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Evolution USB pen drive in Premium Gifts industry. USB pen drive or USB thumb drive are flash memory that integrated with the USB interface. The USB pen drive also known as usb flash drive or usb Flash disk in more technical terms. Since the introduction of this gadget, it becomes very popular due to its small size, generally faster and able to hold more data than the conventional floppy disc. However, usb pen drive was not a popular promotional item in premium gifts industry. This is due to its high cost to be purchased as a corporate gift to client. Recently in the last few years, usb thumb drive has become a popular promotional item due to the following reasons: 1) The cost of the usb pen drive is becoming lower due to the mass production that make the price of memory chips is becoming lower . These enable organisations have the budget to purchase the item as a gifts to clients with personalized logo. 2) USB pen drives are useful and practical gifts to client and some of the housing of the pen drive model can be custom made to specific corporate logo color. Moreover, thumb drives nowadays are come with different shapes and size which is suitable for different type industries requirement. USB card / pen drive card is the latest trend of the usb design available in the market. This USB credit Card is getting very popular nowadays as the card is getting slimmer and slimmer to cater for customer requirements. IT Gifts Marketing is able to offer wide range of the usb card in different shapes and sizes. Card usb is normally manufactured with good quality plastic material and elegant lightweight aluminium material. Credit card usb is highly lightweight and portable and it is perfect to put into the pocket. USB card is most suitable for full color printing with color toning. In this technical information age now, a pen drive is one of the most usable and practical promotional items to associate with your companies branding. Promotional USB flash drives do indeed cost more than the usual promotional items like mugs, promotional pen and umbrella, though in terms of overall value for your customers, there is far higher percentage of usability. If you are looking for more information about the promotional pen drive, please visit our website at – We

are Malaysia leading wholesaler and importer of usb pen drive/usb thumb drive with original flash memory guarantee.

Evolution usb pen drive in premium gifts industry  

Article regarding the evolution of usb flash drive as promotional gifts.

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