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Salone Internazionale delle Tecnologie Alimentari e delle Bevande

ONE FOR ALL. ALL IN ONE. Food Processing | Food Packaging | Safety & Analytics | Intralogistics Digitalisation | Automation | Environment & Energy | Science & Pioneering

Koelnmesse S.r.l. Viale Sarca 336/F, Edicio 16 20126 Milano, Italia Tel. +39 02 8696131 Fax +39 02 89095134 info@koelnmesse.it

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Gluten free all-round Partner Increase your business!

Schär 24/7 assortment Lunch Breakfast Sweet or savoury? A warm croissant, focaccia or bread roll straight from the oven.

Best quality and great taste of penne and fussili pasta – optimized for double cooking.

Snacking on the go Dinner

Enjoy small gluten free snacks in between meals.

Convenient frozen dinners and basic ingredients for delicious gluten free meals.

Tel. +39 0473 293 595, foodservice.it@drschaer.com, www.drschaer-foodservice.com


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Largo del Teatro Valle, 7



HOSTELCO will be held together with ALIMENTARIA in may 2021 STRENGTHENING A GREAT TRADE SHOW PLATFORM FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Hostelco, the Spanish leading exhibition of equipment for the restaurant, hotel, and catering industries as well as one of the pioneers in this speciality in Europe, will be held from 17 to 20 May, 2021, together with Alimentaria, strengthening the commitment to one of the largest international platforms for the food, catering, restaurant and hotel equipment industry. The exhibition, which is organized by Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Associations of Equipment Manufacturers for the Hospitality and Related Industries (FELAC), will be held on a date

THE PURPOSE IS ACHIEVING MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION AND MAINTAINING THE VALUE PROPOSITION agreed by people in the industry to respond to the request of major companies and associations with the aim of holding the best possible edition that contributes to the recovery of this industry. The Organising Committee, made up of the leading associations and companies in the industry, has agreed on new dates for the event in order to achieve maximum



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Physical & digital

11-12-13 aprile 2021

Professional onlY

rimini expo centre

digital agenda

14-15 aprile 2021

in contemporanea con organizzato da


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Products for ice cream and pastry

58/61 ARTIGIANMOBILI Industry S.r.l.

Uscita n.3 - ottobre

Quality in continuous evolution since 1974

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An outline of services and products for the horeca world and hospitality Published: biannual magazine Registration: Court of Monza no. 13 of 13.11.2018 Servizi e prodotti per il mondo horeca e ospitalità Periodicità: semestrale Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Monza, no.13 del 13.11.2018

HORECA INTERNATIONAL is the international magazine for the hospitality industry­­­­­­ year 3 - 2020 managing editor S.V. Maffizzoni redazione@editricezeus.com

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Paver stones

264/267 ARCHIVERDE Garden design and development

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MEMORIES OF ABRUZZO IN A POP- ROCK STYLE Vito Pastore - when cooking becomes a form of art by Chiara Natalucci

Vito Pastore

Chef Executive


e interviewed Vito Pastore, former Executive Chef at Antico Torchio, now working at the restaurant “Passeri in Centro” in Pescara, alongside the pizza chef Luciano Passeri.

Born in 1983 in Bari, Vito Pastore clearly gives the impression of knowing what he’s doing. He started cooking during his university years when he moved to Abruzzo to study Sports Science. As a motherless youngster, Vito began cooking out of necessity, for himself and his housemates, giving shape to what would become his greatest passion. Through amateur and professional experiences, including the AIS course to become a wine sommelier, he began to make his way in the world of restaurants, first as a waiter, then as a manager. The first opportunity to compete in the kitchen of a restaurant came almost by chance, when he had to replace the head chef of the restaurant he was working for. That moment marks the beginning of his career: with no curriculum strength, as he says, unlike many chefs, he will work hard with commit6



22/10/20 18:18


ment and perseverance. And a lot of training, too. Something that strikes you when talking to Vito Pastore is his firm belief in pursuing permanent training, in building the great puzzle of his culinary art, piece by piece. And indeed, with this strong idea in mind and the opening of two restaurants, on the day of his thirtieth birthday, a chef friend introduced him to one of the best pastry chefs in the world, Emanuele Saracino, also haute cuisine teacher. At his side, Vito tried to grasp all the secrets of pastry making, and for three months he worked with him in a prestigious 4-star hotel where he tried his hand at preparing all kinds of pastry, opulent breakfasts and elaborate wedding cakes. At the end of this period, Emanuele Saracino asked him to continue working together. From 2012 to 2016 the two chefs ran the kitchen of Castello Chiola, an ancient 9th-century fortress converted into a hotel, reception room and restaurant, in an area called “Colli Aprutini”, famous for its fine wines and extra virgin olive oil. At Castello Chiola, Vito worked for the first two years as a pastry chef until a similar story happened: one day he ended up replacing the restaurant’s executive chef for a fortnight. It took only fifteen days to convince both the hotel owner and chef Saracino to assign Vito the direction of the kitchen. During these years of hard work, as chef Saracino’s right-hand man, Vito learns a lot and is also introduced in the consulting sector to help in the design of



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machinery for the food industry. In 2016, the two chefs went their separate ways: Saracino flew to Dubai to work for an iconic restaurant, Vito became Executive Chef at Castello Chiola. Since the owners saw great potential in him, they decided to open another à la carte restaurant,

which soon received lots of mentions and awards. Here Vito gave vent to all his culinary flair, offering revisited dishes of Apulian cuisine, respecting tradition. A lover of the fifth quarter and other less noble ingredients, his cuisine can be defined full of a “peasant spirit”.




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In 2020, Vito is the protagonist of new adventures: he is a teacher in prestigious culinary institutes, a consultant for the world of industry and chef at a gourmet pizza restaurant. “Passeri in centro” is a pizzeria and restaurant in the centre of Pescara, an elegant New York-style restaurant where, in addition to the pizza menu, guests can also enjoy appetizers, a line of first and second courses, and a selection of desserts created by Vito Pastore. Together with Luciano Passeri, Vito continues his training, this time in the world of flours and yeast, in a high-tech artisan laboratory that skillfully prepares dough. The attention to agricultural flours produced by Italian and organic mills, the best slow food ingredients that tell the story of Abruzzo’s lands, doughs and technological cooking are the elements that characterize this new way of conceiving pizza. Seasoned with generous doses of imaginative and creative combinations, the experience is both enjoyable and modern. An example above all is the sweet pizza from Abruzzo, a traditional sponge cake, topped with alchermes, chocolate cream and vanilla custard. Thanks to Vito’s experience, he recreates the red dough by turning it into a red velvet, he lightens the chocolate and vanilla with a rice-based cream and instead of the classic cream-based coating he creates a lemon-based icing which is flamed when served. From the traditional red velvet to the burnt meringue in a perfect rock style. We leave Vito Pastore knowing that we will soon see him in a new gastronomic adventure, he who in all his humility and determination admits that there is still so much to learn, research and discover.



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MONTAVIVANDE - MONTACARICHI - MONTACARRELLI PER BAR - RISTORANTI - PUB - YATCHS Realizzazioni su misura - Testate ribassate Dimensioni minime esterno struttura 60x60cm. Modificabili sia in laghezza che in profondità. Struttura monoblocco - Trazione a cinghie Brevetto N°001383843 dt. 06-10-2006 Disegni e preventivi entro 8 ore. Progettazione e produzione completamente Italiana DUMBWAITER - GOODS LIFT - TROLLEY LIFT FOR BARS - RESTAURANTS - PUB - YACHTS Made to measure - Lowered heads Minimum external dimensions of the structure 60x60cm. Modifiable both in length and/or in depth. Monobloc extruded aluminum structure - Belt drive Pa tent N ° 001383843 dt. 06-10-2006 Drawings and quotes within 8 hours. Completely Italian design and production

Logico Lift Project Srl

Via Monte Rosa 7/9 - 20010 Vittuone - MILAN - ITALY Tel. +39 - 02-36547307 E-mail : info@logicolift.it

Richiedi catalogo WEB con filmati specifici Request WEB catalog with specific videos

continue from page 2 MONTAVIVANDE - MONTACARICHI - MONTACARRELLI PER BAR - RISTORANTI - PUB - YATCHS Realizzazioni su misura - Testate ribassate Dimensioni minime esterno struttura 60x60cm. Modificabili sia in laghezza che in profondità. Struttura monoblocco - Trazione a cinghie Brevetto N°001383843 dt. 06-10-2006 Disegni e preventivi entro 8 ore. Progettazione e produzione completamente Italiana

participation, contribute to the economic recovery of the industry, join synergies with Alimentaria, and consolidate a major trade DUMBWAITER - GOODS LIFT - TROLLEY LIFT FOR BARS - RESTAURANTS - PUB - YACHTS show platform that, in the previous edition Made to measure - Lowered heads Minimum external dimensions of the structure 60x60cm. held at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Via exhibiModifiable both in length and/or in depth. Monobloc extrudedcompaaluminum structure - Belt drive tion centre, was attended by 4,500 Pa tent N ° 001383843 dt. 06-10-2006 nies and 150,000 professionalsDrawings (25% ofandpeople quotes within 8 hours. Completely Italian design and production from abroad). This decision is supported by the industry and its major associations, such as FELAC, the Spanish Exporting Manufacturers Association for the Hospitality Industry (AFEHC), that the new dates and the alliance with the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Alimentaria provide the most appropriate Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT), the Hotel framework to consolidate Hostelco as a key Technology Institute (ITH), the Spanish Ho- tool for promoting the competitiveness of tel and Catering Business Confederation hotels, restaurants, communities, and food(CEHE), and the Spanish Institute for Foreign service in a context that calls for economic Trade (ICEX), among others, which consider recovery.


Logico Lift Project Srl

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É nata ErreXZeroLight


presentano Erre X Zero Light la lampada che igienizza tutte le superfici e gli oggetti sottoposti all’irraggiamento di LED UVA diventando poi un’elegante luce per le serate.


innovativa linea di lampade igienizzanti per la tavola e superfici funzionali

CARAIBA SRL info@caraiba.it Tel. 051 61 66 983 21x15 ERREZERO LIGHT.indd 1

contribute to the recovery of the business pace prior to the pandemic, both nationally and internationally,” he affirms. In addition, J. Antonio Valls, Managing Director at Alimentaria Exhibitions, states that “in May 2021, Hostelco and Alimentaria will once again hold a great event together, supported by the industry, to show both the distribution and the Horeca channel the most complete and cross-disciplinary offer in the gastronomy and hospitality world. Hostelco will foster the reactivation of the equipment market and exports and will promote new business models with the aim of energizing an industry that has been particularly affected by the health crisis”. TUTTI I DIRITTI RISERVATI

Rafael Olmos, President of Hostelco and FELAC, highlights that the event will help hotels, restaurants, and communities revitalise their business at a particularly complex time “in which the exhibition aims to provide the industry with full support, making the most of synergies with food and gastronomy as well as committing to new technologies, digitalisation, sustainability, and personalised experiences. In this difficult time, we want to

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Hostelco and Restaurama Hostelco will present a new distribution of its offer that will be directly connected to Re11


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services; the Atmosphere area, which offers items for interior design, decoration, lighting, furniture, contract, wellness, hygiene, and cleaning, and the Moments area, which offers products, equipment, and accessories for coffee and tea, bakery and pastry, pizza, and ice cream. Besides, the Tech area, which offers technological services and solutions targeted at entertainment and customer satisfaction, and the Everywhere area, for which transport, delivery, vending, and service firms will staurama (food services for out-of-home con- exhibit, will be strengthened. sumption) at the Alimentaria exhibition to faci- The event will implement an anti-Covid prolitate the visit of professionals from the Horeca tocol that Fira de Barcelona has developed in channel. This offer will be integrated by the collaboration with Aon, a specialist risk manaFully Equipped area, where equipment and gement consultancy, following the advice of machinery companies for the hotel and cate- the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona in order to enring industry will exhibit; the Setting area, whi- sure maximum safety guarantees for workers, ch is dedicated to household and tableware organisers, exhibitors, visitors, and suppliers.



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New FHG Forum in September Although the event will be held in May 2021, Hostelco will maintain direct contact with the industry over the coming months in order to address future challenges, especially at this particularly difficult time. Therefore, on 28 and 29 September, the Food & Hospitality, Tourism and Gastronomy Forum (FHG), will be held at the Palacio de Congresos in the Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc venue. Under the slogan “Rethinking the future”, the forum will highlight the strategic role that the agrifood, gastronomy, hotel and catering, and tourism industries play in the current situation and will also address possible means for economic recovery. The FHG Forum, which will have a hybrid, face-to-face, and virtual format, will be structured in three major themes: Restaurant, Foodservice and Agri-food Production, Hospitality, Communities and Tourism, and

29/10/20 14:08

Retail, Large-scale Food Distribution and Value Chain. All of them are key industries for the Spanish economy due to their contribution to the GDP and are widely represented by the leading Alimentaria, Hostelco and Gastronomic Forum Exhibitions.. 13


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Furniture and interior architecture sector Bencore Srl, an Italian company based in Massa (Italy) producing composite panels for interiors, supplied the material for the main hall of the Café 21 designed by Turina & Co Design inside the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow. For this project in the center of Moscow Lightben Kaos 3D BlackTM panel has been chosen being one of the most evocative products of the Bencore range. Lightben Kaos 3D BlackTM has been used to realize walls of the main hall with its central square bar counter and for the external sign. CAFÈ 21: ITALIAN DESIGN Lightben Kaos 3D BlackTM is a composite panel made with a multi-size cells black-polycarbonate honeycomb bonded with two exter-



generates a foamy-champagnelike effect

30/09/20 15:35

nal co-polyestherresin layers. Its three-diameter mixed cells backlit with golden light LED generates a foamy-champagnelike effect really attractive and absolutely unique. Lightben Kaos 3D™, thanks to its original pleasantly irregular aesthetic appearance, has won considerable interest in the furniture and interior architecture sector, not only thanks to these peculiar aesthetic characteristics, but also for its remarkable lightness and rigidity. The Lightben Kaos 3D™ panel is easy to cut and can be finished with standard accessories such as profiles, frames, handles and hinges. It is also possible to border it with the same material used for the external leathers. COMPOSITE PANELS FOR ARCHITECTURE Bencore panels is an interior decoration element that create added value to homes,hotel and restaurant. They are functional and aesthetic, they add design details and style that makes the difference in interior design and spaces.Starting from high quality recycled raw materials, Bencore products have low environmental impact also thanks to their durability and resistance, extending the average life of the product reducing the waste in the environment. Raw materials chosen are easy to recicle and therefore at the end of the product’s life cycle can be 100% separated and recycled again. For quotation and information please contact info@bencore.it

Cafè 21 - Radisson Hotel, Moscow, Russia/Lightben kaos 3d Black BENCORE - HC3-20.indd 3

30/09/20 15:35

The Danish-Canadian industrial designer BENSEN is a design and manufacturing group founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen. Along with his team, Bendtsen designs and oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings produced in both Vancouver, Canada, and Pordenone, Italy. The Danish-Canadian industrial designer gleaned his education through familial nur-ture and his own curious nature. Bendtsen’s father, a cabinetmaker, apprenticed with Jacob Kjær in Copenhagen; Bendtsen in turn, ap16


22/09/20 10:37


BENSEN - HC3-20.indd 3

22/09/20 10:37

prenticed with his father at the family shop in North Vancouver, where his respect for precision was formalized. A cast metal candlestick holder, the first product he created, sparked a lifetime of design and manufacturing. In 1973 Niels returned to his birthplace, Denmark, and plunged headfirst into design. He freelanced for the likes of Eilersen, IKEA, and Kebe—for whom he created the Ribbon Chair that holds a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection—and produced his own pieces under the brand 2B. After returning to Vancouver from Europe, Niels founded BENSEN with an aim provide great design and quality at an affordable price. BENSEN’s design philosophy balances simplicity and honesty in order to continually grow in today’s ever changing world. www.bensen.com 18


22/09/20 10:37

Niels Bendtsen Denmark 1943 “Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude toward design. Craftsmanship is just as much about how you run the machines that are now necessary for economic viability.” Born in Denmark, Niels Bendtsen and his family immigrated to Canada in 1951. In place of a formal design education, Bendtsen trained as an apprentice for his father, who designed and built Scandinavian furniture. Through working with his father, Bendtsen gained valuable skills and a respect for non-industrial, hand-built traditions, but he was also intrigued by new technologies and ways to satisfy increasing demand. Between 1963 and 1972, Bendtsen had his own retail store where he sold his father’s furniture, as well as imported Scandinavian designs. He designed small items for the store, but it wasn’t until he was in his early thirties that he truly began designing furniture. Dissatisfied with the quality and limited functionality of the furniture he received from his overseas manufacturers, Bendtsen sold his store, moved to Europe and became a full time designer. In the 1980s, he moved back to Vancouver, bought back his old store and added a manufacturing component. Using the skills he learned working with European fac-tories, Bendtsen successfully found a balance between affordability, aesthetics and quality. Customers responded, and in the mid-1990s Bendtsen began making his designs available through other retailers, such as Design Within Reach. An early Bendtsen design, the Ribbon Chair, is included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and his work was featured on a Canadian stamp celebrating industrial design. In 2006, Bendtsen was honored with the 2006 British Columbia Creative Achievement Award of Distinction.


BENSEN - HC3-20.indd 5

22/09/20 10:37

Aesthetics, strength, durability and comfor For more than 30 years Bolzan Letti has been working with commitment, experience, attention to detail, and passion, above all. In Bolzan products, love for detail plays a fundamental role, in terms of aesthetics, strength, durability and comfort. Rigorous selection of wood, upholstery and padding, natural, recyclable and certified materials, solid and precise construction of the structures, are the qualities that stand out and make the difference. Bolzan is also committed every day more to ensure the sustainability of its production, following the virtuous path of the circular economy: a new way of doing business, where everything is designed to be regenerated, with use of environmentally friendly materials and minimal waste. Bolzan has always been in contact with the world of architects and operators in the contract sector, putting at their service its great experience and production capabilities not only with regard to the sleeping area (beds, tailored wardrobes, covering panels) but also for reception, lounges, bars, relaxation areas (benches, seats, sofas, upholstered panels with integrated audio kit, TV panels). From domestic environments to residential developments, from large to boutique hotels, from the single custom piece of furniture to the largest supplies for large projects, every need finds an ideal solution tailored to customer requirements.



14/10/20 18:16


qualities that stand out and make the difference


14/10/20 18:16



14/10/20 18:16

In particular, there is no boutique hotel without a strong personality. Often, this arises from the union between a historical context and an elegant design: there are hotels with contemporary furnishings, others more traditional, but all share the exclusive design of their rooms, the mix of different and custom-made elements, the use of fine fabrics and precious materials. Bolzan is the ideal companion for designing and creating unique boutique hotels: a company that shares all phases of the project with the customer and that follows and accompanies the designer in choosing the most effective and innovative technical solutions for the realization of the final project. www.bolzanletti.it



14/10/20 18:16

SPICA RESTAURANT Milano, IT © design: Vudafieri Saverino Partners | photo: Nathalie Krag

Sound absorbing wood wool panels It happens very often that the buzz, chatter or rumble which is common in dining rooms makes it difficult to communicate with our guests or staff. Taking care of the acoustic aspect within these environments becomes essential to ensuring customers an environment that immediately puts them at ease. Bars, restaurants, halls and conference rooms as well as wellness centers and swimming pools can present high levels of crowding where conversating is difficult or impossible. Thanks to its particular surface texture, the wood wool panels of the ACOUSTIC | DESIGN by CELENIT act as natural acoustic absorbers and ensure that noise is not merely reflected, but partly absorbed and dissipated, avoiding



04/11/20 11:55

ACOUSTIC | DESIGN BY CELENIT ensuring customers an environment that immediately puts them at ease

CELENIT - HC3-20_2.indd 3

04/11/20 11:55

DRY VITTORIO VENETO Milano, IT design: Vudafieri Saverino Partners | photo: Nathalie Krag


the annoying phenomenon of excessive reverberation.

TINGLADO Pamplona, ES © design+photo: Koa Arquitectura

They can be installed both in continuity as false ceilings or wall coverings or as punctual elements, baffles or rafts, easily integrated in redevelopment projects. It is possible to customize design solutions too: combinations of different colors and formats, combination of thicknesses, textures, patterns, offering a complete interior design solution. The research activity, and the desire to identify ever greater solutions and performance, has geared CELENIT in obtaining a vast portfolio of sound absorption certificates available to the designer so that the any solutions - false ceilings or coatings – are all properly applied. Choosing to use CELENIT wood wool solutions as a false ceiling





04/11/20 11:55


SPICA RESTAURANT Milano, IT design: Vudafieri Saverino Partners | photo: Nathalie Krag


or coverings in environments such as bars, restaurants and hotels, allows the designers to obtain excellent acoustic comfort with environmentally friendly materials which are certified in class A+ for indoor air quality, while guaranteeing maximum safety, fire protection and a design that can be adapted to the needs of each individual project. CELENIT has made sustainability its mission and with its products and systems has always been at the forefront in proposing solutions that can respond positively to the sustainability requirements of the ITACA, LEED and BREEAM certification systems and above all to CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) recently introduced in the GPP Green Public Procurement of Italian Public Administrations. www.celenit.com

ACOUSTIC | DESIGN Made in italy & 100% natural

Eco-friendly wood wool panels for sound-absorbing ceilings and coatings


Via Bellinghiera, 17 Onara di Tombolo PD Italy

www.celenit.com 02/11/2020 04/11/2010:34:38 11:55

The Essential Blend Campomarzio 70 launches The Essential Blend, four customisable fragrances which can be personalised for both restaurants and hotels For over four generations in the heart of Rome the Di Liello family has been selecting and introducing to its sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele the best perfumery novelties, spanning from fragrances to state-of-the-art skincare. The story of Campomarzio70 is one of passion, shared and handed down from father to son, always driven by a unique desire: discover creations able to express authentic emotions. Thanks to a continuous research and an innate sensitivity towards niche fragrances and cutting-edge cosmetics, Campomarzio70 has become an international benchmark for industry and enthusiasts alike. The added value of an especially designed fragrance is that it can help relax, intrigue or make the customer feel particularly at ease. Many people are realising this also in the industry of hos28


29/10/20 11:14

FOUR CUSTOMISABLE FRAGRANCES creations able to express authentic emotions


29/10/20 11:14

pitality - topnotch restaurants and hotels - commissioning personalised essences that transfer to the guests the characteristics and the history of the location itself. Offering its customers the possibility to relive at home the experience linked to the brand, simply opening a bottle of perfume or lighting a candle, and thus prolonging the emotion experienced, translating it into a memory, is becoming a more and more appreciated, and effective, gesture.

to define their olfactory identity and to customers to remember the pleasant moment experienced once back home. Since last year Campomarzio70 also offers a targeted scented experience of one’s guestroom. When booking the customer can pick his or her preferred room fragrance, based on his or her mood and the atmosphere he or she longs to live in the room itself, even addressing the expectations of the stay.

Committed to spread the essential culture, Campomarzio70 has recently taken up this challenge Starting from the intrinsic properties of the esdeveloping ad hoc projects that give hotels and sences, a series of fragrances able to enhance accommodation facilities at large the possibility positive moods, soften the unpleasant ones or to


29/10/20 11:14

stimulate the senses and boost everyone’s energy have been identified. Alongside these new projects, the production of The Essential Clean line proceeds. This has been recently developed by the brand to meet the need for sanitizing products determined by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Essential Clean sprays clean and sanitize hands and surfaces and no rinsing is necessary. They are pleasantly scented with orange, tangerine and bergamot essential oils, which spark a nice feeling of freshness and cleanliness, combined with an enveloping and sensual note of sandalwood. These products, like the room fragrances, can be customised on request. www.campomarzio70.it



29/10/20 11:14

Murano Glass The Italian artisan company Siracide, with the brand Pax Lux is located in Veneto near Padua. They produce since 2015 a special model of lamp, abatjour for bedroom or living or open space like the Hotel’s hole using Murano Glass. It is handmade product of design for companies who want to have a special item to show for their own customers. The model of Pax Lux is available in four colors: Blu, red, yellow and green and is the combination of different craftman 32


23/09/20 09:22

HANDMADE PRODUCT OF DESIGN special item to show for their own customers

SIRACIDE - HC3-20.indd 3

23/09/20 09:22

‘’know-how’’. The lamps hold a declaration of conformity CE and use led bulb. They are made of a white wooden base 14 x 14 and a lampshade with famous Murano’s Formelle. The company has a small production volume, up to 40 units per month but offers a new design element for interior lighting with a style compatible with different kind of furnishing , high quality materials and unique design. Since ever, italian Style Design has a good reputation. The owner Giuliano Giamberardino always say: ‘’Yuo 34


23/09/20 09:22

will never find two identical Pax Lux Lamps’’ that’s because during the glass production process every Formella develop diversity. These lamps are famous above all because they symbolize a good omen to the people and places that host them. It therefore seems that the Pax Lux Lamp has some magic notes that make them indispensabile everywhere. www.paxluxdesign.it




SIRACIDE - HC3-20.indd 5


23/09/20 09:22

Specialty Coffee, discover the top certified origins MIKAH COFFEE, what magic it gives! Personal taste aside, here are the most valuable qualities of Specialty Coffee, to enjoy as soon you receive it. There are many farmers working on the field to make this experience special for all of us. A lot of inherited knowledge and hard work is utilised to offer a flawless coffee for unique and sophisticated moments. From the soil to the cup…! This magical potion unites the entire world and will indulge you in the pleasure of its notes and warm approach. Now you can enjoy this wonderful experience at your desire and taste it’s most precious qualities. It’s an affordable precious gift to give. MIKAH was the first to produce single serving Specialty Coffee, ready to use for both coffee and tea lovers. How would you feel about having all the best origins in the world within your reach? All provided by Mother Nature. Certified, MIKAH style roasted, prepared, ground and packed for you, in single portions. Gift yourself a special moment, open the sachet, smell and feel the unique aroma and taste this unforgettable experience at any time. Always fresh, as if it had been ground on demand, thanks to the application of the valve on each single sachet, to better conserve its aromas and characteristics. Treat yourself, start this journey with us and let’s begin preparation for this deliciousness, as mentioned in the QR code below. 36


28/10/20 10:58


flawless coffee for unique and sophisticated moments

HORECA 3-20 MIKAH_corr.indd 3

28/10/20 10:58

PANAMA BOUQUETE - FINCA EL SALTO The coffee tradition begins in 1900 when Mr. Abdel-jat Suadi arrived from Jerusalem, baptized later with the name of Suarez. His six children still passionately continue the family tradition. MIKAH welcome you to Boquete region by the PANAMA BOUQUETE - FINCA EL SALTO Suarez family. This a washed Catuai The coffee tradi tionisbegi ns in 1900 when Mr.variety, Abdeljat known forvits and eintense Tastes Suadi arri edsweet from Jerusal m, baptizaro-ma. ed later wi th the of name chocolate & honey with suave and creamy of Suarez. His six children stil passionately continue body. the family tradition. MIKAH welcome you to Boquete region by the Suarez family. This is a washed Catuai vaALTURA MESSICO - FINCA CRUXTITLA riety, known for its sweet and intense aroma. Tastes of BIO-Organic chocolate & honey with suave and creamy body. Unique plantations from Huatulco at 1200 m in the ALTURAstate MESSICO - FINCAThe CRUXTITLA Mexican of Veracruz. finca Cruxititla BIO-Organic was founded in the 80s by Mr. Rogelio, since Uniqthe ue plaor-ganization ntations from Huatul at 1200 m the Mexthen hasco grown toininclude i c an state of Veracruz. The fi n ca Cruxi t i t l a was forty-three commu-nities. His goal is to find foundnew ed i n the 80s by Mr. Rogel i o , si n ce then the organi zaand innovative ways to cultivate and market tion has grown to incluto de forty-three communitieof s. His coffee contributing the de-velopment goal i s to fi n d new and i n novati v e ways to cul t i v ate their community. Enjoy a smooth fruity aroma and market coffee contributinfinish. g to the opment along with nutty chocolate Alldevel in unique of thei r communi t y. Enj o y a smooth frui t y aroma along sweet taste of chocolate and spices. Great with nutty chocoltaste. ate finish. All in unique sweet taste buddy and after of chocolate and spices. Great buddy and after taste.

INDIA PLANTATION DEVAHGIRI (SINGLE ESTATE COFFEE) Specialty Devagiri Retreat is originally a 40-yearold Coffee Estate and it’s grounded by the Hodachalli family, with Mr. Nagesh at the helm. wi The newly inte-grated Devagiri Retreat family, th Mr. Nagesh at the helm. The newly inteHomestay within the coffee estate is a familygrated Devagiri Retreat Homestay within the coffee operated business providing quality estate is a family-operated business providinHomestay g quality facilities. Enjoy sweet aroma, with notes to citrus Homestay facilities. Enjoy sweet aroma, with notes to and nuts, tabacco & cacao. Medium body with citrus and nuts, tabacco & cacao. Medium body with greataftertaste aftertaste long great forfor long enjoienjoinment. nment. TROPYCALSYMPHONY SYMPHONY TROPYCAL A mélange mélangefrom from world unique A thethe world mostmost unique origins.origins. A roasted with MIKAH stylestyle to as-to A balanced balancedblend, blend, roasted with MIKAH sure a uniaque tastes tastes and character in each cup. Let’s as-sure unique and character in each start thistogether journey, open sachet,open smell and cup. together Let’s start thisthe journey, the taste the marvelous notes and unforgettable emosachet, smell and taste the marvelous notes and tiunforgettable ons. Like a kiss, close your eyes, n toclose compose emo-tions. Likebegi a kiss, your your cal to symphony…gift yourself an adorable exeyes,tropi begin compose your tropical symphony… peri e nce at any moment, let’s start preparati o n and gift yourself an adorable ex-perience at any speci al #MIKAHMOMENTS. moment, let’s start preparation and special #MIKAHMOMENTS. www.mikah.it

ETIOPIA SIDAMO SALOMON ETIOPIA SIDAMO SALOMON In Sidamo region - 1800-2200mslm grown by Mr. In Sidamo region - 1800-2200mslm grown by Mr. JakJak-enge- local coffee producer. The name enge- local coffee producer. The name Salomon reSalomon re-calls the legendary King Salomon calls the legendary King Salomon who according to who according legend built in Sidamo legend built in Sidto amo a secret temple hiding insia de secret temple hiding inside His crown. After his His crown. After his death the crown was found by death the and crown bythe a ifarmer and a farmer fromwas that found moment nhabitants befrom that moment the inhabitants be-gan to gan to live in harmony with nature. Indulge your sensliveesinwiharmony with nature. Indulge th a delicate elegant aroma with your notes sensof lime es &with delicate elegant aroma with taste, notesgreat of Jasmiane. While you will have an intense lime & Jasmine. While you will have an intense body and special aftertaste. taste, great body and special aftertaste. INDONESIA – TANJUNG BERINGIN – BLUE BATAK INDONESIA – TANJUNG At +1300m we found theseBERINGIN beautiful plantations in BLUE BATAK Tanjung Beringin – Indonesia. Providing a delicious prestiwe ge found Arabicathese Blue beautiful Batak. Quiplantations te a complex Atand +1300m fragrance wi t h ci t rus shades. Soft, balanced in Tanjung Beringin – Indonesia. Providing and a clean test wiprestige th remarkable acidiBlue ty. Intense fragrance delicious and Arabica Batak. Quite th papaya notes, grapes, d frui ts and Jasmi a wi complex fragrance withcandi citrus shades. Soft,n flowers. Full, sweet and creamy body for a uni que balanced and clean test with remarkable acidity. enjoinment. Intense fragrance with papaya notes, grapes, candid fruits and Jasmin flowers. Full, sweet and INDIA body PLANTATION DEVAHGIRI (SINGLE ESTATE creamy for a unique enjoinment. COFFEE) Specialty Devagiri Retreat is originally a 40-year-old Coffee Estate and it’s grounded by the Hodachalli 38 INTERNAT TONAL HORECA HORECA


HORECA 3-20 MIKAH_corr.indd 4 Horeca int page.indd 4

28/10/20 10:58 26/10/20 16:50


mikah.it ****FILE PER FARE CROCINI.indd 3

23/10/20 09:53

Products for ice cream and pastry On the market for 115 years, Meucci Igino has always maintained its philosophy of using high quality ingredients to give products that match the creative flair of master ice cream makers. The range of products has been significantly expanded to meet the new needs of our customers: to them we turn



08/10/20 10:35


08/10/20 10:35

all our attention and guarantee a personalized service, since the company’s historical flair encompasses both the passing of time and its own philosophy. After the lockdown months in which most production activities were suspended, work and research have restarted, and our expert sales force aims more than ever at keeping touch with customers through frequent visits and at trying to satisfy both their desires and new market trends. In fact, in addition to a wide range of bases of various dosage – including

Pastonat 100, top-of-the-range cow’s cream milk mix, and the historic Caskn, on the market since 1907 – Meucci company produces many pastes and fruit concentrates for ice cream, ripplings, toppings, products for granita, flavoring, glaze, jelly and mixes for professional compact and smooth semifreddo. The “500 Series” ready-to-use product line has been significantly expanded with a new Base Zero, which is sugar-free and only contains sweeteners that reduce the ice cream’s calorific value, and new flavors such as delicate Bergamot, Pear and Ginger, Ginger and Turmeric, as well as the much ap-



08/10/20 10:35

preciated Ginger and Lemon. Well appreciated still remains the line “Specialities” that was created in 1959 for ice cream and sorbet. Drawing from nature, the product is divided into two parts: the juice, which is the acidic part, and the aroma (bonificatore), and they only come together at the time of ice cream manufacturing. This line includes Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Mint and White Mint, Limoncello and Lime flavor. www.meucci.it

Products for ice cream and desserts

with you since 1905 Meucci Igino s.a.s Buccinasco Milano Italy Tel +39 02 45700016 www.meucci.it info: meucci.igino@meucci.it MEUCCI - HC3-20_2.indd 5

08/10/20 10:35

Paver stones Low thikness concrete slabs by Micheletto combine aesthetic beauty and use ductility. These slabs has thickness from 3,3 cm and 4,2 cm and a lower weight compared to a standard paver stone, and allow both classic laying on a gravel layer and on a cement layer, and even the floating laying on plastic legs.



22/10/20 17:56

AESTHETIC BEAUTY AND USE DUCTILITY relax area, gardens, walkways, green areas and so on

MICHELETTO - HC3-20.indd 3

22/10/20 17:56

This kind of laying, allow to pass pipes and tubes under the paving stones, ensuring easier maintenece in case of mulfunction.

Lastra 40 serie Elite col. Malaga

The concrete paver stones are made with natural aggregates and it is possibile to have in different color and with waterproofing technology called Stone Tech inside them, that keeps the pavement brightness for long time, and makes these kind of floor perfect fo relax area, gar-



22/10/20 17:56


dens, walkways, green areas and so on. Armonia wants to create a new way to think permeable pavement. The particoular wave shape realized thanks to the voids inside the slabs allow to drain water and to recreate an harmonious aesthetic effect even in a simple par-king area. The 10 cm thickness allow to drive cars on the pavement with an attention to sustanibility aspects. This kind of pavement, in fact, drain the rain water keeping safe city centre and area around it from flooding events. www.michelettopavimenti.it


Lastra 40 serie Elite col. Malaga

IN BALANCE BETWEEN CHARM AND PERFORMANCE PREMIUM - PRESTIGE - ELITE are the new lines produced with quality materials. The Quartz, Granite, Basalt and Porphyry sands in the finishing layer give our products high mechanical strength and unique aesthetic results. The Stone Tech and Stone Tech Plus treatments ensure long-lasting protection of colors and surfaces.

FIND OUT MORE michelettopavimenti.it

MICHELETTO Sas - San Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD) - Ph. +39 049 5747139

HORECA ottobre- HC3-20.indd 21x15.indd 1 5 MICHELETTO

22/10/20 22/10/20 09:25 17:56

MONOLITH: wide range of solutions Monolith has a wide range of solutions, able to meet the requirements of comfort and hygiene: taps and mixers for public, commercial areas and Professional Kitchens. Monolith is constantly evolving: its latest news is the handwashing sink section, characterized by functionality, safety and, as all the other products, Made in Italy. Functionality and quality are an indispensable union for Monolith. With the new handwashing sinks of Ares family we also pay particular attention to water and energy saving, essential in the public places.

linea ERA



11/09/20 15:35


In order to avoid the contamination between users, with the knee and foot operated control, you don’t need to touch the product, the most important thing in this particular moment! Made in Italy is a basic feature which combines all Monolith products. To offer our clients a local excellence even the new handwashing sinks are entirely produced in Italy. Take a look at our Product families on Monolith website, our excellent customer service will take care of your request and will help you to choose the right product for your need. www.monolithsrl.com linea ARES

STILE, PROGETTAZIONE E PRODUZIONE 100% ITALIANA!” “100% Italian styling, Italian Engineering, Italian production!”

Linea ARES

MONOLITHHC3-20-ok.indd MONOLITH 1/2 ADV-HORECA33-20.indd 1

www.monolithsrl.com 11/09/20 11/09/20 15:35 15:32


12/06/20 09:00

A long history, passion, persistence and generosity About a thousand years ago, in 1080, a Benedictine monastic community settled in the present town of Praglia, south of Padua, among the Euganei hills. The community is still the largest in Italy. To become self-sustainable and remain faithful to their rule “pray and work”, they have engaged in various activities that they still practice today, the oldest of which is agriculture, especially viticulture and vinification. High walls delimit twenty hectares of land, where the abbey stands, a centuries-old



25/09/20 13:53

ORA ET LABORA Benedictine monastic community


25/09/20 13:53

structure containing modern technology for a cutting-edge yet simple and artisanal winemaking. The almost eleven hectares of vineyards, some in the plain and some in the high hills, over 500 meters above the sea level, are the great soil for various types of whine: white and red, sweet sparkling or traditional method, raisin wine or fizzy. It is an artisan micro winemaking that pays great attention to environmental sustainability and its costumers. Several documents testify the importance of the Benedictine monks for the spread of vine and olive cultivation in the Euganei hills and the surrounding area. It was a Benedictine monk, Don Pierre Perignon, who perfectioned the technique of wine refermentation in the bottle to obtain the classic sparkling wine method as we know it today. The Benedictine monks of Praglia, in memory of his predecessor, continued in this art to produce, among the others, Emeritus, a traditional method wine. This bottle-fermented sparkling wine is made from red Raboso Piave wine grapes and aged on lees for at least 40 months. Tradition, passion, perseverance and generosity - this is what a glass of wine made by the monks of Praglia tastes of. A thousand-year-old history, great passion in viticulture, perseverance in cultivating vines in harsh soils, generosity in respecting both the environment and the consumer, offering decent work opportunities to workers in need. By tasting a glass of wine we can recall the past, talk about the present and imagine the future, which may or may not please us, but is certainly not banal. www.praglia.it 52


25/09/20 13:53



Where the art of winemaking meets history and tradition.


25/09/20 13:50

MIES: a new way to divide spaces

ADL, a brand belonging to the BOFFI group, has always aimed at dividing living spaces by compartmenting volumes in accordance to the needs and living habits of each person. This design goal is mainly achieved with Mies: a system with a forefront constructive technology and rigorous appearance that is one of the products that make ADL company stand apart. The glass partition does not generate borders, but it is an imperceptible line that crosses the space and makes it more comfortable for living. Mies’ innovative continuous glass wall eliminates the barriers created by traditional walls and divides the rooms while still connecting them harmonically, preserving functionality and visual consistency. 54


19/06/20 15:27

ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY The innovative Mies continuous glass

ADL - HC2-20.indd 3

19/06/20 15:27

Now more than ever, this solution is ideal for public spaces such as offices, restaurants, cafés and hotels which can be easily divided in smaller units that allow the users to maintain the safe distance without compromising the availability of the rooms. ADL developed the same concept when they designed VIEWER, a new product made of glass with an aluminum frame that is very easy to install; it is sufficient to rest the product on the floor and divide spaces such as in public offices, restaurants and studies that need to share an area while still keeping every part of it visible. Moreover, VIEWER is an efficient anti-virus barrier that takes advantage of the incentives for the sanitation of workplaces. VIEWER is a functional and stylish piece of furniture for working areas and it is characterized by a sturdy aluminum

frame whose finishing can be customized to pair with MIES. Glass has an essential role in all of this because it is a filter that allows light and sight to flow freely in the spaces thanks to a selection of versions from transparent to colored glass, opaque glass, laminated glass or textured glass while, at the same time, the glass provides excellent acoustic and olfactory insulation and allows perfect aeration. The thin aluminum frame can mount the doors of the ADL range characterized by the absence of jambs between the glass; moreover, the innovative patented rail allows both great adjustments and easy installation. MIES is a simple solution that gives character to a space and easily matches any style. www.adielleporte.it



19/06/20 15:27



Favorire la percezione unitaria dello spazio abitativo preservando la funzione e l’intimità di ogni singola parte. Non creiamo divisioni ma connessioni.


28/09/20 13:54



Made in Italy

Quality in continuous evolution since 1974 «It was 1974 when my partners and I decided to take the plunge and get involved. This is how ArtigianMobili was born. We had a strong craftsmanship vocation, but despite this, over the years we have managed to expand our market throughout the national territory, increasingly embracing an industrial concept. Our goal was, and still is, to offer a quality product in which design and technological research are combined with the craftsmanship of details and finishes. We like to produce furniture with a modern style, full of personality and with extreme attention to detail. We have 58


25/09/20 13:44

INNOVATION a dynamic and versatile company


25/09/20 13:44



25/09/20 13:44

always been committed to guaranteeing a unique design, attention to materials and continuous product innovation. We have introduced the use of fabrics, glass, ceramic, mirror coverings, even moss! In all these years we have greatly expanded the range of products and we have added kitchens and bedrooms. Now times are changing, the Italian industry is constantly evolving, we felt the need to rely on new business models that would make us make a further leap in quality: we have faced an important generational shift, with the entry of my children, Mariapia and Giovanni and we are orienting ourselves more and more towards an industry 4.0 logic.

objective which translates into specific technical choices: ArtigianMobili uses CARB certified materials; for our products we only use water-based paints with low environmental impact; our packaging and raw material come from FSC certified supply chains. Company with a green attitude must pay attention above all to the quality of life of its customers: we offer furniture with coverings in moss, a natural material that purifies the air of the house and reduces CO2 emissions. We want to always be at the forefront and face the challenges that the future will bring us by always being a step forward. Without ever betraying our values. »

All our production is based on a design that always pays the utmost attention info@artigianmobili.it to the environmental impact. This is an www.artigianmobili.it




Made in Italy


25/09/20 13:44

Interactive and multilingual experience The Covid-19 pandemic hit hard into the restaurant business; now, during the new openings, all restaurant owners have to face new and different problems. One of them is about the menu and wine list: how to let the customer experience a valuable choice? A lot of different solutions are arising now in this area of services; we decide to meet one of the first company that - more than 9 years ago - started developing one of the first Digital Wine List on the market. Sergio Cocco is the founder of WineAmore Srl, an Italian company based in Bergamo, that is now experiencing a boost of customers due to the new needs after the Covid-19 lockdown. “From 2011 we offer to the restaurant owners the possibility to have their wine-list onto an iPad; this tool offers to customers an interactive and multilingual experience while choosing the wine, with efficiency benefits for the restaurant. During these years we collected several important clients, generally tech-addicted sommeliers and restaurant owners. Now the request of our service increased a lot, thanks to the fact that iPad can be easily disinfected.” What is your target and what kind of request are you receiving? “ Our service has been developed to sat62


22/10/20 10:53

MENU AND WINE LIST wine-list onto an iPad

WINEAMORE - HC3-20.indd 3

22/10/20 10:53

isfy high level restaurant and hotels: wines and foods are proposed on an iPad and it is possible to put all necessary information allowing interactivity and customized design. We do not want to compete with those services that allow to download menu of wines and dishes on personal smartphones; our service has been developed over the years to fit most of the requests of restaurants that owns important wine-list and menus. Some of our historical clients counts more than 1.000 different wine-labels on their list and over the years they learned how to exploit the most from our powerful tool: suggestions, pairings, different languages descriptions. All this with a stunning design and a simplicity of usage. How Covid-19 affected the request of your services? “Actually we are now receiving requests from owners that in the past were suspicious about the usage of such technology in their place; now they are almost obliged to look at digital services, and we are happy to see how they are astonished when they understand how easy and flexible is our service. Of course, we can leverage on a lot of years of experience, and thanks to this we have now a valuable and friendly product; moreover, we continuously developed new features and now we can offer a warehouse management tool and the possibility to have also the Food Menu on the app. Which are the advantages of your service? “The great advantage of our service in these days is that an iPad is easy to disinfect, and so it is a valuable solution for re-opening. Added to this, there are also all other advantages: monitor of the wine sales thanks to warehouse management, customization of pictures to adapt to different situations, quick update of availability & prices avoiding any printing, possibility to suggest and boost specific wines. Our clients experienced growing sales after starting the usage of our service”. How long does it take to have the service ready and running? “Generally it takes only few days to prepare the customized account: we need to receive some pictures to fit the design and then all contents (wines, food dishes and prices); after this, we set-up the app thanks to our experienced customer-care team. Then, with just few tips, restaurant owners can manage the list by themselves easily”. www.wineamore.com 64


22/10/20 10:53

****FILE P


22/10/20 22/10/20 10:32 10:53


X-OVEN, the charcoal ovens built for chefs X-Oven, manufacturer and distributor of charcoal ovens for professional use, was established in Cremona in 2013 following the experience of Enrico Piazzi, restaurateur-innovator by profession and passion. After years spent in the kitchen amidst awkward, uneconomic and unsafe gril s, Piazzi decided to design an innovative solution, conceived and studied for chefs: X-Oven, a system of single or multiple side gril drawers arranged at different heights, was born. Along with Alfredo Mercurio, in charge of managing the startup project, the concept turned into reality and the innovations that Piazzi conceived were patented at international level. Within a short time, X-Oven Italia was joined by X-Oven International, based in Lugano (CH). X-Oven International has become the company headquarters and handles the distribution of the ovens in Switzerland and around the world. About 30 countries in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East are currently being reached, while X-Oven Italia handles the development of the domestic market. The success of the X-Oven range of cooking tools in top level restaurants has marked an important step forward in the usage of professional charcoal ovens.

The X-Oven revolution closed the era of the old front door ovens and has thrown open the doors to flexibility and high-level creativity also in gril ed dishes. The many chefs that have adopted X-Oven recognize its unique ability to exalt authentic flavors, a key feature that helps reshaping traditional gril cooking with contemporary approaches. X-Oven can be seen as a junction between tradition and the future in the professional kitchens, also bringing attention to the safety of working conditions and introducing the ultramodern concept of charcoal consumption savings. Today many restaurants in Italy and in the world take advantage of the versatility and efficiency of X-Oven products: from the Midtown Gril at Berlin Marriott Hotel to the Michelin-starred Locanda Locatelli in London, from the Sheraton Salzburg-Fuschlsee Hotel Jagdhof in Austria to the Kil arney Park Hotel in Ireland, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, the Hyatt Regency in Sochi, Russia, up to Eataly Lingotto in Turin, just to mention a few names. www.x-oven.com



28/09/20 12:51

Exclusive Safe Convenient Dynamic

x-oven.com ****FILE PER FARE COROCNI.indd 3

17/12/19 17:21

Make your business extraordinary with KREA How many times have you renounced to your small or large restyling projects because of high cost or because a long closure would have meant a significant loss of income? We offer different solutions ranging from the application of certified adhesive laminates to be applied on existing furniture, to the installation of floating interlocking floors, from the decoration of wall surfaces to the replacement or integration of new and more efficient lights, up to the restoration of fabrics of the seats coordinated with a new and 68


28/09/20 14:03


restyling interventions that are not invasive

KREA - HC3-20.indd 3

28/09/20 14:03

specific communication…restyling interventions that are not invasive, but offer surprising results, in less time and with savings up to 75% compared to traditional restyling with new furnishings. We are Krea Srl, a company based in Veneto region, operating since 1989 in visual communication and interior restyling fields. Our long experience gained in decades of activity in this sector, has allowed us to respond to the needs of companies, professionals and private customers both in Italy and abroad, mainly in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. We have a very dynamic, versatile and efficient team, that includes 3M and Avery certified applicators, an expert graphic designer and a specialized renderer. We are at your disposal for an appointment, to come visit you and identify together the key points on which to intervene, making a 3D scan of your premises in order to elaborate a proposal for you through a highly professional render. Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality service capable of satisfying all of their needs. www.krea-web.it 70


28/09/20 14:03


23/10/20 12:44

Wine harvest season at La Source Winery The summer season is going to an end at the holiday farm; things are getting quieter after the frenzy of August. The wine harvest season has just begun at La Source Winery and everyone is busy harvesting. We start with white grapes - Chardonnay, Moscato, Traminer and Petite Arvine - and then move on to red grapes - Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Gamay, Vien de Nus, Fumin and finally Syrah. Harvesting is done manually, with no mechanical tools: each bunch is selected carefully to obtain a high-quality product. The grapes are then brought to the winery and processed in a cellar with state-of-the-art machinery. Here, we first put the grapes in the de-stemmer, then the white grapes are pressed while the red grapes, before being pressed, are left to ferment in specific barrels to improve the most important characteristics of wine, such as colour and aroma. The company owner is Mr Celi Stefano - he’s responsible for supervising each process, with the help of the oenologist Mario Ronco. All this hectic activity will be rewarded in the end be72


14/10/20 19:05

EXPERIENCE AND PASSION the best agronomic techniques

LA SOURCE - HC3-20.indd 3

14/10/20 19:05

cause the wines from La Source have received lots of awards in oenological competitions. Recently La Source has obtained two silver medals, for Cornalin and Syrah, at the Brussels International Competition; three gold medals, for Petite Arvine, Gamay and Cornalin, at the “Mondial des Vins Estremes” Competition, and two gold medals, for Cornalin and Chardonnay, at the Berliner Wine Trophy Competition. “We are proud of these awards because they acknowledge our commitment and dedication, and encourage us to do better,” says Stefano. “We are thinking of organizing some themed evenings for our guests, with a wine and food tasting, with traditional dishes using fruits and vegetables of our production, with the possibility to stay overnight in our structure. We have so many projects in mind for the future...”. www.lasource.it 74


14/10/20 19:05

www.lasource.it LA SOURCE - HC3-20.indd 5

14/10/20 19:05

Laa_Saizeriya Japanese fascination towards Italian design is well known and increasingly wide spreading. Two cultures, Italian and Japanese, apparently distant and acknowledged for their distinct identity, but able to share a strong and unique interpretation of the world: two cultures, observing and admiring each other. As for Saizeriya – a re-styling of one of the most famous Italian restaurant chain in Asia. The collaboration has been successfully continuing since 2013, when the Japanese restaurant chain, born in Tokyo, turned to laa - lorenaalessioarchitetti for the re-styling and re-furbishing of the restaurant’s interiors and creation of a new corporate identity. Avvolgente (wraparound), Affascinante (charming), Romantico (romantic) are a journey through emotions, sensations, and memories revoking the harmony of the Italian style transported in the chaotic Japanese cities. Memories echoing from the wallpapers to the furnishing, all inspired by Italian landscape colors: materials, shades, golden, silver, and bronze’s touch creating bright and diffuse light. The solutions adopted for the re-styling are the result of a deep and emotional design intervention. An intimate creative process driven by the subconscious, with suggestion, and memories, embodying colors, light and textures. Avvolgente, Affascinante, Romantico express, each 76


23/10/20 10:38


journey through emotions, sensations, and memories


23/10/20 10:38

one in a different way, the creative process combined with feelings and sensations coming from memories. Each of the theme recalls the relationships with nature, the singing of birds in the everyday life, the seasons, the passing of the time, the grandmother’s house with its garden, the big birdcage, the backyard. Saizeriya is a restaurant that can satisfy a wide range of customers. This year, laa has been involved in the re-design of 26 restaurants, successfully creating an intimate environment where every customer, moved by its own sensations, can find a special corner. For more info www.lorenaalessio.com info@lorenaalessio.com 78


23/10/20 10:38


26/10/20 14:29

dalla redazione


Wine is losing ground on the tables of Italians compared to beer: as shown by a research project promoted by Grimbergen by Gabriele De Luca


uring the lockdown months, there was a boom in DIY pizzas and bakery products in Italy, but research carried out by Grimbergen, the historic Belgian abbey beer brand, also showed a sharp increase in Google clicks on beer and all the procedures for producing beer at home (+ 244%). In other words, during the lockdown lots of people tried their hand at this activity - Italians are great beer lovers, so much so that they decided to expand their knowledge to create a proper home brewery.

country, including the Grimbergen product, an abbey beer that has its origins in this land rich in history and tradition. As for the territorial distribution, data seem to reflect, on an Italian scale, the preference of Northern Euro-

This trend, however, came to a halt after the end of the lockdown, when home-brewing research was replaced by “what beer shall I buy?” search. This data is also quite impressive when compared to wine data. There is often a tendency to think that wine has historically been one of the specialities of which Italy is proud because of its extensive local and regional production, so much so that online research on the subject has always exceeded beer-related search in quantity. But this year, for the first time, beers have been the subject of a real surge of interest, even surpassing the clicks on wine between March and April, which have been pretty constant in the last 12 months, with just a few small peaks during the holidays. Among the most popular and appreciated beers in recent years, Belgian beers stand out and are at the centre of growing interest from Italians, confirming Belgium’s supremacy among the best producers of quality beer. The most popular beers come from this 80


grimbergen HORECA 3-20_ATTUALITà-FOCUS ON.indd 4

14/10/20 18:50




pean countries for beer. Beer, especially red ales, has received more attention in Northern Italy, with Friuli Venezia-Giulia in the first place, followed by Valle D’Aosta, Veneto and Lombardy. Sardinia also stands out in fourth place, while the regions of Southern Italy are at the bottom of the ranking, with Campania in the last place. As for craft beers, Veneto is the winner, followed by Lazio and Trentino Alto Adige. The data collected by Grimbergen’s research on the moments when Italians prefer to drink beer are also quite interesting: there is no evidence of a favourite time.

Our stressfull world enhances the needThe to ‘connect’ withfor nature and that as is exactly what our nature same is true the seasons, research on beer sees a conumbrella does. The combination of the stant ‘linnen’ Sunbrella fabric with the green frame and wooden trend throughout the year. Yet beers, like wines, are not all base plate create an instant feeling of ‘de-stressing’. Thesearches NATURE of umbrella is a perfect addition to the the same: online red, blonde or Blanche beers do not seewood any significant peak at specific contemporary outdoor furniture in which plays an important role. times of the year, but there is a constant increase in searches from January 2019 up to now, with a

Nature is the parasol that stands out the most thanks itsales, design that goes back tomonths, its name and substanpreference forto red especially in recent which inspiration. Based on recurring earthy tones and woodittextures, it fits perfectly into tially distanced from other types in terms ofunspoiled interest. green environments. The consumer who is seeking harmony, balance, relaxation and mindfulness will In short, whether it is an aperitif, or combined with different dishes, become happy from this umbrella. SPECTRA UX CULTURE

whether it is red, blonde or Blanche, beer has proved to be one of the most popular choices among Italians.


grimbergen HORECA 3-20_ATTUALITà-FOCUS ON.indd 5

14/10/20 18:50

Ice Cube: made of coolness Ice is a food to all effects: as such it must be treated and, therefore, used. Ice Cube, a leading company in Italy in the packaged ice food sector, has created an entire range, designed to satisfy convivial moments and perfect for professional and demanding environments. Ice Cube ice, produced with pure, crystalline, odourless and tasteless mineral water, comes from the springs of Scillato, in the Madonie in Sicily. The flagship is the range of products for daily use: these are the great classics of Ice Cube, represented by the High Performance, the type Tube Ice, or perforated cylinders of pure water; another type is the Ice Crushed, Ice buds with immediate dilution, ideal for cocktails that require for example crushed ice. Unmissable are the Ice3 Balls and the Ice3 Full Cube, two products able to concentrate the essence of Ice Cube into perfect geometric shapes. The Ice3 Balls are solid ice balls, compact ice and high density that allows a slow thawing process. The Ice3 Full Cube is a bright-looking, full-grain, crystalline 33-millimeter ice cube. 82


26/10/20 09:39

PACKAGED ICE pure, crystalline, odourless and tasteless mineral water

ICE CUBE - HC3-20.indd 3

26/10/20 09:39

But the Ice Cube range continues with Flat Pack, from ice production to matrix, which allows to reduce the volume by 38% compared to traditional packages, and Ice Cup, disposable glass containing pure food ice, ready to use. The result of a long and elaborate craftsmanship, the Ice3 Premium line includes unique and inimitable products, made from a single block of ice. Completely transparent, crystal clear, air-free and imperfect, it includes Ice Deluxe, Ice Chunk, Ice Chunk XXL and Ice Balls XXL. Of various sizes and shapes, these products are designed to accompany fine distillates. Finally, Block, Brick and Brick XXL, whose large size, density and hardness guarantee a higher proportion of ice than liquid for exceptional durability. The variety of products available in formats suitable for every moment is a guarantee of professionalism and commitment. Ice Cube covers the entire italian country, including the islands, using specialized operators and dedicated platforms.



26/10/20 09:39



Polycarbonate&more The Grandsoleil facilities were established in the late 50s and today are part of Igap Company. IGAP offers a complete line of chairs, tables and stools specifically designed for domestic or contract use, practical, resistant and contemporary. TAORMINA 100% Italian ecological evolution Thanks to the new polymeric compound Greenpol – that is the green polypropylene derived compound, developed and patented worldwide, Igap produces all products belonging to the Green Boheme selection; offering to its customers a complete range of green and environmentally oriented garden and porch items. Greenpol is a patented, innovative, 100% environmental friendly material, that respects the nature and at the same time, the strictest European Quality and Safety standards. It com- plies with the REACH Regulation and is 100% PAH free and is fully recyclable for endless times. 86


03/11/20 13:14



03/11/20 13:14

MADE IN THE BEAUTIFUL ITALY Our mission is the creation of high quality products at reasonable prices using innovative materials for outdoor and indoor furniture. Our range of chairs and tables made from polypropylene combined with metal are becoming very popular for hospitality design, mostly because of the strong structure and attractive range of colours which allows a creation of an impressive appearance all 100% MADE IN ITALY. With our products you can create spaces that really work , from hotels, bars and restaurants to public spaces and private homes. We look at trends and try to stay one step ahead so our work has longevity. First class products of the UP-ON high quality collection is the transparent indoor furniture made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a tough, clear and dimensionally stable thermoplastic, ideally suited for the development of cost efficient furniture. For Catalogues please visit our webpage : www.grandsoleilspa.it



03/11/20 13:15


****FILE PER FARE CROCINI.indd 3 ADV_A4_SET20 3 TR.indd 1

23/10/20 10:12 01/10/20 09:48

Plant-based alternatives to meat THE FUTURE ON YOUR PLATE, TO MAKE OUR WORLD A GREENER AND MORE SUSTAINABLE PLACE Food Evolution is the result of the Musacchio family’s passion who has created a new high quality plant-based food line using a new technology, which allowed them to obtain the same texture and taste of meat. Food Evolution line is composed of plant-based chicken slices, 90


25/09/20 09:51


100% “made in Italy”

JOY FOOD - HORECA 3-20.indd 3

25/09/20 09:51

bacon cubes and beef chunks with herbs enest region in Italy, because it perfectly which are as versatile as meat itself and represents their philosophy based on the respect for the environment. can be used in a wide variety of recipes. They are plant-based alternatives to meat which, thanks to their balanced nutritional properties, can be considered unique in Italy and in many other places. You can finally say goodbye to mushy and spongy products and welcome to incredible food which is identical to “fried chicken” or to “crispy bacon”.

So, they have created a line composed of products which are plant-based, 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, high-protein, low in fat, low-carb and easy and quick to cook.

For the first time, a “clean label” composed of only 6 ingredients, which is important for people who are looking for natural The main aim of this project is to improve and healthy products. people’s health, prevent the death and suffering of many animals and reduce No more debates and arguments between vegans and omnivores, but finally proglobal warming. ducts which can satisfy all palates and The Musacchios have been vegetarian meet different ethical and environmental and have dedicated their lives to vegeta- needs. rian diets for over 30 years and they started out with their veggie restaurants in After participating in the most famous Ita1979. They also published several best-sel- lian musical festival of Casa Sanremo 2020 lers about veggie and vegan cuisine and as food sponsor, Food Evolution has landed in Esselunga supermarkets! sold them all over the world. The Musacchios decided to start their Today, after months of “Lock down”, Food business in Umbria, considered the gre- Evolution is carrying out its rapid expansion 92


25/09/20 09:51

projects in the Italian and international markets where it has entered into new commercial agreements. The distribution network has been finalized and brand new products have been developed which will soon be launched in a market that is increasingly looking for innovation and quality in this constantly expanding product category. The purpose and pleasure of Food Evolution is precisely to be able to offer the final customer, either he is a Retailer (165 g) or operating in the Food Service sector (2kg), always new products and always one step ahead of the competition. A massive marketing plan is also being launched so as to complement the commercial expansion with correct information regarding these new products. “We cannot reveal anything yet but we plan to remove the veil of mystery shortly” the words of CEO Alberto Musacchio. foodevolution.it


JOY FOOD - HORECA 3-20.indd 5

25/09/20 09:51

Design for food experience WE KNOW IT’S VERY DIFFERENT SELLING A BOTTLE OF WINE THAN SELLING AN OVEN. If you want your advertising to work effectively and bring new clients in, it has to match the type of product you sell. The world of food is huge and full of different products and services. This variety requires different approaches and styles of communication depending on the target audience, the specific product, its characteristics, uses and benefits. The way to do that changes radically from product to product.

twenty years. We are very fond of Made in Italy and we know how to describe it most advantageously, attracting a lot of interest in your products. WE’LL CREATE YOUR NEXT AD FOR FREE If your advertising in this magazine hasn’t brought you the results you were hoping for, contact us.

HOW TO TELL TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT FUNCTIONALITY Machinery and equipment in the food industry have technical aspects that need to be communicated, which are very different from food and beverage products. The ads have to convey the technical information of your equipment clearly, making you understand the advantages for those who will use it. Also, the photography of food machinery and equipment is very specific - it has to highlight the hidden technology, the high quality of the materials and finishing. WE ARE A TEAM OF EXPERTS IN COMMUNICATION FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Umami - Design for food experience is the team of food communication experts. We provide useful communication services to make your HORECA customers perceive the value of what you offer, pushing them to choose you again over time. We have been working with companies in the Italian food sector for over



26/06/20 15:30

We will create your next ad on HORECA International for free. We will accept the first ten requests only. Get in touch with us at taste@umami.agency

LIQUID DIAMOND - HC 2-20.indd 3

26/06/20 15:30

Natural wood floors mafi stands for as much natural as innovative natural wooden floors. The family business from Schneegattern, Upper Austria sees itself as a trendsetter in the wooden flooring industry and proves this time and again with its constantly expanding product range. Architects, designers and socialites worldwide trust the understanding of design as well as the quality of mafi’s natural wooden floors. More than 100 years’ experience in processing wood The raw material wood has accompanied the Fillafer family since the end of the First World War. At that time, a sawmill was run in the grounds of a house in Schneegattern, Upper Austria. The largest, contiguous woodland in Central Europe, the Kobernaußerwald Forrest formed the perfect starting point for this. The family took the first steps in the design direction with the production of wooden ceilings and joists and the unique, hand-carved decoration thereof. Over the years, the family owned enterprise perfected the processing and the integration of wood into man’s living space. In 1992, Fritz Fillafer’s focus wandered from the ceiling to the floor, the basis of living space. Since then, the family produces both traditional and innovative natural wooden floors under the name mafi. Nature as the best designer Sustainability and resource efficiency are part of the mafi philosophy and permeate through all company areas. So, mafi obtains its wood almost exclusively from Central Europe and only 96


28/10/20 18:36


stands for as much natural as innovative natural wooden floors

MAFI - HC3-20.indd 3

28/10/20 18:36

from carefully managed forests if possible. Herein, mafi uses the entire tree. Every tree, however, is unique, and any plank thereof is one of a kind. No floor is therefore like any other, nothing is produced on stock. The customer receives his own work of art made specifically for him - mafi: walk on art. Varying widths and lengths or even single product lines reflect this basic philosophy. Any resulting waste wood is used in the internal pellet production. mafi natural wooden floors was the first company in the industry, which declined to use any form of paint or chemical additives in the production of wood floorings. mafi’s special oils penetrate deeply into the top layer of the wood flooring, cure and thus make the wood resistant from the inside out, without forming a film layer. Both the oils and and the soaps used consist of purely natural substances. The individual layers of the boards are glued together with pva glue without any harmful substances. The natural and sustainable approach of mafi led to outstanding certifications like the Living Product Challenge, the Energy Globe Award and the approval of the Australian Asthma Council. Never normal, but unique - mafi as the Trendsetter Every year, next to “traditional wooden floors” new technologies and designs are developed, many of which are already proven as pioneers in the international market. In this way, natural knots and cracks are not negated, but rath-

er through coloured puttys celebrated. Hand planed cracks or the individual colours of the cracks are only the tip of the tradecraft iceberg. The 3-D surfaces of the mafi Fresco Edition are especially enjoyable barefoot. The raised upper layer performs a slight but nonetheless unforgettable massage effect. 2009 brought with it an honourable mention in the Red Dot Design award for the mafi Fresco Duna, oiled in white, in the Interior Design category. Especially unique are also the Carving Edition patterns which through the designs across several planks give a larger surface appearance. The long standing Paisley design is having a revival thanks to this, just as what used to be rough sound of the Seattle music scene inspired Grunge optic is. 2012 mafi gain the red dot design award: best of the best for its Carving Club I. International success With 20 employees in organisation and about 80 employees in production, mafi celebrates international success. Apart from Europe, people live and work on mafi natural wooden floors in the USA, Japan, UAE, Australia and Mexico. Altogether, mafi exports to approx. 40 countries on this Earth. Socialites like Claudia Schiffer and Giorgio Armani count themselves as customers just as much as Star Architect Norman Foster. International brands like Facebook or the Hotel group Hyatt selected mafi floors for their Headquarters. mafi.com



28/10/20 18:36

Pavimento in legno naturale stabile · naturale · sano


28/10/20 18:29

Zen Soundshaper sound-absorbing panels 58% of Italians are annoyed by excessive noise in the premises which very often leads them not to return to the noisy place. (Doxa survey). Steelbox has found the solution. Zen Soundshaper sound-absorbing panels have an absorption coefficient of 0.97 / 100 and are the best performing panels on the market. The better the sound absorption performance, the lower the number of panels to be used with consequent savings for restaurateurs and a lower impact on the aesthetics of the room. The Steelbox panel is characterized by the lack of holes and by a large range of hooks and supports for the ceiling, wall and even windows. This feature allows total reuse in the case of restyling of the environments after a certain period of time. In fact, a panel that has been used on the ceiling can be safely used as a separator or on the wall, changing only the supporting device. Eco-sustainability is also important for Steelbox, in fact the product is made



29/10/20 13:44

SOUND-ABSORBING PANELS eco-sustainability is also important for Steelbox


29/10/20 13:44



29/10/20 13:45

from 100% recycled materials and is recyclable at the end of its life. The polyester core of the product is obtained through the recycling of PET, just as the fabric, Trevira CS, is obtained through the recycling of plastic materials. This introduces us to the main argument for public environments, which is the fire resistance. Zen Soundshaper panels are fireproof and have obtained a fire reaction certification with B-s2, d0 score. The panels are available in 10 colors and it’s possible to print on the fabric to customize the panel. Steelbox is present with its own distribution network throughout Italy and abroad, and has an APP created specifically for measuring the reverberation and counting the number of panels needed to obtain an environment without echo. To request a visit from one of our acoustic specialists, even for a simple measurement, simply contact us by email. info@ steelbox.it info@steelbox.it www.steelbox.it


29/10/20 13:45

dalla redazione


The ultimate umbrella experience! by the editorial team The shade solutions by Umbrosa are a clear statement by both elegance and understated simplicity, and that in combination with a never seen way of ergonomics that puts ‘easy to use’ to a higher dimension. Umbrosa chooses very consciously to work with the best international designers and to produce exclusively in Belgium. All parts are made of durable anodized materials, and faPRESS FILE aluminium, UMBROSAUV-resistant – JANUARY 2020 brics in the very best quality. All of this ensures long lasting shade,umbrella year afterexperience! year. The ultimate

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration: trees and plants provide shade in a unique way, not only for them but also for their habitat. Umbrosa relies on the ingenious aspect of nature for the development of polyvalent and innovative shade creations, distinguished in many ways from the classic parasol. Umbrosa is the specialist in state-of-art umbrellas for both residential and commercial applications at an affordable price.

Meet Umbrosa’s Spectraare UXexported collection: 4 unique models 4 unique pays stories. Eachattention model to the The umbrella collections to 80 countries Thebased team on of designers special and areaused around the of world on the mostand beauuniquecombined characterwith of nature andfunctionality the daring creativity radiates beautiful sense colours, fabrics materials, ultimate and tiful terraces and to the most famous hotel groups. of each design. ergonomics. The umbrellas contribute to the look and feel of any outdoor setting. The collection was created thanks to the collaboration between several designers, stylists and creative eet Umbrosa’s Spectra UX collection: 4 In order have theof concept and In optimized, minds, amongst whom Siegrid Demyttenaere, Art-Director andtoco-editor DAMN tested magazine. order unique models based on 4 unique stories. we introduced the first model on Salone del Mobile to have the concept tested and optimized, we introduced the first model on Salone del Mobile in Each model radiates a beautiful sense of in 2019. Using our fan’s feedback we worked hard on 2019. Using ourand fan’s feedback we worked on thethe concept and can now proudly colours, fabrics materials, combined with hard ultimate concept and can now proudlypresent presentaaunique unique collection. functionality and ergonomics. The umbrellas contribu- collection.


te to the look and feel of any outdoor setting.

These models are inspired on the clean and refined architecture, theare liveliness unpredictability of These models inspired and on the clean and refined nature, the warmth and softness Mediterranean culture andthe theliveliness refreshing of the sea The collection was created thanksoftothe the collabora- architecture, and feeling unpredictability of nationthe between and waves. several designers, stylists and creative ture, the warmth and softness of the Mediterranean minds, amongst whom Siegrid Demyttenaere, Art-

SPECTRA UX ARCHITECTURE Director and co-editor of DAMN magazine.

culture and the refreshing feeling of the sea and the waves.

104 The Architectural parasol is the most neutral, sleek model. The parasol is based on the recurring shades of grey of the various outdoor brands. This is the most sober model, but no less luxurious. We LATEST NEWS played with the recurring design of square elements to find a perfect match with clean and modern environments. The focus here is on purifying: back to the essence! A very clear statement with as few UMBROSA_ATTUALITà-FOCUS ON.indd 4 different elements and materials as possible, only pure materials. The trendy consumer with sense of detail and searching for perfection, will easily integrate this umbrella in his personal world.

16/07/20 12:37





Our stressfull world enhances the need to ‘connect’ with nature and that is exactly what our nature umbrella does. The combination of the ‘linnen’ Sunbrella fabric with the green frame and wooden base plate create an instant feeling of ‘de-stressing’. The NATURE umbrella is a perfect addition to the contemporary outdoor furniture in which wood plays an important role. Nature is the parasol that stands out the most thanks to its design that goes back to its name and inspiration. Based on recurring earthy tones and wood textures, it fits perfectly into unspoiled green environments. The consumer who is seeking harmony, balance, relaxation and mindfulness will become happy from this umbrella. SPECTRA UX CULTURE Our stressfull world enhances the need to ‘connect’ with nature and that is exactly what our nature umbrella does. The combination of the ‘linnen’ Sunbrella fabric with the green frame and wooden base plate create an instant feeling of ‘de-stressing’. The NATURE umbrella is a perfect addition to the contemporary outdoor furniture in which wood plays an important role. Nature is the parasol that stands out the most thanks to its design that goes back to its name and inspiration. Based on recurring earthy tones and wood textures, it fits perfectly into unspoiled green environments. The consumer who is seeking harmony, balance, relaxation and mindfulness will become happy from this umbrella. SPECTRA UX CULTURE

SPECTRA UX ARCHITECTURE The Architectural parasol is the most neutral, sleek model. The parasol is based on the recurring shades of grey of the various outdoor brands.

modern environments. The focus here is on purifying: back to the essence! A very clear statement with as few different elements and materials as possible, only pure materials.

This is the most sober model, but no less luxurious. We played with the recurring design of square elements to find a perfect match with clean and

The trendy consumer with sense of detail and searching for perfection, will easily integrate this umbrella in his personal world.



16/07/20 12:37



SPECTRA UX NATURE Our stressfull world enhances the need to ‘connect’ with nature and that is exactly what our nature umbrella does. The combination of the ‘linnen’ Sunbrella fabric with the green frame and wooden base plate create an instant feeling of ‘de-stressing’. The NATURE umbrella is a perfect addition to the contemporary outdoor furniture in which wood plays an important role. Nature is the parasol that stands out the most thanks to its design that goes back to its name and inspiration. Based on recurring earthy tones and wood textures, it fits perfectly into unspoiled green environments. The consumer who is seeking harmony, balance, relaxation and mindfulness will become happy from this umbrella.


we play with 2 pieces of fabric where the lower one shows the lightness and softness of the waves with their white foam heads. We used a soft transparent fabric to create a subtle presence. The typical white-blue colours reinforce this feeling, the brush polish accents create an extra sense of luxury and refer to the reflecting sun on the water. The Marine is a playfull parasol that gives us an instant holiday feeling. www.umbrosa.be

SPECTRA UX CULTURE Ethnic influences play an increasing role in the outdoor scene. Colours and playfull shapes are not only used for accessories. The Culture umbrella with its brownish red and pink shades is the most colourfull umbrella of this collection. It is a showstopper and eye-catcher for the Ethnic influences an increasing role inthe theform outdoor scene. Colours and playfull shapes are not only creative daredevils play amongst us. By extending element the roundedThe corners of the base to the used for of accessories. Culture umbrella withcanits brownish red and pink shades is the most colourfull vas, and reusing the fabric of the canvas around the umbrella of this collection. It is a showstopper and eye-catcher for the creative daredevils amongst us. base, we create not only simplicity but also playfulness By extending the form element of the rounded corners of the base to the canvas, and reusing the within the product. This allows the location to vary from fabric of the canvas the to base, wesmall create not only simplicity but also playfulness within the a trendy rooftop bararound to a down earth resort. Anything is possible! product. This allows the location to vary from a trendy rooftop bar to a down to earth small resort.

Anything is possible!

SPECTRA UX MARINE An umbrella really finds its use when the sun is shiSPECTRA UX only MARINE ning and temperatures are high and when in our minds we think of sun, sea, beach, pool,… This umbrella gets its inspiration from the sea and the waves. With this parasol

ECLIPSUM I Kora Pool & Beach Events, Italy 4

106 An umbrella only really finds its use when the sun is shining and temperatures are high and when in our minds we think of sun, sea, beach, pool,… This umbrella gets its inspiration from the sea and the LATEST NEWS INSIGHTS waves. With this parasol we play with 2 pieces of fabric where the lower one shows the lightness and softness of the waves with their white foam heads.


16/07/20 12:37

We used a soft transparent fabric to create a subtle presence. The typical white-blue colours reinforce


01/03/21 10:00

The patented “SAFE CONE®” Our holder for ice-cream cones and waffles is made with a special plastic internationally certified for contact use with foods At a time when the need to ensure food hygiene has never been greater, Italian ingenuity has produced SAFE CONE®, a cleverly designed holder that facilitates the correct and single-handed gripping and retrieval of cones. The SAFE CONE® holder positions cones upside down, which makes it easier, and faster, to load cones and waffles during the bustle of brisk sales. The product works for all sizes of cones and waffles, be they of standard measure or of the Maxicono or Wundertute type. SAFE CONE® can be positioned on its base holder or, using an accessory insert, in a normal cone holder of any brand. This means that your existing cone holder need not be replaced. SAFE CONE® is dishwasher-safe. Easy, practical, above hygienic. SAFE CONE® can be included in the product protection devices www.piva.info



22/09/20 16:23

PIVA - HC3-20.indd 3

22/09/20 16:23

dalla redazione


Rome has a new pam local: safe, convenient, cheap The result of the synergy between cean and PAM panorama, the new pam local in Rome won the title of safe supermarket

by Gabriele De Luca


ocated in a strategic road junction in the 12th City Hall of Rome, just a few steps away from the historical residence Villa Doria Pamphilj and the third largest park in Rome, the new Pam local in via Serafini has been designed and built to guarantee the highest safety standards for customers and workers, and it also took into account the new shopping habits changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Renato Mazzucco, Pam Sales Director, is delighted to announce this new opening, which confirms the presence of the brand on the Roman territory and the brand’s appreciation by citizens. “Rethinking the design of the spaces and focusing on staff training,” said Mazzucco, “are the key concepts from which we started to plan the new shop and make it a place to shop safely”. Spaces and supports were designed to guarantee a safe shopping experience as well as to facilitate and indicate social distancing and mandatory safety requirements. Inside the shop, there are protective barriers for both customers and operators; the access management and check-out is carried out safely and in complete autonomy. Also, floor signs indicate the route to follow to speed up the purchase process and guarantee a safe distance during the queue to access the check-out area. 110



14/10/20 19:20



In addition to security, the new Pam local shop offers its customers convenience and quality, thanks to the wide range of products and tailor-made solutions to meet everyone’s needs. From “Food to Go” for those who are in a hurry and need quick and tasty meals, to the “Safe Saving” initiative that guarantees unbeatable prices on over two hundred products in daily use. As for the Pam local format, there are plenty of matching menus that every 15 days provide new ideas for tasty recipes at competitive prices, as well as numerous single-portion packs and a wide choice of ready meals. Finally, thanks to the campaign with Banco Alimentare di Roma, customers can purchase gift cards to help feed a family in need. The new store is the result of a collaboration between CEAN, a company specialising in the design and construction of retail outlets, and Pam Panorama, a reference group in the world of large-scale Italian distribution for over 60 years. The safe supermarket is part of a larger project that will soon lead to the opening of other stores with the same characteristics throughout Italy. For more information, visit www.pampanorama.it



14/10/20 19:20

The pool realized for Josef Mountain Resort The pool realized for Josef Mountain Resort has won the Italian Pool Award as Commercial Outdoor best pool This self-supporting structure offers its guests wellness and relax. An elegant tub, made with an innovative technology, above the terrace of the resort. To be able to stop everything, to take the right time and don’t be in a hurry. To feel the power of nature with all your senses. At the Josef Mountain Resort, you can acquire a new vitality, fully preserving this energy even at the end of the holiday. Here saunas, the water world, wellness treatments, and the garden landscape create a harmony that is found only in the liberty of nature. An important step of this process is entrusted to the swimming pool located on the second floor terrace, made with the Klimapool Floating technology 112


08/10/20 12:11


an elegant tub, made with an innovative technology, above the terrace of the resort


08/10/20 12:11

of Preformati Italia: the pool, which houses 9 hydromassage stations, a bed and a bench made of steel and air system, allows the Resort’s guests to truly enjoy the water, resting, and recharging. Preformati Italia has consolidated a specific production process to reach an high level of flexibility and quality. It all starts with the designer’s ideas: A concept that is rationalised and takes the shape of a project; The design department is responsible for engineering of the project. From the project to precision cutting: once the final drawings are approved, CNC machines are set for cutting or, more precisely, initial “machining” of the blocks of EPS. The human factor is the focal point and the reason why our products impress. Our craftsmen carry out piece-by-piece machining to turn every little detail into an individual masterpiece through quality and accuracy. Fitting of the systems: This phase involves


08/10/20 12:11

the manufacture and levelling of the systems in the structure. This approach offers many benefits like shorter installation time and, therefore, lower installation costs, while facilitating assembly on site. Levelling: Glass fibre and a special cement-based mix are used during the manual levelling process to give our products a very long life. Quality control: every product is carefully checked by our skilled technicians. Assembly: Handling at the construction site, sometimes as high as the fifth floor or above, is made easier by the type of lightweight material that we use, which does not have any significant impact on the supporting framework of the building. www.preformatiitalia.it



08/10/20 12:11

RCA goes “GREEN” and presents its new GREEN-BOX printing machine From November, RCA will be ready with a new digital printing machine: to face the challenges of an increasingly fragmented market by proposing customization solutions for small orders. Using digital printing technology - with water-based inks - on envelopes, doypacks, shoppers and preformed paper bags, RCA looks forwards to helping small businesses that need to stand out but are prevented from doing so by the high MOQs required by current printing technologies. The range of printable products available uses the neutral paper materials which are always in stock: in addition to paper and bio-compostable non-woven shopping bags, there is a wide selection of paper-coated items and the possibility to choose between a white or kraft finish. The range includes both poly-coated paper bags (recyclable) and bags made of paper backed with aluminium and nylon, for products that require a stronger barrier. The in-house staff of highly specialized graphic designers will process the images and texts, which will be ready for printing as soon as they are approved.



01/10/20 14:36

RCA CUSTOMIZATION for small orders

HORECA 3-20 - RCA.indd 3

01/10/20 14:37

Zero costs for printing-plate engraving, maximum production flexibility, batches starting from 100 pieces and production in 48 hours are the main strengths of the new equipment. The goal of this production is to intercept both the demand of companies that have to differentiate between a large number of items, and those without enough warehouse space (or the possibility to immobilize large amounts of capital), and, last but not least, to help start-ups test their product on the market. Thanks to the extreme versatility of the printing system, in addition to bags and shoppers, it will also be possible to customize cases and boxes (also in wood), satisfying the most varied personalization requirements. The company is always willing to work with the customer on the creation of ad-hoc packages. www.rcaimballaggi.com



01/10/20 14:37


01/10/20 12:56

Automatic doors for every environment Automacenter offers elegant and cutting-edge customised technological solutions Automacenter is an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing automatic door systems and sliding doors since 1986. Its automatic doors are the result of highly qualified experts combined with advanced technology and great attention to design. The company, located in the province of Verona, has grown over the years, changing from a



25/09/20 11:09

green areas, squares, museum spaces, shopping centers

AUTOMATIC DOORS technological solutions

SCALIGERA HC 3-20-ok.indd 3

25/09/20 11:09

small artisan reality to a leading player in the industry, thanks to its natural ability to evolve and be at the forefront of its sector. Automacenter’s technical department develops customised technological solutions based on engineering research that combines high-tech futurism with design, creating automatic entrances that are aesthetically unique and integrate smoothly into every kind of architecture. The wide range of products produced by Automacenter offers different types of solutions, including sliding, hinged, circular, curved, telescopic, folding, rototranslating, swivelling door systems and special features such as anti-corrosion stainless steel,



25/09/20 11:09


anti-panic or breakthrough systems for emergency exits. All Automacenter entrances are designed and built to integrate perfectly into different kinds of environments and to guarantee a high degree of functionality and design in total compliance with the highest safety standards. The company works on a daily basis in collaboration with designers, interior designers and installers to create the best solutions for shops, airports and stations, hospitals, hotels and resorts, banks and offices with high security standards, factories and the naval sector. Automacenter ensures that every entrance is efficient and reliable and guarantees the perfect functioning of each automatic doors through a qualified maintenance service and specialized after-sales technical assistance. Automacenter automatic doors are a guarantee of quality and safety, elegance and complete customer satisfaction. For more information visit www.automacenter.it

SCALIGERA HC 3-20-ok.indd 5 SCALIGERA.indd 3

25/09/20 11:09 11/10/19 11:55


Professional solutions for coffee applications RPE designs, develops and manufactures high quality Solenoid Valves, Flow Meters, Pressure Reducers, Filters and Fittings for a wide array of industries and applications.


coffee pod


With almost 50 years’ experience we offer and distribute our products in Italy and all over the world. RPE is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 compliant and also provide international Food and Electrical certifications. Our fundamentals are simple, continuous Research & Development with the flexibility to customize products for our customer’s requirements and specifications.


Applications where RPE’s products are installed: - Professional Food equipment - Ice machines - Industrial Laundry machines 124


20/10/20 18:18







RPE- HC 3-20.indd 3

20/10/20 18:18

- Coffee & Tea Machines - Water & Beverage Dispensers - Steam machines - Beverage & Water filtration systems - Medical & dental solutions - Sanitary applications - Commercial Cleaning equipment - Marine applications - Irrigation Systems RPE, professional solutions for coffee applications: RPE dedicates a wide range of products to the coffee industry, with specific solutions both for professional coffee equipment like the automatic and superautomatic machines and also for coffee machines and brewers for residential and light commercial use.

changes and to maintain the taste and flavor of the drink. - Pressure: A quality Espresso needs a pressure of between 9 - 10 bar (130 - 145 psi), however modern coffee machines often require higher pressures to ensure that other functions are performed. RPE Solenoid Valves can work up to 18 - 21 bar (261 – 304 psi), allowing us to offer our customers greater design flexibility. - Water Quality: The Solenoid Valves from the “Steam Series” are equipped with a self-cleaning system that mechanically removes limestone residues accumulated in the orifice, ensuring a longer life and less maintenance on the machines.


The modern coffee machines that can dispense both coffee and other beverages, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, tea and hot chocolate, are extremely complex applications that require highend design, high quality components and materials, long testing processes and industrialization, to guarantee the life expectancy and the correct and precise operation of the equipment. In order to meet the needs of the food sector, the ranges of RPE’ Solenoid Valves, Pressure Reducers, Flow Meters and Filters are MOCA certified for food contact, and also contain international certifications: NSF, WRAS and KTW. From the performance point of view RPE products guarantee to our customers high quality results that ensure the performance and the correct taste of a good coffee, therefore bringing complete satisfaction to the end-user. - Water Temperature: RPE Solenoid Valves are made in PPSU capable of working up to 140°C (284° F), this allows the water not to undergo thermal 126


20/10/20 18:18

****FILE P

RPE creates Solutions for OVEN Let's us aim our attention on one of our best sellers, the R Series (Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple) that together with our Flow Meters, Pressure Reducers provide a complete package for ovens and food equipment.

DISPENSER This solution focuses on the new TD Dispenser Series available in a Single, Double and Triple configuration. These are direct acting valves a Nominal Diameter up to 3,9 mm, represent illustrating the perfect solution for water dispensers and many other automatic water control applications. All of these products are manufactured with NSF and WRAS approved materials. COFFEE In addition to Inlet, Dispense valves and Cartridge Fittings manufactured in Nylon, RPE also provides a complete range of solutions in PPSU, designed for high temperature.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT The entire range is well recognized, from the inlet valve to fluid control: flow meters, pressure reducers and RPE filters are of common use.


16/12/19 15:10 26/10/20 14:34 16/12/19 15:10


Designed by Studio Tecnico Scarabeo

Once again Scarabeo interprets the bathroom space with a new system that offers appealing aesthetics, functionality and a high customization level. Its name is SOLID, the fifth essence of versatility. Multiple elements can be perfectly combined to create design solutions capable of satisfying all needs and tastes. The impressive metal structure, which is available in matt Black, Gray and Dove-Gray finishes and is equipped with tower rail, can fit all Teorema 2.0 Collection washbasins with 80 cm and 100 cm size.


24/09/20 14:54


appealing aesthetics, functionality and a high customization level


24/09/20 14:54




24/09/20 14:54

With the addition of a wooden shelf, the structure becomes a top for over 100 models of lay-onwashbasins. Moreover, the ceramic for the washbasin can be chosen from a selection of eight colours to create a unique, personalized identity for your bathroom. The lower part of the structure can be used as container with a shelf or drawers with 20 cm and 30 cm height. Both solutions are available in 5 wooden finishes (Alpaca, Cesio Verde, Macassar, Rovere Brizzo and Rovere Nodato). SOLID is completed with metal accessories that can be fixed to the wall or placed on the washbasin to increase storage space, while offering creative options for a fully functional, complete bathroom. Accessories, shelves and drawers can be used to decorate the space independently, without using the structure, with wall fixing or floor-standing installation in case of a suspended washbasin. www.scarabeosrl.com


by Davide Vercelli S o it a ll be g in s un’i dea, una f or ma

scarabeosrl.com HORECA 3-20 - SCARABEO CERAMICHE SOLID.indd 5

24/09/20 14:54

Spare parts Sintesibagno is a 20-year-old company specialising in spare parts for hotel room bathroom products, such as toilet covers/seats, bathroom accessories, taps and fittings, built-in parts and more. Sintesibagno has been one of the first websites in the sector, and today it works with dozens of hotels, b&b, campings, plumbers, etc. Through its online store - sintesibagno.shop - customers can buy products at the “best price”, with “wholesale” terms and conditions and special discounts. The wide range of items offered in the catalogue will allow them to find the most suitable spare part as well as constant reassortment. Today we focus on spare parts for toilet covers and we talk about it with one of the company’s founders: Pietro Montonati. Over the years, ceramic companies have produced different series of bathroom ware in various shapes, from the simplest to the strangest and most curious styles, in a wide range of colours. For each toilet bowl, there used to be its original toilet cover, with precise shape and colour. With time, a lot of them became unavailable! The customers who required spare parts for these accessories - says Montonati - prompted us to ask the manufacturers who made these accessories for the ceramic companies to resume and/or continue to supply the same products as the “old” productions. When the old models were damaged or lost, we redesigned and rebuilt the mould to create the toilet cover. As a result, we have built an online archive where all the most 132

HORECAINTERNATIONAL sintesi bagno - HC3-20.indd 2

01/10/20 09:46

BATHROOM online catalog

sintesi bagno - HC3-20.indd 3

01/10/20 09:46

popular toilet seats of the last 40 years are available for immediate delivery. To be able to serve hotels, plumbers and other professionals in the sector, we also keep spare parts for the most recent series in stock. Moreover, in our e-shop, the customer can choose among different options for the same model according to price range, materials and product type. What’s the best way to get a supply by Sintesibagno in the most effective way and in the shortest time? That’ s easy! Get in touch with us by phone, e-mail or website to get the most comprehensive assistance in a few hours (if not a few minutes)! After all, with over 3,000 specific articles, Sintesibagno is the ultimate online catalogue of toilet seat covers/seats! But we’ re not the only ones who say it, the facts make it clear! Every day, in addition to thousands of private customers, many hotels and professionals use our website with great satisfaction. We have already mentioned the reasons for our success, but we have not yet introduced the most important. Sintesibagno offers a unique service, completely free of charge, for the TOILET SEAT COVER IDENTIFICATION (here’s the link to the relevant page) that allows our customers to identify the exact model, even if they don’t know the name of the sanitary series. In hospitality structures (hotels, resorts, etc.), due to intensive use and sometimes customer negligence, it is necessary to replace broken and/or damaged toilet seat covers with a certain frequency. Given the huge number of models produced over the years by ceramic manufacturers, technicians and maintenance managers may find it difficult to identify the correct replacement. You may be in one of the following situations. 1. The sanitary series you have is very old and the original toilet seat cover is no longer available (because the manufacturer may no longer exist or may have put that specific series out of production).

2. The technical and official documents related to the sanitary ware purchased years ago have been lost. It is necessary to understand which series and/or model we need, in order not to buy the wrong product. 3. You know the technical specs of the sanitary ware, but the manufacturer has made some modifications to the original series, making dimensional changes including shape, size, fittings and lid connections. 4. We have all the information we need to purchase the correct article including series, model, colour, type, material but our usual supplier is no longer available, or there is no way to find the spare parts of that specific brand or somehow they don’t fit. You should look online and find the correct toilet seat cover on Sintesibagno’s catalogue so that you can replace it and purchase with a special discount! Contact us and create your account at sintesibagno.shop to make the most from the best consultancy and the most convenient conditions. www.sintesibagno.shop


HORECAINTERNATIONAL sintesi bagno - HC3-20.indd 4

01/10/20 09:46


01/10/20 09:59

Unique and inimitable SD Laser has been the leading company in the laser sector since 2010. Thanks to its decades of experience, the company fully understands the potentials of this technology and exploits them to create something unique and inimitable. SD Laser is located in Treviglio, in the province of Bergamo. SD Laser operates in various sectors because laser is the most versatile technology that exists today. It is able to work different materials such as wood, paper, plexiglass, leather. With the laser, it is possible to realize any idea: from a simple greeting card to a sophisticated and elegant piece of furniture. The team of graphic designers can start from anyone’s view and observe a unique project. Let’s take an example: Christmas is coming and you are looking for a greeting card for your customers who represent your brand or the history of your company. Thanks to the flexibility of laser, your idea turns into a project. The result will be an exclusive and unique Christmas greeting. It is possible to create everything with laser, even useful gadgets. You can create an exclusive gadget for an anniversary or in other particular events. In the Covid emergency period, SD Laser studied a gadget within everyone’s reach, “I-Tocco” which allows you to open doors and press buttons without touching the area. “I-Toc-

co” is in plexiglass and can be personalized with a laser engraving of your own brand. The other sector in which the company work, it’s the Home Decor. In 2011 SD Laser coined the brand I Dettagli, which combines the artisanship of Made in Italy with ultra-modern laser technology. The result is sophisticated and design furnishing accessories. The Home accessories - I Dettagli collection includes unique pieces such as decorative panels, vases, mirrors,



07/07/20 17:29


Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

table wear “Verona”

decor panel “Tropical”

Italian design furnishing accessories and objects for hotels, restaurants, pubs as well as for your home.

info@sdlaser.it • www.sdlaser.it


01/10/20 16:26

watches, coat racks, umbrella stands and magazine racks. The furnishing accessories I Dettagli present suggestive and exclusive atmospheres, decorating all environments with style and finesse. SD Laser’s philosophy is the attention to details, in fact behind each item there is a careful research of materials and a design study from drawing to the finished product.Next to the Home Accessories collection there is the one dedicated to the wedding favors and gift items. The “Gift and Favors” line includes photo-frames, jewelry boxes, small pictures and table clocks perfect for all events. These articles can be personalized with names, phrases and dates for every ceremony. The I Dettagli collections can be found in affiliated stores throughout Italy and in selected e-commerce stores. SD Laser has specialized into the wedding sector with the Partecipazioniconstile brand, which produces wedding announcements and wedding stationery. Thanks to this production branch, in direct contact with bride to be and wedding professionals, Partecipazioniconstile creates invitations, tableau de mariage, menus, place cards, table markers are created, save the date and everything related to communication related to weddings and events. The passion for graphics combined with that for marriage creates unique and exclusive coordinates. Starting from a chosen theme or color, there are many ways that you can take using materials such as paper, plexiglass or wood. The production of SD Laser, I Dettagli e Partecipazioniconstile is provided in Italy and is eco-sustainable in terms of materials and processes. SD Laser, particularly sensitive to the theme of ecology, undertakes to reduce unnecessary resource consumption and to use systems

that produce less and less emissions into the atmosphere, making use of raw materials and recyclable packaging and low environmental impact paints for other uses. You can have a preview of the articles on social profiles, Facebook and Instagram, of the company and of the brands. sdlaser.it



07/07/20 17:29

Via Mantovana, 20 | 37010 Pastrengo (VR) | ITALY tel. +39 045.7170031 | fax +39 045.7170305 www.walux.com




Scatolificio del Garda Spa



17/12/19 19:06

Bio-compatible materials combined with packaging Scatolificio Del Garda means versatility, ability and reliability and never as in this historical moment these are decisive features for our economy and sociability. Never before has our corporate motto been realistic and centered: INSISTI ; RESISITI; RAGGIUNGI; CONQUISTI During this pandemic caused by COVID-19, SDG worked to satisfy in record time all those realities that have inevitably transformed their cha140


25/09/20 15:10

green areas, squares, museum spaces, shopping centers

racteristics, starting with home delivery and takeaway and everything that comes with it. For this reason SDG has created and supplied a wide range of cardboard food boxes in different sizes for all market requirements. This year we are proving that our studies and researches carried out on bio-compatible materials combined with packaging, gave results and that regular and potential customers recognized us this ability and flexibility. The research of a raw material derived from agri-food waste to create food containers is always in progress. This sad and historic moment makes us aware of the fact that packaging must be sustainable in nature in order to avoid ecological disasters like those that occurred. It is not the environment that we have to save from man, but man from himself. www.sdgspa.it


25/09/20 15:10

The gentle hills of the Gavi Located in the municipality of Serravalle Scrivia, where the GAVI DOCG wine consortium produces the greatest among Piedmont wines, the estate “La Bollina” extends over 120 hectares in the gentle hills of the Low Monferrato region. Apart from its wineries, whose cultivation and production area stretches over 34 hectares of vineyards, the estate also features three accommodation and leisure facilities of great charm, “Villa La Bollina Luxury Hotel”, “Serravalle Golf Hotel”, and the “Serravalle Golf Club”.

Thanks to its deeply rooted traditions, its strong rural background and its unique features which can only be found in areas nestled between the mountains and the sea, this land has exerted a considerable charm over the centuries. Once a summer residence of the Marquises Figari of Genova, these rolling hills planted with Cortese, Chardonnay, Barbera and Nebbiolo serve today as production sites for our top-class wines. www.labollina.it


HORECAINTERNATIONAL Soc. Agricola La Bollina - HC3-20.indd 1

22/09/20 13:18

il vino


è la poesia

it is poetry

della terra

of the earth


il vino


è la poesia

it is poetry

della terra

of the earth

www.labollina.it LA BOLLINA A4_HORECA 3-20.indd 3

22/09/20 13:16

The 45th edition of Hospitality The 45th edition of Hospitality kicks off safely and more business-oriented than ever From February 1st to 4th 2021, the Ho.Re. Ca. world will be getting together at the Riva del Garda Exhibition Centre for ‘Hospitality’ - the trade fair for the hospitality business and the most complete Italian exhibition in its sector. For this, the 45th edition of the event, Hospitality has decided to shift the dates from Monday to Friday during the first week of February, in order to respond to the needs of its business-oriented exhibitors and visitors.



23/10/20 19:36

TRADE FAIR FOR THE HOSPITALITY BUSINESS The 45th edition of Hospitality will be packed with new ideas


23/10/20 19:36

The hospitality sector has been hit hard by the Coronavirus emergency and needs all the help it can get to re-innovate and overcome the crisis. For this reason, the exhibition will represent a fundamental moment where professionals working in hospitality and catering can get together, compare notes, create synergy and help their businesses to grow. Boosted by the great results of the 2020 edition – with 28,575 visitors, 561 exhibitors (+ 6% compared to 2019) and 171 new brands present - Hospitality returns with its 360° offer, combining innovation and training in the four areas of the event: Contract&Wellness; Beverage; Food&Equipment and Renovation&Tech, plus Solobirra (Just Beer) and RPM dedicated to artisan beer and mixology. Also confirmed for the 2021 edition are the training events of the Hospitality Academy, which will be increasing its offerings this time.


23/10/20 19:36

The stage has already been set with the online ‘H-factor’ scheme, dedicated to neuromarketing for Ho.Re.Ca., a weekly look into the discovery of neuroscience to assist business. The 45th edition of Hospitality will be packed with new ideas as well as ensuring that all safety measures are rigorously observed for the benefit of all participants. Indeed, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi has put together a very precise protocol which makes it possible to continue to carry out events, fully respecting the health and safety of all those involved. All of these measures together with the new rules are brought together under the title of “Evolve,” a clear, direct, communication campaign aimed at clients, partners, suppliers and collaborators so that they can take part in events feeling safe and secure. www.hospitalityriva.it


23/10/20 19:36

International architecture and design company PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group is an international architecture and design company, established in Milan in 2007, nowadays active all around the world. With new studios in Genoa and Sydney. Young, dynamic, reactive and creative it operates nationally and internationally with a collaborative approach. 148


13/10/20 09:31

YOUNG, DYNAMIC, REACTIVE AND CREATIVE operates nationally and internationally with a collaborative approach


13/10/20 09:31

Proactivity is the key-word. “We don’t wait for things to happen, we create teams and shape situations to clients giving different visions and making them real and easy to understand. Curiosity and enthusiasm are part of our team and ourselves”. With an interdisciplinary skill set they offer tailored services across the entire architecture and design spectrum for both corporate and individual clients. From MICRO to MACRO every action expresses their attitude and vision. Multidisciplinary creative lab and project management firm where with pragmacy, passion and creativity offers architectural innovative solutions for residential, commercial, tertiary and retail sectors. Able to listen and face difficult issues, from technical, public procedure, social aspects and special clients requirements up to overall development mix process. The key point is that they have the privilege to express their passion in what they do: social value and sustainable approach to every project created, reinventing new way to shape private and public spaces to make people life enjoyable, solving barriers and limits, creating new needs and brands. The horeca world is one of the main important sector for PRINCIPIOATTIVO, and from the beginning it has developed



13/10/20 09:31


many projects about it, either in temporary and permanent projects, able to be flexible and sensitive following the different requirements of the clients. The following examples will show this approach and capability: form the single private client to the international brand chain units. VERATTI GOURMET in Varese where the client requested multidisciplinary services in order to create a fantastic place to live and experience the best gourmet pizza handmade with special ingredients. A special attention to the details, a rebranding, a strategic design of the overall place up to the single element (the oven, the table..) with the result of a place with unique identity and personality. GREEN COURT in Monza: a new central food court area in an, Auchan Shopping Mall, shared in common with the closest commercial units, giving the idea to remind to the external park area thanks to the material used for the ceiling covering for the first time, a natural lichen for indoor use. The final result has been the natural atmosphere eco sustainable, designed and created, with the particular property to clean air naturally. The success to have changed the flows of people happy to live this new area. PAVE’ in MILAN a famous bakery that has begun a must in Milan. The client wanted to realize a place with a strong identity and was totally satisfied. The final result was an ambient where the atmosphere, the care of details, the use of the space and materials make feel at home, in a place where you can enjoy easy life and taste fantastic food.



12/10/20 13/10/20 17:43 09:31

Child inside Children first! Stileurbano want to show their care about children and the willingness to awaken our inner child with the slogan “Child Inside”. For the company, working for children is a precious privilege requiring special sensitivity and careful attention, from the designing stage to maintenance. About us Stileurbano design and produce play solutions for parks, and also builds entire playgrounds, including play equipment, anti-trauma solutions, street furniture and fitness areas. Stileurbano takes care of maintenance according to EN1176 regulations, on behalf of other companies too. Certified Design Stileurbano realise play equipment that is certified by CATAS, an international certification authority. Their design office can help create play areas and come up with new tailor-made solutions for each customer in compliance with the EN1176 standard. Production Making games is a serious business. Choosing high-quality materials is essential because the structures must be vandal-proof. Stileurbano mainly make products in structural aluminium, reinforced with hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated steel frames. The panels are in



05/11/20 10:28


working for them is a privilege to be repaid with the care due to the most precious things.


05/11/20 10:28

19mm HDPE; if required, they can be in recycled material. Installation Installing a playground is essential for the safety of children and the functionality of the game. You must have the expertise and understanding of the EN1176 standard. Our teams of installers have EN1176 TUV and CATAS expert certification. EN1176 inspection Stileurbano take care of their structures over time. Upon request, they also take 154


05/11/20 10:28

care of the structures of other companies. Stileurbano periodically check the parks of various towns and private individuals on contract. Inclusive play designs According to Stileurbano’s philosophy, an inclusive playground doesn’t feature “EXCLUSIVE” games for children with disabilities - the goal is to unite children in play, not divide them! Every playground should be inclusive and has to suit both children with mobility and learning disabilities, as well as typically developing children. Not all games are for everyone, but everyone must have the opportunity to play and grow. www.stileurbano.eu




05/11/20 10:28

A journey to discover tradition, art ano taste of VALPOLICELLA The Valpolicella Wine Route is an association between economic operators recognized at European level that deals with the promotion of the territory and its artistic, cultural and food and wine heritage. Its activity concerns the territory linked to the production of Valpolicella wine, which extends over 19 municipalities starting from the municipality of Dolcè and Pescantina, up to the municipality of Montecchia di Crosara. 156


26/10/20 14:44



26/10/20 14:44

On the Valpolicella Wine Route you can find companies with the best local wines from the famous Amarone to Valpolicella, you can visit villas and parish churches and discover their history, you can do various hiking activities on the Adige river, between vineyards and in the mountains, on foot or on horseback, stop in a restaurant with traditional dishes and relax in one of the many hotels and B & Bs where hospitality is the most precious asset. Wine is always the most renowned and famous product in the world, the history of its production has fascinated tourists for decades who come to meet local producers and live a unique tasting experience with them. www.stradadelvinovalpolicella.it 158


26/10/20 14:44

Natura, Arte e Sapori

Discover the official tourist portal of Valpolicella A digital container that hold all the historical / cultural information of the villages and hamlets that outline it, and the set of commercial proposals of the activities that populate it. Made for all devices, the portal is characterized by a simple and intuitive use of contents. The set of articles related to each other lead the user to discover the peculiarities of each individual hamlet, in order to fully perceive the experientials that the territory offers.




+39 346 3202167


Cell +39 346 3202167 www.stradadelvinovalpolicella.it info@stradadelvinovalpolicella.it


Everything about

• Wineries & Typical products • Cultural itineraries • Restaurants & Hotels • Sports & Thermal parks • Events on the territory

26/10/20 14:54

Manufactures top end upholstered furniture since 1963 Its philosophy is based on a perfect combination of efficient quality standards, meticulous attention to detail and technical production knowledge. Swan is synonymous with quality upholstered furniture and, thanks to the entirely Italian production, the creation of its own exclusive design projects, the use of traditional typical Italian processes, the use of semi-finished products produced exclusively in Italy, the use of first quality raw materials and components and the creation of products that comply with the safety standards in use, fully meets the requirements to have the official “100% Made in Italy” certification since 2011. During the over fifty-five years of activity, Swan has established itself on Worldwide market where it is now present in about 60 countries. Swan pays special attention to the development of the market and contemporary design trends and has been working with famous architects and designers for many years. Since 2012 the company has been collaborating with the architect Francesco Lucchese who designs the Nolita sofa, one of the company’s best sellers. Nolita is a modular sofa that has been designed to offer a collection able to meet any interior design need and cater to any styling preference, harmoniously combining maximum functionality with the comfort that distinguishes all Swan furnishings. Nolita stands out for its clean and clearly defined line and the aerial structure that adds a distinctive accent to the overall design and offering a pleasing sense of lightness. This makes Nolita suitable for installation in any type of contemporary environment, both public and private. 160


23/10/20 15:35


meticulous attention to detail and technical production knowledge

SWAM-HORECA 3-20.indd 3

23/10/20 15:35

The seat is comfortable and spacious for a pure relax experience while the general dimensions of the volume remain compact in order to adapt to everyday living requirements. The backrest cushions envelop the body in a pleasant embrace while supporting it and favoring a correct position from an ergonomic point of view. The metal feet is visible and becomes a refined and elegant detail that makes the sofa even more precious. The whole collection includes different elements, including a chaise longue and a pouf, that can be easily combined to obtain multiple customized configurations. Nolita offers a range of different covers thanks to Swan’s wide textile collection, characterized by a color palette with great chromatic personality, blending perfectly with the line of leather covers. www.swanitaly.com



23/10/20 15:35


16/10/20 16:35

Nativ winery is located in the heart of Paternopoli and was ded in 2008 by the will of Mr Mario Ercolino, internationally wned oenologist , and Mrs Roberta Pirone, with the aim of izing Wines of Excellence, result of an important and deeped experience in the field.

Territory rich in history and tradition

the desire to spread and enhance the origin of its territory, v chose a territory rich in history and tradition as rnopoli as the beating heart of the Company, where winemaking bottling processes are carried out with true care and ion.

The Nativ winery is located in the heart of Paternopoli and was to founded in 2008 by will of Mr Mario Ercompany devoted itself the production of the typical local s: Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo,renowned Falanghina, Aglianico, and and Mrs colino, internationally oenologist anico di Taurasi. Roberta Pirone, with the aim of realizing Wines of Excellence, result of an important and deep-rooted experigrapes are cultivated on land owned by the Company between ence in the field. rnopoli and Taurasi and the Irpinian territory has a great

ness of mineral micronutrients resulting in a high fertility.

With the desire to spread and enhance the origin of its

superficial layers are made up of stratified limestone while a territory rich inand history s and valleys territory, are made Nativ up of chose deposits of sandstone clay and trarials. dition as Paternopoli as the beating heart of the Com-

winemaking and bottling are peculiarities pany, of thewhere territory and the mountains (due processes to its imity to the Picentini mountains) result in strong productive carried out with true care and passion. inctions and situations of extreme originality and The company devoted itself to the production of typical rogeneity in the local wines.

local wines: Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Falanghina,

name NATIV was born to represent, through the Aglianico and Aglianico di Taurasi. chthonous productions, the origin of Irpinan Viticulture, outlining the concept of "nativ of the place". Each reference a unique and unequivocal as it produced The grapes character, are cultivated on is land ownedthrough by the Comvative vinification methods, respecting tradition, but at the pany between Paternopoli and Taurasi and the Irpinian time paying attention to maintain unaltered the organoleptic territory has a great richness mineral amicronutrients cture of the grape. Pleasing the senses andof enjoying

resulting in a high fertility. More superficial layers are made up of stratified limestone while hills and valleys are made up of deposits of sandstone and clay materials. The peculiarities of the territory and the mountains (due to its proximity to the Picentini mountains) result in strong productive distinctions and situations of extreme originality and heterogeneity in the local wines. The name NATIV was born to represent, through the autochthonous productions, the origin of Irpinan Viticulture, thus outlining the concept of “nativ of the place”. Each reference has a unique and unequivocal character, as it is produced through innovative vinification methods, respecting tradition, but at the same time



23/10/20 12:04


spread and enhance the origin of its territory

NATIV - HC3-20.indd 3

23/10/20 12:04

paying attention to maintain unaltered the organoleptic structure of the grape. Pleasing the senses and enjoying a sensorial experience when tasting a wine is the philosophy of our oenologist, who considers the wine as the union between minds and hearts. The uniqueness of our references lies in the vinification technique employed: the pre - cold maceration allows the preservation of the aromas of the wine while exalting them. In fact, the low temperature facilitates the extraction of anthocyanins, flavonoids and flavanes, aromatic compounds that allow to obtain a wine with better color, structure and aromatic notes compared to wines obtained with traditional maceration methods. Nativ is a solid company with constantly increasing in distribution in Europe and beyond. The engine that drives the company is love and respect for the land and the vine, hence the realization of a profession, a way of life and entrepreneurship. vininativ.it 166


23/10/20 12:04

NATIV - HC3-20.indd 5

23/10/20 12:04


BALÙ Design: Emilio Nanni The deep, rounded seat encourages relaxation and conversation. The perfectly balanced volume of the body matches impeccably with the characteristic support frame, thus redefining the typical “tub” chair. The internal plywood body and the polyurethane and Dacron upholstery, flanked by a beech frame, provide excellent comfort. Balù comes in many colour variations and neutral or tone-on-tone shades, in line with the collection colours.



23/10/20 14:37

RELAXATION AND CONVERSATION available in a variety of finishes and upholsteries

TrabA’ - HC3-20.indd 3

23/10/20 14:37

Balù is a reassuring presence and a perfect addition to an imposing dining area with a keen eye for design. This versatile seat can be used in any space, such as meeting rooms, small conference rooms and reading rooms, as well as domestic environments such as living rooms, study areas and bedrooms, which require performance combined with comfort and a strong personality. The Balù chairs, available in a variety of finishes and upholsteries, may be freely combined together, both at home and in public areas. Size: L 69 cm X P 57 cm x H 74 cm Materials: beech frame Colours: bleached, dusty cocoa, tin grey or lacquered natural beech. Upholstery: velvet, fabric, leather and faux leather. traba.it



23/10/20 14:37

Trabà 21x15.indd 1

TrabA’ - HC3-20.indd 5

18-06-2020 14:18:57

23/10/20 14:37


CICLOTTE: the exercise bike like you’ve never seen it before by Gabriele De Luca


hen we talk about exercise bikes, we immediately think of those white, bulky objects with protruding edges, that usually block a corner of the house and are always a bit out of context. That’s right. However, after seeing Ciclotte bike, you’ll probably cancel this image from your mind forever.

Ciclotte bike is much more than an exercise bike. It is a functional and fun design object, made of excellent materials such as carbon fibres, glass fibres and steel. Thanks to the innovative design of the young designer Luca Schieppati, Ciclotte bike becomes a fullfledged furnishing element that can characterize




14/10/20 18:01


any environment, drawing attention to its lines without renouncing to its strong sporting vocation. The outer wheel is at the heart of this project. Its shape reminds us of the retro monocycles of the late 19th century, transformed into an object of refined engineering, destined to become a must in interior design and the world of luxury fitness.


project was born from the evolution of Ciclò, the concept of monocycle designed for sustainable urban mobility. Since 2007 Ciclò is part of the permanent collection of the Italian Design Museum (La Triennale di Milano).

From a technical point of view, Ciclotte Bike is designed to faithfully replicating the sensation of cycling on the road and is ideal for high-intensity aerobic training such as spinning. The Ciclotte

Ride on Design

Ride on Design

Technical specifications Date of birth_2017 Designer_Luca Schieppati Manufacturing company_MultiDesign Materials

Technical specifications Date of birth_2017 Designer_Luca Schieppati Manufacturing company_MultiDesign Materials

Carbon, steel, glass fibres


Press moulding of composite in autoclaves, numerically controlled mechanical process


h 111cm x p 50cm x l 111 cm


Carbon, steel, glass fibres

55 kg


Power Supply

Press moulding of composite in autoclaves, numerically controlled mechanical processing 220 V by way of transformer


h 111cm x p3-20_OK.indd 50cm x l 111 CICLOTTE HORECA 5






14/10/20 18:01

BMB packaging machines: The perfect solution for every pack With a comprehensive understanding of your products and their requirements BMB SRL develop solutions for a variety of packaging and automation tasks, from stand-alone machines to complete automated packaging lines. BMB is a company of ORVED group specialised in the manufacturing of vacuum packaging machines ant it’s expanding its presence worldwide thanks to the reliability of their products and their presale and post-sale service quality. Thanks to the continuous research in modern technology and the unique Italian design, BMB products stand out for their user-friendly interface and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

BMB is synonymous with reduce cost, increase shelf life and decrease waste. Believe in BMB experience, they have the right solution for your vacuum and MAP packaging, cut and portions lines for food products, systems for conveying and handling products and solutions to satisfy your specific needs. www.bmb-bmb.com info@bmb-bmb.com

Each machine is individually designed to meet your requirements with regard to pack design, output and efficient use of resources. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service make BMB packaging machines an indispensable solution in your production chain. The product range includes tabletop and free-standing units, double chamber vacuum machines, fully automatic belted chamber machines, shrink and drying tunnels, tray sealers and thermoforming machines. All machines guarantee an optimal sealing of the package and a precise control of the vacuum level to ensure the best conservation of your product.



28/09/20 13:28

PACKAGING AND AUTOMATION an indispensable solution in your production chain

HORECA 3-20 - ORVED.indd 3

28/09/20 13:28

DR. SCHÄR foodservice Attract new guests with all-round gluten free HoReCa solutions Gaining a new target group and increasing sales are goals every HoReCa business is aiming for. An important aspect of reaching them is offering an all-round satisfying hospitality, especially including a delicious meal. However, for a growing number of people, it is difficult to find an adequate selection of meals at the breakfast table, during lunch service or on a dinner menu. This is a particular dilemma for individuals who suffer from coeliac disease and other gluten-related conditions. As a result, bread, cereals, pastries and pasta are often off-limits when eating out. As the European market leader with almost 40 years of experience in gluten free food, we have dedicated our Dr. Schär Foodservice solutions to HoReCa. From breakfast to supper, from a snack to a multi-course menu: Dr. Schär Foodservice offers gluten free



26/06/20 16:22

GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS innovative serving solutions and professional support

DR. Schär - HC 2-20.indd 3

26/06/20 16:22

bread and bread substitute, flour and dough, pasta and convenience food as well as desserts and confectionery. A wide range of products is available in convenient single-portion packs to guarantee product safety and freshness. Examples are our Schär White Bread 80g, two soft pre-cut slices of gluten-free white bread, an ideal addition to any dish or Schär Delishios 37g, crunchy cereal balls with a milk chocolate coating - the perfect in between snack for your guests. Some products as Schär Ciabatta 50g or Schär Hamburger Roll 75g are wrapped in innovative oven-proof foil, that allows a riskfree preparation process without cross contamination, even when prepared beside food containing gluten. And with our 1kg HoReCa pack of Penne or Fusilli pasta every chef succeeds in creating delicious Italian inspired dishes. Our comprehensive range of gluten free products makes it quick and easy for hotels, restaurants and other businesses to expand their menu offer with gluten free meals that meet dietary requirements and taste preferences of guests suffering from gluten related disorders like coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. Dr. Schär Foodservice‘s broad range of tasty products, innovative serving solutions and professional support enables every HoReCa business to react quickly to customer requests and meet today’s market requirements, thus secur ing a competitive advantage. For more information: www.drschaer-foodservice.com 178


26/06/20 16:22


15/10/20 09:53

El Porteño Rome An exclusive format for a new experiential approach blending tales and tastes, creativity and sense of belonging, passions and history. An absolutely unique location, perfectly synthesizing contrasting emotions and magical representations, allowing to go through an immersive experience that can fulfil all senses and make one find their world dimension again. The new El Porteño, Largo del Teatro Valle 7, Rome, in rione Sant’Eustachio, is the latest project by Fabio Acampora and brothers Sebastian and Alejandro Bernardez’s Dorrego Company, who after opening four restaurants in Milan, starting on October have also decided to conquer the “Eternal City”, to make people discover that El Porteño, well before being a restaurant, is a way of being and interpreting life: anyone lucky enough to enter it finds themselves in a completely novel aesthetic-cultural project, which is rooted in Argentine culture, a “place to be” with an international flavour where, however, ancient and strong values such conviviality, friendship, and family live on. 180


24/09/20 15:15


creativity and sense of belonging, passions and history

HORECA 3-20 - EL PORTENO.indd 3

24/09/20 15:15



24/09/20 15:15

That’s why sitting down at the table to savour the best cuts of Argentine meat, carefully and slowly cooked on the parrilla, accompanied by the best wines (not only from Argentina), becomes a corollary of a new concept of hospitality, one that combines the need to feel at home and to be surrounded by a refined and stylish setting, in a warm and cozy but clearly internationally-inspired atmosphere. A place far from the traffic noise, but still the heart of the city, between the Pantheon and piazza Navona, for a restaurant where lights, furniture, and combination of colours show painstaking care for every detail: the new El Porteño in the capital city meets an explicit wish by Dorrego Company to export El Porteño brand worldwide, complying with a specific design and emotional plan, recognizable throughout the world because of its refinement, comfort, and protection of privacy. www.elporteno.it


24/09/20 15:15

GLOVE: style that oozes comfort Forms and volume that convey a sense of generous relaxation, Glove’s charm is style that oozes comfort. This new Felis design sofa with its characteristic fold-in armrests creates the opportunity to provide soft support, even whilst lying down. In Glove the architecture of comfort liaises with motion technology. By simply changing the reclining angle, this latest generation sofa redefines space and moments in your everyday life. Glove is available as a fixed version, on which the headrests can be tilted manually into as many as 15 positions, or electric one. On the electric version, the double recliner mechanism conveniently adjusts both the seats and the headrests. While the UPS battery system gives the sofa the freedom to take centre stage in your living room. Complete creative freedom: the motorised and fixed sections can in fact be arranged as you like to create sofas to suit all requirements. What remains consistent is the certainty of Felis’ highest manufacturing quality combined with a contemporary design. FELIS: 30 YEARS OF PADDED FURNITURE MADE IN ITALY Living in as much comfort as possible, whilst never foregoing style. More than simply offering padded furniture, Felis wants its customers to “experience” genuine positivity by making the environment – living room or bedroom – not only welcoming and relaxing but also truly beautiful to look at. Es184


28/10/20 16:15


Felis’ highest manufacturing quality combined with a contemporary design

FELIS altra proposta-HORECA 3-20.indd 3

28/10/20 16:15

tablished in 1990, with headquarters in Sacile in the province of Pordenone, Felis is run by the Marcon family. Also present in the Company alongside the founder and current CEO, Francesco, are his children Gianluca, Product Manager and Marketing Manager, and Alessia, Managing Director. For 30 years Felis has been offering Made in Italy collections of sofas, sofa beds, beds and furnishing accessories, which have always guaranteed comfort, quality, and durability over time. The latest proposals in particular stand apart for their originality, exclusive patents designed to improve relaxation and product appeal and exclusive design, which is always combined with complete customisation, a distinctive feature of Felis products. There are in fact over a hundred models available in various sizes to suit to different requirements, which can be upholstered in over 750 different fabrics. Great emphasis is placed on new technologies, both in production, where plenty of attention is paid to

protecting and safeguarding the environment, and in marketing, through the use of social networks, 3D configurator and advanced CRM. Despite Felis using cutting-edge machinery in its manufacturing processes, the level of craftmanship remains high. The production of padded furniture in fact requires constant manual workmanship, which the Company finds in its specialised craftsmen, offering the customer the opportunity for maximum product customisation. Like a tailor, Felis custom-builds padded furniture for its customers, both private and contract. Distributed throughout Italy, Felis sofas and beds are already sold in several European Union countries and non-European states yet the Company has always set its sights set further ahead, with the aim of taking them all over the world. www.felis.it


28/10/20 16:15

MU R A K A M I com for t creativo www.felis.it


29/10/20 12:02

Exhibition stands for the catering and hotel industry Geprom manufactures exhibition stands for the catering and hotel industry, providing solutions to welcome guests, advertising and information material dissemination. Among the manifold proposals in our catalog are the post & rope barriers, GuideLine or String-GuideLine, indispensable to set-up reserved spaces and prepare pre-established paths. Our advertising display stands can be placed inside lobbys as well as reception areas and be equipped with elegant brochure holders and accessories in transparent shockproof Plexiglas® to display messages, menus, holiday offers and service alert. Outdoor Illuminated display stands, such as the B-Totem-L ones, resistant to atmospheric agents, are particularly functional to attract attention at night. Geprom also creates solutions for indoor signage / Way-Finding-Led such as indication of the room number, office signs and safety signs. The products showed-off in the catalog for the Horeca sector are suited to meet any logistical, technical and aesthetic requirement.


22/10/20 12:00


suited to meet any logistical, technical and aesthetic requirement

HORECA 3-20 - GEPRON.indd 3

22/10/20 12:00



22/10/20 12:00

The range of display panels for the Horeca sector also includes food containers, indoor illuminated panels (Panel-Led), menu panels (MNB-W-LED), display stands for information brochures, as well as for ingredient lists (W-book or Desk-Book) need increasingly felt by customers of restaurants, cafés, bars, canteens and hotels. Lately sanitizing columns (CD-35-120) and protective screens (PDA) in transparent Plexiglas have further enriched our range. Thanks to the experience gained in the field, Geprom knows how to identify the specific needs of the companies in this sector related to communication and indoor set-up, in addition to the products in the catalog, it offers its customers the opportunity to devise and develop items for the Horeca sector with a high level of customization, designed starting from individual needs. www.geprom.it


tt ized se




HORECA 3-20 - GEPRON.indd 5


d m a n ufac tur







It a ly





to m

g -u








E 70 PRO




22/10/20 12:00

Irresistible chocolate flower pots

An exciting and surprising experience for consumers. Sophisticated yet quick and easy to prepare for chefs and pastry professionals.



• Easy to prepare in advance, to fill with any indulgent recipe and to serve; • Exciting and surprising to enjoy: “you can also eat this flower pot”; • Handmade from chocolate; • Available in 6 different colors: dark chocolate, white chocolate and in the natural colors terracotta, pink, green and blue. Floral-inspired products are popular, not only in fashion and in interior design, nowadays also more and more in food. Flowers are strong symbols and represent a wide 192


16/07/20 15:17


range of emotions such as appreciation, friendship, comfort, love and happiness. We expect that the use and application of flowers in combination with food will only increase. Therefore, Dobla introduces this variety of chocolate flower pots as part of its Floral range. With this range you can create exciting experience of indulgence for consumers to enjoy. At Dobla we believe that cake, pastry, dessert, coffee or ice cream should not only taste great, they have to look irresistible too, as consumers buy with all of their senses. Dobla offers the finishing touch that helps to make a big difference. www.dobla.com


Chocolate Flower pots Rose 2D red

Flower pot pink*

Recipe: Raspberry, Lychee and Rose dessert made by pastry chef Michel Willaume *Chocolate flower pots also available in dark, white, blue, green and terracotta color

IRCA - dobla - HC2-20.indd 3 Adv_HR.indd 1

16/07/20 09:01 15:17 10/06/2020

Leader in the creation of terracotta floors Founded in 1994 by Fausto Piazzai and his son Alessandro, over the years it has become the undisputed leader in the creation of terracotta floors, without ever losing sight of the values and craftsmanship that make this product exclusive. For over twenty years our company has been in continuous and constant growth, thanks to the commitment and passion of the Piazzai family and a selected firstrate staff without whom it would be impossible to obtain these results. Our company is structured to provide the customer with a turnkey quality service, from the study of sampling to the delivery of the floor with guarantee certificates directly from the furnace. Maestri del Cotto still produces handmade and wood-fired terracotta according to ancient traditions. Each artefact is produced one by one with Siena depth clays, faithfully following the Etruscan method, to ensure that the terracotta reaches the highest quality. Our floors are ideal for



06/07/20 12:04



06/07/20 12:04

accommodation, restaurants, wineries and spas, thanks to the guaranteed, unique and definitive stain-resistant treatment. Our company also has the national exclusive for the best solutions proposed for underfloor heating systems, biological and natural solutions, for healthy and dry heat. In addition, our terracotta floors are the best solution also for foreign floors, such as porches, squares, sidewalks and solariums, thanks to the characteristics of frost-resistent, anti-slip, anti-moss and drive-over. In addition, our outdoor floors do not require any type of treatment. Another fundamental feature of our artisan terracotta, made with Siena depth clays, is the power to self-clean up any type of stain, even from the mineral oil of cars, as they can testify to the countless and splendid Tuscan squares. www.maestridelcotto.it 196


06/07/20 12:04


16/12/19 16:53

KILI caffe Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest and most fascinating volcano in Africa, it is situated between Tanzania and Kenya in the heart of Black Africa. It is 5,895 meters high and its volcanic cones disappear into the clouds, dominating an enchanting and wild landscape. Arabica shrubs that are cultivated in the upland plain of Kilimanjaro produce excellent coffee beans thanks to the combination of favourable climate and suitable geographical and geological conditions, while Robusta coffee is grown in the valleys. The fascination of Black Africa and Kilimanjaro inspired the logo and name of our company, KILI CAFFE’. In 1970 we started an accurate marketing research in the world of coffee, and this product has taken us to Africa, Central America and South America, so that today we can offer our consumers a complete range of coffee blends. Giuseppe Arena, founder and owner of the Company, started selling roasted coffee beans in 1 kilo packets in the 1970s, attaining immediate and successful results on the market thanks to his high quality standards, his accurate selection of raw coffee beans and his roasting method, which is an art that requires a long and exhaustive experience. In the 80s and 90s the company’s distribution area was enlarged and its sales volume increased: the Sicilian firm conquered a significant position in this field. www.kilicaffe.it 198


16/12/19 17:07

THE WORLD OF COFFEE accurate selection of raw coffee beans

KILI CAFFE' - HC2020.indd 3

16/12/19 17:07

HO.RE.CA breakfast KREA-JUICE INNOVATION, QUALITY So much taste in a touch! Kreatek AND EFFICIENCY is an Italian company operating A high standard of dispensing on the market for 10 years. It has drinks for simple and comfora strong experience in the HO.RE. table user experience, ideal for CA-BREAKFAST sector, thanks to hotels, restaurants and canteens. the collaboration with important • Fruit concentrates: the bag-incompanies in the sector. From the boxes (4 of 4 kg or 3 of 7 kg) are deep knowledge of the needs placed directly in the machine, Touchscreen da 19” under the quick opening lid, of its customers, end-users and and can be easily connected; the automatic vending machines Progetto innovativo, brevettato, di nostra creazione, che technologies, Kreatek realised an • High-quality products to maxiSensore di fine succo consente una miscelazione innovative solution, 100% made mize the efficiency of the sergarantisce l’interruzione ad alto concentrato di dell’erogazione in ITALY - KIBO AND KEILA JUIvice and reduce costs; frutta. CE. Thanks to the new patented • Automatic cleaning system for mixing system, this cutting-edge less commitment to the dining dispenser can enrich any type of room staff; 4 bag in box da 4 Litri o 3 da 7 litri con sistema di fruit juice with a high juice con• Programmable mixing; Riempimento rapido erogazione separato per ogni con erogazionewhile regolabile in centration dispensing. KIBO • Simplified installation; referenza altezza per ospitare bicchieri, AND KEILA JUICE is the result of • At the end of the service, it is bottiglie e caraffa. in-depth research of high-quality possible to maintain cooling by Pressione di erogazione components combined with adinterrupting the supply of drincostante ed indipendente dalla mandata dell’acqua o altri vanced technology in the manaks; Design, progettazione e fattori esterni. gement-dilution and dispensing • Preparation for connection to produzione 100% made of liquids. water mains or special tank; in italy It can dispense Cold and Spar- • Interchangeable product labels; kling Water • On request: Control software It can dispense bag-in-box confor statistics and remote intercentrates of 4 or 7 kg ventions; Refrigeration system It can dispense with a 19” Tou- MAXIMUM SIMPLICITY OF USE presso ch-screen or button Orsa Drink srl With a simple “touch” you can www.kreateksas.it Filtration and CO2 system choose the desired drink: Water, pad 1 stand 127 Single Dispenser for each bag-in- Sparkling water or one of the 4 info@kreateksas.it JuiViale J. Fitzgerald Kennedy, 110 box 2L min ces available, all cold, immediately 10040 Leinì (TO) - Italia Voltage - V/Hz V220 - 50Hz obtaining a dispensing without tel/fax: +39 011 996 8855 4 bag-in-box of 4 litres or 3 bag-in- splashes, residues and waste. box of 7 litres with a separate dispenKREATEK SAS_COROCNI-CORR.indd 3 10/01/20 18:34 sing system for each concentrate. www.kreateksrl.it 200


20/06/20 16:51

green areas, squares, museum spaces, shopping centers


KREATEK HC 2-20.indd 3

20/06/20 16:51

Sun protection Mottura has been producing sun protection systems since 1963 and today is present on the international market with a complete range of window furnishing products. The company’s decision to establish itself as a technological force in curtain systems has been the winning formula that made the Mottura brand wellknown all over the world. Furthermore, the company is present in over 70 countries, collaborating with specialists, designers and architects to create advanced solutions for window furnishing. Mottura is a leading company in the window sun protection through the 202


25/09/20 14:04

TAILOR-MADE SERVICE cutting-edge industrial reality

MOTTURA - HC3-20.indd 3

25/09/20 14:04

production of systems for curtains and technical curtains, the company has stood out over the years for its ability to internalise and verticalise the entire production process, from the raw materials to the finished product. Mottura can meet all customer’s needs in the designing of its curtain systems thanks to their precious selection of curtains and tailor-made service. Mottura is a cutting-edge industrial reality that creates ad hoc solutions in different fields: hospitality, multi-apartment, public spaces for retail and private companies. The endless proposal of custom-made solutions allows the customer to identify the best solutions in every architectural context, from residential to large environments. Some of the most significant case histories in Piedmont, where the company is based, include: Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni, the National Museum of Cinema at the Mole Antonelliana, FCA, Talent Garden, Lavazza, Compagnia di San Paolo, Polo del 900. PRODUCTS • TECHNICAL CURTAINS: mechanical system and fabric are perfectly combined together. This line includes vertical blinds, pleated blinds, venetian blinds, indoor and outdoor roller blinds. • CURTAIN SYSTEMS: furnishing solutions with complementary features between system and fabric, also motorised solutions suitable for home automation. This line includes: draped corded, curled curtain, panel curtain, soft shade and for room separation. 204


25/09/20 14:04

• DECORATIVE LINE: a decorative system for window furnishing with a Classic Line - characterized by timeless quality and a wide range of products - and a Futura Line - the new frontier of high design technical systems, modern interpretation of the decorative system. • ATELIER 1963: this offer of fabrics, for residential and non-residential environments, has specific characteristics such as fire resistance, all the range of curtains is fireproof according to the strictest European standards, and sound-absorbing, for better comfort. www.mottura.com

MOTTURA - HC3-20.indd 5

25/09/20 14:04

Società Agricola Colmello di Grotta srl via Gorizia, 133 Farra d’Isonzo (GO) 34072 - Italy p. +39 0481 888445 f. +39 0481 888485 email: info@colmello.it follow us


Antique wine-making traditions Friuli is a region where all the various elements mix together, perhaps more than in any other. In a relatively small area we can find the mountains, the hills, the plain and the sea. Behind its calm, almost static appearance, the region’s history dates back to ancient times, with signs of all the various cultures that have reigned over the years: Romans, Barbarians, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians. People coming from all directions, a crossroads between East, North and West. Antique wine-making traditions could not be left out from this conglomeration, as they have always been a sure sign of civilization. The Giulia Alpine foothills protect the area from the cold north winds and the closeness of the sea brings a mild, temperate climate, which is ideal for grapewines. The wine estate was refounded this background in 1965, thanks to the drive and enthusiasm of Luciana Bennati, who renovated an old and abandoned hamlet in a very short space of time, whilst fully respecting all the local traditions. Beside the offices and the guardian’s house, she also created quarters for guests, converted an old kitchen into a small tasting room, she built a cellar for aging in wood casks, besides another functional and extremely modern cellar for making and storing the wine. She purposely kept it small and intimate, but of exceptionally high quality, for the pleasure of family, friends and a few very fortunate costumers. After the death of Luciana Bennati, her daughter Francesca Bortolotto taking over running 206


16/09/20 16:15


the fascinating, feminine Isonzo wines and the powerful and masculine ones from Collio


16/09/20 16:15

the estate, now also helped by her daughter Olimpia Possati. They too are bound to Colmello di Grotta, with Luciana’s same passion and have the intention of taking the company to the top of Friuli production, with the knowledge however, that to reach this objective they must continuously commit to seeking new ways of improving all the various aspects of her products. A very simple philosophy is applied to production, from the vines through to the bottled wine, to scrupulously look after and harmonize the production details so as to offer a finished product of increasingly improved quality. The Estate spreads over an area of 21 hectares, 15 used for the vines; they all face directly south and are at a height of between 40 and 80 meters above the sea level. The grapevines are equally divided between the two DOP Collio and Isonzo appela208


16/09/20 16:15

tions, which, though they lie close by are made up of completely different soil types. This dual personality is perhaps the main feature of the company, as they manage to produce two completely different types of wine which perfectly complement each other. The fascinating, feminine Isonzo wines and the powerful and masculine ones from Collio. The calcareous-gravely soil of Isonzo produces wines which have elegant structures, combined with concentrated intense bouquets. The marlsandstone soil of Collio exalts the complexity of the bouquet and the structures that bursts forth on the palate. The Estate undertook now the process (three years needed) toward a certificated organic production. With the intention to preserve the freshness and minerality of our wines, the production is now leaving the traditional wooden tasks introducing clay amphoras with different grades of ceramic isolation, studied and produced by our young and talented winemaker Michele Bean. www.colmello.it

Società Agricola Colmello di Grotta srl - Via Gorizia, 133 Farra d’Isonzo (GO) 34072 - Italy p. +39 0481 888445 f. +39 0481 888485 email: info@colmello.it

www.colmello.it SOC. AGRICOLA COLMELLO - HC3-20.indd 5

16/09/20 16:15

Architects Vemworks was established in 2003 by the partnership of 3 architects: Vittoria Fiorito, Emanuele Corte and Marco Dellatorre. Since then, Vemworks has realized projects in which architecture, industrial design, art and craftsmanship blend together. Handicraft is central in the planning process, aiming to realize unique spaces, beyond standards and archetype. Under this perspective, the continuous experimentationmust be seen with the aim to achieve innovative and original solution by designing and creating every single detail which must blend in a unique project. This is possible by relying on a network of selected and trusted craftsmen and workshops. The unrepeatability of the project is a characteristic of Vemworks approach. Any project and object must be a real “experience” shared with the client with whom we explore and invent together. The planning approach shapes itself on the client’s demands and on the brainstorming process in which all the team of architects and designers are involved. The outcome is always an accurate refined and innovative project, features that mark vemworks philosophy. In the last years vemworks has secured important partnership with brands and companies in several areas of interest ranging from furniture, lightning and design. These partnerships allows vemworks to offer to their clients an “integrated” architecture. Vemworks philosophy is clearly visible in their creations within the multiple fields in which it has been challenged, first of all within the private residential sector but also within the public and commercial sector too. In 2016 Vemworks architects founded Vemworks LLC in New York City to operate in the US market. 210

HORECAINTERNATIONAL Vemworks - HC2-20.indd 2

26/06/20 14:30

UNREPEATABILITY original solution

Vemworks - HC2-20.indd 3

26/06/20 14:30

A.D. 1768 hotel – project and design Vemworks Right before reaching the majestic Piazza del Duomo, Ragusa Ibla looks like a maze of narrow streets, where cars cross with unprecedented ease and the houses tell of a noble and glorious past, but at the same time communicate a feeling of twilight typical of certain areas of Sicily. Right here in the heart of Ibla and Val di Noto, in one of the most beautiful Italian UNESCO site, you’ll find A.D. 1768, a 4-star boutique hotel with 10 rooms. The project, signed by the Vemworks studio (architects Marco Dellatorre, Emanuele Corte and Vittoria Fiorito, Milan, Turin, and New York-based) together with the hotel owner Giuseppina Donato, was created under the supervision of the superintendency of Ragusa, and saw the scientific restoration and consolidation of one of the best-preserved noble buildings in the city, the Palazzo Arezzo of Donnafugata, which stands at the intersection between Piazza del Duomo and Via Conte Cabrera. This ancient patrician residence, whose origins date back to 1768, remained uninhabited for about 50 years, until this intervention, which began in 2017 and ended in 2019, promoted its conversion into a luxury accommodation facility. The intervention brought the ancient essence back to life, purifying it from the restyling of about 250 years of history. “Now more than ever it is possible to appreciate its architecture in its original forms, and it is architecture, with its compositional style, that plays the leading role,” Vemworks architects report. The plan of the building, with its simple layout, is elegant in the lines matching the full neoclassical style eclectic, with plastered limestone masonry. The main façade on Via Conte Cabrera has an entrance door framed by a trilith of columns with Ionic-style composite capital, embel-

lished with garlands and friezes placed at the foot of the architrave. The portal, the shelves of the balconies and the cornice with the cantonal, together with the porch and the staircase of the courtyard, belong to the first alterations of the original construction dating back to the 1800s while the doors and railings are different and therefore of the subsequent invoice of Via Cabrera and Piazza Duomo. Inside the courtyard, the flooring is in pitchstone and limestone with inlays. In addition to the noble floor facing the square, there is an attic level surrounded by a long railing hiding a motif of small columns. The main entrance hall leads to the old Carretteria and the old warehouses on the north side, now converted into a kitchen, reception room, breakfast room, and lounge area. Crossed the entrance hallway, you come to a pincer stone staircase with a neoclassical handrail, in the center of which there is an arched portal with the noble coat of arms at the keystone. Going from the hotel reception, we proceed, going up, to the upper level of the noble residence, to which we arrive from the loggia of the staircase. From here you can access the eight rooms on the first floor, including rooms with public connotations, such as the reception room and the spaces


HORECAINTERNATIONAL Vemworks - HC2-20.indd 4

26/06/20 14:30

for disengagement. “All the rooms have the names of people dear to me,” explains Giusy Donato, director, and owner of the hotel, “the rooms, therefore, become a tribute to the people who have had an influence in my life and who have felt the need to “Represent” with precise choices of furniture, colors, art and finishes. “. Each room contains a work by the Italian pop surrealism artist Max Ferrigno, who, in the representation of the subjects, was inspired by the objects that strongly characterized the characters during their life: “This is Donna Agnese’s ice cream, that is the rifle of Don Nino while those are Don Marco’s glasses ”- continues Giusy. From the corridor of the first floor, an optimally restored internal staircase (on whose walls loom three threatening Sicilian gargoyles that control the entrances of the patrons) leads to the second floor, where two suites have been created (one with a panoramic terrace), both with a privileged view of Piazza Duomo. Wherever possible, it was decided to keep the original flooring, in some rooms and in the common parts the old non-recoverable

Vemworks - HC2-20.indd 5

pitchstone slabs have been replaced with newSicilian cement tiles. In order to bring out the architecture in its purity, even considering the frescoed ceilings and the wide original decorative apparatus, also subject to conservative restoration, a furniture with a strong contrast was chosen, both to avoid the “false history” deriving from the reinterpretation of the period furniture, both to characterize the environments according to the characters to whom they are dedicated. The rooms and common areas of A.D. 1768 were designed to express a precise personality. Play of spaces that are never the same and bold contrasts between the ancient and the contemporary, original frescoes intimately combined with exclusive antiques and designer furniture, vintage colors that blend with the contemporary art pieces present, original floors with geometries very current, everything comes together to recreate the modern memory of a new and exclusive hospitality experience. vemworks.com

26/06/20 14:30


How can we solve the problem of measuring body temperature within restaurants and hotels? Wikifriend launches a new solution specifically designed for restaurants and hotels that helps to deal with problems related to the measurement of human body temperature. This device offers a unique proprietary system to control the number of people in the facility. A lot of entrepreneurs are concerned about the guidelines for the reopening of restaurants and hotels. “Who should be measuring customers’ body temperature?” or “How can we avoid losing our mind every month when buying face-masks and gel hand sanitizer?” The answer to these questions comes from Wikifriend, who launched the first thermos-scanner in Europe that also combines access control and customer flow. Besides measuring temperature, this product has other functions developed to deal with safety in phase 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, all controls will be done automatically without the aid of personnel and will comply with safety regulations while preserving extra PPE costs (masks, gloves, hand sanitizers). This multifunction device verifies the correct use of face-masks, controls people’s access and flow and measures the body temperature of both employees and customers. “Our device measures body temperature in a completely automatic way,” says Maria Krausch, Marketing Manager at Wikifriend. Many Italian restaurant



01/10/20 11:53

and hotel owners are worried about monitoring body temperature in the workplace.

stored, it works as if the temperature was taken manually”.

Among them is Gina Casadei, owner of a restaurant and beach resort in Fiumicino called Il Veliero, who says: “I don’t like the idea of asking my staff to measure the temperature to customers because it is not their job to do so”.

There are already several automated solutions for the control of body temperature on the Italian market.

Wikifriend is a company that operates in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Healthcare and offers a complete solution As for the privacy, Tony Buda, a hotelier for restaurants and hotels, also supplying from Ostia who is one of the first entrepre- PPE together with the device. This way, neurs to have a thermo-scanner installed in entrepreneurs will be able to face this rethe reception of his Bellavista hotel, states: covery period with more peace of mind. “Our device only measures the human body temperature, no personal data are www.wikifriend.net


system for controlling the number of people present inside the structure

WIKIFRIENDS - HC 3-20.indd 3

01/10/20 11:53

Brands of excellence of Made in Italy ceramics In an area surrounded by sea and mountains, in 1823, in Salerno, a company comes to life, becoming one of the brands of excellence of Made in Italy ceramics, La Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino. Tradition, elegance and modernity, since the dawn of times, are the peculiarities that distinguish it. The history of what it is, the ancient peoples, who lived and reigned in our territory, depositaries of an art, different in its forms and expressions, have always shaped, passionate and influenced it. In addition, thanks to the skills and techniques of generations of artisans, everything is reflected in its production so as to always bring that cultural heritage from which it is impossible to disregard. Every collection is different for colors, finishes, sizes but each of them has something in common... Referring to the colors of the beautiful Italy, the company has always been inspired by one of the flagships of its land: the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Starting from Vietri sul Mare, the cradle of artisan families and the best Made in Italy craftsmanship, up to Sorrento, it is possible to admire an evocative, elegant landscape, to be defined almost sublime, thanks to its colors, smells and particularities. 216


23/09/20 11:28

TRADITION, ELEGANCE AND MODERNITY the colors of the beautiful Italy


23/09/20 11:28

So, as the past influences it, even the territory is closely linked to its production... Besides, how can we not look at these beauties with eyes of wonder and not be influenced? We should only be blind... However, there is another element that gives strength and quality to its tiles : the Magmaker®. Directly from the slopes of Vesuvius, a new and exclusive dough comes from its magma : the special lava grès, which combines selected clays and volcanic soil. Grey in color, it is subjected to a long cooking, giving the product resistance and hardness to flexion and ingelivity. The new production site was built in 2011. Important investment, at the cutting edge of technological content and new equipment of the latest generation, which enhance even more the charm of a timeless product. Particular importance is given to ceramic research carried out in the renovated internal laboratory, where high-profile chemists continuously develop and research new applications, giving life to ideas and projects of great aesthetic and technical value. This is why it is possible to talk about innovation and modernity because its product, while maintaining all the characteristics of the Mediterranean tradition, stands out from the traditional tile, turning out to be more resistant, very suitable for outdoor, but, at the same time, beautiful and closely related to its territory. This is how the 9 collections of the Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino were born: Perle d’Italia, Riflessi di Cava, Ricordi, Emozioni, Primavera Vietrese, Terre dei Borboni, Riggiole and Collezioni Vietri. Over the years, new 218


23/09/20 11:28

products have been added, including the triangles of the renowned Perle D’Italia collection and Pietracotta di Paestum collection. From the choice of dedicating eight shades to some of the most famous locations of our peninsula in the Perle d’Italia collection, from the velvety enamels of the Armonie collection, from the consistency of the material of Pietracotta di Paestum, from the irregularities of the Ricordi collection to the excellence of the Sinfonie collection, to the Mediterranean tradition of the Terre dei Borboni collection and the charm of the Riggiole and the Vietri collection. Worthy of mention is the flagship of Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino, the Riflessi di Cava collection. Enriched with the 50x50 format, it contains the story of a past, present and future to discover, thanks to the intensity of its colors and the strength of its support in lava grès. A variety of features that makes the Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino collections unique and unparalleled, in step with the times to furnish our rooms with elegance and beauty. Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino, it’s a choice of style. www.fornacidagostino.it


23/09/20 11:28

dalla redazione


you going to 1 Are apply any changes in your proposal from today to the next year?




What will be the most important supplies for your business, considering the new regulations? Do you think you will change anything in your offer and your service to your customers in the future?


by the editorial team

are placing more and more products of 1 We various kinds on our portal. Unlike the big online players, we have all the material stored in our 7 logistics centers. We therefore guarantee timely delivery of all the material available on our e-commerce, appealing to a single contact person, to ensure the same value for money and the necessary specialized assistance. have not foreseen particular anti-Covid 2 We materials, as our approach never follows the “trends” of the moment, but we provide standard products, always usable by our customers and that never go out of style. distribution is on a European level and, 3 Our to date, we are able to supply the product in all countries, without any problem. We are implementing our online support team daily and have a phone number that offers preorder assistance. We believe that our product sheets are very complete, but for each request we have trained operators, who come from previous experiences of selling in physical stores. We also have a team of experts who choose products of the highest quality, helping the customer in their online choice. Our goal is therefore to support our customers, selecting for them foods that have an adequate qualityprice ratio. are constantly looking for new Italian 4 We suppliers, with the limitation that they are real

Are you looking for new suppliers, and if so, for which purchases?


**RUBRICA VOCI horeca 3-20.indd 4

producers and not wholesalers or importers of goods. However, we believe that flexibility is always needed for e-commerce, as our customers request the goods in a short time of about 2-3 working days. Given these conditions, we can guarantee increases in turnover for our suppliers.

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PERLE D’ ITALIA collezioni e progetti in gres smaltato collections and projects in glazed ceramic gres


Via Nazionale, 63 – 84015 Nocera Superiore (SA) – ITALY Tel.: +39 089 481746 - Fax: +39 089 481840 - www.fornacidagostino.it


09/09/20 15:21

The V-LABEL brand is internationally recognize Quality, transparency and professionalism under the vegetarian and vegan certification is at your service. The V-Label brand is internationally recognized and is a guarantee for the consumer, allowing companies to promote their products and services safely and reliably. Born in Italy in the 70s as an institutional symbol of the Italian Vegetarian Association, the V-Label trademark quickly became the reference brand for identifying products and services suitable for the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Today the V-Label brand is the market leader: it is the vegetarian and vegan brand most recognized by consumers all over the world. Registered in over 70 countries, it is synonymous with reliability and credibility for both the companies that adopt it and the end consumers. Clear, unambiguous and uniform criteria allow us to keep the verification procedures simple while keeping the control standards high.

restaurateur, to convey safety to the patrons and to improve the level of service with small tips that are important to vegetarians and vegans. It is not a question of simply putting a brand on a menu or at the entrance of a restaurant. Using the V-Label brand also means being able to count on industry professionals who

In addition to being available in the food sector (finished products, raw materials, drinks) and in the non-food sector (cosmetics, personal hygiene and home care products, textiles, clothing, footwear), the V-Label brand is a point of reference for catering as well. Having breakfast at the bar, going out for dinner, requesting catering for an important event, going on vacation, these are normal actions of well-being, but are they that for vegetarians and vegans too? Very often yes, also thanks to the vast and broad choice of raw materials and traditional dishes suitable for the vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle. However, sometimes vegetarians or vegans are unable to choose a dish on the menu without the help of the dining room staff, often receiving confused answers about the suitability of a dish, unsure that their requirements have been communicated correctly to the kitchen, and sometimes simply not having adequate choices. The V-Label brand helps consumers to find suitable places to stay or eat a vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan meal. Entering a room displaying the V-Label window sticker puts at ease those consumers who have chosen not to eat animal products: the food choices will be appropriate and clear, and the dining room and kitchen staff will be able to handle the request with mastery. At the same time, the V-Label brand is an ally for the 222


23/06/20 15:12

can offer advice and training to make the staff’s work easier and the customer experience more pleasant. Knowing how to manage the problem of cross contamination with substances of animal origin, knowing the ingredients suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans, finding ingredients or drinks suitable for vegans and vegetarians, transforming a traditional dish into a vegetarian or vegan dish, will no longer be a problem. There are over 7 million vegetarians and vegans in Italy, plus the thousands of tourists who every year choose our country for their holidays. Choosing an international and reliable brand like the V-Label means opening up to a new and growing clientele. In addition to being recognized worldwide, the V-Label brand is available in three recognizable categories: vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan. Who can apply for the V-Label brand? Restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlours, patisseries, canteens, delis, mobile catering services, hotels, spas and caterers. In addition, V-Label services are also available for industry professionals: dining room staff, kitchen staff, maître and sommelier can request the training services offered by V-Label Italia. www.vlabel.org


quality, transparency and professionalism

V LABEL - HORECA 2-20.indd 3

23/06/20 15:12


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in your proposal from today to the next year?

are setting a new address by further 1 We strengthening the offer of local products at zero km, expanding the offer during lunch breaks and focusing our attention on the image and cleanliness of the premises

2 3 4


What will be the most important supplies for your business, considering the new regulations?

Our project is to implement the help of local producers, who guarantee the supply chain, returning a quality product, healthy, safe and hygienically flawless. Yes, the renewal of the service will consist in a reduction of the offer but with a greater guarantee of quality and freshness, certified by local producers or distributors. Research is ongoing and at this time focused on the supply of products dedicated to the lunch break which, in our opinion, has been most affected by the crisis, perhaps due to the lesser possibility of offering all safety standards.


you going to 2 1 Are apply any changes


Do you think you will change anything in your offer and your service to your customers in the future?

Are you looking for new suppliers, and if so, for which purchases?

are a team constantly looking for new ideas 1 We that often involve important changes. will certainly focus on the supply of health 2 We devices, which guarantee customers safety in our rooms, and innovative packaging formulas for take-away lunches and dinners. are integrating the online shop on our 3 We website, to allow customers to order our dishes and receive them at home or at the office. In addition, we are also thinking about proposing a digital menu. are currently focusing a lot on the takeaway 4 We and home delivery service. Therefore, we are looking for new suppliers who deal with catering packaging.

Lorella Babini Company owner

Graziella Marchi Company owner


will certainly pay attention to sanitizing detergents 2 We and PPE for our collaborators. always paid close attention to the service 3 Having offered, we will continue with this approach. will apply changes to our 1 We proposal dedicated to the wellness area, offering our guests outdoor activities, such as walks, muscle toning and yoga.


**RUBRICA VOCI horeca 3-20.indd 5

4 No, we are not currently looking for new suppliers. Lorenzo Tevini Company owner

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12/11/20 14:42


23/06/20 14:55

dalla redazione


by the editorial team

you going to 1 Are apply any changes in your proposal from today to the next year?



Are you looking for new suppliers, and if so, for which purchases?

offer a bistro offer for the lunch break, remaining open also in the morning and afternoon, offering couples and families a relaxing spaces. has always been one of our priorities. In this particular moment 2 Safety we have followed all the regulations in force, sanitizing the environments, adopting personal protective equipment, placing the sanitizing gels in various strategic points of the room and arranging the ventilation systems. Being large spaces, customers can move in complete tranquility, stopping for lunch or dinner. our staff is highly trained and has always been attentive to 3 No, courtesy, hospitality and safety.

What will be the most important supplies for your business, considering the new regulations? Do you think you will change anything in your offer and your service to your customers in the future?

change was the use of our garden for different activities. Normally 1 Our used as a location for events and weddings, we decided to use it to

will pay more and more attention to local suppliers, to ensure 4 We maximum freshness of the products, reducing the offer and proposing an increasingly express cuisine.

Marco Sacco Chef Patron




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upcoming changes wil certainly provide an excellent opportunity to 1 The implement and develop new offers for our customers. Normally used as a location for events and weddings, we decided to use it to offer a bistro offer for the lunch break, remaining open also in the morning and afternoon, offering couples and families a relaxing space. are currently thinking of purchasing supplies that make our 2 We customers feel safe, clean and welcoming, as if they were at home... we have already made some changes: to 3 Inmailignhttainofthethequalnewity ofmeasures, the fresh products offered for breakfast, the buffet is now served by our staff. However, we are developing further ideas, which allow us to maintain and offer the customer our standards of quality and service. intention is to seek suppliers who mainly supply Italian products, especial y 4 Our of Venetian origin. This approach is already maintained by our restaurant, which uses a typically regional menu. Furthermore, in view of the current provisions, we intend to purchase supplies of cleaning products locally, thus favoring the Veneto economy.


**RUBRICA VOCI horeca 3-20.indd 6

Alessandra Gerlin Company owner 12/11/20 14:42


16/09/20 15:50

Equipments & tools for top chefs

What does your company do? We founded our company in 1993. In 2009 we created the Horecatech® brand and, since then, we have been focusing exclusively on the HORECA market. In 11 years, Horecatech® has become a leading brand on the market. We offer two lines of products specifically designed for restaurants, bars, hotels and catering services. The first line includes a wide range of professional equipment while the second offers accessories and attachments. What are your best-selling products? The wide range of Horecatech® products wants to meet the actual needs of our customers. Among our best-selling products, there are planetary mixers, blenders, food weigh scales, fry tops, fryers, panini press and many other products. We also offer a wide 228


22/10/20 12:15


two lines for restaurants, bars, hotels and catering services


22/10/20 12:15

range of accessories that are often developed in collaboration with our customers to fully meet their needs. Among the latest innovations, it is worth mentioning two products: Elite, the new super-accessorised stainless steel siphon, which has recently become an official product of the Italian National Restaurant Association, and the LARIO LED cordless lamp, specifically designed for restaurants, lounge bars and hotels, developed and designed in-house. What are the main features that make your company stand out on the market? Firstly, I’d say the high quality of our products and their competitive price. As a guarantee of this, we have created a line called “Elite” with a twoyear warranty instead of one, as per current regulations, which is the only professional equipment line on the market to do so. Secondly, since all our products are always available in stock, we can provide quick delivery services within 48 hours. Last but not least, we offer an utmost after-sales service, with a wide assortment of products available and service centres operating throughout the Country that collect and return the products to be repaired directly from the customers. As for our distributors abroad, we guarantee the delivery of spare parts within 48 hours. All these strengths have made us a leading partner for more than 200 dealers in Italy and abroad in just over a decade.












22/10/20 12:15

Do you think you’ll have to make any changes in terms of the service you’ll be offering to your customers in the future? We believe that it is fundamental to be able to adapt to an ever-changing market. Today, one of the most important aspects for our customers is the after-sales service. For this reason, we have created a cutting-edge service that will be available soon on our website www.horecatech. com. This tool will enable both our dealers and their customers to track down the status of a repair in real-time. www.horecatech.com

Equipments & tools for top chefs

“Make your business great”






· prompt delivery · reliable products · top service




Mauro Elli, 1 Michelin star “Il Cantuccio”- Albavilla (CO) - Italy HORECATECH-HORECA 3-20.indd 5

The only company with online after sale service tracking www.horecatech.com

22/10/20 12:15

Style and personality in every space with IDEAL WORK® THere are three essential elements to choose a restaurant’s coating: durability, ease of cleaning and high aesthetic appeal. Ideal Work® solutions combine technical and aesthetic excellence, fitting harmoniously into the restaurant and perfectly matching the most varied styles and materials. Microtopping® allows you to create a modern space with a warm and textured appearance in just 3 mm thickness: it can therefore be applied to pre-existing surfaces without having to remove them. With its «brutalist» look, Nuvolato Architop® is ideal for industrial-style interiors. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors because it guarantees excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, cracking and frost. For eclectic interiors or classic chic environments, Ideal Work® offers Lixio®, the Venetian flooring that gives brightness and elegance to every room. Customisable in finishes and colours, Lixio® is also available in a larger version called Lixio®+.



23/10/20 09:36

IDEAL WORK® SOLUTIONS durability, ease of cleaning and high aesthetic appeal


23/10/20 09:36

Unprecedented effects with Acid Stain: thanks to the use of special metallic salts, the floor is enriched with unique and permanent variegated effects. This characteristic is the reason why it has been chosen by Eataly, in different locations in Italy and Kuwait. Finally, to decorate walls and furniture, Ideal Work® has created Purometallo, which creates the effects of precious metals on different vertical surfaces in just a few millimetres. Ideal Work® offers a great number of solutions for exteriors too, all very resistant and

durable: Sassoitalia® recalls the tradition of the Italian «sassolavato» and is ideal for creating ramps and walkways. It is ideal in contexts with high landscape value and is suitable for renovations. The industrial style of Rasico® is the cement solution whose peculiarity is the effect given by the flaming effect realized with the trowel, revealing depth and movement. A natural effect with the resistance of cement coexist in Printed Floor, which reproduces the design of stones or bricks, ceramic or wooden floor, with a very natural effect. www.idealwork.com



23/10/20 09:36


22/09/20 11:14

Perfect mechanism A successful accommodation facility is a perfect mechanism, meaning everything works in harmony without the guests perceiving the enormous amount of work necessary behind the scenes to ensure maximum results. This is precisely how the Hegematic has maintained, for 50 years, a reference partner for the most prestigious Italian hospitality buildings. Founded in 1970, the South Tyrolean family-run company Hegematic currently collaborates with more than 10,000 accommodations facility, restaurants and hotels all over Italy. Its area of collaboration ranges from back-office activities in the kitchens to the halls. This includes but is not limited to the supply of auxiliary machines to the service 236


22/09/20 10:58


a reference partner for the most prestigious Italian hospitality buildings

HEGEMATIC - HC3-20.indd 3

22/09/20 10:58

such as ovens, dishwashers and coffee machines, table top ware and buffet items. A true testament to the company’s core business. In 2020 Hegematic celebrates its 50th anniversary, holding true to its long history of professionalism and ability to anticipate trends. An attitude towards innovation that has always characterized its activity. During the year of 1974 the company was the first to launch automatic towels to dry hands (Air King) on the national market. Following this, in 1976 the company brought the first automatic shoe cleaner to Italian hotels. This innovative attitude has led the company to success over the years and in 2005 allowed the turnover its handling to the 238


22/09/20 10:58

second generation of the Frasnelli family. To ensure its customers the highest quality, Hegematic prides itself on synergic collaborations with international companies, authorising it to be an official and only distributor for all of Italy. Historical partners include companies such as WMF, a German brand specialising in the production of kitchen appliances, cutlery, dishes and glasses. This relationship began in 1990 with the distribution of the first WMF Professional Coffee Machines throughout Trentino Alto Adige and has continued with success until 2015. During this monumental year Hegematic acquired the national mandate for the WMF Professional Coffee Machines and has continued in this manner thus far. The spearhead of Hegematic’s activity, in addition to the distribution of equipment and the efficient assistance service, is the department,

founded in 1979, dedicated to the design of professional kitchens area. The company today has an internal design office that develops solutions and important fittings for hotel kitchens and buffets. Depending on the needs of the location, it also relies on specialised professional figures who are outsourced. Each project is studied and tailored in a way that meets each of the client’s needs. This is done by a series of collaborative meetings that lead to drafting, discussion and finally the execution of the work. Once the work is completed, Hegematic takes care of verifying its success with particular attention to the finishes, details and all the features outlined in the draft. To deliver added value to the work Hegematic completes, specifically to the attention to WMF Professional Coffee Machines, it provides training and that of assistance to the machines it installs. The training begins with a technical course dedicated to distributors that the company follows step by step from the first installation at the hotel facility. Once the machine has been installed, the Hegematic’s technical team and the local dealer set the parameters in accordance with the maître. This ensures that all personnel caring out the routine operations and cleaning are trained with ad hoc training. The purchased equipment itself is also subject to regular maintenance by Hegematic technicians with related repairs, replacement and the supply of spare parts. www.hegematic.com


22/09/20 10:58

Denomination Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG We are located in San Pietro di Feletto flavor to be eaten fresh (TV), we are a production-run compathroughout the meal, ny family of the Denomination Conegliespecially aperitifs and ano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore desserts DOCG whose hills have recently been • Canago, Conegliano recognized as a World Heritage Site UNValdobbiadene ProESCO. The awareness of having on our secco Superiore DOCG hands a natural, enviromental and landBrut. Elegant, balanced scape heritage, now universally recogin the mouth, excellent nized, has led us to evaluate the opporpersistence, straw yeltunity of transform the grapes (harvested low color, fine perlage, slightly fruity fifrom the various vineyards located in the nal fruity. It has to be eaten fresh and area of the denomination of property for all meals, in particular with traditional and rent) in sparkling wine. Regarding the Venetian dishes, sausages, first courses management of the vineyards (with plants dishes, white meats, fish (Canago is the also of sixty years of age occurs mainly old term with which we can identified in San Pietro di Feletto and Solighetto in the area where we are, today Rua. In flood DOCG area), we follow advanced historical maps we can find it until 1633) integrated production strategies, in other • ‘Ergine, Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prowords agronomic techniques close to orsecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato 2019 ganic agriculture are favored. As for the Extra Brut. In the mouth it is dry, (during vinification, given the pedological and mifermentation no addition of sugars is croclimatic peculiarities of the individual required) with fruity and slightly citrus vineyards, the company uses protocols to notes, the typical intense floral aromas maintain the typicality of the production of wines from the Feletto area affects areas, therefore outside of product standthe nose. To be a “Prosecco” it has an ardization logics. The production is divided excellent structure that guarantees a into three types: long persistence in the mouth. It has to be consumed for all meals, in particular with cold cuts, first courses, risotto with • Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry. Color straw yellow, sparkling wine with good structure and excellent taste balance, it has an elegant, persistent but not intrusive, non-trivial bubbles. It distinguishes from other wines thanks to the hints of apple, pear and spices and to the excellent 240


26/06/20 09:06

vegetables, white meats, boiled, exspecially of pork (ossada de porzel), fish. (“Ergine” is the nickname of our father) We are like this: we are in the territory, we live in the territory, we produce in the territory and we want our products to be the soul beyond the mirror of all this. Not by chance our company logo reproduces the fern from which the toponym “Feletto” derives (belonging to the Latin “Filix icis” thant means “place covered with ferns”). By choice our Prosecco are only Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin - DOCG - this is because we want the consumer an authentic wine is proposed. All our production is certified by the national quality system of Integrated Production (SQNPI) following the most restrictive directives of the local Authorities and of the Consortium for the Protection of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. www.castellalta.it


26/06/20 09:06

Emotional light contract Since 1984, ViaMancinelli has been designing and manufacturing custom-made lighting systems for any type of environment, from private residences to luxury hotels. ViaMancinelli collaborates with highly-qualified designers, architects and engineers, and can realize complex lighting solutions using glass, wood, metal, copper and innovative hi-tech materials. www.viamancinelli.com



10/07/20 10:15



10/07/20 10:15

Products of high quality For over 25 years at ARCO Srl we have been planning, manufacturing and distributing in Italy and abroad car barriers for private car spaces under the brand name of PARKY® BARRIERS.

Since we have always been attentive to the demands of the market and their evolution, now we believe more than ever and we invest a lot in products of high quality, with high security standards and reliability (all



23/10/20 15:05


PARKY® range is TÜV certified). We also support these features with a special care in detail, from design to packaging, which makes our models unique and unmistakable. Thanks to the growing success of our products, we have created new ranges of products for the urban

equipment, such as bike racks and benches, and the road practicability, such as wheel stops, lane dividers and bollards, under the brand names URBANY® CITY PROJECTS, ARC Rubber and ESSENTIAL LINE.





22/10/20 15:05 11:33 23/10/20

Producing Pietra di Langa and Natural Stones ALP di Berchialla is an Italian Family Company specialized in working and selling natural stones for interiors and exteriors walls, floorings, stairs, swimming pools, kitchens, fountains, flower boxes etc... We are locateci in North Italy, in the little town of Cortemilia, in Upper Langhe “Alta Langa” in the South of Piedmont. Here we extract the typical Langa Stone’s, (Pietra di Langa®) from the quarry named Cava Alice by our daughter’s name, our exclusive property. Langa Stone is a sandstone with mix colours between beige to grey. It is extracted from the soil respecting the environment and it is suitable for different productions. Our company carefully attends to the customer choosing the most suitable materiai to any use and taste. It provides as well customized works on demand with his qualified professionals, expert in the stone processing techniques. Pietra di Langa® is a stone extracted and processed exclusively in Italy, we select and process it in our factories by hand and with technological equipment. It is provided with the CE Certification.


19/06/20 19:14

OUR PRODUCTS Our main products are natural splitted stones or sawn stones for cladding, building and flooring: small blocks, stones of reduced thickness, cubes, setts, crazy paving, etc. We has also selected other natural stones to offer the customer the best choice for his house. These are mainly sandstones and quartzites from lndian quarries, periodically visited to check the quality. We offer customized works and project developments on demand, such as: fireplaces, worktops, vanity tops, barbeque, fountains, sinks, planters, etc... Every day we work to beautify houses, internal and external espaces, swimming pools and gardens, kitchen and bathrooms, hand crafted ornaments, etc We invite you to visit our website www.pietradilanga.it/en that exposes our products in detail and shows our realizations.

ALP – PIETRA DI LANGA extract the typical Langa Stone’s, (Pietra di Langa®)

A.L.P. - HORECA 2-20.indd 3

19/06/20 19:14

QUANTUM MX, the evolution of the traditional intermittent ventilation Among the many ventilation units Aerauliqa developed and launched in the last decade, the very first ones were the traditional intermittent extract fans, probably the most common ventilation system worldwide. These units generally provide a fast air extraction from bathroom, toilets, kitchens and utility rooms, which often exceed the natural infiltration rates with the consequence that the warm indoor air is extracted to atmosphere in an inefficient way and often noisily. Today the concern for efficiency, sustainability, energy saving and acoustic comfort is a main topic of discussion and even a simple traditional extract fan is understood as a cause of energy loss and discomfort. The QUANTUM MX is the evolution of the traditional intermittent fans, being a continuous ventilation unit, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a very low speed, thus using less energy, being more cost effective and having a very silent operation. The unit is equipped with the latest EC brushless motor for the lowest energy consumption (from 1,5W): the sealed for life high quality ball bearings assure a longer fan life and are ideal for cold climates too. In combination with a highly efficient mixed-flow impeller the unit provides enhanced aerodynamic properties, low noise and increased performances. The saturated moisty air is extracted through the perimeter of the modern design flat front cover which can be easily removable for cleaning without the need of tools. The aesthetic fascia and the casing are made of high-quality, UV resistant ABS providing long lasting shock-proof and robust construction: they are finished in white RAL 9010 as standard but different colour front covers are available on request to be integrated and harmonised with any internal surroundings. Top feature of the QUANTUM MX is the external 7 segment LED display, visible by removing the design front cover, for ease of configuration through external buttons: a great advantage for the installer who can safely set the different operation modes without accessing the electronics. As an extra safety feature, when the design front cover is removed, the impeller stops turning to configure the unit. Through the LED display and the soft buttons, the

functionalities can be chosen among different settings: - selection of the minimum, intermediate and maximum speeds; - selection of the humidistat and timer thresholds; - enabling of the constant flow mode; - selection of the installation type; - checking of the run hour counter. The QUANTUM MX is designed to operate at the minimum continuous speed which automatically increases to intermediate speed if either humidistat or run-on timer are activated: the maximum speed can be activated through dedicated remote on/ off switch, ambient sensor or through light switch, only when really needed. The unit is equipped with an intelligent control of humidity and run-on timer: the “auto” mode allows to automatically adapt the fan operation to the tenant’s habits and assure top acoustic comfort especially at night time. An additional plus is given by the constant flow operation: if enabled, the unit speeds up or slows down depending on the variations of the resistances caused by long ducting or external windy conditions, thus assuring the airflow rate when the unit is installed. The QUANTUM MX is tested in the internal laboratory of Aerauliqa, accredited by TÜV Rheinland according to the operating document IEC OD2048 (level CTF1), to guarantee maximum reliability of electrical safety tests, performance and measurement of sound levels. It is made in double insulation and therefore do not require earthing for maximum electrical safety of the user. The entire unit is built in full compliance with the regulations relating to disposal and eco-sustainable design: each ventilation unit is manufactured with industrial precision and with the utmost care that have made Made in Italy famous worldwide. The elegance, performance and silence make the QUANTUM MX units ideal for ensuring the constant air exchange in any environment, reducing odours, condenstion as well as the concentration of pollutants, bacteria and viruses, actively contributing to the physical and mental well-being of the occupants. www.aerauliqa.it



28/10/20 18:11


A u


NEW QUANTUM MX A modern design ventilation unit which combines form, function and innovation.

ü ü ü ü ü

Smart technology Led display Low consumption Silent operation 100% Made in Italy www.aerauliqa.it


26/10/20 17:24

AIS LOMBARDIA WHEN EXPERTISE RISES TO THE TOP. THE EDUCATIONAL OFFER IN THE WORLD OF WINE BY AIS LOMBARDIA About 7000 members, over 5000 wine lovers and professionals attending one of the 60 courses, of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level, organized every year by one of the 11 provincial delegations. On top of that, there are tasting evenings, workshops, master classes and guided tours among the most popular destinations in Italy and abroad. We are talking about the educational offer in the world of wine organized by the Italian Sommelier Association of Lombardy, the largest regional organization at national level, one of the flagships of the entire Italian sommellerie. “We are very happy and at the same time we feel a great sense of responsibility”, says Hosam Eldin Abou Eleyoun, president of AIS Lombardia for over a year now, after leading for 8 years the Milanese delegation, the largest and most active group in Lombardy.



09/01/20 12:29

green areas, squares, museum spaces, shopping centers

TRAINING OFFER IN THE WORLD OF WINE The love for wine and the art of serving and pairing with food does not stop

AIS LOMBARDIA HC 1-20.indd 3

09/01/20 12:29

“We are growing in number, but most of all we are growing in quality. This is thanks to a team that works very closely with me and that is organizing with utmost commitment many events throughout the region, even in those provinces that are difficult to reach but which deserve the same attention and care of the others”. The love for wine, for the art of serving as well as for the skill of combining it with food never stop. On the contrary, the interest of wine lovers and professionals is growing year after year. “We are a point of reference for everyone. Today we are all more aware of the importance of having well-trained staff in our structures, being they restaurants, hotels or wineries. The tourism linked to the world of wine is really getting more and more important and therefore the need for qualified personnel is necessary. It is no coincidence that many professionals who work in wineries and are responsible for reception or visits to their respective wineries come to us for a training course,” continues the president of AIS Lombardia. Today AIS sommeliers can be found in supermarkets, and their presence is requested in many events, even in unusual contexts, where wine is the protagonist and where there is a need for a competent explanation: “We live in an age where the storytelling is getting more and more important. At AIS we train our professionals to ensure that they are not only highly prepared and expert tasters, but also excellent communicators able to keep up with the demands of the market and with the requests of an increasingly demanding public”. AIS Lombardia publishes a six-monthly magazine, which it is sent to all their members, as well as a guide, Viniplus, written by a big group of tasters (only this year they were 110) – an accurate picture of the regional production, distributed to 800 food & beverage venues of the region and also available online for members (www.viniplus.wine): “Passion, research and expertise,” concludes Hosam Eldin. “These are the characteristics of our work. Every year the number of restaurants including references from our region in their wine lists grows and this makes us extremely proud. It means that we are doing the right thing.” www.aislombardia.it



09/01/20 12:29

Quando il vero artefice della comunicazione del vino è il sommelier

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 4 - 20124 Milano (MI) tel: +39.02.2901.0107 www.aislombardia.it - sede@aislombardia.it


09/01/20 12:09

Il Mingardi , the best coffee blend by AMIGOS CAFFE ®

by Amigos Caffè

AMIGOS CAFFE’ S.N.C. Strada delle Saline 3 - Muggia


The story of Amigos Caffè (www.amigoscaffe.com) began in 1980 in a small 40m² warehouse on the outskirts of Trieste. Severino Mingardi, a Brescia native and his wife Maria Sincovich, bought an old 30-kg roaster and a manual packaging machine. Soon thereafter, Amigos Caffè’s “logo with the sombrero” was born. Over the years, the business grew, and the headquarters moved twice until, between 1999 and 2005, the company settled on an 11,000-m² site, 5,000 of which used for production and storage. Today the roasting plant is headed by Arianna Mingardi and other members of the family; produces a line of 10 coffee blends, also works for third parties and boasts productivity of 1,600 kg/hour.. An appropriate selection of raw materials underlies the success of Amigos Caffè: the 10 coffee blend recipes – with different percentages of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans – were created for people to try. In this way Amigos can meet every 254


08/07/20 13:15

TASTES AND NEEDS OF OUR CUSTOMERS appropriate selection of raw materials

AMIGOS CAFFè - HC2-20_corr.indd 3

08/07/20 13:15

taste: some people look for an intense and full-bodied flavour, others enjoy a more delicate taste, not to speak of the Mingardi S blend, which is really top of the line with its harmonic and balanced taste, enjoyment at its best. People are more important than numbers: the underlying principle has helped Amigos establish a company capable not only of offering excellent products to its customers but also extensive experience made of business relations, technical competence, love of coffee and for the job. Amigos Caffè is the brand name we have chosen to communicate straightforwardness and joy: the same feelings we get when we enjoy a truly Italian espresso coffee. Experience has taken us very far and has enabled us to establish business relationships all over Italy and with the countries of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Today we can say that we have a thorough knowledge of tastes and needs of our customers in Italy and abroad, for whom we have created some of our best coffee blends. Amigos Caffè is marketed in EU and non-EU countries.



08/07/20 13:15

I am Harmony I am Balance I am Escape

I am A night of stars I am Blue I am ... Il mingardi ® ® ®

“Mingardi S” is a reserve coffee with a strong personality, whose distinctive features are harmony, balance and happiness. “Mingardi S” is the fulfilment of a dream and, at the same time, a tribute to the founder of Amigos Caffè, Mingardi Severino. The exclusive blend of roasted coffee, 80% Arabica - 20% Robusta, is the result of Arianna Mingardi’s lively intuition and research carried out with Claudio Pribetic’s experience. “Mingardi S” was born from the mixture of precious coffee blends that, once poured into a cup, recalls the soothing feeling of the blue colour of a “starry night”, so deep and welcoming. From the very first taste, the full-bodied mellow espresso reveals intense flavours of cocoa, croccantino and dried fruit that release an intense taste of orange jam. A tenacious and prolonged aftertaste is finally enriched with notes of almond and a hint of raw citrus honey. In 2020 its particular nuances combined with its captivating history won the chefs and sommeliers of two important international competitions, winning the 3 Stars Award in the “Drinks” category at the Bellavita Awards in Amsterdam and the 2 Stars at the Superior Taste Award in Brussel.

www.ilmingardis.it - www.amigoscaffe.com AMIGOS CAFFè - HC2-20_corr.indd 5

08/07/20 13:15


ph by Maurizio Marcato

SIMONE MICHELI: Terme Alte Di Rivisondoli Simone Micheli



he latest dream of architect Simone Micheli has taken shape and become reality at 1300 m. above sea level. Terme Alte di Rivisondoli, a recently opened spa and wellness facility, expresses excitement, rigor and simplicity. Fully integrated with the wild nature of the Abruzzo mountains—still little known despite their rare beauty—Terme Alte is a project not only of aesthetic refinement, but also of intelligence and strategic design and communication. Set in a natural corner equidistant from the tourist centers of Roccaraso, Rivisondoli and Pescocostanzo, thanks to the expressive power of its spaces and the high quality of the treatments it offers, this oasis of relaxation aspires to become a major attraction, a means for energizing, enlivening and invigorating the handsome plateau it overlooks, the ski resorts of the surrounding mountains, the nearby golf courses and equestrian club, and the cycle hiking paths and that wind through the woods that surround it on three sides. Here Micheli has transformed his vision into a project of excellence and acumen. Exemplary in its approach, it reaches beyond the concept of eco-logical and eco-nomic sustainability, taking as its aim not a seemingly satisfying balance of the status quo, but the enrichment of the territory itself, the enhancement of the natural and human resources that are there but, until now, have been poorly developed. A will hidden at the very heart of the Terme Alte: the sulphurous waters of a spring located in the adjacent forest, discovered, nurtured and studied by Dr. Luigi Altamura, whose professional distinction and unceasing determination and passion have brought them to the forefront of the national stage. The waters of the baths, sulfurous by nature, are in fact rich in an enzyme that helps significantly to 258



12/11/20 18:11



©Juergen Eheim



12/11/20 18:11


©Juergen Eheim

counter the effects of aging, guaranteeing an exfoliating action on surface skin layers and acting on deep layers to promote the production of important constituent elements that enable the skin to fulfill its protective function properly. The spa offers treatments and therapy sessions that take full advantage of the beneficial properties of the spring water and the mud it contains, and so is the perfect place to cultivate the well-being of body and mind. A place of architectural spells and charms as well, poised between the surreal and the dreamlike: lighting effects, scents, colors, transparencies and improbable geometries characterize this three-dimensional realm suspended between dream and reality—effects by which we humans can be stimulated synaesthetically, and our visit, our use and enjoyment of the spaces, given a sense of unicity. The spaces open up and revolve around the large double volume of the lounge bar, where we are received and entertained, then encouraged to circulate to the other areas. The adjacent shop, set at the side of the entrance, where we can see and buy a wide range of products made with the thermal water and its muds, is its natural continuation and anticipation. Showcases that seem suspended, floating on a halo of blue light, guide us with their soft shapes and winking LEDs to the cen260



12/11/20 18:11


tral meeting place, teeming with life, dynamic and constantly moving. The sense of flow is underlined by the seating, which is reduced to spheres that appear to slide freely between the shaped logs that form the tables in the ground-floor lounge bar. Two large walls, entirely faced with wood planks, warm our view and embrace us, the stone floor enhancing the natural, yet extraordinary, almost magical atmosphere in which the blue sky of the ceiling, a counterpoint to the azure spheres on the floor, seems to be supported and pierced by surreal yellow trees with sharp, upward-reaching macro-thorns. From above, a large window overlooks the doubleheight space of the bar, concealing the most secret, silent zone of the center: the spa, which occupies the whole second floor of the building. Glass etched with a transparent texture of thorns and twisted branches conceals and confounds the profiles of those approaching the stairs on the ground floor and walking through the sauna on the first floor. A large suspended fireplace opens up in the middle of the ground floor window-wall, the fire catching the attention of passers by, together with the long shadows of the columns and their thorns projected on the ceiling. A surreal atmosphere based on light and

©Juergen Eheim


its reflections, like the reflections in the mirrored cabinet that holds a large monitor and hides the coffee machine from view, envelopes the materiality of the bar, a monolithic block clothed, in continuity with the adjacent walls, in wooden planks. Shelves, and elliptical windows and portholes, all rigorously shiny yellow and perfect in their simple geometries, float on uncertain walls of rough plaster—gritty, tactile and extremely powerful, like walls of rough rock. The contrast between the irregular and natural materials, such as the stone floor laid in strips of various sizes, the wood planks lining the walls, or the coarse grainy plaster, and the furnishings, marked out by clean geometries, lacquered to a shiny finish or mirrored, and the brightly colored, thorny columns, creates an unrepeatable singularity, a surreal transfiguration of a mountain environment dreamt of, remembered, imagined. The same powerful contrast characterizes the stairs, the walkways in the spa and the treatment rooms. The walls, illuminated by grazing light from the floor up, or by the blue LED strips of mirrors suspended in midair, reveal a rich articulation of matter; the treatment beds shine, white and ethereal, in the middle of the rooms, suspended beneath a blue ceiling, a pocket-sized sky. Each room is equipped with two separate showers, one with normal water and one with thermal water, so that clients after a massage or a beauty treatment can boost the session’s effectiveness with a spa shower. A special place among the center’s treatment offerings is entrusted, thanks to the beneficial effects of the thermal water, to the round bath, a central element and fulcrum of the spa’s layout. Around the pool of sulphurous water, which is naturally odorless, contrary to what one might think, are set the Turkish bath, the sauna, the experience showers and the relaxation room. If the Turkish bath, bright and ambitious in its geometry and its solid-surface seating, playfully reveals itself to view through a large porthole that opens directly onto the entrance to the spa, the sauna appears instead reserved and discreet, and can be reached only at



12/11/20 18:11




the end of a pathway bathed by showers resembling waterfalls along a mountain trail. A huge jet in the shape of an enormous blue boulder, metaphysically hung from the ceiling, reveals unexpected and original experiences, just as the blue eye, suspended in midair on a rough wall, hides a heart of ice ready for use at the end of a Turkish bath or a long hot shower. At the end of the path, in a strategic position with a large windows offering a spectacular view over the plateau, in the winter months completely covered with snow, lies the relaxation room. The thoughtful, clever lighting design, combined with the diffusion of fragrances and music especially chosen for the project, render unique and unrepeatable the experience of this room and of the entire spa. A spa designed not only to meet the “canonical” needs of medical and beauty treatments, of health and wellbeing, relaxation and regeneration, but also to become—during the day but especially at night— a venue where clients can get together, drink an aperitif or enjoy traditional Abruzzo cuisine or those low-calorie dishes that are more closely connected to the spa’s wellness programs; where they can listen to music, or dance; a place where they can stimulate their senses, alter their perceptions, not through the use of drugs or alcohol, but by living in an intense way a story of space that is inimitable and everchanging. Terme Alte makes to concession to the rhetorical imitation of nature, but absorbs nature’s essence, spontaneity and power, and delivers it in a supernatural dream representation of lights and shapes, space and matter.

©Juergen Eheim

©Juergen Eheim





12/11/20 18:11

a perfect cooking...always


30/01/19 12:18

ARCHIVERDE: garden design and development ARCHIVERDE is a major company in Italy, specialising in garden design and development. It helps those with a dream, make it come true thanks to fifty years in business, three generations of experience, 600,000 m _ of planted gardens and a highly experienced, quality technical team. Gardens are unique features, created to amaze, surprise and charm. Whether public or private, green areas need to be enhanced and enriched in keeping with the natural environment. Our new offices, with their large design room, display areas and nursery below, allow clients to instantly view garden products. Our company has also opened its jirst “showroom” this year where, in addition to displaying a wide range of outdoor furniture, including arbours, gaubos, pergolas and other garden furniture, we also market top of the range modern furnishing accessories and flower pots in ali shapes and sizes, made from a wide selection of materials, from classi, Sienese terracotta to fibreglass, glaud stoneware and glass. We also develop tailor-made, unique items, making use of external collaborators 264


30/06/20 13:11

BEAUTY, SPECTACULARITY AND QUALITY gardens are unique features, created to amaze, surprise and charm

ARCHIVERDE - HC2-20.indd 3

30/06/20 13:11

in order to cater for ali your requirements. 1hanks to our advanced methods and technology, we are able to o.ffer a full range of services, from classical to the most avant-garde design,from the creation and management of green areas to the creation of thematic scenery in artificial rock. We use a wide range of materials and accessories: resin-coated gravet reconstructed stones, green scenery like open-air rooms, swimming pools and Jacuzzis designed and created for the pleasure of those who will use them. It is not the company that promotes itself 266


30/06/20 13:11


but our product’s power of conviction . Our way of inventing and creating a green space can be summed up in three words that epitomise our entire creative process: beauty, spectacularity and quality. Our hard work in this industry requires patient research guided by passion and experience. 1his is what makes ARCHIVERDE such a well established Jirm in Italy. www.archiverde.it


ARCHIVERDE ADV_CROCINI.indd 3 - HC2-20.indd 5

30/06/20 09:32 13:11

AUDEIA, acoustic and audio applications Audeia’s research and development have always aimed at overcoming the limits of noise pollution strict rules. Being a specialist in audio systems for harsh-environment applications for some time now, Audeia has been focusing on the entertainment industry, developing systems for nightclubs and live events. Audeia has developed advanced controlled emission systems such as line-array and sound systems. AASER is the latest technology developed by Audeia, a new generation that opens new application scenarios. The AASER system provides uniform


28/09/20 10:36


AUDEIA - HORECA 3-20.indd 3

28/09/20 10:36

sound diffusion over the entire audio band, avoiding uncontrolled emissions of bass frequencies, which are the main cause of noise pollution in traditional systems. The AASER system is based on a unique stimulated emission technique that concentrates the sound only where it is needed. This feature prevents the sound from propagating in unwanted directions, allowing to play music at any time without bothering the neighbourhood. The controllable sound emission also makes it possible to have different music programs in contiguous spaces, even in small areas. The music in one area will not interfere with the music in the other area, creating two completely independent yet physically united listening areas. Launched at Prolight & Sound in 2016, the AASER system has now reached its third edition, with a complete range of pro-

ducts for all requirements. The system is easy to install and has a simple and intuitive software interface. The auto-set function is extremely useful because it allows the automatic optimization of the main parameters. Our technicians are always available for customers and installers to help them choose the most suitable product and configure it in the best way. www.audeia.com



28/09/20 10:36

New technology for sound amplification.

STESSO AMBIENTE... Permette di avere temi musicali differenti in ambienti limitrofi o nello stesso ambiente, per offrire ad ogni cliente la musica preferita

Sound only where it is needed.. your neighbors thank you!

Audio Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation www.audeia.com


28/09/20 10:34

A Z I E N D A AGRICOLA F R A N K CORNELISSEN Castiglione di Sicilia - Italia

Wines and olive oils which reflect ultimate territorial identity Our farming philosophy is based on our acceptance of the fact that man will never be able to understand nature’s full complexity and interactions. We therefore choose to concentrate on observing and learning the movements of Mother Earth in her various energetic and cosmic passages and prefer to follow her indications as to what to do, instead of deciding and imposing ourselves. Consequently this has taken us to possibly avoiding all treatments on the land we cultivate, wether homeopathic, organic or biodynamic. Accepting and following nature is our guideline as the divine ability to understand the ‘Whole’ was obviously not given to man as we are only a part of this complex and not God himself. Our estate was established in 2001, when Etna as a wine region was still undiscovered. Our vineyards are located on the

Northern valley of the active volcano Etna, in the oriental part of Sicily. The northern valley is considered today Etna’s top area for single-vineyard (contrada) red wines like the “Côtes-de-Nuits” in Burgundy or Piemonte’s “Barolo” area. The surface area of our estate is approximately 24 hectares, of which 13ha are old vines in the classic free standing alberello training system (Gobelet or bush-vine), 9ha of old vines transformed into modern rows with various width, approximately 2ha of olive growth and the remainder are fruit trees, vegetables and bush. Although Etna has a tradition in high density plantation of vines, we search to reduce monoculture and have interplanted various local fruit varieties and keep bees to regain a complex ecosystem. The new vineyards are planted without grafts, using a selection of our original, ungrafted vines. The training system used is the alberello. Buckwheat is used for rebalancing soils low on organic material without recourse to industrial compost, especially important when preparing land for a new vineyard plantation. We avoid



09/07/20 13:01

soil-tilling as much as possible, although this depends on the vintage and the quantity of water over the winter (recovering of the vines after the production cycle). Our goal is to avoid all treatments whatsoever in the vineyard, orchard and surroundings, in which we succeeded even in difficult vintages such as 2004 and 2005. Unfortunately there will always be the vintages where treatments with copper sulphate and sulphur are necessary to avoid vines from dying like 2013 and 2015. Our products are the result of this philosophy and our hands and team. Wines and olive oils which reflect ultimate territorial identity and mineral depth carry the name Magma® and MunJebel®. These are single contrada (cru) and vintage wines and olive oils from various superb terroirs between 600-1.000 metres altitude. Magma® Rosso is our “Grand Vin”, produced from only Nerello Mascalese grapes in contrada Barbabecchi. Magma® Olio di Oliva is pressed from perfectly ripe San Benedetto olives from contrada Borriglione. www.frankcornelissen.it


09/07/20 13:01

We have all the light it takes to win against darkness For over fifty years Ceriani Luce has been illuminating by offering new technologies and high quality products from the greatest masters of Italian and foreign design. Tradition, innovation and passion emerge within its showrooms where the attention to the project remains fundamental. This is the summary of Ceriani Luce’s success. Handled with humility, with respect and commitment towards his clients. In addition to the sale, Ceriani Luce offers a team of architects able to assist his customers. Ceriani Luce showroom has a vast assortment of products from the most visionary and important indoor and outdoor light design brand, with the most updated technologies available on market. 274


22/10/20 14:10

TRADITION, INNOVATION AND PASSION respect and commitment towards his clients

CERIANI HORECA 3-20.indd 3

22/10/20 14:10


22/10/20 14:10

Light and shadow plays a similar role, the right balance between the two brings emotional feeling into the space. “Light is for us today the great protagonist as a real decorative element, it is able to add value to any space, amplifying its contents, architecture and furnishings. Creating the right light-shadow contrast is essential to “decor with light” and create emotion”. Ceriani Luce collaborates with some of the biggest Italian brands such as Artemide, Flos, Fontanarte, Venini, Barovier & Toso but also international ones like Ingo Maurer, Moooi or Occhio lighting. www.cerianiluce.it

CERIANI HORECA 3-20.indd 5

22/10/20 14:11

Land & landscape The “Scriani” vineyards are in the heart of the area called Valpolicella Classica and the main, privately-owned ones are situated on a gorgeous hill called “Monte S. Urbano”. The land, which is situated at an altitude ranging between 250 and 400 meters above sea level, partially consists of somewhat flat areas, and partially of dry-wall terracing, and is characterized by a lively torrential stream along its edge, called a “Vaio”. From the plateaus one admires beautiful and enchanting panoramic views over Valpolicella proper, and from certain points the eye reaches as far as the town of Verona on one side and Lake Garda on the other. Agronomically speaking, the soil is composed of a clay mixture containing definite parts of Eocenic gray limestone and basaltic tufa, which is particularly favorable for grapevines intended for the production of very high quality wines. Area and History The area of production of “Valpolicella Classico” wine is comprised of a belt through the hills covering circa 200 sq. km. to the northwest of the fair town of Verona, Italy, halfway to Lake Garda as the crow flies. Valpolicella has always been famous for its wines, which have been well-known and appreciated ever since the Roman period for their 278


14/01/20 12:53

SCRIANI winemaking tradition


14/01/20 12:53

fragrance and personality, and its name makes one think of the various nuances of its beautiful hilly landscape, with its soft and sumptuous lines. In the valleys and along the dry-wall terraced hills, one also sees cherry groves and olive trees, but what dominates are the proud vineyards, unmistakably pronouncing their priority, and made even more precious by the scattered characteristic dwellings: old stone farm houses, manor houses, villas belonging to the nobility, and those austere Romanesque churches that still today testify the depth and finesse of civilization in the area. The Cellar The wine-cellar sector of the “Scriani” vineyards is also very carefully tended to: experts control all the intricate winemaking phases on a 24-hour basis, according to family tradition which indeed demands finesse and very close attention. The cellar is equipped with different types and sizes of containers: ranging from stainless steel to fiberglass-lined cement, and from Slavonian oak to the most modern types of barrique. In this manner it is possible to manage the vinification and ageing of the different wines in their decisive phases of development. The prizes and recognition obtained at wine shows and contests, together with consideration given by authority publications on Italian wines, testify the distinguished quality of fine wines under the name of Scriani. Vineyards Cottini family, which has held the trademark SCRIANI for generations, continues to hand down the art wine-farming and vinification from father to son, always respecting traditional methods, but not alien to innovation and improvement. The territories called “Ronchiel” ,“Mandolari”, “Bosco”, “Carpanè” “La costa”, and “Tondin” as well as other smaller lots (all facing the south-east) have vines which are between 9 and 40 years old, aligning the plants in traditional rows and applying the pergola trentina (single or double) cultivation method, which permits a circa 3,000-plant-per-hectar density. The management of the fields of grapevines is in harmony with the balance of nature, without stressing the use of irrigation or fertilization and maintaining the wooded areas bordering them: as a matter of fact, the production hardly ever exceeds 8000-9000 kg of grapes per hectare. Even the cultural procedures, which range from pruning the vines to the harvesting of the fruit, are carried out by hand, according to the concepts of the best and most founded winemaking tradition. www.scriani.it



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14/01/20 12:53

To whom it may concern For over forty years the “Chinelli” brand has embodied the style and quality of “made in Italy” throughout the world in the field of gift items. “CHINELLI SRL” is located in the province of Brescia, famous since ancient times for the ironworking expertise of its inhabitants. Throughout the years “CHINELLI SRL” has learned how best to combine craftsmanship and industrial manufacture. Having reached its second generation, the “Chinelli” family has learned how to best organize its internal resources, optimizing roles and individual management and operational abilities, throughout the whole manufacturing process. The result is a family-style company with specialized internal staff. It’s dynamic in its choices, flexible in its production capacity and able to interpret the varied and specific needs of the market.



26/06/20 09:25


To meet the growing needs of a wide-reaching and ever-more international customer base, the “Royal Old Britain Sheffield” collection has been placed alongside the historic “Chinelli” brand. Chinelli” designs and manufactures products in step with current trends but which maintain their own unmistakable and strictly “made in Italy” style. “Royal Old Britain Sheffield” is rooted in classic English taste with a touch of the colonial. www.chinelli.it - info@chinelli.it

CHINELLI.indd 3 CHINELLI - HORECA 2-20.indd 3

26/06/20 26/06/20 09:24 09:25

VILLA CANTHUS production great wines The owner of the company, Giuliano Ormenese, is proud to propose his wines, all of high quality, obtained from a scrupulous selection of grapes of the best years in the vineyards around Veneto and Friuli, disposed thanks to the nature and exhibition of the terrain. In all of his wines it is possible to rediscover the close relationship with the wine-production traditions of the family and of the terrain together with a continuous research regarding the technological improvements and innovations.



25/06/20 15:05

The enthusiasm, the patience and the constant commitment make him the spokesperson, through his products, of a message of quality and simplicity. Stil today Villa Canthus is ran by the family, produces and bottles in a limited measure a range of products which are the outcome of a meticulous and methodic research of high quality and space from white and red wines of the Triveneto to the red wine reserve, to sparkling wine and to straw wine. www.villacanthus.com

VILLA CANTHUS - HC2-20.indd 3

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DISTILLERIA VARNELLI BETWEEN TRADITION AND MODERNITY Traditional technology for unique flavoured spirits by Chiara Natalucci




05/11/20 11:39



e interviewed Gigliola Simonetta Varnelli, sales manager of the homonymous company, custodian of a knowledge that has been passed down from “mouth to ear” through four generations. Since 1868, Distilleria Varnelli has been creating herbal spirits with excellent organoleptic properties, very much known and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Born as a “remedy” for the shepherds of the transhumance, these decoctions of herbs, roots and barks from the Sibillini Mountains are the result of ancient processing techniques that involve long ageing, artisan manufacture, lots of care and experience. Gigliola Simonetta Varnelli tells us that their production is faithful to the tradition they inherited more than 150 years ago from their great-grandfather, Girolamo, who was a skilful herbalist. The essential characteristic for the uniqueness of their products is following traditional methods, which allow to maintain the quality of the raw materials, using slow and manual processes and having the utmost attention to detail.


All the recipes are prepared with traditional “technology”, using pots on a wood fire, espresso coffee machines, glass demijohns for maceration and canvas cloths for filtration. “Surely”, ironically Simonetta Gigliola says, “it would be much easier, and cheaper also, to extract in an automated way instead of decanting for long months and filtering with cloths, or cool down using refrigerators instead of cold water, or make decoctions with gas burners instead of wood-burning, or extract coffee industrially rather than making hundreds of cups – but it would be another product”. On the other hand, bottling, quality control and logistics are carried out with the latest equipment, and great attention is paid to technological innovation in terms of packaging, marketing and customer satisfaction. State-of-art technology applied to the different company’s organization functions represents a fundamental element to achieve a “total quality”, required to compete at high levels and on international markets. As for the future, the company is prepared to upgrade its packaging equipment and update its software



05/11/20 11:39




to improve management control and customer satisfaction. We couldn’t ignore the topic related to the recent pandemic emergency and the impact it has had on the spirits industry due to the closure of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. For Distilleria Varnelli, however, the negative effect was partly reduced thanks to the fact that these products can count on a significant domestic consumption, which has been satisfied through purchases in the store or through online wine shops. According to Distilleria Varnelli’s sales manager, the market will face the post-COVID period gradually. There will be a slow recovery of the out-ofhome habits as well as a reluctance by some social groups to go out both because of the “hut syndrome” and the inevitable economic difficulties. Where possible, there will be a shift in consumption towards “single-dose” packaging, considered to be safer and more secure. It is estimated that the daytime bars and restaurants sector will be the first to recover, while the nightlife and tourism, for obvious reasons, will struggle a bit longer. Industries, distribution, shops, bars and restaurants will have to cope not only with the chal-

lenges caused by the drop in sales and turnover but also with the change in consumer habits since the lockdown has greatly increased digitisation and the use of delivery services. It will be necessary to “re-capture” this new type of digital consumer with a new approach and a different type of communication. Any crisis brings changes and choices, but it can also offer new opportunities. This attitude of great determination and confidence in the future has allowed the Marchebased company to develop and grow over time, presenting itself as a dynamic player attentive to market demands without ever altering the quality and value of its products.





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© 2020 Momenti Tutti i diritti riservati. All rights reserved. Via Della Massera, 2 - 47016 Predappio - Tel. +39 0543 922982 - Mail: info@momenti-casa.it - Sito: www.momenti-casa.it


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Business Process Reengineering Since from 80’s Dualinox has grown and matured by investing in people, technology and equipment. Thanks to the technical knowhow and design together with the continuous efforts, the company has developed synergies with actors operating in various fields, from chilling to components for the professional catering, to furniture. Building on its experience and outsources vocation, Dualinox is able to present itself on the market as a single contact for all stages of development and processing of the product. For several years Dualinox has embraced the concept of Business Process Reengineering, with the intent to maintain its internal processes to meet the needs of the customer, eliminating activities that do not maximize satisfaction. A top quality product, rapidity in dealing with orders and on -time delivery, can be summarized in our goal of enhancing the customer prince and devote maximum attention. Our specialized staff will assist you in turning your idea into a project ready for production. Starting from the technical office, in charge of technical consultancy to the customer in an absolute sense. Structured to develop your idea from scratch or, more simply, to study the feasibility, solve any problems, suggest solutions for improvement or customization of the order in order to maximize its potential. Moving on to the departments of cutting, bending and paneling, assembly and foaming where highly qualified staff actually converts your idea. Human capital in the company is considered to be a key component of the production process and determine the quality and accuracy of implementation. www.dualinox.it 290


03/11/20 16:42


DUALINOX - HORECA 3-20.indd 3

03/11/20 16:42

Revolutionary continuous bag system SACLO’ is a young and dynamic brand producing a revolutionary system to separate waste at an industrial level. SACLO’ offers an innovative range of baskets, cabinets and containers to separate waste with a simple goal: helping the customer to save money and make separate waste collection easier. The SACLO’ continuous bag system is simple and functional: unlike the classic single bag bin, our system includes a special “endless” bag (up to 110mt long) which can be unrolled, closed and cut every time the operator needs to throw away the trash. No more plastic waste, no more bad smells, maximum levels of hygiene and unrivalled ease of use. ADDED VALUE: - HYGIENIC: no contact with waste - EFFICIENT: 50% less time per bag change - EFFECTIVE: up to 5 times larger than a traditional bag of the same size - ECOLOGICAL: 70% less plastic www.saclo.it



30/06/20 16:51

CONTINUOUS BAG SYSTEM - HOW DOES IT WORK? The Saclò bagging system is based on a special “endless” bag (up to 110 mt) which can be unrolled, sealed and cut to the need, enabling a smarter waste collection. Once a bag is sealed, the next one is ready to use!



3. CUT


25 sec.


an innovative range of baskets, cabinets and containers to separate waste

FALCOR_SACLO' - HORECA 2020 - annam.indd 3

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Open a floating centre How can Floating-spa help your wellbeing? Floating-spa will be a network of selected centres, specialized in the discipline of sensory deprivation through the floating technique. All centres will have highly trained and qualified staff and will be committed to a scientific and methodical approach to ensure the best quality standards of treatments, whether they are related to therapeutic purposes or the psychophysical well-being of the person. The aim is to spread the culture of sensory deprivation through the floating technique. Thanks to the passion, enthusiasm and cooperation of the members, relying on the strength of the group, it will be possible to develop information campaigns both at a local and national level. Successful floating centres? Floating-spa is the answer! Every investment, especially in times of economic recession, must be carefully considered to optimize the expenses and quickly



07/07/20 15:07

green areas, squares, museum spaces, shopping centers

FLOATING TECHNIQUE from design to advanced management

FLOATING HC 2-20.indd 3

07/07/20 15:07

pay back the costs. Despite its scientificity and immense benefits, the practice of floating is still relatively unknown. This has a great advantage, as it is innovative and very limited in Italy, but it also has more complicated implications: it must be well promoted to become widespread and be “sold”. “The experience of floating” should be applied in a correct way to guarantee the best results and customer satisfaction. Floating-spa was born with these intentions, as a network of centres specialized in floating, with a scientific and professional approach to this technique, guaranteeing customers the highest levels of professionalism thanks to special protocols and regular quality controls. Upon request, the network will also provide all the relevant material for the management of the centre at competitive conditions. All Floating-spa partners will be constantly updated through regular training and courses on floating and sensory deprivation to offer their customers the maximum benefit from the floating experience, whether it is a single treatment or a therapy. The affiliation allows you to enter a 360° marketing circuit, in296


07/07/20 15:07

cluding dedicated websites, radio and television advertising and a free-phone number reserved to users. These services will be managed by the head office according to the centres’ requests to guarantee visibility and a rapid return on investment. Thanks to the extensive marketing and consulting services on all aspects of floating, from design to advanced management, the network will allow every entrepreneur to approach this innovative practice with confidence. www.ilwellnessintelligente.it

FLOATING HC 2-20.indd 5

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Made in Italy design and functionality Fas Pendezza was born from an idea of Alfonso and Davide Pendezza in 1964. In more than fifty years of activity, experienced hands have worked together with modern production technologies.
 It took us many years to grow and improve, becoming reliable partners.
 It took us many years to be able to provide excellent solutions, from the post-sale stage to installation, up to the use



07/07/20 14:07

of our products.
 What is the result? High-performance, solid and reliable products. We follow in detail every stage of the manufacturing process, covering the whole range of products. From the choice of the raw materials to design and production, Fas Pendezza is a synonym for Made in Italy design and functionality. www.faspendezza.it


FAS PENDEZZA - HC2-20.indd 3

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Experience and unmistakable style As the main brand of Galileo S.p.A. Group and a leader in the sector for over twenty years, Villa d’Este Home Tivoli has established a unique identity, breaking classical moulds and creating new rules that have become a reference point both inside Italy and abroad. What does dinnerware mean to Villa d’Este Home Tivoli? Color, creativity, non-conventionality, and fashion.



25/06/20 15:48

UNIQUE IDENTITY color, creativity, non-conventionality, and fashion

GALILEO - HC2-20.indd 3

25/06/20 15:49

It tells the general public that elegance can be achieved using even the most original combinations. First and foremost is the choice of materials that have written the history of tableware, like porcelain and precious bone china, often combined with other more functional and contemporary materials like stoneware and ceramics. The humble soup bowls establish the base monochrome colors of the table setting, while the main plate and fruit plate, with their lively decorations, become the protagonists of the mise en place Villa d’Este Home Tivoli. This is where the brand’s world-class character shines, as it deconstructs the traditional table setting. Building on their growing success and a customer base who increasingly chooses



25/06/20 15:49

Villa d’Este Home Tivoli to personalize their dinner tables, the company has decided to stake a claim in Horeca. They will extend their revolution of unconventional “decomposed” character to haute cuisine and build on the brand’s cult following, having already been chosen by professional chefs for the more important gastronomic events in the industry. Sumptuous white has given way to tropical, exotic and tribal motifs. These pioneering designs present themselves as the drivers for imaginative storytelling, ready to take on the restaurant world where dinnerware does more than just hold food: it serves the sensations that bring to life the peculiarities, history and origins of each dish. Each guest will take a leading role at the table, playing their part in the overall creativity of explosive synergy and complex color play. For more info please contact enrico.carosi@galileospa.com

GALILEO - HC2-20.indd 5

25/06/20 15:49


Eco Friendly mixer 1

Guglielmi S.p.a. introduces its flagship to the catering and HORECA world the TUTTUNO kitchen mixer that as the name suggests - integrates 5 functions in a single tap. It is an absolute brand new for the kitchen ambiance that sees as main character an all-in-one mixer capable of providing FILTERED WATER from a single aerator, removing chlorine, limestone residues and unpleasant tastes and bad smells, generating pure water ready to drink. Furthermore, through the control simple rotation, you are immediately provided with chilled filtered water, chilled sparkling water and hot water (98°).

2 Guglielmi presents the single lever mixer for professional sink, swivel spout, metal pull-out hand shower with facilitated entry. Ceramic cartridge, flow rate 12 l/min. 3/8” softpex 3/8” supply flex. Fastening with rapid system. Thanks to these features the Guglielmi mixer is the most suitable and design for professional kitchens, restaurants and bars. Enter and discover more details on www.guglielmi.com



13/01/20 11:10


GIVING SHAPE TO WATER the most fleeting and intangible element

GUGLIELMI - HC1-20.indd 3

13/01/20 11:10

Courtesy service concept It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter when, NAPKIN® Courtesy Service Concept applies anytime, anywhere. The goal is to care guests with something special and truly comfortable: at the end of a dinner (or between dishes), welcoming guests at the lobby, caring ladies at beauty salons or SPA, cleaning hands after a finger-food banquet, or even in rooms as amenity. NAPKIN® will make every occasion perfect and unforgettable and customers will feel as real Guests! www.napkin.it 306


26/06/20 12:44

NAPKIN - HC2-20.indd 3

26/06/20 12:44

tel. 0143-1509770-71 www.onlywood.it

Variety of solutions Onlywood.it was founded in 2001 by Andrea Cabella, who decided to combine his professional experience (he was the manager of one of the largest DIY woodworking companies in Italy) with his passion for computers and the Internet. He created the first version of the website in his bedroom, with a 14.4 Kb U.S. Robotics modem and a Frontpage book. The website displayed only a few products selected for DIY such as boards, strips, plywood, doors, etc., destined to the rare pioneers who were trying the innovative online shopping experience. In those years, Onlywood already had a “moral” success thanks to the first important orders, attracting the attention of two big manufacturers who decided to 308


08/07/20 13:32


customize any type and quantity of Fences, Pergolas, Porches, etc.

ONLYWOOD - HC2-20.indd 3

08/07/20 13:32

invest in e-commerce. This is how Onlywood s.r.l. was born and today it is still the owner of Onlywood.it Thanks to economic and material investments, the website changes appearance several times over the years, expanding its product range and becoming a leader in terms of quality and price for sectors like Wooden Huts, Gazebos and Pergolas, Fences, Laminated Floors and Accessories. All these products were either produced in-house or imported from the major foreign manufacturers. In 2013, the company starts distributing

in Italy the Jarsya brand specialized in outdoor wooden cabinets. In the following years, Onlywood is chosen by other prestigious brands for the online distribution of its products, including PERGO (high-quality laminate flooring), SOLID (wooden houses and garden furniture in impregnated wood) PROWOOD (garden furniture in Thermowood) and others. In addition to these products, we have our internal carpentry specialized in the processing of outdoor poles, a basic element to customize any type and quantity of Fences, Pergolas, Porches, etc. We also offer a selection of “niche” and custom-made


to s

an 310


08/07/20 13:32

products of some small Italian carpentries. Safety and Protection. We offer a variety of solutions for personal protection, from protective barriers for offices and catering in response to the new COVID 19 regulations, to child safety at home and much more. We choose only high-quality products selected or produced by Onlywood.it PROTECTIVE BARRIER Natural Wooden Barrier for catering 80x62.5 cm - Made in Italy Wooden protection barrier to ensure safety and protection, with the elegance and charm of Wood, ideal for catering, effective response to the current health emergency COVID 19. www.onlywood.it



Woody barrier for restaurant services. Beautiful and elegant, to start again with style and design.

tel. 0143-1509770-71 www.onlywood.it Customizable


ONLYWOOD - HC2-20.indd 5

with your logo.


08/07/20 13:32


Furniture is the protagonist Predali signs the furnishings of an open-air museum by Chiara Natalucci


marvellous garden, exclusive works of art, aromatic plants and water lilies: this is the picturesque setting where the project by Stones and Walls architectural studio was born - a new restaurant at the Goulandris Museum of Natural History in Athens. The Natu Restaurant seems to be a direct continuation of the museum’s experience and was created to stimulate the senses and enhance every aspect of the guests’ experience, from a creative and Mediterranean cuisine to a contemporary and fresh environment. Among the natural materials of the indoor rooms and the outdoor garden, and the colour palette that recalls the colours of the earth, the interior design furniture of the Bergamo-based company Pedrali fits in. The simple and iconic shapes of the chairs, armchairs, stools and tables come from Mario Pedrali’s historical design begun in 1963 when he created his first metal garden chair. The complements of the Nolita series, made entirely of steel, bring out all their outdoor character and evoke a timeless atmosphere of a sunny and lively Italian square. Nolita chairs and armchairs are combined with two collections of tables: the Ikon series, designed by Pio and Tito Toso, expresses simplicity and cleanliness, while the Concrete tables, with their concrete base, convey a feeling of stability and durability. Since the 1960s, Pedrali has been producing furniture for the contract and the residential world, which is the result of careful research to create functional




12/11/20 18:40



and versatile industrial design products. They develop solutions that combine tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative genius. The experimentation of production technologies, the use of diversified materials and the collaboration with many designers have allowed the company to achieve prestigious national and international awards. For the Natu Restaurant in Athens, Pedrali’s aesthetic excellence and craftsmanship expertise have created a pleasant and relaxing space where you can take a break on a hectic day or at the end of your visit to the museum.



12/11/20 18:40

Our technology Technology is traditionally Portoflex’s main asset: Our state-of-the-art computerised devices occupy an indoor area of over 10,000 square mt and are second to none at national level. Among these are some extremely fast mattress border embroidery machines; plus, a completely automatic machine manufacturing springs for orthopaedic mattresses based on the Swiss-patented LFK system; and a carding willow which we connected to an electronic quilting machine designed to create an endless variety of diamond-shaped patterns. Among the most relevant techniques is our cold foam process which we apply to the mattress’ lateral bands. This allows for increased resilience and durability of the mattress’ sides while retaining the shape. Similarly, we employ the most up-to-date technologies in our bed frames production line too. Among these are a programmable tube-bending machine, an electronic tube cutter and an epoxy powder painting system capable of a full



09/07/20 15:50

cycle processing including degreasing, washing, drying and final polymerisation at ca. 200 Celsius. Thanks to our thirty-year experience in delivering a range of hotel and community products, and to our continued technical partnership with a company like Montefibre, Portoflex is still capable of capturing the industry’s attention with a renewed and complete product range. Our range is designed to provide the highest functional flexibility, in prompt response to highly multi-faceted customer needs while still dedicating the utmost care to every detail in manufacturing a range of products which passed the burning behaviour tests as class 1.IM. Such are the assets of the new product range which make of Portoflex one of today’s industry leaders. www.portoflex.com

www.portoflex.com PORTOFLEX - HC2-20.indd 3

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middle east



01-04/02/2021 RIVA DEL GARDA Italian trade fair dedicated to the Horeca channel

23-26/03/2021 BOGOTÁ Fair on the beverage and HoReCa industry.



12-15 /02/21 ATHENS Fair for the provisioning and equipment of hospitality and foodservice companies.

24-25/03/2021 BOLOGNA European trade fairs for the private label industry and the International supermarket label exhibition.



21-25/02/2021 DUBAI Complete hospitality equipment sourcing expo.

03/2021 DUBAI MARINA The Middle East’s premier event for the restaurant industry.



21-25/02/2021 DUBAI Fair for food and hospitality.

11-13/04/ 2021 RIMINI Fair for to specialty beers, artisan beers, food&beverage for the Horeca channel.

THE HOTEL SHOW SAUDI 28/02-02/03/2021 SAUDI Trade event about hospitality and hotel industry.




12-16/03/2021 HAMBURG Fair for the hotel, restaurant, catering, baking and confectionery industry.

12-14/05/2021 SHANGHAI International network of B2B events for the beverage industry.



15 -17/03/2021 RIMINI Fair for the artisan production of ice-cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery.

17-20/05/2021 MILAN International B2B show to food&beverage.

4-8 /05/2021 PARMA International food exhibition.

EDITRICE ZEUS SAS - Via C. Cantù, 16 - 20831 - SEREGNO (MB) - Italy Tel. +39 0362 244182 - 0362 244186 - www.editricezeus.com fiere HORECA_3-20.indd 1

17/11/20 10:55


middle east



17-20/05/2021 BARCELONA International meeting for the hospitality sector.

15-19/10/2022 PARIS Fair on technologies for food&beverage and food products.

SIAL CHINA 18-20/05/2021 SHANGHAI Asia’s largest food international exhibition.

SIRHA 29/05-2/06/2021 LION Bakery, pastry, food service, hospitality and packaging industries.

THE HOTEL SHOW 31/05-02/07-2021 DUBAI Trade event about hospitality and hotel industry.

MIFB 28-30/07/ 2021 KUALA LUMPUR The largest food&beverage focused trade event.


HOST 22-26/10/2021 MILAN Show for bakery, fresh pasta, pizza industry

SIAL INTERFOOD 10-13/11/2020 JAKARTA Fair on technologies for food&beverage and food products.

HOSPITALITY QATAR 11-12/11/2020 DOHA Fair on hospitality, food&beverage.

SIAL MIDDLE EAST 09-11/12/2020 DUBAI Fair on technologies for food&beverage and food products.

27-29/09/2021 OLYMPIA LONDON The ultimate destination for the hospitality industry.

ANUGA 09-13/10/2021 COLOGNE Fair for food&beverage, packing, bakery, pastry.

EDITRICE ZEUS SAS - Via C. Cantù, 16 - 20831 - SEREGNO (MB) - Italy Tel. +39 0362 244182 - 0362 244186 - www.editricezeus.com fiere HORECA_3-20.indd 2

17/11/20 10:55

WE’VE TALKED ABOUT... A.L.P. SNC DI BERCHIALLA PIER CARLO E ROBERTA 246/247 C.so Divisioni Alpine, 223 12074 Cortemilla - CN - Italy ABBAZIA DI PRAGLIA 50/53 Via Abbazia di Praglia, 16 35037 Teolo - PD - Italy ADIELLE SRL 54/57 Via Preazzi, 79 36010 Zanè - VI - Italy AERAULIQA SRL 248/249 Via Mario Calderara, 39/41 25018 Montichiari - BS - Italy AGRUMARIE RIUNITE SICILIANE SRL A SOCIO UNICO I COV Via S.re Corleone, 12 90124 Palermo - Italy AISLOMBARDIA - ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA SOMMELIERS 250/253 Via Panfilo Castaldi, 4 20124 Milano - Italy AMIGOS CAFFE’ SNC DI MINGARDI SEVERINO E ARIANNA & C. 254/257 Strada delle Saline, 3 34015 Muggia - TS - Italy AQUATIX SRL I COV Via Praimbole, 7 35010 Limena - PD - Italy ARCHIVERDE 264/267 Via Giambello, 13 21040 Jerago con Orago - VA - Italy ARCO SRL 244/245 Via Andrea Costa, 24/D 40017 S. Giovanni in Persiceto - BO Italy ARTIGIANMOBILI INDUSTRY SRL 58/61 Zona Ind.le Colleranesco 64021 Giulianova - TE Italy

AUDEIA SRL 268/271 Via D. Ludovico, 12/A 95030 Pedara - CT - Italy AZ. AGR. FRANK CORNELISSEN, IMPRESA FAMILIARE 272/273 Via Nazionale, 297 95012 Solicchiata - CT Italy AZIENDA AGRICOLA SCRIANI 278/281 Via Ponte Scrivan, 7 37022 Fumane - VR - Italy AZIENDA VINICOLA VILLA CANTHUS 284/285 Via Passo Lampol, 17 30020 Fossalta Di Piave - VE Italy BENCORE SRL 14/15 Via Provinciale Nazzano, 20 54033 Carrara - MS - Italy BENSEN 16/19 Via E. Mattei, 32 33080 Prata di Pordenone - PN Italy BMB SRL 174/175 Via Del Lavoro, 48 36034 Molina di Malo - VI Italy BOLZAN LETTI SRL 20/23 Via Per Sacile, 123/A 31018 Francenigo di Gaiarine - TV Italy CAMPOMARZIO2003 SRL 28/31 Via Vittoria, 52 00187 Roma - Italy

CELENIT SPA 24/27 Via Bellinghiera, 17 35019 Onara di Tombolo - PD Italy CERIANI LUCE SRL 274/277 Via A. Gramsci 86, 20019 Settimo Milanese - MI Italy CHINELLI SRL 282/283 Via Nazionale, 68 25080 Raffa di Puegnago - BS Italy COVEMA VERNICI SPA 179 Strada della Barra, 5 10040 Druento - TO - Italy DISTILLERIA VARNELLI SPA 286/288 Via Girolamo Varnelli,10 62034 Muccia - MC - Italy DITTA SIRACIDE DI GIULIANO GIAMBERARDINO 32/35 Via A. Grillo, 30 35037 Teolo Padova - PD - Italy DR. SCHÄR AG/SPA 1 - 176/178 Winkelau 9 I-39014 Burgstall / Postal - BZ Italy DUALINOX SRL 290/291 Via Pacinotti, 130 30020 Pramaggiore - VE Italy EL PORTEÑO PROHIBIDO 2 - 180/183 Via Macedonio Melloni, 9 20129 Milano - Italy

CAPITANI SRL I COV P.zza Iv Novembre, 1 22043 Solbiate - CO - Italy

ELCADIS SRL I COV Via Benedetto di Giovanni, 15 47899 Serravalle (Rsm) Italy

CARAIBA SRL 11 Via Toscana, 11 40069 Zola Predosa - BO Italy

FALCOR SRL 292/293 Via Chiusure 329 25127 Brescia Italy

www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com INDICE HC 3-20.indd 1

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WE’VE TALKED ABOUT... FAS PENDENZZA 298/299 Via Provinciale, 671 24020 Villa d’Ogna - BG Italy FELIS SRL 184/187 Via Mezzomonte, 23 33077 Sacile - PN - Italy FLOATING-SPA 294/297 Via Cavallerizza, 37 80120 Napoli - Italy FUSCO SRL 12 Via G. Agnelli Snc Zona Industriale Olivola 82100 Benevento - BN - Italy GALILEO SPA 300/303 Strada Galli, 27 00019 Villa Adriana - Roma Italy GELATEC I COV Thessaloniki Industrial Area, Block 48B P.BOX:1005 PC. 57022 Sindos Greece

HORECATECH SRL 228/231 Via Privata 1° Maggio, 14 23862 Civate - LC - Italy ICE CUBE 82/85 C.da Canne Masche - Zi 90018 Termini Imerese - PA - Italy IDEAL WORK SRL 232/234 Via Kennedy, 52 - Vallà di Riese Pio 31030 Treviso - Italy IGAP SPA GRANDSOLEIL 86/89 Via Garibaldi, 244 46013 Canneto s/Oglio - MN - Italy IRCA SPA 192/193 Viale Danimarca, 30 21013 Gallarate - VA - Italy ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA 3 Via Emilia, 155 47921 Rimini - Italy JOY SRL 90/93 Vocabolo Scarpiello, 135/C 06066 Piegaro - PG - Italy

LIQUID DIAMOND CREATORI DI IDENTITÀ DI MARCA 94/95 Via Gattamelata, 21 35128 Padova - Italy LOGICO LIFT PROJECT SRL 10 Via Monte Rosa, 7 20010 Vittuone - MI - Italy MA ESTRI DEL COTTO SRL 194/196 Via Monte Peglia, 27 06060 Ponticelli Città della Pieve - PG Italy MAFI ITALIA SRL 96/99 Via Marie Curie, 15 39100 Bolzano - Italy METALWAY SRL 100/103 Via Dell’industria, 10 64018 Tortoreto - TE - Italy MEUCCI IGINO DEL DR. MEUCCI & C. (SAS) 40/43 Via Lazio, 16 20090 Buccinasco - MI - Italy MICHELETTO SAS 44/47 Via Desman, 4 35010 San Giorgio delle Pertiche - PD Italy

GEPROM DESIGN SRL 188/191 Via G. Miglioli, 1 25012 Calvisano - BS - Italy

KILI CAFFE’ SRL 197/199 C.da Cozzo Impiso 94100 Enna - Italy

GRUPPO CIMBALI SPA 227 Via A. Manzoni, 17 20082 Binasco - MI - Italy

KREA SRL 68/71 Via Agordo 247 32100 Belluno - Italy

GUGLIELMI SPA RUBINETTERIE 304/305 Via Arturo Biella, 27 28075 Grignasco - NO Italy

KREATEK SAS 200/201 Viale J.f. Kennedy,110/112 10040 Leini’ - TO - Italy

MONOLITH SRL 48/49 Via dell’Artigiano 8/F 8/G 31050 Monastier - TV Italy

LA SOURCE SAS DI CELI STEFANO E C. SOC. AGR. 72/75 Loc. Bussan Dessous, 1 11010 Saint-Pierre - AO - Italy

MOTTURA SPA 202/205 Via Xxv Luglio, 1 10090 S. Giusto Canavese - TO Italy

LAA LORENAALESSIOARCHITETTI 76/79 Via Cernaia, 27 10121 Torino - Italy

NAPKIN SRL 306/307 Via P. Frisi, 72 48124 Ravenna Italy

HD SRL 36/39 Via Aurelio Saffi, 34 20123 Milano - Italy HEGEMATIC SRL 235/239 Via Scuderie, 1-3 39012 Merano - BZ - Italy

MOMENTI CASA 289 Via della Massera, 2 47016 Predappio - FC - Italy

www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com INDICE HC 3-20.indd 2

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WE’VE TALKED ABOUT... ONLYWOOD SRL 308/311 Piazza della Libertà, 7 Int.14 15061 Arquata Scrivia - AL - Italy

RPE SRL - SOLENOID VALVES 124/127 Via S. Ambrogio 1/3/5 22070 Carbonate - CO - Italy

SOCIETÀ AGRIOLA NATIV SRL 164/167 Contrada Ruvitiello Snc 83035 Grottaminarda - AV - Italy

ORMA SRL I COV C.da Serrauccelli, S.n. 97015 Modica - RG - Italy

SCALIGERA AUTOMAZIONI SRL 120/123 Via R. Spineta, 1243 37050 Vallese - VR - Italy

STILEURBANO DI SPINONI SAMUELE 152/155 Piazza XXV Aprile, 1 20081 Abbiategrasso - MI - Italy

SCARABEO CERAMICHE SRL 128/131 Loc. Piani del Trullo 01034 Fabrica di Roma - VT - Italy

STRADA DEL VINO VALPOLICELLA 156/159 Viale Ingelheim 37029 San Pietro in Cariano - VR Italy

PASTORE VITO chef at PASSERI IN CENTRO 6 Via Trieste, 117 65122 Pescara - Italy PEDRALI SPA 312/313 SP 122, 24050 Mornico al Serio - BG - Italy PIVA SAS DI PIVA F.&C. 108/109 Via Minzoni Don Giovanni, 5 31020 Villorba - Z. Ind. - TV - Italy PORTOFLEX SRL 314/315 Via Risorgimento, 6 30020 Cinto Caomaggiore - VE - Italy PREFORMATI ITALIA SRL 112/115 Via Trieste, 26b 36065 Mussolente - VI - Italy PRINCIPIOATTIVO 148/151 Via Melzo, 34 20129 Milano- Italy RCA IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI SRL 116/119 Via Villa Giusti, 68/A 10142 Torino - Italy RCSOFT SRL I COV C.da Donna Camilla Snc 89013 Gioia Tauro - RC - Italy

SCATOLIFICIO DEL GARDA SPA 139/141 Via Mantovana, 20 37010 Pastrengo - VR - Italy SD LASER SRL 136/138 Via Pietro Nenni, 22 24047 Treviglio - BG - Italy SIMONE MICHELI ARCHITECTURAL HERO 258/259 Via Aretina 197R/199R/201R 50136 Firenze - Italy SINTESIBAGNO SRL 132/135 Via Alle Fabbriche, 3 28922 Verbania - Italy SOC. COOP. DI LAVORO CASTELLI ROMANI 13 Piazza Cavallotti,1 00073 Castel Gandolfo - RM - Italy SOCIETÀ AGRICOLA CASTELLALTA SS DI DE PIZZOL L. B. G. 240/241 Via Castella,17/A 31020 San Pietro di Feletto - TV - Italy

REAL FORNI SRL 263 Via Casalveghe, 34 37040 Gazzolo - VR - Italy

SOCIETÀ AGRICOLA LA BOLLINA SRL & BOLLINA SRL 142/167 Via Monterotondo, 58 15069 Serravalle Scrivia - AL - Italy

RIVA DEL GARDA FIERECONGRESSI SPA 144/147 Parco Lido 38066 Riva del Garda - TN - Italy

SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA COLMELLO DI GROTTA SRL 206/209 Via Gorizia, 133 34072 Farra d’Isonzo - Go - Italy

SWAN ITALY SRL 160/163 Via Sant’Alessandro 22066 Mariano Comense - CO - Italy TRABA’ BY TRABALDO SRL 168/171 Via Progresso, 55 36035 Marano Vicentino - VI - Italy V LABEL ITALIA SRL 222/225 Via Emilio Visconti Venosta, 4 20122 Milano - Italy VEMWORKS 210/213 Via Vittoria Colonna, 27 20149 Milano - Italy VIAMANCINELLI SRL 242-243 Via Alcide De Gasperi,12 31050 Badoere di Morgano - TV Italy VIETRI CERAMIC GROUP SCA RL 216/221 Via Nazionale, 63 84015 Nocera Sup. - SA - Italy WINEAMORE SRL 62/65 Via Pasubio, 5 24044 Dalmine - BG - Italy X-OVEN INTERNATIONAL SAGL 67 Via Cantonale,11 6900 Lugano Switzerland

www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com - www.horeca-online.com INDICE HC 3-20.indd 3

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