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We have selected for you the current documents of wood-energy ERA HEM


Progettualità e problematiche negli insediamenti energetici alimentati con biomassa: seminario internazionale Planning and problems in biomass energy installations: international seminar Piemonte Region. Turin. 1997 Contact:: Settore Programmazione e Risparmio in materia energetica Corso Stati Uniti, 21 10128 Turin - Italy Tel : +39 011 432 4472 Fax : +39 011 432 4961

Energy technologies from Italy published in Italy in English. Filling a gap in specialised publications in Italy, it aims to enhance the exportation of energy products and services available in Italy by providing detailed information on the national energy market and its operators. Cover price: - in Italy: 37 Euros (VAT and delivery included) - abroad:47 Euros (VAT and delivery included)

Indagine sulla cippatura in Italia Survey on wood chipping in Italy Raffaele Spinelli and Bruce Hartssough, published in “Contributi scientifico-pratici per una migliore conoscenza ed utilizzazione del legno”. Institute for Research on Wood. Ed. Compagnia delle foreste.05/2001. IRL Via Brazzuoli, 23 50136 Florence Italy Tel : + 39 055 661750 Fax : + 39 055 670624

Impianti di riscaldamento a cippato di legno Woodchip heating plants Papers from seminar, 10-11 February 1997. Piemonte Region. 1997 Document based on the papers of the seminar “Supplying and managing woodchip thermal plants”. Contact: Piemonte Region Assessorato politiche per la Montagna e Foreste Settore Forestazione Stati Uniti 21 10134 Turin Italy Tel : +39 011 4323968 Fax : +39 011 4322941 WOOD ENERGY N.1 / 2003 4

Petits réseaux de chaleur au bois-énergie, une opportunité pour les collectivités de Rhône-Alpes Small wood energy heating networks, an opportunity for the Rhone Alps collectivities RAEE. 09/2002. This brochure is accompanied by a cd-rom containing the papers of a meeting on the spread of small wood energy heating networks which took place on 24th September 2002 in the Conseil régional de Rhône Alpes. Contact: Rhônealpenergie Environnement 10 rue des Archers 69002 Lyon France Tel : +33 4 78 37 29 14 Fax : +33 4 78 37 64 91

Installations de chauffage alimentées à bois pour le séchage du bois scié. Wood-fired heating plants for drying sawn timber Practical Guide, 2002 - 108 pages, 16x24 cm, reference CTBA : L 209 The kiln drying of sawn timber has become an essential part of the marketing of sawn timber. This new publication from CTBA sets out to prove that the cost of a useful thermal kWh from the burning of sawmill wood residues is competitive in many cases. Sawmill owners will find all the information they need in this guide to carry out a drying project linked to a wood heating plant in the best possible conditions of profitability. Contact : CTBA 10, avenue de Saint Mandé 75012 Paris France Tel : +33 140 19 49 19 Fax : +33 143 40 85 65 ois.htm

Forestry Statistics in Great Britain In Great Britain, the “Forestry Commission” has just published the 2002 forestry statistics, an annual publication giving all the figures concerning forestry, sylviculture and wood conversion in the United Kingdom. Thus, we read that: -The total forested area in Great Britain amounts to 2.8 million hectares -Since 1996, about 100,000 hectares of new forest have been planted -The number of trees in Great Britain is estimated to be 3,814 million. Half of these are in Scotland, one third in England and the rest in Wales. Source: article n° 1717- 19 December 2002

Cd Rom Chauffage domestique alimenté au bois : Wood-fired domestic heating: technology and catalogue of woodfired heating appliances Vol 1 This CD Rom launched with 500 copies is mainly aimed at heating engineers and self-employed persons to assist them in the installation of wood-fired domestic heating in the home: -improved knowledge for the choice of equipment (database 2001) -main installation rules -calculation of the cost of woodfired heating Contact: Costic 6, rue a. Lavoisier –ZI de Saint-Christophe 04 000 Digne-les-Bains France Tel: +33 4 92 31 19 30 Fax: +33 4 92 32 45 71

Wood fuels – sustainable heat for public buildings Wood fuels – sustainable heat for residential buildings Heating large buildings with wood fuels – Basic technical information Three documents containing a very wide range of basic technical information useful for designing chip and pellet fired heating systems to heat groups of buildings or public


Sites of interest for the forest wood energy sector

buildings with a thermal load of between 50 and 800 kW. The documents were developed within the framework of the Altener Bioheat project ( Contact: ENEA – Ente per le Nuove tecnologie, l’Energia e l’Ambiente (New Technologies, Energy and the Environment) Lungotevere Thaon di Revel, 76 - 00196 Rome Tel. +39 06 36271 fax +39 06 36272591 / 2777 For further information:

PERIODICALS CIS-Madera Revue of the information and services centre for wood in Galicia. ISSN 1138-7726 Edition : CIS-Madera Parque Tecnologico de Galicia San Cibrao das Vinas 32901 Orense Spain Tel : +34 988 36 81 52 Fax : +34 988 36 81 53

Sherwood Mensile d’informazione tecnica sull’albero, l’arboricoltura da legno e la foresta Monthly magazine of technical information on trees, arboriculture from wood, and forests Subscription Italy 55 euros/11issues and Europe 77 euros -Wood as an energy source in homes in some European countries. N° 76 March 2002 Bernardo Hellrigi. -Wood as an energy source in Italian homes. N°75 February 2002 Bernardo Hellrigi. Contact: Redazione, Abbonamenti, Pubblicità Via Guadagnoli 39 52100 Arezzo Italy Tel and Fax: +39 0575 370846

Il Caminetto e il suo ambiente The fireplace and its environment Contact : Andrea Tarabella, director Stonehenge Progetti editoriali srl via C. Imbonati 17/B 20159 Milan Italy Tel : +39 02 69016048 Fax : +39 02 66807569 N°2, Tecnica e Pratica: nella costruzione e manutenzione del camino. Summacop is an exhibition project promoted by the Agriculture and Forest Assessorship for the Region of Umbria and developed within the framework of actions supported by Lifeambiente on a European level. Summacop’s aim is to adapt the criteria of coppice management considering current knowledge on the working of forest ecosystems and the new benefits required by society (in particular with regard to sustainability, multipurpose nature and diversification), while also taking the technical and economic feasibility of the interventions into account. For those interested in coppice management there are many files. The site can also be visited in English and French. ANFUS, Associazione Nazionale Fumisti Spazzacamini (National Association of Chimney-sweeps), is a non-profit making association founded in 1992 in line with the European Federation of Master Chimney-sweeps to relaunch, support and develop the work of chimney-sweeps. Federazione Italiana dei Produttori di Energia da Fonti Rinnovabili (Italian Federation of Energy Producers from Renewable Sources) has two main objectives – on the one hand to improve and promote initiatives and projects on a national scale which use renewable sources, on the other to activate coordination between the producers who, at a national level, have started energy production activities based on the use of biomasses. Headquarters Tirano (Sondrio) via Polveriera 50 Tel : +39 0342 706278 Fax +39 0342 711973 Our aim is to create a virtual community united by a passion for wood heating. We accept contributions and news about anything concerning wood heating, and publish the most interesting articles on the website. Contact : Via Grazioli 10 10076 Nole Italy Tel./Fax +39 0178 222 4804 The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration Cogen Europe is the European Trade Association for the Promotion of cogeneration. Its principal goal is to work towards

the wider use of cogeneration in Europe for a sustainable energy future. COGEN Europe rue Gulledelle 98 1200 Brussels Belgium Tel: +32 2 772 82 90a Fax: +32 2 772 50 44 ValBiom was formed on 7th January 2002 by the merger of Valonal and BelBiom. ValBiom activities deal with all non-food chains, in both the energy and the renewable raw material sectors. ValBiom participates in projects supported by the Walloon Regional Government, as well as European projects. ValBiom - Valorization of Biomass c/o Faculte Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques 2 Passage des Deportes 5030 Gembloux Belgium Tel: +32 81 62 23 50 Fax: +32 81 62 23 16 Contact Marie Helene NOVAK Year of Creation: 2002 Institute for the Development of Wood and Tree-Like Species (IVALSA) was set up in September 2002, bringing 3 institutes of the National Research Council together: the Wood Research Institute (IRL) based in Florence; the Wood Species Propagation Institute (IPSL) based in Scandicci (Florence); the Wood Technology Institute (ITL) based in S.Michele all'Adige (Trento). The head office is in Via Barazzuoli, 23 50136 Florence - Italy Tel : + 39 055 661750 Fax : + 39 055 670624 Wood Energy Switzerland is an association based in Zurich with two regional offices in Lausanne and Avegno. At present it has around 600 members (communes, companies in the forestry sector or wood manufacturing, planners, engineers, individuals, anyone interested). Wood Energy Switzerland’s bodies are defined in statutes and include the member’s assembly, the committee (made up of representatives from associations in the sector, forestry economy and wood, federal bodies, wood plant constructors and research centres), the secretary and the control body. Wood Energy Switzerland promotes the reasonable and sustainable use of wood energy, Switzerland’s second most important renewable local energy source, given it is a form of energy which is modern, intelligent, respects the environment and is energetically efficient. The site is in three languages (Italian, French and German) and includes many interesting documents, although few in Italian. WOOD ENERGY N.1 / 2003 5