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In the Upper Minnesota River Valley


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In the Upper Minnesota River Valley

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Western Minnesota

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In the Upper Minnesota River Valley


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COVER PHOTO CREDITS: Lac qui Parle Lake, Lake Days in Ortonville, Lac qui Parle State Park provided by Get Rural MN Fagen Fighters WWII Museum provided by Fagen Fighters Inc.

THANKS TO ALL OF OUR PHOTO CONTRIBUTORS! Get Rural MN, Kate Grabosky, MNbump, Tom Watson FINAL CONTRIBUTORS OF TOURISM IN PRAIRIE WATERS: Big Stone County, Chippewa County, Lac qui Parle County, Swift County, Yellow Medicine County, Cities of Appleton, Canby, Clara City, Dawson, Graceville, Granite Falls, Madison, Milan, Montevideo

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Big Stone County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-7 Lac qui Parle County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-11 Yellow Medicine County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-17 Outdoor Adventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-21 Pullout Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Center Lifestyle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-23 Community Festivals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25 Local Food & Drink . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-27 Swift County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-31 Chippewa County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-37 Museums & Historical Sites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-40 Arts & Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Advertising Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-43


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The Prairie Waters region invites you to relax, travel slowly, and discover the essence of this one-of-a-kind area. Live life in the slow lane and take time to tune into your senses.


an awe-inspiring sunset across a horizon so wide, you have to turn your head to take it all in. View breathtaking waterways, flowing through channels cut more than a hundred centuries ago when the last great Ice Age receded the area. Take in the beauty of artistic masterpieces at the Meander Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl, or get a glimpse of Prairie Waters history throughout the dozens of buildings on the National Historic Register.

HEAR the call of a Canada goose, a western

grebe, or a cinnamon teal. Listen to the rustling trees and the rippling waters as you stroll along the Minnesota, Chippewa, Pomme de Terre, or Yellow Medicine Rivers. Hear the lowing of cattle at Moonstone Farm, or the clucking of free-range chickens at Pastures A Plenty.


the fresh air throughout the fields of corn, soybeans, and sugar beets. The irresistible aroma of festival foods welcomes you at the Big



Stone, Yellow Medicine, Chippewa, Swift, and Lac qui Parle County Fairs. Hike the trails of a city park and take in the scent of wildflowers, or smell the salty, sea-like air at the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area—Minnesota’s only alkaline wetland.

TASTE the fresh produce at a local farmers

market, or participate in a winetasting at Headwater’s Jailhouse Winery. Sample new and unique brews at Talking Waters Brewing Company. Dare to take part in a lutefisk-eating competition in Madison, “The Lutefisk Capital of the USA,” or grab a salty treat at the Kiwanis Popcorn Stand in Granite Falls.

FEEL the cool breeze on your face as you paddle the rivers, lakes, and streams of the region. Handle an off-highway vehicle through the rough terrain of the Appleton Area OHV Park, as the dirt and dust fly all around you. Warm yourself in an icehouse as you fish on a frozen lake, or dunk your toes in a cool, freshwater stream.

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Big Stone County

Big Stone Lake


amed for the massive outcroppings of granite and gneiss found in the Minnesota River Valley, the Dakota phrase for this area translates to Big Stone in English. In fact, the name comes from the area’s single most popular natural attraction: the 26-mile-long Big Stone Lake, bordering South Dakota and Minnesota. Long ago, this area consisted of the south end of Glacial Lake Agassiz and the headwaters of the Minnesota River. Besides offering swimming, boating, paddling, and bountiful fishing (walleye, northern pike, bluegill, and yellow perch), the lake hosts Big Stone Lake State Park, the Hudsonian Continental Divide, and the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge. In the northern section of the 986-acre Big Stone Lake State Park is the Bonanza Area, which includes 30 acres of rare glacial till hill prairie. This unique region has been specially designated as a Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) and also offers a picnic area, and boat launch for guests. Adjacent to Big Stone Lake State Park is the Bonanza Education Center, providing educational programs to local schools throughout the academic year. Other special programs are available year round to educational groups and other leisure travelers. Enjoy the beautiful beach, as well as superior bird watching and wildlife viewing. Visit the Bonanza Education Center on Facebook! The Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge, southeast of Ortonville, covers more than 10,000 acres and is well known for its granite outcroppings—the fossilized remains of

sharks’ teeth can sometimes be found in the top three inches of granite. Also in the area are marshlands, populated with scores of shorebird species and waterfowl, as well as river wetlands and rolling prairie habitat for a variety of upland critters. Over 230 bird species, including common egrets, great

blue heron, peepers, and at least 17 species of duck reside or transit the refuge. A fourmile, self-guided Auto Tour provides visitors a view of the refuge’s features right from their bikes, cars, trucks, or RVs. Hikers can walk the


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tour, or further explore the many trails laced throughout the refuge. With more than 31 square miles of open water, Big Stone County’s many lakes, rivers, marshlands, and prairies attract outdoor enthusiasts from all across the Midwest. The summer and fall seasons offer hunting, fishing, birding, hiking, bicycling, and golf for visitors and residents alike. Some of the best bird watching can be found along the county roads flanking the many wildlife refuge wetlands. Thielke Lake is well known for its summer population of western grebes. Ortonville’s 18-hole golf course, Graceville’s 9-hole golf course, Toqua Park, Minkota Archery Range, and a number of campgrounds, resorts, and community parks all provide unforgettable recreational opportunities in Big Stone County. Snowmobiling is growing in popularity as the number of miles of wellgroomed trails increases yearly. Hardy golf aficionados keep their skills sharp through the winter during the annual Arctic Golf Tournament, held on one of Big Stone County’s frozen lakes.

Continental Divide. All the water north of here flows to Canada’s Hudson Bay, while water to the south finds its way down the Minnesota River, emptying in the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. And it all starts right here!


Immerse yourself in a little slice of Ireland. Settled by Irish immigrants in the late 1800s, Graceville was named in honor of Bishop Thomas Grace, who was Bishop of Saint Paul from 1859-1884. During colonization, the Irish Emigration Society was established to bring poverty-stricken Irish families to America, where they would be free from the oppression of the English government. These people were the backbone of the initial Graceville colony, setting up general stores, a butcher shop, a hardware store, blacksmith shops, saloons, and more. Today, Graceville continues their proud Irish heritage with a huge St. Patrick’s Day

celebration each year, complete with a parade and green drinks. Graceville is situated on the northeast corner of Toqua Lake, a central recreational spot for locals and tourists alike. See the beautiful church overlooking the lake as you pull into town. Toqua Park offers 18 campsites with electricity and other essential amenities. Enjoy the swimming beach, two softball fields, picnic shelter, boat landing, and NEW playground, or head on over to the nearby golf course for a relaxing outing. Graceville Golf Course offers nine holes and watered fairways. The course is open to the public, with cart and clubhouse rentals available. Other recreation opportunities include hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, and bowling. The Graceville Gun Club is open to the public and offers a 300-yard rifle range as well as trap shoots every Tuesday from May 15th – September 31st. Schedule your Graceville visit around the annual Toqua Days Celebration, held around the 4th of July weekend.

Ortonville, the county seat, offers a historic district with several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of Ortonville’s key attractions brings the Big Stone County Historical Society Museum and the Visitors Center together on a site overlooking the ancient Minnesota River Valley. From 65-million-year-old fossils to 100-year-old prairie life artifacts, to the Charles Hanson North American Wildlife Collection—one of the most extensive waterfowl taxidermy collections in the country—this always draws big crowds. Close your eyes and become an explorer. Relax in the tranquility of a sea of big bluestem prairie grasses, peppered with blooming purple cornflowers. Watch a bald eagle soaring overhead as a whitetail deer cautiously preens on the shadowy banks of the nearby prairie river. Or experience the Hudsonian

Big Stone County Trail 6

Toqua Park


Big Stone Lake A Lake for all Seasons

Bird Watching • Camping • Golfing • Hunting Fishing • Biking • Snowmobiling Annual Lake Days - 3rd Weekend in June Annual Cornfest - 3rd Weekend in August

Big Stone City & Ortonville Visitor Information For Information Packets, Events Calendar & FREE Lake Map: 320-839-3284 • www.BigStoneLake.com • chamber@bigstonelake.com

Big Stone Lake Area Realty Brenda K. McMahon Broker

605-862-7890 459 Main Street Big Stone City, SD 57216 mcmahon@maxminn.com Licensed in both SD & MN


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Lac qui Parle County

Madison’s Mallards Baseball Team


ac qui Parle is French for “lake that speaks,” a fitting name the French explorers gave the lake in the region. Visit the lake in Lac qui Parle State Park in the spring or fall and you’ll understand why. As a stopover for thousands of migratory Canada geese and other waterfowl, the lake area resounds a delightful chorus of honking, quacking, and other birdcalls. Today, the lake and river define the northeast boundary of Lac qui Parle County. Bordering lakes (including Marsh Lake upstream from Lac qui Parle Lake) offer some of the area’s best wildlife viewing and birding opportunities. Paddle the lake; cast a line and catch walleye, northern, perch, and crappies; explore the trails by foot or horseback. Convenient access points lure anglers and hunters from throughout Minnesota and the upper Midwest, while paddlers canoe or kayak the many challenging stretches of the Lac qui Parle River.


In the fall of 1958, a mere 150 Canada geese appeared at Lac qui Parle. Since the formation of the Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management Area, as many as 150,000 geese at a time converge during the spring and fall. Truly a magnificent sight! They arrive in early March from their primary wintering post at Swan Lake, Missouri. Spring migrations continue through April. Then, in late September, geese arrive


Dawson Walking Bridge continually until the last ones leave in early December. Flights of whistling swans pass over Lac qui Parle in April and November. Pelicans also nest in the area on a one-acre island on the lake. While in the area, don’t miss the 27,000acre Lac qui Parle Wildlife Refuge. On the northern border of the county, in addition to all the refuge’s amenities, there are several excellent birding routes, the most famous of which is Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area. In addition to being the only alkaline wetland in Minnesota (1/3rd as salty as seawater) this 312-acre body of shallow water attracts an amazing variety of birds. With more than 150 bird species documented, the area is a sort of migrating bird haven. Each spring, in late April,

the Minnesota Ornithological Union conducts a special birding field trip to this site, near Marietta, Minnesota.


The county’s early history includes the Lac qui Parle Village site where Chief Wakamane of the Wahpeton Dakota Native American people developed a village and planting site. There is also evidence of the old Red River Ox Cart Trail, an early military and commercial route. The Camp Release State Monument stands on the edge of Montevideo, just off Highway 212, and stands as a reminder of Minnesota’s early state history. The Minnesota River Valley

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and Montevideo played an integral part in the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862. In the fall of 1862, the Dakota tribes surrendered to Colonel Henry Hastings Sibley on a bluff overlooking the valley and the present day site of Montevideo. The monument was the first property added to the state park system and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. The Camp Release Monument was dedicated on July 4, 1894, commemorating the release of 269 captives and the surrender of about 1,200 Dakota people at the end of the conflict. The four faces of the 51-foot granite monument are inscribed with information about the battles that took place along the Minnesota River during the conflict, the Dakota’s surrender, and the creation of the monument. The Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway Alliance added three interpretative signs in 2011.


Madison is the county seat of Lac qui Parle County, located just north of the 45th parallel. An ambitious, fun-loving community (who else would celebrate “Stinker Days”?) right in the heart of the county, it is close to some of the region’s most renowned birding areas: Salt Lake to the southwest, and Marsh Lake and Lac qui Parle Lake to the north and east respectively.

Madison’s own Lac qui Parle Players provide community theatre entertainment featuring local and national talent. This local community theatre troupe schedules performances in the Prairie Arts Center each season that showcase comedy, tragedy, music, and dance. Don’t forget that Madison is the Lutefisk Capital of the USA and home of “Lou T. Fisk” – you’ll be greeted by the 25-foot-long cod statue when you arrive in town via south Highway 75. Madison’s Lutefisk Eating Champion, Jerry Osteraas, can eat eight pounds in one sitting! Come and take him on during the annual Norsefest celebration, which is held the 2nd weekend in November. That event includes the Lutefisk Eating Contest, which has been featured nationally on the Travel Channel, CBS Sunday Morning and other outlets. Minnesota’s U.S. Highway 75, The Historic King of Trails, runs right through Madison, tying this town to a corridor that runs from Winnipeg to the Gulf of Mexico.


Both Madison and nearby Boyd have several structures on the National Register of Historic Places. The longest running community festival in the entire United States, the annual Boyd Good Time Days Festival, is held every June.


Dawson, a community rich in Scandinavian heritage, is in the heart of Prairie Waters farmland. Whimsically known as “Gnometown USA,” you’ll find gnome statues located at the City Park along Highway 212 and at homes throughout the town. These gnomes are created by a local artist in honor of various members of the community. During Riverfest, held the last Friday and Saturday in June, a new gnome is unveiled. The annual celebration also includes softball tournaments, music, food, and fireworks. The Lac qui Parle River flows through Dawson, creating a beautiful setting for the riverside

The city of Madison is the largest population center in the area and boasts a rich heritage. It’s the birthplace of Minnesota’s Poet Laureate and best-selling author, Robert Bly. The Lac qui Parle County Historical Center features many items from Bly’s youth as well as native artifacts, pioneer memorabilia, wildlife displays, Native American artifacts, the popular Ethel Mehlum Doll Collection and more. Madison is also the home of the county fair and features dirt track auto racing each weekend during the summer. The Madison Mallards are active during the baseball season, taking on teams from surrounding communities. Home games are played at Memorial Field, a lighted facility located right along Highway 40 as you come into town from the east.


Milan Bridge - Lac qui Parle La

Lac qui Parle County Courthouse 9

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walking/biking trail. Dawson offers a great range of activities, including a 9-hole golf course, a pickleball court, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, relaxing parks, volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, softball complex, BMX course, picnic shelters, playground, and a family fun Frisbee Disc Golf Course. A ten-site campground with electrical hook-ups and water service is available near the swimming pool park. Not to mention, the unique shops and restaurants make a visit to Dawson worthwhile!

Don’t miss the Memorial Auditorium for quality art performances. Since 2001 the Dawson-Boyd Arts Association has offered events at Memorial Auditorium from September to June each year. A wide variety of entertainment includes classical, folk, chamber and popular music, plus children’s theatre, dance and comedy. See the Arts & Entertainment section on page 41 for more information. Dawson cherishes its historic buildings. The

Dawson Armory is listed on the National Historic Register and houses the public library, a unique mezzanine art gallery, a history center, and several apartments. Also on the National Historic Register is the Historic Bank Building. Located on Main Street, this structure is currently being remodeled as a museum, with office space as well. Other attractions near Dawson include the Churchill Dam, Lac qui Parle Refuge, Marsh Lake Wildlife Management Area, Pioneer Village and The Historic Ox Cart Trail.

A great place to live, work & play!

All Your Healthcare Needs in One Convenient Location Hospital | Care Center | Clinic | Hilltop Residental Living 900 Second Avenue - Madison 320-598-7551 | www.mhsmn.org


in the

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Farmland www.lqpeda.com | 320-598-7976

Welcome to


The Small City with the Bright Future Family Aquatic Center • beautiful bike/walking trail along the river campgrounds • ice skating rink • tennis courts and baseball/softball fields • pickleball court • golf course • disc golf course • unique shopping • BMX course

For visitor information: Dawson Area Chamber of Commerce : 320-769-2981 | City of Dawson: 320-769-2154 | www.dawsonmn.com

Great performances happen here!

Memorial Auditorium 601 9th Street - Dawson 320-312-2311 118 First Street - Dawson | 320-769-4787 www.picketfencemotel.net

Dawson Co-op Credit Union

ALS Mercantile 744 6th Street - Dawson, MN 320-769-2382 We’re not an “ordinary” Hardware Store! We’re a MERCANTILE... Seein’ is believin’!!!

America’s Credit Unions

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Checking • Passbook Savings • Certificates of Deposits • Loans • Safety Deposit Boxes

Feel free to stop in and find out more about our additional services Dawson • Boyd • Renville Phone: (320) 769-2908 www.dawsonco-opcu.com

w w w.d aws onb oyd ar t s . org

Delivering Excellence in Health Care to our Local Community and Beyond.

Dawson: 320-769-4323 | Boyd: 320-855-2290



At the corner of 5th Street & Locust in Dawson *** This little shoppe celebrates Butterflies, Bees & Birds handcrafted & gift Items. Our ventures support the preservation of the 3 B’s.

. 422 Oak St - Dawson, MN



Dairy Queen 108 6th Street Dawson, MN 56232 320-769-2300


Dairy Queen 711 8th Avenue Madison, MN 56256 320-598-3858

Apparel & Accessories 320-769-4727



Yellow Medicine County

Upper Sioux Agency State Park


ellow Medicine, or Pejuhutazizi in the Dakota language, is the name of the bitter root of the moonseed plant used by the Native Americans for medicinal purposes, and the source of this 758-square-mile county’s name. In addition to the area’s Indian heritage, early settlers included mostly English, Scandinavian, German, Irish, Scottish, and Bohemian immigrants. The Minnesota River cuts through what is now the eastern boundary of Yellow Medicine County. Enjoy the granite waterfalls, rolling hills, and meandering streams that accompany this major river. Members of the Dakota Nation found the prairie and the Minnesota River bottoms a bountiful place to live, making this entire area rich in the history of Dakota culture. From the riverbank, today’s visitors can fish for walleye, northern, catfish, bullhead, and carp. Watch for white pelicans and great blue herons along edges of shallow pools. Spotted sandpipers, killdeer, and other shore birds frequently hunt for insects on the gravel bars and mudflats along the river. Red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, and white pelicans catch the air currents above the valley. Bald eagles winter in the Minnesota River Valley. Even if you are just passing through, take a drive along the Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway, featuring stunning views and historic sites along the Minnesota River. Or travel along the King of Trails – U.S. Highway 75. This scenic byway runs through three of Western Minnesota Prairie Waters’ counties: Yellow Medicine, Lac qui Parle, and Big Stone. For thousands of years, glaciers advanced, covered and retreated over central Minnesota. These glaciers left several hundred feet of rock, sand and gravel, known as “glacial drift,”


Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

which covered the granite and gneiss bedrock. The Upper Sioux Agency State Park sits on a plateau of this glacial drift and contains the site of the Upper Sioux or “Yellow Medicine Agency,” established in 1963. The Upper Sioux Agency was originally established by the federal government in 1854 as a center for instructing the Dakota people in farming methods of white settlers. But the agency never realized its mission, for by 1862 the program was plagued by frequent food shortages and delays in promised annuity payments. Resulting dissension between

farmers and non-farmer Native Americans set the scene for tragic conflict. During this struggle most of the agency buildings were destroyed. One remaining structure, a brick duplex, has been restored to its pre-1862 appearance, and the foundations of others are marked. Today, in addition to the Native American interpretive opportunities (you can even rent a tipi there to heighten your experience), there is a full state park to enjoy. The Upper Sioux Agency State Park is located just a few short miles from Granite Falls. The

www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432

1,280-acre park was established to preserve and interpret the remains of the old agency site. It offers open prairie knolls, bluffs, and cool, wooded slopes, plus trails ideal for horseback riding, hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling. The park also offers a huge sledding hill for winter fun. Follow Highway 23 southwest of Granite Falls to Hanley Falls, home of Minnesota’s Machinery Museum. The museum offers indoor exhibits of pioneer farm machinery and vintage automobiles, most of which are still fully operational. You’ll find large displays of equipment and tools, décor from early farm homes, a room full of beautiful handmade quilts, and other reminders of early Minnesota. A summertime regional threshing show is held the first full weekend in August. The museum hosts six acres of buildings and authentic equipment, making this one of Minnesota’s premier agricultural museums. Bring a picnic and enjoy a kick back experience! Clarkfield is known as the “Heart of the Prairie,” and is full of recreational opportunities. Enjoy camping in North Park, golf nine holes at the disc golf course, or cool

off at the Clarkfield Swimming Pool. The town also boasts an excellent K-6 Charter School as well as the Clarkfield Care Center, offering assisted living and community-based health care. The Wood Lake Monument at County Road 18, west of Highway 67 between Granite Falls and Echo, commemorates the battle of Wood Lake fought here on September 23, 1862 between the forces of General Sibley and Little Crow. Aside from its rich history, Wood Lake offers beautiful green prairies and friendly people. Book your next group event at the Wood Lake Community Center!


is also the home of the Granite Falls Chamber and tourism information. Riverside Market and Muse is a monthly market held on the downtown plazas. Free for vendors and offering free entertainment, this family-friendly event takes place on the second Saturday of the month, from May through September. The Western Fest Stampede PRCA Rodeo is the annual city event featuring a parade, kids activities, street dances, and a nightly rodeo. The Yellow Medicine County Museum at the intersection of Highways 23 & 67 features exhibits from Granite Falls’


Nestled along the banks of the Minnesota River, located in Yellow Medicine and Chippewa Counties, is the river valley community of Granite Falls. Today’s Granite Falls lifestyle includes many cultural opportunities, including the Granite Area Arts Council located in the K.K. Berge Building. A gift shop features local artists, while the gallery features a new artist every six weeks. Classes and cultural events are held in the building, which

Wood Lake Monument

Granite Falls 13

www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


Del Clark Lake - Canby Canby Theater past, including displays of history, geology, archaeology, and Native American artifacts. The Minnesota River flows through town, offering opportunities for fishing, paddling, and birding. Or just seek out back roads following the Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway for a discovery trip featuring


ATM Locations Granite Falls Bank 24-Hour ATM

702 Prentice Street Granite Falls, MN

Almich’s Market

1340 9th Street Granite Falls, MN

MN West Community & Technical College

1593 11th Avenue Granite Falls, MN

Granite Falls Airport

320-564-2111 14

historic sites and unique geology. Enjoy the scenic riverside, Highway 212 shopping and restaurants, Granite Run golf course, baseball at Richter Field, and indoor pool and other activities at the Kilowatt Community Center. Memorial Park on Highway 67 offers camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and river activities. Three miles south of Granite Falls, you’ll find Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort, proudly owned and operated by the Upper Sioux Community. Prairie’s Edge features luxurious hotel rooms and suites, exhilarating gaming action, exceptional cuisine, and a spacious convention center. Just south of Prairie’s Edge lies western Minnesota’s most recent treasure: the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum. (Read all about it on page 39). More history can be found at the Andrew J. Volstead House, “Father of Prohibition,” a National Historic Landmark near downtown Granite Falls. Grab a printed guide at the chamber office and follow the

Wood Lake Community Center Multiple rooms to accommodate your next event!

Call or email to reserve your space City of Wood Lake 507-485-3476 woodlake@redred.com www.woodlakemn.com PO Box 115 | 88 2nd Ave W Wood Lake, MN

“Prohibition Story” through downtown, across the Historic Roebling Footbridge that spans the Minnesota River in downtown Granite Falls, then top off your visit with a salty snack at Granite Falls Kiwanis Popcorn Stand—open nightly from 7-9:30pm during the summer.


As the westernmost city in Yellow Medicine County, Canby is known as “The Gateway to the Prairie.” Located at the junction of U.S. Highway 75 (the King of Trails) and State Highway 68, the town sits in the center of a broad, flat valley and offers breathtaking views of the Coteau des Prairies and Buffalo Ridge in South Dakota. You’re invited to visit this great community and take advantage of all they have to offer. If you are looking for quality of life, this is the place. Canby proudly hosts the annual community festival known as Hat Daze, held over Father’s Day weekend. The Yellow Medicine County Fair is also held here annually in July. Del Clark Lake, just southwest of Canby, is the perfect place to picnic, enjoy the basketball or volleyball courts, bird watch or camp near the lake. Take a tour of the LundHoel House Museum, proudly showcasing American-Victorian architecture (read more on page 39). The area offers an abundance of recreational and leisure activities including hunting, fishing, shooting sports, a swimming pool, bowling, horseshoes, disc golf, and camping. The newly renovated movie theater is a result of an extremely successful community effort. The Canby Arts Committee is very active and sponsors several events, including Music in the Park on several Mondays in the summer. Escape to the smaller communities of Echo, Porter, St. Leo, and Hazel Run and enjoy life far from the bustle of the big city.

Historic Downtown | Historic Footbridge | Andrew Volstead House | Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

GRANITE FALLS www.VisitGraniteFalls.com | GFChamber@mvtvwireless.com

Granite Falls is nestled along the banks of the Minnesota River. Come and enjoy our unique shops, restaurants and peaceful way of life. Experience our scenic wildlife or just picnic along the flowing river at one of our parks. Take in history with a stop at our many Historic Sites and stroll across the river on our Roebling footbridge. Enjoy life to its fullest in Granite Falls, a community on the Minnesota River.

GraniteCafe Grinder & Gifts

· Specialty Coffee & Homemade Pastries · Homemade Soups & Salads · Light Breakfast & Lunch · Nice selection of women’s & junior’s clothing · Accessories & Unique gifts Come and watch the Cardinals!

Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat 8am-3pm


176 Hwy 212 E. Granite Falls, MN

Dallas II

Gallery and Imagine Gift Shop Open Mon-Fri 1-4, Sat 10-3 807 Prentice St - Granite Falls, MN 320.564.4240 | follow us on facebook

Bar • Restaurant • Catering 142 US-212, Granite Falls (320) 564-4888



Downtown Granite Falls

741 Prentice Street Granite Falls, MN 56241 320-564-3632

112 South First Street Montevideo, MN 56265 320-269-5173

Granite Falls Super Motel Only Hotel in City Limits


serving fresh buttered popcorn &1919 rootbeer

Fresh coffee, breakfast & lunch

Open nightly in downtown Granite Falls May 1 - October 1 from 7 - 9:30pm

Monday-Friday 6:30AM-5PM Saturday 6:30AM-1PM

profits donated back to the community.

Try out our delicious BBQs



Over 60 rooms, attached restaurant, two floors, hot tub, pool & sauna 845 Highway 212 West - Granite Falls, MN 320-564-4075 - granitefallssupermotel.com

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City of Canby Welcome to the

Gateway to the Prairie

Welcome to Canby, “The Gateway to the Prairie”. We are the westernmost city in Yellow Medicine County and located at the junction of U.S. Highway 75 and State Highway 68. We invite you to visit our great community and take advantage of all we have to offer. If you are looking for quality of life, this is the place. We offer excellent schools, a quality health care system, inviting churches, and an abundance of recreational and leisure activities that include hunting, fishing, golf, disc golf, shooting sports, newly renovated swimming pool, bowling, historic movie theater and camping.

www.canbychamber.com staff@canbychamber.com


PURPOSE www.mnwest.edu • 800-658-2330 • info@mnwest.edu

Canby Drug & Gifts

130 St. Olaf Avenue North • Canby, MN 56220 St Peter’s School Preschool — 6th Grade



ajors and Over 60 m rams og technical pr from! se oo h c to

A member of Minnesota State. An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Educator/Employer.


A Store Full of Treasures

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amous for excellent hunting and fishing, the Prairie Waters region is a natural playground for the outdoor-minded. Leave the city behind and look ahead to outdoor pursuits.


The Prairie Waters region sits on one of the major North American flyways, attracting over 150,000 geese each season. With 150,000 acres of state-run wildlife management areas open to public hunting and wildlife viewing, the region is a magnet for hunters from coast to coast. Additionally, thousands of mallards, wood ducks, canvasbacks and other waterfowl can be found in rivers, ponds and marshes scattered throughout the area. Ring-necked pheasants and turkeys are hunted throughout the year. Whitetail deer hunting remains popular in the region, especially in the lowlands near rivers and streams. Agricultural fields immediately adjacent to marshes and rivers are especially high potential areas for deer and other wildlife. A wealth of pertinent hunting information is available throughout the region at LqP Refuge Headquarters and local DNR offices, as well as online.


Key wildlife viewing spots throughout the Prairie Waters area include state parks, all wildlife management areas, and even the countless country roads. Wildlife viewing and birding along roadsides provides visitors with numerous encounters in a day’s venture. Spot a variety of critters, from cottontail rabbits to foxes and otters. The region is also experiencing a growing population of coyotes. You might chance a sighting in broad daylight


as one of these long, lean-legged, wolf-like canines lopes across an open field.


Whether in flight or perched on its nest, one of the most inspiring sights in nature is the bald eagle. Look for their large nests high up in the trees near lakes and rivers in remote areas. Other bird species you might spot in the region include loggerhead shrike, ruddy turnstone, prairie chickens, bobolink, Swainson’s hawk, western grebe, and cinnamon teal. Marsh Lake, a man-made reservoir on the Minnesota River west of Appleton, has one of the only two nesting colonies of white pelican in Minnesota. Marietta, Minnesota’s Salt Lake is the only alkaline wetland between the Atlantic Ocean and Utah’s Great Salt Lake. This popular bird-watching area is a stopover point for scores of shorebird species migrating across the Midwest. See the pull-out map on the back of pages 20-24 for prime birding locations in the region.


Challenging trails to accommodate all OffHighway Vehicle (OHV) skill levels beckon at The Appleton Area Recreation Park, one of Minnesota’s newest, public off-road vehicle parks. The 330-acre site currently includes more than seven miles of trails, including five miles specifically designed for all-terrain vehicles. In addition, there is one mile of motorcycle and one mile of Enduro tracks. The site also features jumps, sand dunes and other OHV activities. Other features in the park include shelter/picnic areas. www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


Routes traverse the entire region, from treeless prairie to quiet woods. Winter months in the Prairie Waters region offer miles and miles of groomed and un-groomed trails, for both expert and novice snowmobilers.


Take in some of the best scenery and wildlife in the state from the vantage point of a canoe or kayak as you glide over the rivers of the Prairie Waters region. Dropping down beneath the expansive prairie is a network of deeply cut ravines and canyon-like corridors lined with towering cottonwoods and oaks. Don’t be surprised if a gigantic gray owl flies silently across your bow as you round a river bend. Montevideo’s CURE (Clean Up the River Environment) offers group events and adventures to promote clean air, water, and energy throughout Minnesota. The rivers of Prairie Waters – Pomme de Terre, Chippewa, Minnesota, Lac qui Parle, Yellow Medicine and Hawk Creek – are the major recognized canoeing routes of the region. The DNR produces several maps, indicating the many river access points. Riffles and rapids, depending upon the season and amount of rainfall, may break quiet reflection. Expect many miles of winding waters between put-ins and take-outs, as these rivers offer a myriad of turns and twists. While many of the lakes are shallow, most enable paddlers an opportunity to trace their shorelines in search of waterfowl and other shore birds. There are many put-in points along the road system, making the river all the more inviting.


Let’s Go Fishing W

hether you enjoy speed-trolling plugs, casting worms into rippling river pools, or jigging through a hole in the ice, west central Minnesota’s bountiful prairie lakes and rivers abound with sport fish. If you have walleye on the brain, recommended waters include Lac qui Parle, Artichoke and Oliver Lakes, as well as the Minnesota River. Good catches often result during spring and winter with jigs and minnows. Plugs work well during early summer, especially for bigger fish. Perhaps a peaceful afternoon spent sitting on the bank of a river is what you have in mind? Grab some stink bait and give catfish a try. Summer is the best time to go, and good choices include the Minnesota, Pomme de Terre, and Yellow Medicine Rivers, as well as Lac qui Parle Lake. More adventurous anglers enjoy exploring fishing holes off the beaten path by using a canoe or small boat. Ready to try something different? Sheepshead—also

known as freshwater drum—are plentiful in the area. They bite well all summer long, especially in the Minnesota River and Lac qui Parle Lake. (Hint: freshwater drum 10-14” long are delicious.) Fall fishing for walleye tends to heat up when the water cools down in the area lakes and rivers, especially below rapids areas and dams. Fall is a great time to plan that combination fishing and hunting trip thanks to the substantial public hunting land that exists in the area. Ice fishing is a popular winter activity, with anglers seeking primarily walleye, crappie, northern pike and yellow perch. Lower Lac qui Parle Lake often produces some very nice catches of giant crappies. Walleye fishing is usually good on



Yellow Perch


area lakes, especially during December. Check with area bait shops for the latest news on when and where the fish are biting. Have fun exploring the area’s waters! Most importantly, be safe and always wear your life jacket.


WATSON Presented by Ice Castle Fish Houses, this huge ice-fishing tournament brings thousands of anglers to Lac qui Parle Lake each year. A children’s ice-fishing clinic, raffle, and other fun activities are offered in conjunction with the contest. Over $75,000 in prizes! Visit www.icecastleclassic.com for more information. good


•Big Stone County •Yellow Medicine County •Lac qui Parle County •Swift County •Chippewa County Bullhead

Channel Catfish

Flathead Catfish

White Bass

Sheeps- Largemouth Bluegill head Bass

Northern Pike

Artichoke Lake (•) Big Stone Lake (•) Camp Lake (•) Del Clark (•) East Toqua Lake (•) John (•) Lac qui Parle (••) Lake Sylvan (•) Marsh (••) Minnesota River (•••) Monson Lake (•) Oliver (•) Porter (•) Swift Falls Reservoir (•) Tyson Lake (•) Wood Lake (•)

Thank you for promoting our area’s terrific fishing opportunities! www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


OUTDOOR ADVENTURES CITY PARKS • Appleton Parks | 320-289-1527

Appleton Municipal Campground, Riverview Park, Veterans Park

• Beardsley Park | 320-695-2110 • Bellingham City Park | 320-568-2508 • Benson Parks | 320-843-4775

Ambush Park, Civic Center Park, Countryside Court Park, Hoiland Park, Lathrop Park, Northside Recreation Area, Roosevelt Park, Swimming Pool Park

• Boyd City Park | 320-855-2242 • Canby Parks | 507-223-7295

Central Park, Triangle Park, Swimming Pool Park, Lake Sylvan Park

• Clara City Parks | 320-847-2142 Community Park, Wilms Park

Riverview Park - Appleton

• Clarkfield Parks | 320-669-4435 Campground Park, Valhalla Park

• Clinton Parks | 320-325-5580

• Madison Parks | 320-598-7301

Depot Park

Dawson Parks | 320-769-2154 City Park, Theodore Christianson Memorial Park, Veterans Park Lake View Park, Toqua Park

Granite Falls Parks | 320-564-4039 East Side Park, Highland Park, Memorial Park, Rice Park, Royal Park, Sorlien Park, West End Park, Winter Park

• Hanley Falls Parks | 507-768-3570

Centennial Park, City Park/Campground

• Kerkhoven Parks | 320-264-2581

• Chinhinta Park - Montevideo, MN 56265

• Clarkfield 1508-1512 11th St. - Clarkfield, MN 56223 • 583 11th St. West - Madison, MN 56256 Kiwanis Park

Park • Lagoon 601-691 Forest Ave. - Montevideo, MN 56265

9 9 9

N/A 2544’ 2729’ N/A

Sylvan • Lake St. Olaf Ave South - Canby, MN 56220



Rice Park - Granite Falls, MN 56241



450 North Hering St. - Appleton, MN 56208





• Riverview Park

• 945 8th St. - Dawson, MN 56232

Veteran’s Memorial Park


Course Baskets Length


• River’s Edge

Burns Park, Library (Gazebo) Park

• Montevideo Parks | 800-269-5527

Central Park, Chinhinta Park, Hillcrest Park, Lagoon Park, Larson Park, Sheridan Park, Smith Park, Wildwood Park, Windom Park

• Ortonville Parks | 320-839-3428

Central Park, Lakeside Park, Neilson Park, Northside Park, Peninsula Park, Pool Park, Riverside Camping

• Wood Lake Parks | 507-485-3476 Heritage Park, Freedom Park



Yardage Club [white] Rental

Golf Course • Appleton 331 Wyman Avenue East | 320-289-2511




• 2222 Atlantic Avenue | 320-842-7901













Highway 67 South | 320-564-4755




603 Golf Course Road, West Hwy 212 | 320-264-2581




Highway 40 West | 320-598-7587










Golf Courses

Pillsbury Park, Softball Park

Chinhinta Park

• Milan Parks | 320-734-4411

• Odessa Park | 320-273-2375

• Holloway City Park | 320-394-2272

Disc Golf Courses

Canby Golf Course

• Marietta City Park | 320-668-2375

• Graceville Parks | 320-748-7911 •

Centennial Park, J. F. Jacobson Park, Kiwanis Kiddie Park, Madison Square Park, Madison Memorial Field, Recreation Field, Slen Park

Benson Golf Club

Canby Golf Course

• 1933 240th Avenue | 507-223-5607

Golf Course • Dawson 15th Ave & Locust Street | 320-769-2212

• 23315 County Highway 18 | 320-748-7557 Graceville Golf Course

• Granite Run Golf Course • Kerkhoven Golf Course • Madison Country Club

• Ortonville Municipal Golf Course 145 Golf Course Road | 320-839-3606

• 1101 West Hwy 212 | 320-269-8600

The Crossings at Montevideo

www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432

Cart Driving Food/ Rental Range Beverage

• •

In the Upper Minnesota River Valley


• •

BENSON C Ambush Park 320-843-4775 D Swift Falls Park 320-843-5341

• •

• •

• •


•BoydBOYD City Park 320-855-2242 CANBY •Canby Triangle Park Campground 507-223-7295

F G Lake Sylvan Park 507-223-7295 H Stone Hill Regional Park 507-223-7586

• CLARKFIELD I Oraas County Park 320-313-3013 • DAWSON J City Park 320-769-2154 • GRANITE FALLS K Memorial Park 320-564-3011

• • •

• MADISON N JF Jacobson Park 320-598-7373 • MAYNARD O Lions Club Park 320-367-2140 • MILAN P Lions Club Park 320-734-4411

• • •

• • •

• •

• • •

• •



• •

• •

• •


• • • •

• • •

• •

• • • • •

• • •


Sh, WA, EW ESW, R, WF G, S, B, H, ESW Sh, B, H

• • • •

• •

• •

10 5 70

• •


• •

• •

10 22 55 61

• •

Sh, B, BB Sh CA, WF, B Sh, TI

Ortonville, MN 56278 | 320-839-3663

• Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge

4047 20th Street NW | Watson, MN 56295 320-734-4450

• Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management Area Route 1, Box 23 | Watson, MN 56295 320-734-4451

• Monson Lake State Park

1690 15th Street NE | Sunburg, MN 56289-8118 320-366-3797

5 21


85 10 10

• •

ESW, Sh Sh, B, H ESW, Sh

• • • •

• • •

37 78 8 42

• • •



+ 2 cabins



THE KING OF TRAILS Tracing its origins back to the days when Native Americans cut travel routes out of the virgin prairie. With the automobile invention, roadways sprung up from many of these routes. One, stretching from Winnipeg, Canada south to the Gulf of Mexico became known as the King of Trails. In 1918, communities along this route formed an association and US Highway 75; the King of Trails became the “best marketed road in the United States.” In 2001, the Minnesota legislature designated this highway as the “Historic King of Trails.” You can trail this historic roadway down through the entire western edge of Prairie Waters, from Brown’s Valley past the city of Canby in the south.

Stone Lake State Park • Big 35889 Meadowbrook State Park Road

• Lac qui Parle State Park

EXTRAS KEY: B=Basketball; BB=Baseball Field; B&R=Bait Shop & Restaurant; CA=Casino; ESW=Electric, Sewer, Water; P=Pool; G=Golf; H=Horseshoes; Sh=Showers; TI=Tipi Camping; WA=Water Access; WF=WiFi

THE GLACIAL RIDGE TRAIL Only the west-central portion of this byway loops through our region, yet that small section showcases the natural richness of this area. Numerous lakes are sprinkled among the hills and ridges carved by glaciers over 10,000 years ago. Lake Monson State Park, east of Benson, represents the natural setting left behind for us to enjoy today.


Scott Simmons, Refuge Manager 4843 County Road 19 | Odessa, MN 56276 BigStone@fws.gov | MidwestNews@fws.gov 320-273-2191


• •

17 15

• •



• • •

• WOOD LAKE •Timm County Park 320-313-3013

• •

• •

R S Lagoon Park 320-269-6575/5026 T Watson Hunting Camp & RV Park 320-269-9136 Lakeshore RV Park 320-839-3701 Riverside Park Rustling Elms Resort 320-839-3845 WEGDAHL Y Wegdahl County Park 320-269-6231

• •

12 14

• • •

• •

•BigORTONVILLE Stone Lake State Park 320-839-3663

• • •

Q Milan Beach (Randall’s Resort) 320-734-4400

•LacMONTEVIDEO qui Parle State Park 320-734-4450

L Prairie View RV Park & Campground 320-564-6043 M Upper Sioux Agency State Park 320-564-4777

• •

n io at St p um es t D Si ng pi m ol Ca Po # h/ ac Be g in sh Fi ls ai Tr


o ro

APPLETON A Appleton Municipal Campground 320-289-1363 B Shooter’s Estates 320-289-1100

im Sw

t en pm ui Eq s ie ay lit Pl ci Fa r ic te el Sh l ril cn Pi

th Ba


THE MINNESOTA RIVER VALLEY NATIONAL SCENIC BYWAY Truly a destination in itself, the Minnesota River is the premier natural feature of this byway stretching far beyond our western border near Ortonville, across the entire southern portion of Minnesota to the bluff country of the Mississippi River. See 3.8 million-year-old granite outcroppings, lush prairie grasses, national refuges and state parks. Museums and historic sites about the US Dakota Conflict of 1862 dot the roadway as well. PRAIRIE PASSAGES Over 100 years ago, the western portion of Minnesota was covered by more than 18 million acres of tall grass prairie. Today, sadly less than one percent remains. The Prairie Passage route travels through areas of Prairie Waters where sparse pieces of the original prairie still remain. Designated sites include remnant native prairies, museums and historic sites all helping to interpret the prairie story. Look for the Prairie Plover site near Bellingham, the Chippewa Prairie near Milan and the Upper Sioux Agency State Park south of Granite Falls.

• Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area curt.vacek@state.mn.us | moumn.org 320-734-4451

• Upper Sioux Agency State Park

5908 Hwy 67 | Granite Falls, MN 56241-3609 320-564-4777


Western Minnesota Prairie Waters is one of Minnesota’s premier birding regions!

• SALT LAKE known to every serious state birder for shorebirds and waterfowl • LAC QUI PARLE LAKE supports large flocks of geese. Chippewa Prairie Preserve is on the east side of this lake. • MARSH LAKE Minnesota’s largest white pelican breeding colony. • BIG STONE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE nationally-known management program showcases scores of shorebirds. • MONSON LAKE STATE PARK and the surrounding marshes offer a variety of waterfowl and upland birds. 21


Live Here! REGION 6W










$997 $43,788







www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


The typical family of two adults and one child would need to earn a combined income of $43,788 to provide a safe and healthy life for their family. The same lifestyle would cost $60,072 in the Twin Cities--Minnesota’s priciest region. 29.4% of households in Region 6W earn $75k or more.




Healthcare & Social Assistance

$816 Manufacturing

SLOW PACE OF LIVING SHORT COMMUTES CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The median hourly wage in Region 6W is $15.52, compared to $20.79 in the Twin Cities. The cost of living in the Twin Cities is 37% higher, but the median hourly wage is just 34% higher. In the second quarter of 2016, there were 831 job openings in the Prairie Waters region, ranging from the 24 management positions (81% of which required higher education and had a median starting wage of $28.27/hr), to the 216 food service positions (no higher education requirement; minimum wage). 114 job openings had a median wage offer above $20/hr.





Retail Trade

Educational Services


Public Administration





Region 6W is home to 3,351 self-employed individuals with sales receipts of $141.8 million. Make your dream business come to life here – with low cost of living and high-speed broadband access to connect to your market.

Region 6W 40.1% MSP Metro 10.7%

Over the last several years, the Prairie Waters region has worked diligently to bring the fastest fiber broadband internet to its communities. In fact, three of the five counties in this region rank in the top 10 counties in Minnesota for individuals telecommuting from home. This allows residents to bring their jobs with them to the region, while enjoying life in a slower paced community with a lower cost of living. Access to faster internet allows for more people to start new businesses or expand their small business. A recent citywide survey conducted in a Prairie Waters community showed that 17% of its residents were currently enrolled in a college course. High speed broadband is increasingly important to these students, as well as those in elementary and high school, where technology is developing more of a presence. Children can bring their assignments home with them, and have the same ability to complete the work as they would at school.













Minnesota West is a great place to start or continue your college education. They offer community and technical college training opportunities—online, on-campus, and customized! This institution has been nationally recognized as an Aspen Prize Top 150 Community College, Best Online College in Minnesota, and Top Digital Community College. They are dedicated to providing an affordable, accessible, and supportive setting, serving students of all ages and ethnicities. Minnesota West places a strong emphasis on small class sizes, personalized attention, and hands-on learning. Register today, and take the first step towards a meaningful career. Canby Campus 1011 First Street West – Canby, MN 56220 | 800-658-2330 Granite Falls Campus 1593 11th Avenue – Granite Falls, MN 56241 | 800-658-2330

Sources: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, QCEW www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


COMMUNITY FESTIVALS Wood Lake Community Fair

Chippewa County Fair - Montevideo


• Beardsley

Ice Bowling | 3rd weekend

• Granite Falls • Dawson • Montevideo

Ole and Lena Days | 1st week Winterfest | 1st weekend Annual Ice Castle Classic on Lac qui Parle Lake | 2nd Saturday

• Graceville • Montevideo

St. Patrick’s Day Parade | 3rd weekend St. Patrick’s Day Parade | March 17th


• Canby • Montevideo • Clara City • Marietta • Watson

Spring Showcase Easter Egg-citement | Saturday before Easter Clara City Spring Craft Show | 3rd Saturday Salt Lake Birding Weekend | last weekend Lac qui Parle Mission Open House | last Sunday


• Granite Falls • Hanley Falls • Milan • Granite Falls • Montevideo


• Boyd • Canby • Benson • Appleton • Canby • Montevideo • Ortonville • Clinton • Granite Falls • Graceville • Dawson • Madison

Boyd Good Time Days | 1st weekend Music Mondays | Mondays, thru August Pioneerland Band Festival Parade & Annual Flag Day Festival | June 14th Prairie Thunder Off-Road Rally | 3rd weekend Hat Daze | 3rd weekend Fiesta Days | 3rd weekend Big Stone Lake Days | 3rd weekend Clinton Days | 4th Saturday Western Fest Stampede Rodeo | 4th weekend Toqua Days | 4th weekend Riverfest | last Friday and Saturday Summerfest | last weekend, thru July 4th


• Maynard • Madison • Clara City • Canby • Watson • Beardsley • Madison • Kerkhoven

July 4th Celebration July 4th Parade Prairie Fest | weekend after July 4th, 2nd weekend Cobra Fest | 2nd weekend Mission Sunday | 2nd Sunday Beardsley Days | 3rd Saturday Dragonfest | 3rd weekend Town & Country Days | last weekend



Riverside Market & Muse | 2nd Saturday, thru September Minnesota’s Machinery Museum Opens | 2nd Saturday Syttende Mai | 2nd Saturday Swensson Farm Museum Opens | Memorial weekend, thru Labor Day weekend Chippewa City Opens | Memorial weekend

www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432



• Montevideo • Granite Falls • Canby • Montevideo • Ortonville • Porter • Wood Lake

Crazy Days | 1st Thursday, Friday, Saturday Wacipi Days | 1st weekend Crazy Days | 1st Saturday Heritage Hill Threshing Show | 3rd weekend Ortonville Cornfest | 3rd weekend Porter Harvest Festival | 3rd weekend Wood Lake Community Fair | last week


• Granite Falls • Appleton • Canby

Horse Power Event at Swensson Farm Museum | 2nd Saturday Applefest | 3rd weekend Fall Fest | 3rd Saturday


••••• Region-wide • Madison • Odessa • Montevideo

Meander Art Crawl | 1st weekend in October Oktoberfest | 1st weekend 7-75 Corn Maze | every weekend Trick or Treat Street | October 31st


• Clara City • Madison • Canby • Appleton • Granite Falls • Milan • Montevideo

Fall Craft Fair | 1st Saturday Norsefest | 2nd weekend Holiday Showcase | Sunday before Thanksgiving Holiday Extravaganza | 4th weekend Small Business Saturday | Saturday after Thanksgiving Fall Craft Fair | Saturday after Thanksgiving Love Local Shopping Punch Card | Saturday after Thanksgiving - December 23rd


• Canby • Montevideo • Montevideo • Granite Falls • Granite Falls

Hometown Holidays | 1st weekend Christmas in the Village at Historic Chippewa City | 1st Saturday Parade of Lights & Holiday Stroll | 1st Saturday Elf on the Footbridge Holiday Shopping Event | 2 weeks before Christmas Santa & Live Reindeer at the Volstead House | Sunday before Christmas


• Clinton • Canby • Montevideo • Appleton • Madison

Big Stone County Fair | 3rd weekend in July Yellow Medicine County Fair | 3rd weekend in July Chippewa County Fair | last weekend in July Swift County Fair | 3rd weekend in August Lac qui Parle County Fair | 2nd weekend in September


• Montevideo • Madison

Fiesta City Speedway | May-August Madison Speedway | May-September

For more details and events throughout the region, visit www.prairiewaters.com/events.


First weekend in October

Visit 30 studios featuring 45 prairie artisans!

Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl

John George Larson

Rob Rakow


Pamela Gubrud

Brook Pederson

Malena Handeen

www.artsmeander.com www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


Surprise! Out from the corn pops amazing art! The Meander Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl has become a well-established exhibition of artists over the last decade and attracts thousands of people each year. For those who enjoy meeting artists in their own studios, the Meander Art Crawl is a perfect opportunity to do just that. A perennial favorite, this free self-guided tour includes 45 artists in the western prairies of Minnesota. You’ll find a marvelous variety of artwork: handthrown pottery, textiles, photography, painting, woodcarving, furniture, jewelry, woven baskets, sculpture and more. Always the first weekend of October!



Talking Waters Brewing Co.


MONTEVIDEO Inspired by nearby Lac qui Parle Lake (“lake that speaks”), Talking Waters is rooted in hometown pride. Owned and operated by three Montevideo natives, almost everything about this brewery was made locally, from the tables to the artwork. Choose from a variety of brews—from their pale ale, to their signature stout, to seasonal options like Mango Wheat— and relax on a comfortable couch, or challenge some friends to a game of shuffleboard. Pair this with a slice of Jake’s Pizza next door or a Bungalow Burger from Java River across the street, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!


ORTONVILLE Featured on WCCO’s Goin’ to the Lake series in 2016, Headwater’s Jailhouse Winery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This jailhouse-turned-winery offers a unique winemaking experience. Start with a winetasting session to determine the type of wine you’d like to make. Then a coach will guide you through the batch-making process. Return to Headwater’s 4-6 weeks later to bottle your signature wine, cork it, foil it, and add your very own personalized labels. Located below Headwater’s Grill & Bar on Main Street, this is an affordable and economical way to indulge in your love of wine!


CLARA CITY Open year round, Hinterland is proud to offer award-winning Minnesota wines. Enjoy wine flights, wine by the glass or bottle, wine cocktails, beer and cider, along with a delicious full food menu. Visit www.hinterlandvineyards.com for more information.

Farmers Markets • APPLETON Appleton Camping Park, off Hwy 7/119 2nd week of June – 2nd week of October Wednesdays, 8am – noon • BENSON Railroad Park, Downtown Benson mid-July – mid-October Thursdays, 3:30pm – 6pm • DAWSON Veterans Park last week of June – mid-October Thursdays, 4pm – 6pm • GRANITE FALLS

Sorlien Park mid-June – September Wednesdays, 8am – 4pm, during growing season

• MADISON MN Hwy 40 E, Madison Treatment Plant – shelter house mid-June – early October Tuesdays, 8:30am – noon • MONTEVIDEO Smith Park, across from City Hall June – October Thursdays, 3:30pm – 6:30pm Saturdays, 8am – 1pm • ORTONVILLE

Lakeside Park May – October Tuesdays, 3pm – 6pm Saturdays, 8am – 11am


205 S 1st St Montevideo, MN

Locally Brewed Craft Beers 26

On Premise Winemaking Boutique

Ortonville, MN 320-815-1521 daleemar@hotmail.com www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432

Riverside Market & Muse: Enjoy shopping, food, art classes, kids activities, free music, and theatrical performances along the Minnesota River on the second Saturday of each month, from May through September. Located along Granite Falls’ downtown plaza. Free for vendors!


Local Foods


CLINTON Located 15 miles north of Ortonville, Big Stone Apple Ranch is nestled along the shores of Big Stone Lake. Choose from University of Minnesota varieties, such as Honey Crisp, Fireside, State Fair, Zestar, Cortland, Haroldson, and more. Enjoy fresh pressed cider, pies, jams and jellies, and other produce. Big Stone Apple Ranch’s season begins the third week in September, open 10am – 6pm, seven days a week.


ORTONVILLE The Granary is a full service natural foods store specializing in bulk flour, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruits, teas, and spices. They also carry a wide variety of pre-packaged foods for special diets, as well as personal care and natural household cleaning products. The Granary strives to provide healthy, organic, Non-GMO and fairly traded products. They work with local producers that provide free range and pastured meat and eggs, organic golden flax, honey, coffee, and local produce in season.


MONTEVIDEO Situated on 240 acres of gently rolling bluffland in the Minnesota River Valley, Moonstone Farm is home to humans, cattle, wine grapes, alfalfa, bluestem grasses, plenty of trees, and a varied landscape. Enjoy grass-fed beef, local artisan foods, and hand-thrown pottery. Their 100% grass-fed beef is raised without pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or genetic engineering. The on-farm shop offers Kalliroe pork, cheeses, honey, flour and baking mixes, White Earth wild rice, and more. Spend a night in their guest cottage, bathed in warm tones and featuring original artwork, solar technology, traditional and handmade furniture, and fresh flowers in season.


River-friendly meats...local artisan foods... guest cottage...handthrown pottery...all from our family farm...since 1872. 9060 40th Street SW - Montevideo moonstone@moonstonefarm.net 320-269-8971 | www.moonstonefarm.net

KERKHOVEN Pastures A Plenty is home to a hog farrow to finish operation, as well as free-range chickens and a seasonal cattle-grazing business. Their signature pork is available at several Twin Cities food co-ops and at local restaurants. They use no drugs in the animal feed, believing that fresh air and sunshine are the best health guarantee for their livestock. Their motto, “From Our Pastures to Your Plate” says it well.

Full-service natural foods store specializing in bulk flour, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruits, coffee, teas and spices

• •

Providing healthy, organic, Non-GMO, fair trade & local products


MONTEVIDEO “Let our fruit make you smile!” The Swenson Orchard offers apples, raspberries, and plums. Cider, preserves, and some pumpkins are also available. Located 4.5 miles north of Montevideo on Hwy 29, they look forward to serving you!


320-839-6204 FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


Swift County

Riverside Park - Appleton


xperience a unique brand of beauty that can only be found in Swift County, the northern portion of the Prairie Waters region. This vast stretch of land features open prairies, rolling hills, and sparkling waters. Swift County offers many native prairie sites, hiking trails, and parks, including Swift Falls, Ambush Park and Riverside Park. Swift County also borders the Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management Area, just south of Appleton. This area encompasses 33,000 acres of public lands and waters and is well known in birding circles as a natural transition zone for birds and the entire ecosystem, from the western plains to Minnesota’s eastern woodlands. The Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail and the Prairie Passage Route designate several local areas to bird watching and other wildlife viewing. Monson Lake State Park, east of Benson, represents the natural setting left behind by glaciers more than 30,000 years ago. The rocks, sand, and gravel left by the last glacier remain today, creating an area rich in wildlife, ideal for birding and great for observing nature. Birdwatchers can seek out white pelicans, herons, western grebes, songbirds, and waterfowl in this 187-acre park with a diverse landscape of wetlands and hardwood forests. The park offers bird watching, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Paddle the lake and take a short portage that leads from Monson Lake to West Sunburg Lake. Don’t forget your fishing pole!


Swift County Courthouse - Bens


Benson is a community rich in history, recreational fun, and festivals. Families can enjoy the aquatic center featuring a 30-foottall, 168-foot-long waterslide, as well as kiddie and lap pools. Other recreational activities include the 18-hole golf course, state-of-theart DeMarce movie theater, and camping in Ambush Park, with its hiking trails, picnic shelters, a mini-golf course, native plant and wildlife exhibits, and a historic schoolhouse. Not far from Benson are the historic sites of the Christian F. Uytendale Farmstead and the Sabin S. Murdock House (in Murdock, MN). Play a round of golf at the 9-hole Kerkhoven Community Golf Club or visit in July for the

annual Town & Country Days festival. This popular event features the Pillsbury Push 5k & 10k, a classic car show, flea market/craft sale, plenty of children’s activities, tons of food, and a Grand Parade. Explore the city’s two parks and take a dip in the seasonal public swimming pool.


Appleton is home to the Swift County Fairgrounds, the Applefest Celebration held annually in September, and a beautiful city bike trail. It’s also the only city in the United States to honor all of its fallen war heroes in a unique and unexpected manner: In 1946

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Appleton’s mayor, Robert P. Miller, proposed that streets bear the names of local heroes instead of conventional numbers and other names. On May 30, 1947, in a large Memorial Day service, all the street names were changed so that each was named after a local war hero. Today the community proudly continues this tradition in tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Appleton is a major river access point for paddling adventures down the Pomme de Terre River. It also offers a 9-hole golf course and a 330-acre OHV/4x4 park. Mill Pond Park Municipal Campground offers camping, fishing, canoeing, and trail access. The NEW Appleton Aquatic Center is located just a short walk away. Riverside Park is nestled along the Pomme de Terre River and offers a picnic shelter, restrooms, trail access, a disc golf course, and a NEW large playground. Appleton is centrally located for convenient access to all the major state parks, national wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, and regional rivers and lakes. Winter snowmobile trails link up with other counties for added fun.

Natural Waterways Swift County has worked hard over the years to restore its native rivers and waterways to their natural character. Take a relaxing river stroll and spot wildlife along the way. Swift Falls Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Swift Falls, a hidden gem along the Chippewa River. Don’t forget the camera!


Swift County is well known for its superior hunting opportunities. Pheasant, deer, geese, and other wildlife can be easily spotted throughout the region. The western edge of the county, known as the “prairieland,” is a pheasant haven, while deer can be found among the hills and forests of the eastern region. Anglers can catch walleye, crappie,


bass, northern, and more on the many lakes, rivers, and streams of Swift County.


Set up camp along almost any river within the county. Stay at one of the many campsites within Appleton or Benson and you’ll be within walking distance of a golf course, disc golf course, trails, swimming pool, movie theater, local restaurants, and much more!


Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts will enjoy a multi-use, FREE OHV park— Appleton Area Recreation Park—located in Appleton. With over 22 miles of trails for motorcycles, ATVs, 4x4 trucks and snowmobiles, the fun lasts year round. Come experience 330 acres of jumps, sand dunes, rock crawls, and water holes.


With over 24 lakes across the region, you’ll find a lake in almost every corner of Swift County! This area also includes a beautiful section of the Glacial Ridge Trail Scenic Byway and Monson Lake State Park, where you can enjoy rustic campsites along with two great paddling lakes. In addition to the numerous bodies of water carved into the hills and ridges by glaciers, Swift County boasts two recreational rivers: the Pomme de Terre and the Chippewa.

WATER RECREATION Canoeing River access is available almost anywhere in Swift County. The varying elevations throughout the region allow for an array of canoeing opportunities, no matter your skillset. From tranquil currents to thrilling rapids, there is a canoe excursion for everyone. Tubing Grab a tube and the entire family for miles of lazy river fun! Bring a cooler and make a day of it. Fishing Pack your fishing pole and take advantage of Swift County’s superior angling opportunities. Whether casting from a boat or from the shore, the fish are always biting. Swimming Dive into one of Swift County’s 24 lakes, or dunk your toes in a cool, freshwater stream. Several swimming opportunities await you, as well as indoor & outdoor swimming pools in several communities.

Swift Falls 29


State-of-the-art Playground | Dog Park | Aquatic Center | Applefest - 3rd weekend in September | Campgrounds | OHV Park | Close to Lac qui Parle Lake, Refuge & State Park, Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge, and Chippewa Prairie | Marsh Lake, Lake Oliver & Artichoke Lake | Great Hunting, Fishing, Birding, Snowmobile Trails, and GolďŹ ng

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Chippewa County

Downtown Montevideo


atural resource options abound in Chippewa County, whose entire western edge is the Minnesota River. In addition to the many recreational parks, the county offers three wildlife management areas, including the well known Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management Area (WMA), stretching along both sides of the southern shores of Lac qui Parle Lake. The WMA is a goose hunting and wildlife paradise. Anyone who enjoys abundant wildlife will take pleasure in hiking through the WMA. Thousands of birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts hike and bike the area every year. Birdwatchers enjoy the many songbirds and waterfowl, as the WMA is a nesting and migratory stopover. The sight of whitetail deer, prairie chickens, or ducks at dawn will delight almost any time of year. Bald eagles have even taken up residence in this majestic area. Located in the center of this region is the Watson Hunting Camp & Bar, offering guided hunting, ice fishing, lodging, a bar and entertainment. Hike or bike along a paved trail running directly from Montevideo to Wegdahl Park, offering two camper cabins located right next to the Minnesota River and available for rent. The city of Watson, conveniently located between Milan and Montevideo, is known as “The Goose Capitol of the USA” due to the large number of Canada geese that migrate through and inhabit nearby Lac qui Parle every fall. Thanks to Watson’s strong affinity for baseball and softball, the ballfield was recently renovated and revived for little league play. If you happen to visit at the right time, you may be able to enjoy a leisurely game of your own!


Chippewa River

Continue your tour with a visit to the exhibits overlooking Lac qui Parle Lake, and discover some significant Minnesota “firsts.” Fort Renville was established as a trading post by fur trader and explorer Joseph Renville in 1826. Visit the recreated Lac qui Parle Mission Church where the first church bell tolled in Minnesota in 1835. Joseph Renville also established the Lac qui Parle Mission where the Dakota alphabet was first created, and the Bible and an accompanying hymnal were first translated into the Dakota language. It is also the site of the first woven cloth in the state. The Lac qui Parle Mission annually hosts Mission Sunday, the second Sunday in July. Join in the celebration with Dakota and missionary descendants.

LAC QUI PARLE STATE PARK Lac qui Parle State Park is just west of the Mission Church site and just northwest of Montevideo. Here you’ll find lakes that formed when the glaciers receded. This created naturally occurring dams, causing the formation of wide bodies of water along the length of the Minnesota River. Approximately 50,000 people visit this 530-acre year-round park annually, taking advantage of the

variety of recreational opportunities, such as hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and boat and canoe access to the river. Maynard offers a state-of-the-art community center, 4th of July parade, and the Minnesota Rodeo Association’s Annual Maynard Rodeo— bring the whole family for a day of rodeo excitement!


Take a day trip, explore the area and view the beautifully painted mural at Artigas Plaza, the painted Railroad car next to the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center Depot or the Stained Glass Antique Tractor exhibit. Montevideo, focal point of activity in the Prairie Waters region and the Chippewa County seat, sits at the confluence of the Chippewa and Minnesota Rivers. This pleasant setting offers three major parks: Smith Park, Lagoon Park and Windom Park Recreation Area. Montevideo is home to numerous specialty shops, coffee shops, boutiques, and recreational and entertainment opportunities. Many foods come from nearby fields and pastures and can be found at the local Farmers Market. These are frequently

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coupled with a menu of music, culture, and art exhibits. Enjoy delectable treasures or just sit back and relax with friends at the Talking Waters Brewery.

workers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, or tour the still operating 90-footlong turntable—built in 1913 and used to move steam locomotives into the 26-stall roundhouse.

During Fiesta Days, held annually the third weekend in June, the community of Montevideo celebrates the relationship with their South American sister city: Montevideo, Uruguay. A prominent reminder of this international connection is the 11-foot-tall, 1.5-ton bronze statue of Uruguay’s “Father of Independence,” Jose Artigas, located in Artigas Plaza on Main Street (Montevideo, MN). The statue was gifted by Montevideo, Uruguay, where thousands of miles away, an exact replica stands.

Another nod to the area’s heritage can be found at the Olof Swensson Farm Museum, a National Registry Site featuring a 22-room, turn-of-the-century brick farmhouse on 17 acres. On the site is a historic barn, which was preserved in 2003 and is the largest barn restoration project of its kind in the United States. The site also features gristmill remains and the family burial plot with refurbished tombstones. The Swensson Farm’s annual Horse Power Event is held the second Saturday in September.

Looking back on Montevideo’s early years, we learn that in 1878 what later became the Chicago, Milwaukee & Saint Paul Railroad reached this fledgling community and opened the door to immigrants settling the frontier. Catch a glimpse of those bygone railroad days at the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center. View a collection of hand tools used by railroad

Visit an entire pioneer village recreating the challenging lifestyle faced by prairie settlers more than one hundred years ago. Historic Chippewa City boasts 20 acres and 24 buildings representing the pioneer spirit of the region. You’ll find authentic log cabins, an 1880s church, millinery shop, blacksmith shop, and two dugout canoes—the first dating back to the 1600s and the second dating back to the 1400s. Don’t miss the heritage foods and

holiday entertainment at the annual oldfashioned Christmas in the Village, celebrated the first Saturday in December. Then stay a bit longer and enjoy the Holiday Stroll and Parade of Lights on Main Street. In addition to these opportunities, the Montevideo Chamber’s event calendar is filled with countless community activities and events. Other attractions include the Minnesota Valley Antique Farm Power & Machinery Association’s Annual Steam Threshing Show at Heritage Hill in August, an 18-hole golf course, two disc golf courses, Friday night car races, bowling alley, movie theater, community swimming pool and waterslide, bike trails, and more! In the colder months, enjoy cross-country skiing and snowmobiling along 200 miles of groomed trails, plus other community events such as the Ice Castle Classic ice fishing tournament. Visit www.montechamber.com for information and a complete listing of area happenings.


Clara City is home to a semi-annual (April and November) craft show that has become a major event for both young and old. Unique shops to check out include Shades of the Past Quilt Shop and Hinterland Vineyards. One-and-a-half miles north of Clara City, Hinterland Vineyards makes wines from varieties of grapes grown

Milan Trail

Wegdahl Park Cabins

Downtown Montevideo 33

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Milan in Minnesota, many of which come from the Prairie Waters region. Pastures A Plenty, eight miles north of Clara City, has an on-farm store that sells pasture-raised pork products, fresh from the pasture to your plate! The newly constructed Clara City Medical Center has added renewed vitality to this small community. The 3,100-square-foot facility includes three examination rooms, a modern laboratory, a procedure room, and radiology. During the warmer months, visitors can enjoy the new heated outdoor swimming pool and other recreational opportunities. Don’t miss Prairie Fest held annually each July. This hometown celebration features a parade, tractor pull, food trucks, children’s activities, and much more.


Nearby Milan is a leading center of Scandinavian culture and ethnic arts in the Prairie Waters region. The Milan Village Arts School offers classes led by local artists in several folk art forms: Norwegian knifemaking, weaving, rosemaling, painting, several varieties of carving, and silver-smithing, just for starters. In early June, the Milan Village Arts School hosts the annual Spoon Gathering, a

Hinterland Vineyards - Clara City 3-day festival of carving, demonstrations, and food. Carvers from across the US and abroad converge on Milan to celebrate the wooden spoon, an international symbol of family, meals, and friendship. Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day) in May and the Christmas Craft Sale during the holidays are two of the many popular events held

in this small community each year. The Milan Community Center is a great place to hold your next gathering, featuring a certified kitchen and spacious meeting rooms. It is also home to the Full Circle Thrift Shop and state-of-the-art equipped Milan Community Fitness Center.

Welcome to Clara City

Clara City Maynard Granite Falls Lake Lillian Echo Howard Lake Watertown Murdock Seeley Lake, MT Lincoln, MT

Family Living on the Crossroads of the Prairie

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CHIPPEWA COUNTY-MONTEVIDEO HOSPITAL 824 North 11th Street Montevideo, MN 56265 Montevideo Clinic Clara City Clinic Clarkfield Clinic Milan Clinic

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Milan has a flourishing arts & agricultural community. Come visit us. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be glad you stopped!

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Don’t miss our 6th Annual Festival, Craft & Vendor Sale Sat June 17 9am - 4pm

Wegdahl Park offers two new rentable cabins that are similar to those found in State Parks, and can be used year round. Enjoy public water access and a convenient location just 6 miles south of Montevideo on the Minnesota River. Call 320-269-6231 to reserve your cabin today and let your adventures start!

$10,000 Grand Prize! 36

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OPEN FOR TOURS Fathers Day through Labor Day Saturday & Sundays 1pm - 5pm

Reviving the history of the Milwaukee Road Railroad and continuing the development of a working railyard, complete with rolling stock & numerous historical artifacts.

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flowers • plants • handmade jewelry • lotion candles • memorials • statues • herbs & more! Flowers for the beginning of life to the end & everything in between!

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CENEX TRAVEL PLAZA 605 West Highway 212 - Montevideo, MN Open daily from 5:30AM - 10:00PM • 320.269.5574

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While Exploring Ours!

ucked amongst the fields and prairies, you’ll find communities rich in culture and heritage, as well as classic buildings listed on the National Register. Home to local festivals and museums, U.S.-Dakota War sites, local museums chock-full of rural artifacts and stories, the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum, and some of Minnesota’s renowned authors and artists, the land is a true reflection of its rich heritage. You’re invited to explore some Prairie Waters history and create some memories of your own to last a lifetime.


GRANITE FALLS Learn about the life and legacy of the author of the Volstead Act, which enforced Prohibition, and the Capper-Volstead Act, which is still being used today as a framework for cooperatives. The museum is a step back in time and contains many of Volstead’s personal possessions. The Granite Falls Historical

Society maintains the museum, which also contains a room dedicated to GF history. Open Saturday afternoons in the summer and fall, by appointment, and as part of the Prohibition Story Walking Tour. www.volsteadhouse.org [ $3 admission for non-members. ]


ORTONVILLE The Big Stone County Historical Society Museum is located at the junction of US Highways 12 and 75 in Ortonville, Minnesota. Paul Bunyan’s Anchor draws many travelers to the museum grounds each year—a great spot to take a break from cross-country travels. A stroll past the 1909 Muskegon/Golden Bantam boat leads to the main museum building. This 8,000-square-foot building features a large display area depicting the culture and heritage of the people of Big Stone County. Your tour is not complete without a visit to the three outbuildings. The Charles Hanson Wildlife Collection fills the old Artichoke Lake General Store building. This collection of over 500 mounts is a must-see for every hunter and birder. Be sure to also visit the small county church and unique eight-sided schoolhouse built in 1901. The Big Stone County Museum is an Explore MN Visitor Center. Maps and travel brochures are available here and at the adjacent Big Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

a town square and boardwalk, as well as a centrally located bandstand/gazebo. Tour the authentic log cabins, 1880s church, millinery shop, blacksmith shop, general store, and many others. Historic Chippewa City is a sure hit for all ages. Portions of the movie Sweet Land were filmed here, as was the PBS documentary Death of the Dream. Artist Terry Redlin was so inspired by it, you’ll see his Country Doctor series features the Chippewa Bank Building, and many of his log homes replicate those at this site. [ Admission required. Free parking. ]

LAC QUI PARLE MISSION Come see the site where the first church bell tolled in Minnesota and where the Bible was translated into the Dakota language at the Lac qui Parle Mission, located six miles north of Montevideo, overlooking beautiful Lac qui Parle Lake. Interpretive signs will lead you through the area where a small group of Protestant missionary families lived. Inside the reconstructed WPA building, NEW exhibits describe the missionaries and their work, the Dakota people, and Joseph Renville—the man who linked their worlds. Come ring the church bell and hear echoes of the past. [ No admission required. Free parking. ]

SWENSSON FARM Located six miles east of Montevideo, this turnof-the-century 22-room brick farm home sits on a 17-acre farmstead. See the large timberframed barn built in the 1880s, the gristmill remains, and private family burial plot. The unique barn features an elaborate system of wind bracing and notching, which attests to Swensson’s skills as a designer and builder. Your self-guided tour through the Swensson family home will be highlighted by the chapel located on the second floor. Olof Swensson was one of Minnesota’s most innovative immigrants, and

//////////////// BETHANY CHURCH • WILDLIFE MUSEUM 1870 LOG CABIN • OCTAGON COUNTRY SCHOOLHOUSE PAUL BUNYAN'S ANCHOR • MUSKEGON BOAT BIG STONE COUNTY MUSEUM located at the intersections of US Hwy 12 & US Hwy 75 985 US Hwy 12 - Ortonville (320) 839-3359 | bscmuseum@outlook.com open 7 days a week, May 1 - October 1 off season by appointment

Lac qui Parle Mission

[Admission free-will donation. ]


HISTORIC CHIPPEWA CITY Situated on 20 acres in Montevideo, MN, Historic Chippewa City is home to 24 buildings replicating a late 1800s village, complete with

Historic Chippewa City

Swensson Farm Museum

Sites owned and managed by

Chippewa County Historical Society

Home to many MN firsts! Where the Bible was translated into the Dakota language.

24 buildings, authentic log cabins, 1800’s village setting

Mission Sunday

Christmas In The Village

22-room home, 1880’s preserved barn, family burial plot, home to MN most innovative immigrant.

PO Box 303 Montevideo, MN 56265 320-269-7636 www.chippewacohistory.org

Horse Power Event 2nd Saturday in September


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1st Sunday in July


1st Saturday in December


Lac qui Parle History Center this family homestead epitomizes his dream. Join us for a visit into history! Many parts of the movie Sweet Land were filmed here. DVDs of the movie are still available. [ Admission required. Free parking. ]


Explore Minnesota 2017 Award of Merit

GRANITE FALLS This is the newest museum in Granite Falls, located at the Lenzen-Roe Memorial Airport. Construction ONE OF THE TOP 3 ATTRACTIONS IN MN! began in April of 2011. Recently completed, the museum consists of two hangars, a WWII Quonset hut, and a WWII control tower. The newest hangar and flagship of the museum is a 15,000-square-foot brick, tornado-proof structure. Be transported in time to the 1940s era for a fantastic self-guided WWII experience. The museum is home to the pristine collection of WWII trainer and fighter aircraft restored and owned by Fagen Fighters. The collection includes two P-51 D Mustangs, a Lockheed P-38, a P-40, a BT-13, a PT-19, a PT-22, and a PT-26. Fully operational, authentic WWII ground vehicles are proudly displayed among the aircraft. The very rare WACO CG-4A glider used to silently transport troops during

WWII is among the displays. A mural by acclaimed artist David Reiser depicting Utah Beach during the D-Day Allied Invasion of Normandy plays a prominent role in the museum. Bronze sculptures of the Army’s 4th Infantry soldiers are prepared for combat as they land in a Higgins boat bringing the Ivy Division’s motto “Steadfast and Loyal” to life. A library overlooking the museum’s first floor, containing WWII books and documents collected over many years, is a work in progress. Touch screens throughout the museum give visitors an interactive experience. Authentic uniforms and artifacts are displayed throughout. [ $10 per person donation suggested. ]


MADISON Their mission is to represent visually and chronologically the priceless heritage of Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota, which includes Lac qui Parle State Park and the towns of Bellingham, Boyd, Dawson, Louisburg, Madison, Marietta and Nassau. Lac qui Parle (locals pronounce it LAK-kwa-PAR-uhl) is a French translation of the native Dakota name, meaning “lake which speaks,” and is a reference to a lake formed by the widening of the Minnesota River along the northeastern border of the county. The history center

consists of six buildings, including an educational museum/research library, a furnished log cabin and rural schoolhouse from the 1800s, an agricultural machinery building, a gas station and the Robert Bly Study where Madison’s native son, and Minnesota’s first poet laureate, did much of his early writing. [ Admission free-will donation. ]


CANBY The Lund-Hoel House Museum proudly showcases American-Victorian architecture and provides a look into the lifestyles of early residents, adding one more jewel to the crown of Prairie Waters historic sites. This four-story museum, originally a 15-room AmericanVictorian style house, was built by John G. Lund in 1891 and then sold to Rev. Olaf Hoel in 1903. Be sure to check out and identify all the authentic tools on display in the barn. The museum is open weekends, Memorial Day through Labor Day.


CANBY Part of the Lund-Hoel House, the Carriage House—now an interpretive center—has been

Come visit the Andrew J. volstead House Museum

National Historic Landmark

Granite Falls Historical Society Celebrate the anniversary of Prohibition 1919-2019 163 9th Ave. Granite Falls, MN volsteadhouse.org gfhsociety@aol.com

www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


MUSEUMS & HISTORICAL SITES completely restored to its original glory, complete with cupola. Along with other artifacts, it also houses a turn-of-the-century horse-drawn carriage, which is still used on occasion for parades.


MAYNARD Located in the historic bank building on Main Street is the Maynard History Museum. This 100-year-old structure is one of the oldest buildings in Maynard and is still standing strong. The museum is presently a work-inprogress. The Maynard Museum Committee is currently looking for donations to help purchase displays for memorabilia, minor renovations inside the building, and to hold a reserve fund to assist with ongoing maintenance. Memorabilia donations are happily accepted as well. The museum will be open by appointment. Call or stop by the City Office to make your reservation.


MONTEVIDEO The railroad played a major role in the development of Montevideo in the late 19th

century and the life of the community for eight decades in the 20th century. Railroad lovers and history enthusiasts have united to preserve the history of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad—better known as the Milwaukee Road. View the 1935 heavyweight baggage/express car, a 50-foot boxcar, a ribside caboose built by the Milwaukee Road, a Touralux sleeper named “The Mount Rushmore” built for the Olympian Hiawatha passenger train, and much more. A collection of hand tools used by railroad workers for more than 100 years is displayed in the sand house. The MRHC continues to develop the property for future generations to learn about and appreciate the railroad’s impact on Montevideo.


HANLEY FALLS This museum features five large buildings (26,000 square feet) on a beautiful six-acre site. Its mission is to recapture a century of stories about farm life. Implements, tools, tractors, and gas engines in mint condition, along with rural art, help you look back to an era when neighbors worked together to harvest their crops, raise barns, and build a better life for their families. Guided tours are always available, or choose to spend the afternoon

browsing on your own.

[ Admission free-will donation. ]


GRANITE FALLS This museum was first organized in 1937 with officers from all parts of the county, but the 1940s war and gas rationing caused the organization to disband. Come hear the history of how the society was reestablished in 1949. The interest was so great that a county museum was established. Museum displays tell a story of the geology and archaeology of the Minnesota River Valley, Native American history, and pioneer life in the county. The museum maintains a fine historical reference and genealogical library available during museum hours and by appointment. The Yellow Medicine County Historical Society has a Family History Lab that is open to everyone having ancestors who lived or came from Yellow Medicine County. The lab has computers with shortcuts to Ancestry.com and a large collection of county history books, church history books, printed family histories, history on schools, and township histories all relating to Yellow Medicine County. Open during the summer season.

LAC QUI PARLE COUNTY MUSEUM discover your heritage on the prairie


Robert Bly Studio South Hwy 75 - Madison | 320-598-7678


lqphistorycenter@lqpco.com | www.lqphc.org

over 20,000 sq ft of exhibits

May 1 - Oct 31: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-3pm Nov 1 - April 30: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 10am-4pm

Open May 15 - September 30 Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm: Sun 1pm-4:30pm: Closed Holidays

(507) 768-3522

Check out our website for the annual Threshing Show



www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT BOWLING ALLEYS Ally Cat Bowling | 320.839.7044 • Ortonville Benson Bowler | 320.843.4040 • Benson Dawson Bowling • Dawson

& Recreation | 320.769.2771 • Granite Falls Granite Falls Bowl | 320.564.3700 Lancer Lanes | 507.223.5750 • Canby • Montevideo Mel’ody Lanes | 320.269.8525


Meander Upper Minnesota River Art Croawl

The arts are alive & thriving


Tune in for local news and events! KRSU (MPR) | 91.3 • Appleton KNCM (MPR) | 88.5 • Appleton KBMO-AM | 1290 • Benson KSCR-FM | 93.5 • Benson • Granite Falls KKRC-FM | 93.9 KLQP-FM | 92.1 • Madison • Montevideo KDMA-AM | 1460 • Montevideo KMGM-FM | 105.5 • Montevideo KKRC-FM | 93.9 • Montevideo KRAM-FM | 96.7 KDIO-AM | 1350 • Ortonville

THEATERS • Madison • Canby • Benson • Montevideo

Grand Theater | 320-598-7791 Canby Classic Cinema | 507-223-5873 De Marce Theater | 320-842-6871 Millennium Theater | 320-269-3135

Rich in cultural heritage, the Prairie Waters region invites you to tap into your creative side and indulge in the arts.

• APPLETON: Take in a band concert at Riverview Park Bandshell in Appleton, presented on Tuesday evenings during the summer months. Bring a picnic and visit the Appleton Memory Trail and community art mosaic project. The ’52 Wing Auditorium also presents several concerts throughout the year. www.appletonmn.com • BIG STONE COUNTY: The community of Big Stone County boasts a proud history of the arts. For over 14 years, one-fourth to onethird of the juried artists on the annual Meander Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl have lived and displayed in Big Stone County. Many of these artists are actively involved in community events, offering their talents at the annual Big Stone Lake Days celebration in June and Cornfest in August. Their displays anchor the Downtown Festival in July, an annual melding of art, music and local commerce that was expanded to three days in 2016. Numerous artworks are regularly displayed at the Inadvertent Café in Clinton, the Ortonville Hospital, the Big Stone County Courthouse, and coffee shops throughout Ortonville. Area artists are currently involved in remodeling and transforming the water treatment plant building into a regional arts and community center—a $1.5 million project. www.bigstonecounty.org • CANBY: Music on Mondays at Central Park in Canby features local and regional artists multiple times each summer. For more information, visit the Canby Arts Council Facebook page or www.canby.govoffice. com or www.canbychamber.com. The Canby Classic Cinema, which reopened in early 2015, now hosts current movies, classic movies and performing arts events. Visit www.canbyclassiccinema.com or the Canby Theater Facebook page.

• GRANITE FALLS: The Granite Area Arts Council provides

art-related experiences for the community in and around Granite Falls, including exhibits at the K.K. Berge Gallery, large performance events and various classes throughout the year, as well as summer art camps for both children and adults. Find the Granite Area Arts Council on Facebook for updates on local arts and entertainment. Riverside Market & Muse is a family-friendly event offering theatre, art, and music on the second Saturday of the month from May through September. The Granite Falls Area Community Theater is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide musical and theatrical experiences for performers of all ages. www.gfcommunitytheater.weebly.com

• MADISON: Enjoy summer theatre, Christmas shows, local concerts and guest artists at the Prairie Arts Center, home to the Lac qui Parle Players and many more performers in this unique church-turnedtheater. www.prairieartscenter.com • MILAN: The Milan Village Arts School is home to a diverse offering of art activities, including folk art classes, student studios and weekend festivals. Students gather at the school’s historic 100-yearold rural schoolhouse to study, learn and practice traditional and contemporary art forms, such as rosemaling, Norwegian knife making, acanthus carving and silversmithing. The annual Spoon Gathering in early June assembles carvers from across the U.S. to carve, learn and share their passion for the humble wooden spoon—an international symbol of family, meals and friendship. www.milanvillageartsschool.org

• MONTEVIDEO: The Montevideo Fine Arts Center hosts the Minnesota Valley Community Concert Series, visiting artistic groups, • DAWSON: Since 2001 the Dawson-Boyd Arts Association has and school performances each year. A fantastic group of volunteers brought a wide variety of quality performances to Memorial Auditorium comprise the Montevideo Community Band whose performances from September to June. Music, comedy, theatre, nostalgic tribute can be enjoyed at various events throughout the year. View stunning shows…something new every season! Visit www.dawsonboydarts.org or displays along Main Street, such as the painted mural at Artigas Plaza, their Facebook page for more information. the painted railroad car, and the stained glass tractor exhibit. New projects are added each year! www.montechamber.com www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432


ADVERTISING DIRECTORY • Big Stone County | • Yellow Medicine County | • Lac qui Parle County | • Swift County | • Chippewa County ACCOMMODATIONS • Canby Inn and Suites 127 1st St W Canby | 507-223-6868 www.canbyinnandsuites.com • Econo Lodge Ortonville 650 US-75 Ortonville | 320-839-2414

• Grandstay Inn & Suites

1805 MN-7 Montevideo | 320-269-8000

• Granite Falls Super Motel

845 US-212 Granite Falls | 320-564-4075

• Lake Road Lodge

36575 State Hwy 7 Ortonville | 320-808-7143

• Picket Fence Motel

118 1st St Dawson | 320-769-4787 www.picketfencemotel.net

• Sportsmen Inn

611 US-212 Montevideo | 320-269-8889 www.sportsmeninn.net

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT • Ally Cat Bowling 620 US-75 Ortonville | 320-839-7044

• Canby Theatre

109 St Olaf Ave N Canby | 507-223-5873 www.canbyclassiccinema.com

• Dawson-Boyd Arts Association

711 6th St, PO Box 1002 Dawson | 320-312-2311 www.dawsonboydarts.com • D.J. Systems 7094 Hwy 7 SW Montevideo | 320-296-9873 • Granite Area Arts Council 807 Prentice St Granite Falls | 320-564-4240 • Hollywood on Main, LLC 214 S 1st St Montevideo | 320-841-0368 • Mel’ody Lanes 568 South 1st Street Montevideo | 320-269-8525 • Milan Village Arts School 97 Washington Ave Milan | 320-734-4807 www.milanvillageartsschool.org

BREWERIES/WINERIES • Headwater’s Jailhouse Winery

Ortonville | 320-815-1521 • Talking Waters Brewing Company 205 S 1st St Montevideo | 320-321-1444


CASINOS • Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort

5616 Prairie’s Edge Ln Granite Falls | 866-293-2121 www.prairiesedgecasino.com

CHAMBERS & CVBs • Appleton Area Chamber of Commerce

231 N Miles St Appleton | 320-289-1527 www.appletonmn.com • Big Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce 987 US-12 Ortonville | 320-839-3284 www.bigstonelakechamber.com • Canby Chamber of Commerce 123 1st St E Canby | 507-223-7775 www.canbychamber.com • City of Clara City 215 1st St NW Clara City | 320-847-2142 www.claracity.org • Dawson Area Chamber of Commerce 579 Pine St Dawson | 320-769-2981 www.dawsonchamber.com • Granite Falls Area Chamber of Commerce 807 Prentice St Granite Falls | 320-564-4039 www.granitefallschamber.com • Lac qui Parle EDA 600 6th St, Suite 10 Madison | 320-598-7976 www.lqpeda.com • Madison Area Chamber of Commerce 623 3rd St Madison | 320-598-7301 www.madisonmn.info • City of Maynard 321 Mabel Street, PO Box 247 Maynard | 320-367-2140 www.maynardmn.com • City of Milan Milan | 320-734-4411 www.milanmn.com • Mayor Debra Lee Fader Montevideo | 320-226-1195 • Montevideo Chamber & CVB 321 S 1st St Montevideo | 320-269-5527 www.montechamber.com

COMMUNITY CENTERS • Milan Community Center Milan | 320-734-4128

• Wood Lake Community Center 225 2nd Ave W Wood Lake | 507-485-3476 www.woodlakemn.com

www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432

DINING • Ascheman’s Uni-Mart • • • • • • • • •

224 N Munsterman St Appleton | 320-289-2110 Carl’s Bakery 810 Prentice St Granite Falls | 320-564-2531 Cup ‘a Joe Espresso & Eats 589 Southwest 1st Street Montevideo | 320-269-9393 Dairy Queen of Dawson 108 6th St Dawson | 320-769-2300 Dallas II 142 US-212 Granite Falls | 320-564-4888 Granite Grinder Café & Gifts 176 US-212 Granite Falls | 320-564-4244 Java River Cafe 210 S 1st St Montevideo | 320-269-7106 Kiwanis Popcorn Stand 7th Avenue Granite Falls | 320-564-4039 Subway of Appleton 25 W Minnesota St Appleton | 320-289-2248 Subway of Dawson 422 Oak St Dawson | 320-769-2248

EDUCATION • Canby Public School •

307 1st St W Canby | 507-223-2000 www.canbymn.org Minnesota West Community & Technical College 1011 1st St W Canby | 507-223-7252 www.mnwest.edu St. Peter’s Catholic School 410 Ring Ave N Canby | 507-223-7729 www.schoolofstpeter.com

FESTIVALS/EVENTS •• Meander Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl •• Region-wide | 866-866-5432 • www.artsmeander.com • Swift County Fair

500 W Reuss Ave Appleton | 320-760-8328 www.swiftcountyfair.org

FINANCIAL • Citizens Alliance Bank

55 1st Street NW Clara City | 320-847-3702 www.citizensalliancebank.com

ADVERTISING DIRECTORY • Big Stone County | • Yellow Medicine County | • Lac qui Parle County | • Swift County | • Chippewa County • Dawson Co-op Credit Union • • • • •

711 6th St, PO Box 1002 Dawson | 320-769-2908 www.dawsonco-opcu.com Farmers & Merchants State Bank 239 N Miles St Appleton | 320-289-1454 www.farmers-merchants.com Granite Falls Bank 702 Prentice St Granite Falls | 320-564-2111 www.granitefallsbank.com Prairie Sun Bank of Appleton 250 N Miles St Appleton | 320-289-2545 www.bankwithpsb.com Prairie Sun Bank of Milan 240 Main St Milan | 320-734-4444 www.bankwithpsb.com Tony Ourada State Farm Insurance 210 St Olaf Ave N Canby | 507-223-5259 www.statefarm.com

GOLF • Ortonville Municipal Golf Course

145 Golf Course Rd Ortonville | 320-839-3606 www.golfortonville.wordpress.com

GROCERIES • Granary Food Co-op •

225 2nd St NW Ortonville | 320-839-6204 Pastures A Plenty 4077 NE, 110th St SE Kerkhoven | 320-367-2061 www.pasturesaplenty.com

HEALTH SERVICES • Appleton Area Health Services • • •

30 S Behl St Appleton | 320-289-2422 www.appletonareahealth.org Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital 824 N 11th St Montevideo | 320-269-6435 www.montevideomedical.com Johnson Memorial Health Services 1282 Walnut St Dawson | 320-769-4323 www.jmhsmn.org Madison Healthcare Services 900 2nd Ave Madison | 320-598-7551 www.mlhmn.org

HUNTING/FISHING • Ice Castle Fish Houses 3134 E Hwy 7 Montevideo | 320-269-5428 www.icecastlefh.com


623 W 3rd St Madison | 320-598-7301 www.klqpfm.com

MUSEUMS/ HISTORIC SITES • Andrew J. Volstead House Museum •

163 9th Ave Granite Falls | 320-564-5600 www.volsteadhouse.org Big Stone County Historical Museum 987 US-12 Ortonville | 320-839-3359 www.bigstonemuseum.wordpress.com

• Chippewa County Historical Society • • • • •

151 Arnie Anderson Dr Montevideo | 320-269-7636 www.chippewacohistory.org Fagen Fighters WWII Museum 2450 540th St Granite Falls | 320-564-6644 www.fagenfighterswwiimuseum.org Lac qui Parle County Historical Society 250 8th Ave S Madison | 320-598-7678 www.lqphc.org Lund-Hoel House Canby | 507-223-7367 www.canbymuseums.org Milwaukee Road Heritage Center 301 State Rd Montevideo | 320-269-6940 www.montevideomrhc.org Minnesota’s Machinery Museum 100 N 1st St, 1st Ave W Hanley Falls | 507-768-3522 www.mnmachinerymuseum.com

PARKS/CAMPING • Appleton Area OHV Park Appleton | 320-843-5341

• Lakeshore RV Park •

39445 Lake Shore RV Park Rd Ortonville | 320-839-3701 www.lakeshorervpark.com Wegdahl Park Wegdahl | 320-269-6231

SHOPPING • Al’s Mercantile

744 6th St Dawson | 320-769-2382 • Ascheman’s Uni-Mart 224 N Munsterman St Appleton | 320-289-2110 • Billy Maple Tree’s Milan | 320-734-4868 • Canby Drug & Gifts 130 St Olaf Ave N Canby | 507-223-5955 Bridal & Floral • Celebrations Flowers of the Heart 318 North 1st Street Montevideo | 320-321-1344 • CENEX 124 West Nichols Avenue Montevideo | 320-269-8861 • Enliven Enchanted Treasures & Gifts 221 South 1st Street Montevideo | 320-226-1025 • Granite Grinder Café & Gifts 176 US-212 Granite Falls | 320-564-4244 • Livintage 213 N 1st Street Montevideo | 507-476-2261 • Monica’s Apparel & Accessories 931 Chestnut St Dawson | 320-769-4727 Jean’s Unique Apparel • Terri & Hair Connection 102 South 1st Street Montevideo | 320-269-8222 • Tiptoes Floral Shop 120 W Canyon Ave Montevideo | 320-269-1744

Check out the LOCAL SH O P S GUIDE for a comp lete list of a ll the local shops foun d within th e 6W regio n

REAL ESTATE • Big Stone Lake Area Realty

459 Main St Big Stone City, SD 605-937-6872 www.bigstonelakearearealty.com Kuhlmann Real Estate, Inc. 1406 MN-7 Montevideo | 888-339-8938 www.montevideohomes.com

www.prairiewaters.com | 1-866-866-5432

www.prair iewaters.co m/ localshopsg uide



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Western Minnesota Prairie Waters 2017-18  

Enjoy the KICK BACK Experience in the Upper Minnesota River Valley

Western Minnesota Prairie Waters 2017-18  

Enjoy the KICK BACK Experience in the Upper Minnesota River Valley

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