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Dice Public Sector Report 2016

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Dice Public Sector Report

Introduction We surveyed over 500 tech professionals to create a comprehensive report into opinions on working in technology for the non-profit / public sector (e.g. charity, education and government). When competing with the large salaries, corporate and cool digital brands in the private sector it’s important for organisations in the non-profit / public sector to understand how they can play to their strengths. This report looks at common perceptions of the sector, entry barriers and trends for the future. We hope you find this report useful. Dice.

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Dice Public Sector Report

1. Demographics


Public / non-profit 15%

Private 57%

Other 28%

2. Tech Pros on the Public Sector

Would tech pros consider working in a public sector / non-profit organisation?

No 13%

Yes 87% e.g. Charity, Education, Government

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Dice Public Sector Report

What puts people off?

Low salaries 36%

Slow working enviroment 19%

Old technology 10%

Long application process 3%

Limited investment Limited career advancement 14% in technology 12%

Other 5%

Small teams 1%

What draws people in?

Purpose of the organisation 29%

Job security 9%

Work / life balance 24%

Long term career 12%

Wide range of benefits 10%

Friendly work environment 6%

Working atmosphere 5%

Other* 5%

*Other includes: Interesting role, money, supporting the UK

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Dice Public Sector Report

5 perceptions of the sector from outsiders

1. Low salaries

2. Good work / life balance

3. Old technology Other answers included: Slow working environment, Good benefits and small teams

4. Limited investment in technology

5. Long application process

5 things the public sector can do to attract more tech professionals

1. Offer more competitive packages

2. Invest more in technology

3. Promote a positive culture Others: Emphasis on how tech is changing lives, embrace diversity, be more active on social media

4. Streamline the hiring process

5. Showcase their technology achievements

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Dice Public Sector Report

3. The application process

How do tech pros rate the application process? 7%

Very Poor Poor





22% 9%

Very good












How could the application process be improved?

Fewer stages 33%

Streamlined processes 25%

Other 15% Other: more feedback, remove intermediary recruitment agencies, improve UX of application form

Digital rather than face-to-face 14%

Aptitude / skills based test 13%

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Dice Public Sector Report

4. The future

What impact will Brexit have on the sector?*

4. Less international business growth

1. Cuts to investment

2. Less jobs

3. Less job securty

5. More jobs

6. More investment

7. More international business growth

8. More job securty

Other answers included: Pension reforms, increase in focus on security, increased investment, more competitive salaries

Future trends for the sector?*

1. Sector cuts

2. Digitalisation

4. Attracting non-profit professionals

3. Change to benefits

5. Increase focus on cloud technology

*Answers listed in order of popular belief

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Dice Public Sector Report

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Dice, October 2016


Dice Public Sector Report  

Get the latest insights on tech recruitment in the public and non-profit sectors.

Dice Public Sector Report  

Get the latest insights on tech recruitment in the public and non-profit sectors.