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JEROS Utensil Washer For all utensil and Multihead weigher schales

new 8160 represents a multi-purpose-solution as the Washer is used for several other cleaning tasks at Arla Kruså.

Cleaning Multihead Weighers Consumer demands for convenient portion packed foods are constantly increasing, and thus dairies and food producers install a growing number of Multihead Weighers. These market conditions led JEROS to construct an industrial cleaning system for multihead weigher components, the JEROS ACE which is a flexible and efficient cleaning system for scale parts. The ACE cleaning procedure takes only 20-30 minutes, and the time span includes: Loading the racks on the trolley with the hoppers, transport, rolling racks from trolley into the washer, washing - and in the meantime dry-cleaning of the weigher centre, rolling the racks out of the washer onto the trolley, and finally transportation and re-placing the hoppers on the weigher.

Energie reducing 25% Water reducing Guaranteed hygiene Hygienic construction and machine design 9 different model variants with different capacities

JEROS World Wide The Danish company JEROS, founded in 1963, is an international expert within customized industrial washing solutions. JEROS develop, produce and market tray cleaners, dish washers, utensil washers, conveyor tunnel washers and crate washers for dairies and food companies as well as for retailers. All washing solutions are available in various models and sizes. Since the company’s foundation, JEROS has established a strong global network of experienced dealers and service organizations. The company’s premises in Odense include a R&D department, production facilities, administration, sales and marketing departments. The staff at JEROS counts highly skilled smiths, technicians and engineers.

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