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Issue No. 1 June 2009

Since June 2002 when our founder passed

The time has come for all those of us paying

Photos and reports should be zipped and

away, the I.T.F. has splintered into three.

members of the I.T.F. to build a platform where

sent to us by e-mail - the report should be in

Instead of the I.T.F.’s uniting as one, we

affiliation will not matter, as ‘Original I.T.F.’ is a

a word file or simple e-mail format (please

have seen the divides widen, some say due

FREE on-line magazine for all those that are

ensure that you spell check these prior to

to politics and egos. Well, there comes a

affiliated members of any of the I.T.F.’s across

sending). We will try and check all

time when we, the soldiers, must take action

the globe, those that want to keep our style of

submissions but, as a FREE service, time

to repair and build the bridges. It is

Tae Kwon Do pure as our founder wanted.

will be our number one enemy. So, whoever you are, if you want to help us put I.T.F. on

impossible for us to get all groups as one,

the map, get submitting.

but not impossible for us to build on

This magazine has been shelved until the time

friendship. Hopefully, one day soon, our

came and that time is now. Yes I know, there are

seniors who can fix this situation will take

countless FREE magazines out there already but

note that we, the membership, do not want

we are NOT about trying to undermine their

to be separated but united as one.

readership - our aims are simply to unite the

Ÿ Reports on official I.T.F. events

I.T.F. family and publish information on

Ÿ News from each of the I.T.F.’s

What we need:

My name is Chris Snow, a 5th Degree

Associations, Groups and clubs registered under

(please give name and grade of

certified International Instructor / Examiner

any of the I.T.F. groups or banners (hence the


and head of the U.K. group the L.T.S.I., an

name ‘Original I.T.F.’). Some will see this as a

I.T.F. affiliated group. The Lions Tae Kwon

way of attacking the independents, but I can

Do Schools Independent was founded by

assure you this is not our aim. This magazine is

me in November 2004.

for the millions who are part of the I.T.F. that want to share, unite and publicise I.T.F. Tae

I have studied this art for nearly 24 years -

Kwon Do only events, news and achievements

during this time, I have heard many

from around the globe.

Ÿ Full reports on association news and your National events and photos. Ÿ Club news, Black Belt Promotions and anything newsworthy to do with the I.T.F. family. Ÿ Club directory - advertise your club for just £15 per issue.

Independents not associated to the I.T.F. make claims that I.T.F. is corrupt, I.T.F. is a

I am not super human, so it will be vital that all

money making machine etc. The one point

submissions from you, the editors, reach our

that all miss is I.T.F. is the best product out

website www .original-itf. com in digital format at

there, as it evolves all the time.

least two weeks before each publication.

A place to announce all types of news concerning I.T.F.

Promotions at St. Albans Two students from St. Albans L.T.S.I. recently took

I.T.F.-C Head Office set to return

XII U.K.T.A. London Opens

to South Korea

Preparations are underway for the London Opens at the Guildford Spectrum Sports Complex, Parkway, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1UP on 19th July 2009.

As many are aware, the

their promotions under the examining panel. 11 year

Head Office of the I.T.F. has been located in

old Poppy Downes was promoted to 1st Degree,

Canada, with the administration being located

whilst club mate Mark Doran was promoted to 2nd

in the U.K. We have noticed that I.T.F.-C have

Degree. The two students were put through an

announced on their website that the I.T.F.-C

intense examination for three hours which included a

Head Office will soon be relocated to Korea in

45 minute written test, all patterns, all set sparring

preparation for the coming 2010 world

and self defence, finishing off with six rounds of

championships. Amidst many rumours

contact sparring and five destruction breaks each.

circulating over the last six months, we have now learnt that the relocation to Korea is

I.T.F.- C to host International

happening later on this year.

Instructors Course

A Great Site

On 14th June

2009, senior members of 4th Dan and above

Being a web designer and having an interest

will sit a three day course under the guidance

of building bridges within the I.T.F.

of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, IX. The

Communities, it is only right that we inform all

course is to be held in the U.K. near to

readers of an amazing website called TKD

Heathrow airport. Full details on this course

Source. Though many have made claims it

can be found on the I.T.F/-C website

favours I.T.F.-C, it has had thousands visiting it and generally talking about Tae Kwon Do, which is a good thing. If you get the time, nip on over to T.K.D. Source at:

Master Class with Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa IX

The tournament is run and organised by Mr. and Mrs. Norris who are active members of the U.K.T.A. You can gain access to this event by visiting

L.T.S.I. IV South East Invitationals in St. Albans The Lions Tae Kwon Do Schools Independent will host their 4th South East Invitationals on 27th September 2009. On behalf of the L.T.S.I. I would personally like to extend an open invitation to all U.K. residents (I.T.F. and non I.T.F.). All events hosted by the L.T.S.I. are fully matted and insured with the B.T.C. and a private insurance company. Further details can be found at

I.U.T.F. Ireland announces that it will host the European

Imperial British Championships

Tae Kwon Do across the country, told a

This will be held at Rivermead Leisure Centre, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ on 10th and 11th October 2009. All events hosted by the I.T.A. are fully matted and insured with the B.T.C. Please visit for more

reliable source of this magazine at the


Europeans in May in Croatia this year


that they expect between 500 and 600

A message from the

competitors. I.T.F. Original plans to get


Championships in Cork from 25th June to 1st July 2011. Master Dalton, Head of the Association who is said to have spread

further information on this in the next We will endeavour to


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On 5th September 2009, Grand Master Choi will visit the U.K. to conduct a colour belt and Black Belt seminar. Hosted by the I.T.U.K., this will be in conjunction with England I.T.F.












publish this magazine every two months, but we will NOT favour any of the

I.T.F.’s regardless of pressures we may face. As our aim is to be fair to all sides, information that appears here will be from our contributors

(I.N.O. 2). The seminars are open to all

only so we cannot vouch that the information

practitioners, regardless of affiliation.

is 100% correct, but we will visit all I.T.F. sites

Information can be found at Master Harry’s

to check where possible. Please send all club

website or

news and events listings to us A.S.A.P.

by visiting

Message from Grandmaster Leong Wai Meng With respect and humbleness, I am thankful to His Royal Highness, the King in Malaysia, the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mu’adzam Shah, for knighting me and conferring on me the prestigious royal title of Dato, on 6th May 2009 at the Royal Palace in Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia. This conferment is conjunction with the celebration of His Royal Highness’ 78th birthday on 25th October 2008.

43rd International Instructors Course

The Malaysian royal title of “Dato” is equivalent to the English royal title of “Sir”.

First of all, I would like to dedicate this Dato-ship award to my beloved Parents, the late Mr. Leong Choo Wah and the late Mrs. Mok Seng Yin, who had provided me with divine parental love, life, care and upbringing, even after their passing, and to On May 1-3 2009, the 43rd International instructor Course was held in Buenos Aires, my beloved present family members and children, who have Argentina. Five hundred and forty five participants from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uru- always supported me and encouraged me, even when I have to guay, Paraguay, Colombia and New Zealand were present. Twenty seven Masters travel round the world many times over, in the propagation of Taekwon-do, and for continuing to love me, from near and from stood in the first line along with two hundred 4th degrees and above. afar, in good times and in difficult times.

Held by I.T.F. Vienna 1-3 May 09

Never in the past have so many participants attended an IIC, and again the course proved that it is the best tool to give technical instruction and social interaction for our members. The IIC Committee could not believe their eyes when entering the stadium - it was an emotional moment for the Grand Masters Marano, Trajtenberg and Master Wim Bos. Master Willy van de Mortel from the Netherlands was specially invited to give some sparring and self defence sessions, for which we received very positive feedback from the participants. There was a wonderful atmosphere during the three days of the IIC, which was divided into two groups: 1st kup to 3rd degree and 4th degree and above. Promotions for degree have been held on Saturday May 2nd, 2009 and the following candidates have been promoted: Masters Alberto Katz and Condomi to 8th degree. Edgardo Villanueva, Roberto Fernandez, Marcelo Eisen. Eduardo Diaz promoted to 7th degree with the title of Master. Froylan Quiroga from Columbia to 5th degree On behalf of the IIC Committee members we like to thank the organizers and staff members who made this IIC possible and to all the Masters, Instructors and Students who shared three wonderful days with us. Sincerely Grand Master Hector Marano Chairman of I.T.F. Technical & Instruction Committee

On 6th May 2009 at the Royal Palace in Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia, Dato Dr.Grandmaster Leong Wai Meng, Vice-president of ITF Under the guidance of IOC Member Professor Chang Ung was awarded the title of Dato by the King in Malaysia, Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mu’adzam Shah. The Malaysian royal title of “Dato” is equivalent to the English royal title of “Sir”

I would like to dedicate this award to my family’s Preceptor Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who has all the while, before my birth, in this present life and will be in my future lives, provided me with His Divine guidance and protection. Every cell and every atom in my body vibrates His Divine name. I dedicate this award to my beloved Teacher, the legendary Founder of Taekwon-do, General Choi Hong Hi, who has provided me with the lessons and opportunities in life, thus has made me what I am today and recognised throughout the world. I dedicate this award to the homeland of Taekwon-do, DPR Korea, its dynamic leaders and its beautiful people, who have produced such a wonderful son, General Choi Hong Hi, and art, Taekwon-do, which has made my life whole and meaningful. The Korean culture and ethics, through Taekwon-do, have touched the soul of millions all over the world. I dedicate this award to our beloved ITF President Prof. Dr. Chang Ung, IOC member, who is always there with encouragements and fatherly advice, who has provided me with precious guidance and timely warnings, thus enriching my work in the ITF and in my life. I dedicate this award to all ITF Grandmasters, especially Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha who has always been my hero and an inspiration, and to all Masters, Instructors and students, for we are always there for one another. I hope this Dato-ship conferment will be an asset contributing towards the betterment of ITF in the near future, that this award will be an example and encouragement to our young, energetic and ambitious ITF members to understand, that through excellence in Taekwon-do one could reach real heights in life, our achievements recognised and rewarded. Thank you, all my seniors and friends, that through your support and cooperation that I am able to excel in life through the noble art of Taekwon-do. The conferment of this Dato-ship is truly not for me, but for General Choi Hong Hi, for DPR Korea and its people, for ITF and its leadership and for all us brothers and sisters in Taekwon-do, for we are One.

Date: 11th May 2009 Yours in Taekwon-do, Dato Dr. Grandmaster Leong Wai Meng On this occasion ITF HQs would like to extent a Vice President of ITF warm congratulation to him on his being award- Secretary General of IMGC ed Datoship, highly prestigious title in Malaysia Chairman of Umpire Committee, ITF Chairman of Consultative Committee, ITF to be awarded to the prominent figures who President of Oceania Taekwon-do Federation have made a tremendous contribution to the society and human being.

Our regular friends, both from I.T.F. and Independent sides, were there to do business and, boy, did it get noted. Rayners Lane came mob handed, as did Northants G.T.U.K., Learn T.K.D., Hay Harris T.K.D., U.C.T.K.D. and Hemel Hempstead L.T.S.I., to mention just a few. A new group to attend was the I.T.U.K. who bought 40+ students to test their skills. The four 6 meter matted rings and the centre stage 7 meter ring made all the difference, as those that do not normally use mats commented how different it was to compete on them. The L.T.S.I. has no intention to use 9 meter rings, so some I.T.F.’ers complained about the size. The response from us was the event is not an I.T.F. event, only I.T.F. styled and we certainly don’t have any intention of making them fully I.T.F., now or in the future. Veterans came out of the woodwork to see if they still had what it takes to win the medals. This was good to watch, as the 35+ men and lady Black Belts fought for gold. The children’s tournament ran smoothly and many quality fights were seen. Juniors no bigger than your waist height demonstrated the true quality which was good to see, as some just allow for their schools to be crèches - this obviously is no longer the case, as many of the young ones were demonstrating good standards. Onto the senior sections and what a sight! Looking across the arena, 100’s of Black Belts (or so it seemed – 120 really) were on the floor. Yikes, Tae Kwon Do’s army had arrived! Juniors fighting for their spoils, making sparks as they kicked into the next rounds, referees running around like chickens with their heads cut off, sweating profusely. The great thing was there was only one incident all day. The sportsmanship was there, the respect was there but, most of all, the brotherhood of all was there. Up first was the team event. Team Aldershot gave a good performance - many thought they had won, but the judges thought otherwise. The teams (10 in total) made a play to win. The current champions, the L.T.S.I. originals, fell at the first post - oh well, back to the drawing board for us then! New entries to this event were Hemel Hempstead L.T.S.I. and Northants G.T.U.K. - both gave valiant shows, but only Hemel would win a bronze. Team I.T.U.K. were eventually the overall winners. All in all, this was the best team challenge to date in the history of the team battle. Onto tuls, the L.T.S.I. took gold and silver in patterns 13’s to 17’s Black Belts. Both students were from my main St. Albans club, which was a lift as we were having a bad day. Damn, I think we have been having bad days the last few events…… L Not really, I just think the event has some great practitioners attending it now, hence less medal returns. In the 13 to 17’s heavyweight Junior Black Belt section, some quality fights unrolled with L.T.S.I. securing gold and bronze in this division. Surprisingly, the L.T.S.I.’s no. one seed was knocked out in the first round. As they say, a bad day at the office can mess anyone’s game up. Making up for it though, he moved on to take the gold in the patterns

The girls’ Black belt section started and my daughter made a play to win gold - a more experienced fighter beat her to the post taking the gold, but a silver first time out as a Black Belt is not bad at all. Next up was the female veterans section, which was open weight. First up was Lisa Blewitt (L.T.S.I. Instructor) took the gold, showing true spirit. Not bad, as she only decided to take part on the Friday before! My old adversary Stuart Anslow was lined up amongst some HUGE veteran males. Yikes, he looked like a mouse in amongst the others there as he was the smallest and was giving away 20+ kilos to most. He took the gold and proved speed and technique will always lead you to victory. Contact levels were good in the Black Belt rounds as expected, but some of the colour belt rounds were too excessive in my opinion. This has to be placed on the referees shoulders but, to be honest, it’s not that easy when the tournament is open, as interpretations of safe sparring differ widely between I.T.F. and independents. We do know that at the ‘Invitationals’ in September, we will be sorting the referees problem out that were found this time. My old adversary Stuart Anslow was lined up amongst some HUGE veteran males. Yikes, he looked like a mouse in amongst the others there as he was the smallest and was giving away 20+ kilos to most. He took the gold and proved speed and technique will always lead you to victory. Contact levels were good in the Black Belt rounds as expected, but some of the colour belt rounds were too excessive in my opinion. This has to be placed on the referees shoulders but, to be honest, it’s not that easy when the tournament is open, as interpretations of safe sparring differ widely between I.T.F. and independents. We do know that at the ‘Invitationals’ in September, we will be sorting the referees problem out that were found this time.Aldershot Tae Kwon Do won the best school title again, which surprised all as I.T.U.K. Longeaton had held the spot all through the day. Mr. Adams, we take our hats off to your school, unbeaten in two years. Let’s see if you can do a triple win like the ex champions, Rayners Lane. We look forward to seeing you all at next event – it will be as good as this one, so be sure to sign up and get involved. We thank all coaches and helpers for assisting us on the day. On a final note, there are many events in the U.K. but very few offer an event like ours - one where all rings have independent umpires, so NO biasness at all and a place where the I.T.F. and independents can compete and test their skills on the understanding that neither have the upper hand. If you think your club has a good standard, come and try our event and see if you are as good as you think. It’s not about how good you are, it’s about working with other like minded Tae Kwon Do’ists and strengthening our art (or at least it is for us). Written by Mr. Chris Snow, 5th Degree

From Monday 25th to Saturday 30th May, the I.T.F.- C European Tae Kwon Do championships were held in Croatia. Hosted by I.T.F. Croatia, more than 300 contenders attended this four day event from across Europe. Top fighters from each country lined up to win the title of European Champion.

Seven Masters were in attendance at the Europeans. Three attended from the U.K. - Secretary General of I.T.F.-C Master Nicholls, 8th Dan, Master Hogan, 7th Dan, and Master Harry, 7th Dan.

I.T.F. England (INO 2) were in attendance with an impressive 40+ competitors. I.T.F. England, made up from various groups from around the U.K., arrived heavy handed with both Juniors and Seniors ready to do battle with some of Europe’s top fighters. Also, there were a number of qualified I.T.F. umpires and referees who assisted at the event to ensure the proceedings ran smoothly and efficiently.

The Masters all stated that the practitioners, supporters and officials that attended did the U.K. a real justice, as it showed just how in tune I.T.F. England is these days. The following report and photos come direct from members of the L.T.S.I. and I.T.U.K. who were also part of the 40+ squad.

The arena hosted four full sized matted rings and a seating area suitable for 1000 spectators. All competitors stayed off the arena until the time to don their equipment, do battle and show some great abilities.

Stephen Townshend 2nd Degree

Adam Aliousalah 2nd Degree

XX ITF SENIOR, XI JUNIOR, III VETERAN EUROPEAN TAE KWON DO CHAMPIONSHIPS 200 On May 25th 2009, four L.T.S.I. members headed out to compete in Croatia at the I.T.F. Europeans. Travelling with the four was parent Paul Townshend, who would oversee the four whilst away. The troop met up with some I.T.U.K. members and Master Harry, the head of their group, at Stansted airport to fly out to Trieste where they would all travel down to Umag by mini bus.

The four were part sponsored by the L.T.S.I. to the tune of £1200 plus £200 from (Mr. Snows company) and £200 from B.J. Builders. The troop went on the trip understanding that this was more for experience, but to their Instructors joy, all returned home to England with an impressive 5 bronze medals. Here’s their own report of the week long trip.

Elliott Moulster 2nd Degree

Alicia Chapman 1st Degree

We finally left the hotel at around 7pm, and had the task of finding our way through the winding roads to our apartment. Again, due to poor road signs and unfinished roads it was longer than expected before we made it to the apartment. In the end we found a very helpful local who drew us a map and we made it to the apartment at about 8.30pm. It had been a very long day; bearing in mind we’d all been up since about 6.30am! After unloading the bags and selecting our rooms we asked a local where we could find somewhere to eat and took a short walk to the local pizza restaurant, where we finally ate dinner at around 10pm. After we ate, it was a case of heading back to the apartment for bed, as it was going to be a 7am start on Tuesday for the start of the European Championships. In the morning we had to leave early to make sure we got to the hotel in time to follow the coaches to the venue, where we arrived at 9.30 for the opening ceremony, which started at 10am consisting of speeches, introductions and the Croatian National Anthem. On Monday 25th May 4 members of the St Albans LTSI met up at London Stansted Airport – ready to make their way to the European Tae Kwon Do Championships in Croatia. The team consisted of Adam Aliousalah (15) 2nd Degree, Stephen Townshend (16) 2nd Degree, Elliot Moulster (16) 2nd Degree, Alicia Chapman (29) 1st Degree and were accompanied by Mr Paul Townshend.

The competition finally commenced at about 11am with the senior 6th Degree male patterns, moving on to junior grades after. First up from our group of competitors was Stephen in patterns. The first pattern to be performed was designated by the judges and the second pattern was the competitors’ choice. Stephen’s designated pattern was Gae Bek followed by a spectacular Ko-Dan. Unfortunately at this point Stephen drew against his Scottish opposition Once at Stansted they had to wait for Master Harry and his group and had to perform another designated pattern – Chong-Moo. At of competitors to arrive, only to find that 5 people from his group this point Stephen had a blank and forgot his pattern, returning to his starting position. His opposition finished the pattern and subwere unable to attend leaving only 2 competitors: Ben Dale (14) accompanied by his father, and Arron Matharu (12) accompanied sequently won the bout although he performed the pattern incorby his father Mr Hardeep Matharu. The day started well, as every- rectly. Next up was Elliott in patterns. Lucky His designated pattern was Chong-Jang and his for his choice he also performed one was at the airport on time and had booked in, but it wasn’t Chong-Jang. He won the match and went on to the next round. In going to be plain sailing…. his 3rd round he was against a fellow England competitor where he In the queue to board the flight to Trieste we saw a couple of faperformed Kwan-Gae followed once again by Chong-Jang. At this miliar faces from Master McCarthy’s club who were also going out point Elliott unfortunately lost the bout and was knocked out of to compete – representing Ireland. the competition. Once on the plane we were unable to sit together but we didn’t mind, as it was out of our control. Further more we were delayed First up for sparring was Alicia, who was up against a latecomer by an hour due to an inconsistency in the number of bags in the from Greece (Hellas). In the first of the 2 rounds the Greek was hold, and couldn’t leave until that had been rectified. This meant in the lead but in round 2 Alicia came back fighting, scored some that we were now an hour behind schedule even before we left much needed points and performed some good solid techniques. British soil! Once airborne the flight was ok although a little turbu- One in particular was the jumping turning kick to the mid section, lent at times, and lasted 2hrs. which successfully made contact against the Greek and scored well. In the end it was a close match but Greece made it through On arrival at Trieste it was a swift transition through passport to the next round, meaning that Alicia had secured a bronze. control and we left to pick up our minibus, where Mr Townshend agreed to jump in to the driving seat, driving up safely through Next to spar in his division was Ben Dale. He was lucky enough to Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia to the Sol Garden Hotel for be awarded a by in his first round and went on to win his 2nd fight our official weigh-ins. Due to our late departure from Stansted, it against his Italian opposition, putting forward to the final on Friwas touch and go as to whether or not we would actually meet the day against a Scottish competitor. 6pm deadline for our weigh in… After a series of wrong turns, due to poor directions and poor road signs we finally made it to what we thought was the right hotel with about 5 minutes to spare, only to be told that we were at the wrong one, and that it was the next one along. We all jumped back in the minibus and darted over to the right hotel. We arrived at 2 minutes past 6, but luckily the weigh-ins were still in progress and we were allowed to weigh in and complete our registration in the competition. During the weigh in Elliott and Stephen both met their weight categories, but Adam and Alicia had to move up to the next weight division, which turned out to be to their advantage.

The competition ran on till 8.30pm with the final event of the day being junior male special technique. Adam, Elliott, Ben and Stephen were all in this category and performed well. Stephen progressed well and got down to the final 2 in line for a bronze medal, but after having to perform a multitude of techniques including jumping front, jumping 360 reverse turn, jumping 360 back kick (above head height) and flying side to name but a few Stephen was unfortunately eliminated from the competition by the jumping 360 reverse narrowly missing out on the bronze. Wednesday was originally set aside for the team events, but due to running out of time on the Tuesday, the remaining categories from the individuals section had to be finished off first. First up was Adam in sparring who was matched against a Croatian competitor who towered above him. Despite being faced with someone so much bigger than himself Adam put up a good fight, although he was no match against the Croatian’s stature. Despite losing the fight he had secured himself a bronze. Second to spar was Elliott, who was again lucky to be awarded a by in his first round due to his opposition failing to turn up when called. In his next round he was up against an Italian competitor who managed to aggravate a previous injury on Elliott’s foot and subsequently went on to beat him, leaving Elliott with a bronze. Next up was Stephen. In his first fight he was against Greece, who he managed to beat with a series of double attacks, and swift movements taking him through to the next round. In his 2nd round Stephen was up against a very large and extremely solid Croatian. Everything that Stephen made contact with just seemed to bounce off the tank like Croatian. Needless to say, after putting up a very good fight, he lost but still secured himself a bronze. After watching all the team events, where the English team triumphed in the Senior Male division, it was time to get back to the apartment and have a well-earned dinner.

It had been yet another long and tiring day, and once back to the apartment after dinner, everyone hit the sack and got some much needed sleep. Thursday was the Euro Cup Competition. Arron was competing in this competition so we were all up early again to go to the venue and give him our support and encouragement. In his patterns category he walked away with a gold and managed to secure silver in his sparring category. Although we were only there to support Arron, it was still a long day as the categories were spread out, meaning that we were only able to leave the sports hall after 3pm. This was our first and only day to take in the scenery and have a well-earned mental and physical rest! We went to the Sol Garden Hotel and chilled for an hour, before making our way back to our apartment to get showered and changed before heading back out to the venue at 7pm to pick up Master Harry and Mr Matharu who had been officiating, before heading out in to town to get something to eat. Friday was “FINALS DAY!” All of the finals from the individuals and team competitions were to take place, but they didn’t start the proceedings until 2pm – which meant that it would be another late night! Ben Dale successfully won his title and obtained a gold, although it was evident that it wasn’t going to be an easy fight, as his Scottish opposition wanted the title as much as he did.

The medals were also awarded after the completion of each category, and it wasn’t until about 9pm that we had all been awarded our medals. We stayed on to watch the presentation of the cups for overall winner, best team, best individual, best referee etc and enjoyed the atmosphere despite how tired we all were. England won best team and came 2nd overall, with the clear winners being Italy! We left the venue for the last time at around 10pm and made our way to a restaurant for dinner before heading back to the apartment to pack and hit the sack because it was to be yet another early morning to drive back to the airport in Trieste for our flight home. It was a long and tiring week, but all of us enjoyed the experience. We would like to say thanks to all involved in making this trip possible especially the LTSI for part sponsoring us and to Mr. Paul Townshend for driving us to and from the airport, around the small, winding & unfinished roads in Umag for supplies and to and from the venue everyday making sure that we arrived on time. We all came home with much more than just a medal round our necks‌ We returned home with pride and the personal satisfaction of representing England, competing and being triumphant at a European Competition. It was our first time going abroad as a team and we were able return home with our heads held high. Report written by the team over the week.

Master Harry VII Degree Showing his student he still has it!

Age has NO I was always told it goes downhill from 35. I would say they are right to a certain degree as, when I’m sparring the younger Black Belts nowadays, I tend to be more standoffish and play the counter game more. I still get the ‘buzz’ - sometimes that goes against me as I think I am still 19 and, when I go on the attack with a flurry of combinations, I am whacked out, puffing in minutes!

I think the message here is age has to catch up with us all and, yes, we all think we are 19 still but often the body says differently. Whether we like it or not, participating in Tae Kwon Do means you remain more agile than most not taking part at all. If you get chance to train with Master Harry, take it with both hands as seeing is believing. The picture on the left is Master Harry at the L.T.S.I. annual training day on June 7th 2009. We have used many Masters over the last 8 years - Master Harry is the kind of Instructor that if only two students sign up to a course, he will still be there and you pay only what you can (which is the way it should be).

How many times have you said ‘Damn, I’m getting old’? Maybe hundreds like me! Yep, I am 36 and I seem to always be complaining about getting old. Well, I used to until I met Master Harry, 7th Degree Black Belt, Head of the I.T.U.K. We have been working closely with this Master and had him undertake our seminars three times to date in the last 18 months each time he leaves me and my coaches amazed at his flexibility, stamina and power, not to mention the humbleness and charisma. I find myself looking and thinking “If I am like him when I’m a veteran, I will be happy man”. I have studied T.K.D. for many years now and those that know me will know I am a perfectionist in what I do. I can kick better than most with flexibility that makes many look in amazement, but when I am training with this Master I feel like a white belt (which is NOT a bad thing, as it keeps you on your toes and always looking to better yourself). Recently I started to question the age thing - I have met many mature Masters over the years and most have already slowed down, but they’re still pretty agile compared to your average 65 to 70 year old who does not partake in such a great art. I have spoken to many about the age thing and most state it’s a ‘mind over matter’ thing. I’m not so sure, as I remember when I was younger, I was like a Duracell battery that did not stop. I would do 300 kicks in a session and still have loads left in the tank!

I am sure he will be demonstrating his skills at the coming Grand Master Choi seminar on 5th September - give him a call and see if you can take part. You will not be sorry. Article by Chris Snow, 5th Degree

KICKING FOR CHARITY On Sunday 24th May Hemel Hempstead Tae kwon-do school hosted their first ever Kick-A-Thon to raise money for the MS society. At half past 10, I arrived alongside Mr Stuart Smith 4th degree and helped prepare the hall for the extraordinary event. The sun was blaring which meant kicking for 45 minutes was going to be extremely exhausting. Once all of the 24 students (ages ranging from 6- 44) had arrived we started kicked off the event We started with a basic warm up which consisted of star jumps and jogging on the spot. Then we moved onto stretching. As it was a hot Sunday morning everybody was feeling a bit sluggish and our legs were very stiff nevertheless we got on with the event as it was for charity and there was smiles all around. After we had completed our stretching our legs started to ease off. Alongside Mr Smith at the front of the class of was his senior students, myself Mr Andrew Smith 2nd Degree, Miss Charlotte

At the half way stage of the event most of the students were shattered but on the upside at least half of them were in full box splits. The event was non-stop and everybody was feeling the strain by the last ten minutes. Throughout the event music was played to help students build a rhythm. Also the music kept the event fun and helped some of the students take the mind of the strenuous event in which they were participating in. Towards the end of the event all of the students were drenched in sweat from head to toe. All of the windows and doors were open however this did not feel as if it cooled down the temperature of the hall. It was like an oven in there! The last 5 minutes was non stop kicking. We perfomed front snap kicks as fast as we could and then turning kicks as fast we could followed by side kicks. After this burst of kicks my legs were on fire. After enduring 45 minutes of vigorous exercise every student was extremely proud of themselves and the school. This is because the school produced 43,000 kicks which means that each student in the hall produced 1,700 techniques which is an incredible amount to do in 45 minutes. Some people, including myself were feeling the effects of the event 4 days after it.

Smith 1st Degree, Miss Amy Smith 1st Degree and Jade Doran 1st Kup we all took turns in demonstrating different TKD kicking techniques for the rest to follow. Firstly Mr Stuart Smith took us through 3 basic techniques which include front snap kick, axe kick and turning kick. Every time we completed 10 sets on each leg of three techniques myself, Mr Andrew Smith would take the students through some stretching drills. I was astonished about how many of our students were doing the splits. As the Kick-A-Thon progressed the senior students incorporated more skillful techniques such as turning kick followed by jumping reverse turning kick into the event.

We chose to sponsor the Multiple Sclerosis Society as one of the student’s parents have this condition. A total of £927,57 was raised for the Herts MSsociety. A cheque was presented to Mr Anthony Styles who was the representative from the MS society. The event was a great achievement for all students, ages as young as 6years old. Bennetts End Community Centre gave the hall free of charge to show their support. Also locals who passed by the centre saw what we were doing and gave money towards the charity. All in all, it was a fantastic day for everyone.

Report written by Mr Andrew Smith 2nd Degree I.T.F.

An Instructors opinion Written by Chris Snow, 5th Degree

Upon the news of the founder of Tae Kwon Do’s passing in 2002, the worlds I.T.F. practitioners watched as three I.T.F.’s emerged (one shortly before under the son of the founder). Each claim they are the true one, but who is the real I.T.F.? Many ask (and still do), as confusion set in. Seven years later and still a resolve has not been found - court cases emerging for the rights to use the items of I.T.F. This has caused problems between the groups.

Pre the splits that we have seen, I.T.F. was united as one, or was it? Many claim it had problems from inside the ranks, but the General was one that lead a tight ship and ruled with an iron fist. Many have stated to me he was the glue of the original I.T.F.

As a coach of Tae Kwon Do, I originally

came into the I.T.F. in 1999 (13 years after starting the art) and, in this short time, I have seen many things happen. Politics are always used as the reason Independents do No matter what I.T.F. site you visit on the web, all are making progress and all claim to not want to be part of the I.T.F. be bigger and better than the rest. In reality, all have made progress and the I.T.F. brand I have witnessed seniors use there position is stronger than ever before, but is just being to beat the juniors down with a yard stick. As run by three different Head Quarters. All seem to be concentrating on different things. a group senior coach myself, our group has left those we were affiliated to due to many reasons including politics (or should we say I.T.F. Vienna under Grand Master Tran unfair rules) because, when we cut through seems to be set on making I.T.F. more the BS, this is all the politics mean. I family orientated and teaching the ‘do’. personally see politics is what groups claim they have forced on them by any of the I.T.F. Canada under Grand Master Choi I.T.F.’S. There are simple rules in I.T.F. that seem to be committed to getting Tae Kwon all of us follow. Some claim these are unfair, Do in all the less privileged countries and but personally I see the rules in place as fair bringing Ki Ups into tuls. as they protect the members (and us). As coaches, we MUST all be professional and I.T.F. Korea under Mr. Chang Ung seem to demonstrate good ethics. be committed to getting I.T.F. merged with W.T.F. (or, at the very least, see I.T.F. practitioners compete in the Olympics). All three are positive moves which will help the I.T.F. as a whole, so no one could fault them.

When we started the L.T.S.I. in 2004, we had a small group policy of about 5 pages nowadays, we have about 30 pages of guidelines set.

As we have grown in numbers, so has the policy to prevent problems occuring. It’s important to have rules in place, as these protect the groups or associations and, yes, there will always be those that leave due to new rules being set. If you look at the rules of many of the I.T.F.’S, they are all similar and all fair. Ÿ All Associations MUST be registered and coaches plaqued or licensed to teach. Ÿ All members must apply for I.T.F. Degree certification Ÿ Only 4th Dans that are International Instructors can grade. Ÿ All instructors MUST teach the I.T.F. sine wave, which distinguishes us to independents. Ÿ All members MUST follow the I.T.F. constitution. Being part of the I.T.F. you can have little to do with it or make it a major part of your life if you wish, but you should follow their rules as above. We try and get all of our students on as many I.T.F. seminars and I.T.F. events as we can. My opinion on I.T.F. Is it means you are standardizing your Tae Kwon Do full stop. All forms of Tae Kwon Do are great, but I.T.F. is for me - it’s my life, as I love everything about it. Thank you to all those that helped create this magnificent art.

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