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the publisher Dear Planner, Get your hands on some great ideas for your next group tour! If you’re looking for something different for your group besides the usual sightseeing, festivals and performances, then you’ll love what this issue of Itineraries has in store. Even if the folks in your group don’t consider themselves a bunch of Van Goghs, they’ll love the opportunity to paint their own pottery at places like Renee’s Ceramic Café in Iowa City or Topeka’s Paint Therapy Uncorked. For an adventurous group bonding experience, visit American Obstacle in Kinmundy, Illinois, go canoeing in Seney, Michigan, or visit Thunder Bay, Ontario and walk across Canada’s longest foot suspension bridge. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on the numerous cooking classes available all over the Midwest. Want to plan your group tours for 2014 and 2015 and have some fun at the same time? This fall, you’re invited to St. Cloud, MN for the 2013 Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Show & FAM (October 27th – 29th, 2013), where you’ll get the chance to meet one-on-one with various Midwest destinations who are eager to help you plan your next group tour. illinois - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10 Experience your next tour hands-on! Best Regards, Heather J. Lahren, CEO - Publisher

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Minnesota Fish Tales

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Popular theatre options – from Broadway to outdoor pageants to dinner theatre – can touch the hearts of your groups. This issue puts all kinds of tour ideas on stage, in the spotlight, that your group will surely applaud.


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Lake of the Woods in Northern Minnesota is simply the ultimate fishing destination. The resorts are plentiful and the charter guides are the best. The waters near the Northwest Angle & Islands are home to a variety and volume of fish. Walleye and muskie are king but smallmouth bass, northern pike and crappie fishing are also plentiful. Read ITINERARIES Midwest Online. Ads hotlinked to websites.







ive a man a fish or teach a man to fish? How ‘bout both? And that’s just for starters when you bring your group to Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota. Fishing can sound pretty fishy to some folks, or it can be a reason to live for others. And it may be a subject you haven’t wanted to touch with a ten-foot pole. But I’ve got news for you: there is so much hands-on fun to be had in Lake of the Woods that whoever you have in your group, they will walk away talking about having had the time of their life. So what say we just jump right in? When I first went to Lake of the Woods, I was pretty skeptical. After all, I gave up fishing more than half a century ago when my father first implemented the rule: “You catch ‘em, you clean ‘em.” But like everything else in life, things change; and in this case, for the better. You see, the resorts you’ll find on Rainy Lake and surrounding areas know exactly how to give your group the perfect mix of experience and luxury. The only decision you need to make each day is what to wear and what to eat. Everything else is done for you… and done to perfection. Knowing you’ve entered the Walleye Capital of the World tells just a small piece of the story. Catch your limit of monster walleye? You bet! But there are also healthy populations of trophy fish in nearly every category of fish an angler could seek, as well as world class northern pike, perch, sauger, crappie, panfish, smallmouth and largemouth bass, lake trout and sturgeon to keep

those fish tales alive. As one angler puts it, “if you want to catch a trophy fish you’ve got to fish in trophy waters.” That’s just what Lake of the Woods is about. But it’s not all it’s about. For the less intrepid, more cautious traveler, you’ll want the whole picture. Let’s start with the basics. Lake of the Woods is actually the remnant body of water remaining from Glacial Lake Agassiz. It is the largest lake in Minnesota, stretching seventy miles long and wide with a good 65,000 miles of shoreline. This lake is so huge it occupies portions of Canada and the United States. It is the sixth-largest freshwater lake in the U.S. and hosts an amazing 14,552 islands. Some of the best fishing in the world takes place here, but the experience goes far beyond just fishing. With so much to offer, and covering so much area, you’ll be pleased with the fine attention to detail afforded you and your group in these stunningly beautiful international waters. When you look at a map of Minnesota, you’ll notice a little area jutting up at the top like a chimney. Most of that is Lake of the Woods to the very top, and that is called the Northwest Angle. It is the northernmost part of the contiguous United States and was actually the result of a map-maker’s error during colonial times. Today you would have to go through Canada to reach this part of Minnesota by land. Your other options would be to fly, or cross the lake--either by boat when the water is free,

or icy road in the winter. It’s interesting to note how the Angle was problematic when defining the international border. The dispute continued for a century and a final agreement was not signed until the 1920s. In 1997 some residents of the Northwest Angle, unhappy over fishing rights, suggested leaving the United States and joining Canada. Today, all is well and besides being the northernmost township in Minnesota as well as the northernmost point in the 48 contiguous states, Northwest Angle is the area’s most famous piece of real estate. Its reefs create a fun and unique fishing experience for all! A portion of the boundary between Minnesota and Ontario is formed by the Rainy River as it flows west-northwest from International Falls and empties into the southern end of Lake of the Woods. You’ll hear a lot about fishing on the Rainy River while in the area, for it too offers world class fishing. Locals and many visitors fish the Rainy all year long with great success. Spring stands out because of the large number of fish swimming the river for spawning. Walleye are stacked so thick, anglers report no waiting between action. Many boast multiple trophy fish in a single day. Getting hooked on the Rainy is easy when you see those anglers boast that prehistoric monster the sturgeon, sometimes over 100 lbs! Around mid-October when the water temps drop into the 40s, The Emerald Shiners make their way up the river, creating a feeding frenzy for the walleyes.

It’s another popular time to fish the Rainy. Accommodations in the area range from basic to upscale, but always clean and nice. Most resorts offer cabins with complete kitchens and house 2-8 people. This works well for many groups, but you might also like to know about the lodge rooms that are more like hotel rooms. Whatever you decide for your group, you can be sure they will be treated to a fun and memorable time. What will they be doing? Let’s take a look… Besides world class fishing, the area has a variety of activities including birding, snowmobiling, hiking, golfing, boating, sightseeing and historical sites. There’s blueberry picking, massages, swimming (indoors and out), tours, shopping, and eating. But you can bet everyone on that motorcoach is dreaming of catching a big fish. Be they life long seasoned fishermen, or timidly willing to try something new, everyone is imagining the thrill of reeling in a big fish. Every resort knows this, and bends over backwards to accommodate. The group will go out in 27 ft charter fishing boats, 6 anglers to a boat plus a Coast Guard licensed guide to operate for your 8 hour fishing day. The resorts provide angling equipment, bait, tackle and fish processing. And the boats all have on-board restroom facilities. Consider the option of having drinks and snacks provided onboard. Remember to bring a cooler so the resort can clean and prep your catch for eating later or bringing home. The day’s catch will also go into the shore lunch, a remote

island fish fry prepared by the guides in a way that will spoil you for any traditional fish fry you might have at home. Truly, the resorts at Lake of the Woods are set up to make the outdoor experience very simple but memorable for all ages. At the end of the day you will return for dinner, and sometimes entertainment. Each resort has its own specialty when it comes to dining, from ½ lb hand pressed burgers you’d want to write home about, to an elegant steak and lobster dinner, you can find what suits your mood and your pocket book. Just because you’re staying at one resort, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat at the others, so be sure to indulge in a variety of food experiences while in the area. And don’t forget, you can’t take all that you catch home with you, there’s just too many. The resorts are happy to prepare the fish you caught for your own dinner any night. December through March is ice fishing, and also their busiest time. It gets a little crazy as resorts build little villages out on the lake with their fish houses. As Joe Henry, executive Director of Tourism for LOTW points out, “It’s more than just ice fishing, it’s a culture.” Guests are taken from their warm cabins into a heated vehicle and whisked out to the fishing houses heated to a perfect 72 degrees. For those who just can’t stand the thought of leaving there are also sleeper houses where you can fish all night. The guides will check in on you just for safety purposes. Entertainment kicks into high gear this time of year with

live bands playing 6 nights a week. Roads are built on the ice and travel is by bombardier or snowmobile. They place an igloo bar out in the middle of it all where sportsmen can fish while enjoying a drink or food. Winter is also a great time to travel to the Northwest Angle and Islands. World class fishing may be the primary draw, but the pristine beauty of the area lends itself perfectly to lake tours. Besides jaw-dropping nature to be enjoyed from the boat, you can choose activities and hiking on a 4 or 8 hour tour. Options include Pine Island, Zippel Bay State Park for a bit of wildlife and some history, Timbermill Park or Willie the Walleye the 2.5 ton statue near Baudette. Resorts will work with you to customize your group’s stay. The rule about catching and cleaning? Gone. Guides are very hands-on. They will happily bait your hook, tie a jig on, and of course, clean your fish. Perhaps you’d like the resort to arrange a fishing tournament for your group, or maybe some geocaching or something special on the boat. Just work with the resort to let them know your needs and your group’s personality. As Jennifer Hart says from Sportsman’s Lodge, “We love it!”

For your group’s “Lake of The Woods Experience” call Lake of the Woods Tourism at 800 382-3474. v


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hursday night is Swing Night at the Wabasha Street Caves along the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul. It’s a jumpin’ evening of music and dance that your tour members will love.


Nostalgia fills the air...and the ear! And if you believe in time travel or something akin to it—or just plain old reminiscing—this is where the past comes alive! The big band plays rhythmic, high-energy, horn-led, woodwindaccented dance tunes, one after another. Standards like In the Mood and String of Pearls meld with big band versions of Cabaret and other more contemporary songs. Close your eyes just a bit as the dancers whirl. You’re at a USO Center... or a Canteen... or the famed Aragon Ballroom. You can almost hear a young girl asking a young man a long way from home, “Are you stationed here?” And, yes, generally speaking, the crowd is younger. But don’t let that discourage you from bringing older tours. It’s a joy seeing how college kids have discovered the fun of swing dancing, many of them dressed in the style of the period. All of which is a tribute to the timelessness of that troubled but treasured time in America. “It really got rolling about fifteen years ago,” says Donna Bremer, owner of the Wabasha Street Caves. “We’d been having Swing Night for a few years, and then a Gap TV commercial with swing dancing got young people interested. A group of them started coming regularly. They called themselves the ‘Cave Cats’. They came dressed in ‘40s style and knew all the dance moves.” Swing Night has been thriving ever since.

It isn’t just the music and dancing that make the Wabasha Street Caves appealing, though. Built into sandstone caves carved out by early settlers first for the silica sand, then to store perishable produce, and later to grow mushrooms commercially, the facility meanders through nooks and crannies in the side of the cliffs. High, arching stucco ceilings are the most notable feature, and the 60-foot bar is a standout, too. The exterior features a formidable lighted castle façade rising against the cliff. Originally opening in 1933 as the Castle Royal, it was a rambunctious and romantic depression-era joint, billed as the “World’s Finest Underground Night Club.” During the ‘30s Saint Paul was a gangster haven. The attitude of authorities was if they didn’t make trouble they were welcome to stay, so the likes of Ma Barker and John Dillinger were frequent visitors to Castle Royal. Supposedly, one night in 1934 three gangsters were gunned down at dinner. A bullet hole in the marble fireplace from that hoodlum shootout still remains. In the years before World War II, the Dorsey Brothers—Harry James, Cab Calloway, Glenn Miller and other legends—played at Castle Royal as part of their Midwest tour. In the decades since its nightclub heyday, the Caves also had brief reincarnations as a teen center and a pizza place. Bremer and her husband Steve, bought the facility 20 years ago to renovate as offices for their construction firm, but then decided it also was ideally suited to be an event center (as opposed to a full-time night club). So it now regularly

hosts private functions such as corporate affairs, class reunions, and weddings, with Thursday Swing Night the only regular time it’s open to the general public. Different bands rotate Thursday performances: Moonlight Serenaders, Minnesota Jazz Orchestra, Beasley’s Big Band, and Swingbeat. If a month includes a fifth Thursday, the Red Rock Big Band, Classic Big Band, or Bend In The River Band perform. And then there are the numerous ghost stories. Yes, there are. Unnerving tales of spectral presences wandering the catacombs have been told for years. Many, many times visitors have heard strange sounds when no one was there. The Caves are, in fact, one of Saint Paul’s most notable haunted places. So beware. Tour groups are always welcome. Just call to plan events in advance. Most times, groups come for a complete package: tour, dance lessons and Swing Night. The cave tour begins at 5pm with dance lessons at 6:15pm and live music from 7 to 10pm. Also, be advised the Wabasha Street Caves is a beverage-only facility. Food service is not available, so be sure your group eats beforehand. A cave tour, dance lesson, music, memories, jumping and jiving in a unique atmosphere... even ghosts, perhaps? What better way for your group to spend a Thursday evening. Oh, another thing to be sure your tour members understand: No matter what their age... NO aerials or lifts on the dance floor. Sorry about that!

The Wabasha Street Caves 651-224-1191 |


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FAM Tours A Window to the Experience Take time away from the office and get out and see the sites! The best way to save time while helping your group tour business is to get FAMiliar with the destinations and attractions that will fit your group—and you get to have a bit of fun in your industry!

Advantages of Familiarization Tours When you visit a FAM destination, you have the advantage of meeting with the CVB representatives firsthand and getting their input on what does or doesn’t work for groups. Plus they are a valuable resource for recommending group-friendly restaurants and hotels. You’ll gain a better feel for what your group will experience and the challenges or obstacles you may need to overcome prior to arriving with your own group. You’ll also get a better sense of timing for the tour, and may even find new ideas you never would have considered prior to the visit. Your host might also offer wonderful marketing collateral to entice people to go on the tour. This is a great partnership to form. It’s always easier to sell a destination when you know the little inside extras that can personalize your tours. Tours sell out more quickly, run more smoothly and word of mouth will help sell a repeat.

FAM Tour Etiquette Guidelines While it may seem obvious, guidelines can serve as a good reminder, since a FAM is not the same as a vacation. Participants are there to collect material, find ideas and form contacts. On a FAM you will be on the go from early to late in the day. You will likely be taking notes and hitting many highlights. The pace is fast and participants can feel harried. Of course, there’s a bright side not to be ignored. Someone else is handling all the details. This offers those attending a good opportunity to experience what it might be like for their groups, when under their care. It is also a chance to network and socialize. With this in mind, participants will always want to be on time for meetings since organized FAMs run on a tight schedule. And here is a tip on tipping: carry the right sort of cash for tipping chambermaids, drivers and others as appropriate. FAMs are work, but they can also be a lot of fun, so compliments and appreciation also fall into the good

guidelines category. Thank-you notes to sponsors are not necessary, but always greatly appreciated.

Looking to Attend a FAM? The Itineraries Midwest FAM is held every fall so our readers can meet the advertisers in person. Come plan sample itineraries and meet Midwest destinations looking to host your groups in 2014. Itineraries Midwest will again be doing a FAM and Trade Show in the fall, this time in St. Cloud, MN. Tour operators, bank club directors and qualified group leaders will interact face to face with destination representatives on Monday, October 28, 2013 followed by a FAM on the 29th with new and exciting attractions. Already know all about the St. Cloud area? Think again! We’ve got some exciting new attractions and itineraries to introduce!

For more information regarding the 2013 Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Show & FAM, call 877-832-7267 or visit us at



Get Ahold of This Hands-On Tours for Active Group Participation

experiences. But as best ways to share new the of e on is vel tra roup ne shares the same ironment, not everyo env up gro a in , ow you kn or zip-lining over the r bread baking class ou 3-h a for sm sia enthu nd if I sit this one out? treetops. Hey, guys, mi urer in all dedicated to the advent Itineraries Midwest is of ue iss ide which s thi dec y can wh That’s up members xibility so that your gro fle of s lot h wit t bu of us, lists. ssing off their bucket adventure they’ll be cro each a menu of activities at rk with you to create wo to er rnal, eag jou are ure Os A lot of DM oe, kayak, nat tion to trail hike, can op the ing hav ne agi location. Im ce. e trout—all at one pla geocache, or fish for lak nt alternatives. red for groups that wa gea are s on ati tin des asure hunting, or A number of Midwest art, nature, history, tre d, foo st— ere int the Whatever t will get your group e’s a hands-on tour tha her —t ing see htsig plain old m engaged in an and every one of the ch coa tor mo the off members a lifetime. k as the experience of adventure that will ran


Pictures and Pottery You can bet there are at least a few brave souls in your group who know their way around a pottery wheel and an artist’s easel. But for most of us, the thought of dabbing paint on a canvas throws us into a panic. I haven’t painted since first grade! That’s why it’s a sure bet they’ll love one of the customized art classes offered through places like Minnesota’s Art As You Like It, the Galena Bath & Candle Company, Paint Therapy Uncorked of Topeka and Renee’s Ceramic Café in Iowa City. Whether it’s candle-making, mosaics, ceramics or painting, the instructors can tailor the classes to your group’s interests and size. They take the mystery out of art by providing all the supplies and hands-on guidance you need. And everyone leaves with a finished piece of artwork.


From Farm to Table You can’t get more hands-on than culinary school, where cookery is an art, and eating a pleasure. But before you head to the kitchen, take your group on a side trip through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during blueberry season. Pancho’s Blueberries will set aside a patch just for your group. Pick the ripest berries, eat as many as you like and take the rest home. Nothing goes better with berries than a pint of fresh cream from Missouri’s Shatto Milk Company. While you’re there, get into the swing of farm work by helping out with the milking and the bottle-feeding of calves. Those who’ve always wanted to experience farm life without the 4 a.m. wakeup call will get a kick out of Lazy T Ranch in Kansas, where you can feed chickens, collect eggs and ranch out like it’s 1899. There’s very little country living you can’t do with a customized group tour to farms like Garrison, North Dakota’s Olde Homestead Hobby Farm, which encourages groups to milk goats and pick fresh veggies from the garden. At Nebraska’s Kreycik Riverview Elk Ranch, it’s okay to feed the buffalo and they’ll even show you how. One of the great things about hands-on tours is that you can take food from the farm to the table and participate every step along the way. Once your group experiences what it takes to grow and raise food, have them roll up their sleeves for a class at the Culinary Center of Kansas City. Your group will get to know each other better at Minnesota’s Cooks of Crocus Hill where they cooperate in putting together the dishes that make up their meal. Also, as a group tour operator, you can work with the schools ahead of time to specialize classes

Art As You Like It - Minnesota

Cooks of Crocus Hill - Minnesota

for food allergies and favorite cooking styles, like Greek and Italian.

Puzzles and the Paranormal There are certain things that just work better with groups. One of them is interactive dinner theatre, where your group members are not just the audience, but the sleuths—and sometimes, the suspects. Minneapolis offers the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, and The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show—specializing in customized private events for groups—performs in venues across the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Nebraska. If you want to get more hands-on with your theatre experience, check out Die Laughing Dinner Theater in Illinois, where each audience member is handed a role to play. Or call for your group discount at Branson’s The Price Is Right LIVE!, which includes a meal and a chance at spinning the Big Wheel. You’ve probably seen the ghost hunting shows on TV. Whether or not

Kosir’s Rapid Rafts - Michigan

The Price Is Right Live! - Branson, MO

you believe in ghosts, you and your group can spend the night in the haunted Missouri State Penitentiary. Tour leaders will train you on your ghost-hunting equipment and actually lead you on a full-fledged paranormal investigation.

Hunts, Stunts & Treasure Troves You don’t have to be afraid of trying something new with hands-on tours. You’ll be working with professionals who are used to dealing with group members who come with different levels of experience and comfort levels. A lot of outdoor activities require specialized gear. You’ll get the gear and the experienced guides when you fish, hunt, camp and canoe at Shoto-Teien Japanese Gardens in South Dakota. In fact, the Midwest is brimming with hands-on fishing excursions, hunting expeditions and camping trips. You can fish and fry up your catch of brown trout, steelhead and king salmon at Michigan’s Landmark Inn. At Dickinson Ranch near Topeka, your group can try

a number of firsts – like horseback riding and camping under the stars. Many destinations are equipped to deal with groups of different sizes, from two to one hundred. This gives your group the opportunity to try the hands-on activities that interest them most. After a day of white-water rafting with Kosir’s Rapid Rafts in Michigan, you may want to slow down the pace with a fossil dig at Nebraska’s Dinosaur Museum, an interactive mining experience on the Black Hills Hard Hat Tour, a Segway tour through Green Bay, a Chicago scavenger hunt (where you hunt up answers that lead your teams through the city), or beer school in St. Louis. When it comes down to it, a handson tour allows your group to do all those things they’ve always been curious about, but never actually pursued. Who says they can’t be artists, ranchers, zip-lining thrill seekers, chefs, actors and treasure hunters? All they need is a destination, a dose of curiosity and a motorcoach to get them on the right track. v

Hands-on Tourism

• Archeological Digs • Art Classes • Ballr oom Dancing • Behind the Scenes • Biking • Bumper Ca rs • Butterfly Gardens • Challenge Ropes Co urses • Charity Wo rk • Climbing • Contests and Comp etitions • Costuming To ur s • Craft Fairs • Create Your Own Ic e Cream • Culinary Classes • Farm Tour • Fish-Feeding at a Ha s tchery • Gardening Cla sses • Geocaching • Guided Fishing Trips • Hiking • Horsebac k Riding • Ice Fishin • Industrial Tours • g Interactive Museum Tours • Interactive • Knitting • Maple Sy Th eatre ruping • Milking a Co w • Mining for Gold/ • Native American Fo Am eth yst od Classes • Nature Science Classes • Paint Your Own Po ttery • Photography • Quilting • Rock Climbing • Sa iling Lessons • Scrap booking • Segway Tours • Sh opping • Soap Carving • Spelunking • Team Building • Tr ail Rides • Voluntour ing • Walking Tours • Women’s Retreats • Waterparks • Winemaking Classes


tour illinois hands-on… Die Laughing Dinner Theater | ALTON Get ready for some sidesplitting laughter at the Die Laughing Dinner Theater. A little bit of mystery and a lot of laughs will have your group enjoying shows such as Lucy Loves Ricky, All in the Mafia Family, and No Gun Smoking. Each audience member is handed a part and invited to join in on the interaction as the show is played out in acts around a four-course meal. Enjoy food and an entertaining show all at one stop. Special shows can be scheduled for groups of 40 or more, and you choose the show!

Watson Adventures | CHICAGO Bring your groups on a scavenger hunt! These scavenger hunts use witty, tricky questions in fast-paced games that bring out the best in a fascinating place—and the best in you and your teammates. The hunts are like walking tours spiked with caffeine. Many top media outlets acclaim these scavenger hunts. On most of these hunts, you’re not searching for objects (drop that pigeon!), but for answers to tricky and humorous questions about the intriguing places and objects you discover. Come join the fun! Galena Candle & Bath Company | GALENA Rockford 20 ○ Mt. Carroll 52

94 Libertyville ○



St. Charles



Annie’s Little Pots



○ ○

Chicago Joliet





t La Salle



34 xplore this beautifully restored 1880s 67 57 39 Galesburg historic building, housing Annie’s Little 34 74 24 Pots. This unique gallery features Peoria ○ Macomb local, beautifully hand-made art. 24 Bloomington ○ t 155 136 Just downstairs is a unique spot for your 136 136 74 51 Rushville group to create one-of-a-kind works of 74 T 24 72 55 67 art. Bring some wine and snacks and have Champaign Jacksonville 36 74 fun creating! It's a nice bright area where r t 150 Springfield you’ll have lots of options to express your Marshall 54 57 T unique creativity. It's easy to make your own 51 70 55 one-of-a-kind artwork. Select a piece of t 67 Effingham unfinished pottery, choose your colors and paint 70 45 your design. Then the experts will glaze and fire 50 ○ t50Highland Collinsville your masterpiece! Another option for your group is to 57 Belleville 64 make pottery together on the wheel. Each participant 64 3 will create pottery on the wheel, either a bowl, vase, ○ Whittington or two cups. Annie’s will handle the trimming, firing and glazing. They have everything you need to create your own 51 45 13 work of art! Be sure to check out the wide variety of metal Cobden T sculptures for your home and garden. The gallery features 24 3 57 beautiful original paintings, photography, jewelry, purses, greeting cards, and more.





spotlight illinois


Illinois: Mile after Magnificent Mile.

Is your group looking for a new and exciting way to spend part of the day? Let Galena Candle & Bath Company take the stress out of trip planning! Whether it’s a tour stop or just an afternoon with the girls, they have a package just for you! Experience first hand the rich scents of the store. Whether you're making your own eco dotz candle or bellying up to the bath bar to custom-create an all-natural bath product, or getting a hand massage, Galena Candle & Bath provides a fun, interactive shopping adventure. All packages can be modified based on individual preference. Let them pamper you!

American Obstacle KINMUNDY Bring your groups to this outdoor adventure park that young and old alike can enjoy. American Obstacle was built to provide a place for everyone to get out in the great outdoors and have the opportunity to be a little extreme. Everyone deserves to do something a little out of the ordinary from time to time and you deserve a day of fun. Their team has been trained and certified and provides your group with not only a safe experience, but also a memorable one. Soar through the canopy on three different zip lines and traipse across two sky bridges, all while keeping two beautiful lakes in view. Try and catch a glimpse of the natural wildlife that frequents the area as you sail overhead.

Read ITINERARIES Midwest Online. Ads hotlinked to websites.

Mile after Magnificent Mile.

LITCHFIELD: Our Mix Includes Route 66 & More! This two-day itinerary can be customized for any time of the year. Experience Route 66 restaurants and museums, historic downtown, nearby wineries, a walk on the beach and an overnight stay in modern, national brand hotels.

day one 2 – 4:00 pm Begin your Litchfield visit at the Wooden Nickel Winery & Saloon, a charming throwback to the Wild West era of American history. Relax with a wide range of wines and beer, plus an assortment of meats, cheeses and crackers, all in a peaceful country atmosphere. 4 – 7:30 pm After you check into your hotel head back to the heydays of Route 66 with dinner at The Ariston Café. A Route 66 Hall of Fame Member also listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, The Ariston Café has been offering great food and service since 1924. Remember to save room for dessert.

day two 8 – 9:00 am Start your day at Jubelt’s, a third generation familyowned bakery & restaurant on Historic Old Route 66. 9 – 11:00 am Next, take a short walk to the new Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center to learn more about Litchfield’s special place in Route 66 history. The museum features a large display area with items including a period automobile. 11 – 12:30 pm Spend some time shopping on the west side or in Historic Downtown Litchfield. This 12-square-block area is within easy walking distance of the Carnegie Library and Litchfield Veterans’ Memorial Garden. 12:30 – 2:00 pm Enjoy lunch at one of Litchfield’s many deliciously different options. Pub Donegal features Irish fare and is a favorite lunch spot while visiting the historic downtown. 2 – 4:00 pm Then head for the great outdoors at beautiful Lake Lou Yaeger, a 1,400-acre recreational lake minutes from downtown. Take a walk along Milnot Beach or follow one of two nature trails at Shoal Creek Conservation Area. 4:00 pm Before departing for home, enjoy a banana split or sundae at Ice Cream Man while chatting with your friends about your visit to Litchfield. For more information or to customize this itinerary for your group, contact our full time Director of Tourism at 217-324-8147 or

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Mile after Magnificent Mile.

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Get an Impressive New Perspective with ENTERTAINMENT CRUISES IN CHICAGO ee Chicago’s world-famous skyline like never before – from the water. Bring your tour group out for an exciting cruise on Lake Michigan and get up close to the John Hancock Center, Willis Tower, Shedd Aquarium and more. Entertainment Cruises offers the perfect on-the-water experience complete with dining, dancing, outstanding service and amazing skyline views.


Their three dining boats cruise year-round from Navy Pier, so there are dozens of brunch, lunch, dinner, holiday and specialty cruises to choose from. Plus, with cruises starting at just $44.90 per person, it’s a group activity that won’t break the bank. Odyssey: Newly renovated and perfect for up to 749 guests, offering plated dining and three decks. Spirit of Chicago: Refreshing fun for up to 600 guests, featuring a great rooftop lounge. Mystic Blue: Casual and cool for up to 600 guests, boasting great DJ entertainment.

Spirit of Chicago Jubilee Deck (left) and Lounge (below)

directory attractions Chicago Entertainment Cruises. . . . 866-391-8439 401 E Illinois Street, Suite 310 – Chicago, IL Planning with Entertainment Cruises in Chicago is an effortless process - we have ready-made lunch and dinner cruises onboard the elegant Odyssey, festive Spirit of Chicago and contemporary Mystic Blue that are perfect for your upcoming event.

convention & visitors bureaus and chambers Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau . . . . . . . . . 888-895-8233



2304 173rd Street – Lansing, IL Experience true Midwestern hospitality on your next motorcoach tour. The Chicago Southland CVB is the official, state designated, nationally accredited destination marketing organization (DMO) for Chicago’s 62 south and southwest suburbs. Discover the Chicago Southland Advantage!

Visit Litchfield . . . . . . . . . . . . 866-733-5833 Do something different for your next group tour. Entertainment Cruises has flexible dining packages perfect for groups visiting the Midwest. Book your cruise today! Call 888-957-2320 or visit

120 East Ryder St – Litchfield, IL 217-324-8147 Litchfield boasts a 1,400-acre public recreational lake, a historically preserved downtown area with many points of interest, Route 66 icons, antique shopping, a broad range of dining options, hotels, nearby golf courses and wineries.

Illinois Bureau of Tourism . . . . . . . . 800-2CONNECT


A New Addition to LITCHFIELD

he Litchfield Museum & Route hot 66 Welcome Center is now open STOP and waiting for your groups. They’re located at 200 South Old Route 66 on the site of the former “Vic” Suhling Gas For Less, and near other iconic Route 66 restaurants and landmarks still in operation. The new facility is designed to reflect the Route 66 era.


Litchfield is a popular destination for travelers exploring Route 66, and this new museum and welcome center will further enrich your Route 66 experience and knowledge of the area. Three miles of the original Mother Road pass through Litchfield, and several iconic restaurants and businesses dating from the 1920s through the 1950s continue to operate here, including the Ariston Café and the Sky View Drive-In. Visitors here can experience the oldest restaurant still operating along Route 66 in Illinois, as well as the only continuously operating drive-in movie theater along the historic road in Illinois.


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


tour iowa hands-on… Cooking Classes with Alessandra | DES MOINES The classes taught by Alessandra are traditional and inspired directly from her Grandmother's hands and heart. Recipes include fettuccine, lasagna, ravioli, cannelloni, tortellini, and pappardelle. All these dishes are made from scratch and filled or prepared in the most traditional way, but with a bit of imagination. They could be deliciously reinvented without missing their originality! Learn the origin of the dish you’ve selected and a bit of history – modern or ancient – about the city the dish is from. Bring your groups and a bottle or two of wine and celebrate love for food, life and new friends!

IOWA CITY Release your inner artist with a splash of red or a dab of blue. Add some color to your world at this unique paint-your-own pottery studio, located in Sycamore Mall. Spend a fun, relaxing afternoon creating memories with friends. They never charge studio fees, so take time to let your creative juices flow. They have a large number of pieces to choose from, including magnets, plaques, figurines and banks that you can paint and take with you the same day. They also have thousands of pieces that you can paint and leave to be fired. Mosaics, pottery wheels and classes are also available. Would your group like to do a specific class? Simply contact them ahead of time and they can set everything up in advance.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor & Museum | LE MARS One Sweet Destination! The Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor is a perfect destination for groups who want to learn more about the Blue Bunny brand and its history while getting a taste of the hard-dipped ice creams and specialty ice cream desserts in the old-fashioned parlor setting. Photos, interactive kiosks, exhibits and archival pieces document their 100-year history as a company and these exhibits are displayed throughout both levels of the parlor.

Loess Hills Lavender Farm MISSOURI VALLEY Bring your groups to the lush Loess Hills for “Bloom and Harvest.” The lavender fields bloom from mid-June through September, but there are a few times when the field is at its best. The primary bloom is mid-June to mid-July, (secondary bloom is in September). Come for a visit, grab a pair of scissors, and cut your own bouquet.

spotlight iowa

Renee’s Ceramic Café


National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium elcome to the many wonderful hands-on things for your group to do! Everyone will love it! Touch live sturgeon as they cruise through the tank. A docent will be available to talk to your group about this animal. Dig into another tank where you can feel crayfish, mussels and maybe even a snail or two as they float through your fingers. This facility also offers Iowa’s only 3D/4D theater. Groups can reach out and “touch” an animal as it comes off the screen, they can feel the thunder in their seats and experience a light mist as the animals on the screen swim their way through waters and more! Ever wonder what it was like to be on a raft on the Mississippi? Try it out at this outdoor exhibit. Group members can climb aboard the raft and pull themselves from one side of the exhibit to the other. Next, take a minute to punch in your “drip code” to see where a drop of water that lands in your backyard eventually ends up. What a fun way to spend the day!


Iowa: Life Changing

Life Changing

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Hands Around Ames


This itinerary can be customized for any time of year.

AmericInn of Ames . . . . . . . 515-233-1005 2507 SE 16th Street - Ames, IA 50010 Conveniently located near all the attractions and excitement in the area. Every guest is welcomed with a smile, great service, an inviting indoor pool, free hot home-style breakfast & a quiet night’s sleep! A perfect fit for any tour!

Chocolaterie Stam

AmericInn of Spencer . . . . 712-262-7525 1005 13th Street SW - Spencer, IA 51301 Count on us to be your best lodging choice in the Iowa Great Lakes area. With unmatched service and amenities that include free hot home-style breakfast, indoor pool and WiFi. Visit Arts on Grand, retail, golf, Clay County Fair and more!

day one 1:00 pm Arrive in Ames with a welcome reception from the Ames CVB! 1:30 – 2:00 pm Your first stop will be at Gilger Designs. Watch master Goldsmith Mike Gilger and his staff at work. See the jewelry-making process from the pencil drawing, to carving with wax, to the finished products. 2 – 3:30 pm Move on to the Octagon Center for the Arts for a guided exhibition tour to learn more about the art and artists represented, followed by a hands-on card making activity where you can create and contemplate! 3:30 – 4:30 pm It’s time for a sweet treat at Chocolaterie Stam. Learn the rich European history and get a handson lesson in the history of chocolate. This is an experience like no other; the intoxicating scent of fresh truffles, the inviting warmth of the cozy shop and the exciting experience of selecting your own favorite sweets to take home. There will be plenty of Fine European Chocolates to sample. 4:30 – 6:30 pm Complete your afternoon with a visit to Olde Main Brewing Company & Restaurant. The Brew Master will take your group on a tour of the brewery and explain each step of the brewing process. They blend traditional brewing practices and modern techniques to craft fresh, full-flavored beers. Both fresh brewed beers and “Red Monkey” root beer are brewed in house. Enjoy a delicious dinner and beverage in their restaurant after your tour. 6:30 pm Check into the AmericInn or the Country Inn & Suites in Ames. Both are very good choices for group-friendly hotels. The evening is yours to enjoy.


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3

Country Inn & Suites . . . . . 515-233-3935

Olde Main Brewing Company & Restaurant

day two 8 – 9:00 am Enjoy breakfast at your hotel and board the coach to a new destination. 9 – 11:00 am Begin your day at Kil’n Time Studio for paint-yourown-pottery, mosaics, clay hand building, pottery wheels and the exciting process of glass fusion. With so many fun activities for your group, it will be hard to choose. 11 – 12:30 pm The Cook’s Emporium is awaiting your group’s arrival. View a private cooking demonstration and learn tricks of the trade to make everyday cooking spectacular, with chocolate and seasonal ingredients. Shop for new kitchen favorites in the store before you leave. 12:30 pm Enjoy lunch in one of Ames’ many restaurants before embarking on Ames’ Historical Walking Tour. Learn about the interesting personalities who pioneered in Ames and molded the growing town. Choose between a Main Street focus and stories about 5th Street’s brick piers. For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group, please contact your tour operator or the Ames CVB 800.288.7470 or

2605 SE 16th Street - Ames, IA 50010 Situated by Interstate 35, our location puts you within easy reach of Jack Trice Stadium, Reiman Gardens, Iowa Arboretum, Adventureland theme park, White Oak Vineyards and much more. Enjoy our indoor pool, WiFi, daily Manager’s Cocktail Reception and complimentary hot breakfast.

Country Inn & Suites . . . . . . 319-545-8464 2571 Heartland Place - Coralville, IA 52241 Just off I-80/I-380 an ideal location for experiencing the Amana Colonies, Englert Civic Theatre, Coral Ridge Mall, Wilson’s Orchard, Iowa City Community Theatre, and the University of Iowa. Enjoy complimentary hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi and indoor pool.

Country Inn & Suites . . . . . . 641-236-9600 1710 West Street South - Grinnell, IA 50112 Grinnell has been named one of the Top Ten Coolest Small Towns in America! Come see all there is to do! Just minutes off I-80 we pride ourselves on warm hospitality. Enjoy complimentary hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi and indoor pool.

convention & visitors bureaus and chambers Council Bluffs CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800-228-6878 ext 130 149 W. Broadway – Council Bluffs, IA 51503 Allow the Council Bluffs Convention and Visitors Bureau to make planning your next group tour a little easier! Designing itineraries, suggesting dining options, organizing entertainment, and coordinating lodging are just a few of the services offered through the CVB.


tour kansas hands-on… Moon Marble Company BOONER SPRINGS Ok all you baby boomers out there! Who remembers playing marbles? Visitors to the store will enjoy perusing the displays of antique marble toys or maybe “knuckling down,” if they remember how! Shoppers are sure to find something special for everyone on their list among the selection of special and unusual items. Artisan and owner, Bruce Breslow, frequently demonstrates his marble making. During demonstrations, Bruce will explain the process of glass working, marble history, and other fascinating areas of marble interest.

Southeast Kansas Education & Research Center GREENBUSH The Greenbush Challenge Ropes course is a state-of-the-art outdoor facility located at the south end of the Greenbush campus and is targeted towards both students and adults. The professional staff will design and develop a specialized adventure curriculum specifically for your group and create activities specific to your needs! Bring your groups and share laughter, insight, and fun.

Originally homesteaded in 1855, this historic family ranch now offers chuckwagon suppers, cowboy poetry entertainment, and fun Flint Hills farm experiences for the whole group. Your day could include: feeding chickens and gathering eggs to keep, throwing a lariat and rope around a genuine longhorn steer head, petting ponies, sheep, goats, llamas, dogs, cats and bunnies, enjoying a hayrack ride, or just kicking back and relaxing on this historic ranch. The ranch hosts groups by appointment throughout the year and holds a Fall Festival during weekends in October.

Paint Therapy Uncorked | TOPEKA Topeka’s ONLY interactive art lounge. Fresh, exciting, and unique, they provide a night out that your group will never forget, and their own masterpiece to remember it by. It’s BYOB! So bring your favorite bottle of wine or your favorite beer—you already have a designated driver! Local artists will take your group through step-by-step instructions as they transform blank canvas into a work of art. Even if nobody has picked up a paintbrush since they last used their kindergarten watercolor set, all will leave feeling like Van Gogh. Experience the trendiest afternoon or night out in Topeka for yourself. No experience required (promise!).

spotlight kansas

Lazy T Ranch | MANHATTAN


The Culinary Center of Kansas City


oused in a beautifully restored buggy barn built at the turn of the century, this is like a playground for foodies. If your group is into food—whether it be eating, cooking, drinking, learning, or all of the above—this place is for you. The décor is “Napa Valley, Tuscany, South of France, Colorado and home,” all rolled into one. Add the exceptional staff and you have a true “recipe” for a successful group event. Offering all different types of amazing cooking classes with great local and national chefs, they pride themselves on their unmatched originality, attention to detail, and warm service. Bring your group for interactive dinner parties, private cooking classes, wine-tasting parties and more. Plus visit Discover Kitchenology, their culinary retail shop, offering serious culinary retail therapy for your cooking and entertaining “addiction.”

Kansas: As Big As You Think

tour michigan hands-on… Pancho’s Wild Blueberries | LAKE LINDEN Grab your group and grab your pails for a day of blueberry picking. Seasonally from mid-July to the end of September, your crew can fill their buckets with wild or tame blueberries, or wine & jelly berries. Return home and fill your freezer with these tasty little treasures!

Cross Country Skiing ST. IGNACE St. Ignace is home to the Sand Dune Cross Country Ski Trail. Seven groomed trails, varying in length from 1.5 to 7.6 miles, offer a skiing experience for every skier from the beginner to the expert. This scenic trail winds through the ancient dunes of Lake Michigan. The trails are groomed for classic style cross-country skiing. There is ample bus parking, an outhouse, and a log warming cabin with a wood stove. The scenery is spectacular and the trails are fun for every group!

spotlight michigan

Seney National Wildlife Refuge Canoe, Kayak & Bike Trips | SENEY


Catch & Cook


he Landmark Inn will be collaborating with the Day Break Charter fishing guides to offer a unique opportunity titled “Catch and Cook.” Participants will take part in a chartered fishing excursion, after which the Day Break Charter crew will transport the catch to the Landmark Inn to be prepared by their renowned chefs. The fishing adventures include offshore fishing trips to the famous Stannard Rock, which is about 60 miles off shore from Marquette. If you are more interested in fishing closer to shore, there is also the opportunity to fish for species such as lake trout, king salmon, Coho salmon, steelhead, and brown trout. The beauty of the Marquette area surrounds you. All fishing tackle and gear are provided with every trip and your catch will be cleaned and packed for you upon arrival.

Pure Michigan

Northland Outfitters is your group headquarters for exploring Seney National Wildlife Refuge and the entire eastern Upper Peninsula. The Visitor Center offers a slide show, exhibits, hands-on displays, and special events. Hike the Pine Ridge Nature Trail or take the Marshland Wildlife Drive. Rent canoes or kayaks and follow the beautiful Manistique River through the refuge for a scenic wilderness experience your whole group will enjoy. Rent bikes or hike the 50 miles of trails for even greater access to wildlife viewing. Shop at Northland Outfitters for quality clothing, gifts and gear.

Beginning in Silver Cliff, WI and ending in Norway, MI KOSIR’S RAPID RAFTS Starting mid-May and running through September, for beginners and intermediates, trips are run in one, two, three and four place rafts. Water conditions change daily and the actual size of the boat will be determined on the day of the your trip. Kosir’s provides helmets, life jackets, paddles, and transportation to the put-in point on the river. They are located right on the water, so all trips end at Rapid Rafts headquarters, where rafters can change clothes and relax. The trip covers about five miles of the most exciting white water in the entire Midwest. Ask about our special group discounts offered for qualified scout, youth and church groups. In the summer the weather is much warmer and so is the water. The river level may be lower, but the thrill is always there!

Pure Michigan

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The Superior Hiking Adventure


This sample itinerary is best spring, summer, and fall. This package features historic Marquette and a wilderness hiking tour that showcases the Lake Superior shoreline and some of the finest waterfalls and mountain tops in the Huron Mountains. Your host and guide for the day will be Fred Huffman from Marquette Country Tours. Fred is an avid outdoorsman, noted local historian, and expert guide. He has hosted visitors from all over the world and has been featured in a number of publications and television programs.

day one 3 – 4:30pm Arrive in Marquette Country in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and enjoy a welcoming reception and check in at a Marquette area lodging facility. 4:30 – 7:00pm Travel to the Landmark Inn in downtown Marquette for dinner off a limited menu at the Skyroom Restaurant, overlooking Lake Superior and downtown Marquette. Tour the historic Landmark Inn including 4 or 5 of the nicest available rooms. 7:00pm Return to your Marquette area lodging facility.

11:00am – 1:00pm Board the motorcoach and travel to the historic Thunder Bay Inn in Big Bay, followed by a buffet lunch and Big Bay window tour that includes Squaw Beach, Perkins Park and the infamous Lumberjack Tavern. 1 – 4:00pm Next stop is a hike to the scenic overlook at the top of Gobbler’s Knob followed by a hike to Hills Falls on the Yellow Dog River. Your group will enjoy the view of Hills Falls and if time permits, continue downstream to see ancient glacial boulders and 2 or 3 other waterfalls. 4 – 5:00pm Return to your Marquette area lodging facility to freshen up before dinner. 5 – 7:00pm Your group will dine tonight at the Upfront & Company Nightclub & Restaurant in downtown Marquette. There is something to everyone’s liking on the menu. 7 – 9:30pm Wind down your busy day with the perfect Presque Isle Park Sunset Celebration Tour (seasonal activity depending on sunset time) . For more information or to customize this itinerary for your group, contact your tour operator or Marquette Country at 800-544-4321 or visit

accommodations AmericInn of Menominee . 906-863-8699 2330 10th Street - Menominee, MI 49858 Imagine after a day of tours relaxing on a bench looking out at the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan’s Green Bay. We offer lake view rooms, indoor pool, hot tub, free hot home-style breakfast, & WiFi, all perfectly located within the Lower U.P.!

convention & visitors bureaus and chambers Experience Grand Rapids . 800-678-9859 171 Monroe Avenue NW - Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Grand Rapids makes it easy for your motorcoach group to share a memorable travel experience. The city offers a variety of arts and culture, fantastic restaurants, plenty of outdoor recreation, shopping and lodging.

Marquette Country CVB

. . 800-544-4321 337 W Washington Street - Marquette, MI 49855 We’re here to help you plan a trip for the memory books. We offer customized itinerary planning, step-on guides, reservation assistance, digital images, familiarization tours and more—all at no charge!

day two Huron Mountains Wilderness Hiking Tour and Lunch in Big Bay 7:30 – 8:15am Have breakfast at your Marquette area lodging facility. (Meet Fred Huffman from Marquette Country Tours in hotel lobby). 8:15 – 11:00am Travel to the parking area at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain and hike the trail to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy the view of Lake Superior and the surrounding countryside from the top. Hike down the backside of Sugarloaf Mountain to Wetmore’s Landing to hike the beach area along Lake Superior to the point just north of the Landing and enjoy the view of Lake Superior from the point.

Thunder Bay Inn

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


tour minnesota hands-on… Towering Pines Canopy Tour | GRAND MARAIS This group adventure is a 2+ hour trip through the canopies of white pine on the ridge. Sky guides lead you from station to station, with a bit of nature and history shared at each stop. The 8 ziplines of the course vary in length—up to nearly 800 feet. Each stop has a wonderful view over miles of wilderness – the high cliffs, Lonely Lake, Gunflint Lake, the Canadian lands to the north, and the entire forested basin along the south shore of Gunflint Lake. Depending on the season of your visit, there is a variety of other group activities offered as well. Dogsled trip, anyone?

The Mystery Café – Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

spotlight minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS/SAINT PAUL Join the actors for a gut-busting mysterious comedy, drinks and a delicious three-course gourmet dinner! The comedy play is performed throughout the theater, versus just one spot. At some point, a major crime is committed (usually a murder, but not always) and your group gets to try and figure out “whodunit.” You are given a “Clue Packet” and fake bribe money to ask the actors questions between scenes. The individual whose answer is closest is awarded the accolades of the Super Sleuth Winner!


Putt’er There at Como Park


or over fifty years, Putt'er There has been a family owned and operated outdoor miniature golf course located in Como Park. Renovations done in 1999 brought the course out of the 9-hole tar & brick age, into a beautiful and modern 18-hole course with several unique features. Using an original streetcar from the Como-Harriet Line as the clubhouse, groups will also enjoy the shade trees, flower gardens, water traps, a castle, a loop, old fashioned wind mill, fountains and yes, at the end of the 18th hole, a chance to win a FREE game! Designed with everybody in mind, they divided the course into the front nine and the back nine which allows the less focused players to start out playing just nine holes. Others can continue on doing the entire 18. The second nine are a little more challenging. The convenient location allows them to accommodate large groups. So load up the motorcoach for a day of fun on the course!

Explore Minnesota

Why should the kids have all the fun? Bring your group in and they will provide the fun! An outing in the studio is suitable for church groups, red hat groups, a girls’ day out, reunions, and work teams. Whatever type of group you have, they are happy to host your outing. Basic fun packages include painting pottery, a fused glass project, glass painting, a clay sculpture project, or painting on a canvas. Special workshops are also available for groups and they have lots of "take it home” options, which fit into day trips a little better!

Cooks of Crocus Hill STILLWATER Book a 3-hour hands-on cooking experience, combining camaraderie with culinary education—and great food as your group’s reward! No one sits on the sidelines here; your successful meal is the product of cooperation and messy fingers! Take a few moments to get into the spirit of things. Have a glass of wine, or maybe a little snack. The chef welcomes you, discusses the menu and assigns cooking groups. Each group works together to prepare courses off the menu. When the food is ready, everyone can enjoy the fruits of their cooperative effort. Voilà!

Explore Minnesota

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The 43rd Annual Minnesota Renaissance Festival WELCOMES YOUR GROUPS! pon entering the gates it is hard to escape the smell of tasty delicacies, with more than 100 food booths throughout the village. In addition to traditional Renaissance festivities, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival elaborated on the events that occur at most renaissance festivals to include themed weekends focusing on different aspects of the Renaissance era. These weekends have changed over the years to bring new and fresh events to the festival. Here are some things to look forward to:


hot Live Mermaid – Appearing STOP daily at the festival A wonder among wonders, few have ever seen the elusive mermaid in her home below the sea. Captain Jonas Fairweather will recount his tales of finding the beautiful Mermaid Ambrosia while patrons marvel at her shimmering hair and scaly tail during daily appearances at the Renaissance Festival in the Mermaid Cove. If you’re lucky, she may even share a piece of her magic with you. Ladies Shopping Day – Friday, September 27th Bring your group and join us for a day of shopping and wine! The discount ticket includes admission, free glass of wine, gift bag, and the opportunity to receive discounts from select artisans all day! The social hour will be from 6-7pm at the Waterwheel Pub with raffle prizes from artisans, and you can compare your great shopping finds with the other shoppers. Groups are welcome and the bus parking is the best! The 43rd Annual Minnesota Renaissance Festival runs weekends and Labor Day. For more information, visit or call 952-445-7361 to book your group!

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

Ghosts, Graves & Caves

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Put scare in your October...we dare you!


he Wabasha Street Caves are carved out of sandstone and date back to the 1840s. Throughout history the caves have been used for a number of different activities, including growing mushrooms, storage of food and belongings, music, and dancing. In the 1920s, the caves were used as a restaurant and nightclub venue known as the Wabasha Street Speakeasy. The speakeasy is said to have been frequented by gangsters such as Ma Barker and John Dillinger. However, there is no evidence that these visits occurred; thus, these stories are considered legend. Legend or not, it is always fun to bring your group to Wabasha Street Caves. In October you can take your group on one of their special tours: Ghost & Graves or Ghost, Graves & Caves. Take a trip through the dark side of Saint Paul. I dare you! To bring your group call 651-292-1220.

Hands Across EAGAN agan’s Lebanon Hills Regional Park was just voted “Best Hike” by City Pages magazine. The park is huge—almost 2,000 acres—with 14 miles of summer hiking in heavily wooded trails winding around more than a dozen placid lakes and ponds. It’s big enough to allow a genuine sense of isolation and wildness, and you could spend most of the day exploring the park without seeing it all. This park offers everything from canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, to s’more roasts over a bonfire. And, best of all, it’s FREE!


The Eagan Art House is a community resource that connects your group with quality art experiences for any skill level. The experienced instructors are professional artists committed to providing a positive art experience, opening up your creativity and teaching you new ways to see your world.

Russia’s Grizzly Coast - MN Zoo


STOP The Eagan Art House offers: • Classes for all ages • Pottery classes for all levels • Painting and drawing classes with a variety of mediums • Private classes (scout groups, home school groups, etc.) The Eagan Art House is the perfect option for your group’s special art class. How about attending a cooking school? Located just minutes from Eagan is Chef’s Abode Cooking School. Your group will work together to chop, sauté, stir, braise and blend all of the components that come together to create a gourmet meal, with direction from one of the Twin Cities’ best chefs. Chef’s Abode is the only cooking school in the Twin Cities that has seven full-participation work stations and an outdoor patio overlooking the pristine Mississippi River bluffs offering three varieties of cooking grills. This is a fun and relaxed event that can be customized for your groups! There’s no “monkeying” around when your group visits the Minnesota Zoo and ventures into the world of a zookeeper. These naturalist-led 90-minute tours include a visit with a zookeeper and give insight into the trails, exhibit design, animal behavior and management, zoo careers and conservation. Choose a tour of the Tropics Trail, Minnesota Trail, Russia’s Grizzly Coast, or Northern Trail. These tours are available year-round. Please contact Denise Olsen, Tourism Sales Director, at the Eagan Convention & Visitors Bureau for more information on any of these tour options. The Eagan CVB offers gift bags, meet & greets and a $250 rebate for first-time groups booking 20 or more rooms in Eagan. Call 651-675-5546 or email


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Tour the Metro…Holiday Style! This sample itinerary is ideal from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Cooks of Crocus Hill

day one 3 – 5:30 pm Check into the Country Inn & Suites in Shoreview, conveniently located off I-35W and featuring a complimentary hot breakfast, 32” flat screen TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, heated pool with whirlpool and a waterslide. 5:30 – 10:00 pm Dinner and theatre! Visit downtown Minneapolis and dine at Sea Change, inside the beautiful Guthrie Theater along the Mississippi River. Share a toast to a holiday tradition and see A Christmas Carol at the famous Guthrie Theater.

save in the IKEA Restaurant. 12 – 3:30 pm Just across the way is the famous Mall of America. Have shopping bags in tow and find that special gift that only the Mall of America can offer. 3:30 – 5:30 pm Go back to Shoreview and get ready for an evening of entertainment. 5:30 – 10:00 pm Head to Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, where Fiddler on the Roof returns to the Main Stage for the first time in 20 years.

day two

day three

8 – 9:30 am Relax and enjoy your morning with a Country Inn & Suites complimentary Be Our Guest breakfast before you head out for some shopping. 9:30 – 12:00 pm Shopping at IKEA is always fun when you’re shopping with a group. If it happens to be a Monday, remember that it’s Senior Day. Visitors 55+ can

9:30 – 11:30 am Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before exploring Rosedale Center. This is a premier shopping destination, which features over 160 retailers and the Plaza at Rosedale Center. 11:30 – 2:00 pm Afterwards, your group heads into the kitchen where they’ll have a hands-on culinary experience at

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

Cooks of Crocus Hill. 2 – 4:30 pm Explore the historic Turnblad Mansion and contemporary Nelson Cultural Center in an entirely new way at the American Swedish Institute. In this two-hour tour, groups will meet the artists and architects who dreamt of and built these inspiring spaces. For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group, please contact your tour operator.

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Welcome to the Best 12 Days of Summer – the Great Minnesota Get-Together! This itinerary is best August 21-September 1, 2014. See you next year!

MN Florist Assoc. - Agriculture Horticulture Building

Heritage Square Variety Showcase

Just one of many ways for your group to spend a day at the fair! Welcome to the Great Minnesota Get-Together! The State Fair features the best of Minnesota’s industry, agriculture, entertainment, innovation, fine arts, food and merchandise from around the globe! 9 – 10:00 am Their friendly staff will greet your motorcoach at the bus parking lot where everyone will receive a daily schedule and map of the fairgrounds. Stroll through Heritage Square, an 1800s-themed area with a working blacksmith, wood turner and an authentic log cabin, plus the State Fair History Museum. 10 – 11:00 am Make sure to stop by the animal barns and the AgStar Arena off Judson Avenue. See livestock competitions and demonstrations featuring a wide variety of swine, horses, cattle, sheep, poultry, llamas and more! 11 – 12:00 pm Explore the iconic Agriculture Horticulture

Building. Some of Minnesota’s best agriculture and horticulture is exhibited in this building. Noon Head to the Food Building on Underwood Street for lunch. Look for booth signs that indicate special deals and discounts, which many of the concessionaires offer. 1 – 2:00pm Time for some shopping! Discover a global shopping experience at the International Bazaar. Here you will find a wide variety of vendors, lots of live entertainment with an ethnic flavor and the Festival of Nations Demonstration Stage. 2 – 3:00 pm Everybody loves a parade – the Daily Mall Parade! The best places to watch are near the Leinie Lodge Bandshell or from Family Fair at Baldwin Park, where parade units are announced. 3 – 4:00 pm Stop by the Fine Arts Center on Cosgrove Street to see Minnesota’s largest juried art show. Be sure to see the State Fair 2013 Commemorative Art and observe Studio.

4 – 5:00 pm The Healthy Local Food area celebrates the many ways to use whole foods from our state, complete with cooking demonstrations and local farms and distributors available to meet. 5 – 6:00 pm Every Minnesotan’s favorite place – The North Woods. Catch a Timberworks Lumberjack Show daily. 6 – 7:00 pm Take time to appreciate great machinery at the Old Iron Show, a display of rare antique tractors and farm equipment. 7 – 8:00 pm Pet-lovers stop at the Pet Center for the Saint Paul Police K-9 Foundation Demonstration at 7 pm daily. 8:30 – 9:15 pm Bandshell tonight! A free concert series featuring national performers starts every night at 8:30 pm at the Leinie Lodge Bandshell. Grab a bench early, as these shows attract large crowds. 9:15 – 10:00 pm Another must-see is the free Lasertainment’s Laser Hitz Show. High-powered aerial laser beams dance above and beyond fair guests while colorful images light up a gigantic screen. 10:00 pm Take a walk through The Mighty Midway under the stars and twinkling lights while you wait for the nightly Fireworks Spectacular! *This itinerary is designed around a day of very active walking. Remember to drink lots of hydrating fluids and rest your feet from time to time. For more information, contact: Group Hospitality Minnesota State Fair 651-288-4306 or


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Industry and Beauty in the North Woods This sample itinerary can be customized for any time of the year.

day one


New Baby

4:00 pm Warroad, MN is the only American Port on beautiful Lake of the Woods, home to trophy fishing, excellent hunting, and great outdoor activities. Warroad’s Point Park marks the beginning of the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail. Check into your hotel, or one of the many resorts in the area that would really give your group the up-north experience. Dine at a local diner or supper club. There are many wonderful choices for groups.

day two



he Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley announced the birth of this Malayan Tapir calf, the first born at the Zoo in more than 20 years. The newborn, a female, came into the world at approximately 9:15 pm on July 20, after a 419-day gestation period.


The Malayan Tapir is one of the most endangered animals in Southeast Asia. Tapir populations are declining due to habitat loss from deforestation for agricultural purposes, flooding caused by dam building for hydroelectric projects, and illegal trade. The calf will grow quickly and could weigh as much as 450 pounds by her first birthday. Dark brown to black with alternating bands of yellowish-white stripes and spots, young tapirs reach adult size in about two or three years.

8 – 9:00 am Enjoy breakfast with a view. No matter the season, it’s always sure to please. 9 – 10:30 am Tour HEATMOR™. Their mission is to honestly manufacture a quality product at a fair price. See how they make the best outdoor furnaces in the industry. Tours available Monday through Friday. Just call ahead for an appointment. 10:30 – 12:00 pm Experience the rich history of Marvin Windows and Doors at the Wm. S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center, the world’s largest manufacturer of made-to-order wood windows and doors. Their museum and gift shop are open to the public with free admission. The exhibits include a combination of artifacts and interactive presentations that will wow visitors of all ages. 12 – 1:00 pm Grab some famous walleye cheeks (or a burger) for lunch at one of the local hot spots. 1 – 2:00 pm Here is a little reminder of days gone by: Visit The Shed, a Classic and Muscle Car Collection displayed in a 24,000 square foot building, with approximately 70 cars available for your viewing enjoyment. Hours vary, so please call ahead to

make arrangements. 2 – 3:30 pm Visit the Warroad Heritage Center & Museum and enjoy a variety of historic items that have shaped this area. View Indian artifacts from the Warroad area, the local commercial fishing industry, the Northwest Angle, early pioneers, Christian Brothers Hockey Stick factory, and sports. Plus, works by area writers, genealogies, old photographs, and much more. 3:30 pm Spend the rest of your time exploring the beautiful north woods of Minnesota, taking in the fresh air in this relaxing setting. For more information on this sample itinerary contact your tour operator or the Warroad CVB 800-328-4455 or visit Marvin Windows

Warroad Heritage Center

& Museum

The Malayan tapir is managed for breeding purposes through the coordinated efforts of several zoos in the United States, with the aim of maintaining the gene pool for the future aid of the wild population. Contact the Minnesota Zoo for more information: 952-431-9200, 800-366-7811,

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Little Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau 800.325.5916 /

2013 Events Calendar Little Falls Annual Arts & Crafts Fair • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sept 7-8 Always held the weekend after Labor Day, this is one of the largest craft fairs in the upper Midwest. Your group can weave their way among over 500 crafters and 40 food vendors. In conjunction with this event, the Antiques & Collectibles Show, Antique Auto Show, and Farmer’s Market are held the same weekend. Free bus parking!

Camp Ripley Open House • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sept 15 Annual Pub Crawl • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nov 8 1st Annual Morrison County Art Crawl • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nov 8 Great River Arts Local Heritage Exhibit Linden Hill Holiday Tours



Rosenmeier House Historic Home Tours



Nov 29-Dec 8 Nov 29-Dec 8

MN Fishing Museum Christmas Tree Lane • • Nov 29-Dec 8

State Park Walking Trail

Camp Ripley Military Base

Jordie’s Trail Side Cafe

Rosenmeier House

Maple Island Park


Little Falls Itinerary DAY ONE 10 – 11:30 am Begin your day in Little Falls with a visit to the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site and a tour of his boyhood home. Built in 1906, it is furnished with original family décor. The visitor center offers state-of-the-art exhibits and boasts a replica of the cockpit of The Spirit of St. Louis, where your group can re-live the feel of Lindbergh’s historic 1927 trans-Atlantic flight in a flight simulator. Groups enjoy this interactive museum, displaying the family's mementos, a vintage theater showing documentaries from the 1920s – 1930s and a gift shop on site. 11:30 – 12:30 pm Have an indoor/outdoor lunch on the grounds of Jordie’s Trail Side Cafe, with a landscaped dining area outdoors and great indoor seating. Enjoy local craft style decorations and daily homemade specials. 12:30 – 2:30 pm Within the city limits is the Pine Grove Zoo, celebrating its 100-Year Anniversary in 2013! Guided tours give participants an up-close glimpse at Siberian tigers and wonderful bear exhibits. Enjoy natural histories of the zoo’s animals as your group is escorted by an educated tour guide.

2:30 – 3:30 pm Step back in time with a tour of the early 1900s

Linden Hill Mansions. These two beautiful homes are fully furnished with vintage artifacts and situated on nine acres on the Mississippi River. (After Thanksgiving, both houses are full of beautiful Christmas decorations!)

3:30 – 4:30 pm From mansions to fishing! The Minnesota Fishing Museum is not “just a collection of old fishing items,” but rather a collection of historical possessions that belonged to individuals from across Minnesota who were (and are) a part of the history of freshwater fishing in our state. The museum holds a priceless collection of fishing-related antiques & memorabilia tracking the heritage of freshwater angling in Minnesota.

4:30 – 6:00 pm Head to dinner at The Fort Steakhouse. Choose and cook your own steak on their open Texas-Style grill and enjoy adult beverages, if you wish. Multiple delicious dinner options! 6:00 pm Check in to your hotel – the AmericInn or Comfort Inn & Suites in Little Falls. Relax and swim in the pool to complete your day.

DAY TWO Enjoy complimentary breakfast at your hotel. 9 – 11:00 am Take a short drive to the Camp Ripley Military

Base and visit the Minnesota Military Museum. This is a 53,000-acre military and civilian training facility where your group will be able to visit the only military museum in the state honoring all branches of service from early frontier days to the present. Tour outdoor and indoor exhibits, including the current featured exhibit on Minnesota’s two Civil Wars and discover how Minnesotans played unique roles in each of our nation’s conflicts on the home front and the battlefield.

11 – 12:00 pm Maple Island Park and Gardens, along the Mississippi River, is a great place for a stroll. It’s beautifully landscaped with flowers, trees and shrubs and footpaths lighted by globe lamps, reminiscent of the streets of Little Falls. Benches and a gazebo overlook the Rushing Dam on the Mississippi river. Tables, shelter and restrooms available. 12 – 1:30 pm Bring your group to the A.T. Black and White Restaurant for lunch. Enjoy great food, fun décor, and vintage wine bar/café atmosphere with murals and neon signs from the 1930s. For more information or to customize an itinerary, contact Kris Vonberge at Little Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800.325.5916 or

Where the Mississippi Pauses

Pine Grove Zoo

The Minnesota Fishing Museum

Little Falls Dam

Explore Minnesota

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A Voyageur Adventure This sample itinerary is best during the summer months, but may be customized for any time of year. The stunning international waters of Lake of the Woods and Rainy River are truly unique.

day one 9 – 10:30 am Low County Museum has a large display of the county newspapers from 1907-1960. Learn about the geological formation of Lake of the Woods, the natural history of the area, native cultures, the great forest fire of 1910, commercial fishing, logging and the pharmaceutical industry. 10:30 am – 12:00 pm The Baudette Depot, built by the Canadian National Railways in 1923, replaced two earlier depots (1901 & 1908) both lost to fires. The 1923 Baudette Depot was abandoned by the Canadian National Railways in the mid-1980s and several years later it has been restored. 12 – 1:30 pm Baudette has many group-friendly lunch options. 1:30 – 4:00 pm Take time for some shopping. The gift shops are


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3

filled with items unique to Lake of the Woods. Browse and discover the many displays of fine art, pottery, stained glass and woodworking. 4 – 6:00 pm Head back and enjoy some resort and beach time. 6 – 8:00 pm Experience lakeside dining with an “up north” feel. The area offers a wide variety of restaurant options to suit every palate.

day two 8 – 9:00 am Enjoy a hearty breakfast before your group heads out for a day of trophy fishing on a charter boat. 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Fishing on a charter boat with the pros will delight your group. 12 – 2:00 pm Don’t leave “The Walleye Capital of the World” without a shore lunch experience! Lake of the Woods has a few spots that are exclusively willing to share their beaches for a walleye tasting

experience, such as: Pine Island, Garden Island, and Zippel Bay. This is a must for anyone looking to savor his or her “catch of the day.” For more information on this sample itinerary contact your tour operator or the Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau at 800-382-3474 or visit


Designed by group travelers, is the premier online travel tool that gives you all the information you need to plan upper Midwest group travel stays. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the right contact names, numbers, maps, photos and little details that always make a difference. Bookmark today and come back often for new hotels to check out.

find these “group-friendly” hotels online now: IOWA


AmericInn Country Inn & Suites CORALVILLE | Country Inn & Suites GRINNELL | Country Inn & Suites SPENCER | AmericInn MICHIGAN


MINNESOTA – Northern

ALEXANDRIA | Hampton Inn

BAXTER | Country Inn & Suites DULUTH | Country Inn

& Suites – Duluth North GRAND RAPIDS

Sawmill Inn AmericInn MOORHEAD | AmericInn Lodge & Suites SARTELL | AmericInn Lodge & Suites

SHOREVIEW | Country Inn & Suites WALKER | Country Inn


Cambria Suites Comfort Inn Airport Country Inn & Suites At Mall of America Country Inn & Suites West Courtyard by Marriott MPLS/Bloomington Crowne Plaza Bloomington Embassy Suites Bloomington Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport Fairfield Inn by Marriott Hampton Inn Bloomington Hampton Inn & Suites Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis/Bloomington Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington Hotel Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Holiday Inn Bloomington Airport I-35 Holiday Inn Express Minneapolis Airport/Mall Area Holiday Inn & Suites Minneapolis Airport Homewood Suites by Hilton

La Quinta Inn Bloomington-Minneapolis La Quinta Inn & Suites Le Bourget Aero Suites Hotel Microtel Inn & Suites Minneapolis Airport Marriott Park Plaza Ramada Mall of America Sheraton Bloomington Hotel-MPLS South Staybridge Suites Travelodge ELK RIVER | Holiday Inn SAINT PAUL | St Paul Hotel STILLWATER | Just for Me Spa NORTH DAKOTA MOORHEAD

AmericInn Lodge & Suites WISCONSIN GREEN BAY | Country Inn & Suites – Green Bay North MARSHFIELD | Baymont Inn & Suites

If you are a group-friendly hotel and want information to participate in, call the Itineraries Inc. office at 1-877-832-7267.


Host City for the

2013 Itineraries Midwest FAM Granite Country US A St. Cloud, Minnesota

Site of the 2013 Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Show & FAM.

MILEAGE CHART Des Moines, IA . . . 305 Chicago, IL . . . . . . 470 Milwaukee, WI . . . 397 Omaha, NE . . . . . . 438 Duluth, MN . . . . . . 141 Rochester, MN . . . 148 Mankato, MN . . . . 115

St. Cloud

We personally invite group tour planners, group tour operators, bank club directors and group leaders to join in the fun-filled FAM planned just for you! There is more to Granite Country than meets the eye. Now is the time to stop and check out Granite Country in person.

Did you know?

Did you know there isn’t a bad seat in the house at the Paramount Theatre? Did you know they have one of the most flexible policies when working with bus groups? Did you know we also have a theatre that is more intimate in seating, but can also put together theatre and dinner packages? Did you know we have two beauty schools that have great pricing for those gals who would like to be pampered just a bit with a manicure and/or pedicure? How about spending a night in the museum? Did you know St. Cloud has their own purse designer with an original shop that the gals just love? Did you know we have one granite company that will allow tours in the summer only? Available opportunities fill fast. Did you know we have the derrick exhibit?

Did you know we are home to an exclusive, pristine tractor collection? Every tractor works and has been fully restored. Did you know Stearns County had the most moonshine stills in the state of Minnesota? Do you know what Minnesota 13 is? Did you know your group can go on a historic pub crawl? Or how about a haunted pub crawl? Did you know Kim Norlein (Painter of Peace and Tranquility) has a studio in the St. Cloud area? Did you know we have some beautiful Catholic churches that are available to tour? Have we peaked your interest yet? Find out answers to these questions and more!

Register for the 2013 Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Show & FAM today! For more information about the FAM, please contact Jean Robbins at the St. Cloud CVB: 320-251-4170 or, or the folks at Itineraries Midwest: 877-832-7267 or

1.800.264.2940 x129 /

2013 Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Show & FAM St. Cloud, MN

October 27–29, 2013 2013 SPONSORS

Café Renaissance 320-253-9300 / Experience the ambiance of a classy café/bar with a European flair.

Country Inn & Suites by Carlson 320-252-8282 / Enjoy a relaxing and memorable stay, just five minutes from downtown.

Coyote Moon Grille 320-257-6500 / This restaurant at Territory Golf Club offers large rooms for banquets & meetings – and great food!

Fuji Sushi & Steakhouse 320-252-3838 / An authentic Japanese Hibachi grill and lounge serving the St. Cloud area.

Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery 320-398-2081 / Explore nine acres of grapes, growing eight different varieties.

Nick’s Third Floor at D.B. Searle’s 320-253-0655 / Enjoy fine dining in a relaxing atmosphere; serving soup, salads, steak, burgers and more!

Pioneer Place on Fifth 320-203-0331 / See high-quality entertainment in an intimate setting. Relax at The Veranda Lounge before or after a show.

1.800.264.2940 x129 /

Explore Minnesota

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Explore the Wineries OF SOUTHERN MINNESOTA Southern Minnesota has several wineries for you and your groups to explore! Alexis Bailly Vineyards | Hastings The first vineyard in Minnesota, with a pioneering spirit that has brought fame in the wine drinking world.

Hinterland Vineyards & Winery | Clara City Where skill, science, and the winemaker’s artistic style combine to bring you the best wines.

Cannon River Winery | Cannon Falls Mixing old traditions with new and combining local techniques with those from around the world.

Indian Island Winery | Janesville The 2011 MN Governor’s Cup winner and the 2010 Best Red Wine winner in the International Cold Climate Wine Competition.

Crofut Family Vineyard | Jordan Wine, fun, and events—just minutes south of Minneapolis.

Morgan Creek Vineyards & Winery | New Ulm Visit Minnesota’s only underground winery, tasting room, & gift shop. Wood fired oven tapas & music!

Falconer Vineyards | Red Wing Enjoy the wine and stay to take in the views from the deck and also enjoy a delicious wood-fired pizza.


Olde Country Winery | Lake Lillian Minnesota’s best wine & wine club!

Garvin Heights Vineyards | Winona Evoking the taste and beauty of the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

Painted Prairie Vineyard | Currie Located in the scenic Coteau des Prairies region of Minnesota, they specialize in fine wines produced from Minnesota grapes.

Glacial Ridge Winery | Spicer Sample specialty wines, relax in the lounge and purchase a variety of specialty gifts.

Post Town Winery | Rochester This boutique winery will charm you the moment you step through the door.

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Indian Island Winery


Salem Glen Vineyard & Winery | Rochester Surrounded by sunny, fertile, rolling hills, the farm is well suited for growing grapes that make great wine. Scenic Valley Winery | Lanesboro Share local stories, browse wine related gifts, and enjoy a free samples of our specialty wines. Whitewater Wines | Plainview A wine for every palate! Want more information on wineries in southern Minnesota? Contact Dave Vogel Regional Manager of Explore Minnesota Tourism - Southern Regional Office at 888-975-6766,, or


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Explore Minnesota

In and Around Fairmont This sample itinerary may be customized for any time of year. Fairmont is your home base for this tour. With numerous hotels to choose from, it’s a great location for a Hub & Spoke tour. 10 – Noon Welcome to the City of Lakes. Get an overview of the town and a closer look at Fairmont’s chain of five lakes and scenic city parks by taking the City of Lakes Tour. Highlights include a historic mansion, agriculture interpretive center and a glimpse at one of the top 10 most beautiful courthouses in Minnesota. It was built on the site of Old Fort Fairmont in 1862, at the time of the Dakota (Sioux) Uprising. Noon – 1:00 pm Have lunch at the Bean Town Grill; delicious food and an interesting tale about how the place got its name. 1 – 2:00 pm Board the coach and travel just over state lines into Algona, Iowa. 2 – 3:00 pm During World War II, Algona was the site of a Prisoner of War camp. This camp was home to a total of 10,000 German prisoners from April 1944 to February 1946. Many residents and visitors remark that they had no idea such a camp existed, so the Camp Algona POW Museum seeks to inform and educate visitors about this important time in history. The experience of the German prisoners in the camp is explained in the Camp Algona exhibit, plus exhibits showing the cultural expression behind the barbed wire fence as well as others. 3 – 5:30 pm Relax on the ride back up to Fairmont. Check into one of their many comfortable hotels and freshen up for the evening. 5:30 – 6:45 pm Enjoy dinner and make your way over to the Fairmont Opera House. 6:45 – 9:00 pm Spend an evening of entertainment at the historic Fairmont Opera House. From musical tributes to your favorite artists, to instrumental concerts and comedy acts, the Fairmont Opera House has something for every music lover. Check their schedule in advance and find out who’s on stage the night of your group’s visit and enjoy!

Martin County Courthouse

For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group, please contact your tour operator or the Fairmont Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-657-32080,

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Shop Northfield! This sample itinerary is best in the summer and fall, but can be customized for any time of year.

Historic downtown, Division Street

9 – 10:30am Start your day on Bridge Square, a great spot to enjoy views of Northfield’s historic downtown and the Cannon River and its gushing waterfall. On Saturdays through October 26, Bridge Square is home to the Riverwalk Market Fair. It is a one-of-a-kind European-style market featuring different organic grown produce from local farmers, artisan foods, seasonal flowers and a juried selection of the region’s top art and fine crafts including ceramics, photography, glasswork, textiles, wearable art, garden

Bridge Square

sculptures and hand-crafted jewelry. 10:30 – 12:30pm Continue on with a visit to some of the unique local stores on Division Street. 12:30 – 1:30pm Fuel your afternoon of shopping and sightseeing with lunch at one of the restaurants on the river – Froggy Bottoms or The Tavern of Northfield at the historic Archer House Inn. 1:30 – 2:30pm After lunch, find your inner artist. Make your first stop Sketchy Artist, an art supply store like no

Riverwalk Market Fair

other! Also stop by Northfield Yarn for knitting inspiration and Eclectic Goat for beads and jewelry-making supplies. Guys will especially enjoy the unique items created from scrap and found metals at MakeShift Accessories. 2:30 – 4:00pm Take a break from shopping with a visit to the Northfield Historical Society & Museum, the site of the 1876 failed robbery of the James Younger Gang. The museum features rotating exhibits. The latest is titled “If the War Comes, I’m Going! – Northfield and the Civil War.” 4:00 – 5:30pm Next-door is Northfield Olive Oils & Vinegars, where you can learn about and sample the vast selection of oils and vinegars from around the world. Buy a bottle or two to impress your guests while entertaining. 5:30 – 7:00pm Have dinner at the Ole Store, a contemporary dining experience near the foot of St. Olaf campus. 7 – 7:30pm Get some fresh air at the Carleton College Cowling Arboretum, covering 880 acres. Carleton College is also home to the Jo Ryo En Japanese Gardens, named one of the best Japanese gardens outside of Japan. 7:30 – 9:30pm Enjoy a play or musical performance at the Northfield Arts Guild or a performance at the world-renowned St. Olaf College. The Northfield Convention and Visitor’s Bureau can help plan your trip from beginning to end. The staff is happy to assist at any level, from every detail of a full itinerary to offering advice to complement your travel planning. Please contact the Northfield CVB at 800-658-2548 or


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Worthington Welcomes You! This itinerary is best in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Worthington is conveniently located on Interstate 90 and is minutes away from the South Dakota and Iowa borders. When traveling on Interstate 90 Worthington can be your destination for your groups or perfect for an overnight. 1 – 2:00 pm A step-on guide for your City Tour will get you excited for your fun-filled day planned in Worthington. 2 – 3:00 pm Historic Dayton House is a genuine showcase of Worthington’s early days. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house was built in 1890 by George Draper Dayton who later left Worthington to purchase a mercantile business in Minneapolis, which later became Dayton’s Dry Goods Co., or simply Dayton’s. Through thoughtful donations, this legendary home can be preserved for future generations. 3 – 4:00 pm Pioneer Village is a historic village of 40 buildings telling the story of early Worthington and Nobles

7:15 – 9:15 pm Catch an evening show at the Memorial Auditorium Performing Arts Center. Constructed in 1931, the renovated and newly restored building is one of the largest auditorium facilities in a wide region of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Memorial Auditorium is a classic art deco performance center owned and operated by the City of Worthington. 9:15 pm Make your way back to one of seven of Worthington’s

fine lodging facilities after a fun day of experiencing what Worthington has to offer. Places of lodging include: AmericInn, Comfort Suites – new June 2013, Days Inn, Historic Dayton House, Holiday Inn Express, Sunset Inn Motel, Super 8 Motel and Travelodge. For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group please contact the Worthington Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-279-2919 or

County. The village is the scene of many activities and celebrations. Special entertainment can be arranged in the town hall, saloon or on the grounds. 4:30 – 6:00 pm At Spomer Classics Tour/Car Show, view a display of over 300 advertising items of automobiles, implements, oil, gas, etc. See the lost art of porcelain and neon signs and clocks. All are restored in working order. Also on display are peddle cars and 20-30 classic cars. 6 – 7:15 pm Enjoy a wonderful evening meal at BenLee’s Café located in the heart of Downtown Worthington. You will enjoy your meal in a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere with enjoyable entertainment.

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Explore Beautiful Preston! This itinerary is best Spring through Fall. 9 – 12:00 pm Arrive in beautiful Preston, located along the Root River in scenic Historic Bluff Country, and known as the Trout Capital. Your group can get acquainted and browse around town – do a little shopping or stop and see the Milwaukee Elevator. This original 1902 grain building is also home to a restored 1939 Milwaukee Road boxcar and 1951 caboose. Plus visit the National Trout Center and take part in hands-on activities to engage your group in the environment and cold-water fishery resources of the driftless region and the arts and crafts related to trout fishing. They’re happy to design a special program for your group! 12 – 1:00 pm Have lunch at The Old Barn Resort Restaurant, located in a cozy, rustic barn with lots of memorabilia. Enjoy a casual dining experience where you can enjoy a full menu and specialties including on-site smoked ribs, pork and brisket, homemade breads and more. 1 – 3:00 pm Take the short ride to Historic Forestville – for a “Taste of Life in the Late 1800s.” Go back in time as costumed guides go about their daily business at this 19th century pioneer village. Visit the general store with original 19th century merchandise. Tour the homestead and farm buildings, which feature original artifacts. You can even lend a hand with daily chores of the era like baking bread, tending the garden, and

cutting wood. Walk across the landmark Carnegie Bridge that leads visitors into town. Special programs offered May – October. 3 – 5:00 pm Move your group onto the Mystery Cave Tour. Discovered in 1937, Mystery Cave is the longest cave in Minnesota - spanning over 13 miles underground. It is a network of passages that was dissolved by moving water. You will travel the subterranean paths this water has taken, seeing many of the features that make up Mystery Cave including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, fossils, and beautiful underground pools. Park naturalists lead your tour through various portions of the cave and explain its history, its features, and how it was formed. 5 – 7:00 pm Return to Preston for dinner at the Branding Iron Supper Club. Known for its beautiful view and delicious food, including everything from the salad bar to steaks with numerous choices in between. 7:00 pm Retire for the evening and relax at Country Trails Inn & Suites, hosting Fillmore County’s only indoor pool! For more information on this sample itinerary contact your tour operator or the Preston Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism at 507-765-2100 or www.

Windmills, Wine and Happy Days in Albert Lea This sample itinerary is best for a Saturday in September, October or November, but may be customized for your group’s specific needs. Albert Lea, known as “The Land Between the Lakes,” is conveniently located at the intersection of I-35 and I-90. They are nestled between Fountain Lake and Albert Lea Lake in southern Minnesota, providing year-round activities including boating, fishing, golfing, camping, snowmobiling, biking, walking trails, canoeing, kayaking, and skiing. 8 – 10:00 am Swing in to the Bent Tree Wind Farm located near Albert Lea. The Bent Tree consists of 122 wind turbines. Your group will learn how they are installed, how they produce wind energy, and even take a peek inside one of the turbines. 10 – 11:30 am Enjoy brunch at one of their fine restaurants. 11:30 – 2:00 pm Meet at the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center for Met Opera Live on Screen. ACT and Civic Music have partnered to bring The Met: Live in HD to give people in the area an opportunity to see The New York Metropolitan Opera live. 2 – 4:00 pm Tour the Freeborn County Museum, Library, and the recently expanded Historical Village. Explore the village and visit the Eddie Cochran & Marion Ross exhibits. 4:00 pm Have a gourmet dining experience at Crescendo Exquisite Food & Fine Wines. You will be entertained with piano music and enjoy the many dinner entrees offered. The friendly staff at the Albert Lea CVB will help you with any of your travel needs. They will book your reservations for your lodging, meals, and points of interest that you would like to see. Contact them at 800-345-8414 or


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Schmeckt Gut! Take a Bite Out of Austin This sample itinerary is best during the fall months, but may be customized for any time of year.

Hormel Historic Home

Farmer John’s

day one 12 – 1:00 pm Roll on into Austin and enjoy a meet and greet with the friendly Austin CVB staff. 1 – 3:00 pm Have your group dive right in at the SPAM® Museum. This tour’s ingredients include: history, water, nostalgia, facts, antique SPAM® cans, audiovisual exhibits, shopping carts, interactive kiosks, a conveyor belt, a puppet show, a game show, a light show and much more! Your group will have so much fun they won’t want to leave! (Well, at least not without some SPAM® products to take home.) 3 – 5:00 pm You’re headed to the Hormel Historic Home. This 1871 home is where the family lived when Hormel Foods was founded. Tour the home and hear the history of this German family. Your group will get the opportunity to make cookies, too. And not just any cookies—German cookies! If you've ever been to Germany during the Christmas season, you know how delicious these cookies and treats can be; many of them steeped in centuries-old traditions. Schmeckt gut! (Tastes good!) 5 – 6:00 pm Check into a group-friendly Austin hotel. 6 – 8:00 pm Dinner at the Old Mill Restaurant tonight will be a special treat. They have the most unique setting in southern Minnesota and strive to make every visit a memorable one by serving only the freshest ingredients and meats. The Old Mill is also famous for craft beer and many unique wine selections.

9 – 10:30am Visit the Jay. C. Hormel Nature Center for monarch tagging. Monarchs born after August 15th in this latitude are generally considered migratory. The staff will provide instructions for your group to net and tag the individual monarchs. This is great fun for every age! 10:30 – Noon Grab your buckets and head out to Farmer John’s. Your group can pick a pumpkin out of 30 varieties, as well as fresh fall raspberries to take home!

He also has a large selection of squash and fall decorating supplies. Enjoy the quiet fall beauty of this magnificent farm. Noon Complete your time in Austin with a little lunch and/or shopping before heading for home. For more information on this sample itinerary, contact your tour operator or the Austin CVB at 800-444-5713 or at

day two Planning a trip to Austin in the fall offers a few additional hands-on tours your group will enjoy. 8 – 9:00am Begin your day with breakfast at your hotel.

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Gainey Center

Winton Guest House

Architectural Treasures IN OWATONNA ituated on 180 acres of rolling prairie land with well manicured grounds, the Gainey Center is an upscale full-service conference, meeting, and retreat facility. Gainey offers a historic elegance with beautiful architecture and comfortable lodging. You will receive the finest Midwest hospitality, classic cuisine, personalized service and attention to ensure that every visit is a special and an unforgettable occasion. Tour the Gainey Home. Daniel C. Gainey and Saint Paul architect Edwin H. Lundie began to draw up plans in 1945 for what would become this beautiful, French Norman-style residence.


In addition, your groups will tour Frank Gehry’s Winton Guest House. The Los Angeles-based architect Frank Gehry was known for his acclaimed designs. The house was originally located on an estate overlooking Lake Minnetonka. The house was purchased by the University of St. Thomas, disassembled, and moved to Owatonna. Walking through the Winton Guest House will be unlike any other architectural tour, since this is the only Gehry-designed residence that is open to the public. Groups will hear the story of how and why the move took place. There is an exhibition inside the house that explains the design and construction. The collection includes blueprints, drawings, photos and correspondence. Find out more details about the Winton Guest House at


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


Explore Minnesota

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Enjoy a Hometown Holiday in Owatonna! This sample itinerary is best during the winter months, but may be customized for any time of year. Owatonna’s Hometown Holiday is December 6-8, 2013.

day one 10 – 12:00 pm Make your way to Owatonna and stop to shop at the Medford Outlet Center for the best outlet prices south of the metro area! Check out stores like Old Navy, Columbia Sportswear Company, The Children’s Place, Bass, Nike Clearance Store, Levi’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, Express, and many more name brand stores. 12 – 1:00 pm Make your way to downtown Owatonna to enjoy lunch and treat yourself to Costas’ Candies & Restaurant. Everyone will enjoy the handmade/hand-dipped candies in their stockings this year! 1 – 4:30 pm Take to the streets of downtown Owatonna and drop some dough at Owatonna Shoe: a “REAL” Shoe Store and Kristi’s Clothing for something unique and different to fit into your year-round wardrobe! There’s sure to be something for everyone with all the retail shops in downtown Owatonna. 4:30 – 8:30 pm Step back in time for a Victorian Christmas in the Village at the Village of Yesteryear! Enjoy horse-drawn sleigh rides, Santa and Mrs. Claus, the famous fancy cookie sale, music, and more. Wassail is served in the General Store and the Dunnell House is lavishly decorated for the holidays.

With four million visitors a year, it is the second-most popular tourist attraction in Minnesota! Your group is sure to enjoy this 150,000-square-foot megastore. 5 – 7:00 pm Russell Stover Candies features a full selection of Russell Stover boxed candies and chocolates! The candy kitchen offers handmade specialties, cookies, brittle, caramel apples, and more. The ice cream parlor serves delicious Blue Bell ice cream, sundaes, floats, and shakes. Build a box of your favorite chocolates or select from one of the many gift baskets. 7 – 9:30 pm Ready for a hot toddy or a candy cane cosmo to wrap up your busy day? Enjoy and relax at Torey’s Restaurant & Bar, a local establishment with a unique atmosphere, great food, and beverages. 9:30 pm Snuggle into one of Owatonna’s ten lodging properties and dream of all the fun things to see & do in Owatonna!

Dunnell House

For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group, please contact Anne Peterson, Owatonna Group Tour Coordinator, at 507-451-7970 or go to for additional year-round itineraries!

day two 8 – 10:00 am Enjoy a hearty Breakfast with Santa to start out your morning. Bring a toy for the Toys for Tots charity and get your photo taken with Santa! 10 – 1:00 pm Looking for a gift for someone special? Stop by the Artisan Market at the Steele County History Center for a variety of handmade gifts and crafts—from jewelry, to baskets, to woodcarvings. Didn’t get enough of Christmas in the Village? More activities are happening in the Village of Yesteryear today! 1 – 3:00 pm Take in Owatonna’s attractions, including the National Farmers’ Bank in downtown designed by worldrenowned architect Louis Sullivan. Or stop by the West Hills Campus to experience An Orphanage Christmas at the Minnesota State School Orphanage Museum. Enjoy coffee and cookies in Cottage 11. 3 – 4:00 pm Brave the elements and enjoy childhood again! Rent ice skates at the Morehouse Park Chalet and skate your way along the Straight River. 4 – 5:00 pm Shop at Cabela’s World’s Foremost Outfitter— Midwest’s largest fishing, hunting & outdoor gear store.

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


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directory accommodations




Just For Me: the Spa

. . . . . . . . . . .651-439-4662 110 South Greeley Street – Stillwater, MN 55082

Lexington Inn & Suites

. . . . . . . . .651-275-1401 2000 Washington Avenue – Stillwater, MN 55082


AmericInn Silver Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 877-254-1827

AmericInn Lodge & Suites & Event Center of Moorhead . . . 218-287-7100 600 30th Ave S – Moorhead, MN 56560 877-287-7100 Our two-story waterfall cascades into a tropical courtyard featuring an indoor 9-hole championship, miniature golf course, swimming pool, children’s pool, & whirlpool. We have a lounge, fitness center and free deluxe hot continental breakfast.

AmericInn of Grand Rapids

. . . .218-326-8999 1812 Pokegama Ave S – Grand Rapids, MN 55744 The birthplace of Judy Garland; drive the Wilderness National Scenic Byway, discover the history of the logging era at the Forest History Center. Enjoy the area’s 1,000 lakes or relax by our pool. Wake up to a free hot home-style breakfast.

AmericInn of Sartell . . . . . . . . . . . .320-259-0877 119 LeSauk Drive – Sartell, MN 56377 Stay at the hottest spot in the St. Cloud area, the AmericInn of Sartell, we’re on the border to everywhere. Experience a quiet night’s sleep with our soundguard guestrooms and wake up to our free enhanced continental breakfast.

Landmark Center

Wanda Gag House New Ulm. . . . . . . 507-359-2632

Stillwater, MN /

Gondola Romantica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-439-1783

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-292-4375 75 West 5th Street – Saint Paul, MN 55102 Landmark Center serves as a cultural center for music, dance, theatre, exhibitions and public forums, and hosts countless special events. Groups are always welcome!

Minnesota Historical Society

. . . 651-259-3444 345 W Kellogg Blvd – Saint Paul, MN 55102 Chief caretaker of Minnesota’s story and the History Center is home to the Society’s vast collections. Within our archives reside artifacts ranging from American Indian moccasins and artwork to furniture and photographs. Civil War-era flags and a wealth of genealogical information.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

. . . . . . . . . . . . 952-445-7361 1244 Canterbury Road South #306 – Shakopee, MN 55379

Mystic Lake Casino - Hotel Prior Lake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 952-496-7345

Saint Croix Vineyards . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-430-3310 6428 Manning Avenue North – Stillwater, MN 55082 /

400 Nelson Street – Stillwater, MN 55082

215 Wabasha Street South – Saint Paul, MN 55107 Down In History has exciting historic tours done by costumed characters. Historic Walking Cave Tours in Saint Paul and Stillwater. Motorcoach Gangster Tours, Irish Tours, Tacky Tours, Ghost & Graves Tours, & More! We make history fun!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .218-326-8501 2301 S Highway 169 – Grand Rapids, MN 55744-9501


Microtel Inn & Suites Mankato

. . . .507-388-2818

Microtel Inn & Suites Springfield . . .507-723-8200 I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3

convention & visitors bureaus and chambers metro

Eagan Convention and Visitors Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . .651-675-5546 1501 Central Parkway – Eagan MN 55121 Eagan makes planning your next group outing easy! Personal service includes custom and creative itineraries, FREE welcome bags and FREE Mall of America coupon books ($9.95 value) You’ll also enjoy our low 3% lodging tax. Ask how to qualify for our $250 cash rebate.

Stillwater & Oak Park Heights CVB . . . . . . . .651-351-1717 PO Box 2025 – Stillwater, MN 55082 Historic Stillwater, Minnesota is located along the banks of the scenic St. Croix River. Our many unique shops, restaurants, lodging establishments & attractions make a perfect group destination. Located within 30 min. of most major Twin Cities metro attractions.

Stillwater Trolley Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-430-0352

Wabasha Street Caves . . . . . . . . . . . 651-292-1220

Sawmill Inn


425 East Nelson Street – Stillwater, MN 55082 /

Foodies on Foot. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 855-236-6343

5700 W Hwy 61, PO Box 9 – Lutsen, MN 55612 Historic property, located on Lake Superior’s shore, a spectacular stop for any group. Great lakeside restaurant, pub, massage services and beautiful grounds. There is a large beach, with evening campfires and frequent guest programs.

Barb Oswell (contact) A Collection of Minnesota’s finest resorts. Outdoor beauty to indoor luxury. From the North Shore of Lake Superior to the banks of Leech Lake, the outdoors offers something for every group.

Gainey Conference Center

. . . . . . 507-446-4460 2480 S County Road 45 – Owatonna, MN 55060 A tour through the Winton Guest House will be unlike any other architectural tour, since this is the only Gehry-designed residence that is open to the public. Observe how the rooms show their individuality as they branch off from their common hub.

Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior. . 800-258-8736

Odyssey Resorts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 218-728-8060


Tour Minnesota Association . . . .952-406-8832 PO Box 11682 – Saint Paul, MN 55111 / TMA members provide exciting destinations and top quality services for tour groups. Our member organizations include Attractions, Lodging, Dining/Catering, CVB’s, Transportation and Tour Operations. Check out the website for a full list of members.



St. Cloud Area Convention & Visitors Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .320-251-4170

Fond-du-Luth Casino . . . . . . . . . . . 218-720-5113 129 East Superior Street – Duluth, MN 55802 Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Duluth and offering guests a variety of gaming entertainment choices for adults 21 and older. It’s all provided in a clean, friendly and comfortable environment!

525 Hwy 10, Suite 1 – St. Cloud, MN 56304 800-264-2940 Among the many attractions are world-class gardens, history, granite, and great places to stay and eat. The St. Cloud CVB takes pride in helping you plan the perfect getaway. Creativity is key to the success of your group tour.

Lutsen Mountain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 218-406-1319

Little Falls CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-616-4959

Lutsen / The highest peak in MN. Stunning views of Lake Superior. The 200-mile Superior hiking trail and some of the finest accommodations on the North Shore. Ski it in the winter, see it all from the gondola in the summer, plus so much more.

606 1st Street SE – Little Falls, MN 56345 Visit our historic attractions and museums, experience the town’s original murals and frescoes or take in the great outdoors. We’re happy to customize a tour for your group!

Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery

Warroad Area Chamber . . . . . . . . . 218-386-3543

Kimball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-398-2081

311 State Ave North – Warroad, MN 56763 1-877-832-7267

Explore Minnesota

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directory continued southern

Albert Lea Convention & Visitors Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .507-373-2316 102 W Clark Street – Albert Lea, MN 56007 800-345-8414 Located 90 minutes from Minneapolis, where I-90 & I-35 intersect, featuring small town hospitality with big city amenities. Plus additional lakes and 38 city parks hosting various outdoor activities.

Worthington Area CVB

. . . . . . . . . . .507-372-2919 1121 Third Ave – Worthington, MN 56187 Worthington is a friendly community in the Southwest corner of MN. Bring your group here for some fantastic tours, including the Pioneer Village, Historic Dayton House, and War Memorial Auditorium.

entertainment & theater metro

Austin CVB

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .507-437-4563 104 11th Ave NW Ste D – Austin, MN 55912 800-444-5713 / SPAM Town, USA. Southern Minnesota Tourism at its best! Home of Fortune 500 Company Hormel Food Corporation. Tourists will be delighted with the SPAM Museum, Historic Hormel Home, Paramount Theatre, & other exciting attractions.

History Theatre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-292-4323 30 10th Street East – Saint Paul, MN 55101


Explore Southern Minnesota Tourism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .888-868-7476 ext 162 115 East Hickory #403 – Mankato, MN 56001 You’ll be surprised…at what you’ll find in southern Minnesota! With many scenic byways, festivals, parks & trails, historic sites, caves, bluffs, waterfalls & so much more, it makes a perfect destination for any group.

Fairmont Convention & Visitors Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-657-3280 323 East Blue Earth, PO Box 976 – Fairmont, MN 56031 Fairmont the “City of Lakes” awaits your arrival. Located in southern Minnesota on Interstate 90 we have a range of lodging and dining options to fit your needs. Lakes, history, open spaces, discover Fairmont!

Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce

. . . . . . . . .800-658-2548 205 3rd Street West – Northfield, MN 55057 Located just 30 minutes from the Twin Cities along the shores of the Cannon River. Whether you enjoy the arts, history or nature, you’ll find multiple outlets for education as well as opportunities for relaxation and live entertainment.

Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce

. . . . . . . . .507-451-7970 320 Hoffman Dr – Owatonna, MN 55060 800-423-6466 Located in south central MN, 45 minutes from Mpls/Saint Paul on I-35. Come “discover our faces & places” - filled with historical, recreational & cultural opportunities as well as nearly 700 guest rooms to accommodate any group.

Preston Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .507-765-2100 PO Box 657 – Preston, MN 55965 Preston is a vibrant community in the heart of bluff country, known as “Minnesota’s Trout Capital”, and home to the Forestville Mystery Cave. Preston welcomes groups offering a variety of entertaining, educational, and recreational activities.

Willmar Lakes Area CVB . .800-845-8747 ext 79 2104 Highway 12 East – Willmar, MN 56201 Visit the Willmar Lakes Area. Only 2 hours west of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. 360 lakes, 36 parks, 81 holes of golf – and that’s just on the drive in! Let our staff help put together a getaway for your group. w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

GREAT Theatre

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-258-ARTS 919 W Saint Germain Street – St Cloud, MN 56301 The premiere community theater in Central Minnesota. GREAT has produced over 100 shows since 1998, including 5 World Premiere productions. Provides School Performances.


Café Renaissance Waite Park. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-253-9300

Coyote Moon Grille

. . . . .320-258-4653 ext 113 480 55th Ave SE – St. Cloud, MN 56304 Overlooking the beautiful Territory Golf Course with a view second to none. Conveniently located on the East side of St. Cloud near the Paramount Theater, Munsinger Gardens, and other local attractions. Inclusive group pricing on lunch buffet and plated dinner menus. Private rooms available.

Fuji Sushi & Steakhouse Waite Park. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-252-3838

Mr. Twisty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-310-0314 5821 Ridgewood Road – St. Cloud, MN 56303 St. Cloud’s coolest hot spot! Serving up delectable ice cream creations, this walk-up shop is reminiscent of the ones you rode your bike to as a kid. The treats, low prices and friendly atmosphere keep guests coming back.

Nick’s Third Floor at D.B. Searle’s St. Cloud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-253-0655


Pioneer Place on Fifth St. Cloud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320-203-0331

Pub 500 Mankato . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 507-625-6500

festivals & events metro

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

. . . . . . . . . . 952-445-7361 1244 Canterbury Road South #306 – Shakopee, MN 55379

Minnesota State Fair . . . . . . . . . . . 651-632-2689 1265 Snelling Avenue North – Saint Paul, MN 55108 The great Minnesota Get-Together. Local, national and internationally-known entertainers, horse show and rodeo performances, Mighty Midway and Kidway rides, competitions, exhibits, attractions and concessions.


Wilder Pageant

Veigel’s Kaiserhoff New Ulm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 507-359-2071

shopping metro

Northland Visions

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 612-872-0390 1113 E Franklin Avenue – Minneapolis, MN 55404 Specializing in Native American art from the Woodlands and Plains tribes. Sculptures, paintings, beadwork, jewelry, native foods, original native and traditional art, gifts of the northlands, offering unique, all Minnesota gifts.

tour operators metro

Walnut Grove. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 888-859-3102

Foodies on Foot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 855-236-6343

restaurants metro

Cherokee Tavern

Stillwater, MN

Valley Tours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-439-6110 101 Pine Street West #4 – Stillwater, MN 55082 /

Saint Paul . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-457-2729

The Dock Café

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-430-3770 425 Nelson Street East – Stillwater, MN 55082

Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter

. . . . . 651-439-7128 8390 Lofton Avenue North – Stillwater, MN 55082

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


tour missouri hands-on… The Price is Right LIVE! BRANSON Are you ready to “Come On Down!”? Now it’s your chance to play The Price Is Right live on stage with the audience-interactive version of the longest running game show in TV history, appearing at the Welk Resort Branson. If you have ever dreamed of spinning the Big Wheel, dropping a Plinko chip or bidding on the Final Showcase, now your dream can become a reality. A live stage performance at Welk Theatre is more fun with a big group; it’s a great deal, too. Discounted group rates include lunch or dinner, and their friendly staff greets and assists your group upon arrival.

Candy House Gourmet Chocolate Factory | JOPLIN This 8,400-square-foot facility is known worldwide for its wonderful hand-dipped chocolates, English toffee, caramel pecan treats, fudge, and other sweet delights. Mouths will water while peering through the windows and watching the candy-makers in action. Explore the huge retail showroom and enjoy free samples of all the tasty Candy House products. The facility also offers a large sugar-free selection and in-store specials. Open daily.

spotlight missouri

The Keeter Center


Shatto Milk Company


his small, family owned and operated farm has been here for more than 100 years and began as a dairy farm over 60 years ago. Get your group back to the basics on this tour. See the baby calves (you may possibly get to bottle-feed one yourself), milk a cow, and get a first-hand look at where the cows live, what they eat, and how they are milked. Learn how milk is processed on a tour of the processing plant, along with a description of each step the milk goes through before it ends up on your table. Watch how the milk is packaged in their famous glass bottles and how those bottles are washed before being re-used. You can sample many of Shatto Milk Company’s tasty products (including cheese and ice cream!) on your tour, and a visit to their country store is a must!

Missouri: Close to home. Far from ordinary.

POINT LOOKOUT Join their award-winning Chef, Robert Stricklin, at the Keeter Center to see how local farming inspires his cooking style. The Farm-to-Table cooking classes and demonstrations are directly linked to the College of the Ozarks’ gardens & greenhouses. Groups of 12-40 are welcome. When you visit The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks, you are also visiting one of the most unusual colleges in America. College of the Ozarks, founded in 1906, charges its students no tuition. Every full-time student works at a campus job to help defray his or her expenses.

Double Key Treasure Hunts ST. LOUIS Solve clues and find real treasure while visiting historical sites. All-inclusive Treasure Hunt Packages are for groups of up to 24 people and are inspired by the events occurring before 1929, carefully crafted to appear 80-plus years old. A locked treasure chest is presented, the goal is announced and the group is divided into teams. A package is distributed to each team. Inside the package is a clue letter written on parchment paper and sealed with red wax. Some clues are solved using artifacts from the package, and some are solved by visiting the following locations: The St. Louis Zoo, The St. Louis History Museum and the St. Louis Art Museum. (Groups over 24 can purchase more treasure hunts.)

Close to home. Far from ordinary.

Read ITINERARIES Midwest Online. Ads hotlinked to websites.

directory convention & visitors bureaus and chambers St. Joseph CVB . . . . . . . . . . . 800-785-0360 109 South 4th Street – St. Joseph, MO 64501 Recently named America’s “Top Ten Western City” by True West Magazine, we are a city abounding in 19th century charm and timeless beauty.

Joplin CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800-657-2534

The Spiva Center for the Arts

A Day Around Joplin

Sandstone Gardens

602 South Main Street – Joplin, MO 64801 / Joplin, located near the crossroads of I-44 and Hwy 71, is perfect for your group destination. Call for your group tour services and custom itinerary planning.

This sample itinerary can be customized for any time of year. Located on historic Route 66, Joplin is a convenient location for tour groups. Whether it’s your destination or simply a stop on the way, they have many attractions that are sure to excite your group.

day one 1 – 2:00 pm The tour begins at the Candy House Chocolate Factory. In 1970, an old rock tavern in the Ozarks was transformed into a quaint little candy shop. Watch the process of candy-making and enjoy some free samples before purchasing your favorites. 2 – 3:00 pm Enjoy the beauty of the exhibits at The Spiva Center for the Arts. This is the place to see and learn about art, and it holds the title for PhotoSpiva, the oldest continuous photographic national competition of its kind. 3 – 5:00 pm Sandstone Gardens is a must-stop for tour groups. The showroom and gift shop is a 55,000-square-foot display that features the best in home interiors and gardening accents. 5 – 6:00 pm Check into The Drury Inn & Suites. They love groups and greet you in style with a welcome reception fit for a king! The hotel offers amenities you wish you had at home! 6:00 pm Joplin has over 200 restaurants to choose from. Offering everything from flaming cheese to spaghetti red, you’re sure to find the perfect meal to tempt your taste buds.

of Joplin as a mining boomtown, while inside a replica of a mineshaft. The museum also features displays about Historic Route 66, Bonnie and Clyde’s adventures in Joplin, The National Cookie Cutter Museum, the mysterious Spooklight and more! 10:30 – 12:30 pm One more highlight before lunch and the trip home: The Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center. The Audubon Center highlights include a 1,300-gallon aquarium and Ozark stream; a large terrarium complex with glade species including collard lizards, snakes and tarantulas; a wildlife viewing

area for visitors to see animals in their natural habitat; over five miles of trail systems with five outdoor learning stations and three indoor classrooms. The center itself is a celebration of nature. Innovative “green” technologies create a truly distinctive building in keeping with the mission of appreciating, conserving and understanding our natural world. For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group, please contact your tour operator or the Joplin CVB 417-625-4789 or

day two 8 – 9:00 am Enjoy a hot, delicious breakfast at the Drury Inn. Hot means sausage and eggs, not bread and a toaster. 9 – 10:30 am Board the coach to the Joplin Museum Complex. It’s home to two outstanding educational museums: The Everett J. Ritchie Tri-State Mineral Museum and the Dorthea B. Hoover Historical Museum. While touring the complex, guests will learn about the origins

w w w. i t i n e r a r i e s m i d w e s t . c o m

I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


tour nebraska hands-on… Outback Adventures | BASSET How about an adventure for your outdoorsy group? For men and women who love to hunt, this is the spot! Outback Adventures offers a great hunting experience, comfortable lodging, hearty meals and a hunting trip you’ll never forget. Ten thousand acres of private hunting land offer these species: grouse, chukar, quail, chicken, duck, geese, snow geese, turkey, coyote, bobcat, pheasant, and deer. Book your next hunting or lodging experience in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska on a working cattle ranch and kick back at these relaxing facilities. Private retreats are available for groups. Big Blue Ranch & Lodge

spotlight nebraska

BURCHARD They will be your group hosts and make your ranching, hunting, fishing, bird watching or photography adventure a memorable experience. Your group will participate in a real cattle drive, guided horseback riding on good quarter horses using high back western saddles, trail rides, ranch tours and demonstrations. Plus fishing, use of Jon boats, paddle boating, canoeing, a 60-foot dock, hiking, wildlife watching, star gazing, and lodging in their beautiful log lodge.


Arbor Day Farm roups love visiting the Arbor Day Farm with its 50-foot Canopy Tree House. It provides an incredible bird’s-eye view of life in the forest. Nestled in the Table Creek Forest along the Tree House Trail, it truly takes you up among the treetops offering a perfect photo opportunity. Follow it up with a visit to the Nature Explore Club Cabin. Join club members who explored this special place in the past and have left “nature challenges” for your group to solve. From camouflage insects to owl pellets, the cabin gives you an up-close, hands-on experience with the amazing diversity of nature. Move on to explore the South Table Creek Trail. This is a 2/3-mile wood-chipped trail that leads you streamside along South Table Creek and into the heart of the forest. Two rustic timber bridges—Sandbar Bridge and Rocky Ford Bridge—help connect you to interactive exhibits, sensory experiences, scenic vistas and more.


Nebraska: Possibilities…endless

Art Chicks | LOUISVILLE Art Chicks is based on the notion that women do not play enough. It is about food and fun in a place where dessert is always part of a fabulous lunch. Birthdays and life are to be celebrated, and singing and dancing are encouraged. Their mission is to provide a gathering place for women to enjoy lunch (and dessert, of course!), have some fun, shop, and celebrate friendships. It's an experience meant to be shared because: “Chickens who stand still too long end up on the grill. Sometimes you've just gotta fly.” Tank Down the Elkhorn OMAHA Feel like going for a float? Bring your swimsuits for a great group outing and take a leisurely float down the scenic Elkhorn River. You will enjoy spending quality time with your group as you float down the river in an 8-foot diameter stock tank. These tanks are fitted with custom-made picnic tables. They are very stable in the water and seat up to 4 people. No need to paddle. Just sit back and let the current gently take you down the river.

tour north dakota hands-on… Red Trail Vineyard Harvest Festival & Grape Stomp | BUFFALO Nestled along Buffalo Creek on the outskirts of town, this family vineyard takes its name from the rich history of the Old Red Trail; one of the first established trails used for guiding settlers through Dakota Territory. Bring your group for the grape stomp! This is a fantastic fun time combined with live music, minnow races and, of course, tours and tasting of the fine wines created there.

Gardendwellers FARM

Clay Your Way | FARGO Bring your group to this friendly, paint-your-own pottery and glassfusing studio, where you become the artist! They also invite guests to make their own silver jewelry. Press silver clay into a textured mold and personalize your piece with initials, words, and names or choose a top stamp design. Each piece will be fired, polished and antiqued. Guests will select a project to do and receive instructions and start creating. You supply the food and drinks (BYOB) for ages 21+, and they will supply the fun. Arrangements will be made to get your finished piece.

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center | WASHBURN The newly remodeled Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center is a world-class museum in the heart of North Dakota. Here you'll find state-ofthe-art interactive exhibits about the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the story of Fort Clark and the early fur trade, and “Our First Farmers” to the present. Guided tours are led by an experienced interpretive staff, also offering additional learning experiences. Call early for reservations.

spotlight north dakota

CHURCHS FERRY Ready for a completely unique experience? Spend the day at gardendwellers FARM. This horticultural excursion is a familyrun herb farm. They host gardening, craft and hands-on cooking classes, using herbs from their fields. They also throw produce parties and a weed-pulling weekend for you city weary folk. Visit the Bible Garden where the plants have all been mentioned in the Bible, or attend their Herbal Holiday for wreath making, potpourris, oils and other crafts. They are currently rebuilding their location for 2013, contact them for plans in 2014.

Bully Pulpit Golf Course - Medora


Triple Golf Challenge


s your group ready for the challenge of three nationally recognized golf courses across North Dakota? Grab your clubs and load up the bus. We’re going on an adventure! • Hawktree Golf Club has a Scottish links look, but with a modern touch. Elevation changes, native prairie grasses, large greens and four tee boxes give players of any age or ability a chance to enjoy a great—and challenging—golf experience. • Bully Pulpit Golf Course offers different looks, from the walkable Little Missouri bottoms to the challenging elevation changes and dramatic setting of the holes in the Badlands section of the course. The only thing harder than keeping your eye on the ball as you play here will be keeping your eyes off the spectacular scenery surrounding the area in which this course is laid out. • The Links of North Dakota is an example of some of the purest links-style golf. This natural, rolling design harkens back to the birth of the game—golf, as it should be played—in a truly magnificent setting along the bluffs and banks overlooking sprawling Lake Sakakawea.

North Dakota: Legendary


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Get Your Hands Dirty in Fargo-Moorhead! This sample itinerary can be customized for any time of year. Welcome to Fargo-Moorhead, the largest community in the state of North Dakota, where there are plenty of places to dig in and play! Fargo-Moorhead offers exceptional attractions, shopping, dining, and lodging options to meet your needs. Stop by the FM Visitor Center and see The Woodchipper, the actual prop from the movie Fargo, and grab a bag of popcorn while learning more about the area!

the community. Bonanzaville is home to over 400,000 artifacts & buildings from around the Red River Valley. 6 – 8:30 pm End your evening at Square One Kitchen & Event Center for a five-course cooking & dining experience. Learn how to prepare and time a five-course meal and eat the spoils of your hard work! 8:30 pm The evening is yours to enjoy.

day one 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Spend the morning getting your hands dirty learning how to make lefse, a traditional Norwegian flatbread made from potatoes, from local experts at the Sons of Norway Lodge. After working up an appetite, stay for lunch and maybe a slice of homemade pie! 1 – 3:00 pm Spend some time wandering through Scheels All Sports and check out all of the sporting goods they have to offer. While there, test your sportsmen’s skills on some of their interactive games or ride the indoor ferris wheel to get a great view of the store! 3 – 6:00 pm Wander through Bonanzaville’s museums and interact with the costumed docents who portray the citizens of

directory convention & visitors bureaus and chambers Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau . . . . . . . . . 800-235-7654 2001 44th Street South – Fargo, ND 58103 The Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau is eager to assist with your tour planning. Whether you are looking for a group-friendly restaurant, accessibility to the interstate, motorcoach parking or full continental breakfast, your tour experience is our priority.

day two 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Spin the wheel and work the clay at the Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Center for Creativity at the Plains Art Museum. Try your hand at some pottery or other hands-on craft projects at the newly opened Center for Creativity. Classes are subject to size limits. Noon – 2:00 pm Enjoy a catered lunch at the Plains Art Museum and play along with the outrageous Linebenders. This local improvisational group delights and involves their audiences by playing games where the scenes are entirely made up on the spot! 2:00 pm On the road to your next destination!

For more information or to customize this itinerary for your group, contact your tour operator or the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-235-7654 or


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3


tour south dakota hands-on… Buffalo Roundup | CUSTER Located in the beautiful Black Hills of western South Dakota, it is full of lush forests, quiet meadows, and majestic mountains. This 71,000-acre state park is also home to one of the world's largest publicly owned bison herds – nearly 1,300 strong. Each fall, the ground rumbles and the dust flies as cowboys, cowgirls and park crews saddle up to bring in the thundering herd. The annual roundup, held on a Friday in late September or early October, is open to the public. Grab your group and check this one off their bucket list. It’s an event of a lifetime!

Welcome to the Black Hills’ hottest new attraction! This new groupfriendly attraction lets you experience the sensation of flying, while accelerating 650 feet down the mountainside on a suspended cable. You can share the fun with your group on the comfortable side-byside seats. The ride doesn't end at the bottom though. This unique ride then pulls you back up the hill! Remember when you played cowboy as a kid? Well test your shooting skills at the Gunslinger 7-D Interactive Ride—an incredible multi-sensory interactive attraction the whole bunch will love. Feel the seat move and the wind in your hair as you take one of 3 different adventurous journeys into dangerous territories. Shoot your laser gun at targets along the way. It’s a blast!!

Shoto-Teien Japanese Gardens | SIOUX FALLS Enjoy a unique experience with exotic flowers, trees, pagodas, and lanterns set in the scenic landscape of Covell Lake. Then experience majestic monarchs at the Sertoma Butterfly House near the Outdoor Campus. Perennials and annuals, carefully researched for their food value, virtually cover the garden. The Outdoor Campus also lets you experience South Dakota’s outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, camping and canoeing. You will conclude the Wine & Roses Tour with a class on butterflies, nature hikes, or Dutch oven cooking.

Color Me Mine | SIOUX FALLS Color Me Mine offers a great group outing. Spend an afternoon in their studio, bring in snacks and refreshments and get ready to have a great time. Ideal for hands-on fun! You choose the piece you want to paint and they will walk you through each step of the project. They can almost guarantee that your project will turn out as well as the sample.

spotlight south dakota

Soaring Eagle Zipline at Rushmore Cave | KEYSTONE


Black Hills Hard Hat Tour


efore your group explores the depths of the Black Hills’ many mines and caves, learn about their prehistoric past at the Museum of Geology. In addition to information on the origin of the Black Hills, the museum is home to more than 250,000 vertebrate fossils and 6,000 minerals. As well as limestone caverns with a variety of formations, Black Hills Caverns offers an interactive mining experience where you can learn to identify Black Hills minerals and fossils. Complete with a hard hat and headlamp, you can conclude your Black Hills caving experience with a spelunking tour of Jewel Cave National Memorial—the second-longest cave in the world. Experienced guides will take you into the cave to climb, belly-crawl and explore its many depths and passages.

South Dakota: Great Faces. Great Places.

Great Faces. Great Places.

Summer Activities IN THE CITY hot



ioux Falls is South Dakota’s largest city and is conveniently located at the junction of interstates 90 and 29. Falls Park, the namesake of the city, is a 123-acre park located near the downtown district. Each second, an average of 7,400 gallons of water drops 100 feet over the course of the falls. Falls Park also features a visitor information center, five-story viewing tower, Overlook Café and historic ruins. The park is visited by people from around the world. The Big Sioux River Recreation Trail and


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3

Greenway is over 26 miles of trail that begins at Falls Park and loops around the city. The paved trail winds through scenic urban and wildlife areas. The River Greenway is a new highlight to the historic Big Sioux River and the project includes an amphitheater, improved walking trails and a new pedestrian bridge. Sioux Falls is known for its green spaces with over 80 parks, so bring a picnic, hear a concert, or bike the trail. There is something for everyone. From Falls Park or the River Greenway, walk or drive downtown and let your group peruse SculptureWalk, an exciting exhibit of 55 sculptures created by artists from the region, nation and around the world displayed year-round. The sculptures are owned by the artists and loaned to the exhibit for one year. From May through September, the public votes for its favorite sculpture, which is deemed the “People’s Choice Award.” That sculpture is purchased at the end of the exhibit year for the city's permanent collection. Each year the exhibit displays new sculptures. All of the sculptures are for sale to the public.

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directory convention & visitors bureaus and chambers Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau . . . . . . . . . 605-336-1620 200 N Phillips Avenue Suite 102 . . 800-333-2072 Sioux Falls, SD 57104 / Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s largest city is located at the junction of I-90 and I-29 and offers abundant shopping, local flavor restaurants, vibrant downtown, accommodating hotels and historic Falls Park! Need Assistance? Tour itineraries, step-on-guides--we’ve got it!

Sioux Falls is host to hundreds of events and festivals. Three nationally known events in July draw hundreds of thousands of people from across the nation: Hot Harley Nights, Hot Summer Nights, and JazzFest featuring headliners such as Joe Walsh and Sheryl Crow. A new event this year is Folk Off taking place at Strawbale Winery the last weekend in July. August brings the Sioux Empire Fair and multiple ongoing events with September offering a wide variety of fall activities. View a complete listing of events at


tour wisconsin hands-on… Kinn’s Sport Fishing | ALGOMA Kinn’s Sport Fishing is a full-time charter service operating 7 days a week. Their fleet consists of 10 large, well-equipped boats ranging from 32’ to 38’ in length. Summer fishing begins in late May from Algoma, WI (their home port near Door County). According to the Wisconsin DNR, Algoma is the #1 port for both king salmon and steelhead. Not only will you catch these fish, but Kinn’s will care for and ice your catch! Every group’s time on the water is important, so if you are going to fish, you might as well go with the best!

Get off the bus and hop on the Segway PT! Do you know about the Walk of Legends? It is 24 huge granite obelisks that chronicle the Green Bay Packers decade by decade. This Segway tour starts at Tundra Lodge, goes down the Walk of Legends, and around Packer Stadium. You can also learn about the team’s early years on the Packer Heritage Trail Tour. Whether you’re a Cheesehead or not, the stadium and walk are fun and impressive seen from the platform of the Segway PT. You will draw the stares of the passersby as you glide down the sidewalks of Green Bay. They also offer a variety of seasonal tours that cater to all kinds of interests.

The Dinner Detective – Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Show | MILWAUKEE The Dinner Detective® is America’s LARGEST interactive murder mystery comedy dinner show! You’ll solve a hilarious murder case while you enjoy a fantastic four-course plated dinner. A tantalizing prize package awaits the top sleuth of the evening. But be careful! Everyone is a suspect (even YOU!) and the killer might be at your table! The show is always funny and unpredictable, and they are your best choice for professional interactive audience entertainment.

Willow Springs Garden WAUSAU Become a part of Wisconsin’s dairy heritage! Make your very own mozzarella cheese, butter and ice cream, then enjoy them with your lunch. Their staff will prepare lunch from the products you’ll make while you see how one of the last remaining round barns in Wisconsin has been moved for preservation. You’ll also learn how the town hall has moved from politics to fun. Step into the past and become a dairy connoisseur as you sit down to lunch made with your special ingredients.

spotlight wisconsin

Segway the Fox Tours / Lambeau Stadium / Walk of Legends Tour | GREEN BAY


Road America


ocated in Wisconsin’s scenic Kettle Moraine, Road America, Inc. is one of the world's fastest permanent road racing tracks. They offer a wide range of opportunities for group events of all sizes. From small to massive, they are confident they can provide you with a program that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations. In addition to its renowned history of pro and amateur racing, the facility hosts year-round activities for groups of all sizes. The adventure programs include group go-karting, ATVs for off road adventures, geocaching, paintball, motorcycle and driving schools, and much more! Your group will have the tour of a lifetime, and be talking about it for years to come! (Be sure to ask about Elkhart’s street racing history).

Travel Wisconsin

Travel Wisconsin

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directory accommodations Baymont Inn & Suites . . . . 715-384-5240

Celebrate the Holiday Season in Green Bay This sample itinerary is best for November & December.

Hazelwood Historic House

2107 N Central Avenue - Marshfield, WI 54449 Enjoy some fun in Marshfield! Cranberry Tours, Amish Tours, Cheese Factory Tours, & Farm Tours. Visit Jurustic Park, Marshfield Motor Speedway and Wildwood Zoo, then relax in our indoor pool and wake up to a free hot breakfast.

Country Inn & Suites . . . . . 920-884-2000 During the holidays, the Greater Green Bay area really shines! The entire city is decked out for the season. What a great time to bring your group to share in the holiday spirit!

day one 9:30 – 11:00 am Roll into town and enjoy tea and cookies at Hazelwood Historic House, overlooking the historic Fox River. Its ten rooms are decorated to reflect the pioneer character of Green Bay in the 1840s and 1850s with the elegance of the 1880s and 1890s Victorian period. 11am – 12:30 pm Your group will love a stop at the Sabamba Alpaca Ranch and Bed & Breakfast. Tour the B & B, meet the alpacas and shop at their store for alpaca clothing and gifts. Alpaca fleece is not itchy and feels like a cross between cashmere and silk. It’s five times warmer than wool and more durable. 12:30 – 4:00 pm Enjoy lunch and holiday shopping at one of the Green Bay area malls for the afternoon. 4 – 5:00 pm Time for check-in! Enjoy a relaxing stay at the Country

Inn & Suites, the North Green Bay, WI location. Here your group can experience the city’s top attractions just minutes away from the hotel. Your group will have easy access to Lambeau Field, Oneida Casino, the NEW Zoo, the historic Meyer Theatre and Bay Beach Amusement Park. You can also enjoy an array of excellent amenities, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, a well-equipped fitness center, a heated indoor pool and the hotel’s free breakfast buffet. 5 – 7:00 pm Green Bay has several restaurants along the waterfront; perhaps your group will choose one for tonight. 7:00 pm Attend holiday performances at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts, Meyer Theatre, Daddy D Dinner Theatre, and Palace of Reifs Mills. View the “Garden of Lights” at the Green Bay Botanical Garden or Holiday-Fest at the NEW Zoo.

2308 Lineville Road - Green Bay, WI 54313 Easy access to Lambeau Field, Oneida Casino, the NEW Zoo, the historic Meyer Theatre and Bay Beach Amusement Park. Choose our hotel in north Green Bay, and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, an indoor pool & free hot breakfast buffet.

toffee, meltaways, caramels, snappers, fudge, nut clusters, sugar-free chocolates and more. They also roast coffee in their facility. Does it get any better than that? 10 – 12:00 pm Arrive at Cooks Corner – the Nation’s Largest Kitchen Store! Spend some time shopping, watching demonstrations and enjoying samples at this amazing store! Your group may also want to sign up for a cooking class while they are here.

day two 9 – 10:00 am Shop and sample at Seroogy’s Chocolates where, for more than 100 years, they have specialized in homemade, hand-dipped chocolate candy, including

For assistance with your group tour planning, contact Julie Gerczak at the Greater Green Bay CVB at 920-405-1154 or

Everything’s Coming Up Cranberries! This itinerary is best the first part of October, based on harvest times. 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Arrive at Pittsville High School in the heart of central Wisconsin’s Cranberry Country and enjoy lunch. 12 – 1:30 pm Take the Cranberry Tour! Step-on guides will be FFA Students who are part of the only Cranberry Science Class taught in the nation, and they will give this all-inclusive tour. The tour includes producing beds with the tourists who are given the opportunity to pick fresh fruit from the vine, as well as observing the harvesting, testing, cleaning and freezing of the berries. 1:30 – 2:45 pm Stop at Amish Country Quilt Shop in Granton. Look through all the beautiful quilts, rugs and wall hangings made by hand. 2:45 – 4:00 pm Travel the short distance to the World’s Largest Round Barn, the impressive focal point of the Marshfield Fairgrounds. Built in 1916 to house purebred


I T I N E R A R I E S M I D W E S T S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 3

animals, it is 150 feet in diameter and 70 feet high. The building of this architectural arena was accomplished without benefit of scaffolding. They simply started at the bottom and worked up and in. 4 – 5:00 pm Tour Jurustic Park in Marshfield. This is a display of many extinct creatures that inhabited the large McMillan Marsh near Marshfield during the Iron Age. Also showcased at Jurustic Park is the studio and shop of Nancy Wynia, where she makes hot glass beads fashioned into jewelry. 5 – 6:30 pm Arrive at Baymont Inn & Suites in Marshfield to check into your rooms and enjoy a welcome reception with cranberry wine, juice, cheese, and crackers, provided by the Marshfield CVB. 6:30 pm Enjoy a delicious dinner at The Vintage House tonight. Be sure to ask about the building’s long and interesting

Jurustic Park - Marshfie


history, including the likes of notorious gagsters Al Capone and Johnny Dillinger. For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group, please contact your tour operator or Lori Reese with Hospitality Investors at 763-263-6366 or


tour central canada hands-on… Adrenaline Adventures HEADINGLEY, MB This is a massive outdoor ropes course! They feature two separate canvas-covered towers connected with a two-story High Teams skywalk challenge course. The design also offers 14 challenging elements, climbing walls with over 1,500 square feet of climbing surface, three zip lines, a vertical playground, dynamically belayed high elements, a 10-person High Teams course, a high whale watch, giant ladder, and a multi-challenge cargo net. This course has been specifically designed for big groups. Consider snow tubing in the winter!


Fort William Historical Park | THUNDER BAY Fort William Historical Park offers a variety of unique options for groups visiting their facility. As well as touring this historic site, your group may wish to enhance their visit with workshops, nature activities and other one-of-akind experiences. Try their exceptional overnight adventures that engage your group in the past through active participation & costumed role-playing! Enjoy paddling a voyageur canoe up the beautiful Kaministiquia River and smudge ceremonies in the Learning Wigwam. Exhilarating “Voyageur Games” or “Battle of the Brigades” allow teams to participate in a variety of competitions including relay races, canoe races, and axe throwing. They’ll design a package to suit your group’s needs. Bee2GetherBikes Tour WINNIPEG Experience the comfort of riding one the most comfortable tandem bikes on the market today! What a great hands-on way to tour this wonderful city. Winnipeg has a charm that makes visitors want to get closer to local scenes than a bus allows. The city has preserved the charm of classic architecture while continuing to develop a park system along the river that meanders through the heart of the city. This is a perfectly paced sight-seeing tour. Stop to experience interesting places with leisurely glides in between.

spotlight central canada

Just minutes from the U.S. border at the eastern tip of Lake Superior, OLG Casino Sault Ste. Marie is an exciting trip for northern adventurers. Lay your hands on over 430 slot machines ranging from 1¢ to $5, including Wheel of Fortune and Vegas Hits. Raise the stakes at any one of their table games, including Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, just to name a few. With the best slot machines and an incredible mix of table games, the gaming floor is packed with adventure.


Eagle Canyon Adventures


ring your group to the home of Canada’s longest foot suspension bridge, which extends an amazing 600 feet across the canyon and hangs at a height of 152 feet above the canyon floor. If one bridge isn’t enough, they also have a smaller bridge spanning 300 feet across the canyon and 125 feet above the canyon floor. Cross the suspension bridges for an unforgettable thrill and witness the majestic beauty of the unique surroundings. View the depths of the canyon where a beautiful spring-fed lake runs through. Your journey doesn’t end at the top. Explore numerous wilderness trails and take the stairway down the canyon. For the ultimate thrill-seeker, they have an alternative way to descend to the bottom: an all-new zipline! Whether your groups are looking for the ultimate adventure or for relaxation at an outdoor paradise, this is an all-in-one destination you won't want to pass up. This is truly a “hands-on” experience – as your group will most likely be holding on with both hands!

Canada: Keep Exploring Canada: Keep Exploring

Dates to consider for your next itinerary…

Circus Maximus Antique Toy Show –Kalamazoo, MI

Carlos Creek Grape Stomp & Fall Festival –Alexandria, MN

Indian Summer Festival –Milwaukee, WI

calendar of events 2013 [ september – october – november ]

C O N TA C T A R E A C V B S F O R C O M P L E T E C A L E N D A R S .



september • Festival of the Vine September 6-8, Geneva 630-232-6060 • East West Riverfest September 6-22, Moline 800-747-7800 • Murphysboro Apple Festival September 11-14, Murphysboro 618-684-6421 • Mokena Food & Wine Festival September 14, Mokena 708-479-2468 • 12th Annual Int’l Route 66 Mother Road Festival September 27-29, Springfield 317-236-6515 october • Candlelight Tour of New Salem October 4-5, Petersburg 217-632-4000 • Evergreen Cemetery Discovery Walk October 5-13, Bloomington 309-438-2586 • Oktoberfest October 12, Quincy 217-214-3700 • Old Settlers Days October 12-13, Kampsville 618-465-2211 • Grafton Rendezvous October 19-20, Grafton 618-616-3311 november • The Moving Wall November 7-11, Aurora 630-801-9591 • Great American Cooking Expo Nov 16-17, Arlington Heights 847-385-7500 • Galena Nouveau Wine Festival November 22-23, Galena 815-777-3330 • Magnificent Mile Lights Festival November 23, Chicago 312-642-3570



september • The Old 57’s / East West Riverfest September 6, Camanche 563-289-2509 • Mason City Civil War Reenactment September 6-8, Mason City 800-423-5724 • Taste of Chocolate September 14, Bonaparte 319-592-3400 • Creston & Southwest Iowa Hot Air Balloon Days September 20-22, Creston 641-782-7021 • Coca Cola Days September 27-28, Atlantic 712-243-3017


october • Zooktoberfest October 2, Des Moines 515-974-2523 • The Rat Pack Show October 12, Mason City 641-422-4188 • 54th Annual Craft Carnival October 19, Clarinda 712-542-2166 • Honey Creek Resort Bluegrass Festival October 24-26, Moravia 641-799-1442 • Wine, Dinner & Murder Mystery October 26, Leighton 641-672-9463 november • National Farm Toy Show November 1-3, Dyersville 800-533-8293 • Festival of Trees November 9-10, Ames 515-232-5331 • A Christmas Carol November 15-24, Dubuque 563-588-4356 • Victorian Christmas Nov 29-Dec 1, Red Oak 712-623-4821 • Lighted Holiday Parade November 30, Burlington 319-752-6365



september • Short September Cattle Drive September 2-4, Bucklin 620-826-3649 • Kansas State Fair – 100th Birthday September 6-15, Hutchinson 620-669-3600 • Fall Wildflower Tours September 7-8, Canton 620-628-4455 • Buffalo Bill Days September 14-15, Leavenworth 913-682-3924 • 10th Annual Bald Eagle Rendezvous September 26-28, Lecompton 785-887-6520 october • Svensk Hyllningsfest October 4-5, Lindsborg 888-227-2227 • 34th Annual Apple Festival October 6, Topeka 785-368-3888 • Fall Cattle Drive at Moore Ranch October 9-11, Bucklin 620-826-3649 • Balloons, Bikes, Blues & Barbecue October 17-19, Parsons 620-421-6500 • Neewollah October 18-26, Independence 877-633-9655 november • Downtown Hays Holiday Open House Weekend November 1-3, Hays 785-621-4171

• Taste of Adventure November 10, Salina 785-827-9488 • Isle of Lights November 17-22, Winfield 620-221-2418 • Chase County Country Christmas November 29-30, Chase County 620-273-8469

michigan michigan september • Michigan Brewers Guild Annual Fall Beer Festival September 7, Marquette 906-228-9475 • Antique Engine & Tractor Show September 5- 8, South Haven 269-639-2010 • Fall Babies, Babies, Everywhere September 14, Ray 800-477-2757 • Oktoberfest September 28, Curtis 906-586-3700 • BBQ Dinner Sail September 21, Bay City 989-895-5193 october • Great Waters Festival October 5-6, St. Ignace 800-338-6660 • VanderFest October 5, Spring Lake 616-842-4337 • UPtoberfest October 12, Escanaba 906-420-0779 • Ghost Train October 19, Lake Linden 906-296-4121 november • A Streetcar named Desire Opera Performance November 1-2, Grand Rapids 616-451-2741 • Museum After Dark November 9, Marquette 906-226-3571 • International Festival of Lights November 23, Battle Creek 800-397-2240 • Circus Maximus Antique Toy Show November 30, Kalamazoo 262-246-7171

minnesotaminnesota september • Defeat of Jesse James Days September 4-8, Northfield 800-658-2548 • Little Falls Annual Arts & Crafts Fair September 7-8, Little Falls 320-632-5155 • Carlos Creek Grape Stomp & Fall Festival September 13-15, Alexandria 320-846-5443 • Mahkato Pow-wow September 20-22, Mankato 612-990-2518

• Rave On! The Buddy Holly Experience September 26-28, Chanhassen 800-362-3515 october • Haunted Ship Tour October 3-31, Duluth 218-722-5573 • Big Island Rendezvous & Festival October 5-6, Albert Lea 800-658-2526 • Sheep Fiber Farm Tour October 11-13, Houston 507-896-2354 • Harvest Days at Kelley Farm October 17-18, Elk River 763-441-6896 • Symphony Spooktacular October 29-30, Minneapolis 800-292-4141 november • Girls Getaway Weekend November 1-3, Sauk Centre 320-352-5201 • Lutsen Resort Food & Wine Lover’s Weekend November 8-9, Lutsen 855-286-3066 • Cheese & Chocolate Weekend November 16-17, Stillwater 651-430-3310 • Winterers Gathering November 21-24, Grand Marais 218-387-9762 • ChristKindlMarkt November 29-30, New Ulm 888-463-9856



september • Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall September 4-8, Concordia 660-463-2194 • Fort Benton Civil War Days September 6-7, Patterson 573-776-4926 • Seymour Apple Festival September 12-14, Seymour 417-425-9841 • Jowler Creek Grape Stomp September 14, Platte City 816-858-5528 • Lake of the Ozarks Air Show September 21, Camdenton 573-346-0300 october • Lantern Tours at Smallin Civil War Cave October 5, 12, 19, 26, Ozark 417-551-4545 • Ozark Regional Timberfest October 11-12, Doniphan 573-996-2212 • Deutsch Country Days October 19-20, Marthasville 636-433-5669 • 4th Annual Missouri Food & Wine Festival October 26, Branson 417-593-9395 november • Silver Dollar City’s “An Old Time Christmas” November 2-Dec 30, Branson 800-475-9730 • Christmas in the Ozarks at Rosewood Farms November 4-9, Hartville 417-741-6915 • Holiday Fare Wine Trail November 16-17, Hermann 573-486-2221 • Macy’s Festival of Lights November 22, St. Louis 800-888-3861 • Away in the Basement: A Church Basement Ladies Christmas November 22-Dec 8, Macon 660-385-2924

nebraska nebraska september • Heritage Day September 14, Henderson 402-723-5793 • Liberty on the Border: A Civil War Exhibit September 21-January 5, Omaha 402-444-5071 • 45th Annual Applejack Festival September 20-22, Nebraska City 402-873-6654 • Rail Fest September 20-22, North Platte 308-534-3648 • Antique & Garden Show September 27-29, Omaha 402-346-4002 • Annual Fall Flea Market September 28-29, Brownville, 402-488-0070 october • Autumn Harvest Art Show at Mahoney State Park October 5-6, Ashland 402-944-2523 • Tractor, Engine, Vintage Vehicle Show & Barn Dance October 5-6, York 402-710-0682 • Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Gathering & Old West Days Oct 10-13, Valentine 800-658-4024

• Threads Across Nebraska October 11-12, Kearney 308-440-8867 • Haunted Victorian Ghost Walk October 11-12, Plattsmouth 402-296-2249 • Riders in the Sky October 30, Lincoln 402-472-4747 november • Autumn Festival, An Arts & Crafts Affair November 7-10, Ralston 402-331-2889 • Theresa Caputo Live: The Experience November 13, Omaha 866-434-8587 • Winter Festival of Prairie Cultures November 22-Dec 31, Beatrice 402-223-3514 • Journey into Christmas / Bess Streeter Aldrich House November 29-Dec 14, Elmwood 402-944-3855

north dakota north dakota september • United Tribes Int’l Powwow September 5-8, Bismarck 701-255-3285 • Craft Show at Bonanzaville September 10-12, W Fargo 701-282-2822 • Central North Dakota Steam Thresher’s Reunion September 20-22, New Rockford 701-947-5631 • Art & Wine Walk September 21, Grand Forks 701-746-0444 • Mandan Oktober Fest September 28-29, Mandan 701-751-2983 october • Fall Art Show October 1-25, Bismarck 701-223-5986 • Norsk Hostfest October 1-5, Minot 701-852-2368 • Annual Makoti Threshing Show October 5-6, Makoti 701-728-6740 • Badlands ProRodeo Circuit Finals October 10-13, Minot 701-852-5577 • The Fargo Big One Art & Craft Fair October 19-20, Fargo 701-837-6059 november • The Minot Big One Art & Craft Fair November 4-5, Minot 701-837-6059 • Badlands Art Show November 8-10, Dickinson 701-483-0178 • A Chorus Line / UND Nov 14-16/21-23, Grand Forks 701-777-2587 • BMSO presents the 2013 Holiday Homewalk November 23, Bismarck 701-258-8345 • Holiday Lights Parade November 26, Fargo 701-241-1570

south dakota south dakota september • City of Spearfish 125th Bday September 13-15, Spearfish 605-642-2626 • Kuchen Festival & Old Time Harvest Festival September 14-15, Delmont 605-779-5291 • German-Russian Schmeckfest September 20-22, Eureka 605-284-2332 • Wine Express into the West September 21, Hill City 605-574-2222 october • Oktoberfest October 4-5, Deadwood 800-344-8826 • Tour of Vacation Homes October 5, Deadwood 605-578-3555 • He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate October 11-13, Rapid City 605-341-0925 • Model Railroad Open House October 19, Aberdeen 605-226-2139 • Autumn Festival, An Arts & Crafts Affair October 25-27, Sioux Falls 402-331-2889 november • Quilt Show 2013 – “Dakota Pieces XII” November 9-10, Sioux Falls 605-367-4100 • Christmas at the Homestead November 9, N Sioux City 605-232-0873 • Annual Winter Wonderland Kick-Off November 22, Sioux Falls 605-336-1620

• Olde Tyme Christmas / Dickens Celebration November 29, Hill City 605-574-2368 • Christmas at the Capitol November 26-Dec 26, Pierre 605-773-4010

wisconsin wisconsin calendar september • Revolutionary War Encampment September 1, Saukville 262-377-9620 • Indian Summer Festival September 6-8, Milwaukee 414-604-1000 • Great Lakes Brew Fest September 14, Racine 262-636-9312 • Tunes at Monona Terrace September 27-29, Madison 608-261-4011 • Warrens Cranberry Festival September 25, Warrens 608-378-4200 • Oktoberfest September 27-Oct 5, La Crosse 608-784-3378 • Elkhorn Antique Flea Market September 29, Elkhorn 414-525-0820 october • Premium Outlets Pink Event October 1-31, Johnson Creek 920-699-4112 • Fermentation Fest October 4-13, Reedsburg 608-524-2850 • Kohler Food & Wine Experience October 17-20, Kohler 800-344-2838 • From the Land Folk Art Festival October 19-20, Green Lake 920-216-1729 • Pumpkin Special at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum October 19-20, North Freedom 800-930-1385 november • Holiday Craft and Gift Show November 4, Monroe 608-325-3461 • Wisconsin Original Cheese Festival November 1-2, Madison 608-358-7837 • Elvis & Orbison - The Voices of Rock November 23, Wausau 715-842-0988 • Wollersheim Winery Vintage Christmas November 30, Prairie du Sac 608-643-6515 • Holiday Craft and Gift Show November 30-Dec 1, Baraboo 920-912-6451

central canada central canada september • ManyFest: All Together Downtown September 6-8, Winnipeg 204-958-4640 • Riverfest 2013 September 7, Thunder Bay 888-336-7386 • War of 1812 Rendezvous & Fur Trade September 19-22, Sault Ste. Marie 705-759-5443 • Bushplane Days Sept 21-22, Sault Ste. Marie 877-287-4752 • Mystery at the Museum September 22, Portage la Prairie 204-857-3259 october • Haunted Fort Night October 3-6, 10-13, 17-20, 24-27, Thunder Bay 807-473-2344 • Algoma Fall Festival October 5-27, Sault Ste. Marie 705-949-0822 • Migration Madness October 6, Stonewall 204-467-3300 • Oktoberfest October 11, Thunder Bay 800-667-8386 november • Mini Trade Show for Women November 2, St. Andrews 866-738-2264 • Santa Claus Parade November 16, Sudbury 705-671-2489 • Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival November 20-24, Winnipeg 204-774-1375 • Festival of Trees November 21-24, Sault Ste. Marie 705-949-0611



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