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How to Create Winning Mobile Content?

According to Bluetrain mobile, by 2014 50% of website traffic is expected to come using mobile. Google also predicted this year that mobile use will surpass desktop use within 3 years. The rise of mobile workers is also actively contributing to the rise of traffic using mobile phones. The increased use of smart phone is also related to this trend. Toll free numbers and virtual phone systems are also actively encouraging the use of smart phones and cell phones for business. Both toll free numbers and virtual phones can be used with smart phones to leverage business benefits. Hence it is important to create a content strategy that is compatible with mobile phones. Different customer behavior On a closer look, it can be easily concluded, that a mobile phone is no longer limited to being a communication device. It is in fact, a combination of many devices. For the success of your business, it is important that your content looks great across different brands of tablets and smart phones. When designing the content for mobile phones, it is important that you consider the behavior of the users. Unlike a desktop or laptop user, a mobile phone user will never spend a long time on a website. So a mobile website should be very attractive and information should be available easily. Adopting a strategy Small and mid-sized businesses that are using toll free numbers and virtual phone systems with their smart phones do not have a long time to spend searching for a piece of information on their smart phone. Important information should be placed in places that attract attention easily. Use larger font size and color that stands out to attract attention easily. There’s also no place for long, elaborate content in a mobile friendly website. Remember, entrepreneurs seldom use their smart phone for reading purposes. A good mobile-friendly website should also provide location based content.

A mobile friendly website should be easy to navigate. If a user cannot navigate a website easily on his mobile or cannot find information, you will lose customers. You should also have easy navigation to social networking sites. A simple “like” or “share” button can help your content reach millions of users. The chances of reaching a greater audience are higher using mobile content. But before you actually start developing content especially for mobile phones, it is important to consider mobile content strategy and its differences from a normal desktop content.

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How to Create Winning Mobile Content  

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