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maximus gym Creation of the whole new advertising campaign for Maximus, a gym and spa placed in our city. This campaign includes a brand new website, a photoshoot at their place and some printing elements as outside banners and flyers. This successful colaboration will be further developed in the future, focusing our common efforts on making from Maximus the reference gym at Bydgoszcz.

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gdynia info dossiers Concept proposition for the city of Gdynia, trying to match their needs of having some new advertising dossiers. Following the instructions of their briefing, we decided to potenciate their sailor spirit, properly mixed with this clean and minimal style we tried to reach on the dossier.

na tropie elektrośmieci “Na tropie elektrośmieci” was a national advertising children campaing about the recycling of the electronic waste. As requested by the central polish government, we developped a funny, modern, young-style campaign, comprising a logotype, full-featured webiste, press advertising and internet banners for their main contest. The whole campaign is articulated around the “searching” (na tropie in polish) concept, so everything spins around the magnifying glass, the footsteps, corkboard, polaroids... As this collaboration is not finished, we face future challenges, like the design of stands for their next public appearances.

synchronic arts e-shop Creation and development of the whole SynchronicArts website. Our client, based on Dubai, works on the selling of high-quality luxury products for your house or devices, as iPad. In this way, we prepared a very minimalistic and user-friendly design as well as a nice and simple backend to make the whole experience easy for the client. This 360째 design makes that every single output from the shop (from the main page to the confirmation mails) has the same look&feel.

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opera nova bydgoszcz Proposition for the New Opera of Bydgoszcz. As you can see in the brand development dossier, the logo comes from the cenital view of this characteristic building. From that point, we also designed some variations of the logo depending on the events that take place in the Opera. Along with the creation of the website, we applied this image in some corporate material and merchandising such bottles of wine, notebooks or some other stationery products, everything available to have a look in the dossier linked on the next page.

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domy maklerskie Project for several polish broker houses, developed in colaboration with Studio64. Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A. Extending of the site functionalities by adding the disclaimer module, the export component, security updates and mailing. Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A. Taking care of the intranet. Building of the voting module, events, training, orders... Also the creation of the sitemap and some security updates. BPS TFI Complete redesign of their website, we also extended the site with the currencies module, charts and calculators. Also taking care about the users by adding security updates. Izba Domow Maklerskich Creating of the internet form for the employees.

teatr wielki w Ĺ‚odzi The Theater of Lodz needed a change in its corporate image so for this project we focused our efforts in mixing tradition with modernity. This is how we developped this logo, starting for the old tetragrams where music was represented in the medieval age, we arrived to this concept (still respecting the classic red color of those tetragrams). From this point, we created the whole corporate image (paper, visiting cards, envelops, invitations, flyers, posters...) and also the concept for the website. In the whole brand development we tried to play around with the shape reached on the logo design, resulting a very modern, attractive and memorable design based on wide lines to place the text and narrow lines crossing the layouts. Altogether, along with the smart use of the DIN Condensed font, result on this great design.

impresje For this event company based in Bydgoszcz, we tried to create an outstanding and elegant image that stays in the memory of the client. As spezialiced in weddings they are, we wanted to show the chances of making the so called “happiest day of your life� lasts forever. Whether a classic and elegant wedding or a trendy event with family and friends is not the matter; Impresje will make that day unforgettable for sure. Having this on mind, the developping of the brand was not such a problem: easy, elegant color palette, sober but also smart font family and a square-based layout made the way a pleasure. We carried out their website creation too, focusing our efforts on a clean layout -following the line of the printed applications of the brand-, good pictures and easy to use for the client.

lednica museum

In this project, we tried to renew the whole image of the Lednica Museum, from its logo until all the applications and merchandising. The new logo is based on the shape of the coins that the first settlers were using and, in the same line, it has that kind of “ancient� style, as an old stamp which, combined with the used font family (Ostrich Sans), gives us the perfect combination between tradition and modernity. A logo brought from the ancient polish tradition that stands out in our days

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ramen networks For this video-technology client, based on California, we created a whole functional website starting from the scratch. Focusing on a modern and fresh design, we also took care about the develop of the site, in order to show to their clients a clean, nice and confortable layout.

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kujawsko-pomorskie parks The goal on this amazing project was to restyle the logotypes of the eight natural parks of the Kujavian-Pomeranian polish region. Following this traditionalvintage style, we develop five different images, highlighting the main symbols of every single parks (birds overall) but keeping the consistence on all of them, making the new brand very identifiable and memorable. Also, along this restyling, we created a whole line of merchandising and applications of the new brand, playing around with the new image and all its new posibilities.

mon site a... For the canadian company BKMedia we have prepared the website Mon Site a 1699$. This project comprises overall the design of the whole technical background as well as some forms that allow the client to order and pay for the offered service.

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