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A place to announce all types of news concerning I.T.F.. Black Belt Promotions at U.K.-L.T.S.I. 11 students from the U.K.-L.T.S.I. took their recent promotions to the Degree status. Three failed the theory test on the day, but were informed they could retest on 16th May at the Hertfordshire region one exam. The three re-sat the theory test in May and past their new promotions. Ten members in total passed the new grades - one student graded to 2nd Degree and nine graded to 1st Degree. U.K.-I.T.F. RE-APPEARS: It appears that the defunct former U.K.-I.T.F. that suddenly ceased to operate in 2008 after many of the original founders left them due to internal conflicts and politics has been re-vitalised and re-branded by the U.K. group that holds the rights to it.



I.T.F. Congress will take place in th Minsk, Belarus on 24 Aug. 2010 during the th th 9 Junior & 4 Veteran World Championship. Every NGB is permitted to dispatch up to three Representatives to the Congress in accordance with the I.T.F. Constitution. The notification letter for this Congress along with the Agendas will be informed to the members in due course.

Historical First National Pro Taekwon-Do Championship in Nepal

There were 41 participants. The seminar was divided into two parts: theory and practical. In the morning Mr. Ottesen reviewed rules and procedures for umpire responsibilities. The 4 hour power point presentation was based on the most recent updated I.T.F. Official Rules of competition.

We were alerted that the U.K.-I.T.F. had, in fact, reappeared on the I.T.F. Administration web site on Thursday 3rd May 2010. What we can see is that rumours currently circulating in the U.K. stating the I.T.F.-C group has agreed that only one INO will be allowed to operate in the U.K. in future is the truth. However, this move means that anyone interested in joining the I.T.F.-C group in future will, in fact, have to become a member of the U.K. I.N.O., which means many will turn to other I.T.F. groups, as joining under the current policy will mean having to follow rules written into their constitution which some claim will not be possible.

National Health Day Members of the

Northern Ireland National Taekwon-Do Team along with fellow club members of the UKTC (NI) treated the captivated audience to a spectacular array of patterns, sparring, special techniques and power-breaking; the public voted the demonstration the best of the day! Both team and club members have worked extremely hard over this last few months to perfect their exhibition skills. The Northern Ireland ITF is increasingly seen as a major sporting organisation across the province due to its work with schools and local government authorities. ITF Northern Ireland was invited this June to take part in the European Sponsored Initiative which took place in several European regions to promote health through sport. Belfast City Council was chosen to host the Northern Ireland regional events and approached Mr. Leo Maguire, Northern Ireland National Coach, to provide a display of Taekwon-Do skills. The event was held in blazing sunshine at Clarendon Dock in the city’s Titanic Quarter.

On Sunday May 2 Mr. Kurt Ottesen, member of the I.T.F. Umpire committee presented a Class C and Class B umpire seminar in Vernon, B.C. The seminar was sponsored by the I.T.F. of B.C.

Chawochi won the trophy with 500 US Dollar 17th April was one of the most enlightening days in the history of Nepalese Martial Art. The live tae kwondo fighting had been broadcasting by one of most popular national Television Channel of Nepal, Avenues Television, from 1:30pm until 4:00 pm. The Professional Taekwon-Do fighting was in the TV Screen of Millions of Nepalese in the country as well as abroad.

21st - 28th Aug 2010 The 9th Junior & 4th Veteran World Championship to be held in Minsk, Belarus

Location: Minsk, Belarus

U.K.-L.T.S.I. WIN AT OPEN TKD EVENT: Eight members travelled to Leicester to take part in an event called ‘T.K.D. Explosion’. The event was non I.T.F. and was attended by many non I.T.F. people, so interpretations differed. The eight members returned home with 6 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

In the afternoon the practical component consisted of umpire exercises for both patterns and sparring. Volunteers were asked to perform various patterns to allow the participants the opportunity to practice judging patterns based on the five criteria: technical content, power, balance, breath control, and rhythm. Proper protocol was followed to ensure students understand the correct procedure to start and finish a match. Following patterns students practiced the intricate hand signals involved with centre umpire sparring duties. All too soon it was time to end the seminar. The seminar was very professional in presentation. Mr. Otessen constantly stressed that safety and fairness were the major responsibilities of an I.T.F. umpire. He also encouraged participants to devote as much time preparing for umpire duties as a competitor prepares for competition. Throughout the day Mr. Otessen related some of his experiences on the world stage both as a competitor and umpire. His stories and anecdotes made the time fly by. We are very grateful to Mr. Ottesen for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us.


Senior Master Blake was the first Canadian-born to be promoted to 7th degree master (in 1991) and played a major role in the establishment of I.T.F. Taekwon-Do in Québec and Canada, having his Dojang in Montréal from 1967. His senior student, Senior Master Alain Dumaine, received the Order and the medal on Senior Master Blake's name from The Secretary-General of the I.T.F., Senior Master Lu. Senior Master Blake also received (posthumously) the Outstanding Instructor Award on May 7th 2001, by the then Secretary-General of I.T.F., Senior Master Choi Jung Hwa. Senior Master Blake passed away on May 2nd 2001, he was 8th degree and is now considered as a pioneer Grand-Master in Canada.

The Alain Dumaine Taekwon-Do Academy was honored to host the first I.T.F. Seminar in Montréal, Québec, with Senior Master Phap Lu VIII and his wife Ms. Peggy Seely VI. 90 participants from green belt to black belt VI dan where present, from all across the Québec province. Master Lu taught the technical part from 9am to 12, including fundamental exercises, patterns and theory. In the afternoon, from 2pm to 5pm, Ms Seely showed the crowd amazing kicking and sparring techniques - demonstrating her flexibility and teaching in a very dynamic way. A special commemorative banquet was organized after this seminar. 2010 marked the 9th anniversary of the death of a very important man for I.T.F. Taekwon-Do in Canada: Senior Master André Blake (1944-2001). On this very special occasion, the International Taekwon-Do Federation has honored the memory of the late Master André Blake with the highest recognition; the I.T.F. Order.

The organizing committee of this day also highlighted the 42nd anniversary of Taekwon-Do of Senior Master Lu and the 35th anniversary of Master Dumaine. They both received a hand-made marble plaque with their respective image on it. The two marble plaques were made by Ms. Krystyna Sargent, VI Degree, a Taekwon-Do sister from U.K. Other senior instructors in Québec received a mention for their 30th anniversary: Mr. Sylvain Boucher, Ms Valérie Forget, Ms France Pelletier. Senior Master Phap Lu and Ms. Peggy Seely- conductors Master Alain Dumaine - host Marc-André Roy - seminar organizer

On 11th April 2010, the I.T.U.K. held the Midland Opens in conjunction with the United Kingdom Tae Kwon Do Union. More than 100 U.K.T.U. members attended the event, with another 140 outsiders lining up to do battle with the four groups from the U.K.T.U. Our group the U.K.-L.T.S.I. was on site first thing in the morning, though only eight members from our group were able to attend this event. We played a major role in this years event, as Master Harry had requested we hire our mats and P.A. to the I.T.U.K. to make the event more prestigious than in past years (and if I may say so myself, it made a heck of a difference!). This was quite a task, as this meant we were to leave St. Albans at 6am with our competitors in the morning. Stuart Smith, 4th Degree, a registered coach of the U.K.-L.T.S.I. arrived at 5.45am to drive the van for them. We arrived in Derby just gone 9.30am and were met by an army of I.T.U.K. coaches / students - this was a very good start for the host, as they had set the hall up within 45 minutes! I set to work setting up the P.A. System, recording equipment and camera, as this is my primary job as senior editor of this magazine. A meeting was called and all officials were summoned to the bar to discuss the expectations of the tournament host, Master Harry. All Black Belts were told to get dressed and ready.

Well, that was my key, as I was coming out of retirement and giving it a go! Only thing was I had had next to no ring time and definitely not trained to take part, or spar come to think of it. Never the less, I gave it a go as there was only three of us in the 4th Degree and above section. I didn’t do too bad, considering I won my first bout but then drew twice in the next. My chest was on fire in the semi final, as I was not fit enough - I was exhausted, so I will never do that again! In patterns Andy Smith, 2nd Degree, Jade Doran, 1st Degree, and brother Daniel Doran, 4th Kup (all Mr. Smiths members) won gold in patterns. From St. Albans (my school) Elliott Moulster, 2nd Degree, won a silver in patterns, Lauren Snow, 1st Degree, won a silver in patterns, Robert Mitchell, 4th Kup, won a bronze in patterns, as did I. Onto sparring, this is where the U.K.-L.T.S.I. are normally quite strong and today was no exception as we cleaned house and fought our way to the top, securing a good tally of medals on our way. First medal for sparring was my bronze (not bad for a few minutes work!), then came Jade who won a bronze in the Black Belt girls section. Next up was Lauren, who beat her first opponent but lost to a very good fighter from Ireland - she done us very proud and secured a silver. In ring number three, this was to be

dynamic, as three U.K.-L.T.S.I. members would square up to try and win the spoils - Elliott, Andrew and Callum. The bouts unfolded and first blood was drawn. Once again, Andy’s nose had become the victim of another assailant, as Callum’s fast hands threw a strike he may remember for a while to come. The lads did a great show for all to see. Forget friends, these guys kicked lumps out of each other beating their opponents but keeping real control when sparring, so no malice was seen just quality, skill and true technique. The I.T.U.K. boys gave a good show, as both L.T.S.I. and I.T.U.K. squared up.

This event was one that was steeped in controversy, leaving its head coach very concerned for the I.T.U.K. Midland Open. At the time, the I.T.U.K. were still suspended from the I.T.F.-C group after being removed from the current INO in October 2009. The group, along with the U.K.-L.T.S.I., were accused of an unfounded claim which many still say was unwarranted and very unfair. As we all say now in the U.K.T.U., that is old news and not worth talking about, as we have all moved on to bigger and better pastures. Old friends of the I.T.U.K. from the I.T.F.-C group from Ireland travelled in full force to support them, as we saw a sea of green hoodies which was quite overwhelming indeed. The standard was great and sparring was very tough. U.C.T. made their mark winning many medals, along with S.T.A. who also won medals on the day, proving all partners in the U.K.T.U. are serious about making the project a major success. We witnessed some high level sparring on the day and patterns which blew your mind away. The quality of the competitors resonates just how high the standards are in the three I.T.F.’s nowadays and, surprisingly, even the independents are upping their game and improving their standards in line with the I.T.F. Or is it their coaches are teaching them sign wave so when at I.T.F. events, they can produce the goods? Either way, they were very good. Prior to the colour belt event, we showed a display video on a 10 foot digital display which highlighted I.T.F. and W.T.F. demo teams - very fitting, especially with the soundtrack used to make it a real winner. The audience was ecstatic, giving a big applause to the I.T.U.K. for T.K.D. birthday recognition and to me for creating it, I think! The I.T.U.K. were very grateful to all their friends that attended this event in these hard times and look forward to seeing them again at the next U.K.T.U. event or I.T.U.K. event in 2011. There were a few minor hiccups as normal which must be sorted, but soon all tournaments run in conjunction with the U.K.T.U. will have guidelines to help the host make their events even more prestigious - not taking over, but helping them to make their tournaments run more smoothly. You can get information on the United Kingdom Tae Kwon Do Union by visiting This union is open to all Tae Kwon Do groups and clubs and can offer insurance and membership at a very competitive price. You can also join the I.T.F. via partners of this group - all you need to do is visit the site and get in contact with us.

Fitness on Code of Ethics for Sports Coaches About the Author: Mr.I.RAJAGOPAL, Lecturer in Physical Education, TDTA., D.S.Daniel Rajammal College of Educaton.

The basic principle of the Code of Ethics for Coaches is that ethical considerations leading to fair play are integral, and not optional, elements of all sports activity. These ethical considerations apply to all levels of ability and commitment. They include recreational as well as competitive sports. Fair play is defined as much more than playing within the rules. Fair play is a way of thinking, not just a way of behaving. Fair play can be expressed as a philosophy of coaching and incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always playing in the right spirit. This philosophy also integrates issues concerned with the elimination of cheating, doping, gamesmanship, physical and verbal violence, exploitation, unequal opportunities, excessive commercialisation and corruption. The development of fair play or sportsmanlike behaviours and attitudes is not an automatic consequence of participating in sports. These fair play behaviours can be learned from the coach who provides a positive role model and applies consistent, clear reinforcement for what are desirable and undesirable actions. The role of the coach is, therefore, crucial as an ambassador, educator and guardian of the ethical values of fair play within sports.

Humanity Coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being and their ultimate right to self determination. Specifically, coaches must treat everyone equitably and sensitively, within the context of their activity and ability, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation. Relationship The good coach will be concerned primarily with the well-being, safety, protection and future of the individual performer. There must be a balance between the development of performance and the social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the individual. A key element in a coaching relationship is the development of independence. Performers must be encouraged and guided to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance in training, in competition, and in their domestic, academic or business life. The relationship between coach and performer relies heavily on mutual trust and respect. This means that the performer should be made aware of the coach's qualifications and experience, and must be given the opportunity to consent to or decline proposals for training, performance or competition. Commitment Coaches should clarify in advance with performers the number of sessions, fees and method of payment. They should explore with performers the expectation of the outcome of coaching. Written contracts may be appropriate in some circumstances. Coaches have a responsibility to declare to their

INTRODUCING performers any other current coaching commitments. The coach's primary role is to facilitate the process of individual development through achievement of sport potential. This role accepts the players’ long term interests as of greater importance than short term sport considerations. The ethical considerations of the coach must apply to all levels of ability and commitment, and include recreational as well as competitive sports. Sports coaches are expected to conform to ethical standards in a number of areas: humanity, relationships, commitment, co-operation, integrity, advertising, confidentiality, abuse of privilege, safety and competence.

They should also find out if any prospective client is receiving instruction from another coach. If so, the coach should be contacted to discuss the situation. Coaches should expect a similar level of reciprocal commitment from their performers. In particular, the performer (parent/guardian in the case of a minor) should inform the coach of any change in circumstances that might affect the coach/performer relationship. Coaches should receive appropriate acknowledgment for their contribution to the performer's progress and achievement. Where money is earned from performances, it is reasonable to expect the coach should receive an appropriate share of the rewards. Such apportionment with any attendant conditions should be agreed in advance (in writing) to avoid any misunderstanding.

Confidentiality does not preclude the disclosure of information about a performer to persons who can be judged to have a right to know. For example: * Evaluation for competitive selection purposes * Recommendations for employment * In pursuit of disciplinary action involving performers within the sport * In pursuit of disciplinary action by a sports organization against one of its members * Legal and medical requirements for disclosure * Recommendations to parents/family where the health and safety of performers might be at stake * In pursuit of action to protect children from abuse Abuse of Privilege


* Educational and career counselling for young performers whose involvement in sport impinges upon their studies * Sport science advice through the Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

The sports coach is privileged to have regular contact with performers and occasionally to travel and reside with performers in the course of coaching and competitive practice. A coach must not attempt to exert undue influence over the performer in order to obtain personal benefit or reward.

Coaches must communicate and co-operate with registered medical and ancillary practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of their performers' medical and psychological problems.

Coaches must consistently display high personal standards and project a favourable image of their sport and of coaching to performers, their parents/families, other coaches, officials, spectators, the media and the public.

Coaches should communicate and co-operate with other sports and allied professions in the best interests of their performers. An example of such contact could be the seeking of:

Integrity Coaches must not encourage performers to violate the rules of their sport. They should actively seek to discourage and condemn such action and encourage performers to obey the spirit of the rules. Coaches must not compromise their performers by advocating measures that could constitute unfair advantage. They must not adopt practices to accelerate performance improvement that might jeopardize the safety, total well-being and future participation of the performer. Coaches must never advocate or condone the use of prohibited drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances. Coaches must ensure that the activities, training and competition programs they advocate and direct are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual performer. Coaches must treat opponents with due respect, both in victory and defeat, and should encourage their performers to act in a similar manner. A key role for a coach is to prepare performers to respond to success and failure in a dignified manner. Confidentiality Sports coaches inevitably gather a great deal of personal information about performers in the course of a working relationship. Coach and performer must reach agreement about what is to be regarded as confidential information (i.e. not divulged to a third party without the express approval of the performer).

Personal appearance is a matter of individual taste but the sports coach has an obligation to project an image of health, cleanliness and functional efficiency. Sports coaches should never smoke while coaching. Coaches should not drink alcohol so soon before coaching that it would affect their competence to coach, compromise the safety of the performers or obviously indicate they had been drinking (e.g. smell of alcohol on breath). Safety Within the limits of their control, coaches have a responsibility to ensure as for as possible the safety of the performers with whom they work. All reasonable steps should be taken to establish a safe working environment. The work done and the manner in which it is done should be in keeping with the regular and approved practice with their sport. The activity undertaken should be suitable for the age, physical and emotional maturity, experience and ability of the performers. Coaches have a duty to protect children from harm and abuse. The performers should have been systematically prepared for the activity and made aware of their personal responsibilities in terms of safety. Coaches should arrange adequate insurance to cover all aspects of their coaching practice.



Coaches shall confine themselves to practice in those elements of sport for which their training and competence is recognized by the appropriate association. Training includes the accumulation of knowledge and skills through formal coach education courses, independent research and the accumulation of relevant verifiable experience.

1. U.K. Athletics – Code of ethics for coaches.

The National Occupational Standards for Coaching, Teaching and Instructing provide the framework for assessing competence at the different levels of coaching practice. Competence to coach should normally be verified through evidence of qualifications. Competence cannot be inferred solely from evidence of prior experience.

5. National Vocational Qualification Standards for Coaching, Teaching and Instructing.

Coaches must be able to recognize and accept when to refer performers to other coaches or agencies. It is their responsibility, as for as possible, to verify the competence and integrity of any other person to whom they refer a performer. Coaches should regularly seek ways of increasing their personal and professional development. They should welcome evaluation of their work by colleagues and be able to account to performers, employers, and colleagues for what they do and why. Coaches have a responsibility to themselves and their performers to maintain their own effectiveness, resilience and abilities. They should recognize when their personal resources are so depleted that help is needed. This may necessitate the withdrawal from coaching temporarily or permanently.

2. The IAAF Code of ethics for coaches – Peter J.L. Thompson. 3. British Institute of Sports Coaches (BISC). 4. Europe’s Code of Sports Ethics.

JOIN A T.K.D. COMMUNITY This project is run by an Instructor of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa’s group, who is trying to bridge the gap between the T.K.D. communities worldwide. They welcome all groups, so join this community today.



ORIGINAL-I.T.F. A rocky road to success

The beginning was a triumph! In April 2009, an idea came to me to produce an I.T.F. magazine totally dedicated to the I.T.F.’s, regardless of affiliation. At the same time, however, an associate Instructor who regularly attends L.T.S.I. events also had a very similar idea but neither of us knew of the others plans. It’s very strange that we both decided to create magazines at the same time without knowing each others aspirations but, as they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Changes for the better: The magazine has changed in design over the year. Many of our latest changes have been well received by all readers, saying we are stepping up to the mark and are much more professional nowadays. We also have some real good contributors helping us deliver great content in the magazine but, as always, we ask for more contributors to help us grow our readership to the target of 10,000 readers an issue.

I began to research the laws behind copyright and ordered a very good publishing program and design software to assist me in my goal. I then went onto ordering a database of 250,000 royalty free images to assist the magazine. Two months later and the magazine was ready to go. Even if it only had 17 pages as a trial, it still was a massive task to create and was downloaded over 5,000 times - what a response for a first issue magazine.

The big question: Many have asked if it’s been worth the aggro. Well, what do you think? I got suspended, losing 60 members myself from my two schools taking me down to 100 members. We also lost a number of our clubs due to the suspension - again, this was another harsh blow for the organisation I am Chairman of, but I offered my resignation. This was refused by our Instructors, so that was very uplifting and humbling. A year on, those members we lost have either been replaced with more loyal and understanding members. Our clubs are as strong as ever in the UK-LTSI ,of which we are very proud.

The calm before the storm! Things seemed to go fine, but then thunder struck above us. Trouble started to rain down on us in the U.K., as the INO we were affiliated with made false claims resulting in the U.K.-L.T.S.I. and the I.T.U.K. Being suspended unfairly and illegally. Well, we will not waste any energy on that situation or air our thoughts on the matter, as we are both in a family more suited to our needs. Things are much better nowadays. It is alleged that the odd complaint is put into a certain T.K.D. body in the U.K., but the officials are not interested as it is always comes from the same person. I guess that’s where conflict of interest lies - as they say, let sleeping dogs lie and move on. The magazine had a web site created in June 2009 which currently has over 100 members, but gets over a 1000 visits a day. Another great achievement. This web site is now changing name to ‘General Chois-ITF’ as it is hoped we will attract many new users into the forums and take part in our own community which is unbiased and supports all I.T.F.’s. You can reach the site by visiting Sign up is easy - just fill out the form!

The answer: You bet it was worth doing and, yes, I’d do it again! It was and still is my vision (along with the other two editors) to help promote all I.T.F. members so, for once, we have been on a journey well worth the aggro. I for one am not scared of those that use the politics to harm smaller groups, as they are no more then bullies using and abusing our art. We as practitioners must let the old school know society is FREE to exchange and communicate in the way they see fit. Join us at Personally, it has been a hard year as many are still scared to work with us due to their affiliation, but the major move is that one I.T.F. are now helping us, even allowing us to use their official newsletters content and sending us articles regularly. As always, we invite the others to submit their news, but doubt they will for various reasons.

For invitation & info, tel: 01727 827624 or e-mail

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Tae Kwon Do Grand Masters past & present

General Choi Hong Hi

Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha

Grand Master Park Jung Tae

Grand Master Hwang

As many of our readers may be aware, we are running stories on all the above Grand Masters in each upcoming issue. This month, we turn our attention to a Grand Master of original Taekwon-Do who many referred to as "The People's Master". To assist us with the task at hand, we asked a regular contributor Master Vitale via electronic mail to help us tell part of this great man's life and some of his achievements. We were pleased when this long time student of Taekwon-Do agreed to support this worthwhile project by sending information regularly to our magazine, helping us piece the puzzle together. With help from the Master and taking excerpts from Rachelle Younglai’s article, we eventually pieced some of this great Taekwon-Do leader's life together to share with our readers. It has to be stated up front that this is our first biography type of story from the research we were able to conduct. We hope it highlights who he was correctly and we invite additional input from the readers in order to make his story more complete.

Grand Master Charles Sereff

Every issue, we will bring you information on Tae Kwon Do’s Grand Masters from past archives. This month, we have covered Grand Master Park Jung Tae.

Grand Master Park Jong Soo

Grand Master Nam Tae Hi

Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa

(Note 3 months, as compared to the present short weekend IICs, so things really have changed). Grandmaster Cho was the I.T.F. Instructor then, before General Choi dispatched him to Brazil to spread Taekwon-Do there. You had to be at least a 4th Dan to attend this course in those days. You also were required to have authorization from your Kwan (gym you trained at). This is much different than it is today, as these courses also taught English, which was needed in order to be more eligible to be sent abroad to teach Taekwon-Do.

Grandmaster Park was not as involved with Gen Choi in the early periods when the I.T.F. was being formed. He attended the I.T.F. Instructors course as a student in 1968, but not as an Instructor. He moved to Canada in the 1970’s and started promoting the martial art there. He was among the early Instructors to carry the national Korean martial art and sport outside of Korea. He taught in several Canadian cities and eventually settled in the Toronto area. This left him in close proximity to where General Choi was Ironically and sadly, Grand Master Park Jung Tae's passing now living as a result of his self imposed exile from South Korea to occurred on the 11th April in 2002. This coincided to the day with the 47th anniversary of the naming of our Korean Martial Art of Self escape from the mounting political oppression of the military Defence that we call Taekwon-Do. This legendary Pioneer did more dictatorship in power at the time. than most in spreading and teaching the Art he loved so much to so Grandmaster Park moved up the chain in the I.T.F. in the late many people in all parts of the world. His passing was also just two 1970’s and 1980’s, when other South Korean masters were forced short months before the Founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi to leave General Choi and the I.T.F. because of his outspoken Hong Hi died on June 15, 2002. These sad events left many of criticism of the brutality of the South Korean Taekwon-Do’s children mourning back to back. This was a bitter pill regime and his increased outreach to to swallow, especially those close to them. Grandmaster Jung Tae Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which Park was a perfectionist, who was revered throughout the was still in a state of war with South Korea. International Taekwon-Do community. Of course Grandmaster Park Jung Tae went Grandmaster Jung Tae Park was born in South Korea in 1944. on that historic 7th I.T.F. Demonstration Team When he was seven years old, his brother introduced him to boxing. in 1980 that introduced Taekwon-Do to North From there, he dabbled in judo and then settled on Taekwon-Do. Korea. Grandmaster Park and his family then He went to a secondary school (high school) in a town called lived in North Korea for 7 months when he Kwang Ju. Another early pioneer who also attended Kwang Ju at personally taught the first class of North Korean Instructors. So he the same time was Kim Kwang Sung, Master Vitale's teacher. This was a pioneer of Taekwon-Do in North Korea for his efforts. pioneer emigrated to West Germany before he eventually moved to According to George Vitale, the graduates of that class look at New York City in 1971, where he would open a school there. Grandmaster Park as "their teacher", with many fond memories of Grandmaster Park had several teachers during his learning period him. Likewise, Mrs. Linda Park recalls that despite the political and seniors that helped his progression in the art. overtones of the time, they felt very cared for and looked after during their time living there, which included her and Grandmaster One of his Instructors who is now a Grandmaster was Cho Sang Min. Grandmaster Cho now lives in Los Angeles, California. He was Park's infant son. Mrs. Park, a proud Canadian, spoke eloquently about how hard her husband worked for Taekwon-Do, solely because of his deep love for the art, despite all of the political pressure and ramifications.

one of the early pioneers of Taekwon-Do in Brazil. As a result of his efforts introducing Taekwon-Do in Brazil, Grandmaster Cho is often referred to as the Father of Taekwon-Do in Brazil. In 1968 Grandmaster Cho, then a 5th Dan Black Belt Instructor was Mr. Park's teacher when he was a student at the 3 month I.T.F. Instructors course held in Seoul, the capital city of The Republic of Korea.

Grandmaster Park also was the teacher that introduced original or I.T.F. Taekwon-Do to Japan in 1982. This was another great accomplishment, given past Korean-Japanese relations. A special note has to be made that in just 6 short years, the Japanese National Team won the gold medal in male team Tul in the 6th World Championships held in 1988 in Budapest Hungary. Those that are familiar with the first set of Korean patterns, the I.T.F. or Chon Ji set, know all too well that these patterns are named after Korean patriots and significant events in Korean history. They are also demanded to be performed to a certain technical standard. The Japanese team taking the gold as the world champions, speaks volumes to the work of "The People's Master". These were among some of his great accomplishments. General Choi called the results of then Master Park's efforts in north Korea, during that special 7 month initial course a miracle of Taekwon-Do. As a reward he promoted Master Park to 8th Dan for his outstanding efforts, the results of which can be traced to the present day and the level of talent in these two Nations.

Tae Kwon Do Grand Masters past & present

Grand Master Kong Young Il

Grand Master Sabree Salleh Nam Tae

Grand Master Chung E. Kim

Grand Master Tran Trau Quan

"He did demonstrations wherever he could find space, in malls, in parking lots" said his wife Linda, who met him in Taekwon-Do classes. Grandmaster Park founded the Manitoba Taekwon Do Association. After the couple's first two children were born, they moved to Mississauga, where Grandmaster Park worked tirelessly on behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation. Not wanting the art form to be associated with any political group, he left the International Federation, which had ties to North Korea, in the late '80s and founded the G.T.F. (Global TaekwonDo Federation). in 1990, after he Park Jung Tae - Historical picture separated from the I.T.F. Some will say he left, quit, resigned, while others will say he was expelled, kicked out etc. He set up the G.T.F. with many member countries who were previously associated with the I.T.F. He also eventually entered into some type of agreement with the W.T.F., in which they recognized the G.T.F. North and South Korea were funding the International Taekwon-Do and World Taekwon-Do Federations respectively, while the global group received no such funding "He just wanted to be true to the art form," said Karl Sweet, managing director of the global group. "He was a purist at heart." Grandmaster Jung Tae Park, who held a ninth degree black belt, the highest level of Taekwon-Do, was known for his impeccable technique. The 5-foot-9 master could jump over cars. "He wanted to pump out the best Taekwon-Do teachers" Sweet said. The global federation grew under his leadership and has members in more than 100 countries.

: Master George Vitalie, T.K.D. Researcher. Rachelle Younglai’s article ran shortly after the untimely passing of G.M. Park in 2002. All Images sourced from Grand Master Sellas photo album, dedicated student and Instructor of G.M. Park. You can see many great pictures by clicking HERE

under the G.T.F. Grandmaster Jung Tae Park maintained a hectic schedule of travelling, teaching and demonstrating despite his ailing health. On April 11, he succumbed to kidney and liver complications. He was just 58 years old. Grandmaster Jung Tae Park sacrificed his whole life for the martial art, and while lying in the hospital he told his wife "If I die on your lap going to tae kwon do, that's good enough." His great skills are immortalized in photos taken during his time in Winnipeg and are proudly posted in their club. Park Jung Tae’s Tae Kwon-Do Institute in Winnipeg in Canada, located on Cumberland Ave, was one of the first schools established in Canada by G.M. Park Jung Tae and it eventually became one of the largest and best known schools in Canada. Classes were conducted 6 times a week, including Saturdays. Those students who trained under Grandmaster Jung Tae Park, then a 6th degree black belt, look back fondly on them days. Most remember him as a great technician and teacher. His contribution to the art of Tae Kwon-Do are numerous. In late 70's and early 80's, he travelled promoting Tae Kwon-Do. He was among the first to pioneer Taekwon-Do in Poland, Hungary, The Soviet Union, Japan, China and many other countries. He also ran a school in Toronto in the early 1980's.

Park Jung Tae & I.T.F. Instructors, I.T.F. HQ 1986

Contrary to Tae Kwon Do traditionalists, Grandmaster Park believed that the form should keep on growing and created 6 new patterns under G.T.F. and teachings. In 1995, he created the longest pattern, the Jook-am, which is 95 moves and can take 10 minutes to complete. His wife Linda stated for all his accomplishments, Grandmaster Jung Tae Park remained a humble man with an utter devotion to the art form. "It didn't matter if you were a white belt or a black belt," Linda said. "He showed the same courtesy to someone just starting." His humble demeanour never changed from work to home, and his own children would say, "Dad's too forgiving." His children - Juliann, 30, Heather, 27, and Christopher, 20 - all practise Taekwon-Do

Park Jung Tae & I.T.F. Instructors 1983

Picture courtesy U.K.-L.T.S.I.

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Are you stuck in a place where you are not achieving what you want? Would you like to work with a group which is forward thinking and versatile with its approach on how to run your schools? If so, read on. We are looking for schools to join our movement and become part of a well respected group in the U.K. We are also interested in red or Black Belts that want to rejoin the I.T.F. and are interested in opening their first school and working on our NEW Instructors scholarship program.

Picture courtesy U.K.-L.T.S.I.

Why join us:


You must be willing to work as a team and be ready to learn one of the best syllabi in the U.K. today. You will gain full support from us, both on-line and off. You will be required to take part in monthly on-line meetings to discuss the development of your schools and groups. If this is of interest to you, please e-mail our Head Office to discuss a meeting to see if we can work together. We need like minded coaches that want to make a stand against all the petty politics NO other group will offer the freedom we do. Ex members are always welcome to make an application to rejoin our movement.

WWW.UK-LTSI.COM TEL:01727 827624


Article submitted by Dave and Jan Norris It only seems like a short while ago we were celebrating Christmas and the New Year and then here we are in April already getting ready for the first competition for 2010! Having been handed the baton for UKTA Events by Alan Clark and Carrie King we were slightly apprehensive about the first event, after all it was all the way up in Scotland for a start (Jan and I live in Kent). Previously having moved all of the competition equipment from Carrie Kings garage into our house (and a very generous students garage, thanks Steve) I knew only too well the amount of equipment that needed to be taken to Scotland, I thought to myself, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem as I am good at delegating and my wife is pretty strong. Jan being the organised one (I am sure every man has an organised woman behind them) had booked the hall, catering for officials, first aid, insurance, jigsaw mat hire, 7.5 ton lorry and minibus so we were all set.

Having not driven a 7.5 ton lorry before and being restricted to 56mph this was going to be a long journey, we loaded the lorry up with 600 jigsaw mats and all of the equipment on Thursday night ready for the long haul to Scotland on Friday. Did I mention that Jan is the organised one? In which case the fact I only had 1 hour sleep whilst setting up and printing the draw sheets etc will make perfect sense, nothing like a bit of pressure to motivate you before an 11 hour drive! I must say at this point that Mr John Reilly had phoned weeks before the event and organised a time that he and his team of merry helpers would assist us in setting up the hall, on arrival we were given a very warm welcome and boy did they work hard to get the hall ready with us, Thanks Guys, we really did appreciate it. Also on our list of kind hearted people is Peter Mcanna who very kindly let us his special technique and standard breaking stand which saved a lot of effort on our part having to transport them from England. Last but not least Darren Brinham and his wife Andrea were on hand to help. For those of you that are unaware Darren also designed the new certificates and web site banner, thanks Nice Bloke. Having managed to set nearly everything up the night before we left the hall feeling a bit more relaxed, just a short drive away was our hotel, we checked in and attempted to order dinner, unfortunately for us they had stopped serving, so we ordered in a takeaway!!

Bright and early the next morning we drove to the hall to apply the finishing touches and await the many officials, competitors, spectators etc for a day of competition and fun. We were pleased to see that Paul Harris and Paul Knighton had gone to the trouble of allocating the pre-registered officials to each square the night before, saving a good 15 mins at the start of the event, well done guys, great initiative. The competition started on time with all 6 rings running, what more could we ask for! Just after lunch First Grand Master Rhee arrived, the competition was stopped for a few mins so that I could make a short speech, introducing FGM Rhee to everyone, during my speech I explained that FGM Rhee would be happy to sign any items of memorabilia, well no sooner had I mentioned it and there was a queue half way around the hall that ended up several lasting hours, I was amazed at the amount of people patiently waiting in line for our First Grand Master’s signature, I personally have never seen quite so much demand in my 19 years as a TKD student. The day seemed to go very well, finishing earlier than usual with some great bouts of sparring that got the crowd going, we have since had many emails and phone calls congratulating us on organising our first event for the UKTA, thanks for your support, it means a lot to us. All that was left to do was pack it all away and drive home the next day. Visit for up to date competition information and results, including an online community that you can sing into using you existing facebook details, you can of course sign up separately if you do not have a face-

book account.

This year the third Caribbean I.T.F. Taekwon-do Championships was hosted by Barbados from 6th – 9th May. The event was held in the Grand Barbados Beach Resort, a beautiful setting, where a two day seminar conducted by Grand Master Adolfo Villanueva, followed by the competition was held. Each year the event is supported by more countries and this year we saw competitors from Barbados, Venezuela, Argentina, Grenada, Wales, U.K., U.S.A. and Canada. The two day international seminar was heralded as being first-rate and requests to Grand Master Adolfo Villanueva to attend next year to conduct a further seminar were testament to the Grand Master’s methods and teachings. It is hoped that following the popularity of the Grand Master and the location of the event may be able to follow the comparable success next year. Gradings and promotions followed the course and a number of promotions were achieved with the support of the Grand Master Tony Vella and some of his senior masters, Kris Naidoo as well as Master Everton Small from Barbados. The weekend saw the advent of furious but friendly competition. Students performed patterns and also sparred to try to bring victory to their country. The outstanding medallist of the competition was Kelvin John from Grenada who won two gold medals in sparring and patterns and was welcomed home a hero. The local TV station and newspapers followed his success and he and Master Mitchell were both interviewed on the achievements of the Grenada student in the Caribbean Championships.

The presentation of medals took place shortly after the competition where every student that competed and Masters and Instructors who officiated, received a commemorative Caribbean Certificate to remind them of the Caribbean Championships and to ensure that no one went home empty handed, a notable ending to a successful tournament. Following on from all the hard work of students, Masters, Instructors and others who helped to organize the event, a traditional Bajan social event was organized where people were able to relax, let their hair down and have a good time. Thanks go to Master Mitchell whose hard work and dedication along with all those that were able to assist with organizing and officiating this event, including Mr. Arleigh Durant, President of the Barbados Association, and helped to ensure its success.


A RE K UR HIN O T U T .F. .uk E O ! L T Y I.T Y E it SA HA TH aln UR W WOUT rigi YO NO AB @o VE K in A m H ad

Time for us to stick together I have been studying T.K.D. for a number of years now and I see the minimum I.T.F. promotional times have been, and are still being, exploited by many seniors in our art. I sit watching and reading web sites every week, news letters saying this person has been promoted, that person has reached another higher grade and, to be frank, it makes me sick. Look at G.M. Rhee - 16 years to get to Grand Master level out of respect to the founder. I have seen juniors move up the ranks, even taking over their seniors due to knowing the right people who hand out promotions like they are sweets. The art has been lost. I am a 4th Degree and have done 25 years the other day, I met another 5th Degree who had done 10 years to get to his grade. Come on, this is not right! Instructors need to wise up. All students should do the set time as in past years - 5 years for 1st dan, 2 years for 2nd and so on. This will slow down the rate of unqualified people reaching the grade of Master too quick. The minimum times must be set, but we should all push the students to the two year point in the case of 2nd Degree Promotion. Yes, I understand black belts are needed, but it seems to me that some of the I.T.F.’s are promoting at an alarming rate to rebuild the loss of seniors since the split of the I.T.F.’s. One I.T.F. I heard about recently had promoted a 1st Dan to 5th Dan and the complaints committee was asked to investigate it - yet again, this body was overruled according to my source. The person was graded up, as the country did not have any representation for that particular I.T.F. This is outrageous and totally disrespects the founders set up of the promotional timescale. It is not about numbers, it’s not about getting to the next level as fast as possible. Tae Kwon Do is a ‘Life Art’, so promoting to build up seniors is totally against what we all stand for. If the I.T.F. you are with will not listen (which they won’t as it’s all about beating the others), we as groups must stop promoting at minimum times and make the members wait, as not doing so only causes problems in the long run. Promoting up too quickly makes the individual egotistical - they believe they are better and juniors are lower than them, rather than possessing the skill to understand as Martial Artists, everyone is equal, regardless of rank or creed.

NOT REAL WINNERS!!!! I have been hearing a lot about the FIFA World Cup lately. At our club, we were sitting there waiting for the senior class to start and a parent sitting close by says “The U.K. did well at the last I.T.F. world championships, so we are good at one sport at least”. Well, I had to say something, so I say “Sorry Miss, what did you say?” She said “England, they won top honours at the last worlds, so it seems we are good at something”. My jaw must have hit the floor, as our coach came over and took on the parent saying “I’m sorry Miss, but we are not as good as some claim. You see, since the real I.T.F. England split, the fact is the winnings do not represent true seedings, as nowadays each of the winners are NOT true winners until one of the I.T.F. groups puts a unified tournament together”. Our coach pointed out that pre 2002, the U.K. (and most countries come to think of it) had strong, worthy teams. Now we have second rated fighters, claiming to be world champions as they won at an event where there was 400 competitors (which is basically a ‘domestic event’). Pre 2002, there were 1000 plus at the worlds, so any champions that were produced were ones with true skill and heart. This statement was well received by all, as it seems senior coaches now want everyone to know that as long as our leaders are ignoring each other, there will never be unity; thus there will never be true world champions produced in any of the I.T.F.’s so yet another sport we English can’t seem to be the best at. Then again, he also said as long as DPR Korea, Poland and Russia are there, we will always be behind them as they are simply the best.

National Technical Seminar in Spain National Technical Seminar in Spain was held on day 29 at the headquarters of the Spanish Federation, The annual technical seminar organized by the Spanish federation for the recycling of their instructors with the participation of 41 trainees. Initially the President of the Federation, Don Paco Ferrando, welcomed the participants and encourage them to continue along the same line that showed high scores to be working on the expansion of I.T.F. in Spain. The seminar was led by the national technical director Jose Ramon Viudes Master and was assisted by Master José Miguel Martinez and John McKissock Instructors and Alejandro Banega. Master Viudes and both assistants, did show everyone the ways of trainees and clarification on the doubts that some instructors had in relation to the development of Tul forms as well as its implementation and because of them, also and to to liven up every hour seminar Master Martinez spent 15 minutes to show the development and work of the techniques of taekwon-do selfdefense application to the street fight, teaching for many instructors showed their admiration for the extensive knowledge in this field of Maestro Martinez. At the end of the seminar were made black belt exams passed their degree in Fran Huertas passing 2nd Dan, Ibañez Vte passing 4th Dan, Antonio Benimeli passing 5th Dan. Our congratulations to them!

1918 -2002 ‘His legacy continues through all of our efforts’

By Marshall Buchholz The sales rep was well meaning, but obviously knew nothing about the martial arts business. I was placing and order for my first ad in the yellow pages when he asked me what I’m sure he thought was a casual conversation booster. “So what are your plans?” he asked. “Open up a school, hire a couple of teachers, then expand and open up a couple more schools?” Yeah, right. It’s all just that easy. Ever wonder what motivates a martial arts instructor to open a school? Money? Recognition? A chance to show off your skills in front of a captive audience four nights a week? Hardly. Every good martial arts instructor—and I mean the good ones—is motivated by something much less tangible and far more valuable than money or fame. I call it the moment of "Surprise Achievement." It’s that special experience when something you’ve been teaching clicks in a student. It's when they “get it.” And you can’t put a price on that. But, like it or not, the difficulties of trying to build a prosperous martial arts school threaten every school owner’s success. Most instructors know there really isn’t much money to be gained in teaching the arts. Given the costs of maintaining a facility, a web site, creating and printing flyers and brochures, promoting or entering tournaments (including travel expenses), and buying books, DVDs, and magazines to stay up on the latest trends (not to mention sorting the genuine ones from the hoaxes), a good instructor stands to make only nominal financial profit from a martial arts school. And then there’s the time investment. All of the above eat away at valuable time spent with family, friends, or just about any other hobby you might have thought you were going to stay active with. Or for that matter, the hobbies your own kids might have. Try balancing your teaching schedule with cheering your kids on from the bleachers at their baseball games, hosting birthday parties, taking family vacations, and attending parent-teacher conferences. Of course, we can’t forget the expectations of your students, either. If you’re claiming to be an “expert” in some area of martial arts, you better plan to spend as much time as possible doing your own gruelling workouts. After all, no one would respect a martial arts instructor who can’t demonstrate at least basic techniques with black belt proficiency! Which can also take a toll on your body. Balanced correctly, a martial arts instructor’s own practices—including the workouts you get while teaching—should leave you in perfect physical and mental harmony with the rest of the universe. Right? Should, but… The fact is, instructors face two big realities with regard to their own practice: 1) We age, and 2) Accidents happen. Believe it or not, we’re not perfect! Those are the downsides in terms of money, time, and health. I’ll just briefly mention one more thing that every martial arts instructor experiences, few know how to really talk about among their peers, and is probably the number one reason people quit the business: Frustration. Imagine spending hours at your computer creating and printing promotional brochures, doing good, hard workouts to stay in great condition.

Now your in the dojo, the lights are on, the doors unlocked, you’ve carefully prepared tonight’s lessons—and no one shows up. For a martial arts instructor, it’s an experience that can quickly drain all your commitment—and fast. Most students have no idea how many hours the teacher has spent just preparing for classes. Along with teaching, there’s encouraging commitment, motivating hard work, cultivating students’ beliefs in themselves, and nurturing a belief in their own success, often just to see them hop down the road to newest McDojo to learn the latest technique for dropping your opponent with the tap of a finger. So what are we, crazy? Sometimes I think so! Yet something keeps us leaping out of bed each morning and trying again. It's that peculiar experience called “Surprise Achievement.” It’s that moment when you struggled to help a confused and frustrated student to understand how a technique works. He tries it once, and gets a painful bruise on his arm; he tries it again and again, but it doesn’t seem to have any valid effect on his opponent. Then, just when you thought there were no more ways to explain it, demonstrate it, or get him to commit to the repetition drills, he gets it. You didn’t expect it to happen at that moment. Neither did he. And his face turns to you, the expression of disgust and frustration replaced by the surprise of an unexpected achievement. It’s spontaneous; it can’t be planned, and it’s never easy to get there. But it’s worth it.

Every dedicated martial arts instructor knows there is a lot more to teaching than giving a couple of quick demonstrations, explanations, then just sitting back and watching students work their way to a black belt while you count the money. Every martial artist who decides to go into teaching has had a taste of some kind of success. Maybe it was experienced in tournament competition, and you want to share that feeling with others. Or maybe it was just the atmosphere of the dojo, or the fascination with the techniques and strategies you’ve learned. But none of those experiences will sustain a good teacher for very long. Believe me, for every moment of success, there are ten moments of frustration that threaten to overwhelm you. So forget the sales reps. They mean well, but what do they know? And forget the critics who think you’re just in it to feed your ego. Forget all the frustration. In the end, all that matters is what you and your students think. And that light in his eyes, that sudden beaming smile, that certain, “Aha!” ...more than makes it all worthwhile.

In fact, it’s so worth it that I often remind my students that our greatest rewards arise from our greatest difficulties. When you know that they grasp that concept, and they invest their valuable time and energy into what you are teaching, the moments of Surprise-Achievement become more frequent, and your own reward as a teacher, immeasurable.

IIC 53 in the Cabo Frio city Brasil

present also. The Grand Masters Trajtenberg, Marano and Bos motivate the entire participants, solving all the doubts and showing how they preserve the technique of our founder Gen Choi for the next generation. On Saturday was a grading and were promoted Mr Tulio Flores to 4th degree (Peru), Mr Haydel Vera to 6th degree (Bolivia), Mr Marcelo Pedrini to 7th degree (Argentina) and Master Raul Sanchez to 8th degree (Brazil). COMPLIMENTS TO ALL OF THEM.

On Saturday night was a Banquet in honour to the I.T.F. Technical On May 14-15-16 was held the IIC 53 Committee and also for those who in the Cabo Frio city, Brasil. 71 were promoted, we had wonderful participants from Brazil, Argentina, moment that we will never forget. I Bolivia y Peru, enjoyed the teaching of want to say THANK YOU to all the participant and the support, dedication the I.T.F. Technical Committee. and teaching of the Grand Master’s. Masters Santos Djalma from Brazil

and Marcelo Vatrano from Argentina were

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Picture courtesy Mstr: G.Vitalie

Welsh Opens Report Submitted by Dave & Jan Norris So here were are again, just one month since I last reported on a competition (namely the Scottish Open 2010) from an organisational point of view we were pleased that the Welsh Open was a little closer to Kent where Jan & I live.

After lunch ring 5 was dedicated to Adult and Veteran black belts and this ring was to be presided over by the Senior Masters and Masters, this level of expertise was needed especially as we had 5th and 6th dans entered into the competition.

With the day drawing to a close at a reasonable time the competition had gone well, I must of course thank all officials, For any of you that have been to the Welsh competitors and spectators for making this competition another success. Open in recent years you will know that it has been held at this year’s venue UWIC, We look forward to seeing you all at the this is a fantastic venue the only complaint London Open and English Championbeing it is maybe a little too large! With this ships next. in mind we decided to allow spectators a little closer to the action than usual to help Visit for up to date competition information and recreate a good atmosphere. sults, including an online community that The day started with all officials and comyou can sing into using you existing facepetitors lining up, reciting the oath and lisbook details, you can of course sign up tening to a few words of wisdom from me, separately if you do not have a facebook including of course introducing the masters that were present on the day (Senior Mas- account. ter Prewett, Senior Master Taylor, Master Miller & Master Blackburn), will the day under way with 6 rings running we were off to a good start. As usual we started with all the patterns categories; the Under 13’s having to work hard to earn a medal due to the amount of entries in this age category.


WELSH OPENS BEST SCHOOL RESULTS TKD School Fleur-de-Lis - Taekwondo Wales Cardiff TKD RTA Didcot Burbage TKD Ely Torbay Exeter Thames Valley Soar Valley Surrey Hills Taz TKD - Taekwondo Wales Cardiff University Fairwater Sussex North Cardiff Self Defence Huddersfield TaeKwon Do Carter BITF Caterham Oxford University Stonehenge Roath TKD Evesham Wishaw Clapham ATHERSTONE Twynham & Kinson TKD Swanscombe Cardiff North TKD West Reading Derby Hillpark Abingdon Kinson & Twynham RAF High Wycombe Tidworth TKD Mynachdy TKD BITF Birmingham Hinckley Gi-Do Taekwon-do Club I.T.F. Baia Mare LEARN TKD Aldershot Lisvane & Llanedeyrn Botley

Competitors 27 22 18 18 21 18 14 17 9 7 10 7 9 7 9 4 4 4 4 9 3 5 1 6 2 1 4 2 3 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 3 1 1 2 2 2

Bronze 12 12 5 9 13 9 8 6 3 3 6 4 5 6 5 1 0 1 2 4 1 1 0 4 1 0 3 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 2 0 1 1 0 0

Silver 13 7 11 4 6 7 7 2 3 4 1 2 2 1 4 4 1 3 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 3 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0

Gold 11 11 8 10 7 6 6 8 8 5 4 4 3 3 1 1 3 1 2 1 2 2 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Ind Overall 1

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TOTAL Points 74 59 51 50 46 44 40 37 33 26 20 20 18 17 16 12 11 10 10 9 7 7 6 6 6 6 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 0 0


Julia Cross (IV degree, Scotland) the I.T.F.’s most decorated competitor ever recently announced her retirement from international competition. Julia began winning medals at international level in 1991 in Vienna (where she gained gold & bronze) and has done so almost every year since, some of her most significant wins being a bronze in North Korea in 1992 and silver in pattern at the world championships in Russia in 1997 followed by the first of six world title wins in Argentina in 1999. As well as her world titles Julia has had great success at the European championships winning titles no less than 15 times. She has also won best overall female at the world championships twice (the only female to have done this) and 3 times at the European championships winning gold at both pattern and sparring each time. Throughout her remarkable career Julia has been hindered by significant injuries to both her knees and left hip having required surgery three times. Despite this she has consistently shown great perseverance and true TKD spirit by overcoming these conditions and continuing to represent her country sometimes competing at the highest level only moths after surgery and competing in Argentina 2009 needing a full hip replacement. A serious and progressive hip condition now requiring further surgery however has finally led her to realise that if she is to continue in TKD, retirement from competition is necessary. As well as being a successful competitor Julia has found time to take an active role in coaching the Scottish TKD squad over the years, teach at seminars and also run her own TKD school teaching both children and adults. Areas she is looking to become more active in as she develops her TKD out with the competition circuit. Below are a few questions Julia was asked about her decision to retire along with the answers she gave. How do you feel about your decision to leave competition? Pretty devastated to be honest, it was not fully my choice but my hip was so bad that my Surgeon said I must as my hip could collapse. When I saw the X-rays I got a real fright, this was enough for me. Competition has been my life and soul, my only goal for the last 18 years. It is going to be very strange as I am such a competitive person and love the challenge of competing. But now I know I have more challenges ahead. The first being to recover from my hip replacement and get back in the gym, which I and my surgeon are sure, I will do 100%. Looking back I know I have had a truly amazing career and I don’t regret a minute of it.

What would you like to say to younger competitors trying to break through on the competition circuit and how have things changed since the start of your own career? I would say that you must set yourself a goal or dream, take actions to make that dream a reality and work hard to achieve it. You always need to be one step ahead of the game. Nothing is impossible if you work hard and believe you can do it. Things have changed over the years, TKD has become faster, more dynamic and new people are always coming on the scene, but there are also some old faces who have been around as long as I have, which is always great to see. What is your favourite memory of the last 24 years in TKD? Probably winning my first World Title in Argentina 1999. Nothing will ever compare to that moment. Also winning the European championships in Poland in 2008, 2 months after hip surgery. That was though but truly amazing when I achieved it. When I came off after receiving my medal in Argentina in 1999 I was so honoured to be congratulated by General Choi, he was a true inspiration to me and the whole World of TKD. Another person who was an inspiration to me was GM Tran I felt very privileged that he knew me by name and spoke with me on several occasions. I was so very saddened by his untimely death and I feel we have lost a truly great leader who managed to do a great job after General Choi passed away. What are your plans for the future? Now, after I recover from my hip surgery I plan to continue training to a high level and sit my V deg, this year maybe and I am in the process of opening my own full time Do-Jang, which I am very excited about. Here I will be able to expand my TKD school, train my students and who knows, maybe create another World Champion. Something else that I would like to do is coaching, it would be nice to be the national coach for Scotland as I see this as a natural progression for me. I have a wealth of knowledge to pass on. It would also be nice to do more seminars, something which I have not had much time to undertake in the past. Finally are there any people you would like to thank who have supported you over the years? So many‌ my instructor for 24 year Master Sheena Sutherland (VIII degree), my coach for the last 10 years Heath Denholm (V degree) & all my TKD team mates for their support and very importantly my family, partner and friends who have all been with me every step of the way. Without all these people I would never have been able to succeed in the way that I have.

Championship has successfully taken place in Barletta, Italy from 10th to 14th in March this year and over 700 participants from 29 countries throughout the European Continent gathered in this Festival. The EITF under the presidency of Senior Master Anto Nobilo regularly organizes the Championship every year and it draws more attentions and attractions not only from the TKD brothers and sisters in Europe but also from the Taekwon-Do-Loving-Peoples in this planet year by year.

The Congress decided, first ever, to host the Children’s Championship together with the above Championship from the next year. The next European Championship will be held in Tallinn, Estonia in Feb. 2011, in conjunction with the 4th International Martial-Art Games, where it has been chosen as the place for the colourful ceremonies of the “European Capital of Culture 2011”. On 10th Mar. the EITF Congress was held and the ITF President Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung was invited to this Congress and congratulated the TKD peoples in Europe on their particular contributions to the intensification and promotion of the original TKD worldwide.

The activity began at 2 pm, the welcome was given by Mr Lisandro Baez, Vice President of ATIS. Also Mr. Fausto Castillo, president of the Federación De Taekwon-do ITF Dominicana, FETAID, declare to Mr. Taveras as the new president of the association of the province of Santiago. The Asociación de TaeKwon-Do ITF de Santiago, would like to thank to our sponsors: Asociacion Cibao de Ahorros y Prestamos, Malta India & Blue Parking for making possible this great event.

On last Saturday of May 22th, was held the first selective patterns tournament for children and juniors, in the province of Santiago. Those who won the first three places in the different divisions, qualify to compete in the national games in the city of Santo Domingo, by the end of this year. The selective tournament was organized by La Asociación de TaeKwon-Do ITF de Santiago ATIS, led by Mr. Norberto Taveras 5th Dan.

Also, the board of director of ATIS will like to thank Mr. Maximo Boitel, general secretary of ATIS and the judges for this event: Jose Eulises Cruz, Chon Ji Peña, Ivet Ureña, Juan Rahdames Tavera, Carol Tavera, Ysmaldo Alvarez, Rommell Morel, Morel Erickson & Peter Etienne.

AMIABLE TALKS BETWEEN THE PRESIDENTS OF I.T.F. AND I.O.C. & SPORTS ACCORD The ITF President Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung held the very fruitful talks on several occasions with the Presidents of IOC and Sports Accord in the friendly atmosphere in the periods of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, concerning the future of Taekwon-Do. The IOC President expressed his concerns and attitude on the talks between ITF and WTF and put forward the principles for solving the TKD matters in the nearer future, and the Sports Accord President also expressed his full supports to the views and proposals of the ITF President to cope with this issue.

Prof. Dr. Chang Ung and IOC President Dr. Jacques

Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung again met with the IOC President in Singapore on 23rd March.

INFORMATION FOR THE 9th JUNIOR & 4th VETERAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TO TAKE PLACE IN BELARUS The above Championship will be held in the Indoor Stadium st th “Sports Palace” in Minsk, Belarus from 21 to 28 Aug. this year. As normally, the Technical & Umpire Seminar is scheduled on 22–23 Aug. with the fee of EURO 50,00 per participant and all NGBs must send 1 Umpire to this seminar who is going to be umpiring at the coming World Championship representing their countries. It is also open to members wishing to be qualified as the International Umpire from ITF, however, all the participants including the 1 Umpire from each country should pay for their HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS for 2 days of Seminar by themselves. The Masters’ Seminar is also scheduled in th th the morning on 24 Aug. and 6 Dan Black Belt Holders and up are kindly invited to this seminar. The venue and time will be informed to the participants upon arrival in Minsk. The detailed information for the coming World Championship will be delivered to the members soon and it will, as well, be available on ITF website (

Prof. Dr. Chang Ung and Mr. Hein Verbruggen, the President of Sports Accord

A lot of Taekwon-Do Grand Masters and Masters as well as the MartialArt Peoples regardless of their affiliated organizations are requesting the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee to conduct the 8th Year-MemorialService for late Gen. Choi Hong Hi on 15th Jun. this year. The Korean Taekwon-Do Committee therefore plans to host this ceremony before the tomb of late Gen. Choi Hong Hi in Pyongyang on 15th Jun. this year and invites, on this occasion, all the peoples to Pyongyang, DPR Korea. The attendees will miss Gen. Choi all the day including looking around the remains of late Gen. Choi exhibited in the “Taekwon- Do Palace” on the very day. The ITF HQ would like to recommend the persons wishing to attend this ceremony to get in touch with the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee at the e-mail; and copy should be sent to the ITF HQ as well.

U.K.-L.T.S.I. Holds IV SIX MONTHLY Black Belt grading: Eleven members from across the U.K.-L.T.S.I., plaqued members of the I.T.F. took part in the 4th six monthly senior testing. Ten members applied for 1st Degree, with only one not reaching the groups national standard - this has resulted in them being told to take a FREE re-test in October 2010.

Only seven members are in this picture, as three had to re-sit the written test one month later to pass.

One member (also the senior examiners daughter) Lauren Snow applied for 2nd Degree and passed the grade with a respectable percentage in all elements that the group test on. The U.K.-L.T.S.I., who are known to have one of the toughest examination processes in the U.K., holds these exam every six months. The examination panel is made up of 4th Degrees and above. The exam usually lasts around five hours and applicants are put through mental and physical test on all elements of the art, which are often looked on by visiting Masters as very tough and very demanding. Never the less, all have stated that the process is one that they hold in high esteem, as all candidates that pass know they had to push to reach the standard required by the L.T.S.I.’s promotion board. A spokesman for the L.T.S.I. said “We congratulate all members on reaching their next level - they done us proud”.

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Yul Gok Come to attention

Parallel Ready Stance

Welcome to our pattern helper section - every issue, we will publish the next pattern giving top tips to help you learn and understand it better. Yul Gok is the pseudonym (pen name) of a great philosopher and scholar Yi I (1536 - 1584 A.D.) nicknamed the Confucius of Korea. The 38 movements of this pattern refer to his birthplace on the 38th latitude and diagram (+) represents scholar.

Move left leg into sitting stance whilst raising left arm to measure ready for double punch

Move right leg into sitting stance whilst raising right arm to measure ready for double punch

Right punch in sitting stance

Right punch in sitting stance

Left punch in sitting stance

Right walking stance, middle section block

Front snap kick with back leg.

Left walking stance, middle section obverse punch

Left walking stance, middle section reverse punch

Right walking stance, middle section reverse punch

Right walking stance, middle section obverse punch

Front snap kick with back leg.

Left walking stance, middle section block

Right walking stance, right palm hooking block

Right walking stance, left palm hooking block

Right walking stance, obverse punch.

Left walking stance, left palm hooking block.

Left punch in sitting stance

Left walking stance, right palm hooking block.

Right Side Kick

Right walking stance, mid section front elbow strike

Right walking stance, reverse punch

Jump one stance forward into X stance back fist

Left walking stance, obverse punch.

Right walking stance, mid section reverse punch

Left bending ready stance

Right ‘L’ stance twin knife hand block

Right walking stance, high section side block

Right walking stance, double forearm block.

Right bending ready stance

Left walking stance, mid section front elbow strike

Left Side Kick

Right walking stance, mid section fingertip thrust

Left ‘L’ stance twin knife hand block

Left walking stance,

reverse punch

Left walking stance, double forearm block.

Left walking stance, high section side block

Left walking stance, mid section fingertip thrust

1. Check all stances are correct lengths and widths and front knee is bent. 2. On palm hooking block, ensure shoulders turn in on second connecting blocks. The stance should close as block is performed. 3. On side kicks, turn standing foot to lock hips into kicks with correct foot formation. 4. On high side block, knuckles are eye level. 5. On X stance, bend knees and strike higher eye level. 6. On double forearm block, shoulders should be 45 degrees.

Open to all U.K.T.U. members tel: 01727 827624 or e-mail

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3. By the sea 6. These are often by the seaside 8. You cook food on these outside 10. You play with this on the beach


1. Sit on these in your garden 2. Eat this to stay cool 3. Put this on to stay safe 4. You see this on the sea 5. Put these on your face in the summer 7. It gets very hot 8. People go here in the summer 9. Next to the beach

r u Yo 56th IIC in Republica Dominicana 4th International Seminar in Addis 1-2 October 2010 Ababa, Ethiopia 9th Pan American Championships Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana July 23-26th 2010 June 19-21.2010 Mr Norberto Taveras – —--------------------------------------------2010 United States Nationals and —--------------------------------------------Battle of Utrecht 2010 Worlds Qualifiers International Instructors Course in 3 October 2010 August 13-14 2010 Regina, Canada Utrecht, Netherland Mr Jason Morris June 25th - 27th 2010 Master James Tjin-A-Ton Master Clint Norman, Phone: 306, 0005, Fax: 306 525-0050, — —------------------------------------------------ —------------------------------------------------ U.K.-L.T.S.I. 5th Invitationals 2010 October 24th World Championship Grand Master Choi’s I.T.F. Marlborough School, Watling Street, Belaraus 2010 announces next World 21st - 28th Aug 2010 St. Albans Championships. The 9th Junior & 4th Veteran World It is with a great pleasure to Championship to be held in Minsk, Belarus —--------------------------------------------announce that the 2010 (IX Junior and XV CLICK HERE 9th Amizade Open International Senior) World Championships in —---------------------------------------------------2010 Taekwon-Do I.T.F. will be held in Friday, September 03, 2010 at 9AM 30-31 October 2010 Chungcheongbuk-Do (Cheongju), Republic INTERNATIONAL INSTRUCTORS of Korea between July 4 - 8th 2010. Details COURSE on their web: —----------------------------------------------ITF, Grand Master Trân Triêu Quân 5th - 7th Nov 2010 Organizer: ITF, Hungarian ITF Taekwon-do —------------------------------------------------ Federation Contact: Miss Edina Enzsel International Instructor Course 4TH OPEN TRAINING DAY +36-70-2222 477 Location: Hoofddorp, Netherlands Francis Bacon School, Drakes Drive Click Here —----------------------------------------------St. Albans, Herts. Tickets £15 International Instructor Course, Tel: 01727 827624 or visit International Instructors Course in Budapest – Hungary 2010 The Netherlands 3-5 September 2010 *I.T.F. Sparring* *Ju Jitsu* *Good fun* 19-21 November 2010 –-----------------------------------------------, phone: 70-2222 477 (Miss Edina Enzsel 1st International Seminar Course in —-----------------------------------------------Kenya July 16-19th 2010 U.K.T.A. English Open Championships – Mr. Simon Komu Wainaina, KITF Saturday 25th September 2010 Secretary General: K2 Crawley, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley, RH11 9BQ Roger Stokke +47 73883190, +47 — 48284636,, London Open Championships – — Sunday 18th July 2010 25th Sep 2010 —---------------------------------------------Guildford Spectrum, Parkway, 2 Lehel Vezér International TaekINTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1UP won-Do Cup August 2010 Buenos Aires, Argentina Location: Jászberény, Hungary —---------------------------------------------For more information visit: Click Here 2nd Asian Championship 2010 –-----------------------------------------------July 23-25th 2010 —------------------------------------------------Master Alfred Yu U.K.T.A. U.K. Open Championships XV ITF New York Taekwon-do Sunday 7th November Tournament —------------------------------------------------UWIC, Cymcoed Road, Cardiff, CF23 Sunday 26th September 2010 6XD WWW.UKTA.COM

r u Yo 24-26 December 2010, Webpage: —-------------------------------------

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4th I.T.F. WORLD CUP IN LAS VEGAS ITF sanctioned event, Grand Master Trân Triêu Quân Contact: or

The U.K.T.U. cordially invite all U.K. practitioners to join their movement. Go to their web site or e-mail for an enrolment pack. Instructors can call their office on 01727 827624 for an informal chat. Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm


INTERCONTINENTAL CUP TOURNAMENT & MASTERS SEMINAR June 2010 Ottawa, Canada Friday 6-8pm. Masters training followed by special dinner for the Masters. Saturday Competition followed by special banquet for all. Sunday morning colour belt seminar, afternoon 1st - 6th Dan Black Belt seminar. Hosted by Master Phap Lu, Secretary General of the I.T.F. For more information visit: or

SOUTH AMERICAN I.T.F. CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 Columbia For more information visit: —--------------------------------------------------TOURNAMENT June 25 to July 01, 2011 2011 European Championships ITF Sanctioned event, GM Choi Jung Hwa Neptune Stadium Cork, Ireland Date to be confirmed, more information to be posted as received Contact Mrs. Patricia Dalton —--------------------------------------------------TOURNAMENT August 01, 2012 I.T.F. World Championship 2012 I.T.F. Sanctioned event, GM Choi Jung Hwa Canada Date to be confirmed, more information to be posted as received Contact —----------------------------------------------------

World Championship 2011 10-13 March 2011 —--------------------------------------------------TOURNAMENT August 01, 2014 ITF World Championship 2014 ITF Sanctioned event, GM Choi Jung Hwa Rome, Italy Date to be confirmed, more information to be posted as received Contact

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