The House that Innovation Built

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The House that Innovation Built


As a global medical technology company, Establishment Labs’ mission is to create safe, satisfactory, and long-term solutions to patients’ aesthetic and reconstructive needs based on science and user-centric design and through our values of collaboration, integrity, and respect. Our vision is to transform our industry (initially in the breast aesthetic and reconstruction markets) by focusing on women's health and creating value for all stakeholders. Establishment Labs designs, develops, manufactures, and markets the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of smooth-shelled, silicone gel-filled breast implants known as Motiva Implants®, the centerpiece of our MotivaImagine® platform. Motiva Implants® are produced at our two manufacturing sites in Costa Rica’s Coyol Free Zone, and currently sold in more than 70 countries through exclusive distributors or our direct sales force. We take pride in being the first Costa Rican company to be publicly traded on the US Nasdaq. Our company is certified as carbon neutral and LEED (Leadership for Environmental Energy and Design) Gold, and we are a primary contributor to the Magical Trees Foundation and Las Pumas Rescue Center in Costa Rica.



By combining more than 30 years’ worth of advanced implant manufacturing experience, high-quality product innovation have always been a natural outcome for Establishment Labs. As a result, our 6th generation Motiva Implants® with SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® far exceed the safety and aesthetic standards set by complacent industry competitors.

While we respect our past, we’re more focused on continuous evolution of the present into the future: one that’s innovative, safe, and progressive for all patients. We believe that these goals can be achieved by incorporating the needs and preferences of plastic surgeons and patients into our product design.


Change the Industry with Us Join us in fulfilling our mission to transform our industry by prioritizing women’s health and creating value for all stakeholders. Our story began with an idea put into motion by a small but mighty team of young, talented entrepreneurs. Today, we’re a multinational organization that aims to lead the way into a safer, brighter future for our industry.

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