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Spiderman does final façade check A dedicated team of abseiling ‘superheroes’ inspects, fixes and cleans building façades on the end of a rope MAINTENANCE \\ Large-scale cleaning-solutions company Spider-Style has a unique answer to the perennial problem of dirty windows – it sends in its dedicated team of abseiling ‘superheroes’ to inspect, fix and clean building façades from the top down … and they will even do it ‘Spiderman’ style by donning Spiderman suits. “Abseiling, or rappelling, refers to the use of ropes to scale steep slopes, and is popularly used among rock-climbers,” said Spider-Style MD Mazen Harake. “We have adapted the technique for use in the cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and residential buildings.” In fact, Spiderman was recently seen performing the final cleaning duties on the façade of the new Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Visitors to the area were noticeably amused by the aerial acrobatics of SpiderStyle’s cleaning technician, who used his ‘spider-sense’ to abseil

with grace along the hotel’s exterior while occasionally waving to admiring spectators.

Passion “We believe in finding the passion and fun in everything we do. If we can have Spiderman clean our exterior, then why not? It puts a smile on people’s faces,” commented Mövenpick GM Peter O’Connor. Spider-Style’s technicians are all highly-trained, highly-skilled and experienced abseilers who are happy to combine their technical proficiencies with their love of abseiling in order to perform their duties. Their use of safe, non-damaging rope access systems and advanced technology provides difficult-access solutions for the cleaning, painting, repairing and general maintenance of building façades. “A big plus for employing Spider-Style’s services is our sparing use of machinery, which helps to preserve the integrity of sensitive building façades. “Yet our approach intensifies

Spiderman in action at the new Mövenpick Hotel at The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Spider-Style’s technicians are all highly-trained, highly-skilled and experienced abseilers.

surface contact for superior cleaning. We can perform any height-related cleaning and main-

tenance job done much quicker and with more thoroughness than anyone else,” said Harake.

Khidmah, Securiguard form strategic alliance SERVICES // Khidmah LLC, Abu Dhabi’s first Emirati-owned and operated services management Company, has announced its strategic alliance with Securiguard Middle East, an integrated security solutions company offering a comprehensive range of security services. This new alliance will allow both companies to benefit mutually from their various services and respective expertise. The two partners will combine their strengths to meet customer needs and create optimal value in security services. Khidmah

brings its expertise in services management to the table, offering customers a full range of propertyrelated services under one roof, and through a single point of contact, while Securiguard Middle East contributes its specialist knowledge in security solutions. The alliance of Securiguard Middle East and Khidmah represents an important strategic move for the two companies. Securiguard Middle East has a wide experience in security solutions and offers a variety of customised programs, including real-time audio/video remote electronic

surveillance, access control and verification, and will provide all this expertise to Khidmah’s portfolio of properties.

Committed Khidmah, on the other hand, is a committed services-management company that provides an integrated range of propertymanagement services including leasing, resale, 24/7 customer call centre, landscaping, maintenance, cleaning, health and fitness club management, pest control, pool cleaning, and a growing list of specialty services, including

housekeeping services, to an expanding portfolio of residential and commercial real-estate developments. “Now with the strategic alliance and partnership, both Khidmah and Securiguard Middle East will be able to offer customers the full solution to their property service needs. This will allow Khidmah to remain focused on services management, and Securiguard Middle East to remain focused on security management – to provide good quality services at the lowest possible prices,” said Khidmah CEO Sutton Turner.

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Facilities Management Middle East - April 2010  
Facilities Management Middle East - April 2010  

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