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Volume 41. Issue 4. January 25 , 2018

STUDENT COUNCIL PLANS SNOWCOM ING IHS st u den t cou n cil at t en ds leader sh ip day at Alm a High Sch ool an d r et u r n s w it h t h e idea of a w in t er f or m al dan ce. By Ken n edy Car m an Edit or -in -Ch ief '18

Unlike homecoming, though, there will be no Snowcoming parade in

Ithaca High School often surpasses its neighboring schools

the February cold.

academically and athletically, but there is one small event that every other school near the area seems to do that Ithaca does not:

?[Students] should use [snowcoming] as an opportunity to dress up,

IHS has recently not held a winter formal dance. The IHS student

socialize, have fun, and maybe get a new dress, but they should come

council attended a student council leadership day at Alma High

most importantly to support their school,? Bakker said.

School in December, and a winter formal dance was one of the

Snowcoming week will take place February 5 - 10 with the dance

ideas that came out of attending this event.

being held in the school cafeteria on Saturday, February 10. Just like

?We went to a student council conference at Alma High School,

homecoming week, there will be different dress up days for each day of

and they told us about their winter formal, and we loved the idea,?

the week. Monday will be pajama day, and hot chocolate will be sold in

sophomore and student council secretary Rachel Bakker said.

the morning; Tuesday is athlete versus mathlete day, where students are expected to dress in their sporty or nerdy attire; Wednesday will be

The student council co-presidents Lauren Sheets and Alex VanDeWeghe decided that a winter formal would be fun for the

random object day, where students dress up as any random object;

students, and after some consideration, the student council made

color war day is on Thursday, where the freshmen wear white, the

the decision to create a winter formal dance for the students of

sophomores wear green, juniors wear red, and the seniors wear black;

IHS, called Snowcoming.

and Friday is blue and gold day, with a "manpuff " volleyball game

?The student council as a whole all came up with the idea. We're a strong team, probably the strongest I've ever facilitated,? student council advisor Dan Gowell said.

during the assembly later that day. ?I've often heard people wish for a winter formal. We have a fall and spring formal, it makes sense that we have a winter one as well. It's going to be a great chance to break up the monotony of winter and give

There will even be Snowcoming royalty; just like for homecoming. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors cannot be a

everyone the option to make one more excellent memory for high

snowcoming representative if they have previously been a

school,? Gowell said.

snowcoming or homecoming representative, the same way that

The first winter formal for Ithaca will be a milestone for the district,

they cannot for homecoming. Seniors cannot be on snowcoming

and as generations continue to come to the school, maybe Snowcoming

court if they were the King and Queen of homecoming. If they were

will continue to evolve into a magnificent event that students can enjoy

Feb. 23rd

M ar. 23rd

on any court in the past, though, they can be crowned. for ages to come. is?The t h e royalty deadlinwill e t obet utwo r n in you r sen ior per class isincluding t h e deadlin it t in g you r dance will beison t h esale deadlin e tlunch o t urn in you r for $10. representatives thee f or su bmTickets for the during next week pict uWe r e, want qu ot e, d college/ carhomecoming, eer seniors. to itanbe as cool as but not ( Fr ee Applicat The willalbe held atk in Ithaca High from FAFSA ion fdance or Feder der gar t enSchool pict u ron e t Saturday, o t h e Gr ow ler st af f t o t h e year book st af f overshadow it,? Gowell said. 8-11:00pm. St u den t Aid) applicat ion


Where Did Home Ec. Go? - 3





Genetic Engineering - 4

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Winter Sports Briefs - 6

Hamilton Review- 7


Jan 25, 2018



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NET NEUTRALITY REPEALED ON DECEM BER 14 By Rain Rodr igu ez New s Edit or '18 On December 14, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to

of recently, whether it be via newspapers, news channels, or even from YouTubers voicing their opinions. However, not everyone fully understands the concept of net neutrality. Net neutrality is the way the internet has functioned for two years. Net neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon from speeding up, slowing down, or blocking any content, applications, or websites people want to use. This type of service allows individuals equal access to all content they would like to view despite their cable company?s preferences one way or another.

Twit t er: IHSPul icat ions Inst agram: IHSpubl icat ions Snapchat : IHSpubl icat ions

Without net neutrality, many fear that these cable companies will potentially limit internet freedoms. Several individuals feel that if net neutrality is repealed,

ABOVE: Ajit Pai speaking at t he E-Rat e Modernizat ion Workshop. Pai was sworn int o his f ive year posit ion as FCC chairman in May of 2012.

cable companies will then take advantage of that opportunity to ban sites they do not approve of, place fees on sites, or add censorship. Another possibility is that

change, but this is not certain to anyone.

these companies may offer slower internet to those using sites the company may be competing with or disapproves of.

There are many companies such as Netflix and Google that are staying suspiciously quiet about their courses of action should net

Countless people have voiced their concern towards the destruction of net neutrality and the majority of the country was opposed to it being repealed.

neutrality become officially repealed. Companies as large as these do not seem to be swayed either way to be for or against net neutrality.

However, the FCC, led by Republicans, voted against the beliefs of around 83 percent of the population by repealing net neutrality a stated by the Washington

Since they have already had so much growth and take in so much income, whether the net is neutral or not will not have that great an influence on their businesses.

Post. Ever since the vote was announced, there have been several protests by citizens all across the United States. Many have united to create petitions, protest with signs in public areas, and spread aware of the issue to urge others to call their congressmen. In order to prevent net neutrality from being annihilated, it has to win the vote


Courtesy of Google


repeal net neutrality, winning the vote 3 to 2. This vote and the issue of net neutrality in general is a widely debated topic that nearly everyone has heard news

Ph ot o by Ally Davis

The Growler staff accepts full responsibility for writing published in the Growler. There will be no responsibility placed upon the administration for content of this publication. The adviser is in place strictly to offer advice and guidance to maintain the legal, accurate and ethical manner of publication. The Growler will not be reviewed, reserved, or withheld from distribution by Ithaca High School officials prior to publication.

year book

in Congress, otherwise the new laws against net neutrality will take effect in less than 60 days. Many people and sites online are encouraging people to continue filling out petitions and urge individuals to call their congressmen and express their desire to keep net neutrality. The only way to prevent these changes are if we, the people, prevent it. There is also the issue that even after the Congressional vote, President Donald Trump could still veto any laws passed if he did not approve of them. This is causing many individuals to grow nervous as Republican and Democratic congressmen alike debate which side they will take in this next vote.

However, many fear for the economy and prospects of smaller companies. Companies just starting off and looking to make it in the market may not be able to get off the ground. Larger companies could totally eliminate competition from smaller companies simply by blocking off their sites or even refusing to offer apps in the app store from rivals. This could then create monopolies from companies since they would no longer have to worry about competition. Monopolies such as this would normally be illegal and for good reason, but with net neutrality repealed may happen with little to no consequences. Ultimately, without net neutrality, it appears that there will only be more problems made rather than solutions. With so many social, economic, and even political issues, it just does not seem right to repeal the net neutrality laws of the past. The only way to stop this from finalizing is to take action and not be afraid. If you want change, bring it

The leader of the movement against net neutrality, Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, insists that repealing net neutrality will not cause drastic changes to the

about yourself. Call your congressman and fill out petitions to publicly voice your distaste. Keep the world-wide web how it has always been;

Internet and many cable providers insist that the services they offer will not

world-wide, with all information accessible.



WHERE DID HOM E EC. GO? By Josie M or r ow Repor t er '21

As time goes on and as worldwide education requires change, the American education system evolves as well. One of the first classes to go was a popular one back in the day, Home Economics, also known as Home Ec., was a class that taught students all about the basics of home living, such as sewing, cooking simple meals, and financial planning.

ABOVE: Pr esiden t S. Jon es, Secr et ar y V. Reeves, Advisor Su e Ch af f in , Tr easu r er S. Ham el, an d Vice Pr esiden t S. Bat or pose t oget h er f or t h e 1966 Hom e Econ om ics year book page. Th e h om e econ om ics r oom u sed t o be in r oom 214, w h ich is n ow a st or age r oom .

Home Ec. was offered at IHS for over 30 years, one of the earliest recorded classes was taught by Ms. Sue Chaffin in 1966. The students had to learn how to do various activities, such as type on typewriters, which were still new in public school programs, and even thread a needle. They also had to learn how to cook simple meals like cocktail meatballs, and stuffed celery. The next decade mixed things up with a few added classes and new subjects. In the 1970s, Home Ec. classes were instructed by two different teachers, Mrs. Terri Klifman and Mrs. Elizabeth Laskey, who taught various new skills, such as home survival skills and how to use the basic metric unit (for cooking, measuring, and building). Home Survival Skills (HSS) taught students family living, housing, how to cook different foods, and how to take care of clothing. As much fun as the program was, the school cut back and reduced the number of

schools got to have a pizza party whenever they made pizza. As Steve Netzley stated, the Home Economics class ended when the current teacher, Mrs. Pitcher retired. Netzley said, ?I had the class my senior year. I didn't really want to take the class but I had run out of elective class options and it fit into my schedule so I took it.? He also explained the reason why Ithaca never brought the class back, ?There are a lot more options for students now, CTE, dual enrollment, early college, online, etc.? Some students at the school say they would have enjoyed a Home Ec. class, luckily Netzley also cleared up this, ?if a student is really interested in those types of skills they can take a CTE class at Mt. Pleasant.?

home education classes. The 80s classes were not as exciting because there was only the average cooking and sewing subjects taught by Mrs. Terri Klifman and Mrs. Lois Pitcher. Some of the dishes the students learned had to make were Egg in the Basket, which is an egg in the center of an egg then cooking it with butter, and various flavors of cheesecake. They also learned how to hem, fix a button and create embroidery. Sadly, after this decade the class was nearing an end at IHS. The 1990s was the last decade, with the students learning how

Home Economics, a staple class for the twentieth century education system, which taught students the basics of home living and becoming an adult stripped from modern education probably never to be seen again in public high schools like Ithaca. So where did Home Ec go? It is buried under today?s modern lifestyle, videos explaining how to cook something in minutes that would have taken several days to perfect in class, websites that give you step-by-step tutorials instead of a teacher telling you what to do, and worst of all, a lack of interest for it. In today?s society no one wants to know how to make cookies, instead they want

to do interior design, and learning child development, There was

to know how to edit in Photoshop, create an extravagant painting, or

also a new eighth grade Home Economics class where middle

learn how to code and make websites.

REM EM BERING PATTY EDGAR By Dan ielle M ason Opin ion Edit or '18 Patty Edgar was a beloved South Elementary teacher here at Ithaca. She worked as first and second grade teacher at her time working for the school system. Unfortunately, Mrs. Edgar passed away Tuesday, December 5, as a result of a car accident. She is survived by her husband Mark Edgar, children Zachary and JoElle Edgar, and Kory and Erin Edgar. She is remembered by her fellow co-workers and students. Mrs. Edgar was born in Alma, Michigan on May 29, 1960 and she stayed in the area for most of her 57 years. She touched the lives of hundreds of students during her 23 years of teaching here at Ithaca. After graduating from Ithaca in 1978, she attended Central Michigan University to earn a bachelor 's degree in early childhood development. For Mrs. Edgar, children were a major part of her life, evident in her passion for teaching and community work. She volunteered often for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gratiot County and also volunteered to chaperone for the school ski club. She was always there when someone needed a helping hand or just a sympathetic ear. Even in death, she continues to give as she passed as an organ donor. Outside of school, she enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren by their pool and she loved taking walks with her stepfather, Ted and their dog, Abby. Her obituary reads that she was the rock of her family, as she was always caring for others. She also loved visiting sunny Florida where other members of her family live. Her funeral was on Saturday, December 9, at 11:00 A.M. with Pastor Doug Strait and Pastor Chris Mikesell officiating. In attendance were her friends, family, and many students who were impacted by her over the years.

ABOVE: Edgar was a second grade t eacher at It haca Sout h School and was very act ive in her communit y. She passed away on December 5, 2017.

Throughout her lifetime, she changed the lives of so many students. Without her, second grade would not have been the same for so many kids who step through the doors here at

There are very few times in the history of Ithaca where a tragedy

IHS. Many of her fellow staff members also lament her death, including fellow teacher Chery

takes place in such a short amount of time. There are never

Martyn-Cramer. ?I was lucky to have worked with her at South elementary for a number of

answers to why something so horrible takes place but sometimes

years.? said Cramer in a Facebook post.

in life horrible things happen to great people for no reason.

?Patty was my mentor teacher as I did my student teaching with her back in 2004. (She)

Mrs. Edgar will be missed by many of the students here at

gave me the greatest piece of advice for my teaching profession. She said, ?Have patience,

Ithaca. When in South Elementary, everyone knows that there will

don?t speak badly about anyone, ever, and always show kindness.?Patty lived those words,

not be that special presence which brought so much joy to so

and demonstrated to me what a genuinely kind teacher, friend, and person is,? said Jessica

many people.

Hull Arnold in Mrs. Edgar ?s online obituary book.

We, as members of the Growler staff, would like to thank Mrs.

She was the driving force of all second grade education. She was always making sure her

Edgar for all of the hard work and pride she brought to our

students always did their best. Right now there is a temporary substitute teacher filling in for

community. We would like to thank her for the good times and all

Mrs. Edgar ?s current second grade class but no one can replace her magic touch.

of the memories she gave us. She will certainly be missed.

Jan 25, 2018




IS GOOD GRAM M AR ACTUALLY IM PORTANT? By Scou t Pit t m an Bu sin ess/ Social M edia '21

The gooder the grammar, the gooder the paper. Does this

if their parents do not speak grammatically correct then chances are their

sound correct? No, but this example is how people talk within

children will not either. Improper grammar may change what you?re

today?s society.

trying to say without intending to do so. For example, ?Let?s eat Mom.?

Grammar skills are essential for everyday life, such as in your career or for educational purposes. If you use proper grammar skills in your career you?re more likely to be seen as

and ?Let?s eat, Mom.? Without the comma in the first phrase, it completely changes the meaning. Some people argue that proper grammar is not important because

professional, whereas if you use improper grammar then you

language is evolving. Many words are being added to the dictionary

will not be taken seriously. If you make grammatical errors in a

because language is evolving and grammar needs to evolve with it.

job interview you probably will not get the job and the boss will

Hater, obvs, bromance, and omg were all recently added to the

choose a different candidate who speaks with proper

dictionary. These words are considered slang but when you use them


everyone knows what you are talking about. Language is changing

Proper grammar goes beyond just the written grammar, but is used verbally also. Verbal grammar is just as important

around us Along with making you sound more intelligent, proper grammar will

as written grammar is, maybe even more critical. Along with

help with papers that you write for school sound more sophisticated and

spelling words correct, you have to be able to place your

more like you know what you?re talking about. In the south, people may

apostrophes and commas in the right places. Verbal grammar

consider their speech improper but from a cultural standpoint their

is making sure you pronounce words correctly and to not use

dialect is correct. Here in Michigan, we say things such as Meijer ?s or JC

slang words, such as the use of the word ain?t.

Pennies which is grammatically incorrect, but since most people talk like

According to Harvard Business Review, they will not hire you if you make grammatical errors, and will instead choose a

that they know what we are talking about. As stated by The Critical Reader, proper grammar will help you score

different candidate. Everyone who applies for this company is

higher on the SAT. The SAT focuses on certain aspects of genuine

required to take a grammar test. Proper grammar has more to

grammar such as punctuation, the use of its and it?s and who?s vs whose.

than what you remember learning in elementary and high

When writing papers grammatical errors take away from the strength of

school, but it is also about detail.

the piece. To improve your grammar, pay attention and take mental (or

Children usually learn how to speak from their home life, so

physical) notes in your English class.

THE GENETIC ENGINEERING DEBATE FOR: Why is the world freaking out over genetic engineering and designer babies? These two unusual topics are both very controversial. Many people are quick to judge these two topics when in reality they most likely do not know all of the advantages to the process or the correct information regarding the topic. Genetic engineering by definition is ?the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material.? In short, genetic engineering is replacing poor quality or unneeded genes with desired ones. While designer babies and genetic engineering are closely related, there is still a divide in the two topics. To many, these concerns go against their morals. However, few know the benefits of these incredible inventions of the future. One of the most common benefits of genetic engineering is replacing genes in crops with more efficient genes. In October of 2017, the population of the world was around 7.6 billion people and is still rising. Four babies are born and two people die every second. Genetic engineering would create more food for our constantly growing population. Before genetic engineering took place, many farmers would lose all of their crops due to many different factors which can be fixed by this process. Farmers regularly use pesticides to prevent crops from being destroyed by unwanted insects, rodents, or weeds. Although some might say that pesticides are dangerous, they are only toxic to some degree and are not designed to hurt or injure people. One of the main cash crops in several countries in Asia is rice. Malnutrition is also a major problem in these countries. Furthermore, rice does not have much nutritional value. By genetically engineering rice, vitamins and minerals that would have not been there before are added into the rice. A common misconception that people have is that scientists are unaware of the dangers of this process. Genetic engineering has been around for nearly 30 years. Even though that may not be a ton of time, it is, however, enough time for scientists to find any major problems. If there was an extreme fault in this process, scientist would most likely already have found it. Similar to genetic engineering is designer babies. Deciding on this debatable topic would involve rearranging the genes in embryos. There are various reasons why someone might choose to genetically modify their baby. Arguably the most important reason would be to prevent any genetic disease or reduce risks of medical conditions. Around 30,000 people are living with cystic fibrosis in the United States. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that causes lung infections and limits the ability to breathe, and it usually always results in death. Scientists are working to treat and prevent this disease through genetic engineering, because as of right now, it cannot be cured in living people. Other medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, and obesity and reduced with choosing to design your baby. Although genetic engineering cannot cure diseases, it can cause them to not be present in the first place. Numerous people are against designer babies because it goes against their morals. When some people hear about designer babies, they automatically think of what the baby will physically look like, such as hair and eye color, height, and gender. However, picking and choosing physical traits is not as common as people think it is. According to Medical Daily, ?One of the scariest thoughts about genetic testing focuses on the idea of choosing ?desirable? traits over others, which could eventually lead to a more homogenous population. Given the choice, wouldn?t any parent choose for their child to be intelligent? What about tall or athletic? Plucking nice traits out of a brochure for a child, in theory, would almost certainly reshape the population, but technology simply isn?t capable of it.? Perhaps in the future people will be able to decide what hair color their baby has, but as of right now, the science needed to choose these traits is not currently available. When someone chooses to design their baby, they are rarely doing it for superficial reasons; they are doing it to save their baby from terrible diseases and birth defects.

By Jam ie Fidler Bu sin ess & M edia '21


Over the past few years the topic of genetic engineering has come up frequently and has raised many concerns in the eyes of the public. Although genetic engineering is a crucial part of society due to how it has been going on all around us for many generations, many people still do not realize the impacts modifying genes has on the world. A large number of these issues have arisen lately. For instance, genetic engineering may lead to genetic defects, cause loss of biodiversity, and antibiotic resistance of disease-causing organisms. It also raises the question of whether this is even socially and ethically moral. The advocates of modifying genes usually support this due to the simple reason that they have heard of the ?benefits?, but have never been seriously concerned with learning the extensive flaws that come with. Increased food production by making crops larger and increasing their nutritional value through genetic engineering is one reason people believe this process could be a good idea. What little of the public is aware of is that genetically modified foods can cause considerable health hazards. The process of changing DNA involved in modifying food is a relatively new concept with unknown results. Although some testing has been done to find the risks that this may cause, there has not been nearly enough to determine that genetically modified food is safe. The companies that produce genetically engineered food products assure that there is no harmful components of their food. This brings up another topic of concern, as it turns out these companies do their own testing on products and the Food and Drug Administration does not require a company to perform independent testing. So the company obviously will get results that support their product, which means they can sell the item and make money. This all suggests that nobody can be completely sure what will happen if genetically modified food is eaten. Even though the health risks of these foods are relatively unknown, scientists have come up with several ideas that are very plausible. Since genetically modifying food is a new process, there can be unknown substances that form and react in strange ways causing serious side effects on a person. A study done at Cambridge University suggests that an enzyme called Cytochrome P540 (CYP) present in Glyphosate, a common element of Roundup, is toxic. This herbicide is used on many crops and is found to be consumed on a daily basis by the average person. CYP enhances the damaging effects of other food-borne chemicals and environmental toxins producing a slow inflammation of cellular systems throughout the body. These factors will lead to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, Autism, infertility, cancer, and Alzheimer´ s disease Along with the health risks above, genetic engineering will dramatically change the environment and not for the better. For example, a crop that is modified can become invasive or toxic to wildlife because many of these crops are engineered to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides. This can cause them to spread easily and decrease the biodiversity of an ecosystem. Since these crops are resistant to chemicals that kill weeds and insects, farmers sometimes will increase pesticide/herbicide usage on their crops. This has caused many plant and insect species to become more resistant to these chemicals as well. The chemicals are also seeping into the groundwater which is poisoning the environment. Many supporters would suggest modifying genes is good because now a child can be engineered to have healthy genes. The process of designing babies is only in the experimental stages though, so a lot of things are likely to go wrong at this point in time. Although most modifying would be done to get rid of the bad genes such as ones that cause diseases and disorders, it can also be used for superficial purposes such as eye color and face shape. As sci-fi as it sounds, there is a possibility that eventually humans who have been designed to be more intelligent and good-looking will form a separate class in society that is above unmodified humans. The selection of genes will lead to a lack of diversity that is shown to lead to defects and other health issues. Simply, due to the fact that everyone would be similar genetically there would be little diversity which causes disorders. At the surface it would seem that modifying genes fixes many problems, but if you were only to look just below the surface you would find that genetic engineering is destructive to everything natural in this world that the very thought of someone justifying genetic engineering is completely and utterly appalling.

Courtesy of Fiona Woodrow

By Lot t ie Car m an Bu sin ess & M edia '21



DAZZLING DAVENPORT By M aiya Hessbr ook Feat u r e Edit or '20

As seasons go by, many of the individuals here remember

By M addi Space going football Lifto e Edit or '20games of yore. The fans enter the stands

sometimes an hour before kickoff, but before the game can start, the National Anthem must be performed. Normally, the band plays the tune; however, there have been times where students and community members have had the honor to sing the National Anthem. Many people quake at the thought of singing in front of hundreds of Gratiot County fans, but this is not the case for one amazing individual here at Ithaca High School. While walking down the hallways, you may have heard the name of freshman, Lydia Davenport, as the spark in some conversations between sports teams and close friends. Despite being a dedicated member of teams such as softball and basketball, Davenport shares her love for singing with our

ABOVE: Freshman Lydia Davenport singing at a wedding recent l y. Davenport of t en sings t he Nat ional Ant hem at various sport ing event s.

?I don?t usually get nervous, singing is something I enjoy

community through the pregame custom of standing at attention to

doing, and all it does is excite me,? Davenport said, ?It helps me to

our National Anthem.

relieve stress, and if I am mad, it is something to go to,?

Davenport, who has been singing since she was five years old,

Large audiences, such as those attending Ithaca football

is the voice we have all heard before many football games, singing

games, can definitely be intimidating, thinking of all the ways in

the National Anthem. She began singing at sporting events after

which something could potentially go wrong. Especially while

being approached by Deana McDaid.

singing the National Anthem in front of hundreds of people, a bit of

Drama anxiety Cl ub is prominent. Davenport does not let that get her down,

?I also sing at the fair, minor league baseball games, basketball games, Michigan State FFA conventions, rodeos, weddings, church,

however. She just takes a deep breath and tells herself to stay calm,

and singing competitions,? Davenport said.

heading out with a smile on her face.

Singing is not only a talent, but also an enjoyable hobby for

?I just go and sing my heart out,? Davenport adds.

Davenport, giving her a chance to relieve stress and anger from

With all the excitement and anticipation included in singing in front

day-to-day. Singing is a natural antidepressant that not only makes

of lots of people, Lydia Davenport has proven to everyone what can

one feel uplifted and happy, but also, singing can take the mind off

happen when you set your mind to something and ignore the

the day?s troubles and instantly boost one?s mood.

feelings of anxiety that are present.


In a small school like Ithaca High School, it is easy to spot a

some require less,? said IHS counselor, Terri Smith. Students also may have difficulty with their own situations, like

new kid on the rare occasions that one transfers here. New

having to adjust to the new environment and having the stress of

students are normally from the area, on the rare occasion they

knowing if they will make new friends or not.

might come from out of state, however, for someone to transfer

For most people coming to a new town means leavening family

to Ithaca from outside of the United States let alone from an

behind. Delgado faces the same problems as the entirety of her

island out in the Atlantic Ocean. Freshman Victoria Delgado

family still lives in Puerto Rico except for her father and stepmom.

transferred to IHS from Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the

?Most of my close family lives in Puerto Rico and I have close

U.S., due to the recent hurricanes Puerto Rico has been plagued with over the recent months. She will continue to attend school in Ithaca until the end of the school year. The difficulty occurred when transferring high schools, can

friends that I would not want to leave behind.? Delgado said. When arriving in a new area, things may seem different and unnatural, ?The first thing I noticed was that there isn?t that much diversity here in Michigan? said Delgado. With diversity, much of the

cause the student to worry about the criteria they need to meet

population would be separated into their own little groups and no

in order to continue on in their education. In order to officially

one would know what group to fit into, or if they will be accepted for

graduate from high school, a certain number of credits needs to

who they are.

be obtained. ?Each district has its own set of graduation requirements. Ithaca requires 28 credits, but other schools require more, and

Going from place to place in such short notice can be something scary for those who have not experienced it before. ?I don?t really think anyone likes being the new kids, so just having to go to a new school and not knowing anyone was kind of scary,? Delgado said. New students often fear being treated differently by others, but for Delgado, this was not the case. ?People didn?t really treat me any different when I came to Michigan. Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. anyways,? When the end of the year rolls around, certain transfer students stay, and others leave everything behind, ?Every situation is unique. Some families stay until graduation, and some move sooner than that. We do what we can to make their stay here as comfortable as possible,? said Smith. Knowing the school will try to make it as comfortable as possible, there is no stopping them if they leave. For individuals like Delgado, coming to a new area can be quite the challenge, however if students at IHS make sure that they are pleasant and kind to new transfers such as Delgado, they can ensure that their time spent here is comfortable and stress free.


Jan 25, 2018




WI NTER SPORTS BRI EFS Boys Bask etbal l

Gi rl s Bow l i ng

I ndoor Track

After winning back-to-back TVC West titles, the boys Varsity basketball team is hoping to go for round

The Ithaca High School has had an indoor track team for

After going to states for the last two years, and

almost 15 years. This year, some of the notable runners

winning in the season of 2015-2016, the girls Varsity

three with another win. With a record of 23-3 in

include Josie Morrow, Jamie Fidler, Morgan Most, Ben

Bowling team can only hope to make it again this

2015-2016, and a record of 20-3 in the 2016-2017

Bontrager, Lani Bloom, Emma Browne, Ransom Allen,

year. There are seven members on the team,

season. The 11 people on the team are banning

Landon Strong, Faith Bartnik, and Abi Whitford. ?Indoor is a

including the head coach, Dan Macha. After taking

together to help fill the shoes of Isaiah Hoag and

great time to get experience on the track while there is less

third in the Huskies Invitational on (date), it looks

Levi Lehman, who graduated last year. ?We hope to

pressure. We lost a lot of core runners the past few years, so

evident that the team will make it back to states again

run the floor more and push the ball scoring on

this year we will get to see younger runners step up and test

this year.?I started Saturday leagues at what used to

their limits," said junior Morgan Most. "I would say that the

be the 300 Bowl in Alma when I was 5, which means

ultimate goal of indoor track is to gain experience, get in

this is my 11th year on a team,? said sophomore

shape, and build racing confidence so we can do the best we

Fiona Woodrow.

transition,? said junior Baylee Chaffin, who has been playing basketball since fifth grade and has played the last two years on the varsity team.

possibly can in the spring.?

Next Gam e: 1/ 23 (Hom e)

Next Gam e: 1/ 20 (Hom e)


Gi rl s Bask etbal l

Boys Bow l i ng

Though this season has not necessarily been in favor of

While being judged on their smiles, the difficulty of the

our Ithaca Varsity basketball team, their act and love

routine they are performing and their formation, the

boys varsity bowling team is on their way to success

towards the game has not changed. Every game, they

Poms team is always working to make themselves

again this year. Though they have not made it to states in

come out ready to play and prepared to give the game

stronger and better than the performance before. ?We

the last few years, they are hoping that this year will be

their all. They leave everything they have on the court, no

make the routines, practice them, and change them

matter the outcome of the game. With two amazing

until they are how we want them to be,? said

coaches and 12 team members, the girls varsity basketball

sophomore Hannah Mox, who is participating in her

team is hoping to make it to districts and possibly further

first year of poms. All the team can hope for is that they

need to be bumped up from junior varsity next year to

than they did last year.

make it to states and excel at the competition.

help Pitcher, as he will be the only returning varsity

After being coached for 15 years by Walley Schneider, the

the year. The team consists of seniors Dalton Carl, Collin Handy, Josh Baumann, Dylan Macha, Matt Hoard, Jared Hoard, and sophomore Preston Pitcher. With six out of the seven members of the team leaving, at least four will

member next season.

Next M at ch : 1/ 20 (Hom e)

Next Gam e: 1/ 23 (Hom e)

WINTER GUARD SEASON BEGINS Wint er guard season kicks of f wit h perf ormances at basket bal l games. By Sk ylar Sh aw Spor t s Edit or '18 When people go to an Ithaca football game, the halftime festivities include a show from the band who are always

photo credit Courtesy of Cassie Bussell

accompanied by the color guard. They bring color to the show by performing many tricks, which include waving, spinning, and tossing flags, as well as the throwing and spinning of a rifle, performed this year by senior co-captain, Jason Williams. Although many people know about and have watched the color guard, not many people know about a sport that is coming back to Ithaca after two years of absence. Winter guard is much like color guard except the season takes place in the winter. ?The main difference is that color guard is outside and winter

ABOVE: Color gu ar d an d w in t er gu ar d coach Cassie Bu ssell t ak es a self ie

guard is luckily inside. Winter guard is a lot more dancy when

w it h h er color gu ar d t eam at t h e For d Field St at e Fin als gam e in Novem ber .

compared to color guard.? Williams said.

Th e w in t er gu ar d season h as begu n per f or m in g at bask et ball gam es.

This year ?s team has three members who have been working very hard and hope to continue to build the program with more

flag work and still features the rifle. The team performs during the girls JV basketball games as well as

interest next year. With two of the three members, Paige Harwager

January 11, January 29, February 5, and February 19 at the halftime JV

and Williams, being seniors, and the third member, Mary Silvers,

boys basketball and possibly January 23 at the varsity halftime.

being a sophomore, they hope to leave a good path for the next generation of participants. ?This is actually my first year teaching winter guard, but I have

The participants really enjoy having people come to watch them as they work really hard to be able to put on a good show. Winter guard can be just as hard as any other sport but can also have the same

taught color guard for three years now,? Cassie Bussell said

satisfaction by seeing how all of their hard work really pays off by

Winter Guard is also a way to be in the spotlight with it featuring an

putting on the best show possible.

entire array of different solo?s and duet?s. Also, dancing is a huge

?Winter guard is a lot of work. It's a lot of time taken out of their days,

part of the sport so anybody with an interest in dancing should

It's frustration and late nights.? Bussell said, ?It's also a lot of fun. You

consider the opportunity.

form a bond that's unforgettable and to witness their commitment to

Even though there is a lot of dancing, there is still quite a bit of

this team is awesome.?



HAM ILTON HYPE By Lu k e Allen Repor t er '21 The Broadway musical Hamilton has taken America and the

Lots of people have complained about this saying that


world by storm. Over the last two years, the musical has

?The founding fathers were white so why aren?t the actors??

become increasingly popular. The performance combines

But during the show, it doesn?t really affect the overall

different types of music and different styles of Broadway

performance. The singing and dancing is still amazing no

Anyone who has been lucky

shows by using rap and hip-hop in a conventionally opera style

matter what. It does not make a difference what the color

enough to take AP Literature with

show. This, coupled with its increased influence on politics and

of the actors skin is as long as they do a good job during

Mr. Bourgault knows, how

its display of racial diversity, has created a show whose name

the performance.

has become commonplace in households across the country.

Overall, Hamilton is an amazing Broadway show.

laborious the summer assignment can be and how the prose of Hemmingway can put any

Throughout the dynamics of each and every character the

credit sensible personphoto to sleep.

2015, based off of a biography of Alexander Hamilton, the

show tells the story of America's founding father with a

However, fortunately for me, he

nation?s first secretary of the treasury, written in 2004. The

modern music twist. The show also features an almost

musical explores the rise and fall of Hamilton, from his humble

exclusively minority population as the leads of the

beginnings in the Caribbean to becoming the nation's only

performance. These things coupled with the hours of

Founding Father not born in the United States. Throughout the

singing and dancing make the ?Hamilton?performance one

modernism crafts a story of

show you feel a constant connection of sorts towards

for everyone to wish to see. In conclusion, I would give the

Winston and his desire to take

Hamilton. His dramatic climb to the top of the political ladder

Broadway musical Hamilton five out of five stars.

Hamilton made its original Broadway debut in January of

makes you feel proud of his accomplishments.

added one amazing book to that list this past year: George Orwell?s 1984. This wonderful piece of

down Big Brother. Anyone who loves a happy ending and a heroic defeat would absolutely despise

However, once you find out about his romantic relations

this novel. Winston and his love interest Julia, meet a horrific end

with another woman while married, you feel sort of betrayed.

at the hands of The Party. I won?t

After he is shot and killed in one of the final scenes you realize

go into detail. I will let you find out

his story as an American hero is greatly underappreciated,

what happens to him on your

especially with all of his accomplishments.

own, but just know Winston has a horrible fear of rats.

Another aspect of the musical that stands out is the racial

Of course there are dull

aspect of the cast. Out of the ten main characters of the

moments in the book where I wish

performance, only one is caucasian. Another thing to consider

Orwell would just get to the point,

when thinking about this is that these people are portraying

but the beautifully crafted ending

the founding fathers of America, who were all white. This

left me questioning my existence

decision was deliberate by Lin Manuel Miranda, the writer of

entirely. The book raises many questions and in recent times,

the show and main character Alexander Hamilton, he told The

after the election of Donald Trump

New York Times. ?This is a story about America then, told by

you might have seen it on the New

America now, and we want to eliminate any distance.? Miranda

York Times best sellers list again

said in the interview.

and that is because, the United States government looks more and more like Oceania every day.


The reason I love 1984 so much is because I see it every day in students and in community members who advocate against education. Whenever someone

By Clar e Fidler As. Edit or -in -Ch ief '20

tells me that they hate reading, or they hate being at school, they act like the paroles from 1984.

Blame Me?, ?Delicate?, and ?Call It What You Want? all fit into this

When an individual deprives

newest album, reputation. Some of the singles were brought to my

theme. The use of different technologies to make these intimate

themselves of information and

attention as they were being released, but besides that I never kept

songs impressed me because of the new feel it gave the idea of

knowledge, they take away their

up with any news about the album. I have enjoyed some tracks off

love. This brings me to my favorite song on the entire album, ?New

ability to know the difference

of her past works, but besides that, have invested very little time

Year ?s Day?. It is an acoustic piano song which makes it unique to

into being a major fan. I hoped that because of that this review

the other tracks. Swift, is able to convey such a simple message

would be as raw as possible.

about love that is truly beautiful. I could listen to it on repeat

I walked almost completely blind into this review of Taylor Swift?s

Swift?s reputation is the sixth studio album created by the artist since her beginnings as a country singer. It hit first place on 14

forever. Overall, this album wasn?t too bad. I?d give it a 3.5/5 stars. Many

between right and wrong. They toss away a precious tool that they can use to change the world and prevent their government or the upper class from deceiving and controlling them.

different charts lists for various countries around the world. Within

of the songs fulfilled the big expectations I had, but many also failed

four days of release, 1.05 million copies were sold in the United

to impress me. Reputation as a whole may not have been one of the

have no power and unfortunately

States, making it the biggest-selling album for the country in 2017.

greatest records I?ve ever listened to, but I see myself appreciating

our society has started to revert

This new album?s release was to signify the end of ?the old

some of the specific tracks for a long time. Often, I hear about how

back to the times where only the

Taylor ?, and present the world with a record completely different

people hate Swift and find her to be a terrible artist, and I find the

from the previous ones, especially 1989. Swift held special secret

hatred for art based on this to be wasteful. Swift?s reputation is

sessions for fans to hear the songs and secrets about the album

telling a story worth listening to, and could possibly be extremely

before it was released. Most important of these secrets was that the

relatable to many people.

Without information, the people

wealthy were educated and that scares me. Soon people will be walking around like Winston hiding their papers from a drone because they live in fear that

order of the tracks told the story of where Swift felt her life was at

whatever creative or controversial

throughout the making of the record. This was evident because as I

thought they think, write, or say

progressed through the album I could definitely see the shift from

will be the cause of their

vengeance to peace by the end.


I did have some disappointments with the album. I was under the impression that reputation would be completely different from previous records. For the most part, that was true throughout the

There have been few important things I will take away from my time here spent at Ithaca High School and one of those came

tracks, but some of the songs I found to be extremely similar to

from the mouth of the goddess

other Swift albums. Specifically, songs like ?Getaway Car ?, ?King of

herself. Ms. Kemme told me one

My Heart?, and ?Dancing With Our Hands Tied? sounded as if they

day that the only two things you

came directly from Swift?s previous album 1989.

need to read to understand the

The fabulous part of reputation was that I got almost exactly what I had expected. I knew since the release of ?Look What You Made Me Do?, that there would be many vengeful tracks dealing with feuds Swift has had with other artists like Kanye West and Katy Perry. The powerful, unforgiving revenge came in full force with songs like ?I Did Something Bad? and ?This Is Why We Can?t Have Nice Things?.

world were the Bible and 1984. I would give 1984 a 4.9/5 stars just because I hate some of the slower parts of the novel. I feel everyone needs to read 1984 because Orwell does a fantastic job of explaining the human condition through his prose.

I also knew there would be many romantic songs on the album like there always are on Swift?s records. Songs including ?Don?t

By Dan ielle M ason Opin ion Edit or '18

Jan 25, 2018



LI FE im por tan t in for m ation for th e

c l a s s o f 2 0 18 2/ 23:

Senior pictures, quotes, activities for yearbook are due to Ms. Kemme or a yearbook staff member. Be sure to include two pictures (head/ full body). Pictures can be emailed or submitted via physical copies.

3/ 21:

Senior Announcements and Cap & Gown pick-up during lunch.

3/ 23:

Kindergarten picture due to the Growler Staff for the senior issue. Pictures can be emailed or submitted via physical copies

4/ 10:

Senior Mini-Class Trip. Planning sessions TBA.

4/ 13:

Yearbook goes up in price from $50 to $60. Order online at or in person via cash or check. Partial deposits are accepted. .

4/ 25:

TVC Academic Luncheon

4/ 27:

Parent Prides for the yearbook are due. Prices start at $30.

intr oducing

Sn owcom in g m on day:

wh o: 9th-12th g ra d ers

PJ Da y

wh en : Feb . 5th-10th

tu esday:

wh at: a winter homecoming

Athlete vs Ma thlete

wedn esday: Ra nd om O b ject

wh y: why not?

fr iday's assem bl y: "ma npuff" volleyb a ll

th u r sday: Color Wa rs 9th: white

10th: g reen

11th: Red

12th: Bla ck

fr iday: Blue & Gold

& court a nnouncement

satu r day's dan ce: 8-11:00pm tickets: $10 (a va ila b le a ll week)

J& J Gil es Tir e Ser v ice 231 W Superior St. Alma, MI (989) 463-3650

3002 W M on r oe Rd, Alm a, M I (989) 463-4441

St ay Fit Gr at iot Count y 144 E Center St, Ithaca (989) 875-7711

Let 's Talk Abou t M elan ie M ar t in ez Two years ago, I was a fifteen year old sophomore with bad acne and good taste in music. I had just discovered the music of Twenty One Pilots, The Weeknd, and Melanie Martinez. I loved Melanie so much that I cried my eyes out when she played at a concert in Michigan in March of 2016 and I was unable to attend. I was one of her biggest fans and often sported her Crybaby merchandise and knew every word to every song on that album. On December 5, 2017, I was sitting at lunch and came across a tweet that was posted the night before by a woman named Timothy Heller. The tweet read, ?When I wrote my story about my assault, I initially wasn?t going to name the abuser. But I think it?s important for you all to know this about Melanie Martinez.? Attached to the tweet were four screenshots of a typed out story depicting events between Martinez and Heller that occurred around two and a half years ago. The story was a graphic depiction of a sexual assault that happened as a result of a sleepover between Martinez and Heller. During a night when the two friends were playing a dirty game that got out of hand, Martinez took it upon herself to rape the unwilling and unresponsive Heller. After soaking in all of that information, my mind was racing with so many thoughts, but at the same time not knowing what to think because I was in such shock. At this exact moment, I recalled a previous moment a few weeks earlier where I was conversing with my sister about all of the rape and sexual assault allegations that were surfacing recently. I remembered specifically saying, ?I wonder who the first woman who is accused of sexual abuse allegations is going to be.? I would have never guessed that it would have been Melanie Martinez, one of my all time favorite musical artists. It was then that I realized that as a consumer of merchandise and a listener of music, I had to make a choice. I had to decide whether or not I still wanted to support Martinez. So what did I decide? I?m dropping Melanie Martinez. Why am I so willing to completely abandon one of my favorite artists? It?s simple, really. If I, as a woman, decide that another woman coming forward about sexual abuse and sharing her story is not ?enough?or should be ignored, I?m not really doing a lot for the greater good of society. In fact, this case being a woman?s word against a woman?s word is important in that it shows people that sexual abuse and rape happens to all genders and all sexual orientations. People are willing to dig deep into Heller ?s social media as well as Martinez?s and find ?facts?and ?evidence?that debunk Heller ?s claims. Maybe if society would stop with the constant witch hunts and looking for flaws in her story, maybe more abuse victims would be willing to come forward. The perpetual assumption that people speak out for attention needs to stop now. How does thinking this way make us an accepting society? It doesn?t. The only thing that this accomplishes is that it causes more victims to be afraid to come forward about their own stories. Victims of sexual assault and rape often deal with their trauma in ways that people are always willing to pull apart and analyze, but you never truly understand what this feels like unless you are actually going through it. If we are trying to move forward into a more accepting, progressive, society, not believing a rape victim is not the way to do that. We need to encourage victims -- men, women, young, old, straight, gay, everyone -to speak out against injustices of all kinds. We cannot simply ignore these claims all while expecting that any good is being produced into society. If we want to move forward into a better world, we need to listen to one another. Until we decide to do that, we will always be stuck at where we are today.

By Ken n edy Car m an Edit or -in -Ch ief '18

Issue 4 2017 2018 (2)  
Issue 4 2017 2018 (2)