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A destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.

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An annoying insect or other animal.

Wasp Honey Bee


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Spreads disease to humans, domestics, animals, wildlife, or desirable plants.

Mosquito Blacklegged Tick

House Fly


Vertebrates : ◦ Rodents, Mice, Birds, Coyote, Snake







◦ Unwanted plants

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Insects & insects like creatures â—Ś Caterpillars, beetles, aphids, spider, termite



◦ Snail, Slug

Micro Organisms (Fungicides) : ◦ Prokaryotes, Bacteria, Eukaryotes, Protists, Fungi

To cause as slight harm as possible to everything except the pest. To control a pest only when it is causing or is excepted to cause harm. To use a control tactic that will reduce the number to tolerable level.

Incorrect Pesticides

Pest resistance to pesticide

Incorrect application method

Incorrect Dosage

Incorrect Pest Identification

◦ Failure is caused choosing wrong pesticides. ◦ Failure is caused by not choosing correct pesticide for correct pest. ◦ Failure is caused by not using correct method or tools for pest control. ◦ Using insufficient or excessive dosage of Pesticides or methods. ◦ Failure is caused by not detecting the weakness or strength of a pest.

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