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Exam Number/Code:HP0-M15

Exam Name:HP Quality Center 9.2 Software

Version: Demo

QUESTION NO: 1 What web client can be used with Quality Center 9.2? A. Netscape B. Safari C. Firefox D. Internet Explorer Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 2 Which term describes the main function of Quality Center? A. test cases B. repository C. load test D. defects Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 3 What database can be used with Quality Center 9.2? Select two. A. Access B. Sybase C. Microsoft SQL Server D. Paradox E. Oracle Answer: C,E

QUESTION NO: 4 What HP functional testing tools integrate with Quality Center? (Select two.) A. HP OpenView B. HP WinRunner C. HP QuickTest Professional D. HP LoadRunner E. HP Change Control Management Answer: B,C

QUESTION NO: 5 Which component provides an executivE. level view of the entire quality process? A. Quality Center Foundation B. Business Process Insight C. Service Test Component D. Quality Center Dashboard Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 6 When designing test steps it is important to ensure that all aspects of the application are tested. When writing test steps, what are two things that should be done to ensure clear and accurate steps? (Select two.) A. specify all actual results B. use parameters in the step names C. specify pass and fail conditions for the step D. use the numbering system for the step names E. use consistent terminology throughout the test Answer: C,E

QUESTION NO: 7 Where can you link tests to requirements? A. from the Test Lab module B. from the Requirements module C. on the test details page (Test Plan) D. on the attachments page (Test Plan) Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 8 When a called test has parameters, when can you assign values to the parameters? A. values are assigned from within the calling test B. values must be assigned when the test is executed

C. values are assigned during test design or execution D. values must be assigned when the test is called, during test design Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 9 What are the steps, in the correct order, to convert a requirement to a test? A. make changes to the automatic conversion, select an automatic method B. select convert to test, select the destination path, convert to automated test C. select an automatic method, make changes to the automatic conversion, select the destination subject path D. select the destination subject path, select an automatic method, make changes to the automatic conversion Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 10 How is a test configured as a template test? A. The test type chosen must be MANUAL-TEMPLATE B. The first step in the test must be named template test C. Right-click on the test name and choose Template Test D. During test planning, mark the checkbox, under details, labeled template Test Answer: C

Hp0 m15 exam testing engine  

Hp0 m15 exam testing engine

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