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features That make it to each iOS device version

the quality of education. Using big data solutions, implementations have been successful in the consumer web domain, where we have shown better ads; in the e-commerce domain, where we have been predicting customer buying patterns. In the agriculture business, companies have used technologies to know which seeds to plant in what piece of land. We can improvise crop yield through data analysis. In financial services, we can predict who would be defaulting on loans, and at what rate we should provide loans. Travel sites are working on better predicting of accuracy of cost. Chevron uses big data solutions to find out exactly where oil could be found.

Health Care and Big Data

Apple’s iOS 7 is a refreshing change from what the company has offered so far, but the one area it remains consistent is its fragmentation across devices. Apple just announced iOS 7 at WWDC, with the highlight of the announcement being that it would be compatible with devices as old as the iPhone and iPad 2. While the crowd rejoiced at the announcement, many wondered what the catch was, and indeed there is one. Hope you’re sitting down for this one. Apple is well known for its fragmentation free ecosystem, but that hasn’t been the case with iOS for a while. Every time a new version is launched, it comes to a series of devices, but not all features make it to them. Apple says this is to ensure an optimum level of performance on older devices, but sometimes it feels like a ploy to get users to upgrade to the newer iPhone or iPad. iOS 7 might be coming to all devices iPhone 4 and up, but not all the features of the new OS will be making it to all the devices. Here’s a table that quickly references all the major features of iOS 7 and which ones will make it to a particular device.  The only feature that actually makes it to all devices unanimously is iTunes Radio, but besides that, most features become device specific. For example, the Airdrop, a feature many iOS device users have been eagerly looking forward to, will only be available on the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G and not any other device, and not even the iPad 4. While many express surprise over the matter, this actually comes as no shock. Every iteration of iOS has brought limited features, and even dropped support for older devices. In fact, it is surprising that iOS 7 is even coming to the iPhone 4, but then again, the only real feature that version of the iPhone will get is the new look, iTunes Radio and the photo filters. The iPad 2 will only get iTunes Radio. iOS 7 is scheduled for a “fall” release, most probably in line with the day the next iPhone is launched.


Health care is where big data is proving to be a life changing data science. If one can collect enough data about medical treatments and use that data effectively, it is easy to predict more accurately which treatments will be effective for which patient, and which treatments won’t work. Proper use of big data can reduce the cost of health care while improving its quality by making care more preventive and personalised. Using big data technologies, genomics data can be integrated with EHR so that patients and physicians can see whether in the long term, treatments are effective even after the FDA trials are over (or not). In short, the introduction of big data science in health care would be a life changing event with better prevention care for patients, especially in countries like the US where health care is super expensive.

The Road Ahead Big data has crossed the hurdle from being an academic/research concept to getting into the mainstream POC arena. People are investing time and effort to look at the big data technologies and tools and making a conscious attempt to solve critical business problems to help business make wise decisions to impact the bottom line. Discussions with big customers reveal that big data is getting into a bigger road map and that we are already talking with data and system architects to fit in/leverage existing infrastructure. Sunil S Ranka, BI Professional & Consultant


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