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The first pre-requisite for selecting an appropriate BI solution or a vendor is to map the enterprise’s need. The selection would need IT heads to invite each vendor for an onsite presentation to explain their capability and features. After mapping current needs and tool/solution, an RFP should be sent out for selected vendors. A clear RFP with intricate details would win half the battle. A precise RFP must have the following elements: Introduction and Overview of the organisation Clear objective of RFP Description of desired solutions Keys dates (Date of proposal presentation, Pre-Proposal conference for clarification etc.) Solution/Vendor Evaluation criteria Proposal Delivery Instructions and key contacts Proposal Package Checklist Pre-requisites for submitting the proposals Based on the response, vendors should be shortlisted to the semi-finalist level; they should be given a detailed agenda with proven cases to demonstrate tool/ solution capability, spanning a few days in an onsite meeting. During the meetings, IT heads, key decision makers, business users, technical and functional architects should be involved. The agenda should be drafted clearly, allowing each key individual to interact with the vendor teams. In most cases, a good vendor is key to the success associated with a good vendor management policy.


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App management Just what do you do when you have too many apps and extensions installed on your Chrome browser? You install another extension called Nexos (from the webstore) to make sense of all the other plugins installed and available on your PC. Nexos is an offline app which helps you organize everything from your bookmarks to your extensions and apps. Not only this, it also comes

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with built-in support to connect and access Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Flickr, GitHub, Vimeo and Google Drive account all through its console. Install and access the Nexos app through a new tab. Its home screen shows management options like Apps and Extensions, Bookmarks, Images, Videos, etc. Click on the Settings gear wheel on the top-right. You will now see the Connections view of Nexos, handling your Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Google+, etc., connections. With Nexos installed in your Chrome browser, you can pick and choose which apps and extensions you want to keep active or disable. And also its connections menu feature lets you easily access data from your various social network and email accounts in one convenient place. Give this a try and see if it adds to your browsing experience.

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scalability to adapt to changing needs and future business expansion and upgrades. Depending on the maturity of the organisation, pre-packaged Business Intelligence solutions give a good head start in most cases. In a packaged model, customisation is made possible to meet business expectations and increase efficiency. Experience shows that using a pre-packaged solution along with customisation requires business users to spend much time in applying the BI to churn out the required information and bring out customised reports.

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