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IDOC ‘11

Event: International Digital Oil Field Conference 2011 Dates: May 16th – 18th Location: Hilton Abu Dhabi (Corniche) The IDOC ’11 Conference Programme will explore key issues surrounding the roll-out of the Digital Oil Field concept, including key sessions on: How will digital oilfields change the E&P business? The imapact on business processes, key competencies and tools, the value of DOF for the regions’ NOCs from ROI, as well as exploring what KPIs and metrics will serve to drive further initiatives and digital oilfield to dollars. Website:

oil and gas sector. “Its hard to say which aspect has been most beneficial for the industry, as it is when they (technology) are combined this is what gives it true value,’ said Baird. “If I have to choose one breakthrough for industry, then I would feel that I/O on demand is significant as this drives the speed of implementation, yet also brings that high level of data to not only management but also the process and maintenance engineers. “The beauty of the latest technology,” Baird continues, “is that that many challenges have already been addressed. From the reduction in cabling by using foundation fieldbus or WirelessHART devices to latest DeltaV, technology of I/O on demand which gives faster project implementation and startup. All combine to reduce cost and get the operations online much faster, thereby production quotas are met quicker.’ In the Middle East there are significant plans to embrace

DOF to assist production levels increases. In the UAE, plans are underway to improve crude production levels from 2.8 million b/d in 2009 to 3.5 million b/d. ADCO is set to increase its current oil production capacity of 1.4 million b/d by 22 per cent in 2017. One of the main contributors to this plan is the implementation of ADCO’s Automation and Smart Fields programme (ASF). This will identify and apply fit-for-purpose technologies and tools to enhance asset management and optimising the use of infrastructure, facilities and manpower resources. Elsewhere in the Middle East there are other examples of new technology being implemented. DOF programmes are underway in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. Saudi Aramco has reported that all their new fields are intelligent fields with the latest being Abu-Hadriyah-Fadhil-Khursaniyah (AFK) field. In the Haradh increment, 32 such wells are reportedly doing

“The beauty of the latest technology, is that many challenges have already been addressed, from the reduction in cabling to faster project implementation” Alan Baird


Oil&Gas Middle East September 2010

Monitoring remote sites in real time without laying cable is already a reality. the work that would otherwise require 280 conventional wells due to being equipped with remote operations, permanent downhole monitoring systems, compact multiphase flow meters and smart well completions. Oman is expected to increase its oil output by 5.8 per cent in 2010 due to future enhancements through its digital oil field programme. A recent significant announcement is its Fahid Collaboration Centre (FCC), which is the region’s first integrated virtual oilfield operations facility. While the implementation of DOF in the Middle East has been steady rather than meteoric, a more pressing need than simply corporate desire to see profits rise will doubtless drive its implementation further. Figures from US

consultant Booz and Co. reveal a disturbing decline in skilled labour in the oil and gas industry with a current shortfall of 500 000 - and a deficit that could reach 1.7 million by 2030. With demand for oil in the region steadily increasing, the need to invest in oil fields initially deemed too expensive or remote could well become reality. Should this occur firms will doubtless embrace strategies which offer less labour-intensive set-ups with no loss of productivity.

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Oil & Gas Middle East - Sept 2010  

Oil & Gas Middle East - Sept 2010 - ITP Business

Oil & Gas Middle East - Sept 2010  

Oil & Gas Middle East - Sept 2010 - ITP Business