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BIMiTs Extensions for Revit The BIMiTs extensions are a series of add-in utilities for Autodesk Revit (Architecture, Structure and MEP). The tools extend the capabilities of Revit in various key areas. They are easy to use and make working in Revit easier and more efficient.

What's new in BIMiTs Extensions 2014?




BIM Query Multi Join Create Assembly Views

Application of BIMiTs Extensions

Quick On/Off toggles Select by Category or Type

Benefits While working on a wide variety of projects and focusing on the Revit product strategy, we

BIMiTs Extensions has been used to enhance the productivity on a variety of projects of all scales. The application has been successfully integrated into the workflow of companies large and small: from individual users and small design studios to large and internationally renowned companies with several hundred employees and projects all over the world.

developed BIMiTs Extensions to deliver a full range of added benefits not limited to: Providing the ability to quickly and easily explore various design possibilities.

Tools that offer immediate productivity for the end user thus saving you production costs. Increased project productivity through an improved work flow process.

Creation of perfect projects in less time. An average of 1 new tool released each month.

Manage tools


Users can easily manage their Revit family libraries with tools like Export and Import. You can choose one or more families and import them into a current project or export them to a chosen folder.

Selection Filter enables efficient control over the selection of certain elements. This tool helps users to filter elements either from the current selection, the whole model or the active view. The user also has the option to select elements according to their properties.

Multi Type Editor displays the families and family types in a project. You can manage family types and their properties by displaying selected types in a table and edit multiple values at once. The new tool BIM Query enables the user to quickly edit Type and Instance properties for selected Categories. The user can edit properties with a built-in spreadsheet editor or save and open in MS Excel and apply changes back to the Revit model.

Select by category/by type: With this tool we overcome a Revit limitation and are able to select instances by an indicated category of previous selected elements.

Selection Filter

Text Align The Edit tools include a set of tools for aligning text according to selected elements. The tools are especially useful when editing your annotation tag families.

Legend Creation Legend by Category can generate a table of various elements in just a few steps. Users can create a table of Windows, Doors, Furniture, Walls, Roofs, etc.

Project Cleanup

BIM Query

With the Project Cleanup the user can create a lightweight file that contains only the views pertinent to the specified discipline. Use the tool to selectively delete views from the project and then save the view configuration to use again later, even in other projects.

View With View tools the user can edit a crop region, copy it and also arrange viewports on sheet. Category Toggle tool enables the user to switch ON and OFF any category in a project in multiple selected view at once. The new tool Quick On/Off toggles has a similar function as Category Toggle, but quicker. It enables you to switch certain Categories on or off in the active view. With the Sheet Manager tool, users are able to edit the sheet names, numbers‌. Parameters can be grouped and filtered as needed to enable a better overview of data on the sheets. One advanced feature offers the possibility to duplicate the sheet then change views on this new sheet With version 2014 some new possibilities for the creation of assembly views are implemented.

Edit Tools The edit toolset includes tools for creating floors based on selected rooms and tools for easier grid name editing. Resize Section Box

The tool Create Assembly Views enables you to quickly generate Assembly Views for selected Assemblies by specifying Views and a Title block. Once you are satisfied with the settings, the tool generates all required views and places them on the Sheets.

Query Tools The Query tools set can analyze selected geometry. With tools like Element Insertion, Element Lenght and Element Thickness the user can store built-in calculated values in shared parameters.

Multi Join is a tool that combines the basic Revit functions Join and Switch Join Order into one tool. It allows the user to join multiple objects in one operation in which priorities can be set from the start.

How will this product evolve over time? We are continually developing new tools. Through an online wish list submittal form and through feedback from our partners or their key clients i-Theses listens to their needs, ideas and suggestions and then turns them into real tools that solve common problems. As new tools are released throughout the year, the user can easily update their tools using our fully automated update process. When a new version is released all the new tools become part of the collection.

Door and Window Swing tool analyses instances and creates a shared parameter with the swing direction.These parameters can be used later in schedules.

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