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Supporting innovation Market research services Technological Information Service Databases Process management methodology Who we are Supporting innovation ITeC provides companies with their know-how in product and system innovation for the construction sector, using technological orientation during the development process. This technological orientation is performed by specialised technicians in each area of a product performance, it is complemented by a compatibility analysis in the innovative products market. Moreover, ITeC guides companies in the certification process. ITeC plays a strategic role within Horizon 2020 Projects related with the development of new products for the construction sector. The participation of institutions like ITeC assure that the development of innovative products is correctly guided towards market success by an adequate regulatory approach. The anticipation of EU regulations and market requirements permits to minimize time to market and uncertainties during the R&D process optimizing resources and times during the validation. ITeC is nowadays participating in the Horizon 2020 project Homeskin developing this role.

Certification The officially recognised documents of products and systems certification that ITeC grants are: DAU - Document d’Adequació a l’Ús (National Approval Document) for Spain, and the ETA - European Technical Assessment regulated by the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA). Moreover, the companies specialising in installing specific construction solutions can obtain a certificate from ITeC accrediting the quality of their work, so as to differentiate them from competitors. The ApTO (On-site Technical Aptitude) seal is the only one included in the category of Spanish Technical Building Code Recognised Documents, which was approved at that time by the Spanish Government.

ITeC EOTA Office ITeC is a member of EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment), which recognises its capacity to assess innovative construction products, as well as products not covered by a harmonized standard to enable CE marking. It participates in various working groups and therefore has significant information on the technical activity performed by EOTA and the provisions elaborated by the European Commission.

Market research services We offer different types of research where we combine the economic approach with our knowledge of the construction market from the technical, legal, environmental and commercial points of view. Generic market measurement: We quantify the amount of production of different construction markets (housing, non-residential, civil engineering) and scenarios for future developments. Specific market measurement: We carry out market research focused on a specific type of product or on a specific building point where different commercial offers compete for a slice of the market. Product Competitiveness: Product analysis and building solutions based on its market potential in terms of cost, design, competitive positioning, and legal compliance.

Technological Information Service ITeC has a web-based technological information service called SiT, which can be used for enquiries dealing with interpreting and applying technical standards. Service users have access to all the current standards, as well as the frequently asked questions (FAQs) area where the answers to the most common queries can be found.

Databases MetaBase is a set of databases on construction products that offers information on prices, technical specifications, technical characteristics, companies, certificates, product images and environmental data. It is the most visited website in Spain in the construction category (source: Google Analytics). The following are part of metaBase: Bedec Database: A structured, parameter-based bank, with data on construction elements and reference prices, ITeC technical specifications and the values of various environment indicators. Public company Databases: These are databases made according to sector needs, which must be used to draft projects and which provide information on the generic work items and their technical specifications. There are at present 13 public company databases. Company Databases: Based on the information on a company’s products (catalogue and price list), ITeC prepares a database of companies with prices of work items and texts of associated commercial products, glossaries, technical specifications, images, files and BIM objects information. This information can be consulted using metaBase and it is in fiebdc-3 format, the standard used by quoting and measuring programs in Spain. It can also be downloaded free. Environmental information is a database that includes environmental information on commercial products that companies make available to the sector. This database facilitates the decision-making processes of the prescribers and includes environmental indicators. Regulatory database provides to users all the regulatory provisions of the construction sector which includes building, industrial work and civil work. It also gathers the principal legislation of the sector and collects legislative developments. Apart from the legal text, it is also possible to consult the regulation analysis.

Process management methodology ITeC has developed a methodology on construction process management called TCQ. This methodology is based on the Bedec database and the TCQ2000 software that ranges from the quotation stage to certification, including quality control, health and safety, and environmental management. This methodology is international and has already been implemented in countries in South America. TCQ manages: Budget, work programme, economic monitoring, offers comparison, quality control, safety and health, environmental management, cost control, cost estimate and maintenance. TCQ connects with the BIM work environment software, using multi-platform solutions that guarantee interoperability. Currently, ITeC is developing a software to replace the current TCQ2000. Its main feature is adapting the TCQ2000 methodology and the IT applications supporting new information technologies. Providing it with a platform from which access and process information and its management from any place and from any equipment or device connected to the internet (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Who we are ITeC is a private foundation that serves society, operating in the construction sector. Our aims as an innovation support centre are to generate and transfer information and knowledge, and to offer technological services to improve the competitiveness of those working in the construction sector: public companies, companies and professionals. The professional skill of our technicians, a Board representing most of those involved in the sector, and being a private, non-profit foundation gives us an independent and credible position.

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