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ABOUT AMOUR GENESIS What started off as just a few local modeling jobs, quickly grew into a full-fledged media and lifestyle brand that has become Amour Genesis. Amour Genesis was created in February 2011 prior to her graduation from Loyola University with a Bachelor's degree in PR/Advertising and a minor in Marketing. Genesis Emery has always had a love of fashion, beauty and the French culture so she thought the name, "Amour Genesis" was certainly appropriate for her brand. Learning French in the 7th grade, Genesis is now fluent in the language and has visited the beautiful cities of Paris, Tours and Lyons, France and can't wait to go back. She has also recently traveled to Spain and Ghana and has plans to expand the company internationally in the near future. The brand is focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle and also supporting women and teen girls by encouraging them to "Love Being Beautiful." Her focus is also on health and wellness where she is a brand ambassador for several products and even hosts health and wellness workshops for young women in hopes of encouraging them to live healthier, holistic, physically fit lifestyles. The company will carry its own beauty and health products soon, as well as a fashion line and other great ventures to come. Amour Genesis is currently the Spokesmodel for “She’s In Color,” where she represents the women’s empowerment campaign as the face of their mission and hosts their regular events. She was selected as a Brand Ambassador for numerous brands in the beauty, health and wellness industry. Amour Genesis has even hosted and produced her own show, "The Glamorous Life," where she interviewed some of Chicago's biggest fashion and beauty powerhouses, such as, socialite, Candace Jordan; fashion designer, Borris Powell; fashion show producer, Benjamin Cottrell; Omar Villalobos; designer, Gordana Rasic (Goca Designs) and even celebrities including: actress/comedian, Kim Coles; singer, Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny’s Child); NBA Star, Dwayne Wade; the cast of the Style Network’s Chicagolicious and actress, Tika Sumpter. Genesis hit the ground running and has no plans to slow down anytime soon!

A personal message from Genesis A. Emery on what Amour Genesis means and what inspired her to launch this brand! I started the Amour Genesis brand because I wanted to launch a successful organization built on the principles of true inner beauty, self-confidence, and empowerment for women worldwide. When beginning my modeling/entertainment career, I asked myself, "What can I do for others? How can I better our global society through my work and interests? Those same thoughts inspired the creativity and launch of the "Amour Genesis" brand. Together my love for French culture and modern femininity, led to the much anticipated launch of "Amour Genesis," - a brand that I have expanded from a few Chicagoland modeling jobs to now a fully packaged enterprise built on the foundation of inspiring women to love being beautiful and confidently embracing who they are. Working with teens: My brand's mission is to inspire our future female leaders to continue to love themselves and be selfconfident despite the harsh, mixed messages that society portrays towards beauty, sexuality and image. My goal is to help these young women find who they really are and confidently know that they too are beautiful from the inside out. Regardless if the reflection in the mirror is the average girl next door, artistic "tom boy," or captain of the cheerleading team, I want them all to know and believe that they are beautiful. Bisous Bisous,

Contact: Mikeya Summerville Tel: 312.725.8013 Fax: 484.952.1922 Email: Website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Amour Genesis Named Contributing Editor For Lifestyle Ambassador will contribute health and fitness articles to online magazine.

Chicago, Illinois – May 8, 2013 – Spokesmodel & Lifestyle Ambassador, Amour Genesis is a new Contributing Editor for (GMO). Her articles will mainly focus on health and fitness, giving tips on how to eat right, workout techniques, her own personal weight loss journey and more. The first article, titled, “What Are You Doing to Lose Weight” can be found at: The Amour Genesis brand is heavily based on health and fitness making this collaboration a great fit. The magazine caters to young women looking for content that can enhance or improve their lifestyle. Her first article gives useful information and tips on the benefits of drinking water and how it aids in weight loss. Readers can also find “spa” water recipes in the article to make it more interesting and tasty to drink. “I'm so honored to be an official contributor for Gloss Magazine! I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on topics in the beauty, fashion, and health and wellness industry with their readers. I hope that women everywhere will feel both empowered and inspired from my advice and will take away positive feedback from my contributions,” said Amour Genesis. In addition to writing for, the Spokesmodel is working on other initiatives to spread her message about health and fitness including signature workshops where she talks in person to groups of people about how to improve their lifestyles. For updates on Amour Genesis, follow on Twitter @AmourGenesis and Facebook at: About Amour Genesis: The Amour Genesis brand caters to women of all different ages, ethnic groups, physical appearances, social backgrounds and sexual orientations. In addition to helping women all of ages, Amour Genesis has a passion for inspiring teen girls and young women to pursue their dreams and reach for endless heights through her talented hosting services; avid spokesmodeling and brand ambassador work; beauty, fashion and lifestyle media coverage; and community relations involvement and charity work. About GlossMagazineOnline: GlossMagazineOnline publishes news that focuses on pop-culture and is relevant to young, trend-setting African American women, ages 18-34. The publication strives to be THE online destination for news that matters to this diverse group of women. ###

Contact: Mikeya Summerville Tel: 312.725.8013 Fax: 484.952.1922 Email: Website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Amour Genesis Hosts 2nd Workshop at ACE Tech’s Annual “A Sleepover For Success” Event Lifestyle Ambassador will speak to teen girls about self-esteem and body image through signature workshop. Chicago, Illinois – May 1, 2013 – Amour Genesis will host a beauty and self-esteem workshop for teen girls at the annual “A Sleepover for Success” event at ACE Tech Charter High School. The event will take place on Friday, May 3, 2013. The students will return to school in the evening for an overnight stay to participate in several planned activities and workshops. Amour Genesis is a Spokesmodel and Lifestyle Ambassador. Her brand’s mission is to inspire women and girls to continue to love themselves and be self-confident despite the harsh, mixed messages that society portrays towards beauty, sexuality and image. Amour Genesis specializes in beauty, fashion, health and fitness. Her signature workshops are designed to give professional advice and provoke discussions regarding topics that are related to those specific industries. “I'm so pleased to host my second, Teen Glamnistaworkshop for ACE Tech's Annual "A Sleepover for Success"' event because I'm always working to further my mission of helping teens feel beautiful, confident, and empowered through beauty, health & wellness, and etiquette. I hope that by hosting my workshop, I'll greatly inspire ACE Tech's teens, effectively enhance their lives and act as a positive mentor figure in their journey through womanhood,” said Amour Genesis. In addition to the workshop, Amour Genesis will also donate items for the gift bags. Katie Cahnmann, ACE Tech’s Social Support Coordinator and Co-Founder of, hosts the Lock-in every year at the school. The girls will enjoy several workshops with various speakers that will focus on self-love, respect, dating, responsibility, choices, relationships, sex, violence, conflict resolution, peace circles, etc. They will also get to participate in several fun activities such as: makeup lessons, making bath salts and body scrubs, movies, a talent show and more. The event will be educational and fun but most importantly, a chance to show teen girls positive, successful women in their community making a difference. About Amour Genesis: The Amour Genesis brand caters to women of all different ages, ethnic groups, physical appearances, social backgrounds and sexual orientations. With the creativity and success of her entrepreneurship, beauty and fashion blogs and brand ambassador work, women from all over the world will be inspired to embrace their true beauty, be confident, and most importantly love who they are. Follow on Twitter @AmourGenesis and Facebook at: About ACE Tech Charter High School: ACE Tech was founded in 2004 to introduce minority and low-income youth to architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) careers. ACE Tech is a model for the next generation of quality vocational education programs which prepare students for post-secondary success in either the trades or architecture/engineering.

Contact: Mikeya Summerville Tel: 312.725.8013 Fax: 484.952.1922 Email: Website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Spokesmodel Amour Genesis Hosting “She’s In Color” Social Event Spokesmodel will host women’s empowerment campaign’s first event of the year. Chicago, Illinois – January 24, 2013 – Spokesmodel, Amour Genesis will host She’s In Color’s first event of the year, “A Social Affair.” The event will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at City Point Loft (110 E. 23rd St., Chicago, IL 60616) from 6–9pm. Tickets can be purchased for $15 at Amour Genesis was chosen to be official Spokesmodel of the She’s In Color Women’s Empowerment Campaign in August 2012. She recently shot a promo photo shoot that was featured in N’Digo Magazine and commercial for the campaign. “She's In Color is a phenomenal women's empowerment group that I'm truly honored to be the official Spokesmodel for. I'm excited to continue to help our mission grow and inspire "Color Girls" from all walks of life to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. Part of the "Amour Genesis" brand mission is to encourage women to "Love Being Beautiful" and embrace who they are, and I believe that by partnering with She's In Color, our women's empowerment missions are one step closer to forming a stronger sisterhood,” said Amour Genesis. Aaja Corrine is a well known fashion stylist in Chicago and the founder of She’s In Color. She expressed her excitement for the campaign’s first event by saying, "She's In Color: A Social Affair will be a space for influential women and men to come together for networking and sisterhood empowerment. I'm excited about so many amazing individuals being under one roof and the opportunities that it will bring for the She's In Color movement!" A portion of proceeds from the Social will be donated to C.H.A.R.M. Outreach and Mentoring Services, Inc. The Social Affair will serve as a great platform for networking with successful people. Fans can follow Amour Genesis on Facebook and on Twitter @AmourGenesis. For information on the Amour Genesis brand, visit: For press inquiries, please email For updates on the She’s In Color Campaign, follow on Facebook and Twitter @ShesInColor. About Amour Genesis: The Amour Genesis brand caters to women of all different ages, ethnic groups, physical appearances, social backgrounds and sexual orientations. With the creativity and success of her entrepreneurship, beauty and fashion blogs, and talented spokesperson and brand ambassador work, women from all over the world will be inspired to embrace their true beauty, be confident, and most importantly love who they are. About She’s In Color: She’s In Color is a women’s empowerment campaign designed as a call for women of all ages, nationalities, and different walks of life to embrace their individuality and purpose. She's In Color Women's Empowerment Campaign was created by Aaja Corinne The Brand.


“I can't say enough great things about Genesis. She is such a doll! I have known Genesis for about a year. Watching her growth in such a short amount of time is extremely tremendous. I am so proud of her and the "Glamorous Life". Her following is growing so rapidly. I love working with Genesis and wish her continued success!” ~ Arlana Andrews, Founder of Allure Beauty Lounge

"Amour Genesis is the very essence of glamour and class if that is what your event needs; she has a powerful, yet elegant presence when you meet her in person and on camera." ~ Renita S. Manley-Garrett, Owner, Executive and Lifestyle Wardrobe Coach, Revamped Image Consulting /Director & Producer, Fashion Fetish Fete/Founder of Chicago Fashion and Arts for Humanity

“Genesis is just a ball of joy and just a great person to be around. You can be in a bad mood and she will pick you right up!! And thats how you should feel when talking to someone.” ~ Marco Foster, Founder of Chicago Models /Socialite/ Philantropist

"Amour Genesis is the essence of pretty glam chic." ~ Laurie Underwood, Designer, Wanda Grace

 "I would like to sing the praises of Amour Genesis. She's such a delight to work around. Sweet, beautiful, and humble. She loves fashion and it loves her back. Can't wait to see her at the top. Keep pushing my Angel." ~ Borris J. Powell, Designer

"People consider beauty to be a rare thing, but beauty is everything but rare; it exists in every situation and in every being. The one thing about beauty, that is rare though, is an individual who can recognize beauty's omniscient presence in our lives. Amour Genesis embodies this belief because when you encounter her presence, you notice she always has a smile on her face. It is because she knows something that many of us don't - the presence of beauty in everything. It is with that understanding, she carries herself with grace and style as she continues onto her evolutionary journey." - Gordana Rasic of GOCA

“Amour Genesis without question is what I picture a star to be; personable, educated, relatable and stunning. Who else should young women aspire to be in the 21st century?" ~ RL Fox, President of The Glamour Groupe

“She has always been one to light up the room.” ~ Marissa Kendrick, Designer, Deleay Lashay

At Thierry Roger Couturier we believe in Timeless and Classic elegance without being dated. In those days and age of Avant Garde Fashion and sexy outfits we came to realized that Classiness never dies and every Woman should feel and look like a “Lady”. Amour Genesis embodies this message with class and grace even being from the “young” generation. ~ Thierry Roger, Designer


"Amour Genesis takes a new stylish approach to covering all things fashion and fashionable on "The Glamorous Life" show. Not only are viewers treated to a exciting and entertaining spin on all things stylish, chic and glamorous...they also get to experience a day in the life of one of fashion's new "it" girls! The show is informative and well produced elements that will make each and every "Glamoursode" a staple in the world of Fashion!" ~ Ogi Merzier, Owner/Founder/Editor N Chief of HUSH Chicago Magazine and Owner/SR. PR Coordinator of Fashion Emerge PR


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INDUSTRY Work: Brand Ambassador

LIFESTYLE                    

Bach's Flower Remedies Rescue Products UAS Laboratories Lily of the Desert Ascenta MacroLife Naturals Himalaya Hilary's Eat Well Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Arma Energy Snx Tres Agave Charonge Wine Heineken Amstel Light, Amstel Wheat Organic India Tulsi Tea Double Cross Vodka Bombay Sapphire Skinnygirl Eppa SuperFruit Sangria VivaFrute Cocktails

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Bacardi Grey Goose Kim Crawford Absolut Hynotiq Perrier Jouet Mumm Napa Yellowtail Wine Pinnacle Vodka Flirt Wine Cupcake Wine Dusse Cognac Skinny Vine Beringer Ultimate Vodka Patron Jameson Dewar’s

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Alaffia Suki Skincare Giovanni Skin Care Giovanni Hair Care Giovanni Body Care Nelson's Pure & Clear

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Yes To Carrots Yes To Tomatoes Yes To Blueberries Yes To Cucumbers Reviva Labs Derma e

Recent INDUSTRY WORK: Hosting, Spokesmodel & Media


Contributing Writer –

 

“A Sleepover For Success” ACE Tech Charter High School – Signature Beauty & Self-esteem Workshop (2013) 

Interview: Meriam Bouarrouj (Co-Founder of Team True Beauty)

  

Team True Beauty – Advocate

She’s In Color: A Social Affair – Event Host Interview: Alejandra G (Shoe Designer)

4th Annual Red Pump Project Fashion Show – Media Host 

Interview: Gloria Williams, The Foot Nanny

Interview: Dr. Beth Haney (Author, Be You-T-Full)

INDUSTRY WORK: Hosting, Spokesmodel & Media Coverage  Launch Party - Runway and Promotional Model

Yhta’k Designs Re-launch Fashion Show –Event Host

Atha Sharod White Collection Luxe - Runway and Promotional Model, Host

Cha'rron Chic Book Signing Release Party "Karma is my Bitch" – Event Host

“A Sleepover For Success” ACE Tech Charter High School – Signature Beauty & Self-esteem Workshop (2012)

Chicagolicious Reality Show – Background Actor

Cha'rron Chic Novella 2 - Book Cover Model & Event Host

The Victorian Ball in the 21st Century – Media Host

Fashion Fetish Fete - Event Media Blogger

The Makeup Show Chicago – Media Host

Red Carpet Concierge - Event Media Blogger, Runway and Promotional Model for Atha Sharod Bridal collection

Hush Chicago Magazine “A Million Reasons to Hush” – Red Carpet Host

Instant Media Connect - Red Carpet Event Host and Media Blogger

S Factor - A Soulfully Sexy Night: Interview with Sheila Kelley – Event Media Blogger

Fuse it Worldwide Fashion Show Chicago Runway Model

She’s In Color Women’s Empowerment Campaign – Official Spokesmodel

Princess Closet – Official Spokesmodel

Panache Boutique - Host and Fashion Blogger for "A Diva's Birthday Celebration" event Deleay Lashay 3 Day Summer Camp – Personalized Beauty Blog

Dwayne Wade’s Chicago Has Talent Showcase & Championship Celebration – Media Host

Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete – Red Carpet Host

Princess Closet “Believe to Achieve” Scholarship Fundraiser/Award Ceremony – Master of Ceremony

Aida Cosmetics – Spokesmodel

Breast Cancer PSA

Aida Cosmetics Breast Cancer Campaign

 

Next Fashion Chicago for Chicago Fashion Focus 2011 – Backstage Styling Assistant

A Celebration of Beauty and Fashion – Event Host

Creatively Caring Kids Craft and Clothing Drive – Event Host

“The Glamorous Life” Show – Host and Creator

Deleay Lashay Presents “Art On The Move” – Media Host

Night at the Museum for Chicago Fashion Focus – Media Host

Maven Chicago Presents “Diva Series” – Honored as a “Media Maven”

Next Fashion Chicago for Fashion Focus – Media Host

Battle of the Blush 2012: Hair and Makeup Team Competition – Event Host

Anna Fong: Queen of Hearts for Chicago Fashion Focus – Media Host

Spring Fashion Envy by Benjamin Cottrell Designs – Event Media Blogger

Halloween at La Rabida Children’s Hospital – Volunteer, Read books to patients

Rock the RED: Bold. Fashion. Awareness. Show – Media Host

AmourGenesis/Princess Closet “Love Being Beautiful” Beauty Event – Event Host

GOCA “The Elegance of Maturity” Fashion Show – Media Host

She’s In Color Commercial and Spokesmodel Photoshoot

The Chicago Red Dress Party 2012 – Media Host

Glamour Services

Spokesmodel & Brand Ambassador Amour Genesis is the perfect person to represent your beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands to present to the world.  Host events on company’s behalf  Be the face of the brand  Spread the word about products by blogging, word of mouth, social media and mentioning on show  Company and event will be mentioned in press release

Public Speaker Amour Genesis offers her knowledge and advice about beauty, fashion and lifestyle to women and teens.  Workshops  Seminars  Conferences

Product Reviews and Giveaways Send Amour Genesis your product or let her try your service and she will write a review on her web page and/or feature it in her monthly giveaways.

Shopping Parties Amour Genesis has a great love for fashion! She will host a shopping party for your boutique, fashion brand or popup shop.  Commentate fashion show  Pick looks and style guests  Event will be promoted on social media  Company and event will be mentioned in press release

Event & Media Host Amour Genesis can host your event by featuring it on “The Glamorous Life” Show or cover on blog.  Event will be promoted on social media  Company and event will be mentioned in press release  If featured on show, company will appear in show credits

Glamography "The Glamorous Life" show is the new show that is taking the Windy City by storm! The show gives viewers a personalized guide to the city's hottest spots, must-see beauty, fashion and lifestyle events, and an exciting look at the luxurious world of Glamour! Although the show recently launched in January of 2012, "The Glamorous Life" is quickly making a household name for itself with its unforgettable media coverage, guest appearances and unique glamorous flair. A few of the industry's best that have appeared on the show so far include top fashion designers such as: Omar Villalobos and Gordana Rasic of Goca Designs; Oscar Designer Challenge winner, Borris Powell; Celebrity Makeup Artists, James Vincent and AJ Crimson; Event Producers and Stylists, Benjamin Cottrell, Ryan Owens and Shawna House; and even well-known celebs such as: Actress, Kim Coles (Living Single & Pay It Off) and these are just a few. For a spin on traditional glamour and standard luxury, watch “The Glamorous Life” for the inside scoop on what the Windy City has been up to and talent you can’t find anywhere else. Don’t just dream of glamour and luxury, have it at your fingertips in “The Glamorous Life!”

Glamour Details  Produced and Hosted by: Genesis A. Emery of Amour Genesis  Filming, Videography and Editing Work by: Paul Taylor Wood and Greg Stephen Reigh  Frequency: Monthly episodes  Episode Duration: 8-10 Minutes in Length  Market/Region: Chicago, IL and surrounding regions  Show Site:  Amour Genesis Promo Video Reel:  Amour Genesis Media Kit:

Marketing Demographics  Females between the Ages of 15-35  Promoted and marketed to over 7,000 people  Targeted Industries: Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment and Lifestyle  Targeted Geographical Markets: Major US and International Cities

AG & Miss Foozie

AG & Billy Dec

AG & Laura Elvis (Founder of The Victorian Ball)

AG w/students at ACE Tech H.S.

AG & Michelle Williams (Singer)

AG & Kim Coles (Actress)

AG & Afro Bella (Beauty Blogger)

AG & Cast of Chicagolicious

Contact Details Email: Website: @AmourGenesis


Amour Genesis Promotional Video Reel: “The Evolution of Amour Genesis” Fashion Film “The Glamorous Life” Show Info:

Bookings and General Inquiries Tiffany Hubbert, Manager 7-Eighteen Talent Management & Consulting

PR & Media Inquiries:

Mikeya Summerville Publicist/CEO 312.725.8013

Amour Genesis Media Kit  

The Amour Genesis brand caters to women of all different ages, ethnic groups, physical appearances, social backgrounds and sexual orientatio...