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CityZeen Inc 2018 The first wealth is health. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Urban planning is a marriage between people and their surroundings.

Problem Strategic Highlights In North America, the Census occurs every 10 years leaving municipalities under pressure not having accurate information about their population so the Urban planning department can’t be

This function defines environment, human behavior and interactions. They are in charge of the Infrastructure which state how and where we live, work & play.

very effective In Asia, Africa & Latin America the problem is huge because they don’t even count on this function. Basically, they will like to connect with their residents to tailor-made services like Utilities, mobility, schools, parks, roads, etc. The Census barely reach 50% of insights and doesn’t match Infrastructure needs.

Financial Highlights In the next 10 years Cities with urban planning and without are going to invest $10 trillion dollars to redesign, host, improve, optimize and deliver better urban services to people. We have been validating our assumptions in different cultures. Urban planning would love to have a fully dedicated channel to connect with residents to be more effective allocating resources.

Operating Highlights Urban planning is a key function that requires a new approach and tools to satisfy community’s needs. It is at the heart of the City operations because it collects tax land property.

Looking Ahead To make more effective their job; urban planning and economic department need to work together based on statistics from the Census (Centralized model). Today a new model can be more inclusive having residents on board (Decentralized participation)

Andres Assmus Chief Strategy Officer May 25, 2018


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Solution A decentral ledger is at the heart of our system. We are working towards a model where residents and companies can trade, share and select urban projects where they want to support of can be helpful for their families or activities (human resources). They also can submit proposal to design infrastructure to be funded through CityZeen™ Token mechanism.

CityZeen™ decentralized system is composed of various levels of urban design for users and business. An exclusive channel for transactions data and real source records (infrastructure assets) are written into distributed nodes by an open source validation mechanism of data sharing through the blockchain underlying protocol. The real data becomes more simplistic and reliable through the enablement of IPFS protocol. Individuals participating in business activities can effectively become their own smart contract performers and data sharing peer. Safety and reliability of transactions are further promoted and ensured through the common data validation mechanism. CityZeen™ forms a realizable and verifiable blockchain network (Ethereum) which is modularized from real-world functionality, based on the sharing and immunity mechanisms provided by blockchain techniques.

Functions: 

Census A.I plug-in: by assigning a master private/public key-pair to an identity.

Arbitrage: Anyone can use a side-chain to run on the CityZeen consensus protocol. This side-chain can be permissioned or permissionless.

Dapp: we will be developing an SDK that eases this process of porting and deploying smart contracts across multiple platforms and financial transactions.

Programming Interface: it is REST API allowing applications to register users, query the blockchain, and issue transactions


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Opportunity From Central to decentral urban design •

Bottom-up (Urban data collection is based on real needs)

Residents can express their wishes or needs on urban infrastructure (Census A.I)

Ownership Token (Residents can invest)

Focus only on urban rather than rural •

Municipalities are hosting inequality, low-income and bad urban planning (Cars).

The urban planning department is shifting after more than 50 years status-quo

Population habits, societal trends, style of work, family structures are changing fast.

Changes in Securities The first municipal bond (securities) was created in New York, almost 200 years ago to help Economic department to invest in infrastructure. Today, we can design a new ledger where a resident can be part of their financial rounds (Tokenized Infrastructure). The City is a guaranteed to promote token-trades to solve urban needs. Non-real simulation, just to illustrate how ownership can work (*)

Description (*)




Revenue, Expenses, Earnings, % of owner Routes




















Who would afford CityZeen •

Economic & urban planning departments to define better rates, services, city operations

Utilities subscribe a Blockchain as a System per resident and we charge other features.

Private corporations around Infrastructure investments to co-design greenfield, brown or gray field opportunities. (Engineering, architects, urban planners, urban landscapes, developers, real-estate, urban developers, investors, sociologist, anthropologists, politicians, journalists, mobility players, carbon-traders, bankers, infrastructure funds, etc).


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Product Utility- A.I A City is the result of Utilities (Infrastructure like gas, sewage, water, electricity). The 5th is the exchange of census-ID between residents with Urban planning and Economic department using a decentral-AI consensus system.

User-centric A new type of Utility (Urban Information) can emerge focusing on the need to solve budget allocations, design urban services and dispatch more efficient urban services that matter to the community without bureaucratic constraints.

Zeen™ A Zeen™ is a token-reward system when a user discloses its census-ID. CityZeen is exploring a new business model where the physical city assets can be tokenized. Residents can invest in their local city or others, without procurement.

AI for urban planning We want to digitalize what today is working on a paper (Census). On top of that, we design a new type of ledger that can reduce friction for Governance, residents’ exchanges and works based on ID, Governance and P2P support. Urban planning is struggling into a central model and they don’t have today a fully dedicated channel to exchange with their residents for infrastructure or maintain operations.

Oracle The legislation is a huge obstacle for urban planners, to give them more efficiency, traction, and better user experience, we are implementing a new type of technology that brings more harmony and increase trust. A Blockchain ledger runs smart contracts to offer more efficiency and save time for all parties.

Why now

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Why now 1.1 Users don’t want politics for their daily urban needs, they want to be heard 1.2 Residents can co-invest or be owners to solve urban assets on infrastructure 1.3 Old and new physical infrastructure can adopt a new type of ownership 1.4 Trust is very damage regarding public infrastructure (process, budget, deliverables) 1.5 The first carbon club in the world was created in Paris; securities are evolving. 1.6 Urban projects fail because people aren’t consulted, corruption gets over and timing. 1.7 Mirroring effect of residential structure and transactional patterns

Who is involved

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Who is involved A diversity of backgrounds, experiences, industries, and personalities. Andres Assmus Strategy & design

Joy Henderson Architect Urban Informatics

Alistair Zhu (External) Q/A engineer

Edward Buch (External) Design on Blockchain

Dr. Juan Felipe Carrasquilla Advisor – Artificial Intelligence

Stu P (External) Smart Contract Developer

Michael Batty (Ad-Hoc) Expert on urban planning

Rob Kitchin (Ad-Hoc) Expert Urban Informatics

Company Information CityZeen Inc 100 College St Toronto, ON, Canada Tel +1 (718) 514-9539 Skype city.zeen

Stephan Tual (In talks) Advisor Cryptography

Tyler Wilson (Research) The Fields Institute Applied support for Machine learning on urban.

E.S CityZeen 2018  

Urban planning is a key function that wasn't really disrupted since 1970. Now is time to design Cities for people, and take tax-payers into...

E.S CityZeen 2018  

Urban planning is a key function that wasn't really disrupted since 1970. Now is time to design Cities for people, and take tax-payers into...