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Volume 41. Issue 5. February 14 , 2018

ANOTHER " M UN" BITES THE DUST It h aca's M odel Un it ed Nat ion s t eam w in s t h eir 25t h con secu t ive leagu e t it le. By Clar e Fidler As. Edit or -in -Ch ief '20

Ithaca High School is often regarded as one of the most successful

?I?d like to credit our amazing coaches for all of their wisdom and

high schools in the area on both athletic and academic scales. One of

advice that has helped us in our pursuit to 25. Mr. Lambrecht and Mr.

the most famous displays of excellence in the school?s history is the

Lincoln are incredibly intellectual and it reflects upon all of us,? said

seven state championship games the football team has attended

junior DantĂŠ Williams, who has participated in MUN for three years. ?I?d

since 2010. The football program?s winning streak is often described

like to credit the past students and teams for setting the bar and

as the biggest success story of the high school and its students, but

accomplishing what most Model UN teams dream of.?

another group of bright individuals have also upheld an impressive

Benefits of joining MUN are countless in the eyes of the coaches and

record. Ithaca?s Model United Nations (MUN) team has solidified their

participants. Problem-solving, researching, and presenting skills are all

25th consecutive league title, marking a quarter century of the team?s

gained through being on the team. It also helps students attain a global


view, as the information learned through MUN is focused on the effects

After two competitions debating on the topics of human rights and

of political action on the world. This understanding of the world is

economics, Ithaca?s five delegations representing the countries of

essential to becoming a well-rounded person. Participating in MUN also

Nigeria, Brazil, Germany, Pakistan, and Indonesia swept the top five

looks great on college applications. All the teams in the past have also

places in the TVC competition. This secured their 25th consecutive

praised MUN for its ability to form bonds between peers. The

league championship, a huge accomplishment in the team?s success.

catchphrase ?MUN is fun?was born from this. The team is always looking

?It is quite a milestone to be that good at anything for that long. Excellence in Model UN is something that Ithaca is now recognized

to add more members to it. ?We have a system which helps us nurture and develop talent. Plus

for,? said Tim Lambrecht, head coach of the MUN team for at least 28

we get great students because Model UN is not just educational, it's


also a lot of fun,? said Lambrecht.

The team?s drive for success is ultimately the reason for their

The future of the MUN team seems to be quite bright. A flow of

long-term dominance in their league. The coaches, Lambrecht and

underclassmen into the group ensures continued success for many

Adam Lincoln, have dedicated many years to guiding students

years to come. For rest of this year, most of the team will the attending

through the process of writing resolutions and speeches, and

one-day competition at Central Michigan University. Later, they will take

Feb. 23rd

presenting their work on competition days. All of the participants are

M ar. 23rd

14 students to Indianapolis for a two-day competition. The success seen

by the Ithaca MUN team has been proven to be dominant over the past motivated by their drive to learn more about the United Nations and t h e deadlin e tpressure o t u r n inofyou r sen ior winning is t h e deadlin e f or su25 bmyears, it t in gand youis r sure to continue is t for h e deadlin e t the o t ustudents r n in youare r driven as long as itsisprocesses. The such a long streak also pushes u r e, qu e, an d college/ eerwants to beFAFSA thepict students toot excel because no car team the team to end the more than quarter it has already ( Fr ee Applicat to ioncontinue f or Feder al streak for k in der gar t enthe pict u r e t o century t h e Gr ow ler st af f t o t h e year book st af f the streak. stretched. St u den t Aid) applicat ion


Saying Goodbye to LaCelle - 2


Winter Activities Briefs- 3


Power Couples - 4 & 5



Growler Grams - 6

Separation of Church and State - 8


JFeb 14, 2018



NEWS NET NEUTRALITY PROTESTS ARISE Grow l er Legislat or s an d cit izen s f igh t again st FCC Net Neu t r alit y vot e. By Rain Rodr igu ez New s Edit or '18

On December 14th, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal the Title II Net Neutrality regulations and allow companies such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T to control which Ail een Kemme/ Advisor Kennedy Carman/ Edit or-in-Chief websites to give users access to. Going against 83 percent of the Cl are Fidl er/ As. Edit or-in-Chief population in the vote of its repeal, Americans voiced their outrage Kayl a Snider/ Design Edit or Dal t on Wil l iams/ As. Design Edit or through social media outlets, protests, and even creating petitions and Morgan Cool ey/ As. Design Edit or calling Congress in fear of these changes becoming permanent. However, there may be some hope left after all in the midst of this Rain Rodriguez/ News Edit or chaos as several legislators have stated that they are creating bills to Maiya Hessbrook/ Feat ure Edit or Maddi Space/ Lif e Edit or overturn this decision.

The Growler is published by students of the Ithaca High School publications class. The Growler is made possible by advertisements and fundraising, which pay for printing and other expenses. Our primary purpose is to entertain, inform and educate our readers, which include students, faculty, and community members about issues that affect the student body and the world around us. The Growler is an open forum of student voice; therefore, the opinion and Letters to the Editor reflect the view of the writer and not necessarily the opinion of the staff, advisor, administration, faculty, or student body. The editorial board determines the publications content, including staff editorials. The Growler staff accepts full responsibility for writing published in the Growler. There will be no responsibility placed upon the administration for content of this publication. The adviser is in place strictly to offer advice and guidance to maintain the legal, accurate and ethical manner of publication. The Growler will not be reviewed, reserved, or withheld from distribution by Ithaca High School officials prior to publication. Space will be provided for Letters to the Editor from faculty, students, administration, community residents and the general public. Readers are encouraged to express their opinions here. All letters must be signed and are subject for denial if they are libelous, obscene, disruptive, or are an invasion of privacy. The Growler staff has the right to edit letters due to length, obscenity, potential libel, or grammatical errors.

DON'T M I SS THE BUZ Z Twit t er: IHSPul icat ions Inst agram: IHSpubl icat ions Snapchat : IHSpubl icat ions


In order to defy Ajit Pai?s termination of net neutrality, Americans must work together to persuade the rest of Congress to see reason. If the people want this news bill to pass, they must continue to contact their representatives and demonstrate the conviction they hold in their ideals. The American people continue to reach out once more to those who haven?t already to offer their support by contacting their local Senators via phone or email. With this new bill, there is a shot at regaining net neutrality laws. Let?s not waste it.

President of the think tank TechFreedom company, Berin Szoka, voices her concern that Democrats may not want to vote for the bill. She hopes it will get people talking so that change can be created. This bill acts as the Republicans?attempt to compromise with those that want net neutrality restored without actually restoring it, which is a large reason why it is not gaining popularity. Following this announcement, Senator Claire McCaskill sent a tweet out stating that she is the 30th cosponsor of a separate bill proposed by Senator Edward J. Markey. Markey announced that 43 senators signed on to co-sponsor a Congressional Review Act (CRA) that will overturn resolutions passed by Ajit Pai and support net neutrality again. To force a full vote within the Senate, 30 is the exact number of cosponsors necessary, so currently there are more than enough people in favor to start a vote. While these numbers ensure a forced vote, they do not ensure that legislators will vote in favor of the bill. While currently every single Democratic legislator is in favor of this new bill to fight for net neutrality laws to return, they, as well as the American people, must work to sway more individuals on the

ABOVE: Cit izen s h ave t ak en t o t h e st r eet s t o pr ot est t h e t er m in at ion of n et n eu t r alit y.

SAYING GOODBYE TO LACELLE Ju n ior h igh m at h t each er M on ica LaCelle leaves It h aca f or St . Joh n s. By Ken n edy Car m an Edit or -in -Ch ief '18

Ph ot o by Ally Davis

Staf f Pol i cy

?We will fight the FCC?s decisions in the courts, and we will fight it in the halls of Congress,? stated Senator Markey. ?With this CRA, Congress can correct the Commission?s misguided and partisan decision and keep the internet in the hands of the people, not big corporations? ?

Problems are everywhere -- at home, work, school, and all around people?s everyday lives. We encounter small daily problems throughout our days just existing as humans. This means that we must learn to be problem solvers, always weighing pros and cons, as well as the consequences that come from certain decisions that we make. Great math teachers are not great because they teach us the quadratic formula and the circumference of a circle. Great math teachers are great because they teach us problem solving skills that we will use for the rest of our daily lives. Math teacher Monica LaCelle has been teaching here at ABOVE: M r s. LaCelle's st af f ID pict u r e f r om h er f ir st an d Ithaca for 17 years. She currently teaches junior high math f in al year s as a Yellow jack et . Her f am iliar sm ile w ill and resides in Room 112 in the junior high hallway. cer t ain ly be m issed by st u den t s an d st af f alik e. However, LaCelle?s time as a Yellowjacket has come to an her can recognize. She always offers math help to end, as she is now taking a position in St. Johns as a fifth students after school: even those who do not have her as through eighth grade math coach, which will entail helping their math teacher at the time. She has also been the math teachers with teaching their students as well as advisor of the junior high yearbook for the past few years. helping intermedial math students with their work. ?My favorite part of teaching; the students, colleagues, LaCelle?s kind demeanor and willingness to always help and subject. I enjoy when my students ask questions, feel others will be remembered here at IHS, the only school she more confident with math, and learn to not be afraid of has ever taught at. This new position is much more math. My colleagues are wonderful and supportive, they convenient for LaCelle and her family. are family,? LaCelle said. ?I took the position for many reasons. One being to be LaCelle, like many other math lovers, loves math for its close to my family, I live in St. Johns and my kids go to problem solving aspects. school there, so it makes sense to want to be there for my ?Math is a giant puzzle, I love when I can make family. Another is the position allows me to help students connections and plan engaging lessons for the students,? and teachers become stronger and more confident in math LaCelle said, ?I feel truly blessed for my time and students skills and engaging math lessons. If I were to ever leave my at Ithaca.? classroom, this is my dream position.? LaCelle said. The Growler staff would like to thank Mrs. LaCelle for LaCelle is a Michigan State University graduate. She her 17 years of teaching here at Ithaca. Her positive graduated with a Bachelors of Science -- Major in Math and presence in a subject feared by many students will Minor in Physics -- from Lyman Briggs at MSU in 2000. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching certainly be missed, but we would like to wish her the best of luck at St. Johns. The world needs more kind in 2006. people like Mrs. LaCelle. LaCelle has a love for teaching that anybody who knows


Luke Al l en/ Report er Brianna Mikesel l / Report er Fiona Woodrow/ Phot ographer Kayl ee Bril l hart / Phot ographer Lot t ie Carman/ Business & Media Jamie Fidl er/ Business & Media Scout Pit t man/ Business & Media

Listening to the pleas of the people to bring back net neutrality laws, legislators such as Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn have revealed bills they plan to propose to change the current state of affairs. Blackburn unveiled a plan that she is calling the Open Internet Preservation Act. This bill would partially override the net neutrality repeal and would ban businesses from blocking or slowing down other websites. She wishes to prevent them from using ?paid prioritization? where Internet Providers can increase internet speed in exchange for money from the owners of these sites.


Skyl ar Shaw/ Sport s Edit or Daniel l e Mason/ Opinion Edit or

Republican side. For this vote to pass in Congress with the majority needed, both parties must be on board.

Ph ot o Cr edit : Wik i M edia Com m on s

Staf f

SPORTS GROWLER 3 NORTH KOREA JOINS OLYM PICS 2018 Win t er Olym pics t o be h ost ed in Sou t h Kor ea f r om Feb. 9t h t o Feb. 25t h . By Sk ylar Sh aw Spor t s Edit or '18 The first modern day Olympic Games were held on April 6, 1986, in Athens, Greece. There were 14 counties and 43 events, all of which were competed by males. Since then, the Olympics have been filled with triumph, disappointment, and politics. The 2018 Olympic games will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on February 9, and will feature 102 events and 92 nations. One of those nations will be North Korea. The Olympic games have become a way to express political ideology. Countries have boycotted the Olympics in past years when they do not believe the political stance of the county it is being held in and do not want to bring more money to the city it is being held in. The games bring a lot of revenue to the host city, it helps local shops and restaurants because of how much traffic it creates. Boycotting the games has been a move that many counties have done to punish rival countries economically. The United States has even boycotted Olympic games once before. During the 1980 summer Olympics, held in Moscow, by the Soviet Union, during the Cold War. The circumstances that are present today are very similar to that of 1980 Olympics where the United States and the Soviet Union had nuclear tension. There has been a lot of strain in Eastern Asia dating back to the Korean Conflict, which the United States took part in during 1950. As of late, the rise of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, has reignited tensions between the United States and South Korea due to the build up of their military. Over the past few years, the North Korean regime has been working on creating an atomic bomb and become a powerhouse in the world. The testing of missiles and bombs have been very controversial, as they have been shooting them over countries, including South Korea. North Korea has competed in almost every summer Olympics since 1964, the first year they participated, with the exclusion of the 1984 games which they, along with many other communist countries, boycotted because it was in Los Angeles in response to the 1980 Olympics the United States boycotted. They also boycotted the 1988 Olympics, which was the last time the games were held in South Korea. They have collected 54 medals during that time. The North Koreans have not been as active in the winter games since they have only competed in seven of the last 12, and not since 2010. They only have two winter

ABOVE: Nor t h Kor ea an d Sou t h Kor ea w alk u n der t h e sam e f lag f or t h e w in t er Olym pics.

medals. Nevertheless, the North Koreans will be in Pyeongchang competing. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the playing of Aegukga, the North Korean Anthem, because of the unrest between the two countries. Nevertheless, their anthem will be played in South Korea, with South Korea, as every team competing gets their anthem played, out of respect. Even though the North and South Koreans have been divided for over a half century, sports will bring the two counties together, at least for a short period, and hope that people can take their mind off of the horrible things that could and have been done. This is not the first time sports have been used for healing and forgetting, and it will not be its last.

By M addi Space Lif e Edit or '20

WI NTER A CTI V I TI ES BRI EFS Sci ence Ol ympi ad With 14 people on the team this year, the Science Olympiad team is hoping to make it to states again after doing so for the last three years. There are many different events, and each event is different, requiring different actions. There are multiple portions, you can either fill out a packet with answers, or build what is required. Some events include labs, where the members have to develop and do experiments, or bring in something previously built to present to the judges. ?Competitions typically take all day. We usually have to get up early to travel there and then events take place into the afternoon. Awards are in the late afternoon, but usually start quite late. It is usually dark by the time we get home,? said sophomore Clare Fidler.

M odel UN Model UN has won in their league competitions for the last 24 years, hopefully 25 at the end of this season. Most of the practice is researching information about the country that is assigned to write the speech. ?It?s an event in which I find enjoyment in the fact that I can represent some country or place and be able to compete in a political like setting,? said freshman Luke Allen, who is participating in his second year of MUN. ?I strongly encourage everyone to do MUN. It honestly opens your eyes to a lot of things about worldwide issues and politics and it's just a lot of fun. Not many school clubs allow for you to fly across the country, like we did last year to DC, with some of your best friends,? said senior Ben Bontrager, who has been participating in Model UN since seventh grade, excluding his freshman year.

FFA Future Farmers of America (FFA) is an organization that teaches participants amazing skills for their future, such as to manage time, how to grow plants, and how to raise animals. Technically, anyone who has ever taken an agriculture class is already a part of FFA, but in reality, only a few actually participate. ?When you go to competitions and regional camps you make so many new friends and learn so many new skills that help you later in life,? says Vice President Lyndie Litwiller.

Nex t M eeti ng:

Nex t M eeti ng:

Nex t Competi ti on:

Feb. 23rd

Feb. 14th (Securi ty Counci l )

Feb. 15th




After performing the smashing hit musical, "Emma: A

Quiz Bowl is still pushing towards success as their

Pop Musical", this past December, the Drama Club is

season progresses. The varsity team consists of Alex

back on the stage practicing at least two hours a night,

Vandeweghe, Camran Stack, Landon Strong, and

With a festival coming up on Friday February 2, as well as one in March, the jazz band needs to buckle down and prepare. Other schools will show up and split into different groups, depending on sound. ?There are class D, class C, class B, class A, and AA bands....D is the bottom and AA is the top,? said freshman Lucas Gruesbeck, who plays trombone in the band. Though there are no sophomores in the band, it is still heavily loaded with freshman, juniors, and seniors. Some leaders who participate in Jazz Band are Abi Whitford, Alex VanDeWeghe, Kyle Sparks, Dalton Carl, and Jesse Santana.

four to five days a week. The next play, which is being performed from February 16, 17, and 18, is called Murder ?s in the Heir. ?It is an audience-interactive murder mystery comedy! The audience gets to decide who the killer is,? says senior Kennedy Carman, who is

Danielle Mason. The four are preparing for more competitions. To prepare, Dan Gowell, the advisor, reads a question off and has those sitting at the table ?buzz in?as though they were participating in a real

participating in her fifth production now. For musicals,

competition. For those who do participate on the team,

there can be an unlimited amount of people

some wither have a large range of knowledge, or a lot of

participating, but for a play, there has to be a limited

knowledge on one or two subjects.

number. For Murder ?s in the Heir, there is only about 18 to 20 people helping to put on the performance.

Nex t Perf ormance:

Nex t Competi ti on:

Feb. 16, 17, & 18th

A pr. 20th (State Ch ampi onsh i p)

Nex t Perf ormance: M ar. 3rd

Feb 14, 2018



Photo courtesy Jesse Santana


M ilit ar y C oup le ClareFidler and ArmandoMotz By M aiya Hessbr ook Feat u r e Edit or '20

JesseSantana and CylusHill By Rain Rodr igu ez New s Edit or '18

Senior Jesse Santana and Cylus Hill have been together since October 12, 2016. The two met and got to know each other better through a mutual friend at one of Hill?s soccer games back when he was still a student at Ithaca High School. The two were able to spend each day together last year, with Hill even coming to school to visit her after graduation, up until the point Hill left to join the Air Force. Maintaining a long distance relationship, the two often communicate through texts, phone calls, letters, and by Skyping with one other. The two talk pretty much every chance they get during the day and though there is often a three month gap between each face-to-face meeting for the two, they still make the most of the time they have and neither feels that having this long-distance relationship is difficult in the slightest. Santana?s favorite memory being with Hill was on their very first date when they went to the movies together and wandered around Walmart afterwards. For Hill, being able to see Santana at the airport after he came home for the first time in three-and-a-half months is a very special memory. The couple has been together for 15 months now and they are still going strong, taking the time and opportunities they have to enjoy each other ?s presence or texts when they can rather than worrying about any complications. This just goes to show that even the littlest moments can be incredibly special and people can share a beautiful bond whether they are close together or miles apart.

Long distance relationships are often seen as hard, impossible, or not worth the time. The people within these relationships are often subject to many comments about how it will never work out or even asked how they could trust the distance. Two people who are proving us wrong, however, is our very own, sophomore, Clare Fidler and her boyfriend, Armando Motz, who lives and attends school in Bad Axe. looking forward to the next time we meet makes it seem a lot easier to get through the times we are apart,? Motz said. When there is distance between two people who love each other, the bond and trust they hold usually outweighs that of any other relationship. Distance, despite what most people believe, creates emotionally stronger and more intertwined people. Long distances may seem hard, but as with many other relationships, communication is the key to being happy. ?There are so many wonderful things about him that it's hard to choose, but since I have to I'd say it's his genuine kindness. He supports me during tough times. He always tries to help me and never ridicules me for being the way I am. He's one of the most understanding and agreeable people I know,? said Fidler. Despite long distance relationships often being criticized and misunderstood, Fidler and Motz are living proof that with trust and communication, long distance can work out in the end, even with all of the social stigma surrounding them.

Long- Distance

Photo taken by Fiona Woodrow

?Being far away from each other is not exactly easy, but just

Photo courtesy Dominik Federico

Dominik Federicoand Javin Detwiller By M aiya Hessbr ook Feat u r e Edit or '20 Best friends, defined as a person?s closest friend, are often an unlikely pair that come together due to a mutual friend. There are some bonds that form instantly, and some that could take weeks, months, or even years to form. This is the case for seniors, Javin Detwiller and Dominik Federico, who have been friends for about five or six years, having met in seventh grade. ?The friendship came about from us meeting due to a mutual friend and becoming closer, losing the other friend,? said Detwiller. The friendship between the two seems like a normal friendship, but when it comes down to it, people can really tell just how close the two are. They share quite a few common interests, such as the types of video games they play, as well as eating pizza. ?We enjoy playing video games and/or walking around town in the middle of the night,? said Federico, ?But just hanging out and doing nothing is fun, because of the way both of us act.? Each member of a friendship has a role and must do their part to keep a friendship from falling apart. Detwiller and Federico are no different. Throughout the years, the two have grown closer and formed a stronger bond as time progressed. Sometimes, two people can have an unlikely bond. Often, the quiet people who not many are willing to take a chance on end up being the best

B est

F r iend s

people you will ever meet. ?Take a chance on the quiet people, you never know if they will be one of the funniest people that you have had the pleasure of meeting,? Federico said.


FEA TURE TerreSmith and MatthewSura By Br ian n a M ik esell Repor t er '21 ByIn M the addimonth Space of February, Valentine?s Day is the one holiday celebrated Lif e Edit '20between one another. Around schools, they hear different to show the or love

types of gossip that either relate to a close relative or a staff member. With the latest news, Terre Smith, Ithaca?s guidance counselor, recently became engaged to her fiancĂŠ, Matthew Sura. Smith finds herself in her own world of love since it has been possible. When Smith first encountered Sura, she noticed the littlest of things to the biggest. ?My first impression of him was that he was a nice guy and pretty shy? ? said Smith. Since then on, with being together for 4 years, she?s discovered much more of what makes him who he is now as her fiancĂŠ. Discovering more about each other, they find themselves with similarities that pulled them closer together. Along with this, differences are introduced as well. ?I realized that we were a lot alike when I found out he grew up on a farm like I did, but we are very opposite when it comes to politics,? said Smith. Even through the tough times, they both find themselves sharing memories and creating happiness. The couple is looking forward to their wedding later this year and IHS is looking forward to greeting Mrs. Sura next fall.

Drama Cl ub


Kelsey Doeand Nathan Zinzi By M addi Space Lif e Edit or '20

C ollege S w eet h ear t s

After knowing his girlfriend, Kelsey, for five years, and dating her for three, Nathan Zinzi expresses his love for her in a unique way. ?She stands me and even enjoys when I am around,? said Zinzi. Zinzi and his girlfriend have many fun memories together, such as when they went skydiving. His favorite memory, though, was when they went and saw Criss Angel in Las Vegas. ?It was lit,? Zinzi said. After being together for three years, Zinzi says that there is a possibility of marriage in the future. They do not have any children, but they have a cat, which they refer to as their child. ?Our child is still alive and well, she now sips broth in the AM and gets many a-treat in the PM,? Zinzi said, ?Her paws are still a bit scratchy.? Zinzi and Kelsey met in college through mutual friends, and have been together since then. ? ?Shall I compare [her] to a summer ?s day? [She] art more lovely and more temperate: So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long live this, and this gives life to thee,?? Zinzi said, quoting Shakespeare. Zinzi did not have a lot of advice for students in high school relationships, but the main thing he wanted to point out is that it might not last: ? You probably won't meet the one in high school,? Zinzi said.

Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn By Dan ielle M ason Opin ion Edit or '18

Eight years and two kids later, Jessie and Josh Rayburn are still completely and totally infatuated with each other. Few students outside of the senior class remember the time where Mrs. Rayburn was known as Ms. Miller, but during the summer of 2014 she changed her name as well as her life. However, to truly understand the story of Jessie and Josh, rewind four years. When the two first met, Josh was a coach here at IHS, but he was still going to Central Michigan University when the beautiful Jessie Miller began teaching health and physical education. The two had seen each other around here and there, but the first true spark was created during an intramural basketball game at CMU. Only the enrolled students were allowed to participate in the game and Rayburn did the only sensible thing; she faked a student's identification. ?I used a ?fake? I.D. (yes it was the only time I have ever broken a rule) of a CMU student to play on a team,? said Jessie. Long story short, Josh was the referee of the Championship game and he never denounced her for the fake ID. ?He must have had the hots for me then,? Jessie said. Jessie?s favorite thing about Josh though, is the way he cares for their two boys. According to Jessie, he would do anything for those two she asks, even if that means giving them their baths. For any high schooler in a relationship, Jessie tells them, ?Honestly, make sure it is a relationship that gives you full range to hang out with your friends. Years from now, you want to look back on high school and say, I had some pretty good friends and good times with them. You don?t want to look back and say, ?I wish I would have spent more time with my friends?,? You have the rest of your life to be serious about a relationship, don?t get too serious now.?



Feb 14, 2018



To: You know who you ar e

To: Kayl ee Br il l har t

To: Lucas Bongar d

This is for my girl, I'd like to say that

I hope your day is great!

I have had an amazing year with you by

you're beautiful and I love you.

Fr om: Logan Juhas

my side and i appreciate all you do for me. Let me do something for you and

To: Br enden Remember when you thought you were faster than everyone on Blasters 14 U?

just say that I love you and want to

Fr om: Deven McAnany To Josie Mor r ow

continue being with you and making you

To: Hannah Mox,

Well, you're almost as crazy as I am,

"You go girl"

but at least I'm not a spider.

Fr om: Hannah Mox

Fr om: Br ianna

smile. Even in the hardest times, you're there and it makes it all worth it. Thank you so much for all you do for me.

Fr om: Rain Rodr iguez

To: MPS You are beautiful, sweet, kind,

Fr om: Jamie Fidl er

helpful, funny and so much

To: Lot t ie

more. Don't ever forget that.

To: Aar on Rodger s

Hey, remember that one time when

Please get a better collarbone.

you slid into the base and broke it? ;)


Fr om: Cl ar e Fidl er

To: Jayna Rowl ey ur awesome

Fr om: Br ianna

You are my best friends. You're always there for me, and you mean the world to

Remember when you actually got along? Please keep sharing sibling love!

f r om: your l oving mot her

me. I don't know where I would be without you all! I love you all like sisters.

Fr om: Maddi Space

daughter and we love you more than you know!

Fr om: Kennedy Car man

To: My Best Fr iends

Br enden & Br ianna:

You are our favorite oldest

To: Cl ar e Fidl er You've put up with me so far... I appreciate it!

Fr om: Jamie Fidl er

Fr om: Your Mom and Dad To: Cassadie Cr owel l With only less of a year of knowing each other, I couldn't ask for a better friend. I love

To: David Bakker Dude, you are awesome! I couldn't imagine a better brother and friend. I am so lucky to have a sibling like you that I know I can always count on.

Fr om Rachel Bakker


To: Ar mando Mot z

To: Luke Al l en First of all, happy birthday! Second of all,

You don't even go here and I wish I

happy Valentines Day! I truly hope this

didn't too. I love you more than Aaron

day is amazing for you and that you

Rodgers... * wink*

continue to be the amazing person that you are. Thank you for being you!

Fr om: Cl ar e Fidl er

Fr om: Maiya Hessbr ook

Fr om: Anonymous To: Nicky I'm happy you're happier now. I'll miss you, though. Love always.

To: Skyl ar Shaw

Fr om: Vicky To: Josie Mor r ow

To: My Famil y

You're the best... Way better than

Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for


being with me through my ups and

Fr om: Lot t ie Car man

downs. Love you all very much... To

Love you!

Fr om: Kennedy Car man

the moon and back.

To: Jamie

Fr om: Kayl eigh Br own

I feel obligated to get you one, but I love you lots?

Fr om: Cl ar e Fidl er

I know you're not a lame boyfriend but

from sixth grade was able to carry over to our sophomore year. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are!

To: Hayden Ef aw

Happy Valentines Day! I love you!

Hope you're having a great day

Fr om: Jayna Rowl ey

(and sugar)! And that I have

To: Kayl a Bel l es

Fr om: David

You are smart, beautiful, and kind person who always lifts people up. I hope this helps lift you up.

To: Cl ar e Fidl er Happy Valentines Day, Clare! Thank

Fr om: Anonymous

you for how much you have helped me throughout this year so far. You

To: Kayl a and Dal t on

Fr om: Maiya Hessbr ook

To: Lot t ie Car man

inspiration to generations to come.

To: Maiya Hessbr ook

Thanks for not letting me go

Fr om: Anonymous

At least it doesn't take me 17 minutes

completely insane...

to tie my shoes.

Fr om: Jamie Fidl er

Fr om: Lucas Al l en To: Jamie Fidl er You're the best... Way better than

Fr om: Skyl ar Shaw

Fr om: Luke Al l en

To: You Know Who The Sorting Hat has spoken and it says you belong with me.

Fr om: You Know Who

To: Lot t ie Car man Okey

You guys are true survivors and an

day! I love you!

2 minutes and 39 seconds.

really are the greatest friend someone could ask for.

Hope you have a great Valentine's

To: Skyl ar Shaw

little gift.

Fr om: Maiya Hessbr ook

To: Kennedy Car man

Fr om: Luke Al l en

I'm definitely not a lame girlfriend.

To: Kamr ey Sher r ick

I'm so glad that our friendship

Ya'll better know your lines.

To: Dant e Wil l iams

made it even better with this

Happy Valentine's Day Kamrey!

To: The Cast of Mur der 's in t he Heir


To: Andr ea Col l ins

Fr om: Lot t ie Car man

Keep trying Andrea! You can do it!

Fr om: Anonymous

Fr om Kennedy Car man

To: Kent We finished the poem... Roses are red, violets are blue, Shepherd is cool, and so is Kent.

f r om: t he Tr ombones & Cavun



Ar e Teen age Relat ion sh ips Wor t h It ?

p u r ch ase y ou r

Godley's Country Floral 707 N Pine River St (989) 875-4118


y ear book bef or e t h e p r i ce goes u p af t er sp r i n g br eak ! w w w .y ear book f or ev er .com

We are constantly growing and changing as individuals, and I feel that other people help us a lot with all of that growing and changing.

3002 W M on r oe Rd, Alm a, M I (989) 463-4441

Writing Contest -


No more than 900 words No illustrations Submissions need to be typed Short story entries are judged on continuity, creativity/ originality, clearly defined and developed story elements, originality, organization and technical mechanics. Names should not appear on the title page; instead just grade and the title's story. Names should appear at the bottom of the last page.

When I was twelve, I had my first boyfriend. From then up until this point, I?ve probably had about enough boyfriends to count on two hands. Ah, high school relationships. Most of us have had them or are in one currently. They?re fun for some, torture for photo credit others, and overall just a really big part of someone?s high school experience. So why do we shy away from them? Before I start, I know that there are a lot of reasons why someone might choose to not be in a relationship at this stage in their life. They might be working on bettering their own life, juggling a busy schedule, just not interested in dating, getting over a heartbreak, etc. But I have heard of people choosing not to be in relationships for the simple reason that they are in high school. I have heard people say that high school relationships are childish and never last and that they want to wait until they are in ?the real world? to be in one. But we are in the real world right now. Now don?t get me wrong, I know that you shouldn?t just jump at any relationship you get the chance to be in, but I feel like we should jump when we see a good opportunity or experience, and sometimes those are found within other people. If we spend all of our time waiting for the when the timing is perfect and we are 100 percent ready, we will be waiting forever. When we take big chances, we are rarely 100 percent comfortable. Although high school relationships rarely last, they teach us valuable lessons that we will need to learn eventually. Being in a relationship means being vulnerable and taking a big chance on somebody else. When choosing to be in a relationship, we put our heart -- and sometimes our reputation -- on the line. Yes, this is scary. But it can also be very rewarding too. We all have the opportunity to find the loves of our lives all within the comfort of Gratiot County. It is very possible that you could meet somebody you love, even in this small town. If we keep telling ourselves to keep waiting until we grow up, we just might miss out on a really important opportunity that could teach us a lot. We might miss out on a really good person. Also, just because a relationship has ended, doesn?t mean that it was a waste of time. Learning something is never a waste of anything[c]. Even with my fair share of heartbreaks (trust me, there have been plenty), I have learned so much from each and every one. I have no regrets whatsoever, and neither should anybody else.

- GRAND PRIZE: 4 pack of tickets to NCG Cinema and story published in the newspaper - Submit your story by March 9th to Ms. Kemme - Open to all IHS Students, 7-12th grade

If we have the mindset that everything we do is a chance to grow and learn, we will be more willing to go on as many adventures as life could possibly have in store for us. High school has taught me that there is much more to life than turning in your homework on time and going to parties. Sometimes, it?s nice to take chances and talk to new people. You never know, the next new person you talk to might just be the love of your life.

By Ken n edy Car m an Edit or -in -ch ief '18

Feb 14, 2018




SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE Gover n m en t sh ou ld be separ at ed f r om r eligion , bu t t r aces ar e st ill lef t beh in d. By Lu k e Allen Repor t er 21'

Every day before we start our first hour of class, we stand and state the pledge of allegiance. Some loud noises from the chairs and awkwardly saying the pledge, everyone sits back down and it is like it never happened. Not many people pay attention to or even think about the words that they are saying. Students just say them and then it is over with, but if you have ever taken the time to listen to the actual words of the Pledge, you will understand how it contradicts the First Amendment of the Constitution which says, ?Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...:? This country was founded on the principle of being able to express your views how you would like to, but since a majority of people in the country at the time were Christian, these things became commonplace. But now that Atheists and agnostic people account for over 20 percent of the United States population. From 2007 to 2014, the Christian population fell by eight percent, according to the Pew Research Center, people want change.The Church and government should be separate to ensure our nation can hold onto its core values. Throughout America and even in this school, aspects of religion are used on a day to day basis. When we stand to say the pledge it contains the phrase ?Under God,? a reference to the Christian God. Another argument against the separation of church and state is that this country has always been dominated by religion and its beliefs, especially Protestant Christians. People sometimes use the phrase ?Love it or Leave it? when describing Christian values and beliefs being used

by the government and the many American traits associated with them. The argument was here in the past, religious America but now we are in some ways a ?new? America. People are becoming more and more irreligious and converting to different religions than before. This now presents a problem with certain people; Is it okay to have abundant religious references in our country's government? Not only do we now have a more diverse population in respect to religions but we have more people who don?t believe in the Christian god but have other beliefs instead. To put this into perspective, there?s about a 2.4 percent difference between the amount of people who voted for Donald Trump and nonreligious people in the United States, with the nonreligious people taking the 2.4 percent lead. Also, more people, even believers, are pointing out the fact that the United States government should not acknowledge or even foster a single religion. Maybe instead of saying ?In God We Trust? on our currency we could say ?In America We Trust? and during the pledge of allegiance say ?One Nation United.? So where do you stand? Do you think we should take the religious references out of the government or should we just stick with the traditions of the past, possibly facing the ramification of whatever the future generations of Americans have in store?

KEEP CELEBRITIES OUT OF OFFICE Despit e popu lar r equ est s, t h e polit ically u n exper ien ced Opr ah Win f r ey h as sin ce an n ou n ced t h at sh e w ill n ot be r u n n in g f or pr esiden t in 2020. By Clar e Fidler As. Edit or -in -Ch ief '20 The 75th Golden Globes Awards were held on January 7th, 2018, and they sent shockwaves across the nation. Pictures flooded the internet of various celebrities dressed in black to support the Time?s Up and #MeToo movements. The alliance formed by some of the most influential people in popular culture

law is a fit candidate for the job, not a popular celebrity.

achievement. Winfrey delivered a powerful speech afterwards on the many issues pressing the nation today. She recognized the

strong Democratic nominee for the 2020 election? Some

Therefore, to put a celebrity like Winfrey in office would be only be detrimental to the seriousness and intelligence Democrats wish to show. It does take a level of popularity to

be elected to a high office, but the person should be an by just the color of clothing was moving to countless people across practiced politician. This is proven more necessary than ever the nation. by the failure that has been the Trump presidency so far. He One of the most exciting moments of the entire evening was campaigned to win, not to be in office and actually do the job. when Oprah Winfrey won the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime So, if Winfrey does not run for president, who will be a

importance of the press in politics, and praised all the women who have chosen to speak out about the abuse of inequality they have

possible choices could be Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Cory Booker, but some people find the need to break the glass ceiling more pressing than ever. In that case, numerous

been subject to throughout their lives. The speech sent chills down women are more than capable of the position. Elizabeth the backs of millions of young girls around the country, as one of Warren taught at numerous law school including Harvard, and the main points Winfrey spoke of was the importance of currently serves as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. encouraging young women to believe they can make a difference Michelle Obama, as a former first lady, graduated from both in our world. The morals and power showcased in Winfrey?s Princeton University and Harvard Law School, and has pushed speech convinced many people that she might run for the presidency in 2020. Was it not for Winfrey?s inexperience in politics, she could be one of the most promising candidates in the 2020 election. She is a relatable character, as she rose to her fame from a situation where she had little to nothing. Winfrey is a self-made billionaire, and also is the first female African American billionaire. She has spent years promoting the good in people and fighting for human rights. While there are many things to praise about this forgiving humanitarian, her exclusive celebrity status and lack of political experience should discourage her from running to be the President of the United States. Basically, Winfrey campaigning for president would only be continuing the idea made by Donald Trump that political experience is not an important aspect for a candidate to have. Winfrey is very active in supporting human rights, and has her economic situation figured, but running the country is a completely different idea. A person with experience in politics or

for support for children and military families throughout her career. Tulsi Gabbard, the U.S. Representative for Hawaii?s second congressional district, served in Iraq, and is the first Samoan American and first Hindu member of U.S. Congress. The list goes on and on. All of the many possible Democratic candidates believe in protecting civil rights, and promoting equality, LGBT, and abortion rights. The popularity in the possibly of Oprah 2020 could have caused her to consider it recently, but she has since announced that she will not be running for president. A CNN poll showed that she would have the majority vote over Trump in the 2020 election, but it was shown to be likely that any relatively strong Democratic candidate could do the same. All Winfrey would be accomplishing would be keeping an experienced politician out of office. While diverse people should be encouraged to run for office, those strong role models should be experienced politicians who we can trust running our country.

Bir t h day St r esses Everyone at one point or another has heard a story about how having a birthday on a holiday is terrible. These stories about having a birthday on Christmas which leads to people being given no attention, while instead all of the focus goes on the holiday itself. This same concept applies for Halloween birthdays, 4th of July birthdays, and many more. However, there is one birthday that is, in my experience, overlooked by everyone for how horrible of a day to be born on it is. This day is Valentine?s Day. Being a Valentine?s Baby is not enjoyable, trust me I would be one to know. For starters, when I was a kid and gender norms were still very prevalent and expected among children, I was always the boy who was associated with the color pink due to my birthday being on "the girliest day of the year." When it comes down to it, it is as if no one remembers my birthday. People always say ?Happy Valentine?s Day!? before I would ever hear ?Happy Birthday!? By the time people would even notice it was my birthday, the day was almost over, and the birthday wishes were only said to me because someone would just happen to remember. It never felt sincere. Now, this may seem a bit cynical, but when it is the only day of the year that you get to hear ?Happy Birthday? but instead all you hear is ?Happy Valentine?s Day,? it gets old really fast. One thing that people often expect is that having my birthday on Valentine's Day somehow adds a romantic aspect to my life, but that could not be less true. I have spent a majority of my Valentine?s Days alone, and when it is both my birthday and Valentine?s Day and I do not have anyone to spend it with, it is not exactly the best feeling in the world. Taking this into account, it is not like I ever like celebrating Valentine?s Day. In fact, it is one of my least favorite holidays, because all you do is write valentines to everyone else in your class.This may sound like I was a selfish kid, but it was tiring to have to deal with giving valentines to other people on a day that was supposed to be all about me. I could ramble on all day how terrible it is to have the birthday that I do, but the fact of the matter is, that I am not alone. There are countless numbers of people who have birthdays on holidays and I can assure you that most of them have the same feelings I do about the topic. So after reading this, should you not only respect it when people have birthdays on holidays but put their birthday above the holiday, whatever it is. I can say from experience that whoever says ?Happy Birthday? to me instead of saying ?Happy Valentine?s Day? is a much more considerate person who can understand what it is like and is courteous to people like me who have this birthday. The fact of the matter is that having birthdays on days like Valentine?s Day or Christmas is actually a lot worse than most think. You have to constantly be told ?Happy Valentine?s Day? or ?Merry Christmas? on a day that really is supposed to be yours. So as sort of a public service announcement: whenever you meet someone who has a birthday on a holiday, act as if that the holiday does not exist because I can tell you that people who recognize your birthday over the holiday will be appreciated more by people like me.

By Lu k e Allen Repor t er '21

Issue 5 2017 2018  
Issue 5 2017 2018