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U MAX ™ - Max i m i z i ng the uti l i ty valu e ch ain

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Innovative software solutions for the utility industry

UMAX ™ for utility players - maximizing the value chain

Out of the box, flexible and modular solutions based on the MS Dynamics AX 2012™ platform

Creating added value throughout all steps of the value chain by incorporating ‘best practices’

A modern day utility player needs to be increasingly innovative and flexible to keep up with the ever-changing business environment within the utilities industry.

UMAX ™ supports utility players (b2c and b2b) throughout all steps of the value chain. Next to being best in class from a technological perspective, UMAX ™ is also first in class, from an operating point of view, by incorporating:

Whilst keeping ahead of competition, managing shifting demands, addressing clients’ increasing servicing needs, industry convergence, changing regulatory frameworks and many more old and new challenges, utility companies also need to reduce the overall cost to serve and guarantee operational margins.

• proven industry models and frameworks like e.g.: e-TOM for utilities framework model™, • established working methodologies like e.g.: straight through processing™, lean management & 6 sigma, • best practices, collected through our role as a utility consultancy and our experiences as system integrator.

Succeeding in this exceptionally difficult balancing exercise is only possible through integrated, powerful, smart and flexible business IT support systems enabling responsiveness to change, flexible processes and a constant focus on efficient operations. Itineris’ UMAX ™ solution is the answer for utility players in search of such a system. UMAX ™ is an out of the box multi-commodity ‘end-to-end’ utility solution, built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ™ platform. It stands for flexibility, modularity, low total cost of ownership and measurable processes, enabling utility players to react quickly and cost-efficiently to these market, regulatory and organizational changes. Moreover, it is the result of Itineris’ experience in the utility industry and is proof of Itineris’ broad understanding and in-depth knowledge of the regulated and deregulated utility markets as well as utility operating models.



Deliver & Change



Maximizing sales & customer value Focus on lead times, limited cost 2 serve & operational margins

Advantages of a solution built on MS Dynamics AX 2012™ Leveraging the power of the Microsoft technology stack within your utility business The power of having a solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012™ platform lies foremost in its vision which encompasses a long term investment in flexibility at a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Next to that, the Microsoft ERP platform offers many other advantages for your utility business, notably: Microsoft Dynamics AX is first of all a proven solution and considered a leader-of-industry platform with a low total cost of ownership. Furthermore it is a scalable and modular solution. The platform can grow together with your business as well as with your organizational needs and has the ability to process substantial volumes and a high number of concurrent users. The platform stands for flexibility, thanks to its layered structure. Through this structure it is possible to make changes, update, upgrade and/or customize the solution in line with your business needs, without being dependent on an IT supplier. Through its open architecture and vast array of interconnectivity capabilities the platform is easy to integrate in your current architecture and can operate effectively with other technologies like e.g. SAP, Oracle…; thus guaranteeing your investments. This high-end business solution is acknowledged for its ease of use and high level of integration with other MS technologies such as the MS Office suite, SharePoint, Silverlight, Workflow engine,… Its recognizable Microsoft Office-based user interface and many built-in functionalities like e.g. automated processes, clear wizards, predefined templates significantly reduce time spent and costs, hence improving efficiency and productivity.

UMAX ™ - A powerful & insightful utility business support system Best in class modular & scalable solution With low total cost of ownership Incorporating flexibility, efficiency and best practices Integrated in the Microsoft technology stack Manage utility businesses with confidence & generate higher returns

Operational Control Framework – staying in full control & manage with confidence

UMAX ™ is a powerful business support system for utility players: it integrates all tools and processes for effective sales and increased customer value, while on the other hand it unites a lean management philosophy joined with all established working processes for limited cost to serve, reduced lead times and smooth operations.

UMAX ™ offers some significant advantages for utility companies Enabling effective sales and maximizing margins Keeping a competitive edge to other players and having first mover advantage can be easily attained through UMAX ™. Thanks to the integrated flexible product configurator, campaign management and quotation modules: you can swiftly create new products and services, introduce them in the market via a new marketing campaign and generate quotations. On top of that UMAX ™ integrates a hinting module for cross – and upselling, enabling companies to maximize customer contribution.

Efficient & flexible in client management and operations Efficient client management is critical to achieve smooth operations and a lean business organization. UMAX ™ boosts utility players in this direction, through its integrated self service modules, customer dashboards, role-based setup, transparent workforce and workload module and effective exception management. UMAX ™ allows utility companies to focus on the exceptions instead of the entire process, enabling them to adopt a strategy of first line resolution; resulting in minimal lead times, reduced cost to serve and a flexible organization, easily adaptable to change.

Staying in full control of your utility business Keeping your customers happy whilst focusing on operational margins is already a major task. Gaining insight in the actual and current status of performance and operations is yet an even greater challenge. Through the UMAX ™ operational control framework, utility players have the necessary tools at hand to measure, on a permanent basis, the actual status of performance, operations and KPI’s through all levels of the organization. This framework offers the tools to manage utility businesses with confidence and in full control.

UMAX ™ highlights for utility players (b2c/b2b) Integrated tools and best practices for increased business performance UMAX ™ integrates practical modules and tools as well as best practices to enhance business performance for b2b and b2c utility players. Some of these practical integrated modules are highlighted below: For b2c utility players

For b2b utility players

Maximize client contribution

Powerful b2b sales

Integrated campaign management

Flexible product configurator

Advanced product lifecycle management

3 rd party channel support (energy brokers/sales agents)

Advanced client optimization tools

Online partner portal

External sales channel support (d2d)

Instant quotation generation

Hinting tool for retention, cross – and upsell

Mass upload tool

Integrated customer value calculation

Unlimited multi-site structure support

Focus on efficient & flexible management

Flexible B2B client management

Transparent case & workforce management

Multi-channel entry possibilities

Clear exception management & Unified logging

Flexible contract intake process

Integrated reporting & performance cycle (OCF)

Adjustable workflow management Advanced customer self-servicing

Focus on first line resolution & cost 2 serve

Online commodity price clicking

b2c front office plugin

Efficient customer care

Instant process overview Increased first line autonomy

b2b customer dashboard

Automated basic processes

Hinting tool for retention, cross – and upsell

Instant process wizards within care processes

Efficient exception management & task guidance

Effective b2c self-service management tools

Powerful operational control framework

Do like Eneco and benefit from the power of UMAX ™ Added value realized by one of our customers through this smart business support solution Eneco Belgium N.V is part of the Dutch Eneco energy group. The Eneco group is the third largest energy producer in The Netherlands and supplies around 2 million customers. Eneco Belgium N.V. aims to become the most sustainable energy provider on the Belgian market by 2015 and differentiates itself from other players by offering 100% renewable energy produced on Belgian soil and by offering personalized direct customer care without operating through automated response systems. To turn its promises into reality it chose Itineris and its UMAX ™ solution for b2c utility players to manage and support these new business activities. Eneco now benefits from the power of this insightful and smart business support system built on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ™.

Contact information To discover the maximizing power of UMAX ™, contact us today! Itineris Belgium Xavier De Cocklaan 24 BE-9831 Deurle T +32 9 386 01 02

Itineris The Netherlands Bredaseweg 106a NL-4902 NS Oosterhout T +31 1 62 46 50 25

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UMAX(TM) - Maximizing the utility value chain  

UMAX - Integrated IT solution for utility players - maximizing the utility value chain!

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