f¢G*ž*awk‚6*jDfnFKGPSj§D*|qG* ¨GfkGf+K,|§‚€Ej§‚€Iš)f‚64K&*mfœGf–HlIfF&* ƒ9|ŠkM¨kG* ,4¥„wG*LaH¦G(* ”)f‚~G*£§gŸ¥¢D ¨IfnG* }F|œGf+ })fG* ŒK|‚œG* fH&* f¢G  < –tkG* žawk‚~œ™G u§kM ”§g„-  < ,4fg< ”M|: <¨™<f-š–‚+ "lŸM¥+4Kf+ƒ9|Š+aŠ+ m*$fœM(*K m*4f‚7(´ j™kwœG* mf<|‚~G* if‚~0 ŒK|‚HoGfnG*}F|œG*¨Dš0K©|‚gG*‚~qG* u§kM©{G*j§+|ŠG*,4f‚7(´*j™+š‚8*¥kG*”§g„š‚8*¥kG*j§Šœ‚~G*jEf<(´*©K3 H£§Hawk‚~œG $ft‚8&´*ƒ8fw‚7&´*‹HK&*ƒªŠgG*¢‚ªŠ+ §+ ‘-f¢G*¦G(*j™1aœG*ƒ8¥‚€ŸG*jœ/|-”M|: < j§+|<,4f‚7(*jG¦G(*,|§‚€Ej§‚€Iš)f‚6|F Ma“k+ ‹M4f‚œG* |M¥„kG j§™1 •KaŸ‚8 žfEK 50f¢<¥œqHŽ™+¨kG*K M})f™Gj§GfœG*})*¥qG* ¨‡0©{G*›K&´*})fG*¦™<l<5¥-fœJ42‘G* ¨IfnG*})fG*uŸH-fœ§DJ42‘G&* 20 Ž™gœ+ 10 jnGfnG*,})fqG*jœ§El™+KJ42‘G*15 J42’´%*

2f+«%*œ+&*j„€Df¡žG2f+«(*|-§©gžFv|†-…6§„6* ©¥DD ktN¡'+ ƒDD 7¥‚7'+ lDD ‚9|1bDD FL ¨DD –. ¨DD 1¥™H+ ƒDD 7¥‚7'+ |DD .¥§gœG Eee Tablet ¨DD 1¥™H+ fDD K|.¥§gœG šDD gF mfDD = f‚7 -|DD ‚= £DD ™§‚kH  DD t‚H+-3fDD =)+¦DD H)+jDD 0ftH+ jFb,hN¥H++|DD §IfGšnIfN+}I¦DD ™= fDD I '+ jDD ŸI+}œH+L šDD ‚~–§,f§I 2.0  DD I |DD . ¥§gœ–H+ ‹DD I šDD F fŸH+ {DD ŸI ›ÍDD 2 USB 3.0 DD H fŠH+ -|DD G +4 {DD ŸIL MicroSD  DD –œN i ÍDD „™H 3 fDD œk= ´ + ¨1¥™H+|.¥§gœ–H+¦DD ™= lDD HfFL |DD §‚8'fkH+ DD ™F ›ÍDD 2  DD I jDD ‚8f‚H+ lDD ŠŸ‚9 fDD ¢J'+ ƒDD 7 ¥‚7'+ hk–N£J'f,žbwk‚~œH+|DD Š‚NoDD §t, jEf‚:)´f,—DD H4©3fŠH+•5¥H+¦DD ™= hk–™HjDD §.¥‚€H+-%+|“H+fN+}I¦DD H )+ jDD §JL|k–H)´+ |.¥§gœG|DD Š‚7ƒ7¥‚7'+m3bDD 1bDD FL 5´L3399  DD §, vL+|DD k§H3fDD , ©)+  DD H |DD .¥§gœ–H+  DD –H 5´L3 499 L jDD N+b,¦DD k1•+¥DD ‚7'´+¨DD E |DD E¥kN bDD NbqH+žfDD ŠH+

¨DD 1 ¥™H+ |DD . ¥§gœ–H+ £Ÿ=l‚G©{H+Eee Tablet |2&´+ £œ§œ‚€.¨DD E ¦1¥k‚~œH+LƒDD 7¥‚7'+ bDD œkŠN3fDD , ©&+ šDD , '+ |DD .¥§gœG DD I žf‡JLƒJ)+10 ƒ7f§“,jDD ‚8f‚8¦DD ™= 6LbDD ŸNL lDD E¥‚7L|–NfI šDD §‚kH+ jGfœ‚7Ž™g.L7 lDD GfgI¥GbDD Nb§gI)+ 675£J6LL+|DD kœ§™§I12.26fDD ¢qH+ fDD I+|>

fDD K |.¥§gœG  DD = ƒDD 7 ¥‚7'+ lDD ‚G ©{DD H+ Eee Pad 3fDD , ©)+ ¨DD 1¥™H+ 6LbŸNLš§‚kH+žfDD ‡J¦™=bDD œkŠN -%+|DD “H 6fDD ¢0 ¦DD H )+ jDD Ef‚:)´f, 7 jDD §JL|k–H)´+hDD k–H+ Ee e Ta b l et -%+|DD “H+ -}DD §I ‹DD I jDD §.¥‚€H+ ƒ7¥‚7'+ |DD .¥§gœG bDD œkŠN ¦DD ™= 3fDD , ©)+ ¨DD 1 ¥™H+ šœŠ.ƒJ)+ 12 ƒDD 7f§“,j‚8f‚8 jw‚~ŸH+¦DD ™=bœkŠNLƒDD ~œ™Hf, ‹I7 6LbŸNL DD I ž¥§œN|,ž¥DD K škJ)+ I¥DD N3¥.5¥GšDD kJ)+rDD HfŠI ¨1¥™H+ƒ7¥‚7'+ |.¥§gœG I’b¢H+ ›+¥qkH+%fŸ/'+ lJ|kJ)´+uDD ‚€.¥K mfDD I +bwk‚7+L ¥DD N b§H+ jDD Š,fkIL ¦DD H )+ jDD E f‚:)´ f, M|DD 2 '+ jDD §¢§E|. ¥DD KL jDD §JL|k–H)´+ hDD k–H+ -%+|DD F ©&+ šDD , '+ |DD .¥§gœ–H|DD ‚8fgIƒDD ~EfŸI jDD 1¥H ¦DD ™= 3fDD œk=´+  DD –œN 3fDD , |DD .¥§gœG ¨DD E jDD §qI|gH+ uDD §.fœH+ uDD §.fœH+ jDD 1 ¥H L'+ ƒDD 7 ¥‚7'+  –œN¨DD kH+-bDD =f“H+¨DD E jDD §“§“tH+ f¢§™=¨DD 1¥™H+|DD .¥§gœ–H+hDD §G|. jDD N5f„, ¡'+ ¦DD H )+ ƒDD 7¥‚7'+ |DD §‚.L



¨kH+ ™‚7L j§™= £™H+ ¦™‚9 bœtI š‚~™‚~I mf“™1 Mb1)+ ¨E m35L pLf‚7 ¨H}¢H+ jG|tkœH+ ž¥‚7|H+ š‚~™‚~œH++{K¨H(¥I¨“™.bŠ,˜5f, m+5f‚8)´+—™.hg‚~,m+bNb¢. ¨Ibwk‚~I  I mfcœH+ hHf; bFL mft‚€H+ ’{t, ˜¥g‚~§E ‹F¥œH+ fœ§E jc§‚~œH+ j™œtH+ žb“. ¨kH+ %f‚J)+ ¦H)+ ¡L|2&+ ¡¥Ibwk‚~I 'fqH  I |nG'+ =b, j™œtH+ ¤{K ¦‡t.L ¡&´+¦k1žbwk‚~I‘H'+90

‹F¥I m|‡1 bF ¡fk‚~Gf, lJfGL ‹F¥œH+ ¦™= j“,f‚~I hg‚~, ˜¥g‚~§E ¦™‚9bœtI¨gŸ™H%¨‚~I‚75|nG'´ ™‚7L£§™=£™H+ ˜¥g‚~§E ¨Ibwk‚~I b1'+ žfF b““E ¦™= jt‚9 %f‚J)f,  £™H+ £ŸŠH s4fœJ ›f‚75)+ ¦H)+ f¢§E ¥=bN ‹F¥œH+ ¦™‚9 bœtI¨gŸ™Hjc§‚~Iž¥‚75 I ¥NfI 20 ¨E —H4L ™‚7L £§™= £™H+ f¢k‚:|E ¨kH+ j,fF|H+ ¦™= f0fqk1+ j§J¥N}™kH+ ›+|kŸ‚7 ©b§I¥G j„tI ¨gŸH+ ¦H)+ m+5f‚8)´+ ‹§œ0 f¢E{t,

…,|H+ ¦H)+ ‹F¥œH+ ’b¢N 5¥K´ ¨E š‚9+¥. j–g‚8 ¨E  §œ™‚~œH+  I f¢Ib“N ¨kH+ —™k, j¢§g‚8 ¨=fœk0+ mfœq¢H+ ¦™= sfqk1´+L ˜¥g‚~§E 5f‚8'+L žÍ‚7)´+ f¢H ƒ:|ŠkN ¨kH+ ¦™=¡¥™œŠN¢J'+ ¦H)+ ‹F¥œH++5¥„I ¨kH+fN+}œH+ƒ~JNb“kHj=f‚~H+5+bI bNbqH+‹F¥œH+¨E˜¥g‚~§Ef¢Ib“N 4300 bNbqH+˜¥g‚~§Eh„“k‚7+bFL j§‚:fœH+ j/ÍnH+ žfN'´+ ›Í2 +O ¥‚ª=  N{H+  §§Jfk‚~GfgH+  I ¢œ‡ŠI jN}§™–J)´+¡¥/btkN

f§I͂7)+ fŠF¥I ¡¥§Jfk‚~GfgH+ 5¥; j‚~EfŸœH ¨=fœk0´+ š‚9+¥k™H  §, ‹œqN ¡'+ šI'+ ¦™= ˜¥g‚~§E —H4L ™‚~I ¡¥§™I 600L 5f§™I f¢“™;'+ j“,f‚~I 5f‚kJ+ j§™2 ¦™= 5¥‚9‚7|H˜¥g‚~§E¨Ibwk‚~Ib1'+ £§™= £™H+ ¦™‚9 bœtI ¨gŸ™H %¨‚~. ™‚7L ‚7+‹F¥œH+¦™=¡fk‚~Gf,l“™;'+bFL "˜¥g‚~§EjI'+"©'+MillatFacebook bFL j§Ÿ“kH+ ¨‚7bŸ¢I  I 6 ‹F¥œH+ 5¥;



ņƙãĶÚ 3 Ňƙĕģïß ƣũƙÙ ŀé ƍĩƙĚÙijƅ ŋƙÛũÛ ʼnƙìĶģĜèƅ

2010 ņèĩĚèƅ Ƒĥç īæũĘêƅ

NEX 5KNEX 3m*|©HfF a•-ªI§„6 -3L}I ž3f“H+ ¥§H¥N |¢‚8 ‘‚€kŸI 3fŠ,'´+ ¨/Í/ |N¥‚€kH+ j§‚9fw, ¨kH+ 3D Sweep Panorama  –œN 3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ +5¥‚9 rkŸ. mfJ¥N}™. ›Í2  I f¢.bKf‚I š‚€k‚7 ¨kH+ 3fŠ,'´+ j§/Í/ f§E+|, f‚ªN'+ ¥§H¥N|¢‚8¨E•+¥‚7'´+¦H)+ ¦™= -bNbqH+ m+|§If–H+ bœkŠ. j§Hf= š*f‚7 ›fk‚~N|G mf‚8f‚8 ¨„™H j™,fF Xtra Fine v¥‚:¥H+ fN+}I |E¥.L š‚7'´ +L ¦™='ÍH HDR ¨–§IfŸNbH+ |N¥‚€kH+ jŠN|‚~H+ 5¥‚€H+ †f“kH+L

E ›¥tI ›Í2  I  –HL -bNbqH+ fœG K53 100 £k™G Ž™g. Mount  I Œ+¥J'+ j/Í/  §, šNbgkH+  –œN mf‚7bŠH+ f¢§™= l‡Ef1 ¨kH+ fN+}œH+  IL -bNbqH+ f¢.+|§IfG ¨E ¨J¥‚7 ¨kH+ Sweep Panorama j‚9f2  I ¨I+5¥JfgH+ |N¥‚€kH+ u§k. ¨“E'+ š–‚, +|§If–H+ |N|œ. ›Í2 š‚€N |N¥‚€. •f„Ÿ, ©3¥œ= L'+ j053270 ¦H)+ -bNb0 6|; ¨J¥‚7  t‚k‚7L ¨E NEX 5L NEX 3 m+|§IfG  I

 §qK Œ¥J  = ¨J¥‚7 l‚G ‹œqN j§œF|H+ m+|§If–H+  I —™.L DSLR j§E+|k1´+ m+|§If–H+  N6+|; ¨E -+¥¢™H j‚€‚€wœH+ NEX 5LNEX 3 fœK¡bNb0 LNEX 3 ›Í2 I¨J¥‚7’b¢k‚~. ¨J¥‚7m+|§IfG¨Ibwk‚~INEX 5 ¦H)+ ›f“kJ´f,  §g>+|H+L jN3fŠH+  I -3fk‚7´+L ¨E+|k1+ M¥k‚~I mf‚7b= fKb“. ¨kH+ 5¥‚€H+ -3¥0 ¨J¥‚7 m+|§IfG 5¥‚9 DSLR

NEX 3LNEX 5 ¦™= -bNbqH+ m+|§If–H+ bœkŠ.L ƒ7f§“H+ ƒ~Ÿ, †f“kH+ 6f¢0 j§œF|H+ m+|§If–H+ ¨E žbwk‚~œH+ †f“kH+ %fŸ/'+ j§Hf= -3¥0  §I'fkH 5¥‚€H+ †f“kH+ u§k.L 5¥‚€H+ v¥‚:¥H+ ¨Hf= ¥Nb§H+L jk,fnH+ NEX5+|§If–H+¨E720p 5f§ŠœHf, +|§If–™H 1080p šIf–H+ 5f§ŠœHf,L .NEX 3

fH'+ m+|§IfG ¨Ibwk‚~œH  –œN 3fœk=´+ ¨J¥‚7  I j§E+|k1´+ m+|§If–H+ ¨E f¢.f‚7b= ¦™=

+*|G*œ©qG*mfHawG,~Jf/m¶f„‚-* j§Hf= ‹,+|H+ š§qH+ mf“§g„. ›fœ–k‚7+ ¦H+ jEf‚:)´f, j=|‚~H+ mf“§g„kHfG j/btk‚~œH+ mfIbwH+ f¢ŸIL j§ŸI}H+ j§‚7f‚~tH+ m+4 lJ|kJ´+|g=m¥‚€H+›¥G¥.L|, -LbŸH+ƒIfK¦™=m´f‚€.+lIbFL ¡+¥ŸŠ, m´f‚€.+ f¢kIfF'+ ¨kH+ ¦™=fK|§/'f.Lž3f“H+š§qH+mf§Ÿ“. f§t§‚:¥. f‚:|=  žÍ=´+ š*f‚7L . ¨kH+ mf“§g„kH+L mf§Ÿ“k™H eLife jIb2 ”N|;  = f¢Hf23+ ’f§H´+ j–g‚8 ›fœ–k‚7+ š1+|IL Triple ¨/ÍnH+ š§‚k™H j§*¥‚ªH+ l“™;'+ bF m´f‚€.+ lJfGL Play j=¥œqI  ¨‚:fœH+ ¥NfI 26 ¨E

jN}Kf0 j§.+5fI)´+ m´f‚€.+ lŸ™='+ ‹,+|H+š§qH+mfIb2Nb“kHf¢k–g‚8 ¨kH+mf“§g„kH+ƒªŠ,lŸœ‚:L4G f¢.fIb2  œ‚: j§Hf= j=|‚7 h™„k. ’f§H'´+ j–g‚8 |g= f¢Ib“. ¨kH+ f¢™1+|I ¦H)+ l™‚9L ¨kH+ j§*¥‚ªH+ 3¥g= |‚9fJ 5f‚8'+ L j§*f¢ŸH+ MbH ©{§ŸkH+ ƒ~§*|H+ ¨‚7͐H+ £k‚~‚7(¥I ¡'+ ¦H)+ j,fJ)´f, m´f‚€.+ šN¥t. ›fœ–k‚7+ ¨E lŠ‚:L bF ‹,+|H+ š§q™H j§.f¢H+ f¢k–g‚8  œ‚ªkNL f¢.fN¥HL'+ jIb“I ¨E mfIbwH -b1+L j‚€ŸI |§E¥. —H4 mfJf§gH+L ¥Nb§H+L m¥‚€H+ jEfG |§E¥. j–g‚H+ f¢ŠI ‹§„k‚~.

*4¥§H ¥Hf‚6K&* ›¥“M j“„ŸœG* ¨D 2fŠ+&´* " r§™wG* ¨I¥‚6 jF|‚G ©{§ŸkG* |MaœG* ,}¢/&´ fHawk‚~H ¡¥§™H 33 2¥/K ‹H GfŠG* $ftI&* jDfF ¨D 3 ‚§k‚6 ©ÍgG* •|‚G* j“„ŸH ¨D ¢ŸH ¡¥§™H ‘‚€I mfnMat- |§D¥k+ ¨I¥‚6 ž¥“k‚6 …‚6K&´* 3 ‚§k‚6 ©ÍgG* ,}¢/&´ jk+fnG* rH*|g™G ‹H j“D*¥kH f¢™ŠqG  PlayStation 3

•Í:(* i|E‹H—G3K2fŠ+&´*j§.Í.j§Ÿ“kG* ifŠG&* v|:K3D f§D*|+¡¥M}™kG*,}¢/&* ‘§‚ªMK "2fŠ+&´*j§.ÍnG*j§Ÿ“kGf+,aMa/ ¦™< ¨I¥‚6 jF|‚7 ¨D fŸDaJ |‚€k“M ´"  BRAVIA ¡¥M}™- ,}¢/&* |§D¥h‚~tD 2fŠ+&´* j§.Í. j§Ÿ“kG* ‹H j“D*¥kH ¨.Í. L¥ktH |§D¥- ¦™< Nf‚ªM&* šœŠI š+ ›¥‚€tG*  H *¥Ÿ–œk§G  §–™¢k‚~œ™G 2fŠ+&´* 2fŠ+&´* j§.Í. j§¢§D|- ,aJf‚H j+|q- ¦™< "¡¥M}™kG* ›Í1  H "‹E*¥™G i|E&*" ¦™< ,}¢/&´* oMat- j§œ™< kk‚6 ifŠG&ÍG ¦GK&´* j™0|œG* |D¥kk‚6  §k™0|H mfI¥M}™- •Í:(* ›Í1 2fŠ+&´* j§.ÍnG* ¨D 3D j§Ÿ“- ‹H j“D*¥kH  BRAVIA

•Í:(* k§‚6  §0 ¨D 2010 ¥§G¥M ¨kG*K mfnMatkG*  H j§IfnG* j™0|œG*  PlayStation 3 ,}¢/&* šœ‚k‚6 ›Í1  H 2fŠ+&´* j§.ÍnG* žÍD&´* š§‚kG jgM|E,|kDaŠ+ Blu-ray CG*,}¢/&*


 Triple Play j§/ÍnH+ mfIbwH+ j§Ÿ“. ž+bwk‚7f, eLife jIbwH rIb. ¨kH+L j§*¥‚ªH+ ’f§H'´+ ”*fE lJ|kJ)´+L ‘.f¢H+ mfIb2 ¨E 5¥„kœH+ ¡¥N}™kH+L j=|‚~H+ b1+L ˜+|k‚8+ |g=L -b1+L jFf, š,f“I -3bŠkI m+5f§2 —H{, |E¥kH "m´f‚€.+" lŸ™='+ fœGjŠ*+5jœ§F -|kH |œk‚~N  ¨gK4 ƒ:|=  = ¨E  §G|k‚œH+ uŸœN -3LbtI ƒ7'fG -bKf‚I j‚9|E jFfgH+ ¤{K HD  j§Hf= -3¥q, 2010 HfŠH+ -|N}qH+ m+¥ŸF |g= —H4L fO JfqI ƒ7'f–H ¨œ‚7|H+ šFfŸH+ j§‚:fN|H+ 2010 HfŠH+

jË́I* ”g‚~M ©{G* ž¥§G* ¨I¥‚6 m2a0 f§“M|D&* i¥Ÿ/ ¨D 2010 GfŠG* ƒ6&fF ©Í+ ifŠG&´* j‚€ŸœG oMat- |§D¥kG žÍD&´*K ifŠG&´* š§‚kG PS3  ‚§k‚6 2fŠ+&´*j§.Í. ´K&* ifŠG&´* j‚€ŸH ¨Hawk‚~H  –œk§‚6K aMaqG* oMatkG* š§œt-  H ¡f+f§G* ¨D fH&* f+K4K&* ¦G(* oMatkG* š‚€§‚6 .  HK f¢§™ŠD f–M|H&* f¢§D fœ+ GfŠG* ›K2 j§“+ ͧ™E4f‡kI´* •|‚G* ¦G(* aMaqG* oMatkG* š‚€§‚6K  H*}k§G ž2f“G* ¥§G¥M |¢‚7 ¨D …‚6K&´* j§.Í. f§D*|+ mfI¥M}™kG ¨I¥‚6 v|: ‹H

19 yŸ|G*4cd1&* īĝģæƍ ĽĜóÚ ƈŨĩĖÚƅ ĩôğå 50 Ŋèƃ ŋèơĶèƅ ƝĩĖÚŨƅ

¨F|k‚œG ža“M ƒ9|<  < m´f‚€-* lŸ™<&* mfœGf–œ™GjD|Š-š‚ªD&*jk+fnG*j§G}ŸœG*‘-*¥¢G* f‚~™D50‹E*¥+•Í:(´*¦™<jGKaG*¨Dj§GKaG* ˜|k‚œG*fJ4fkwM,a§0Kj§GK2j¢qGj“§Ea™G ‘-f¢G* ¨F|k‚H ‹§œ/ ƒ9|ŠG* šœ‚MK —G{FKeLife ¨F|k‚Hm´f‚€-* Hl+fnG* ¡¥Hawk‚~M  M{G* L|1&´* j–g‚G* ¨F|k‚H jHaw+ ˜*|k‚7´* ›Í1  H m´f‚€-* j–g‚7 jDfF¨D "l+fnG*‘-f¢™Gm´f‚€-*4f§k1*jHa1" *{J”§g„-&*agMNfIfqH¢G,|D¥kœG*jGKaG*$ftI&* akœMK¥MfH10   §Ÿ.´* a=ž¥M Hƒ9|ŠG* ƒ9|ŠG* *{J ¨-&fMK ž2f“G* ƒ~„‚~=&* 9 ¦k0 $͜< mf/f§k0* ¡f§g™M  §™kwH  M4f§w+ ¨GfkG*¥tŸG*¦™<Kš‚ªD&*š–‚+m´f‚€-* *{J ¨D ¡¥F|k‚œG* š‚€tM ›K&´* 4f§wG* j§GKaG* mfœGf–œ™G jD|Š- š‚ªD&* ¦™< ƒ9|ŠG* ˜|k‚œG*fJ4fkwMjŸ§ŠHjGK2¦G(*,42f‚€G* j<f‚6 M|‚ŠG*K‹+4&´*4*aH¦™<l+f.|Š‚~+K ¦“g- fœŸ§+ ,a0*¥G* j“§Ea™Gf‚~™D 50 Ž™gM j§GKaG*K j§™tœG* mfœGf–œG* ‹§œ/ 4fŠ‚6&* ‹DaMK©2fŠG*|Š‚~G*ƒ~Ÿ+L|1&´*,42f‚€G* j§GK2 jœGf–H šF  < a0*K J42 ˜|k‚œG* ¡K2Kf¢-aH <|‡ŸG*ƒª+,4fkwœG*jGKa™G ©|¢‚7˜*|k‚7*©&* ƒ9|ŠG**{J¨D¡¥F|k‚œG*‹kœkM¨IfnG*4f§wG* j§GKaG* mfœGf–œ™G j‚ªwœG* jœ§“G* ƒ~Ÿ+ 504*a“œ+K,a0*K,4fkwHjGK2¦G(*,42f‚€G* ‹§œ/ 4fŠ‚6&* ¡¥–-K ,a0*¥G* j“§Ea™Gf‚~™D L|1&´* ,42f‚€G* j§GKaG*K j§™tœG* mfœGf–œG* f‚ªM&* ,2fM5 ©&* ¡K2K ©2fŠG* |Š‚~G* ƒ~Ÿ+ ¤4aEl+f.Ž™gH—G3$f“G˜|k‚œG*‹DaMfœŸ§+ ƒ9|ŠG*,|kD›Í1…“DfM|¢‚7fœJ4220

jG*§qG*jMfžt›GfqHfI|+–›†-ª˜„6|g„6fF ¦H)+|;fwœH+Œ+¥J'+‹§œ0 Ij™If‚8 jnNbtH+ j§‚9¥‚€wH+ j§Ÿ“. hJf0 j§HfŠE m+4 jNfœ1 rkŸœH+ +{K ‚ªN mfœqKL -5f‚ªH+ rI+|gH+  I j§Hf= jF|‚~™H jtEf–I j§Ÿ, j–g‚H+ jN¥,'´+ j,fF|H+  I(¥N +|‚€Ÿ=L —H4¨Efœ,j–g‚H+¨E†f‚ŸH+¦™= žf‡J š„H+ b0+¥. ¡f–I jgF+|I hJf0 ¦H)+ jIf¢H+ ”*f/¥™H |§‚kH+ j§JL|k–H´+š*f‚7|™HjtEf–œH+j§ŸgH+ |§> m´f‚€.´+ hqtH jq=}œH+ -|§‚€“H+ š*f‚7|H+L f¢, i¥>|œH+ jq=}œH+ Kaspersky  I bNbqH+ 5+b‚9)´+ j§‚9fw, ‹kœkN Mobile Security  D–U œ. jF|‚~H+ jtEf–œH -6}ŠI š§„Š.  I ¨G{H+ ‘.f¢H+ h1f‚9 L'+ £kF|‚7 ›f1 ¨E 6f¢qH+ šœ= ¡f–I bNbt.L -|G+{H+ u‚~I £J+b“E ‹F¥œH+bNbt.žf‡Jj„‚7+¥,6f¢qH+ 5f„2)+ žÍk‚7+ ¦H)+ jEf‚:)+ GPS ›+b,)+ ›f1¨E6f¢q™HbNbqH+F|Hf, ‘.f¢H+ šœ= š§„Š. bŠ, jtN|‚H+ -bŠI jHf‚75 ‘.f¢H+ ƒ:|ŠN bŠ,  = £.3f=)+ ¦™= ¤bqN  I ot. f“g‚~I ¨=|‚H+£g1f‚9¦H)+

L'+ f¢H¥1 mfI¥™ŠœH+ %f2)+ £§E kN bŠ, bŠ, fœ§E f¢Hfg“k‚7+ L'+ f¢™Kfq. ©3fŠH+žf‡ŸH+-3f=)+ jNfœ1 žf‡J …g‚:  –œNL fNLbN %fœ‚7'ÍH j§‚9¥‚€wH+

L'+ ”§g„kH+ j¢0+L ž+bwk‚7f, žb=  I -3btI -|kE bŠ, f§*f“™. ›f‚75)+ ›Í2 IbŠ, =L'+ š§ŠkH+ ƒ9fwH+ —œF5 ¦H)+ -|§‚€F jHf‚75 9 ¨kN5¥§–§‚7šNf,¥IrIfJ|,bŠNL jNfœ1—tŸœN‘*f<¥H+3bŠkIfqkŸI

jw‚~ŸH+ ¨–‚7|g‚7fG l“™;'+ šNf,¥I rIfJ|,  I jŠ‚7fkH+ Kaspersky Mobile ¨kN5¥§–§‚7 j§G{H+ ‘.+¥¢H+ jNfœtH Security j§‚€ŸH+ š*f‚7|H+L mf‚7L|§H+  I ¨H&´+›f‚€.´+rI+|,Ljq=}œH+ j„g.|I-bNb0fN+}IrIfJ|gH+u§kN  I žbwk‚~œH+  –œ. j§‚9¥‚€wHf, ¨kH+ žfF5'´+ ›¥1 mfI¥™ŠœH+ %f2)+ jN|‚~, f¢, ‰fk1´+ ¨E h>|N %fœ‚7'´+ jœ*fF š§–‚.  –œNL jIf. ¨E  §™‚€kœH+ jœ*fF  I jN|‚~H+ ‘.f¢H+ -|G+4 L'+ ‘.f¢H+ jtN|‚8 -b1+L j‚~œ™, žbwk‚~œ™H  –œN F5hJf0¦H)+ "ƒ9f2"jIÍ=‹‚:L žfF5'´+ ¤{K ¡'+ ¨ŸŠN fI žfF5'+  I š*f‚7|H+%fœ‚7'´+|kE3¨E|¢‡. H 5+b‚9)´+ §™‚€kœH+jœ*fFL-|§‚€“H+ f‚ªN'+ u§kN rkŸœH+  I bNbqH+ %f2)fG %fœ‚7'ÍH ¨*}qH+ %f2)´+ ‹I  §ŠI F5 ‹I ›f‚€.´+ mfJf§, %fœ‚7'´+jœ*fF¨E+|Kf<F|H+%f“,)+ žfF5'´+ 5f¢<)+  –œN -5L|‚ªH+ bŸ= |‚~H+jœ™G›f23)+ ›Í2 Ij§wœH+ m´f‚€.´+ ›fg“k‚7+ u§k. m+3+b=)´+ ©{H+ lF¥H+ ¨E -|§‚€“H+ š*f‚7|H+L



m+|.¥§gœ–H+ ¤{K ¨E j™–‚œH+ fI'+ ¦H)+ ¡¥EL|–NfœH+ šg§G ƒ:|Š. ¨¢E ƒ:|Š. bŸ= -5+|tH+ j053 Œf.5+ ¦H)+ |.¥§gœ–H+  I |‚~N'´+ ’|„H+ Œf.5´+ +{K ©3(¥NL 5|–kI …‚: š–§¢H+¡f,L4¦H)+ -5+|tH+j053¨E fœ,5L ©|kEbH+ |.¥§gœ–™H ¨05fwH+ šœŠH+ =|.¥§gœ–H+‘F¥.¦H)+ ›bgk‚~k‚7 f¢J'+ ¦H)+ |‚~N'+ |§‚.L m+|.¥§gœ–H+ ¨E ¡¥EL|–NfœH+ šg§G j™–‚I  I ƒ€™wk™H f§Š‚7 -5¥G{œH+ |.¥§gœ–H+-5+|1j053Œf.5+

©|kEbH+|.¥§gœ–H+jN5f„, I-b*+6 ƒªŠ, |‚~N)+ lgt‚7  5¥¢‚8 {ŸIL Aspire|Nfg‚7'+m+|.¥§gœG I6|„H+  I j=¥œqI ƒ:|Š. bŠ, jN|kEbH+ j053 Œf.5+ ¦H)+ m+|.¥§gœ–H+ ¤{K b*+6š–‚,f¢.5+|1 s5bŸ. ¨kH+ |Nfg‚7'+ |‚~N)+ 6|;L f¢kgt‚7 ¨kH+L m+|.¥§gœ–H+  œ‚: AS3810TL AS3410 ¨K jG|‚H+ L AS3810TZ L AS3810TG L xN5f. šgF jŠŸ‚€œH+ AS3810TZG 2009|gœkg‚715

f>Í,)+ 40  I |nG'+  2009 ¥NfI {ŸI f¢.5+|1 j053 lŠ.5+ mfN5f„,  = 11 ¦H)+ M3'+ š–‚, ¨*fŸnk‚7+ š–‚, ¦H)+ žbwk‚~œH+ f¢§E ƒ:|Š. j/3f1 5+|‚:'´+ IjHf131Lj§;5+|‚:'+ j§„H+ …‚7L'´+•|‚H+¨,ƒ.)+lt‚€JbFL mfN5f„gH+¡'+ IbG'fkHf, §Ibwk‚~œH+ 6|„H+ œ‚:s5bŸ.f¢J¥Ibwk‚~N¨kH+ rIfJ|,‹F¥I¦H)+£0¥kHf,-5|‚ªkœH+ ›f‚€.´+ L'+ mfN5f„gH+ ›+bgk‚7+ -5+|1j‡1ÍIbŸ=-|‚8fgIjG|‚Hf,

¨‚:fœH+ Œ¥g‚7'´+ ¨, ƒ.)+ lŠ‚7L mfN5f„, ›+bgk‚7´ f¢qIfJ|,  I Œ¥J ‘H'+ 54 šœ‚§H |.¥§gœ–H+ ¨E f¢gg‚~kH ž¥§n§™H+ ¡¥N'+ mfN5f„, -b*+}H+-5+|tH+¦H)+ ©3(¥.bF|;fwI •+|k1´+L  I -b1L ‘H'+ 70 ¦H)+ —H4 ’f‚ªN ¨, ƒ.)+ m+|.¥§gœG mfN5f„,  I f¢gt‚~, jG|‚H+ lIfF ˜fgI¥GL 2009¥NfI¨E•+¥‚7'´+ ¨E —™¢k‚~œH+ jNfœ1 jc§¢H f“ELL ¨,ƒ.)+ l™g“k‚7+-btkœH+mfN´¥H+



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"ƍĩÙ ƣƅ" ƙè

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13 yŸ|G*4cd1&* ƈũÝĸğè ňģåĸÚ ƞĩęê ƝơƁ ƍĩÙ ƣƀ Ŋğã ĶĠïĚì īìʼnñèƅ Bluebox ƒ~–I¥§D&* ƒ~F¥+¥™+jF|‚7lŸ™<&* mÍ0|™G£§D|kG*jœ‡I&f+j‚€kwœG*Avionics ¦™< aœkŠM šHf–kH £§D|- žf‡I  < jM¥qG* aEK ¨‚~§)4 |‚€ŸŠF 2f+ ©* š+&* |-¥§gœF aMaqG* ¨¢§D|kG* žf‡ŸG* ¦™< jF|‚G* l“™:&* ¥JK Bluebox Ai ©%* £M(* ƒ~F¥+¥™+ ‚6* ©{G* ¨0¥™G* 2f+ ©%* |-¥§gœF ¦™< aœkŠM j™0|G*,|kD›*¥:|Df‚~HšF£§™<š‚€t§‚6 ƒ~F¥+¥™+žf‡I›Í1 H M|Df‚~œG* –œk§‚6K š§‚-K žÍD&´* pa0&* ƒ9|<  H ©%* £M%* mÍqœG*K j§IK|k–G(´* hk–G* ,$*|EK ifŠG&´* ¦G(* ›¥‚8¥G* M|Df‚~œG*¡f–H(f+¡¥–§‚6fœF 4f§k1´*K mf“§g„k™G App Store |qkH šœŠ- rHfI|+ ‘G&* 200  H |nF&*  §+  H rMK|kG* ¦™< f§Gf0 ƒ~–I¥§D&* ƒ~F¥+¥™+ ¡*|§„G* mfF|‚G aMaqG* ¨¢§D|kG* f¢Hf‡ŸG ¡&* ´(* j™§™E š§‚8fkG* ¡&*  H =|G* ¦™<K

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ƒ~§EL'+ bŸk‚~I ¡¥§™I 350  I ¦HL'´+ jg.|œH+ š§œ.¥K bN|, šktN h‚~1  §Ibwk‚~œH+ 3b= o§1  I ¨E 5¥–‚7 ž¥G jG|‚8 mf§*f‚€1)+ š§œ.¥KbN|,žbwN4)+ 2010 ƒ75fI žbwk‚~I ¡¥§™I 360  I |nG'+  §Ibwk‚~I 3bŠ, ¥KfN bN|, £§™N žbwk‚~I ¡¥§™I 283.6 Ž™gN jnHfnH+ jg.|œH+ ¨E š>¥> ¨.'f.L bœkŠk‚7 žbwk‚~I ¡¥§™I 173 D, j“E|I mf™I Nb“kH lE¥‚7L|–NfI  §Ibwk‚~œ™H lNf,f§> 10 jŠ‚~, ©f–‚7 jIb2 ¦™= i5fK ›fF fœG uŸœ. ¨kH+ SkyDrive ‘N+53 25¦H)+š‚€. N}w.jŠ‚7žbwk‚~œH+ mf™œH+ š§œt. k§‚7L lNf,f§> ›3fg.L ‘N+53 ©f–‚7 ¦H)+ j“E|œH+ m¥–§‚7L mf™œH+ —™. ¦H)+ …,+L5 ¤{K š§œt. žbwk‚~œH+ 5Lb“œ,  I –œk§‚7fœGf¢H3fg.L'+ mf™œH+ jw‚~J ž+bwk‚7f, fK|N|t.L f¢tkE lJfG ¡)+ 2010 ƒ~§EL'+  I hN¥H+ m+bŸk‚~I  = -5fg= mf™œH+ ¤{K lE¥‚7L|–NfI rI+|, Mb1)´ ›3fg. žbwk‚~œH+ ¡f–I)f, ¡¥–§‚7L mf™œ, j§JL|k–H)´ + š*f‚7|H+

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$*|/(* £GÍ1  H  –œM ”g‚~H š–‚+ fkgnH hMf–‚6 K&* L|1&´ * hMf–‚6 mf+f‚~0 ¦G(* j§IfqH mfœGf–H K&* jM¥§™wG* žfE4&´ * ¦G(* j„§‚~+ 4¥/&f+ mfœGf–H …g‚9 j§If–H(* mfI*¥M}™kG* ¤{J u§k- fŸF jG*¥qG* $*|/(* ¦™< ,4a“G*K ¨G%´ * 2|™G ¨-fJ ¨-¥‚8 aM|+ ,a0*K jŠD2 fD|: 24  §+ j§-¥‚8 m*|œ-'¥H mfI¥MK}™kG* ¨D hMf–‚6  §œ‚ª- ž¥¢H |¢; aEK ƒ6´ ¨D j§FÍ¢k‚6´* mf§IK|k–G(´ * ƒ9|ŠH ¨D ›Í1 ¨/ ›(* K ŽI¥‚~Hf‚6 l‚9|< aEK ƒ6f§D |D¥-K lI|kI(´ f+ š‚€k- mfI¥M}™- ƒ9|ŠœG* —G3 m*K2&*  H j<¥œqH ¦G(* jDf‚9(* hMf–‚6 rHfI|+ L|1&´ * hM¥G*

*|§§D —§I¥‚6fIf+ ¡¥M}™- —™œM  H šF  –œk§‚6 ž¥§G*  H $*ak+* Panasonic VieraCast l‚6fF hMf–‚6 rHfI|+ |g< j§-fJ mfœGf–H $*|/(*  H ¡¥M}™kG* 5f¢/  H ,|‚7fgH |D¥k§‚6 hMf–‚6 rHfI|+ ¡&* —§I¥‚6fIf+ lŸ™<&* 3(* mfI¥M}™-  H 2010 žfŠG* 5|: ¨D ¨Ÿœ‚9 š–‚+ fH5ÍgG* j§Ÿ“- ¦™< aœkŠ- ¨kG* l‚6fF *|§§D K G25 K V T20 K V T25 mÍM2¥H —G3 šœ‚MK mfœGf–H $*|/(´ ¡¥/fkt§‚6 $´'¥J  –GK G20 hMf–‚6 ‹H j“D*¥kœG* —§I¥‚6fIf+ *|§HfF ¦G(* ¥Ma§D 4´K2 170 |Š‚~+ Œfg- ¨kG*K rHfI|+ mfI¥M}™kG* ¤{J ¦G(* —§I¥‚6fIf+ lDf‚9&*

yŸ|G*4cd1&* Ŋƙğã




ƈĩĚģîé ŋå ĬåʼnƙßơĸĞìĩé īƙèƅʼnñèƅłƙÚƅʼnĢèƅ


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”“1 ©{H+ ¨™g§H ¡¥‚73¥0 j‚€F5 h§™G¥Nb§E¤Í.-bKf‚I¡¥§™I143 ¡¥§™I144”“1|g§, k‚7f0i|„œ™H ¨.'fNj‚~IfwH+jg.|œH+¨EL-bKf‚I I know you wantj§Ÿ>'+h§™G¥Nb§E ¨EfI'+¡¥§™I122m+5fN63bŠ, me j–t‚ªH¥Nb§E¨.'f§Eƒ73f‚~H+}G|œH+ ¡¥§™I120 I|nG'+lg™0jŠ*+5š; ‹,f‚~H+}G|œH+¨ELf¢.bKf‚œH|*+6 ž¥gH'+ Iƒ7L|§‚7¨™NfIjJfŸ™Hj§Ÿ>'+ ¡¥§™I118 I|nG'+”“1}Ÿ§/ §‚7  IfnH+ }G|œH+ ¨E ¤Í.L -bKf‚I j§ŸœH+ ƒ~ŸH |2&+ h§™G ¥Nb§E jg.|œH+ ¨E š1 ©{H+ ‹„“œH+ fI'+ fNb§I¥–H ¨™§nœ. b¢‚I ¥K jŠ‚7fkH+ ¡fœKL3 ¡¥0 £G|tN ¨œ‡= š–§K

˜¥–™œœH+ i¥§.¥N ‹F¥I šk1+ j‚~IfwH+¦H)+ £H¥‚9¥,š>¥>jG|‚H ©5f§™I }0f1 £§„w.L ¤|œ=  I f§I¥N‹F¥œH+¡L5L}NbKf‚I i¥§.¥§H j§œ‚7|H+ jJLbœH+ h‚~1L 3b= •¥N 5+L}H+  I 3bŠH+ +{K ¡)fE mfJ¥N}™. j/Í/ |nG'+ ©bKf‚I lFL ¨EL jŠœkqI -|¢‚8 j§–N|I'+ -L5{H+  I bNbŠH+ 3¥0L  I >|H+ ¦™=L lJ|kJ)´+¦™=¥Nb§H+jG5f‚I‹F+¥I i¥§.¥§H hkG ©{H+ vfqŸH+ ¡'+ ´)+ jt‚:+L ifg‚7'´+L ¤|§H hk–N H ¨kH+ |§‡ŸH+ jŠ„“ŸI jH¥¢‚~H+ ¨KL ¥Nb§H+ š§œtkH ‹F¥œH+ fK|E¥N jEf‚:)+ j§Jf–I)+ K'´+L £.bKf‚IL lJ|kJ)+ jt‚9¦H)+ mfK¥Nb§H+¤{K ‹F+¥œH+ L'+ mfJLbœH+ ¨E %+¥‚7 j§JÍ=)´+L'+jN5fg2)´+ -bNbqH+ jœ*f“H+ ‹F¥œH+ 5b‚9'+ bFL -bKf‚I ¥Nb§E ‹;f“I -|‚= |nG'´ j§Ÿœ™Hh§™G¥Nb§Ef¢HL'+L¡&´+¦k1 Lady f>f> ©b§H ‚7f, jEL|ŠœH+ -bKf‚I ¡¥§™I 207 ”“1 Gaga ¥Nb§Eb¢‚I¨JfnH+}G|œH+¨Ešt§H £‚:+|Šk‚7+ .* ©{H+ ¨H5f‚. j‚ª= jc§JlŸ™<& b¢‚I£§™N-|I¡¥§™I191  I|nG'+

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jN3¥Š‚~H+ m´f‚€.´+ jG|‚8 lŠ‚7L ©fE©+LjIbw,f¢§„.¨kH+‹F+¥œH+ j™‚~™‚7 ‚ª, Wi-Fi STC j§JfqœH+ ƒ:fN|H+ ¨E Second Cup ¨Kf“I ¦™=jG|‚H+lIbF'+bFLžfIbH+L-b0L bN+}kœH+ h™„H+ jq§kJ -¥„wH+ ¤{K jN3¥Š‚~H+ m´f‚€.´+ jG|‚8 h‚~1 fJfDqIjG|‚H+f¢Ib“.¨kH+jIbwH+¦™= šIf‚8 DSL •fE&+ jIb2 ¨E f¢*͜ŠH ¨E lJ|kJ)´+ u‚€. ¢H u§k. ¨kH+L žbwk‚~œH+‚7f,f§–™‚7´jIfŠH+ GfI'´+ ¥KfœG˜|k‚œ™H5L|œH+jœ™GL£‚~J ›}ŸœH+¨E


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11 yŸ|G*4cd1&* ĸƙñïé Ňƙã ŇƙğĚÚ Ņƙäʼnä ƞơĸƙçƈĩĝģîĘïèŋêơĸïĞèƅ

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mf‚€ŸI 3 ©3 ž)+ ©)+ jG|‚8 l“™;'+ jEf–H j‚€‚€wI jqHfŠœ™H -bNb0 f¢§E fœ, j§‚€w‚H+ m+|.¥§gœ–H+ m+|.¥§gœ–H+Lj§gk–œH+m+|.¥§gœ–H+ m+|.¥§gœ–H+L j§‚7f§“H+ jH¥œtœH+ lJ L'+ -|§‚€H+ jH¥œtœH+ mf‚€ŸœH+ ¦™= l“™;'+L  ƒ~G¥, Vision LVision %fœ‚7´+-bNbqH+ Vision Ultimate L  Premium %+3'ÍHf“EL©b=f‚€.š–‚,jg.|I -bNbqH+mf‚€ŸœH+ =¡Í=)´+.bFL jŠ,fkH+ j§‚~J|H+ "¡fG" -b™, ¨E -5¥¢‚œH+jŸNbœH+¨KLƒ~§JjŸNbœH ¨*fœŸ§‚~H+¡fG¡f0|¢œHf¢Jf‚ªk1f, žf= šG žf“N ©{H+ žÍE'ÍH ¨œHfŠH+ b‚8f1 ¨t‚9 |œ.(¥I ¨E —H4L |¢‚8'+  =L jG|‚H+  =  §™nœI ‹œ0 f¢§Efœ,j§œHfŠH+mÍqœH+L‘t‚€H+ …‚7L'´+•|‚H+6LbŸNLj™qI ‹I ©3 ž)+ ©)+ jG|‚8 lŠg.+ bFL j§q§.+|k‚7+ mf‚€ŸœH+ ¤{K •Í;)+ 6+|; ¦™= }§G|kH+  I ´O bgE -bNb0 žbwk‚~œHf,‹Eb.jG|‚H+¡)fErHfŠœH+ —H4L f¢™If–, j‚€ŸœH+ ¦™= }§G|k™H j‚€ŸI šG -5bF 6+|,)+ ›Í2  I  I j‚€ŸI šG ¡¥–k. 4)+ -b1 ¦™= rHfŠœH+ Ij“,f‚~H+j/ÍnH+mf‚€ŸœH+ j1¥™H+u*+|‚8Lmf§I¥‚7|H+jFf„,L |‚9fŸŠH+ ¤{K 3bt.L j§‚7f‚7'´+ |.¥§gœ–H+ m+5bF jŠœkqI j/ÍnH+ ‹IšIfŠkH+L'+ mf“§g„kH+š§‚.¨E mf§I¥‚7|H+L¥Nb§H+L5¥‚€H+ jg‚7fŸI Vision j‚€ŸœH+ |gkŠ. mfI+bwk‚7´+ m+4 m+|.¥§gœ–™H m+|.¥§gœ–H+ fœ§‚7´ j§‚7f‚7'´+ j™–H+ m+4 -|§‚€H+ jH¥œtœH+ —H4 ‹IL j‚ªwŸœH+ jN3f‚€kF´+ ¨Hf=¥Nb§H+š§‚.¦™=-53fFf¢J)fE  IifŠH'´+š§‚.L'+HDv¥‚:¥H+ ¨*+bk,´+L'+…‚7¥kœH+M¥k‚~œH+ ¨¢EVision Premiumj‚€ŸœH+fI'+ ¦™=5bF'+ f¢J'+ 4)+ f¢k“,f‚7 Iš‚ªE'+ jFbHf, ¥Nb§H+L 5¥‚€H+ ‹I šIfŠkH+




5KaÂ&#x;MKmfÂ&#x201C;+fÂ&#x201A;~H jÂ&#x203A;)fJ¢M~w-jÂ&#x152;Â&#x201E;6 Twinmos Mobile Disk G4 8GB

ile MobB s o 8G nm Twi isk G4 D

jG¼¢Â&#x201A;6KfÂ&#x153;q0|Â?Â&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;GÂ&#x2014;G3K|1%´ |-¼§gÂ&#x153;F HmfIf§gG*Â&#x161;Â&#x201C;Â&#x;GÂ&#x161;nH&´*K&* Â&#x161;¢Â&#x201A;6&´*,*2&´*¨JÂ&#x192;7Ă?DjE*ÂĽÂ&#x201A;6ÂĄ(*  §;ÂĽÂ&#x2021;tÂ&#x153;G*$*|Â&#x201C;G*a0&´|DÂĽÂ&#x;GÂ&#x192;6ÂĽÂ&#x153;Â&#x;MÂĽ-jF|Â&#x201A;7¨DfÂ&#x;)fEaÂ&#x201A;8&*Â&#x2039;H2aÂ&#x160;G**{J¨DfIKfÂ&#x160;-aEKf¢H*awkÂ&#x201A;6f+$agG*Kf¢Â&#x2122;§Â&#x201A;8ÂĽlMf+fÂ?§=8Â&#x17D;Â&#x2122;g- M}w-jÂ&#x160;Â&#x201A;6|DÂĽ-¨kG*KMobile Disk G45*|: HÂ&#x192;7Ă?DjE*ÂĽÂ&#x201A;~+5ÂĽÂ?G*jÂ&#x201A;8|D 5*|Â&#x201E;G*|gkÂ&#x160;MKÂ&#x192;7Ă?D,|F*3|MÂĽÂ&#x201E;-¨Dj§Â&#x201A;6fÂ&#x201A;6&* ,4ÂĽÂ&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;+|¢kÂ&#x201A;-f¢I&* ´(* j§Â&#x;Â&#x201C;kG*mfqkÂ&#x;Â&#x153;G* HaMaÂ&#x160;G*Â&#x192;6ÂĽÂ&#x153;Â&#x;MÂĽ-jF|Â&#x201A;7LaG  HjMfÂ&#x153;tG*,}§H|DÂĽMÂŁI&*3(*Â&#x192;7Ă?DmfE*ÂĽÂ&#x201A;6 HjF|Â&#x201A;G*mfqkÂ&#x;Hpa0&*a0&* §;ÂĽÂ&#x2021;tÂ&#x153;G*$*|Â&#x201C;G*a0&´fÂ&#x;JfIfqHÂŁt§kIŠ{G* hÂ&#x2122;Â&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;G*Â&#x192;8|Â&#x201C;G*Â?§Â&#x201A;~Â&#x201C;-Â?kMfÂ&#x153;FjE*ÂĽÂ&#x201A;~G*¤{JÂ?§Â&#x201A;~Â&#x201C;-j§IfÂ&#x2013;H(*  <Ă?Â&#x201A;ÂŞD4K|HjÂ&#x153;Â&#x2122;Â&#x2013;+mfMÂĽktÂ&#x153;G*jMfÂ&#x153;0,}§HK£§Â&#x2122;<j+fkÂ&#x2013;G* $*}/&*,a<ÂŚG(*|-¼§gÂ&#x153;Â&#x2013;G*¨D  H|§nÂ&#x2013;Gf+hgÂ&#x201A;~k-aE¨kG*CDÂ&#x192;8*|E&* H´a+Â&#x2014;G3K,|Â&#x201A;7fgHf¢Â&#x;H|-¼§gÂ&#x153;Â&#x2013;G*Â&#x152;Ă?E(*j§IfÂ&#x2013;H(*fÂ&#x201A;ÂŞM&*jE*ÂĽÂ&#x201A;~G*¤{JÂ?<aÂ&#x161;FfÂ&#x201A;Â&#x153;G* Â&#x203A;*'ÂĽÂ&#x201A;~G*  < j+f/(´*K Â&#x2039;EÂĽÂ&#x153;Â&#x2122;G ÂŁ/ÂĽkG* LÂĽÂ&#x201A;6 Â&#x2014;§Â&#x2122;< fH ,|F*{G* ¤{¢+ 5ÂĽÂ?Â&#x2122;GK ¨GfkG* "USBÂ&#x2019;|0&´*f¢§G(*|§Â&#x201A;-¨kG*mfÂ&#x153;Â&#x2122;Â&#x2013;G*¨JfH Universal Serial Bus Unique Serial Bus United Static Bus

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jMfÂ?G*ÂŞJjMfÂ&#x17E;tG* ESET S Secur mart ity 4

ESET Smart Security 4 ÂŚÂ&#x2122;<}Â&#x2013;-|-¨kG*KjF|Â&#x201A;G*fJ|DÂĽ-¨kG*Â&#x203A;ÂĽÂ&#x2122;tG*pa0&*a0&*lÂ&#x201A;~M(*jF|Â&#x201A;7 H¨kM4¼§Â&#x2013;§Â&#x201A;6m4fÂ&#x153;Â&#x201A;6jMfÂ&#x153;tG*Â?Â&#x201C;:|gkÂ&#x160;M f¢Â?Â&#x201A;FKmfÂ&#x201A;6K|§Â?G* <otgÂ&#x2122;GThreatSenseÂ&#x2DC;|tHÂŚÂ&#x2122;<fJ4Ka+,}Â&#x2013;-|Â&#x153;G*NOD32 Antivirus,*2&* fÂ&#x153;HŠ4fI4*a/rHfI|+KÂ&#x192;~Â&#x201A;~qkG*mfÂ?Â&#x2122;H HjMfÂ&#x153;tÂ&#x2122;GL|1&*KmfÂ&#x201A;6K|§Â?G* HjMfÂ&#x153;tÂ&#x2122;G,*2&* Â?Â&#x201C;Â&#x201E;G**{J Â&#x153;Â&#x201A;ÂŞkM Â?-fH*3(*K¨Â&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;wÂ&#x201A;G*Â&#x17E;*awkÂ&#x201A;6´*jDfÂ&#x201A;9(*,|§Â?Â&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;G*KjÂ&#x201E;Â&#x201A;6ÂĽkÂ&#x153;G*mfF|Â&#x201A;G*¨DÂ&#x17E;*awkÂ&#x201A;6Ă?Gf§GfnHÂ?Â&#x201C;Â&#x201E;G**{JÂ&#x161;Â&#x160;qM aÂ&#x160;+ <ÂŁÂ&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;)fÂ&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;w+Â?Â&#x2013;tkG*Â&#x17E;awkÂ&#x201A;~Â&#x153;G*4KaÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;+ÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;§Â&#x201A;~DÂ?Â&#x201C;Â&#x201E;G**{JÂ&#x2039;H Remote Administrator,*2&*rH2 Â&#x192;9|Â&#x160;kMÂĄ&*  Â&#x2013;Â&#x153;M¨kG*j§IK|kÂ&#x2013;G(´*m*aMa¢kG*jDfF HÂ&#x17E;awkÂ&#x201A;~Â&#x153;Â&#x2122;GjHaÂ&#x201C;kHjMfÂ&#x153;0Â?Â&#x201C;Â&#x201E;G*fJ|DÂĽM¨kG*fM*}Â&#x153;G*u§ko§g1¨qH|+2ÂĽFŠ&*ÂŚÂ&#x2122;<Â&#x2019;|Â&#x160;kG*KmfÂ?Â&#x2122;Â&#x153;G*jDfFÂ&#x192;Â&#x20AC;tÂ?kGÂ&#x161;§Â?Â&#x201A;kG*Â&#x17E;fÂ&#x2021;IÂ&#x2022;fÂ&#x153;<&*¨DÂ&#x192;8ÂĽÂ?G*Â&#x203A;Ă?1 HÂ&#x2014;G3Kf¢G rH*|gG*KmfÂ&#x201A;6K|§Â?G*ÂŚÂ&#x2122;<Â&#x2019;|Â&#x160;kG*,}§Â&#x153;+Â&#x2039;kÂ&#x153;kMÂ?Â&#x201C;Â&#x201E;G**{J HaMaqG*4*aÂ&#x201A;8(´*ÂĄ&*fÂ&#x153;F*4ÂĽDÂŁÂ&#x;HÂ&#x192;Â&#x20AC;Â&#x2122;wkG*K¨Â?wkH Â&#x203A;fÂ&#x201E;+(f+Â&#x17E;ÂĽÂ&#x201C;MjMfÂ&#x153;tG*Â?Â&#x201C;:ÂĄ(fDÂ&#x2014;G3 <fÂ&#x201A;9ÂĽ<KmfÂ&#x201A;6K|§Â?G* <jMfÂ&#x153;tG*rH*|+Â&#x203A;ÂĽÂ&#x160;Â?HÂ&#x203A;fÂ&#x201E;+(f+Â&#x17E;ÂĽÂ&#x201C;-¨kG*jn§gwG* £§Â&#x2122;<,2ÂĽ/ÂĽÂ&#x153;G*mfIf§gG*K|-¼§gÂ&#x153;Â&#x2013;G*jMfÂ&#x153;0 Â&#x153;Â&#x201A;ÂŞMfÂ&#x153;HmfÂ&#x201A;6K|§Â?G*¤{JÂ&#x203A;ÂĽÂ&#x160;Â?H Â&#x203A;*'ÂĽÂ&#x201A;~G*  < j+f/(´*K Â&#x2039;EÂĽÂ&#x153;Â&#x2122;G ÂŁ/ÂĽkG* LÂĽÂ&#x201A;6 Â&#x2014;§Â&#x2122;< fH ,|F*{G* ¤{¢+ 5ÂĽÂ?Â&#x2122;GK ¨GfkG* "Â?Â&#x201C;Â&#x201E;G**{JfJ|DÂĽM¨kG*jÂ&#x160;+4&´*jMfÂ&#x153;tG*fM*}H¨JfH


Armed escort, bullet proof armour, radar jamming, body double Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Antispam Secure partition, data encryption, fingerprint scanner, parity

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5Ka¡MK mf•+f„€H jnMatG*j©¡•kG*mfqk¡žG*La0(f+fM|¤„75§’›G™k„8|DE§žG*,4fM5¨/|M‡„6K&¶*—|„G*5Ka¡MKj›qHmf•+f„€HªDš*|k„7ÏG

j•)fD¢M~w-m*a0K Kingston SSDNow V Series notebook upgrade kit

ston 0 King eler 20 Trav Data 32GB

£§D j+fk–G*K ,$*|“G* j<|‚6 ¨IakG —G3K |-¥§gœ–G* ¨D ‘Š‚9&´* j“™tG* h™‚€G* ƒ8|“G* šnœM ¨kG*žf¢œG*žfH&* |gF&´*”)fŠG*ƒ8*|E&´*¤{JšŠqMfœHL|1&´*|-¥§gœ–G*mfI¥–œ+jI4f“H j“)fDmf<|‚6h™„kmf<|‚~+}§œk-¨kG*SSD ƒ8*|E&* ž*awk‚6*¦G(* ›f“kI´f+u‚€ŸIfŸI(fDžf¢œG*¤{JšnœGK jF|‚7 ¨D fŸ)fEa‚8&* ‹H j“+f‚~œG* ¤{J ¨D fIKfŠ- aEK mfIf§gG* j+fkFK ,$*|E ¨D j“)fD ¨kG*SSD ƒ8*|E&* a0&f+5¥G*j‚8|D §;¥‡tœG*$*|“G* H §Ÿ.´ža“ŸG¡¥k‚~Ÿ§F j§E|-©¥Ÿ-lŸF*3(fDjF|‚G*f¢qkŸ-¨kG*SSDNow V Seriesj™‚~™‚~G*¦G(*¨œkŸ¦‚~Ÿ-´Kj“+f‚~œG*¤{¢+˜*|k‚7´*j‚8|D—§™<‹§‚ª-ÍD¨GftG*›¥œtœG*˜|-¥§gœF 27jt‚€G*¨D2aŠG**{J¤24¥I©{G*j§E|kG*m*¥„w+ƒ8fwG*”§“tkG*jŠ/*|H j§E|k™G f¢/fkt- ¨kG* m*K2&´* jDfF 2¥/K ¥J f‚ªM&* ƒ8|“G* *{J ¨D ‹)*|G* 64 £§D  M}wkG* jŠ‚6 Ž™g- ©{G*K £-*3 ƒ8|“Gf+ *$a+ ƒ8|“G* ‹H u§kM ©{G*K £ŠH ”D|œG* rHfI|gGf+ *4K|HK lMf+f§= h™‚€G*ƒ8|“G*¦™<,2¥/¥œG*mfIf§gG*yf‚~Ÿk‚6* $f¢kI*K£™tHšt§‚6©{G*SSD ƒ8|E¦G(* š§‚8¥-u§k-¨kG*K£+j“D|œG*j‡DftGf+ |g< |-¥§gœ–G* ‹H f§/4f1 ƒ8|“G* …§‚6¥F £H*awk‚6*K USB {ŸH š“I š¢‚~M fœH ¨/4f1  M}waMaqG* ƒ8|“G* ¦G(* mfIf§gG* štH |-¥§gœ–G* ‹H £™§‚8¥- šgE ¨GftG*h™‚€G*ƒ8|“G*  H ,aMaqG* ƒ8*|E&´* j™‚~™‚6 |D¥,$*|E ¨D j™)fJ mf<|‚6 ¡¥k‚~Ÿ§F j<|‚~+$f“-4´*u§kMfœHmfIf§gG*j+fkFK ͂ªD šœŠG*  < £Df“M(* K&* |-¥§gœ–G* š§‚fœF j™kwœG* f¢Hf¢H {§Ÿ-K mf“§g„kG* š§œt- j<|‚6  < jF|tkH$*}/&* jM&* ¦™<©¥kt-´f¢I&´ —G3K¦™<&* jIfkœ+‹kœk-ƒ8*|E&´*¤{J ƒ8*|E&´f+jI4f“H†¥“‚~G*¦k0K&* mfHa‚€™Gf¢‚9|Š-aŸ<jIfkH|nF&* f¢™ŠqMfœH jHf¢G*mfIf§gG* Hƒ8|“G*mfM¥ktHjMfœ0¨D¢‚~MfœHj+fk–G*K,$*|“™GjF|tkHƒ6K'K4¦™<©¥kt-¨kG*jg™‚€G* f¢<f§‚9ža<K |œ<¦™<‰ft™Gš‚ªD&* f¢™ŠqMfœHjMa§™“kG*jg™‚€G*ƒ8*|E&´f+jI4f“Hj§)f+|¢–G*jEf„G* HšE&* j§œFƒ8*|E&´*¤{J—™¢k‚~|-¥§gœ–G*jM4f„gG›¥:&*

Just the SSD drive SSD drive, drive cloning software and a 2.5-inch USB enclosure Cloning software

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¨GfkG*›*'¥‚~G* <j+f/(´* ‹E¥œ™G£/¥kG*L¥‚6—§™<fHKfIfqHƒ8|“G**{J¦™<›¥‚€tG*—If–H(f+ "ƒ8|“G**{J‹H¡¥k‚~Ÿ§FjF|‚7fJ|D¥-¨kG*mf“t™œG*¨JfH




œ)f„6|G* aM|+ 4f„€’k„6*«&* ™MaG£fF*3(* ‡„6K&¶*—|„G*5Ka¡MKj›qH¨G(* ,24*§G*$*|•G*œ)f„64…¬Œ+


lF¥H+ ¡'+ ž'+ |.¥§gœ–H+ ‹I š§‚9¥k™H USB 3.0 j§Ÿ“k, 3L}I h™‚9 ƒ9|F %fŸkFf, ¨ŸJ¥t‚€Ÿ. šK fŸŠœ‚7©{H+{Ÿœ™H-bNbqH+j§Ÿ“kH+mfqkŸœH+=3MbI¥KfIL #-bNbqH+j§Ÿ“kH+¦™=+|Gf,›+6fI #mfJf§gH+š“J¨E-|§g–H+£k=|‚7 =+|§nG


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|‚€I¦ŠF¥I‚7+šœtNfN|‚€IfDD ŠF¥I¡'+ ›LbH+¨ElJ|kJ)´+¨Ibwk‚~œH¡¥–§‚7‘§G f¢§k„“Ÿ,%f§H+hDD k–.¨kH+M|2'´+jDD §,|ŠH+ #|‚€I¨ŠF¥Ij,fk–,‹DD F¥œH+¦H)+›¥‚9¥H+ jHftH+¤{DD K¨E‹F¥œH+—DD HfIžfDD I'+¡¥DD –§‚7 ‚7+ I|nG'f,‹F¥œH+š§q‚~.¥Kb§1Lš1 ‚7´+š§q‚~.|Š‚~EfN3fI‘™–I|I'+—DD H4L +{K+5´L320j,+|F¥KšIfGžfŠHbDD 1+¥H+ %fœ‚7'+š§q‚~kHj=f‚ªI5fŠ‚7'´+ –.DD H¡)+ j§,|ŠH+‹F+¥œH+ j§,|ŠH+‹DD F+¥œH+hN|Š.-¥„2lDD JfGfœ,5 šnIjHfŠEot,mfG|tI3¥0LšgFjDD t0fJ  –œN¨kH+š¢‚7'´+j“N|„H+bŠN©{H+šDD >¥> lJfGfœ¢I‹F¥I©'+¦H)+›¥‚9¥H+f¢HÍ2 I j‚9f2L£Ÿ=otgH+lHLf1jH©'f,L£DD kH f¢Ib“N¨DD kH+j™K{œH+jDD œ0|kH+mfDD Ib2‹DD I otgH+•Íœ= hN|Š.¨DD EjDD §g™‚7jDD „“J|DD gG'+¡¥DD –.bDD FL j–g‚8§‚~“kHjHLftI£J'+lJ|kJ)´+ DD NLfŸ= hDD ‚~1¦DD ™= DD §Ibwk‚~œH+ DD §,lDD J|kJ)´+ ‹§œqH+£E|ŠN©{DD H+‚7´+¡'+fœ™=DD ¢.fH jDD §œHfŠH+ jDD –g‚H+ ¥DD K lDD J|kJ)´+ jDD –g‚H jNbŸ™Nf.LjDD §Ÿ§‚9M|DD 2'+Lj§,|=‹DD F+¥œE jDD –g‚H+ ¡'+ ¨DD ŸŠ. jDD §‚7L5L jDD §Jfg‚7'+L f¢H¥23ž|tNjHL}ŠImfJ¥kŸG¦H)+lœ‚~“J+ f¢kHb§qN´ I¦™= jDD §ŸgH+DD §=b.šDD nIm+¥DD „2¡¥DD –.bDD FL ¨,|ŠH+HfŠH+¨ElJ|kJ)´+jDD –g‚Hj§ktkH+ L'+j–g‚H+¦DD ™=¨DD ,|ŠH+M¥DD ktœH+DD =3L'+ j–g‚H+¦™=jIb“œH+mfIbwH+-3¥q,¨F|H+  I|§n–,K'+i|ŠH+ §Ibwk‚~œ™Hj§œHfŠH+ lJ|kJ)´+ NLfŸ=hN|Š.3|qI M|JL-¥DD „wH+¤{¢HvfDD qŸH+hDD k–§‚7šDD ¢E lJ|kJ)´+‹F+¥I I+bN}IjI3f“H+žfN'´+¨DD E fI|DD §2¡'+ž'+#jDD §,|=%fDD œ‚7'+šDD œt.¨DD kH+ ´L¨Ÿ.´fDD ¢J'+-35fDD gœH+¤{DD K£DD ,‘DD ‚€J #Œ¥0 I œ‚~.S






ĸĢĕèƅ ƏĩîÞƁ 10

©2ž(*£M(* HjqGfŠœ™G,aMa/mf‚€ŸH 8  |-¥§gœ–™G¨IfqœG*¡fœ‚ªG*jHa12aœ-fg§‚7¥- 9 a0*K¤fq-f+fM4¥‚6¦G(*2¥ŠM¨)f‚ªG*lI|kI(´* 11 jM2¥Š‚~G*¨Jf“œG*¨D¨IfqHlI|kI(* 12 mfœGf–œG*$*|/(*u§kM—§I¥‚6fIf+¡¥M}™- 13 2f+©%´ƒ~DfŸH <if“ŸG*‘‚–-|‚~M(* 14 ¥JfMKf§F¥I §+¨q§-*|k‚6*‘Gft- 15 ˜¥g‚~§D¦™<fIfqH2010ƒ~§DK&* 16 ,a™“œG*mfqkŸœG*¦™<j™œ0 ‚-¨+ƒ-(* 17 škI(*mfqGfŠH H,aMa/j™)f< 18

ƈĩñïġĠèƅƔơĸã 37 j§‚7f‚7'+ mfJ¥–I ƒ6¥‚6&*  H,aMaqG*mf§H¥‚6|G*jEf„+ 43 ˜f-K5 H,aMaqG*mf§H¥‚6|G*jEf„+ 44 m+|.¥§gœG š§+2|Ff+ H EasyNote |-¥§gœF 40 ©f–‚6 HaMaqG* Expeditor |-¥§gœF 46 ¨/›(*  H›¥œtœG* R450 |-¥§gœF 47

45 44 46


j§G4‘.+¥K m4fœ‚6¨‚6¨-ƒ-(* ‘-fJ 38 ´K4¥-¥H H Milestone ‘-fJ 45 mf“t™I ¨I¥‚6 HaMaqG*¡fœFKKš‚H 38 m´f‚€-* H,|‚€œG*‘-f¢G*jtM|‚7 41 mfqkŸœG* H|§n–G*¦G(* jDf‚9(´f+


ƣĸïĕĠèƅŅģèƍ 49 …‚6K&´*•|‚G*¨D©|k‚œ™Gš§G2|gF&*

īïÙĩÛ ƆƅʼnÙƁ 4 6 5 64


4|tœG*jGf‚64 })*¥/Kmf“+f‚~H 5KaŸMKš)f‚64 4fg1&´*|1%*


2^‡G**xJ¥D 2010ʼnģèʼnì

ľßơijƅ ƛĸĕèƅ ƐơĶġìơ

An ITP Technology Publication

īģÙĸãŇìơĩġã ĬêĸïêŬƅŀæƅʼnþ jcnhœH 4cdh1ÊG iCC‡§1&*




ƈĩĝģĝòïèƅ 27 •|‚H+ ¨E ¦“§‚7¥œH+ |0fkI …‚7L'´+




łŎĩâʼnèƅƇƍĶĚïéƈƅĸÚʼnģîĠĞèƅ ŽĶìĶÜŇéňéĶĝÚƣķèƅĩé

Kingston SSDNow V Series

ƇƍĶĚïé ƈƅĸÚʼnģîĠĞèƅ łŎĩâʼnèƅ


ƛĸĕèƅ ŋå ŊĝßʼnĠèƅ ĸÜĩïé ľßơijƅ

šF <jtœG”§“tkG**{J¨D–Gža“I £Ha“-fHKL¥ktœG*|§/&f-K‹§+mfHa1 ¦“§‚6¥œG* ¦™< ›¥‚€t™G žawk‚~œ™G mfHawG*¤{JšnHža“-Kj§<|‚7•|„+ K2K m´f‚€-* šnH m´f‚€-* mfF|‚7 mfF|‚7 —G{FK |„E ¨D š-¥§FK ¨I¥‚6K f§F¥I šnH j§F{G* ‘-*¥¢G* ¨I¥‚6jF|‚7¦™<aœkŠ-¨kG*¡¥‚~–M4(* mfM¥ktœG* ¦™< ›¥‚€t™G 5|‚k–+ j§“§‚6¥œG*


jM*a+ <¡Í<(´*2010¥MfH|¢‚7a¢‚7 ¨ŸŠMK lI|kI(´* ‹E*¥H $fœ‚6&* hM|ŠlI|kI&*‹E¥œG¨+|<‚6*š§q‚~-¡&*—G3 Gf<¨Dj§<¥Ij™“Iš–‚MfœHf0fkHug‚8&* |‚€H ¡%´* ¦k0 l™q‚6 aEK lI|kI(´* jGK2 l™q‚6K m´f‚€-´* ,4*5¥G fI*¥Ÿ< ¥œ‚~G* h0f‚€G f§+|< fŠE¥H m*4fH(´* aM*5 +j§™1x§‚G*m*4fH(´*jGK2ƒ~§)4  +aœtHx§‚G*¥œ‚~GfŠE¥HK¡f§¢I›%* ž¥k–H›%*a‚7*4

īĝĘġþƅŋåŊĝģßʼnþƅĸÜĩïé ŀģÙơĸģÜĥÚƈĩéĶÞŊğãīèʼnÜ ľßơijƅƛĸĕèƅŋåŋêĩäijƅ


ƐơĶġìơ īèʼnÜ 22


ĬêĸïêŬƅ ŀæʼnĠè īģÙĸã ſĩĠßƁ

6 ĮùĠĚïƇ ĻĝñƇ !īĚŎƅƏ ĹŎƅʼnÜ ĴÙƏƅ

ƏĩîÞƁ ƟʼnìĹĜğïèƅĉÙƊơƅĹÚŅäʼnä ĬêĸïêŬƅơ


Twinmos Mobile Disk G4 8GB

,2aŠkH m*|-¥§gœ–G* j§œ‚~- ”™„,2f< All-in-One PCs K&* ‘)f;¥G* ž*awk‚6ÍGj‚€‚€wœG*m*|-¥§gœ–G*¦™< mfI¥–H f¢§D ‹œkq- ¨kG*K ¨G}ŸœG*  œ‚9 j‚7f‚G*K j§‚6f‚6&´* |-¥§gœ–G* fH  –G ,a0*K jg™< K&* a0*K •KaŸ‚8 lI&* šJK "m*|-¥§gœ–G* ¤{J  H ,a)fG* "fN “0f¢§G(*j/ft+

JULY 2010

ĺéĩýƅňéĩĚÙŅĜïòìƆʼnģÚʼnì ŇéĪìĩĞßƈĩþĩĞéſƅĸÜƃ ńģêʼnßĩêĩÙƈĩêʼnìĹĜğÚ ŋÝʼnèĸÚʼnģîĠçŇãłĕĞÚĸôìƃ ŋÙĸĚèƅĭòîğèĻĞêƁŀæʼnéƛũäƃ EEE-ĸÚʼnģîĠçŇãŇğĚÚƑʼnßƁ ŋÝʼnğèƅPAD

ESET Smart Security 4

An ITP Technology Publication

JULY 2010

īģÙĸã Ňìơĩġã ĬêĸïêŬƅ ŀæƅʼnþ

ƏĩîÞƁ ƟʼnìĹĜğïèƅ ĉÙ ƊơƅĹÚ Ņäʼnä ĬêĸïêŬƅơ

ƈĩĝģĝù jcnhœH 4cdh1ÊG iCC‡§1&* • LG R450 Sky Electronics eXpeditor Motorola Milestone Zotac GeForce GTX 480 Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX

Twinmos Mobile Disk G4 8GB

īĝĘġþƅ ŋå Ŋĝģßʼnþƅ ĸÜĩïé ŀģÙơ ĸģÜĥÚ ƈĩéĶÞ Ŋğã īèʼnÜ

ĺéĩýƅ ňéĩĚÙ ŅĜïòì ƆʼnģÚʼnì Ňé ĪìĩĞß ƈĩþĩĞé ſƅĸÜƃ ńģêʼnßĩêĩÙƈĩêʼnìĹĜğÚ

ľßơijƅ ƛĸĕèƅ ŋå ŋêĩäijƅ

ŋÝʼnè ĸÚʼnģîĠç Ňã łĕĞÚ ĸôìƃ

łŎĩâʼnèƅ ƇƍĶĚïé ƈƅĸÚʼnģîĠĞèƅ ŽĶìĶÜ Ňé ňéĶĝÚ ƣķèƅĩé

ŋÙĸĚèƅ ĭòîğè ĻĞêƁ ŀæʼné ƛũäƃ

Kingston SSDNow V Series

EEE- ĸÚʼnģîĠç Ňã ŇğĚÚ ƑʼnßƁ ŋÝʼnğèƅ PAD ESET Smart Security 4

Windows Arabic - July 2010  

Windows Arabic - July 2010 - ITP Technology

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