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October 25 - 31, 2008 | ISSUE 243


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Indian worker killed by piling machine on site

SAUDI SPENDING US $31.9 million to be spent on infrastructure


Oasis Beach Hotel set to be replaced by high-rise tower


Bids in for Doha Expo Centre and Tower

BIG 5 FOCUS Gearing up for the industry’s biggest annual exhibition


ISSUE 243, October 25 - 31, 2008


Bahrain editor Benjamin Millington looks at how Timelinks’ new age pyramid-city of the future will change communities.


Principal architect for Burt Hill, Ivar Krasinski, discusses how fast-tracking works and what benefits it could bring to the region.



Simon Mellor from dmg world media talks to features editor Shikha Mishra about plans for the Big 5 exhibition.



Features editor Shikha Mishra takes a look at what the Big 5 has to oer this year.

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2 October 25 - 31, 2008


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Another pie-in-the-sky, or is this our future?

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One of the advantages of designers implementing their building projects in the Middle East is that they can come up with anything and investors, who demonstrate enough faith to hand over boatloads of cash, can make their vision become a reality. It’s true that I have been critical of designers who fly into the UAE with some cockamamie project that wouldn’t get past the receptionist in any developer’s office in other parts of the world. I still have my doubts about rotating towers, but that’s just my opinion and I’m sticking to it. But every once in a while, something comes along that sparks the imagination. And you just know that someone with a vision and a spot of courage can really transform a community into something that is truly unique and sustainable. Ben Millington, Construction Week’s Bahrain editor, reports on a project that will undoubtedly raise the bar in developing sustainable communities if successful. He writes of Timelinks’ designers, who have come up with the Ziggurats project, a “green” self-sufficient mega-structure that can provide living and working space for up to one million people in a dozen separate buildings in the shape of a pyramid. There’s a surreal, sci-fi feeling to the project that reminds me of sustainable pods one would see in a movie space lab. And while I am all for a warm and cosy home or villa with all the accompanying architectural flourishes one expects in a domicile, the folks at Timelinks have designed a community

TALKBACK RE: Nakheel seeks sand beyond Dubai’s waters (Issue 242) It is scary to think about the after-effects of all this sand excavation. What about marine culture and so on? What are the other environ-

that has its own character and flourishes. This so-called new age pyramid-city would consist of apartments with individual gardens, schools, retail shops, medical centres and entertainment venues and a public transportation system. The attraction, however, to those environmentallyminded is the fact that this city is designed to use the minimum amount of land and 50% less infrastructure. Electricity is generated through a water supply system and greenhouses are built into every building to produce the city’s own fruit and vegetables. We’ve seen pie-in-the-sky projects before in this region, and perhaps this project could very well find itself in the dust bin. But the key to success is using simple technology to create a community. And this is a project using existing technology of nothing more than concrete, steel and glass to make it real. In the late 1960s, for those old enough to remember, we marvelled at the hand-held communication devices on the original “Star Trek” TV series or the video billboards in “Blade Runner” from the early 1980s. Now video billboards are standard features in any urban area and the handheld communication device has become the mobile phone. The next step in our evolution of sustainable living is to consider that that community inside a movie space lab is about to become a reality. Let’s wait and see what Timelinks can do. My guess is the right investor will help them create the next best thing to the mobile phone. They could very well revolutionise a new way of living, especially in harsh environments such as the Middle East.

Rob Wagner, editor E-mail:

Send your comments to mental effects? Moreover, didn’t they assess whether or not they have enough sand before launching a project? Or is environmental assessment only an afterthought? SR

RE: Looking East (Issue 242) With the present finacial crisis affecting Western capital markets, not only must we look East for the future, but the time is now ripe for the Middle Eastern countries to offer an Islamic model of de-

velopment to the world. I go as far as to say it’s our duty to the planet to save it from the mistakes of the present system. Abdul Karim Letters may be edited for clarity

October 25 - 31, 2008



Nakheel tower overcomes design issues BY JAMIE STEWART Structural design challenges associated with building the Nakheel Tower has been overcome, according to WSP Middle East director of engineering Stephen Taylor. Nakheel appointed WSP Group as structural engineer for its Nakheel Tower project earlier this month. The tower, which will be more than 1km in height, will form the centrepiece of the US $38.12 billion (AED140 billion) Nakheel Harbour and Tower development. “All I can say is that the tower is well into the design and most of the challenges have been solved,” Taylor told Construction Week. He refused to comment as consultants working on the tower have had to sign confidentiality agreements concerning the project details. The Nakheel Tower is set to “race for the skies” with Saudi Arabia-based Kingdom Holding, which announced plans for a tower standing in excess of 1km immediately after the Nakheel Tower launch. WSP has also played a programme management role supporting the development of the masterplan and infrastructure works in Meraas Development’s $95 billion Jumeirah Gardens project, the first master-planned urban regeneration development in Dubai. The firm was one of many hired by Meraas for the project. “We’ve made sure that the master plan, with the 30 plus consultants that we have had working on it, is one that we are confident with,” Meraas CEO Sina Al Kazim said.


October 25 - 31, 2008

Tower set to replace Oasis Beach Hotel BY JAMIE STEWART Dubai’s 10-storey Oasis Beach Hotel looks set to be replaced by a 106-storey super-tall tower, Construction Week has learnt. The tower would set a precedent for building to such heights adjacent to the beach, and would block the sea view of hundreds of residents and tourists in the twin 51-storey Al Fattan Marine Towers, currently the tallest buildings in Dubai Marina. The Oasis Beach Hotel is owned by Dubai-based developer Al Fattan Properties, which also owns Al Fattan Marine Towers. Demolition of the hotel has begun. The developer is keeping the project under wraps at present, but renderings of the proposed tower, which have been credited to Dubai-based LWD Architects, have been circulating since March. An associate of the firm, who is familiar with the project, told CW that he was “a bit reluctant to give out any information, as you can imagine.” But he did confirm that LWD Architects was “doing some work for Al Fattan on other projects.” The project manager of the new tower, Chris Smith of UKbased construction and consultancy firm Mace, said the project did not have final approval, but confirmed plans to build the tower. Mace is also overseeing the demolition work. Renderings show a super-tall, slim, triangular structure standing around twice the height of the Al Fattan Marine Towers. The triangular shape faces out

Jamie Stewart/ITP

Demolition has begun on the Oasis Beach Hotel, which could be repalced by a 10-storey tower.

to sea to maximise sea views. Al Fattan Properties construction manager Mahmood Samara was unavailable for comment. Questions have been raised ITP/Thanos Lazopoulos whether it is feasible to build to super-tall heights so close to shore, but Atkins design director Lee Morris, who designed the Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai, said such a proposal posed “no problem.” “It’s all a question of how deep the piles need to be,” Morris said. “Then it’s the water proofing to

the external basement wall, but it’s certainly very doable.” The Oasis Beach Hotel, on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach, closed on August 29 after a decade in business. Jebel Ali International Hotels, the company that managed the Oasis Beach Hotel, said in a statement: “Although (closure was) not a decision made by Jebel Ali International Hotels it is all part of being in Dubai and seeing this extraordinary city constantly reinvent itself. An exciting new project is expected to be developed on the existing site.”


Worker's death in Bahrain may be homicide incident BY BENJAMIN MILLINGTON Witnesses to the death of a 31year-old Indian construction worker in Bahrain have alleged he was killed by the operator of a piling machine. Matthew Sebastian, who was employed by Al Haidariya Heavy Equipment Hiring, was working on a site in Tubli, south of Manama, when a piling machine swung around and crushed him. Witnesses say the piling machine operator, Mohammed Hafiz Abdul, who was employed by Keller piling contractors and is believed to be from Pakistan, had been arguing with Sebastian moments before the incident. “He (Sebastian) was using a GCV to remove the sand that was being removed by the piling machine,” said an official spokesperson from Al Haidariya Heavy Equipment Hiring, who asked not to be identified. “While he was parked there, the piling machine hit our machine and cracked the brake light. “Then an argument occurred and they started shouting and the Bahraini supervisors came in to solve the problem,” he added. “When the GCV machine operator went to remove the machine, the piling machine operator suddenly swung his machine around and crushed our employee. I think this was a crime, not an accident.” Police arrested Abdul after the incident and now say the case has been forwarded to the public prosecutor. The public prosecutor’s office could not confirm that charges have been

Matthew Sebastian, who was killed in Bahrain, and his wife of three months, Reena.

laid against Abdul. Sebastian’s body was repatriated to his family in India earlier this week; he is survived by his wife of three months, Reena. He had only been back in Bahrain for two months after a 45-day wedding trip to India, according to Sebastian’s roommate in Bahrain. “Matthew was planning not to come back to Bahrain from his holiday,” said his roommate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He had been here for three and a half years and now that he was newly married, he wanted to stay and work in India. “Unfortunately, I think he came back for money issues.” The company spokesman described the incident as a tragedy and said insurance money would be sent to the family. He also said the Nass Company, who was the main

contractor on the site, should bear some responsibility for breaching several health and safety regulations. “The Nass Company was in the wrong because they allowed three machines to work together in one place. When the piling machine is working, no other machine should be near,” he said. “Also, the area should have been separated by barriers but there weren’t any protective barriers in place. “The third issue is that there was no safety officer in site to manage the movement of the machines.” A spokesman from the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) said they would investigate the issue. The chairman of the Nass Group, Samir Nass, denied any health and safety breach and said the issue was between the subcontractors involved.

IN BRIEF FOUR COMPANIES VIE FOR DREDGING CONTRACT Oman’s Transport and Communication Ministry announced that it has received bids from four firms to win a contract to dredge on the Muscat international airport expansion project. The low bidder is Royal Boskalis Westminster of the Netherlands with a price of US 46 million (RO17 million). Other bidders are Van Oord, also of the Netherlands, Belgium’s Jan de Nul, and Oman’s Desert Line Projects. The project will create new areas of land to accommodate the expanding airport. It’s anticipated that it will have a capacity for 12 million passengers a year. The airport, formerly Seeb International Airport, currently handles about 4.5 million passengers annually. The new terminal building will have a floor area of about 290,000m2. Completion is targeted for 2011.

TOWER PROJECT SHORT LIST RELEASED Four contractors have been shortlisted for the contract to build the 510m tall Qatar National Bank headquarters in Doha. The tower is expected to be one of the tallest buildings in the world. The groups are a joint venture of Dubai-based Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprises with Australia’s Gulf Leighton, Dubai-based Arabtec Construction, Lebanon’s Qatar Arabian Construction Company and Australia’s Multiplex. The four groups have been shortlisted for the largest package on the project: the shell and core of the 61floor building. The tower will have a total area of 235,000m2, with five basement levels, 88,000m2 of parking, 9000m2 for the entrance and banking halls, and 138,000m2 of office space.

October 25 - 31, 2008


REGIONAL NEWS IN BRIEF 15 COMPANIES SEEK KUWAITI SCHOOL PROJECT Fifteen companies have been prequalified by Kuwait’s Ministry of Public Works for the construction, completion and maintenance of a girls’ secondary school. The firms include Kuwait Industrial Centre Company, UAE-based Middle East Construction Company, Al Jawad Trading and Contracting Company and Finesco International General Trading and Contracting Company. A pre-tender meeting was to be held this week before the scheduled closing date of November 23.

BIDS RECEIVED FOR TERMINAL 3 PROJECT DP World has received bids for two construction packages for the Terminal 3 project at Jebel Ali Port. The first package is for the civil works and includes 2.2km of quay walls and the foundations for a bridge that will connect the new island to the existing port. The bidders are the local/Belgian Belhasa Six Construct, South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, and Brazil’s Odebrecht. The other package is for dredging and involves the reclamation of an island that will be located close to the existing port and the dredging of a basin between the island and the shore. The bidders are two Belgian firms, Dredging International and Jan De Nul, and two Dutch firms, Royal Boskalis Westminster and Van Oord.

SAUDI ETISALAT PROJECT ATTRACTS EIGHT BIDS Eight companies have submitted bids for the administrative headquarters of the UAE-based telecommunications company Etisalat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


October 25 - 31, 2008

Frond B in Jumeirah Heights will consist of apartments, townhouses, and two- and three-bedroom loft apartments.

ASGC wins US $300mn Jumeirah Heights contract BY CW STAFF Al Shafar General Contracting (ASGC) has won a US $300 million (AED1.1 billion) contract to construct a mixed-use residential development in Jumeirah Heights. Nakheel is the developer, while Arenco is the consultant on the project which is scheduled to be completed in August 2010. Jumeirah Heights lies just off Sheikh Zayed Road next to the Jumeirah Islands community and will comprise mid to low-rise apartments and townhouses. ASGC will be working on one of two identical clusters, Frond B, comprising two mid-rise apartment buildings, 17 townhouses, and three low-rise buildings that

will house two- and three-bedroom loft apartments with private gardens. Jumeirah Heights is divided into three distinct areas – The Village Centre, The Fronds and The Clusters. The Village Centre contains two mid-rise buildings, consisting of 650 apartments and a variety of retail facilities including cafes, a supermarket, bank and pharmacy. Both The Fronds and The Clusters will offer a variety of leisure facilities which will include a swimming pool, a gym and a children’s play area. ASGC CEO Bishoy Azmy said: “Our continuous focus on reliability and integrity has played a vital role in making us a recognised contracting leader in this highly

competitive marketplace. By placing great importance on the principles of safety, quality and people, we have been able to satisfy our clients’ needs on every project.” Between 2005 and 2007, ASGC grew by 377% and its rapid growth was recognised when it was named Contractor of the Year at the Construction Week awards 2007. Other projects that ASGC is involved with include phase III of Dubai Internet City, Emirates Airlines staff accommodation, the new Dubai Police headquarters, phase II of The Greens, Lamcy Plaza, sector 6 of the Jumeirah Beach Residence, Golden Sands tower, Al Tayer tower, The Golden Mile, Windsor Manor, Vision Tower, The Villa, Dubai Studio City and Bay Square.


Countdown forCW Awards has begun The countdown to the Construction Week Awards has begun with all nominations currently being assessed by a panel of 15 judges. (See table below for complete list of judges.) The awards will be held on Wednesday, November 5, at the Westin Dubai and will be followed by a gala dinner that will also be held at the Westin. Details and enquires about the awards can be found on www.itp.

net/events/cwawards. The awards ceremony will be preceded by the Construction Week Conference, which will be held on the same day at Mina Al Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, The Arabian Resort in Dubai. With the current state of the global financial market, all eyes are on the region, taking note of the winning companies that manage to weather these tumultuous times.

Panel of judges for the CW Awards 1. Alex Zalami, advisor, UAE Ministry of Labour 2. Ali bin Towaih, chairman, Emirates Green Building Council 3. Antony Wood, executive director, Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat 4. Bishoy Azmy, CEO, Al Shafar General Contracting Company 5. David Gottfried, founder, World Green Building Council 6. Emad Eldin Farouq, senior legal consultant, Dubai Land Department 7. Falah Al Ahbabi, general manager, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council 8. Frank Odzewalski, CEO, Hunnebeck Middle East 9. Haytham Al Tajir, chairman, Al Tajir Real Estate 10. Joe Tabet, associate director, Atkins 11. Mohammed Dulaimi, director of project management, British University in Dubai 12. Philippe Dessoy, general manager, Besix 13. Rashid Galadari, chairman, GIO 14. Richard Wagner, vice president, UAE Architectural Association 15. Rod Stewart, regional managing director, Hyder Consulting Middle East

Dubai Mall to open this week

Dubai Mall will finally see the light of day this Thursday when it officially opens to the public. The opening of the mall had been pushed back two months due to delays in the construction of

infrastructure facilities such as parking. The mall was initially due to open on August 28. “By opening on October 30, we are not only offering customers the option of several added attractions but also better public amenities such as more parking for cars and smoother access,” Emaar chairman Mohamed Ali Alabbar said in August. When opened, Dubai Mall will be the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination.

October 25 - 31, 2008



Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY EVENT SET FOR OCT. 30 Dubai Knowledge Village, eTQM College and project management firm Sukad have partnered to organise a social and professional responsibility seminar on October 30 at Dubai Knowledge Village. The event will provide participants with an opportunity for networking in addition to knowledge sharing and learning about relevant topics to today’s challenging environment. Senior professionals, managers, senior managers, and executive from all industries and business sectors will participate in the event. Sukad CEO Mounir Ajam will discuss professional development and the importance of a career path approach to professional project management.

CHURCH BUILDING UNDERWAY IN QATAR The Anglican Church in Qatar has begun construction on a new center that will provide a place for prayer and worship for many Anglican, Protestant and Evangelical congregations in Doha. The project is being undertaken in three stages and will be completed in 15 months. Qatar’s ruler and Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, granted permission and donated land for Christians to build churches in the Arab emirate about five years ago. The Rt. Rev. Michael Lewis, Anglican Bishop in Cyprus and the Gulf, visited the site last month to lead prayers for the successful completion of the project, for the safety of the workers, and to offer “special thanksgiving to God for his mercy and compassion to all people living in Qatar,” according to a statement released by the Anglican Church in Qatar.


October 25 - 31, 2008

One of the Saudi projects aims to ease the traffic congestion problem on the ring road linking Jeddah and Damascus.

Saudi to spend US $31.9 million on infrastructure BY REEMA MEMON Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Transport has said that it will construct new roads in a bid to fix Jeddah’s increasing traffic congestion problem. The project will cost US $31.9 million (SAR120 million) and will be carried out in collaboration between the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. Further details of tenders and contracts have not been disclosed. The roads to be constructed will include the Al Haramin road, King Abdul Aziz Airport road, Al Corniche, and the road linking Jeddah and Damascus. The Jeddah roads link several cities in the western region including

Makkah, Madinah and the King Abdullah Economic City. The congestion problem mainly occurs on the ring road linking Jeddah and Damascus during the summer months when there is an increase in traffic. According to Mefreh Al Zahrani, general manager of traffic and transportation in the Ministry of Transport, the project will stretch 85km from Jeddah’s north Corniche to Thahban. “We have finished designing the Jeddah ring road and we have plans to link it to the main roads of Jeddah in order to improve traffic inside the city,” Al Zahrani told Construction Week. The Ministry of Transport is currently studying a larger plan for Saudi Arabia.

“The Ministry has also signed an agreement with the Jeddah Municipality to improve two crossings on the Jeddah Madinah highway located in north Jeddah,” said Al Zahrani. Sixty-eight locations in Jeddah are part of the project plan with the Jeddah Municipality looking to build bridges and tunnels to maintain a smooth flow of traffic.



The length of the road project from Jeddah's north Corniche to Thahban, Saudi Arabia.

REGIONAL NEWS IN BRIEF YEMEN, TURKEY TO PARTNER ON PROJECTS Yemeni Minister of Public Works and Roads Umar Al Kurshomi discussed developing the public works and roads in a cooperative agreement with Turkish Deputy Premier Nazim Akrenand in Yemen King Abdullah Prince last week. Alwaleed attended the The talksboth focused on developing inauguration of the Kingdom a partnership between the two Tower. countries, promoting investments in roads and housing projects, construction and benefiting from Turkish expertise in this area. Akren praised the historical relationship between the two countries, affirming his country’s keenness to develop this relationship in various fields. He pointed out to the importance of public works, road and housing projects in Yemen.


Bids invited for Qatar tower

FILIPINOS BIGGEST COMPLAINERS IN QATAR Filipino workers constitute the largest group of work-related complainers in Qatar, according to Qatar’s August Labour Department statistics. Indians and Nepalese are the second biggest complainant groups. Of the total complaints filed in August. Filipinos led at 32, while 14.1 were filed by Indians, the report said. Nepalese (14.1) and Sri Lankans (11.5) were the other major complainants.

APARTMENT COMPLEX TENDER OFFERED The Saudi Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu has issued a tender for the construction of apartment buildings at Jubail Industrial City. The contract covers the construction of six four-floor buildings. Each floor will have four apartments for families. The project is in the Jalmudah district of Jubail Industrial City.


October 25 - 31, 2008

Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company has invited a limited number of pre-qualified contractors to bid for the construction of a 112-storey tower in Doha, Qatar. It is the third construction package released for the Doha Exhibition Centre and Tower project which is valued at US $1.2 billion (QAR 4.4 billion). The first construction package was for the piling works for the overall project. The second, released just a few months ago, involved construction of the exhibition centre, and is due to be awarded by the end of the year. The tower will be comprised of a hotel with 300 guest rooms, 80 serviced apartments and 300 residential apartments. The exhibition centre will cover 100,000m2. Barwa Realhas, of which Qatari Diar owns 45%, has been appointed the main developer of the project. The tower was designed by architect Helmut Jahn, famous for the Deutsche Post building and the Sony Centre in Berlin. Qatari Diar was established by the Qatar government in 2004 to support the country’s real estate development priorities.

196 firms caught with illegal workers Nearly 200 companies have been caught hiring illegal workers this year. The UAE Ministry of Labour’s acting director general Humaid bin Demas was reported saying that 196 firms had been referred to the public prosecution and that the crackdown would continue. He also said that the majority had been found guilty and that fines

had reached tens of millions of dirhams. He added that tough measures will continue to be taken against violators to ensure a safe society and a stable labour market in which workers’ rights are protected. Last week, a Dubai court jailed a manager and fined his company more than six million dirhams for

hiring 95 illegal workers. The companies caught so far this year were employing 612 illegal people in total and those workers will be deported. Firms who employ illegal workers face a fine of US $27,000 (AED100,000) per illegal person plus a minimum of two months in jail.


Life is a cycle. And design company Timelinks has gone back in time to create a new age pyramid-city that it claims will be a 3D city of the future. Future or fantasy, Benjamin Millington takes a look at how it is going to work.

ver dreamt of a city without pollution, without ongoing construction, without traffic, in fact without any roads at all? It sounds like the very opposite of Dubai, which makes it slightly an ironic place to launch such a concept. But the designers of the Ziggurats project are here chasing investment for a city they claim could take up a fraction of land space and generate 100% of its own electricity. The idea is to have a “green” self-sufficient mega-structure



October 25 - 31, 2008

city of one million people living and working within it. This structure would consist of 12 separate buildings forming a pyramid and supporting a 1.47km tall tower in the centre. The tiered side of the pyramid structure will allow each residential apartment to have its own garden, with other areas being set aside as public parks. Residents will also have access to schools, hospitals, shopping, entertainment and everything else within a regular city. The key to the success of this

concept is its public transport system which seems to be a cross between a lift, a monorail and a super computer. “The transportation will consist of private cabins that can get you to any desired location within the city with the press of a button,” said Timelinks' founder Ridas Matonis. “The cabins travel along a three-dimensional network all over the city, which is controlled by a centralised computer. “The computer decides the quickest route, ensures there are

no traffic jams and any obstacles can be bypassed by redirecting cabins along alternative routes.” But with a proposed one million people using this system wouldn’t congestion seem a problem? Matonis insists it’s not. “We are using very simple technology that already exists and we’ve had many manufactures interested in helping to build the system,” he said. “There will also be walkways and cycle tracks built on top of the transport system linking the structures.

HOW-TO Ventilation and air conditioning


Wind power turbine


Hot air

Crops and food production Sunlight collectors

Built in technologies

“With all of this, the average commuter will take only 15 minutes to get to work.” By eliminating cars and utilising renewable energies, Matonis said they will have 90% less CO2 emissions compared to a regular city with a similar population. He said the entire city will be powered by unique engineering solutions that are based internally in the building, using a mixture of solar, steam and wind. The city’s electricity and cooling system utilises the stack effect – the movement of air in and out of a building driven by buoyancy that occurs due to a difference in indoor-to-outdoor air density resulting from temperature and moisture differences. Cool air will be taken from a high altitude at the apex of the building, where on average it is

10 degrees cooler, and delivered throughout the building. That significantly reduces cooling expenses, but also creates rising hot air, which helps drive wind turbines in vertical tubes that extend the full height of the building. The rising hot air and natural draught that builds up in these tubes creates an airflow that rotates the turbine and produces the bulk of the city’s electricity. Matonis said additional electricity will be generated through Ziggurat’s water supply system which utilises evaporation. It will harness solar energy to evaporate water in reservoirs on lower floors. The steamy air will rise to the top of the building where it will condense back into water. The water will then flow down for distribution through-

out the city; excess water flowing down will drive an electrical generator. In line with the green theme of the city, hydroponic greenhouses will also be built inside every building for fruit and vegetable production. As cities around the world continue to sprawl further into agricultural land, the saving of land space is another selling point for the Ziggurat's project. “Every city is expanding in 2D, but we have developed a city that expands in 3D – the lift system is our streets,” Matonis said. “We require only 5km2 of land for this project and if you compare this to a regular city of one million people, the average would be 320km2 of land. “The total build up area will be 4 million km2.”

Infrastructure costs This not only saves land for agricultural production but also infrastructure costs for the city. “This city will have 50% less infrastructure than a normal city because it is compact and in 3D,” Matonis said. “This will mean a reduction in electricity and water costs because the cost of distributing utilities is minimal. “Construction should also be cheaper than a normal tower and normal city because you have

no infrastructure or roads which account for 30% of a normal city – so that’s a big saving.” Matonis said the construction methods used will be no different to those used for a normal building. “What we are using here is very simple technologies which exist now. The building is made of steel, glass, concrete – nothing special.” Even if construction is cheap and simple, will developers be willing to take a punt on such a new concept? Matonis said he is confident. “Since the launch people are very excited about it, we have had a lot of interest from developers, investment groups and governments,” he said. “In fact we have already had meetings with some government officials who are interested. “Some people want to start straight away, but I still think it we take some time.” Matonis said it is likely the first Ziggurats project could be on a smaller than the one million people model. He said they can design the same city to accommodate as little as 15,000 people. This would certainly be a good trial for city’s infrastructure and transport system and also test whether enough people want to live and work in such an environment.

October 25 - 31, 2008



Logical Fencing was established in 2007 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as a manufacturer solutions, who undertook small to medium size contracts in the United

Now, Logical Fencing has expanded into a much larger concern and has become one o temporary and permanent fencing market, employing multi skilled and qualified installers b

We now undertake major projects, not only in Dubai, but also much further afield in plac

For more information please contact: Midd Mob: +971 50 2596524 - Office: +971 4 8856606 - Fax www.logicalco

Logical Fencing, A division of Logical Contracting LLC, Has established itself as one of the UAE’s market leaders in the latest hoarding systems.

and supplier of construction hoarding d Arab Emirates.

of the market leaders within the based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

es throughout the whole of the GCC.

Fencing Products Our services and products include: • Portable Steel Barricade Hoarding System • Eco Logical RPP Hoarding • Excel Flush Grounded Steel Hoarding System • Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates • Pedestrian Barriers • 3.5m x 2.0m Anti Climb Temporary Mesh Fencing • 2.5m to 12m High Advertisment Hoarding • Timber Fencing / Hoarding • Animal Fencing • Chain Link Fencing • Palisade Fencing Systems • Railing Systems We can advise on most requirements for bespoke solutions, for more information please contact us.

dle East Sales Director Mr. Al Ghattaura on: x: +971 4 8856605 Email:


Contractors dodging the fast lane because of full work load Principal architect for Burt Hill, Ivar Krasinski, discusses how fast-tracking construction contracts work and what it could mean for all parties involved on a project in the Gulf. Can you define fast-tracking?

What are the problems with fasttracking in reality?

There is a misconception about what fast-tracking is, some less sophisticated clients assume that fast-tracking means having a shorter schedule and that’s it. But actually fast-tracking requires a lot more coordination between the client, the consultant and the contractors from the very earliest stages of the project.

How should it work? In an ideal situation the client approves the concept after it has already been brought before a contractor and the contractor is familiar with the range of options. By the time the concept is finished, the contractor will have come up with a price, will have had discussions with the designer and client about potential value steering options and will have input on certain decisions that were made in the concept. After that, everyone moves together into a schematic design phase where the contractor becomes a partner in the design and can help the client and architect make a project more efficient, quicker and cheaper to build. At the end of the schematic design phase there’s a second pricing set, the contractor sees how this affects the bills of quantity and so on; sees how the staging of the structure will be affected by the current state of design. Then you move on to the other design phases and at every phase there is a price adjustment.


October 25 - 31, 2008

Ivar Krasinski, principal architect, Burt Hill.

What this does for the client at the tender phase means you’re not going to have a long period of value engineering or arguing with the contractor about details and specifics because the contractor was a partner in the design process. Once the construction document set is out, the project is pretty much good to go and they can begin at that point. Everyone benefits from this, but all the three parties need to coordinate their schedules with a transparent flow of information between them.

The reality in the Gulf market is that most clients expect a fast track but the contractors have no incentive to do it because they’ve got so much work on. In other markets in Europe and North America, where fast-tracking really began, the idea made a lot of sense because contractors were relatively hungry and they were willing to take the risk to put in the time for a design that may or may not happen from the conceptual phase. In Dubai the opposite is true, they are willing to wait it out, see if the project materialises and if they don’t get the contract, they don’t really mind. What tends to happen is that clients assume they will get a contractor on board at the end of concept but they don’t. Then the negotiations continue throughout the life of the project and the schedule doesn’t get longer and the contractor doesn’t actually come on until the very end. This means all those benefits that were supposed to be there to make the schedule shorter didn’t actually materialise and the schedule ends up being longer than it was originally intended to be.

“ Everyone benefits from fast-tracking, but all parties need to coordinate their schedules ”

Is this a common problem? We don’t pull our hair out about it, but it’s something that we end up dealing with. It could definitely be prevented on certain projects and if some clients were a little bit more pro-active and really understood the value of working with a fast track and sticking to their end of the bargain and making sure all the contractor agreements are in place as early as possible, they could really benefit a lot.

Can clients use a facilitator or management group to coordinate a fast track? Absolutely, there are some construction managers out there that have fast-tracking contracts within their scope of expertise and experience. The problem is that clients don’t always want to use them, they just go out and get anyone who calls themselves a project manager and those people are not necessarily familiar with a two-stage tender or fasttrack process. This causes a lot of assumptions to be made that are not necessarily correct. By having a construction manager with fast-track experience the client can really gain a lot of time and avoid a lot of the pitfalls. Also, if you get a construction company that is reluctant to take the risk, there are ways to structure a contract so that the risk is shared between the contractor and the client. That way you give them more incentive to actually enter into a fast-track programme.


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Hall 1 – Air conditioning and refrigeration Halls 2 and 3 – Building and construction Hall 4 – Water technology Halls 5 and 6 – Italian exhibitors and building and construction Hall 7 – Turkish exhibitors Hall 8 – Greek, Malaysian and Australian exhibitors The Pavilion – Egyptian exhibitors Al Multaqua – Chinese exhibitors Sheikh Maktoum Hall – Various national groups, including Romania, China, India, Slovenia, Turkey and Hong Kong. Zabeel Hall – German exhibitors and building and construction The cleaning and maintenance and the glass and metal sectors will be spread across different halls


October 25 - 31, 2008


October 25 - 31, 2008



DM GREEN GUIDELINES EXPECTED AT BIG 5 Simon Mellor, vice-president for the construction sector at dmg world media talks to Shikha Mishra about how the Big 5 exhibition will be bigger and better this year. What can we expect from the Big 5 this year? To be held at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, the Big 5 is larger than previous years with 38,000m2 of net space. We have managed to do that because we launched a new section on the show floor which we have described as the Zabeel Galleries. This area will run the three Zabeel halls at the convention centre. These are small exhibition stands designed to allow first-timers to participate in the show. This will be an introduction to the Big 5 for these companies. This space has been specifically reserved for UAEbased businesses, rather than being released internationally, and it will bring around 500m2 of additional space to the show and about 99 new companies.

What will be new for the PMV show? Also new for 2008 is the proximity


October 25 - 31, 2008

of PMV to the main event. Last year when PMV was launched, it was the biggest new show to be launched in the Middle East. This year we have moved PMV to the outdoor exhibition area adjacent to Novotel Hotel and it will be spread over 15,000m2. The PMV show was held last year at the Airport Expo and the transition of traffic between the two venues wasn’t ideal. This year it is a walk across the road, so we are expecting a significant amount of the Big 5 visitors to be attending the PMV show and vice versa. The combined space of the two shows unquestionably makes the Big 5 and PMV the largest trade show in the Middle East.

Will Big 5 have related conferences or other associated events? This year we are going to launch the technical conference which the Big 5 has not had previously. It’s a modest start for us – it will

be a one-day event featuring 11 international and local speakers. The focus will be on the challenges of green building technology, so innovations in building materials which are typically relevant to the green building issue will be highlighted. It will be held at the Monarch Hotel adjacent to the trade centre on November 24. One of the most exciting announcements that we have to make is that during that programme, the keynote speaker will be the director-general of Dubai Municipality who will release and launch its green building regulations. This year we have also

introduced the issue of safety and public health, particularly within the construction industry. We have set up a series of workshops with the British Safety Council (BSC), who are well-established in the Middle East and have a great international reputation as credible independent trainers. BSC will conduct a suite of workshops where visitors can gain valuable professional training and development on a range of topics related to safe business practice and management of health of workers within the construction industry. They will offer live

BIG 5 INTERVIEW CURRICULUM VITAE Simon Mellor, vice-president of construction for dmg world media Dubai Ltd. His responsibilities include managing all current and construction-related conferences and exhibitions in the Middle East, as well as any existing and future development in the industry. Prior to relocating to the Middle East, he was based in Canada for three years working with dmg world media, co- managing the Canadian and North American oil and gas portfolio. This covered a broad range of national, North American and international oil and gas events, including on-shore, off-shore, specialised and non-specialised energy related products. He has been a director of dmg world media in the UK in the five years prior to moving to Canada, during which he was responsible for various divisions of its business-to-business media portfolio. He has been involved in the media industry for 19 years.

“The focus will be

training on-site every day while the exhibition is runnin. In addition, we are also launching the Gaia Awards in association with Construction Week. These awards have been designed to give visitors to the show an opportunity to see products that are related to green building challenges. We have 27 short-listed finalists who will be awarded one of four green classification medals; green medal – finalists, commended products – bronze medal, highly commended – silver medal and most valued product – gold medal. We will formally release the top finalists on November 5

at the Construction Week Awards ceremony. Visitors to the show will see the Gaia imagery. Each of the 27 companies will be given transparencies or floor tiles relevant to their brands and as people are walking around the show, they will be able to see the winners and find them. It’s a showcasing exercise and the idea is to create a green trail of products on the show floor, rather than a conventional awards show where there is no physical connection with the product. With this exercise, people actually get to touch and experience the product, meet the people responsible for it, and they have five days to do it. We will present certificates to the winners on November 22 at a ceremony during the show.

What about related traffic and parking problems at the event? Will the situation be better this year? We were in attendance at Cityscape 2008, and we have made our notes and observations. Dubai has gained its success and branding through its trade shows. What is hugely important for us as organisers is that visitors and exhibitors who come into Dubai for these shows have a positive experience, whether it is with the

on the challenges of green building technology, so innovations in building materials, which are typically relevant to the green building issue, will be highlighted” hotels, airlines or the traffic. The engineering and public works sector in Dubai are consistently challenged, and as residents of Dubai, we understand that problem. But visitors don’t understand the situation. So this year, we are working on a number of innovations to try and mitigate the impact construction work will have on the event. As our show increases in size, and we bring a completely new show into the immediate proximity of on-going construction work, we are

working closely with the venue and the authorities to manage the process as best as we can.

What turn-out can we expect from this year’s show? The Big 5 has a reputation as a business show. What makes it truly unique, and one of its major success factors, is that people come to the show to spend money and buy products. Its success lies in its relationship within the GCC and the Mena region, and it is becoming more international. We have seen a growth in attendance over the last two to three years from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and India, and they continue to be focus markets for us. We are expecting more than 50,000 visitors, 3000 exhibiting companies and about 15,000 products at the show. The needs of the industry are changing, and the focus is now on environmental best practices in terms of construction and refurbishment of buildings. The decree from HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to move towards green buildings is backed up with our activities with Dubai World Trade Centre, and we anticipate that we will go even greener, starting from this year. October 25 - 31, 2008



Big 5 committed to green building The Dubai Municipality is poised to launch its new green building regulations at the Big Technical Conference at this year's Big 5 show. Speaking to Construction Week, dmg world media vice president – construction sector Simon Mellor said: “One of the most exciting announcements that we have to make is that during the conference, the keynote speaker will be the director-general of Dubai Municipality who will release and launch its green building regulations.” Designed to raise awareness, establish and support an active industry forum for

discussion, technology and best practice adoption, the conference will unite international experts to present practical project case studies, UAE green building compliance requirements and rating schemes such as Leed. From this year on, the Big 5 will focus on green building products and technologies and will commit to advancing highperformance, energy efficient green building solutions and environmentally friendly technologies. The Big 5 technical conference will be held on November 24 at the Monarch hotel adjacent to the Trade Centre.

Using solar power is one method of sustainable building.

Matthew Consultants P O S T



Matthew Consultants, part of the Walsh Group, is an award winning structural engineering consultancy at the forefront of the design and development of post-tensioned concrete structures. Matthew Consultants provide an in-depth specialist design service to contractors, developers and design consultants from concept to construction. Beetham Tower, Tallest PT frame UK, Tallest residential tower in Europe

Walsh Gro u

p Contact: Tim Finbow (Managing Director)

Whiston Hospital Largest PT frame completed in UK 2008, Award nominee for PT design


October 25 - 31, 2008

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Lifting and moving heavy loads Fast and simple self-assembly system Technical components simple to understand and easy to reach Made in Germany

SENNEBOGEN 5500 StarLifter

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GGC civil construction to top US $330bn by end of year The civil construction boom in the Gulf is expected to exceed US $330 billion (AED1.2 trillion) by the end of the year. This is more than 10 times the annual investment currently being made in the region, according to new research. “The hydrocarbon economies of the Gulf are now an international force with world-class companies creating windfall profits to help governments diversify away from oil,” said Bernard Walsh, managing director of dmg world media Dubai, organisers of the Big 5 show. “There are huge profits in the oil and gas industry but in 30 years from now – perhaps less – it may be a very different story, so diversification now is key to sustainable long-term growth,” he added. “Unlike the previous oil booms of the 1970s and 1980s, the region is investing heavily in infrastructure and its own future, which is clearly reflected in the current civil construction boom.” The GCC countries are currently at the centre of the world’s most concentrated construction boom – focused particularly on the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The Big 5 research partner Proleads is currently monitoring more than 3800 active construction projects across the region worth around $3.5 trillion in total. The civil projects involved include all commercial, education, health, residential, retail, hotel, leisure, entertainment, theatre, cinema and mixed-use buildings along with civil infrastructure

Developer of Palm Jumeriah, Nakheel, has its own dedicated environmental and sustainability department.

The GCC is currently at the centre of the world’s most concentrated construction boom with more than 3800 active projects. ITP/Thanos Lazopoulos

such as canals, reclamation, airports, bridges, ports, roads and railways. “The GCC countries recognise that they have been dependent completely on oil and gas and are trying to diversify their economies,” said Walsh. “Gulf countries have histori-

cally underinvested in their own infrastructure but have clearly realised the requirement to do so now. That paradigm shift is becoming hugely apparent in this latest research. “We are seeing it not only in infrastructure such as roads, air-

ports, railways but also in utilities such as power generation and water which are also seeing massive investments. The value of GCC power generation projects, for example, is projected to peak by the end of 2009 at $27 billion with water projects contributing $15 billion. October 25 - 31, 2008




November 17, 18 & 19, 2008Ý(Mon, Tue & Wed) 09:30 am

2 – UNUSED – 2008 TADANO GT-900-1 90 TON


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Come visit us at the Big 5 PMV, Dubai World Trade Centre 23 – 27 November, 2008 / Stand number: B80 Sale Site: P.O. Box 16897, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971.4.883.8398 Fax: +971.4.883.8495 PLEASE CALL FOR A FREE BROCHURE

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Hunza glows at Big 5 Hunz

New Zealand-based lighting firm Hunza Outdoor Lighting, which manufactures lighting products designed to enhance the outdoor environment at night, will be exhibiting at this year’s Big 5 show. The company said it offers a comprehensive range of outdoor luminaries which combines extreme durability with a modern attractive appearance and

eco-friendly lamp options. Hunza will launch the new SafeTouch inground uplighters and Eco Series products featuring the latest MR16 metal halide lamps and high-output LEDs. These products provide significant energy savings, low maintenance due to the long lamp life and also the most advanced cool touch lens systems available for

safety in public environments. Hunza recently hosted an international meeting of master distributors at the Hyatt Regency Coolum Beach in Queensland, Australia. The group of attendees included representatives from Hunza’s major markets throughout the world such as the Middle East (Dubai), North America, United

Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. “Hunza maintains a very close relationship with our key distributors,” said Hunza founder and owner Andrew Cunningham. “And these conferences allow us to keep them updated with new technology and brand developments as well as receive direct market feedback.”

Scottish bathroom firm makes its debut Scottish manufacturer of pre-fabricated bathroom pods RB Farquhar is officially opening its doors in the UAE at the Big 5. The company will also set up a manufacturing plant in Al Ain next year. The company has more than 60 years experience in the manufacturing industry, while being responsible for some groundbreaking modular construction techniques.

The company offers a quality and cost-effective alternative for construction companies that would traditionally have had to build bathrooms on-site, having to employ many specialist workers to do the job. A fully-finished bathroom pod leaves RB Farquhar’s assembly line every 15 minutes and is installed by the company on-site. The use of pre-fabricated bathrooms allows the client to increase

the specifications of the design without necessarily increasing the cost as the company buys materiITP/Thanos Lazopoulos als in bulk and off-site manufacturing permits a faster and much higher quality finish. The firm has been designing and building bathroom pods since 1990, providing for hotels, residential, student accommodation and military markets. It has experience in the fabrication of both high-end luxury pods

as well as simple and effective designs to suit all clients. Michael Shand, managing director of RB Farquhar, said, “By opening a custom-built manufacturing plant in Al Ain we are able to fully facilitate the needs of clients in a quick, efficient and costeffective way. “Myself and the team are very excited about the upcoming months and making a name for ourselves in the region.” October 25 - 31, 2008



Spanish companies aim to make their mark with trade missions

Ten trade missions, combined with reverse missions, will be sent by the Spanish commercial office to the UAE throughout the fourth quarter of the year.

The Big 5 will see Spanish companies actively exploring business opportunities in the UAE. They will be supported by the Spanish Embassy’s commercial office, the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and a wide range of local chambers of commerce and trade associations. Different commercial initiatives will be in place, with direct trade missions accounting for the lion’s share of the total.

These will be combined with reverse trade missions in which representatives from the UAE market will have the chance to get a first-hand glimpse into the Spanish industry. Taking part in the expanding UAE trade shows will continue to be one of the pillars of the Spanish approach to the local market. Efforts will be made to enhance and enlarge the Spanish performance in key trade shows by partic-

ipating in exhibitions like the Big 5 show. Key industrial and commercial associations fromITP/Thanos Spain Lazopoulos will lead and organise the Spanish delegations in the UAE trade fairs. Participation in exhibitions reflects the growing status of the Spanish civil work and engineering sector in the UAE. At the same time, provision of Spanish building machinery and materials has also contribut-

ed, achieving a performance in the first five months of this year, hitting US $85 million (AED420 million) and $50.5 million respectively. Direct trade missions will be used by the Spanish commercial office throughout the fourth quarter of the year. Totalling 10 delegations to the UAE, trade missions will cover a wide range of economic, commercial and industrial activities. October 25 - 31, 2008



Don’t get your fingers burnt Fire safety and protection measures should be looked at in the design stage, where it is the responsibility of architects and developers to consider what safety measures to put in place.

When fires and resulting tragedies occurred during the construction of the Fortune Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers and the Khalid Al Attar Tower 2 on Sheikh Zayed Road, fire safety in the region took precedence. At this year’s Big 5 show, Liquid Plastics, in conjunction with the UK Institute of Fire Safety Managers, will be hosting the ‘Don’t Get Your Fingers Burnt’ seminar for construction industry professionals to learn more about fire risks. The event will demonstrate to architects, contractors, and specifiers that there are alternative options to high-risk roof waterproofing methods such as hot


October 25 - 31, 2008

bitumen and torch-applied felts. All buildings in the UAE must adhere to the Fire Protection Federal Law for 1991, with other international standards – such as those from the National Fire Protection Association – also being recognised. In order to conform, fire safety and protection measures should be looked at in the design stage, where it is the responsibility of architects and developers to consider what safety measures to put in place and which fire resistant building materials to use. In addition, it is important to give thought to the application methods of the chosen building materials, including the roof waterproofing systems.

The focus of the seminar is to highlight the importance of including fire safe processes at the very early stages of design, and ensuring that only certified products are used during the construction process. John Williamson, chairman of the UK’s Institute of Fire Safety Managers, will be a keynote speaker at the event. “Many professionals who work at the specification stage are not fully aware that traditional methods of applying roofing systems often require temperatures in excess of 500°C to 800°C using gas torches, and hot air or hot gas guns,” said Williamson. “These methods have been

used for many years, resulting in countless roof fires, and occasionally causing severe damage and even the loss of entire buildings.” Liquid Plastics, manufacturer of seamless protection systems, introduced its answer to flamefree, heat-free roof waterproofing in the UK several decades ago. Since that time its product – Decothane – has evolved into a top of the range waterproof roof membrane seen today on buildings such as Sharjah Airport, Ethiopia’s palace at Bahir Dar, and currently in use on the roof of one of the world’s largest prestigious car showrooms in Abu Dhabi.



October 25 - 31, 2008


BIG 5: THE 2008 EDITION The Big 5 and PMV exhibition is in the right position to tap into the US $2.8 trillion construction boom in the Middle East. Shikha Mishra discovers how the building and construction segment, apart from the PMV, will form a major part of the main show.


ith increased floor space, an even larger number of exhibitors, associated conferences and events, the Big 5 (as its website loudly proclaims) “just got big-

ger” this year. The exhibition will be divided into segments such as building and construction; water technology and environment; air-conditioning and refrigeration; cleaning and maintenance; glass and metal; bathrooms and ceramics; marble and stone and PMV. “Traditionally there is some amount of product division at the exhibition, especially with the AC and stone and marble sections. Currently there are no plans to change the way the show is laid out. There is a certain amount of familiarity in the show and we want visitors to find stalls where they usually are used to seeing them,” says Simon Mellor, vice-president of the construction sector, dmg world media, organisers of Big 5. As one of the major components of the

October 25 - 31, 2008


Hill McGlynn Sponsors of the Construction Week Awards Corporate Social Responsibility Category

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exhibition, the building and construction segment will be a strong one this year. VSL, a major supplier of formwork ties will be located at the C21 booth in the Zabeel hall in the German pavilion. “We will showcase different applications for bars. Our stand will have different diameters of bars, anchor piles and home ties. We will also showcase certain types of corrosion protection products. Also at the stand will be our German partner for the bar business, SAH. They are the reason we are in the German pavilion this year,” says Shemi PS, VSL’s sales manager, bar systems. The VSL stand will be manned by engineers from the company who will answer questions about the company’s products and their applications. “A number of stands at the exhibition have too many cosmetic add-ons. We are participating in this exhibition purely to answer serious queries,” says Alain Rossetto, VSL’s general manager. According to Rosetto, the company has been participating in the Big 5 for a number of years and it is a good place to network, as a large number of trade visitors come in from the surrounding Gulf region. “It is a premier event in terms of exhibitions related to our business, and it is one of the few exhibitions that can actually fill five halls,” he says.

“We receive a number

of general contractors, specialist subcontractors, architects and developers from Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and the UAE” Laith Haboubi, Maipei’s business development manager

October 25 - 31, 2008



VSL (Bar Systems) Team from left: Shemi P.S (sales manager, Bar Systems), Stephen Burke (deputy general manager), Elizabeth Guerrero (marketing engineer), Alain Rossetto (general manager) at the thread bar cutting facility (imported band saw from Germany). Display of thread bars for marine/sheet pile applications. top – double corrosion protected tie rod; middle – hot dip galvanised tie rod; bottom – tie rod with turnbuckle.

Maipei deals in adhesives and sub-floor preparation for wooden and PVC flooring and the company is currently in the process of commissioning a factory in Dubai Investment Park. Their stand at the exhibition will be spread over 72m2. “We are showcasing around nine of our product lines, including a ceramic line, special adhesives and grout sealants for the stone and ceramic industry, apart from waterproofing products,” says Laith Haboubi, Maipei’s business development manager. “So far some of the products or technologies available to the construction industry in the UAE have been average and have conformed to certain standards. In the future, these materials or technologies will not be able to keep up with the fast track pace of Dubai’s projects,” he says. “The market is now demanding higher performing materials that comply with environmental requirements such as Leed, or products that set faster. For example, tiles were applied to concrete blocks earlier, but now gypsum boards or pre-cast is being used,” says Haboubi. As a major regional exhibition, the Big 5 usually draws visitors from the Middle East. “We receive a number of general contractors, specialist sub-contractors, architects and developers from Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and the UAE,” says Haboubi. As the PMV show has been moved to the outside area of the Dubai Trade and Convention Centre from its location at the


October 25 - 31, 2008


“Big 5 is not hugely

valuable to us as a business-getter, as we have plenty of work right now. The exhibition is a good way to meet our business contacts and make them aware of what we do” Brad Abrahams, Terex Middle East’s divisional sales manager for the Middle East and southern Africa

Airport Expo, companies are expecting a higher attendance than last year due to the better venue placement, which will translate into more enquiries and interaction. Al Laith Scaffolding will be at the B70 stand at PMV this year. Tim Richards, the company’s divisional manager, powered access, says that participating in the exhibition is more of a “showing our face” exercise for the company to make visitors aware of their diversity. “Big 5 is not hugely valuable to us as a business-getter, as we have plenty of work right now. The exhibition is a good way to meet our business contacts and make them aware of what we do. Visitors to our stall will be able to view HEK mast climbers, HEK’s new lift, innovations in aluminium scaffolds, pipe welding and AWPs,” he says. Terex Equipment Middle East will be at stand J 30, car park C at the PMV. The company recently set up a new sales and marketing office in Dubai due to the huge demand from the PMV sector in the Middle East. Terex offers a range of range of access, lifting and site lighting solutions suited to a wide variety of applications.


October 25 - 31, 2008

“We will be exhibiting the Terex hydraulic power buggy and several self-propelled Genie lifting products including a GS-1932 electric scissor lift, a Z-45/25J DC articulating boom, a GR-20 Runabout personnel lift and a GTH-4017 SX rough terrain telehandler,” says Brad Abrahams, Terex Middle East, divisional sales manager of the Middle East and southern Africa. For Abdul Qader, chairman, Al Wasit Machinery, the PMV provides a good platform for his company as a construction equipment dealer as decision makers from the local and international construction industry are expected to visit the show. Al Wasit will be at stand OA50. “Through the exhibition we spread awareness of the product range we offer and we generate potential sales leads,” says Qader.

Display of various grade and sizes of thread bars.

Top Quality German Crafted High Tensile Bars Visit u s the Big at 5 Show – 2008 Booth C Zabee 21, l Hall Germa n Pavi lion




LOCAL STOCK AVAILABLE CUT TO LENGTH VARIOUS BAR GRADES VARIOUS CORROSION PROTECTION WIDE RANGE OF DIAMETERS Contact: Elizabeth tel: +971 (4) 885 6635 / +971 (0) 50 554 2945 fax: +971 (4) 885 6639


Putzmeister pumps concrete to 63m Germany-based Putzmeister (PM) will be showcasing a range of concrete pumps, placing booms and mobile telescopic conveyors at the Big 5 PMV show in Dubai next month. As a good example of its range of large truck-mounted concrete pumps, PM will present the BSF 63-5.20 H. With a vertical boom reach of around 63m, this 6-axle machine is one of the largest truck-mounted concrete pump in the Middle East. Despite its size, the BSF 63-5.20 H is characterised by a high degree of flexibility in several respects, for example the 5-arm concrete placing boom that not only has a high vertical reach, but also an impressive horizontal working range. The flexibility of the machine is further aided by the variable Ergonic Flexible Support (EFS) system. According to PM, until now truck-mounted concrete pumps could only be operated on the fully supported side for reasons of stability. The system also allows the placing boom to be moved into areas with limited space and the number of possible applications is considerably expanded, the net vertical reach is increased, the working capacity is greater and there is improved cost-effectiveness for truck-mounted concrete pumps. Beside a flexible concrete placing boom and the support system, the BSF 63-5.20 H also has a


October 25 - 31, 2008

The Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pump has a 63m vertical reach and flexible 5-arm placing boom technology. high-capacity pump unit that enables outputs of up to 200m³/h – which it claims is a record amount for a truck-mounted concrete pump. Even if outputs of this volume are seldom required, these power reserves allow particularly smooth and low-wear operation in the day-to-day running of the machine due to the low number of transfer tube switchovers per cubic metre of concrete. The PM’s long-reach boom pump also has four steered and three driven axles allowing it to be mobile on surfaces other than paved roads. Other machines that will be on show are the mobile highpressure concrete pump MOLI 2110 HP (Mobile Line Pump). The pump unit is the same as the

stationary PM BSA 2110 HP D concrete pump. The world record delivery height of 606m was set by a modified machine from this range for the Burj Dubai in April 2008. The MOLI 2110 HP is mounted on a 3-axle Mack truck and powered by a powerful 318kw diesel engine. For high-rise concreting, PM also has a range of stationary concrete placing booms with reaches of 24m to 50m. Putzmeister will also be exhibiting the new RS850 tubular column system, which carries the boom and can also climb floor by floor – according to the progress of the construction – supported by an automated climbing system. During construction, not only

concrete is pumped and placed: sand, gravel, hardcore, lean-mix concrete, top soil, substrate for green roof coverings, etc. must also be transported and often across obstacles. The company will also showcase a range of Telebelt mobile telescopic conveyors meant to transport dry bulk materials that cannot be pumped. These will include the TB 130. The machine has a hydraulically driven, pivoting and almost 12m long feed conveyor that receives the materials – supplied by a wheel loader for example. PM products can be viewed at the company stands - OC10 and OD15 in the Big 5 PMV section.

PRESTON SUPERDECK The world’s safest and most efficient delivery system The rectractable platforms are positioned vertically, one above the other, and so facilitate faster deliveries of heavy and bulky building materials directly to any floor levels without interfering with the external completion of the building. Features and Benefits sEasy and quick to install - within 15 minutes s Reduces crane movements and increases crane efficiency s Max. load 5.000kg s One man manual operation sSupplied complete and ready to use sSuperior safety features s Leveling ramps - easy access for trolleys and pallet trucks etc.

Authorised Exclusive Distributor in the Gulf: Combisafe Gulf L.L.C Tel: 04 3204146 I Fax: 04 3201755 I




Visit us in Dubai BIG 5 Show 2008 Hall 3 Booth 3B 111






Complete turn-key systems Energy & space saving

Skid mounted units Hygienic hot water

Specification support Compact design

Leading-edge construction Stainless steel quality



• 350 rooms & 100 serviced apartments 27,000 litres/h hygienic hot water at 60°C • 2 Stainless steel electric water heaters • 4 Pool heaters & coolers • 2 City water coolers

• Armani Hotel, Residences, Offices 71,000 litres/h hygienic hot water at 60°C • 11 Gas condensing boilers 300 kW • 11 Skid mounted heat exchanger packages each 300 kW



• 249 rooms & 93 villas 39,000 litres/h hygienic hot water at 60°C • 3 Steam boilers 4,000 kg/h – 11 bar • 4 Stainless steel high capacity water heaters 450 kW – 5,000 litres

• 6 buildings, each with 156 apartments 10,000 litres/h hygienic hot water at 60°C • Solar gain 80 % • 200 m2 solar panel area • 2 Gas condensing boilers • 3 Stainless steel calorifiers 3,000 litres


Safety will be a key feature at Big 5 show Safety is the key at this year’s Big 5 PMV show, with a record number of suppliers of harnesses, edge protection and protective work wear. Companies such as Zeman, Sperian and Safety Lifting will all be at the show. Also present will be firms specialising in crane safety technology, such as SMIE and SK Group. Streamline Marketing Group director Nick Webb and organiser of the Big 5 PMV said, “It is reassuring to see the safety industry growing here in the Middle East, in correlation with the construction boom. The Big 5 PMV provides an ideal forum to raise awareness of construc-

tion safety and the latest products available, and we are proud to support Build Safe Dubai.” This year’s Big 5 PMV features a purpose built indoor pavilion and a large outdoor arena and for five days will provide a meeting place for the regional and international construction machinery industry. “We are very pleased to see a big event like the Big 5 PMV take safety seriously. We hope to encourage those attending and participating in the event to make safety their first priority,” said Elias McGrath, group administrator of Build Safe Dubai.

Firms specialising in crane safety technology will be on show at the Big 5.


October 25 - 31, 2008







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Knauf to showcase at expo Germany-based dry walling firm, Knauf will introduce its Cleaneo Acoustic boards at the Big 5 exhibition. They are perforated gypsum boards, which actually reduce indoor air pollution. This proven air-cleaning effect is now possible with the addition of Zeolite to the core of the boards. Zeolite is a natural water-containing rock of volcanic origin. The company will also be introducing Aquapanel Cement Board Systems. Developed by Knauf USG systems, Aquapanel is the “next generation” cement board of choice for construction professionals in Europe. Knauf is now introducing it to the GCC market.

According to the company, there are two types of Aquapanel boards which are available, depending on the application type. Knauf has been exhibiting at the Big 5 for the past five years. Established in 1932, with its headquarters located in Iphofen, Germany, Knauf is a manufacturer of drywall building materials such as gypsum boards, metal profiles, joint compounds and insulation materials. With a workforce of 22,000, Knauf manufactures its products in 50 countries from 150 plants, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the US and Latin America. Recently, Knauf established the ground for the new gypsum board

With a workforce of 22,000, Knauf manufactures in 50 countries from 150 plants.

plant, in Ras Al Khaimah, and the production plant is expected to be completed late nex year and have a production capacity of 40 million m² of gypsum boards per year.

The factory will also produce plasters and additional components of the drywall systems such as metal studs, channels, joint compounds and drywall accessories.

Scheuten to shed some solar power November Solar energy provider, Scheuten Solar is looking to generate some serious leads from project developers who express the need for adopting BIPV in new buildings at this year’s Big 5 show, according to the firm. The company has a solar cell manufacturing unit and an ultramodern factory for the manufacture of Multisol modules and Optisol special modules.


October 25 - 31, 2008

In 2006 Scheuten decided, together with a German solar product manufacturer, to build its own silicon factory. Scheuten aims to operate across the whole quality spectrum, from the silicon to the energetics stage. The company is investing heavily in the future. Many millions are being invested in the solar cell business on the basis

of revolutionary new thin film technology. Manufacture of this thin film system is due to commence at a new factory later this year. In initial stage Scheuten will focus on the Building Integrated PV [BIPV] activity, especially for larger-scale iconic buildings in prestigious projects. In the second stage they will develop the market for PV Modules for a

wide range of applications varying from small-scale off-grid solutions to multi-MW solar farms. According to the company, there has been an explosive growth of solar use in the global market with the Middle East market to follow shortly. Poor awareness and acceptance of use of BIPV is restricting demand for the product at the moment.


World record M70-5 pump on show Putzmeister will present the M 705, the largest truck-mounted concrete pump boom in the world, at the Big 5 PMV next month. With a vertical reach of around 70m and the largest working radius to date, the machine has raised the bar definitively in the concrete construction sector. The machine is fitted with large-capacity two-cylinder piston pumps that can attain a maximum output of 200mÂł/h. To reduce the load moment of the huge placing boom the company uses special high-strength materials both in the steel frame of the M 70 and for the hydraulic cylinders to achieve weightoptimised construction. Thanks to the One Side Support (OSS) system, the pump can be installed and operated safely

helps the concrete pump save fuel during operation by automatically adjusting the engine to the maximum speed needed. If required, this speed can be increased or decreased at any time via the radio remote control, resulting in lower fuel consumption, less wear and reduced noise levels during pump operation. Three axles of the semi-trailer and two axles of the M 70-5 tractor unit are steered.

on construction sites where space is restricted. During OSS operation, the width of the front and rear support is reduced to only 9.2m. Concrete is pumped through lowwearing, twin-wall delivery pipes (ProLine 67 HRC, DN 117) with a life span of up to 10 times longer than standard pipes (ST 52).

The M 70-5 is also fitted with an Ergonic Boom Control (EBC) which allows the operator to control the boom more easily by using a joystick to reduce vibrations at the vertical end hose and to limit the working area. The machine is also fitted with an Ergonic Output Control (EOC) as standard. The EOC module

Technical boom data M 70-5 Vertical reach: 69.3m Horizontal reach: 65.1m Depth of reach: 51.4m Number of boom arms: 5 Slewing circle: 365° Folding type: Roll Z (RZ) Delivery line: ND 117 (2-ply, ProLine 67 HRC) Support width: 13.4m (front); 13.8m (rear) OSS support:9.2m (front); 9.2m (rear) Overall length: Approx. 21.4m






October 25 - 31, 2008



With Ramboll Whitby Bird’s engineers on the ground utilizing the worldwide resources of the Ramboll group a world-class result is guaranteed. Ramboll Whitby & Bird’s engineering is robust, elegant and cost effective. A commitment to sustainable development informs all our work. Our technological expertise has enabled us to deliver many landmark projects. Our combined pool of knowledge & multiple disciplines ensure that we are able to provide our Clients with the best possible solutions to engineering challenges. We offer a full range of engineering services from our Dubai office. STRUCTURES Our structural engineering group pride themselves on being an enthusiastic, dynamic team. We have extensive experience working on a wide range of materials on projects throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. MEP Whitby & Bird have a specialised team of building physicists that support the MEP team in achieving the correct building fabric performance. We use tools such as CFD and thermal modelling to predict energy flow and understand where active systems are most appropriate. FIRE The skills of our Fire Engineering consultancy, (Ramboll Whitby & Bird SAFE) are focused in three core disciplines – Strategic Fire Engineering, Fire Risk Management and Systems Design. FACADES Our facades group has an expert knowledge of the increasingly complex methods and techniques available and understands the implications of different façade solutions in terms of program and whole life costing. SUSTAINABILITY & RENEWABLES Climate change and environmental degradation are urgent global issues. Our dedicated Sustainability & Renewables teams includes experts in environmentally conscious building design. INFRASTRUCTURE We start infrastructure projects by working to understand individual project requirements and constraints. Our In-house skills, knowledge and experience rise to the challenge of demanding projects which require bespoke solutions rather than the application of standard designs.

PO Box 116921-Office #1-1st Floor-Emerald Building-Oud Metha Road-Dubai Tel: +971 4 334 3616 Fax: +971 4 334 3617 Structural Engineering-Building Services Engineering-Sustainability-Infrastructure Engineering-Fire Engineering-Facade Engineering


Contracts and tenders are published free of charge. All information should be sent to:



Issuer: Ministry of Works Tender No: 18SPDh/087/08 Description: Construction works – Constitution Court annex building Closes: 29 October Fees: BHD50 Bond: BHD4000 Contact: Tender Board’s Office at Al Moayyed Tower, Seef Area, 7th floor, Kingdom of Bahrain

Issuer: Sixth October City Club Description: Request of offers from specialised contractors for integrated and electromechanical works for implementing the club new social zone on 16 feddans area (67,200 m2) including the new social building, swimming pools, related infrastructure and site coordination works. For more details visit web site www.6octoberclub. org. The club occupies 270 feddans land (about 1,134,000 m2) and serves 23,000 families (about 100,000 persons). Closes: 1 January Fees: EGP5500 Bond: EGP1,000,000 Contact:

Issuer: Ministry of Education Tender No: 14M/82/2008 Description: Site survey schedule for three schools for the Vocational Education Project. Closes: 29 October Fees: BHD15 Bond: BHD500 Contact: Tender Board’s Office at Al Moayyed Tower, Seef Area, 7th floor, Kingdom of Bahrain Issuer: Civil Aviation Affairs Tender No: EMD/9/P/309B Description: Proposed FIC expansion (Porta cabins) at Bahrain International Airport. Closes: 12 November Fees: BHD15 Bond: BHD500 Contact: Tender Board’s Office at Al Moayyed Tower, Seef Area, 7th floor, Kingdom of Bahrain Issuer: Civil Aviation Affairs Tender No: 2/EMD/9P309B Description: Proposed FIC expansion at Bahrain International Airport. Closes: 12 November Fees: BHD15 Bond: BHD500 Contact: Tender Board’s Office at Al Moayyed Tower, Seef Area, 7th floor, Kingdom of Bahrain 48

October 25 - 31, 2008

Issuer: West Delta Electricity Production Company Description: Request of international offers from international specialised and eligible bidders for the electric transformers package pertaining to Abu Qir 2 x 650 MW steam fired power station project financed by a loan from the Kuwaiti Fund for Economic and Social Development. That includes the design, fabrication, furnishing, delivery, transport to the site, training and technical assistance during installation and commissioning. Closes: 13 November Fees: EGP1000 Bond: EGP650,000 Contact: West Delta Electricity Production Company, 7 Riad Street, Glim, Alexandria, Egypt,

CALENDAR OF EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS 2008 EVENT: Construction Week Conference 2008 SECTOR: Panel discussions and presentations in two simultaneous streams, catering to the many niches in the industry. DATE: 5 November VENUE: Mina A’Salam Dubai PHONE: +971 44356125 WEBSITE: events/cwconference EVENT: Construction Week Awards 2008 SECTOR: Celebrating innovation and excellence in what is the most dynamic construction industry in the world. DATE: 5 November VENUE: The Westin Dubai, UAE PHONE: +971 44356371 WEBSITE: events/cwawards EVENT: Saudi Build SECTOR: Saudi Arabia’s 20th annual construction industry and materials exhibition. DATE: 26 - 29 October VENUE: Riyadh Exhibition Centre PHONE: +9661-4541448 WEBSITE: EMAIL: EVENT: Project Iraq 2008 SECTOR: One of the largest trade events for construction industry stakeholders in Iraq.

DATE: 4 - 7 November VENUE: Erbil International Fair Ground, Kurdistan, Iraq PHONE: +964 662567634 WEBSITE: EMAIL: peter.melki@ifpiraq. com EVENT: GCC Power 2008 SECTOR: GCC Cigre’s largest electric power conference in the Gulf region. DATE: 10 - 12 November VENUE: Qatar International Exhibition Center PHONE:+974 432 9900 WEBSITE: EVENT: Middle East Parking Symposium SECTOR: The Middle East’s first dedicated forum for the parking industry. DATE: 10 - 12 November VENUE: The Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi PHONE: +971 4 280 0768 WEBSITE: EMAIL: Davyd. EVENT: Leaders in Dubai Business Forum SECTOR: A trade only conference for business leaders with guest speakers. DATE: 16 - 17 November VENUE: Dubai International Conference and Exhibition Centre PHONE: +971 4 3365161 WEBSITE: http://www.

Issuer: West Delta Electricity Production Company

BUSINESS LEADS Description: Request of offers from international specialised companies regarding the cooling water intake and outlet package regarding Abu Qir 2 x 650 MW power station project under funding from the African Development Bank. Job involves related design, manufacturing, supply, warehousing, erection and testing works. technical services, furnish all plant, construction equipment, on-site assistance, fabrication, etc., for El Atf power station. Closes: 14 December Fees: EGP3000 Bond: EGP1,000,000 Contact: West Delta Electricity Production Company, 7 Riad Street, Glim, Alexandria, Egypt Tel: +20 3 5761375 Fax: +20 3 5761376 Issuer: Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, the Mechanical and Electrical Dept., The Stores Dept. Description: Construction, supply and erection of a main irrigation pumping station at Qastal and Adendan Zone for a project involving the reclamation and development of 5,000 feddans land in Qastal Zone at Abu Simbil tourist city executed by the High Dam Lake Development Authority in cooperation with GARPAD. Closes: 22 December Fees: EGP1500 Bond: EGP900,000 Contact: Tafteesh El Ray St, Shoubra El Mezallat, Cairo Tel: 02 22069294/5/6 Fax: 02 22069270

OMAN Issuer: Oman Electricity Transmission Company Tender No: 221/2008 Description: Construction of 132/33KV Wadi SA’A grid station and associated transmission system Bureimi governorate) Closes: 27 October Fees: RO1500 Bond: N/A Contact: Issuer: Ministry of Transport and Communication Tender No: 222/2008 Description: Consultancy services for the design and supervision of the construction of Batinah Expressway (international). Closes: 3 November Fees: RO1000 Bond: N/A Contact: Issuer: Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Tender No: 229/2008 Description: Construction of sewerage network, upgrading of existing treatment plant for Barka south, Al Batinah. Closes: 10 November Fees: RO1500 Bond: N/A Contact: Issuer: Ministry of Housing Tender No: 231/2008 Description: Construction of 12 housing units, majlis and mosque at Al Dhahir in Wilayat Bahila, Al Dakhiliya region. Closes: 17 November Fees: RO248

Bond: N/A Contact: Issuer: Majan Electricity Company (SAOC) Tender No: 232/2008 Description: Construction, of 33kv overhead lines and underground cables from proposed 132/33kv Saham grid substation to connect with existing 33kv lines in Saham area - North Batinah region. Closes: 17 November Fees: RO1000 Bond: N/A Contact: Issuer: Ministry of Transport and

Communication Tender No: 235/2008 Description: Consultancy services for design and supervision for asphalt road from Wilayat Al Amrt to Wilayat Dima Wa at Taiyyin. Closes: 24 November Fees: RO300 Bond: N/A Contact:

QATAR Issuer: Qatar Petroleum Tender No: GT08112500 Description: To maintain uninterrupted flow of sweet lean gas to consumers in Dukahn, Ummab. Closes: 2 November Fees: QAR500

CURRENT STEEL PRICE INDICATIONS Data provided by linking steel buyers and sellers in the Middle East

Indicative Steel Prices For Billets - Blooms

Prices In US /t CFR Dubai 550–600

Reinforcing Bars

680– 720

Turkey, CIS


800 –840


Beams - channels (EN+UB/UC)

1200 – 1250

Far East, India, S. Africa

Wire Rods

700 –750

China, Turkey

Hot Rolled Plates

1050 – 1150

China, CIS

Hot Rolled Coils

730 – 770

China,CIS, India, Iran

Cold Rolled Coils

800 – 850

China, CIS

Hot Dip Galv. coils, HR base 275g/m2

1050 – 1100

Far East, India

Hot Dip Galv. coils, CR base, 1mm, 275g/m2

1050 – 1100

Far East, India,

Prepainted Galv. coils, 0.35

1400 – 1450

Far East, India

Tinplate 0.32mm

1350 – 1430

Far East, W. Europe

SS HR Coils 304 Base

3300 – 3400

Far East, W. Europe, Brazil, S. Africa

SS HR Coils 316L Base

5800 – 5900

Far East, W. Europe, Brazil, S. Africa

Country of Origin CIS

October 25 - 31 2008 47 51

UBS serves the global building, construction and related markets with industry-leading products, as well as complete systems. Come visit us at the BIG 5 SHOW NOVEMBER 23-27 DUBAI INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTRE

We will be located in the Zabeel Gallery,

Stand ZG 15 United Building Solutions, LLC.

P.O. Box 43425

Abu Dhabi


BUSINESS LEADS Bond: QAR5,000,000 Contact: Central Tenders Committee, PO Box 3213, Doha, Qatar Tel: (+974) 4402000 Fax: (+971) 4831125 Issuer: Qatar Petroleum Tender No: GT08111700 Description: This project scope of work is the EPIC of electrical and telecom system facilities for West End Extension, Ras Laffan to achieve the following. Power transmission network consists of 132kv and 33kv System with 132/33kv and 33/11kv substations, 132kv and 33 kv cable feeders and PMS network for the West End Area of Raslaffan. Closes: 2 November Fees: QAR500 Bond: QAR9,000,000 Contact: Contracts Dept. Engineering Division, Qatar Petroleum, PO Box 3212, Doha Issuer: Qatar Petroleum Tender No: LT08109000 Description: This is a one time construction contract for miscellaneous paving works at various QP Gas Distribution System locations. Closes: 3 November Fees: QAR200 Bond: QAR30,000 Contact: Contracts Dept. - Operations Division, Qatar Petroleum, PO Box 3212, Royal Plaza, G Wing, 4th Floor Room G13, Doha Issuer: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Tender No: 132/2008-2009 Description: Consultancy works and quantity survey

for Alwakrah public park. Closes: 6 November Fees: N/A Bond: QAR13500 Contact: Central Tenders Committee, PO Box 3213, Doha, Qatar Tel: (+974) 4402000 Fax: (+971) 4831125 Issuer: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Tender No: 130/2008-2009 Description: Supply of water for Aljamiliah Park at Rayyan Municipality for three years. Closes: 6 November Fees: N/A Bond: QAR22500 Contact: Central Tenders Committee, PO Box 3213, Doha, Qatar Tel: (+974) 4402000 Fax: (+971) 4831125 Issuer: Qatar Petroleum Tender No: GTC081112700 Description: EPIC for football and cricket stadiums upgrade at Dukhan. Closes: 9 November Fees: QAR500 Bond: QAR500,000 Contact: Contracts Dept. - Operations Division, Qatar Petroleum, PO Box 3212, Royal Plaza, G Wing, 4th Floor Room G13, Doha Issuer: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Tender No: 135/2008-2009 Description: Beautification work for ALghafara Club roundabouts. Closes: 6 November Fees: N/A Bond: QAR27000 Contact: Central Tenders Committee, PO Box 3213, Doha, Qatar Tel: (+974) 4402000

Fax: (+971) 4831125 Issuer: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Tender No: 135/2008-2009 Description: Beautification work for Alghafara Club roundabouts. Closes: 6 November Fees: N/A Bond: QAR27000 Contact: Central Tenders Committee, PO Box 3213, Doha, Qatar Tel: (+974) 4402000 Fax: (+971) 4831125 Issuer: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Tender No: 134/2008-2009 Description: Beautification work for Khalifa and Alenabi roundabouts. Closes: 6 November Fees: N/A Bond: QAR22500 Contact: Central Tenders Committee, PO Box 3213, Doha, Qatar Tel: (+974) 4402000 Issuer: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Tender No: 137/2008-2009 Description: Consultancy services for rehabiliation of Allaqta Park. Closes: 13 November Fees: N/A Bond: QAR14000 Contact: Central Tenders Committee, PO Box 3213, Doha, Qatar Tel: (+974) 4402000 Fax: (+971) 4831125

UAE Issuer: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Tender No: CE/0593/2008 Description: Construction of combined stores

for H2 and H3 Stations at ‘H’ station premises Aweerg. Closes: 27 October Fees: AED 3000 Bond: N/A Contact: Dubai Electricity And Water Authority, PO Box 564, Dubai, UAE Issuer: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Tender No: CE/589/2008 Description: Construction of G + 2 steel structure building for distribution control centre at Al Ghusais. Closes: 27 October Fees: AED1000 Bond: N/A Contact: Dubai Electricity And Water Authority, PO Box 564, Dubai, UAE Issuer: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Tender No: CE/394/2008 Description: Replacement of 132kv oil filled cables by 132kv XLPE cables and associated works. Closes: 28 October Fees: AED5000 Bond: N/A Contact: Dubai Electricity And Water Authority, PO Box 564, Dubai, UAE Issuer: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Tender No: CNE/606/2008 Description: Hassyan Power and Desalination Station ‘P II’ (Station ‘P’ - Phase II) - (R) and associated works. Closes: 30 December Fees: AED5000 Bond: N/A Contact: Dubai Electricity And Water Authority, PO Box 564, Dubai, UAE

October 25 - 31, 2008 53








Al Rayyan Residential Tower

Sheikh Mishaal Bin Hamad Al Thani/Maryam

GHD Global

Al Darwish Engineering


Residential Buildings

Al Sadd Office Tower

Sheikha. Nela Sadd M. Al Misned

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A’Ayan Residential Tower

A’Ayan Real Estate

Qatar Design Consortium

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Al Wakra Hospital

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Al Rafaa Residential Tower

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Residential Tower in Porto Arabia – Parcel A

Al Fardan Real Estate/UDC

Callison Arch./KEO Int’l

Construction Development Company

 - 

Residential Buildings

NDIA – ATC Building

NDIA Steering Committee

Bechtel/Khatib & Alami

Consolidated Contractors Int’l Company



Doha High Rise Office Building

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China State Construction Engineering Co


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Residential Tower in the Porto Arabia - Plot No. B

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Centralised office Building for QP

Qatar Petroleum

Skidmore Owings & Merril

Not Appointed


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Office Building at Old Salata area

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Twin Residential Buildings at Fareej Abdul Aziz Street

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Al Dareen Tower in West Bay

Al Faisal Holding Company

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 - 

Residential Buildings

October 25 - 31, 2008








Residential Tower in Porto Arabia – Parcel A

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Callison Arch./KEO International

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October 25 - 31, 2008

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October 25-31, 2008



A sign of H&S progress in Abu Dhabi Drew Azzara, vice-president for international services at the International Code Council, explains why one small health and safety memorandum of understanding is one giant leap for Abu Dhabi.


ormer Liverpool Football Club manager Bill Shankly once famously said, “football is not a matter of life and death. It’s more important than that.” His comments were taken in jest at the time, but were to go down in history. Which fits in nicely with the subject of health and safety. Because health and safety, particularly on the building site, can be a matter of life and death, and it’s certainly more important than football. Surely even the late Bill Shankly would have agreed. The fact that the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) in Abu Dhabi has this past week signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the International Code Council (ICC) is an important positive step forward for the emirate. The ICC is an internationally respected membership association dedicated to building safety and fire prevention that develops the codes used to construct all types of commercial and residential buildings, including schools and public facilities. The council was established in 1994 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national model construction codes. The founders of the ICC are Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc, International Conference of Building Officials, and Southern Building Code Congress International Inc. Since the early part of the last century, these non-profit organisations developed the three separate sets of model codes used


October 25 - 31, 2008

Drew Azzara, vice-president of the ICC.

throughout the US. Although regional code development has been effective and responsive, the time came for a single set of codes. The three model code groups responded by creating the International Code Council and by developing codes without regional limitations. The international family of codes developed by the ICC is currently implemented in all 50 states of the US. The vision of the ICC is to promote public safety in the built environment while its mission is to provide the highest quality codes, standards, products and services for all concerned. The warmth with which the MoU was embraced by the DMA was an encouraging sign. In fact, DMA chairman HE Dr Ju’an Salem Al Dhaheri called the occasion “an important step to enhance construction standards in Abu Dhabi and safeguard the long-term security of the emirate’s population.” In Abu Dhabi, as in many parts of the world, there has for a while now been an great need

to provide clear and effective regulatory codes and guidelines that address the specific requirements of all sectors within the construction industry. This partnership between the DMA and ICC allows work to progress towards this goal. To give an idea of the scope of the MoU between the ICC and the DMA, and the positive effect it will come to have on the construction industry in Abu Dhabi, the MoU outlines the following objectives and cooperative efforts: 1. Adoption of the family of ICC International Codes. 2. Development of appropriate guidelines to meet local and regional requirements. 3. Study of the current building regulatory system to make recommendations on changes, improvements, or modifications that may prove useful for streamlining the building regulatory system. 4. Establishment of training programmes in various related fields for municipality employees and the construction industry within the Abu Dhabi emirate. 5. Establishment of professional certification programmes in various construction related fields within the Abu Dhabi emirate. 6. The DMA and the ICC will jointly organise and establish a regional conference. 7. Joint DMA and ICC promotion of technologies, researches, publications and services. 8. Collaboration with local vocational and educational institutions in Abu Dhabi emirate to develop educational programmes. By adopting the international codes, the emirate of Abu Dhabi

immediately raises its construction standards, because it benefits from the effort that went into decades of code development work by world-class experts. Ultimately, through working alongside ICC, the DMA aims to establish the Abu Dhabi International Building Codes, customcreated guidelines that will serve the specific requirements, which would be achieved through the collaborative efforts of local experts from government departments, developers, international engineering and architectural firms, contractors, universities and the industry sector. The role of the DMA is regulatory, as opposed to executive. In this respect, service delivery and operations are carried out at the municipality level. Signing an MoU with the ICC is a very positive step for the regulatory framework in Abu Dhabi, one that outlines the seriousness of the issue, and the commitment of the municipality to oversee health and safety at the regulatory level. By the time the DMA has successfully established the Abu Dhabi International Building Codes, there will no doubt be a substantial improvement in the health and safety record of the emirate. That’s good for the Gulf, good for the UAE, good for Abu Dhabi, but most importantly – its good for everybody concerned. Noone can deny that the signing is a hugely positive act. I’d wager even Bill Shankly would have agreed. If you would like to write for Construction Week in this column, please email

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