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Supporting innovation Databases Process management methodology Market research services Technological Information Service ITeC and BIM Who we are Supporting innovation ITeC provides companies with its know-how in product and system innovation for the construction sector, giving technological support during the development process. Technological support is handled by experts in each product performance area, and complemented by a compatibility analysis on the innovative product market. ITeC also supports companies for subsequent technical assessment process, and certification when needed. ITeC plays a strategic role within Horizon 2020 Projects concerning new product development for the construction sector. Participation of institutions like ITeC ensures that innovative product development is correctly guided towards market success. The anticipation of EU regulations and market requirements minimises time to market and uncertainties during the R&D process. At present, ITeC is participating in the Horizon 2020.

Technical assessment and certification ITeC issues these officially recognised technical assessment documents for innovative construction products, including products not covered by a harmonized standard: • DAU-Document of Assessment for fitness of Use (National Approval), for Spain. • ETA-European Technical Assessment, for the EU market, which enables CE marking. ITeC also develops certification activity for both documents. Installation companies can obtain an ITeC certificate accrediting the quality of their work. This ApTO (On-site Technical Aptitude) certificate is included in the Spanish Technical Building Code Recognised Documents, approved by the Spanish Government.

ITeC EOTA Office ITeC is a member of EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment) and participates actively in its working groups and Technical Board. It has therefore significant information on the technical activity performed by EOTA and the provisions developed by the European Commission. To inform the construction sector, ITeC publishes regularly the Reports of ITeC EOTA Office in its website. These reports include European information on innovative products and products without a harmonised standard, in the framework of the Regulation (UE) 305/2011.

Databases MetaBase is a set of databases on construction products that offers information on prices, technical specifications, technical characteristics, companies, certificates, product images and environmental data. This information is in fiebdc-3 format which is the Spanish standard. Metabase is the most visited website in Spain, in the construction sector (source: Google Analytics). Parts of MetaBase: Bedec Database: A structured, parameter-based bank, with data on construction elements and reference prices, technical specifications and environment indicators. Public company Databases: These databases follow the public company needs and provide information on the generic work items with their prices and technical specifications. At present, there are 13 of them. Manufacturer’s Databases: These databases include work items of products with their commercial name, prices, technical specifications, certificates, images and BIM objects information. They can be downloaded free. Environmental information database includes environmental information on commercial products that companies put on the market. This database also includes environmental indicators that facilitate the prescriber decision-making process. Regulatory database provides users with all the construction sector regulation references, including building, industrial and civil works. It also provides the principal sector legislation and legislative developments.

Process management methodology ITeC has developed a methodology on construction process management called TCQ. This methodology is based on the Bedec Database and the TCQ2000 software, which covers the construction work life cycle including planning, quality, cost and environmental management. This methodology has already been implemented in South American countries. TCQ manages: cost estimate, planning, budget, tender comparison, certification for payment, environmental management, quality control, safety and health, cost control and maintenance management. TCQ connects with the BIM work environment software, using multi-platform solutions that guarantee interoperability. ITeC is working on the evolution of TCQ2000 software towards cloud computing, allowing users to access applications from any device -PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone- from everywhere through the Internet.

Market research services ITeC offers different types of research combining the economic approach with its knowledge of the construction market from the technical, legal, environmental and commercial points of view. Generic market measurement: Production quantification of different construction markets (housing, non-residential, civil engineering) and scenarios for future developments. Specific market measurement: Market research focused on a specific type of product or on a specific building part where different commercial offers compete for a slice of the market. Product competitiveness: Analysis of products and building solutions based on their market potential in terms of cost, design, competitive positioning and legal compliance.

Technological Information Service ITeC has a web-based technological information service called SiT, which can be used for enquiries dealing with the interpretation and application of Spanish regulations. Users have access to all the regulations at present in force, as well as to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) area.

ITeC and BIM Role of ITeC: • Participate actively in the definition of BIM methodologies and standards, together with stakeholders, as well as in relevant BIM forums such as buildingSMART, es.BIM Committee (Ministry of Public Works and Transport), Aenor CTN 041 SC 13, European BIM Summit, Committee “Building the future” • Facilitate BIM access to all sector stakeholders • Integrate ITeC products and services in the BIM management Work in progress: • Collaboration in BIM implementation in Catalonia and Spain • Adaptation of ITeC tools, Bedec and TCQ2000, to BIM for the construction sector • Elaboration of a BIM generic objects library • Development of BIM integrated catalogues - BIM objects linked to Bedec Database - for manufacturers

Who we are ITeC is a private foundation at the service of society, working in the construction sector. Our goals as an organization to support innovation are the generation and transfer of information and knowledge together with the provision of technological services, to improve the competitiveness of the construction sector stakeholders: public and private companies, and independent professionals. The professional skill of our technicians, a Board representing the majority of those involved in the sector, and being a private non-profit making foundation give us independence and reliability.

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