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How will 3G impact the enterprise IT space?

YOGESH KUMAR SHARMA HEAD-ERP, JINDAL PIPES Technology like 3G has its own distinctive advantages. While it might excite the consumers, it will certainly drive enterprises to embrace mobility in a big way. There will be several new applications which will be beneficial for both business users and commongoers. Services like LBS (location based services) and 3G video conferencing may turn out to be the most popular amongst enterprise users. However, for correct evaluation, IT managers will have to analyse and understand the existing data securiity policies and password mechanisms.



With everything moving onto the cloud and with the development of the third party applications on the rise, 3G might be a great asset to collaborate and share. It will help companies reduce their travel expenses on the larger scale.

3G will foster an era of cloud based computing that would allow IT departments to reduce costly internal infrastructure and rely on secure external third party resources for CRM and several other enterprise applications. The key to user adoption is to ensure the applications are well debugged and easy to use. The best applications on the iPhone, for instance, are very often free. Surely in the days to come, there will be a vibrant marketplace for such enterprise applications, from which the IT manager can pick and chose from.

However, I must say that the success of the technology is largerly dependent upon the innovative applications and initiatives from service provider. If service providers fail to match the quality standards required for the technology, it might not create any ripples in the enterprise domain.

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